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40 Best Mac Steam Games To Play In 2021

The Apple Mac may have some issues with video games and while the gap is slowly coming to a close, there are still some limitations on what’s available. Some players are having to create a virtual Windows machine to enjoy the titles while others are available officially. In this list, we’re going to showcase the best games you can play on your Mac through the official Steam digital marketplace client. With that said, let’s get a few things in line here. All lists are opinions so you may find some games and there’s always the chance that some of these games won’t run on your Mac OS. As a result, mileage will vary here so it’s best to make sure that your particular Mac OS and components meet the requirements for these games. Likewise, we’re not ranking these games in any particular order, these are just some video game recommendations that range from all kinds of different genres.

#40 Rust

Platform : macOS, PC, Xbox One, PS4 
Release Date : PC, Mac February 8, 2018 / Xbox One, PS4 May 21, 2021
Genre : Survival 

Rust is a popular survival game that’s played online. Players start as a naked inhabitant on an island where they must gather up resources, begin crafting new gear, build up their base, explore the outside world, and loot for more precious resources. However, being that this is an MMO survival game, countless other players may either be friendly or hostile. It’s a dog-eat-dog kind of world so it’s tough knowing who you can trust, who may be exploring for a group to raid later on, and what players will do to keep their group alive, protected, and fed will likely keep you on edge.

#39 Stardew Valley

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, iOS Android
Release Date : February 26, 2016 
PC February 26, 2016 / macOS, Linux July 29, 2016 / PS4 December 13, 2016 / Xbox One December 14, 2016 / Nintendo Switch October 5, 2017 / PS Vita May 22, 2018 / iOS October 24, 2018 / Android March 14, 2019
Genre : Simulation, role-playing 

Stardew Valley was a game inspired by the iconic and classic Harvest Moon franchise. With the indie developer feeling that Harvest Moon itself has started to stray away from its roots, the Stardew Valley was born. This is a game that acts very much like those early installments of Harvest Moon where players are working on an old farm with a focus on building it up. This ultimately means tilling the land, growing crops, tending to your livestock, selling your goods, and interacting with the townsfolk. The game blew up in popularity and it’s a very casual title to sit back and enjoy. Not to mention, multiplayer support had been added into the game which allows players to work together on the same farmland.

#38 Wasteland 3

Platform : Linux, macOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date : PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One August 28, 2020 / Linux, macOS December 17, 2020
Genre : Role-playing 

Wasteland 3 is an RPG title set in the post-apocalyptic world. In this game, players are controlling a command on rangers that are out helping the world to restore itself once again after a nuclear fallout occurs. Being a leader, players are venturing their squad through the harsh terrains and winter tundra of Colorados. Within the game, players are tasked with building up a base and starting a colony but you’ll find that there are far more problems out in the area that needs attention. Here, you’ll decide on how to go about certain obstacles and challenging decisions, this could mean either being a praised leader to bring a colony out into a bountiful Colorado area or becoming more of a tyrant.

#37 Terraria

Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia
Release Date : May 16, 2011 
PC May 16, 2011 / PS3 March 26, 2013 / Xbox 360 March 27, 2013 / PS Vita December 17, 2013 / iOS August 29, 2013 / Android September 13, 2013 / Windows Phone September 12, 2014 / PS4 November 11, 2014 / Xbox One November 14, 2014 / macOS, Linux August 12, 2015 / Nintendo 3DS December 10, 2015 / Wii U June 16, 2016 / Nintendo Switch June 27, 2019 / Google Stadia March 18, 2021
Genre : Action-adventure, sandbox 

A lot of folks out there compare Terraria to Minecraft. Where Minecraft allows players to enjoy this randomly generated world to survive and craft up their creations in a 3D realm, Terraria sticks with an old-school 2D aesthetic. In this game, players are exploring a randomly generated world where again like Minecraft, you can dig up resources and build up creations. However, there are quite a bit more combat fights you can compete in such as large boss fights to give the game a whole lot more action. Players can also join in together and go through the generated world fighting off enemies and further building up bases. The game thrives with multiplayer so much that there’s even a bundle option on Steam which allows players to get a discount by buying a four-pack which the extra copies of Terraria can be sent out to your friends.

#36 Subnautica

Platform : PC, MacOS, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : January 23, 2018 
PCs, macOS January 23, 2018 / Xbox One, PS4 December 4, 2018 / Nintendo Switch
May 14, 2021 
Genre : Action-adventureSurvival 

Subnautica was a hit survival game when it first launched into the marketplace. In this game, players crash down onto an alien planet that’s completely submerged in water. With any hopes of surviving and potentially escaping this aquatic world, players must dive below the surface and scavenge for useful resources. However, just like with any survival game, there are vitals you’ll need to keep track of such as oxygen. Even if you’re supplied with enough resources to keep your character alive in the ocean depths below, players will still find that hostile alien water creatures are lurking below. I also wanted to make mention of the sequel release Subnautica Below Zero, which is still in early access. The game again throws players into an alien planet but now players have a new environmental hazard to deal with and that’s frigid temperatures.

#35 Disco Elysium

Platform : PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Release Date : 15 October 2019 
macOS 27 April 2020 / PS4, PS5, / Stadia 30 March 2021 / Switch, Xbox One, Series X/S Q3 2021
Genre : Role-playing 

Disco Elysium puts players into the role of a detective that wakes up with a bad hangover and no memories of the night before. This is a top-down RPG title where players are wandering about in this world, meeting NPCs, taking on quests, going into conversations, earning experience points, and unlocking more skills to further aid you during the gameplay. While it’s a detective game there are plenty of RPG elements here to make decisions to alter how you come off in the world. Players can craft up their characters however they see fit whether it’s by more brutal force or being a relatively clean cop.

#34 Civilization VI

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One Android
Release Date : October 21, 2016 
PC, macOS October 21, 2016 / Linux February 9, 2017 / iOS December 21, 2017 / Nintendo Switch, November 16, 2018 / PS4, Xbox One November 22, 2019 / Android August 13, 2020
Genre : Turn-based strategy, 4X 

Civilization is probably a video game series we don’t have to explain. It’s been around for years but there’s still the latest installment, Civilization VI which has quite a few expansions and updates to keep players going through the game. Much like past installments, Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game where players are building up a civilization from an early settlement to a more modern-day powerhouse nation. However, getting from the early years of being a nation to world power is not easy. Players are constantly scavenging for resources, building up their nation, defending it against hostile nations, or taking over an area by force. Although, there is the ability to make a peaceful relationship with other nations and provide a more diplomatic resolution to issues. While this game has been out since 2016, there have been several updates and expansions providing more content to play through over the past few years.

#33 7 Days to Die

Platform : Linux, PC, Mac OS X, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date : PC, OS X December 13, 2013 / Linux November 22, 2014 / PS4, Xbox One June 28, 2016
Genre : Survival horror 

7 Days To Die is a survival horror game that’s currently in early access. It’s a game aimed more at base building as you’re dropped into this world in a first-person perspective. Here you have six days to really build up a base and gather resources up. With the undead around to deal with, things are relatively tame until the seventh day in which a massive horde of undead zombies begins to rush into the area. Your goal here is to survive and take out the dead as you make your way through the seventh day. If you survive, players can once again go out for resources, repair their base and make any necessary adjustments. There’s quite a bit here for players to adjust on their base as well which would give them the ability to make traps or more advanced defenses against the dead. Meanwhile, with player-hosted servers, there’s also the added benefit to connect online with friends.

