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Washington is a mixture of coastlines, forests, mountains, and even forests. Navigating them all usually requires a car at some point, getting a license to drive starts here with studying for your driver’s permit with the Washington Driver’s Handbook. We provide the most recent edition, pulled directly from the Washington Department of Licensing, so you never have to worry about outdated information. When you’re ready to apply your studies, head over to our free Washington permit practice tests for exam preparation. Once you feel comfortable with your practice test scores and your review of the Washington Driver’s Handbook, it’s time to go out and get that driver’s permit!

The DMV handbook alone isn't enough.

If you only study the official manual, your probability of passing the DMV Exam is 49%. You can double your chances with our Premium program.

Sours: https://driving-tests.org/washington/wa-dol-drivers-handbook-manual/

When you run out of Washington state driver’s guide study questions and answers, take your revision to the next level with this free DMV cheat sheet. Built to recreate the exact parameters of the Washington state knowledge test, this interactive permit test cheat sheet covers every subject you have been learning about in the study guide. Compared to most other WA DOL practice tests, this cheat sheet is incredibly realistic! The only significant difference between this practice knowledge test WA cheat sheet and the real permit test, is that this quiz will allow you to ‘cheat’ on difficult questions if you cannot find the correct permit test answers. Keep reading to learn more about how the Washington knowledge test cheat sheet works!

We recognize that successful driver’s ed programs involve regular work with authentic WA DOL test questions and answers. It is essential that learner drivers take time out from reading the study material to answer questions and find out how much of what they have learned has stuck. In doing so, knowledge test applicants can make sure there are no weak spots in their driver’s theory knowledge which could ruin their chances of earning a learner’s permit. There are very few Washington state driving test questions and answers included in the study material and even fewer reputable DOL permit practice tests on the internet. To fix this problem and give you access to all the legitimate WA knowledge test practice questions you need, our team created this realistic 2021 DOL cheat sheet.

There are 40 questions on this Washington state DOL practice test, just as there will be when you sit the general knowledge test at your local Department of Licensing office. We have also factored in the same selection of subjects and the same pass requirement as the real permit test, which is 32 correct WA permit test answers. While this Washington state drivers license written test cheat sheet may seem like a ‘carbon copy’ of the real permit test, it does have a couple of key differences. Firstly, you can re-take this free quiz as many times as it takes to achieve a satisfactory score and can even keep using it beyond this point. Secondly, you will have the option to ‘cheat’ any question on this Washington state DOL cheat sheet by clicking the ‘hint’ or ‘50/50’ study aids present on the test. The former tool will generate clues about the correct DOL written test answers, while the latter instantly removes 50% of the wrong answers from the multiple-choice list.

Our clever DOL learners permit practice test WA cheat sheet will never become dull or too easy to pass. Using information in a vast pool of driver’s theory knowledge, the knowledge test cheat sheet generates different 40-question quizzes each time a student activates it. To pass the cheat sheet consistently your driver’s knowledge will need to be strong in all areas. The DOL written test cheat sheet is not the only WA DOL practice test with 40 questions we offer. Once you are comfortable achieving a passing grade on this cheat sheet without too much assistance, your next task will be challenging your knowledge with the Washington state knowledge test simulator. Unlike this interactive WA DOL knowledge test cheat sheet, the simulator does not give students access to any study aids or support features. Essentially, it is just like the real general knowledge test.

Sours: https://www.epermittest.com/washington/wa-dmv-cheat-sheet
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DOL Test Question and Answers for Washington DOL

Qualifying for your basic driver’s license is one of the most exciting milestones we look forward to. Starting even in early childhood we often fantasize about the road trips we will take and the model of our first car, of course none of this can be realized without first learning to drive. Learning to drive is a serious affair but can also be fun and easy.
There are many resources available to help ease the transition from a pedestrian or instruction permit holder to a full fledged basic licensed driver.