#32 Hades

Platform : macOS, PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date :  September 17, 2020 
Genre : Roguelike, action role-playing 

Hades is a massively popular roguelike by indie development team Supergiant Games. You’ll probably know these folks from their past works including the likes of Transistor and Bastion. In Hades, players take the role of the son of Hades who wishes to escape from the hellish underworld. However, it’s not an easy task as there are all kinds of goons and thugs seeking to keep you locked in the depths below. Each time our protagonist dies the game will restart but you’ll at least get to keep the different powers and abilities unlocked during the prior runs. This should make getting through the game a bit quicker. Since this game came out, we’ve seen Hades win countless awards, and for good reason. If you somehow didn’t catch this action hack and slash game then do yourself a favor and pick it up today.

#31 Garry’s Mod

Platform : PC, Mac OS X, Linux 
Release Date : PC 29 November 2006 / Mac OS X 23 September 2010 / Linux 5 June 2013
Genre : Sandbox 

It’s a bit difficult to explain just what Garry’s Mod is. This is a physics sandbox game by definition, but the fun here is not just playing around the physics engine, but crafting your own game or downloading games made by others. There are all kinds of different games being played, from traditional shooters, roleplay servers, mazes, to the iconic hide-and-seek game mode. Despite its age of being around since 2006, the video game continues to have a massive community of players online adding more and more mods into the mix.

#30 The Jackbox Party Pack 7

Platform : Android, Amazon Fire TV, iPad, Macintosh, Apple TV, PS4, Nintendo
Release Date : October 16, 2020 
Genre : Compilation, Puzzle, Trivia, Party 

The Jackbox Party Pack has several installments out into the marketplace with the latest being  The Jackbox Party Pack 7. Just like the previous installments, this game offers multiple different online mini-games for players to compete against each other whether it’s trivia to more wacky drawing games. One of the best elements of this game is the fact that only one player needs to own a copy of the game. All the secondary players require is a means to connect onto a web browser so for instance another player can join in through their computer to even a smartphone. It’s a simple game and one that’s well worth trying out if you’re looking for a party game experience.

#29 Bloons TD 6

Platform : Android, iOS, PC, macOS, Linux[
Release Date : Android, iOS: June 14, 2018 / Steam (Windows): December 17, 2018 / Steam (Macintosh): March 13, 2020
Genre : Tower defense 

Bloons TD 6 is a pretty addicting tower defense game. The title puts players into a maze-like map where a series of balloons will go along a track. However, the game has a limit to how many balloons are allowed to enter the track and exit out which means you need a variety of weapons and monkey characters scattered around the map to successfully pop the balloons that come through. Although, as the game progresses, the more difficult balloons will spawn and at a faster rate. Players are constantly changing up their strategies and making necessary upgrades to take out all the balloons well before they reach the exit.

#28 Ark Survival Evolved

Platform : Linux, PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Stadia
Release Date : Linux, PC, macOS, PS4, Xbox One August 29, 2017 / Android, iOS June 14, 2018 /  Nintendo Switch November 30, 2018 / Stadia Early 2021
Genre : Action-adventure, survival 

Ark Survival Evolved is a survival game that is getting a sequel which is being crafted up with the help of actor Vin Diesel. In this game, players wash up on a mysterious island where they are forced into quickly adapting to the world to survive. Starting, players will have nothing, it’s up to them in understanding what resources they’ll need to keep their character alive, battling off against hostile enemies, and building up their unique base. With this being an MMO, there are other players to connect with as you venture out into the world, tame dinosaurs, and make some advancements to your base.

#27 Left 4 Dead 2

Platform : PC, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux
Release Date : November 17, 2009 
Mac OS X October 5, 2010 / Linux July 2, 201
Genre : First-person shooter, survival horror 

Left 4 Dead 2 is still a game well worth picking up today. It’s an iconic four-player cooperative zombie title where gamers are forced into completing a series of objectives, battling against waves of undead zombies, as they attempt to find an escape. The video game has continued to find support with an active online community so outside of the main game campaign to play through, there is a slew of user-generated maps and campaigns to try out as well. It’s surprising to see Valve not put out the third installment to this franchise but it looks like this game could find its way off the radar for players when the original development team from the IP releases their spiritual successor. Currently, Turtle Rock Studios is developing its Back 4 Blood video game to hit the marketplace later this year, 2021.

#26 The Elder Scrolls Online

Platform : PC, macOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia
Release Date : PCs, OS X April 4, 2014 / PS4, Xbox One June 9, 2015 / Stadia June 16, 2020 PS5, Xbox Series X/S June 8, 2021
Genre : Massively multiplayer online role-playing 

The Elder Scrolls in general is a massively popular video game franchise and while Bethesda continues to pump out The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim out into the marketplace with every new platform to come out, we do have something to hold us over until the next mainline installment. Bethesda is developing The Elder Scrolls 6 but right now fans can enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online. This is an MMORPG title that’s set within the same universe as the IP’s mainline installments, but hundreds of years before their events. Similar to the mainline games, players are creating their customized characters and upgrading their various skills or traits. Meanwhile, the game has a few main quests to complete along with a ton of side quests to tackle. There are also expansions to further give players more content including expansions that take players to Vvardenfell from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind or Greymoor from the latest mainline release, Skyrim.

#25 Crusader Kings III

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux
Release Date : September 1, 2020 
Genre : Grand strategy, role-playing 

Set in the middle ages, players are given a grand strategy game to play through in Crusader Kings III. There is a ton of content here and it’s really up to the players on what they want to do. Become a lesser warrior and work your way up conquering lands or take the role of a grand ruler of a nation and attempt to keep things from quickly falling into pieces. It’s a bit like Civilization in terms of the gameplay, but there are quite a bit more options here and it just lets the player decide on what their own goals are.

#24 Dead Cells

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Release Date : 4, Switch, Windows, Xbox One August 7, 2018 / iOS August 28, 2019 / Android June 3, 2020
Genre : Roguelike, metroidvania 

Dead Cells is a roguelike-Metroidvania-style game. In the game, players take the role of a protagonist named Prisoner who must attempt to escape a fortress, and just like a roguelike when your health bar completely depletes, the character spawns back at the beginning of the game with the world altered. Combat is fluid and quick with a variety of boss fights to battle along the way. It’s certainly one of the more popular indie games to have released in the past few years.

#23 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date : August 21, 2012 
Genre : First-person shooter 

While Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or better known as CS: GO, has been around since 2012, this game will not slow down. The video game is an intense FPS where teams work together in an attempt to take out the opposing side in a variety of game modes. From standard deathmatches to more tactical game modes, there’s a lot here for FPS fans to enjoy. Fans have created a real love-hate relationship with this title as you can instantly find yourself hooked sinking thousands of hours here with teams of players working in some competitive matches. Meanwhile, there’s the constant barrage of tournaments that pop up for this game with massive cash prizes to take in. You might never reach the level of an esports athlete player, but chances are you’ll have quite a bit of fun here. It’s best to play with some friends as well since like any online-focused MMO title, there are always some toxic players that jump in or even find a game match or two that has a few cheaters. Still, when you find a solid match and a group of friends to play with, it’s tough kicking this game.  

#22 Portal 2

Platform : PC, Mac OS X, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360
Release Date : April 18, 2011 
Windows, Mac OS X (digital) April 18, 2011 / PC, Mac OS X, PS3, Xbox 360 (retail) April 20, 2011 / 
Linux (beta) February 26, 2014 
Genre : Puzzle-platform 

Chances are you know about Portal 2, this video game sequel was an even bigger hit than the original installment. Here players are once again thrown into the role of Chell who is forced into completing a series of challenging maze obstacles. With the use of the Portal Gun, Chell can make a teleportation portal to reach different areas around the map. However, as the game progresses, the levels become even more challenging with movable platforms and turret guns that will fire at Chell. However, the biggest improvement in Portal 2 over the original installment is the fact that it offers multiplayer support. With a slew of unique levels that will require the use of two sets of portals, players are really forced to think outside the box on how to complete these levels.

#21 House Flipper

Platform : macOS, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android
Release Date : 17 May 2018 
Genre : Simulation

An indie title that was a bit of a surprise hit was House Flipper and you can pick it up on Steam for Mac. The video game is as you’d expect, players buy a house, are forced into fixing it up, making some renovations, and ultimately flipping it online for a profit. It’s everything you’d want to do in real life without the necessary financial downward spiral if too many things pop up causing you to further sink even more money into the project. Players are not only fixing up problems but they can knock down walls, build up walls, decorate the inside with new furniture, paint, fixtures, and even improve the outside with some necessary curb appeal. When your hard work is done and you sink all the money you’re wanting towards the build, players can put the house on sale and attempt to make a profit for your next flip.  

#20 Cities Skylines

Platform : PC, MacOS, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : PC, MacOS, Linux 10 March 2015 / Xbox One 21 April 2017 / PS4 15 August 2017 / Nintendo Switch 13 September 2018
Genre : City-building, construction and management simulation 

Keeping up with the custom build kind of theme, we have Cities Skylines. Here we’re not sticking to a single home but an entire city. It’s a game where you can build up a modern city with planning buildings, airports, ports, roadways, the electrical grid, basically anything you can imagine from a city, you’re able to mimic it here. Of course, over the years now the developers have been pumping out some DLCs for players to further enhance their city builds in a variety of ways. If you can spare some more money to purchase some DLC packs then the world can unleash natural disasters on their towns such as wildfire, floods, and tornadoes, or players can dabble a bit more into the industry side of things with their towns.

#19 Gang Beasts

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date : 12 December 2017 / Xbox One: 27 March 2019
Genre : Beat ’em up, party 

Gang Beasts is a wacky multiplayer PvP game. Here players are taking the role of humanoid characters with some wonky physics. Overall, the goal is to take everyone else out on the map which is based around environmental hazards. Here players can beat each other up in hopes of knocking them out and from there you can dispose of your opponents by sending them off a moving truck, toss them into a pit of fire, or even launch them off a giant skyscraper. It’s a chaotic blast to play with friends and it was recently unveiled that M1 Macs will receive support within this year.

#18 Hollow knight

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date : PC 24 February 2017 / macOS, Linux 11 April 2017 / Nintendo Switch 12 June 2018 / PS4, Xbox One 25 September 2018
Genre : Action-adventure, Metroidvania 

Hollow Knight is a game that’s quite a bit like Dark Souls, at least that’s what the game is often compared to. Rather than being a grueling 3D action-adventure game, Hollow Knight is set in 2D where players are deep underground in a world filled with bugs. This is a brutal game with plenty of enemies, bosses, and difficult platforming to complete. Not to mention that it features some Metroidvania with players having new powers that slowly allow them to reach new areas.

#17 American Truck simulator

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux
Release Date : 2 February 2016 
Genre : Vehicle simulation

Truck simulator games are pretty popular. If you ever had an itch to drive a truck for a living can at least experience what it would be like virtually. Here players are going through different cargo jobs across America with players having to plan out their routes and drive their rigs around the country. It’s a pretty well-done simulator experience as players will have to abide by speeds, make sure their loads secure to their truck, make adjustments to their truck with their funds, and attempt to maneuver their rig around tight locations. With that said, this game can be pretty long if you’re driving safely. There are even some peripherals available to make the experience a bit more authentic and immersive. Of course, there are other simulator games out there that are based in other regions, but to avoid this list being repetitive, we’ll stick to just American Truck Simulator here.

#16 Kerbal Space Program

Platform : PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date : PC, macOS, Linux 27 April 2015 / PS4 12 July 2016 / Xbox One 15 July 2016 / 
Enhanced Edition PS4, Xbox One 16 January 2018
Genre : Space flight simulation 

If you ever wanted to try out aerodynamics and rockets then we have a game for you. Kerbal Space Program is a title that puts players in control of a space program featuring alien-like little crew critters. Here the game has players building up rockets and it’s free for players to experiment. You’ll have to test out your engineering to see if the ship will even take off the ground, but furthermore, how well it handles in flight along within space. There is a ton of trial-and-error here so expect plenty of failed operations. However, since this game has been out, the videos of other players’ creations are insane. We’ve seen everything from generic rockets to massive-looking mechs.

#15 Cuphead

Platform : PC, Xbox One, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PS4 
Release Date : Windows, Xbox One September 29, 2017 / macOS October 19, 2018 / Nintendo Switch April 18, 2019 / PS4 July 28, 2020
Genre : Run and gun 

Cuphead gained some massive attention online for its visuals as the game looks like a traditional 1930s old cartoon series. In the game, players will be following Cuphead and Mugman as they lose a bet to the devil. Now owing their souls, they managed to strike a new deal. If the duo can go out and acquire souls that are owed then the two can keep theirs. However, getting souls are tricky as players will be going through not only some platforming levels but intense boss battles as well. The game is a bit like an old-school platforming game where the bosses are not only difficult but tend to have different phases. It’s up to the players in studying the boss, learning its moves, and taking out the enemy. Fortunately, this game does offer cooperative gameplay so players don’t have to take these enemy boss battles alone.

#14 Overcooked 2

Platform : Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS5, XSX|S, Amazon Luna
Release Date : August 7, 2018 
Genre : Simulation 

Overcooked 2 is another party game we suggest looking into if you haven’t already. In this game, players are taking the roles of cooks in a kitchen where you’re forced into making specific dishes in a limited amount of time. Sounds easy right? The catch here is that the kitchens are constantly shifting around with hazards and obstacles making the group of players into working on each other’s dishes as they get locked into different stations. As the dishes pile in, players will need to communicate with each other on what they need help with to send out the dishes in time. We would suggest looking at the sequel although there is the first installment available as well.

#13 The Walking Dead

Platform : Android, iOS, Kindle Fire HDX OS X Linux, PC, Nintendo Switch, Ouya, PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Genre : Graphic adventure Interactive drama

Telltale Games released a slew of modern adventure games based around different established IPs like Game of Thrones, Batman, and in our pick, The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead was arguably their most successful video game series in general as it put players into a new storyline based within The Walking Dead universe. I’ll attempt to not spoil anything here that would sway you from picking up the video game titles, but players can overall expect an emotional journey full of twists and turns. Likewise, a big portion of this game is based on players making choices that will alter the narrative journey. Meanwhile, the gameplay, outside of making choices, is centered around exploration, puzzle-solving, and QTEs. There are several games available in the series and it’s completed meaning players have the full story that’s spanned across multiple video game installments.