The DOL or department of licensing otherwise known as the DMV in most states require that we pass a few different tests whose contest varies state by state. The best way to prepare for these assortments of tests is to study the questions, answer keys and of course to practice as much as you can! One of the useful resources available to make studying easier is DMVCheatSheets.com. There you can find everything you need to know about the testing and requirements to acquire your license in the state of Washington.

Types of License in Washington and Requirements

Being a resident of Washington State, in order to operate any type of motor vehicle on public roadways you must obtain a drivers license. There are many types of license you can acquire to begin driving but the basic requirements are the same for each and you must have a passing rate of 80% for the testing phase of getting your license.
Washington requires that for an Instruction Permit which has strict limitations for new drivers you must be at least 15 years of age and enrolled in a approved student drivers course. If you are not enrolled in driver’s education they require you to pass the knowledge test as well as the vision test and bring an adult relative with proof of relation and proof of identity.

To get an Intermediate Driver License you must be at least 16 years of age, pass the knowledge and visions tests and have proof that you have passed 30 hours of an approved driver’s education course and have had your instruction permit for the minimum of six months. You must also not be issued a ticket in the six months having your instruction permit, have a licensed parent/adult guardian prove that you have 50 hours of driving experience with them including 10 hours of night time driving and you must provide your social security number. However on your 18th birthday if you successfully hold this license without any violations your Intermediate License becomes a Basic License and you do not need to visit a local DOL for this change to take affect.

The next type of license you can attain is the Basic License starting at the age of 18. To achieve you Basic License you must again provide proof of age and identity, pass the medical and vision screening tests as well as the knowledge test (which you must pay for separately than you license fee) and the road test.
Each bracket of license in Washington is quite different but one thing remains constant, your need to pass all of the required tests, which can be difficult if you do not know the content or haven’t had the opportunity to study for them. DMVCheatSheets.com is one of the easiest and quickest ways to ensure you are prepared for each type of test and to answer confidently the entirety of the question content without hesitation so that you can acquire your license the first time with no additional hassle!

Sample Test Questions and Answers

Studying for your driver’s license test for each level you are taking is a key part of passing the test and achieving your license. You can find the material you need to know in your Washington State drivers manual which is available online on the Washington DOL site or to pick up at any local DOL. Reading the entire manual can be a daunting task and many people don’t do well when they only prepare for the test by simply reading it over and over. You can find immediate access to a variety of practice questions and answers in an assortment of cheat sheets at DMVCheatSheets.com. You will find that using the cheat sheets and online practice tests DMVCheatSheets.com lets you see a combination of the different test question that the DOL actually uses on the test, it prepares you for trick questions and gives you confidence letting you see the answers for each question. Why read the whole manual when you can study the information you really need in a condensed and simple to understand structure.

Practice Test Questions and Answers

Here is a short example of what the test questions and answer sheets provided-

1.) When would be an appropriate time in which to use your car’s horn?

A. When a driver or pedestrian is having trouble seeing your vehicle.
B. When a vehicle is in danger of hitting you.
C. Alerting a blind person he or she can cross the street.
D. When a person on a bike is moving into your travel lane.

2.) What is the speed limit on a county road in Washington State?

A. Depends
B. 40 MPH
C. 50 MPH
D. 20 MPH

3.) If parallel parking in Washington you must park within how many inches of the curb?

A. 22 Inches
B. 10 and half inches
C. 6 Inches
D. 12 Inches

4.) What is the speed limit on a Washington Beach?

A. 15 MPH
B. 25 MPH
C. 35 MPH
D. 20 MPH

5.) A road sign in Washington indicating the location of a nearby Hospital would be which colors?

A. Yellow with Black lettering
B. Green or Brown with White lettering
C. Blue or White with Black lettering
D. Blue or Orange with White lettering

Answer Key

1.) B
2.) C
3.) D
4.) B
5.) B

Sours: https://www.dmvcheatsheets.com/articles/dol-test-question-and-answers-for-washington-dol
Washington Driver Guide (2021)

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2021 Washington DMV Written Test #1

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