#12 Life is Strange


Platform : Android, iOS, Linux, PC, OS X, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Release Date : Episode 1: Chrysalis 30 January 2015 / Episode 2: Out of Time 24 March 2015 / Episode 3: Chaos Theory 19 May 2015 / Episode 4: Dark Room 28 July 2015 / Episode 5: Polarized 20 October 2015
Genre : Graphic adventure 

Continuing with narrative-driven video games we can’t forget Life is Strange. This is a game series that first got started through Dontnod Entertainment and it currently has a prequel and a sequel available, but we’ll focus on the first standalone title. In this game, players are taking the role of a female student named Max who arrives back home to attend a prestigious school. Here she rekindles her friendship with a former childhood best friend named Chloe who has had a tough time after Max had left the town of Arcadia Bay. Meanwhile, Max discovers she possesses a unique supernatural ability to rewind time, and it’s with this power that our protagonist works with Chloe to uncover some dark secrets the town has kept hidden. Similar to The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games, this title focuses on puzzle solving and making difficult choices that will alter the game narrative.

#11 Rise of the Tomb Raider

Platform : Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PS4, macOS, Linux, Stadia, PS5, Xbox Series X
Release Date : November 10, 2015 
Xbox 360, Xbox One November 10, 2015 / PC January 28, 2016 / PS4 October 11, 2016 / macOS April 12, 2018 / Linux April 19, 2018 / Stadia November 2019 / PS5, Xbox Series X 18 March 2021
Genre : Action-adventure 

Most everyone knows about Tomb Raider, the video game franchise has been around since the original PlayStation console platform and it wasn’t that long ago that we received a reboot of sorts. With Tomb Raider turning a vulnerable Lara Croft into the heroine we know and love, its sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers a solid action-adventure experience. The game is still a third-person adventure title that has Lara going on an adventure to uncover a mysterious artifact while also actively competing against an evil corporation, but players can expect some overall gorgeous set pieces to explore. There are enemies to face against, hostile wildlife, and just like any Tomb Raider game, a few bits of supernatural elements are thrown in for good measure.

#10 Hitman

Platform : Xbox One, Linux, PC, PS4, Stadia
Release Date : March 11, 2016 
Genre : Action, Shooter 

Similar to Tomb Raider, another franchise that’s been around for a good long while now is the Hitman series, and just like our previous point, it too had a reboot. In this game, players are given a game where you’re stepping into a highly trained assassin tasked with taking out specific targets. However, with these targets highly protected, the missions will require players to make use of their environment. You’ll need to stick with different disguises, hiding bodies, plotting out your attack, taking the enemy target out, and getting out of the area without being spotted. If you’re into stealth games then it doesn’t get much better here and you should seriously take a look at the first reboot installment to see how you enjoy it before diving into any of the successor installments.

#9 Undertale

Platform : PC, OS X, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One Xbox, Series X/S
Release Date : September 15, 2015 
Windows, OS X September 15, 2015 / Linux July 17, 2016 / PS4, PS Vita August 15, 2017 / Nintendo Switch September 18, 2018 / Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S March 16, 2021
Genre : Role-playing 

Undertale is a pretty iconic indie RPG that you should play if you haven’t already. In the game, players take the role of a child that ends up getting stuck underground. Now to get above ground and into the surface world, players are forced into exploring the underground world. Here you’ll find all kinds of unique characters to meet and the combat is full of unique surprises. On some occasions, players may get out of battle by talking with the enemy whereas some fights are based around a bullet hell-style minigame. I won’t spoil anything here because again it’s quite a surprising game in what you’ll come across as it’s a bit like EarthBound if you’re familiar with that iconic Nintendo RPG.

#8 Dirt 4

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS
Release Date : 6 June 2017 
Linux/macOS: 28 March 2019 
Genre : Racing 

If you enjoy rallycross then Dirt 4 may be worth picking up. This is a bit more like a simulator-type of game where you’re racing down difficult terrain courses against competitors whether they are AI or online players. However, the big focus here is that if you’re familiar with the Dirt franchise then most would say that this is a bit tougher of a game here. While you have a nice selection of tracks and cars at your disposal, it’s all about knowing how to maneuver around the tough races without wrecking your vehicle or getting off course. With that said, there are plenty of assists available to give newcomers a bit easier time to race around.

#7 Slay the Spire

Platform : PCs, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android
Release Date : Windows, macOS, Linux January 23, 2019 / PS4 May 21, 2019 / Nintendo Switch June 6, 2019 / Xbox One August 14, 2019 / iOS June 13, 2020 / Android February 3, 2021
Genre : Roguelike, deck-building 

Slay the Spire is a bit of a unique RPG as it’s based around card battling. Within the game, players are attempting to climb up a spire with multiple floors that are procedurally generated. Using a combat mechanic system with a series of cards to use as your attacks and defenses, players are not only battling with their makeshift decks against their opponents but are seeking out more collectible cards to add to their collection.

#6 Dota 2

Platform : PC, Linux, OS X
Release Date : PC July 9, 2013 / Linux, OS X July 18, 2013
Genre : MOBA 

If you’re after a MOBA experience then check into Dota 2. Developed by Valve, this multiplayer battle arena has blown up online and it players much like how you would expect a MOBA game to play. It’s very team-based with players working together with a roster of characters as they battle against different minions, taking down towers, opposing player heroes, and eventually taking out their base. With a wide range of characters and plenty of strategies here, it’s best to start these games out with friends or watching some guides. Regardless, once you get past the learning curve, Dota 2 is one of the more popular MOBA games in general so you’ll likely find an active community of players online. Likewise, I can’t forget to mention that this game is free-to-play so nothing is holding you back from trying it out today.

#5 War Thunder

Platform : PC, MacOS Linux, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, XSX|S
Release Date : December 21, 2016 
Genre : Action, vehicular combat, combat flight simulator 

War Thunder is a military war game that is based online. Players can go head-to-head here, but rather than playing around as foot soldiers, the game is centered around vehicle combat. There are a ton of different vehicles here from different types of warships, aircraft, to tanks that all vary in terms of what era they were used within actual wars. Players have been able to dive into this game since 2013 and over the years the developers have continued to add more content into the mix. However, a good amount of DLC is featured here as well depending on what kind of vehicles you’re hoping to use such as vehicles from the USSR, US, Germany, British, so on and so forth. With all that said, it’s a game worth trying out since it’s free-to-play. While you may be limited in terms of what you can use in the matches, being free why not give it a chance?

#4 BioShock Infinite

Platform : PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, OS X, Linux, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : March 26, 2013 
Windows, PS3, X360 March 26, 2013 / OS X August 29, 2013 / Linux March 17, 2015 / Nintendo Switch May 29, 2020
Genre : First-person shooter 

BioShock Infinite is another game that tends to get recommended for mac users although again, the certain OS can run this game so again, as mentioned at the start of this article, your mileage may vary here. With that said if you never played the BioShock games then you can still dive into BioShock Infinite as a standalone experience. Here players step into the role of an investigator who gets a job in an unusual steampunk makeshift town that flies above the clouds. While you’re on the hunt for a mysterious girl, the town proves to thrive with social classes keeping those that abide by their rules into a strict regime order. Meanwhile, the combat is pretty thrilling, with the use of supernatural powers that players can unlock along with a slew of guns and a grappling system that allows players to quickly traverse around the map, there is a ton of action-packed moments. I won’t spoil anything more here, but outside of all that, the narrative is pretty gripping with a surprising twist.

#3 The Return Of Obra Dinn

Platform : macOS, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One
Release Date : macOS, PC October 18, 2018 / Switch, PS4, Xbox One October 18, 2019
Genre : Puzzle 

The Return of Obra Dinn is a bit of a puzzle game for players to solve. In this game, players find a ship that was seemingly missing for years wandering back to a dock. Taking the role of an insurance investigator, players are tasked with exploring the ship and figuring out what happened. With all the crew dead, players are working out how each member died and getting the full story of what started the insanity of this crew to lash out at one another.

#2 Firewatch

Platform : PC, OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Release Date : PC, OS X, Linux, PS4 February 9, 2016 / Xbox One September 21, 2016 / Nintendo Switch December 17, 2018 
Genre : Adventure 

Firewatch is another modern adventure game, which most would call a walking simulator. Light on the actual mechanics, most of the game is linear with players solving puzzles, exploring the area, and going through dialogue choices. In terms of the narrative, players are taking the role of a new fire lookout by the name of Henry. Set in the 1980s, the only communication Henry has with the outside world is simply his supervisor Delilah who can speak with Henry using a radio system from a nearby tower. While Henry begins to unravel his reasoning behind taking such a secluded job and Delilah explaining what happened to the previous fire lookout, the duo soon realizes that they are not alone in this secluded forest. It’s up to players to discover who is out in the forest and piece together what’s going on.

#1 Metro Exodus

Platform : PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, Luna, PS5, XSX|S, Linux, macOS
Release Date : PC, PS4,, Xbox One 15 February 2019 / Stadia 19 November 2019 / Luna 20 October 2020 / PS5, XSX|S macOS, Linux 2021
Genre : First-person shooter, Survival horror 

One of the more recent video game releases for the Mac at the time of writing this description is Metro Exodus. Here players once again step into the role of Artyom in the year 2036. The world is a nuclear disaster with few survivors left trying to make it another day with the harsh environment and mutated creatures that roam the world. Within the game narrative, players are taking their family along a journey using a train in hopes of finding some kind of a new stable life with other survivors in the East. It’s a semi-open world where players can go through some exploration, with big first-person action sequences, a creepy atmosphere, and having to make some big decisions. I won’t go on too much more than that since this is a newer release for those on Mac, but if you enjoyed the previous Metro games then you’ll have just as much fun here as you did with the past releases.


Best Mac Games in 2020: 100 Awesome Games Tested

Total War: Warhammer 2
Total War Warhammer 2 Mac featured

Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer 2 is both the latest and the best Total War experience available on macOS (and Windows-PC for that matter).

Warhammer 2 stays true to the Total War formula and combines a turn-based campaign with real-time battles. And like every Total War game that came before it, the game's battles are huge, counting hundreds of units fighting at once. Yet, just like the first Total War: Warhammer, the realistic scenarios of ancient Europe are left behind in favor of a fantastical setting that includes armies of orcs, undead, monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and more.

Plus, Feral Interactive managed to take one the best looking strategy games of all times and deliver a solid Mac version that plays and looks as good as the Windows version.

Verdict: ⛔ Very Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.14, 2.0 Ghz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 51 GB HD space, 2GB Nvidia 680MX, 2GB AMD R9 M290, 1.5GB Intel Iris Graphics 540 or better.StrategyHighNoSlay the Spire
Slay the Spire Mac featured

Slay the Spire

Combine the strategy of deck building card games with the random difficulty of roguelikes and you've got Slay the Spire from Mega Crit Games.

With over 350 cards to discover and match up, Slay the Spire challenges gamers to work their way up an ever-changing and uniquely designed spire, collecting powerful relics along the way. Whether you choose the safe path or the risky path, you'll need to survive numerous encounters and events that can either harm or hurt you.

Daily climbs and tons of replayability will keep strategy gamers busy for quite some time.
Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS 10.9.5, 2.0 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM, 1 GB Video Memory capable of OpenGL 3.0+ suppor or higher, 1 GB hard drive space.StrategyLowNoHitman
Hitman Mac featured


Agent 47 is back with yet another excellent stealth action adventure.

In Hitman, your job is to infiltrate complex locations full of secrets, weapons, disguises and, of course, targets to eliminate. And just as every Hitman game I’ve ever played, this game is a refreshing experience.

Most games ask you to run and shoot at everything that moves. Hitman asks you to do the opposite—to be invisible. Unnoticed. Hitman will ask you to think for a change and figure out the best way to approach the situation at hand, taking into account environments and enemies.

This sixth installment in the series brings the graphics to a whole new level. The game looks great, and thanks to Feral Interactive’s work, the Mac version (which luckily wasn’t released in episodes) plays beautifully.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.12.5, 2.0 Ghz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 68 GB HD space, 2GB AMD M290 or better.ActionMediumNoThe Sims 4
The Sims 4 Mac featured V3

The Sims 4

I know I don’t need to tell you what this game is all about. The Sims are back, and this fourth edition is the most sophisticated life simulation you can play.

The Sims 4 lets you build a house, create a Sim character, and dress him. But the game doesn’t stop there. You’re also responsible for your Sim’s social life, including love, friends, and work. The Sims 4 doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and keeps the same ideas and goals that made its predecessors so successful. On the plus side, Maxis has learned a lot, and worthwhile additions include the ability to multitask and improved character creation.

The Sims 4’s Mac version works fine, but it has surprisingly high system requirements.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.7.5, 2.4 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 4 GB RAM, 10 GB HD space, NVIDIA GeForce 320M, 9600M, 9400M, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro or better with 256 MB of Video Memory.SimulationMediumNoDead Cells
Dead Cells Mac featured V2

Dead Cells

Metroidvania games may be a dime a dozen, but Dead Cells is probably the best Castlevania-like game released since, well, Castlevania.

Dead Cells is an action platformer that is all about dying to start over in order to progress and acquire new abilities. The skills you unlock as you explore the procedurally generated levels are permanent, so you get to keep them even when you die. These skills will allow you to reach new areas each time you head out, allowing you to dig deeper into the game every time you play.

The action is presented in a 2D retro-inspired world that will make fans of classic Castlevania and Metroid feel right at home.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS 10.9, OpenGL 3.2 support, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB available space.PlatformerLowNoInto the Breach
Into the Breach Mac gameplay

Into the Breach

From the developers that brought us FTL: Faster Than Light comes another excellent turn-based strategy game.

In Into the Breach, you'll have to protect the world from enormous monsters that are set to destroy the few remaining cities still standing. Luckily, you'll have a few giant mechs at your disposal to get rid of them. Or at least try...

Into the Breach is a simple game to get into, yet missions can quickly get dicey. You'll often have to make hard choices and either loss a mech or city. And by the way, this is one of the few games that actually encourages you to protect civilians instead of simply killing the monsters.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS 10.7, 1.7 GHz Intel processor, 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 2.1 support, 200 MB available space.StrategyLowNoSubnautica
Best Mac Games in 2020: 100 Awesome Games Tested 16


Subnautica is a massive open-world adventure game that takes place underwater.

The game starts with you landing on an oceanic alien planet and in order to survive, you’ll have to explore your surroundings. Exploration and survival are equally important and you’ll have to scavenge, craft equipment and more to stay alive. As you upgrade your equipment, you’ll be able to venture deeper underwater to find rarer items, discover beautiful locales and fight increasingly dangerous monsters.

Open-world games on Mac are rare and the few that exist take place in the tired post-apocalyptic desserts we all know too well. Subnautica’s approach is different and refreshing. No wonder it’s one of the best-selling indies from 2018 so far.

One warning though, Subnautica’s beautiful open-world requires a powerful machine to run.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.9, 2.5Ghz Intel Haswell 2 cores, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB HD space, Intel HD 4600 or equivalent.AdventureMediumNoCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter Strike Global Offensive Mac featured

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Global Offensive is the latest Counter Strike (CS) in the series.

Like previous entries, Global Offensive is an objective-based multiplayer first-person shooter. Players are either terrorists or counter-terrorists and must complete objectives or kill the opposing team. There is no single-player here, but the multiplayer precision makes up for it. CS games are famous for being ultra-competitive—precise, punishing, and nothing like Call of Duty. Global Offensive does exactly what you would expect from a Counter-Strike game, but it also manages to refresh the experience. The game features classic content such as revamped versions of classic maps, as well as new maps and game modes.

Global Offensive’s Mac version works great and should run on modest hardware. And as Valve recently made it free-to-play, you can ahead and try it out yourself.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.6.6, 2.0 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 2 GB RAM, 8 GB HD space, ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or other with 256 MB of Video Memory.ShooterLowNoStarcraft 2
Starcraft 2 Mac featured

StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Legacy of the Void is the third installment in Blizzard’s Starcraft 2 trilogy.

Most know StarCraft 2 because it's one of the most competitive and challenging games out there. New units and balance changes make Legacy of the Void faster and even more challenging—perfect for skilled players.
But Legacy of the Void also offers a variety of new elements, especially for casual players (thank god). For starters, it includes the final 20 missions of StarCraft 2’s campaign. It also introduces a fun cooperative mode that involves special characters and missions. Whether you’re looking for a challenge or just want to have fun, Legacy of the Void is a great choice. Blizzard did a stellar job with StarCraft 2's Mac version.

This is one of the best-looking strategy games, but it doesn't require too much power to run.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.9.5, 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 30 GB HD space, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, ATI Radeon HD 4670 or better with 256 MB of Video Memory.StrategyLowNoOwlboy
Owlboy Mac featured


Indie adventure games are a dime a dozen these days and it's getting harder to be impressed anymore. This doesn't apply to Owlboy, a game that took almost 10 years to be made, and it shows.

Owlboy is a pixel-art adventure game where you’ll face obstacles and enemies with the help of friends. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock sidekicks, each with special abilities that will help you fight or solve puzzles. You can swap your sidekick at any time, making the game feel fluid and varied.

But what struck me the most were the graphics. Owlboy features some of the most beautiful pixel-art worlds in recent memory and the fact it can be played in modest hardware makes it even better.
Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.7.5, Dual core processor, 2 GB RAM, 600 MB HD space, OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable).AdventureMediumNoGuild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 Mac

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is not just another MMO. This is one of the only MMOs that can challenge the genre’s champion, World of Warcraft.

Guild Wars 2 is a “traditional” MMO where you need to quest and level up. Nothing special, except it does have unique twists. For example, the story changes according to your actions (like in single-player games), and you’ll notice dynamic events and faster combat. But do you know what’s the best part? Guild Wars 2 is free to play, and it’s very generous too. Guild Wars 2 offers its best features without asking a dime. This change came with the Heart of Thorns expansion, which adds a new class, a new PvP mode, a reworked Fractal system, and “Adventures.” Heart of Thorns is paid, but it doesn’t require a monthly subscription. That makes it the best Mac MMO hands down.

Guild Wars 2’s Mac version works fine for most (myself included), but some report poor performance. You should try the free version first to see how your machine handles it.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.8, Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, 35 GB HD space, NVIDIA® GeForce 320M, ATI Radeon HD 6630M, Intel HD 3000 or better.MMOMediumYesReturn of the Obra Dinn
Return of the Obra Dinn Mac featured

Return of the Obra Dinn

This mystery/adventure game from developer Lucas Pope is one of the more unique Mac games to come out quite some time.

It’s not just the setting; a derelict ship that has drifted back to port in the early 1800s, five years after it originally set sail. It’s not just the gameplay; exploration and logical deduction from the point-of-view of an insurance investigator.

Rather, it’s Return of the Obra Dinn’s graphics presentation—stippled black-and-white as if on an old Mac SE but with modern animation capabilities—that makes the largest immediate impression. An intriguing mystery that’s beautifully presented.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: macOS Sierra, 2 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB RAM, dedicated GPU, 2 GB space.AdventureMediumNoCities: Skylines
Cities Skylines Mac

Cities: Skylines

It’s funny how a few years ago, no one would have dared to challenge SimCity. But when developer Colossal Order saw the mess that SimCity was, they went for it.

Cities: Skylines is a city-building simulation similar to SimCity. The game gives you control of zoning areas (for housing, commerce, or industry), public utilities, taxation, public transportation, and more. The gameplay is so deep, even your choice of civic policies will affect the development of the entire city. Skylines learned from all of EA’s mistakes with SimCity and delivered a better game. There’s no always-online DRM, your cities can be much bigger, and it also supports mods through Steam Workshop (if you’re into riding helicopters and stuff).

This is a fun and addictive game, and I’m glad Skyline’s Mac version was handled with care. This game does demand some horsepower to run, though.
Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.9, 3.0 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB HD space, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, 512 MB or ATI Radeon HD 5670, 512 MB (Does not support Intel Integrated Graphics Cards).StrategyMediumNoThe Witness
The Witness Mac featured

The Witness

After more than a year waiting for it, The Witness is finally available for Mac. Not familiar with The Witness? Well, this open-world puzzle game comes from Jonathan Blow, the man behind the now indie classic Braid.

Many wondered, myself included, if Bow could do it again and deliver another great indie. Turns out, he did. The Witness is a powerful puzzle game with a wealth of mysteries to unravel. The game features dozens of locations to explore and over 500 puzzles. That is enough to keep you busy for tens of hours, while respecting you as an intelligent player every step of the way. The Witness has no filler. Each puzzle brings its own new idea into the mix and it treats your time as precious.

The Witness is a beautiful game that benefits from Apple’s Metal API. This means the game looks great, but to run it you’ll need some horsepower.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.11.6, 1.8 Ghz processor, 5 GB HD space, integrated Intel HD 4000.AdventureMediumNoMax Payne 3
Max Payne 3 Mac featured

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 was a difficult game to include here.

This third-person shooter from the creators of Grand Theft Auto is a great game, but the problem is the macOS version itself. Many have reported bugs that can at best detract from the whole experience and at worst break the game. I’ve never had a problem with this game, but you should be aware that some issues do exist. The game itself follows the story of former detective and vigilante Max Payne. Long story short, the game will ask you to kill. A lot. But the best part is the variety of tools at your disposal. You’ll get lots of different guns, but special abilities like slowing time and diving to avoid enemy bullets during gun fights are the real highlight.

If you are worried about potential technical issues, pick up the game on Steam (they can offer refunds). I got it from the Mac App Store, as it’s the easiest way to get a game on your Mac. In any case, Max Payne 3 is demanding.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.7.5, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HD space, NVIDIA 8800GT or AMD Radeon HD 4870 with 512 MB of Video Memory.ActionMediumNoCompany of Heroes 2
Company of Heroes 2 Mac

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is the sequel to the famous Company of Heroes, one of the best real-time strategy games ever created.

The game takes place during World War 2, but luckily it moves away from the tired battles we all know too well (Battle of Normandy, anyone?). Instead, it focuses on the infamous battles led by the Red Army on the eastern front. Company of Heroes 2 has improved the formula in other ways too. For example, the weather effects and destructible environments are amazing.

This is currently my go-to strategy game, and in my opinion, one of the finest strategy games today. And if I ever want to take a break from the campaign, I know the skirmish mode can provide a quick 20 minutes of fun.

For a strategy game, Company of Heroes 2 looks amazing. The downside to that are the steep system requirements. Feral Interactive did a fine job with Company of Heroes 2’s Mac version, but you will still need horsepower to run it.

Verdict: ⛔ Very Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.10.3, 1.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 35 GB HD space, AMD R9 series graphics card, an Intel Iris Pro graphics card, or an NVIDIA 600 series graphics card or better with 512 MB of Video Memory.StrategyHighNoBatman: Arkham City
Batman Arkham City Mac featured

Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is the latest Batman action-adventure game available on Mac.

The first Arkham game surprised us all, showing the world that superhero games could be fun. Arkham City took that same recipe and improved everything. The story is good, the graphics look great, and the environments are bigger than ever. But what makes this game great is the combat. The combat involves dodging, counter-attacking, and building combos.
It sounds simple, but everything is smooth and feels great. Just take on a gang of 11 thugs and you'll see what I mean. As Batman, this game makes you feel powerful and fast.

Feral Interactive did a great job with Arkham City's Mac port. For such a big and beautiful game, the system requirements aren't too high. Even better, they recently updated the game to 64-bit to make it compatible with macOS Catalina.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.14, 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB HD space, 512 MB NVIDIA 640M, 1.5 GB Intel HD4000, 2GB AMD 290M or newer.ActionMediumNoDivinity: Original Sin 2
Divinity Original Sin 2 Mac featured

Divinity: Original Sin 2

One of the best turn-based RPGs has received an even better sequel.

Adventurers can now join up to three other players online or split-screen multiplayer as you seek to take control of Divinity. Whether you’re a human, lizard, elf, dwarf or undead will determine how the world sees you, and you can interact with nearly everything and everyone. Even the fates of seemingly inconsequential NPCs are now yours to control, but your actions will, of course, have consequences.

Over 200 skills are at your command, and you’ll need a powerful arsenal to deal with the game’s devious AI. A must-play game for RPG fans.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: 64-bit processor, macOS 10.13.6, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 20 GB HD space, Intel HD Graphics 5000 or AMD Radeon R9 M290X or better.Role-PlayingMediumNoTerraria
Terraria Mac featured


Terraria is a side-scrolling game that lets you build, dig, and explore.

The game’s world is randomly generated, and no two games will be the same. This makes the exploration side of the game extremely fun. Plus, there are lots of creeps, so crafting a shelter, weapons, and combat play an important role. The crafting system is ridiculously deep and gives you tons of options to create weapons. Terraria is very similar to Minecraft. In fact, many see it as Minecraft in 2D, but once you start playing, you will notice all the things that make it unique. There are many more creeps to kill, tons of weapons to craft, and even bosses.

Like Minecraft, the game uses retro graphics that are cute but also happen to be easy on your Mac. You won’t need a powerful Mac to enjoy this game.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.9.5, 2.0 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 2.5 GB RAM, 200 MB HD space, 128 MB Video Memory, capable of OpenGL 3.0+ support (2.1 with ARB extensions acceptable).AdventureLowNoHeroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm Mac featured

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play MOBA set in Blizzard’s universe. It’s also my current obsession and has been sucking up all of my gaming time.

Heroes of the Storm involves two teams of “heroes” who fight it out with the sole objective of destroying the opposing team’s nexus (read: base). Throughout the game, your team will gain experience and “level up,” giving you more abilities and power. If you happen to enjoy other Blizzard games (like StarCraft or World of Warcraft), the experience is even better. This is your chance to play as James Raynor or Diablo himself. Compared to the reigning champion, League of Legends, this is a more team-oriented and beginner-friendly experience.

Heroes of the Storm is currently my favorite free Mac game, and if you ever wanted to give the MOBA genre a try, this is your best choice.
Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.9.5, 2.0 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 10 GB HD space, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M or ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 256 MB of Video Memory.MOBAMediumYesDota 2
Dota 2 Mac featured 3

Dota 2

DotA 2 is another free-to-play game from Valve, and just like Team Fortress 2, it’s a generous game that offers hours of fun without asking for a dime. When it comes to great online games, Valve obviously knows what it's doing.

DotA 2 is a MOBA involving two teams and one objective: to destroy the enemy’s “Ancient.” Throughout the game, you control one of 111 playable heroes with unique powers and abilities. As you progress, you collect XP, gold, and better items and gear. If this sounds like Warcraft, it’s simply because DotA 2 is the sequel to Defense of the Ancients (DotA), the infamous fan-made Warcraft 3 mod. Word of caution, though—just like League of Legends, this game is hyper-competitive, and the community won’t hesitate to trash you if you mess up.

DoTA 2 is another risk-free game to test the waters if you’re new to Mac gaming. It's also one of the best games on Steam. DoTA 2’s Mac version is a good port that can run on many machines.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.9, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 8 GB HD space, Nvidia 320M, Radeon HD 2400, or Intel HD 3000.MOBAMediumYesDeus Ex: Mankind Divided
Deus Ex Mankind Divided Mac featured

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex games are special shooters because they offer something all the Call of Duty wannabes can’t: choice.

In this latest edition, augmented humans such as yourself have become outcasts and it will be up to you to fix that. Just like its predecessor, Mankind Divided can be played like an action game, a stealth game, or a combination of both. You can use stealth, sneak up on enemy soldiers, and hide bodies, or you can just run and gun your way to the final boss,it’s your call.

The game’s futuristic graphics are also worth mentioning. Mankind Divided is without a doubt one of the most graphically-impressive games on Mac, but that also means it’s one of the most demanding.

Verdict: ⛔ Very Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.13.1, 3.0GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 67 GB HD space, 2GB AMD R9 M290 or better.ShooterHighNoThe Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online Mac featured V2

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

The Elder Scrolls Online is the latest big MMORPG to join the party.

It was also the first Elder Scrolls to come to macOS and the first to attempt multiplayer. This created impossibly high expectations that made the game suffer at launch. But that was in 2014, when the game required an upfront purchase and a monthly subscription. A lot has changed since. Relaunched as Tamriel Unlimited, it introduced lots of new features and changed for the better. The monthly subscription disappeared, and now you only need to buy the game once. At the end of the day, this game is similar to World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2. But if you really want to play an Elder Scrolls on your Mac, Tamriel Unlimited is a good choice.

It looks better than the competition too, so you’d better have a capable Mac to run this game.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.7, 2.0 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 4 GB RAM, 60 GB HD space, Intel HD Graphics 4000, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M or ATI Radeon HD 6490M or other with 256 MB of Video Memory.MMOMediumNoFootball Manager 2020
Football Manager 2020 Mac featured

Football Manager 2020

The best football simulation game is back, bringing refinements and new features.

Football Manager (FM) puts you in charge of any squad from more than 50 countries across the world. As the team’s manager, you get to decide who plays, how they train, how to manage the stadium, and even how to deal with the media. FM 2019 builds on the strengths of its excellent predecessor to offer the best football manager experience so far.

New features and enhanced game mechanics enable you to control your team in fresh and authentic ways, creating an ever more emergent way of storytelling.

One thing you’ll notice right away is how FM successfully presents data more visually, instead of looking like a glorified spreadsheet. This latest entry also features a revamped youth development centre, a club vision, improved graphics and more.

Sure, the most recent FIFA game is not available on Mac, but if you truly love the beautiful game, Football Manager 2020 can scratch that itch.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: A a 64-bit processor, macOS 10.11.6, 1.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 7 GB HD space, Intel GMA X4500, NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT or AMD/ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650.SimulationLowNoTowerfall: Ascension
Towerfall Ascension Mac featured

Towerfall: Ascension

Do you remember the good old days when you and your buddies would play games in your living room? Yep, that was a long time ago, and with most games moving to online multiplayer only, Towerfall is refreshing.

In Towerfall, you are one of four archers that battle it out until one player remains. You can only use arrows and head-stomps to kill your opponents. The formula is quite simple, but Towerfall is packed with some exhilarating moments. It definitely reminds me of the fun I had with the first Smash Brothers on the GameCube. Towerfall: Ascension is the perfect game for offline sessions with friends.

With its 2D retro graphics, Towerfall’s Mac version is a lightweight game to play. If you’re looking for a good game to play on an older Mac, look no further.
Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.6.8, Intel Core i3, 2 GB RAM, 400 MB space, OpenGL 3.0+.System requirements: OS X 10.9, 2.0 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HD space, NVIDIA GeForce 320m or Intel HD 3000.PlatformerLowNoRocket League
Rocket League Mac featured

Rocket League

This game is a one of the most popular multiplayer games you can play online.

Rocket League is a physics-based soccer game where flying cars take on each other in a huge arena. You have to learn to use your rockets to boost yourself in the air to score amazing goals (or saves). Team play is important, but understanding your car’s physics is critical. Timing is everything and becoming good requires skill. Needless to say, these matches are intense. But the feeling when you score a goal is priceless.

Pro tip: Precision is key and a controller is highly recommended.

You can learn to play the game against bots, but Rocket League truly shines when playing with friends. The game also features a nice-looking futuristic style and as Psyonix did a great job with Rocket League’s Mac port.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.8.5, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 7 GB HD space, ATI Radeon HD 5670, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M, Intel HD Graphics 4000 or Iris Pro Graphics.SportsMediumNoDiablo 3: Reaper of Souls
Diablo 3 Mac RPG V2

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Many consider Diablo 3 the king of action RPGs. And I tend to agree.

In Diablo 3, you get to create a character and set out to defeat the Lord of Terror himself. Diablo 3 is by all means a good role-playing game, but it truly excels because it’s fast and action-packed. Diablo 3 is about killing waves of monsters and getting tons of loot. The story is fine, but it’s the loot that will keep you coming back for more. Reaper of Souls is Diablo’s latest expansion. It adds many features and changes Diablo 3 for the better.

The graphics aren't impressive, but with that much action happening at once, you will need a good machine to run Diablo 3. Luckily, Blizzard takes good care of all their Mac ports.

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.8.5, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 MB RAM, 25 GB HD space, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT or ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro with 256 MB of Video Memory.Role-PlayingMediumNoTorchlight 2
Torchlight 2 Mac art

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 sure took its time coming to the Mac, but I’m still glad it made it.

Torchlight 2 is one of the finest hack-and-slash RPGs available. Like the original Torchlight, it’s all about randomly generated dungeons and tons of monsters to kill for XP and loot. If you’re thinking this sounds a lot like Diablo 3, it does. Torchlight 2 isn’t particularly original, but everything it does, it does well. Compared to Diablo, it offers character customization, more flexibility, no mandatory internet connection, and pets! Plus, for an indie game developed with limited resources, it’s impressive how they managed to challenge Blizzard’s efforts.

Torchlight 2’s Mac version is easy on the system requirements too. If you own a Macbook Air, for example, this game should do just fine (my 2013 MacBook Air can run it no problem).

Verdict: 🔶 Fairly demanding

System requirements: OS X 10.8, 2.0 Ghz Intel 2 Core Duo, 2 GB RAM, 1.7 GB HD space, OpenGL 2.0 compatible video card with at least 256 MB of addressable video RAM.Role-PlayingMediumNoPrison Architect
Prison Architect Mac featured

Prison Architect

Prison Architect is the most satisfying building game I’ve played in a long time. It reminds me of Theme Hospital and Zoo Tycoon and feels like the successor they deserved.

In Prison Architect, you get to manage your very own maximum-security prison. In Sandbox mode, you start off with an empty plot of land that you can transform into the most efficient prison you can craft. You can build cells and kitchens, install cameras, hire guards, and so on. Prison Architect provides a lot of freedom, and you can take whichever direction you prefer.

Want to build a monstrous maximum security prison or a comfortable rehabilitation center? The choice is yours. Be advised: Fail to meet your inmates’ minimum expectations and you will have a riot on your hands.

The graphics are very simplistic, though, but at least an older Mac should be able to run it.

Verdict: ✅ Not Demanding

System requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, 300 MB HD space.SimulationLowNoThe Lord of the Rings Online
Lord of the Rings Online Mac featured V3

The Lord of the Rings Online

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The best Mac games 2021: top games you can play on your MacBook

A few years ago, you might not have thought twice about the best Mac games on the market. But a lot can change in just a matter of years. The Apple ecosystem is home to a lot more games these days partially thanks to the addition of Apple Arcade, which adds a bunch more games to dive into. Additionally, more and more developers are making their games available to Mac users.

While the best Macs were already more than powerful enough, the performance boost from the new M1 chip really makes playing the best Mac games a joy. If you grab one of these new machines, whether it’s the desktop replacement Mac Mini (M1, 2020), the powerful Macbook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020), or the svelte Macbook Air (M1, 2020), you’ll have more than enough horsepower under the hood to tackle any games available on macOS.

To help you find that next adventure to go on, we’ve collected our top picks for the best Mac games here. Read on to see which game you’ll dive into next.

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Widely considered to be one of the best role-playing games of all time, Divinity: Original Sin 2 deserves a place on any Mac gamer’s computer. 

No matter your playstyle, end goals, or even ulterior motivations, Divinity adapts to your choices and lets you play the way you want to. With a detailed world, rich narrative lore, and hundreds of hours’ worth of content, it is a deep and entertaining game that deserves its accolades and is worth every penny.

2. Stardew Valley

Unlike many of the best Mac games today, Stardew Valley was not made by a large studio. 

Instead, it was a labor of love for one man, which makes it even more extraordinary. You play as an exhausted city dweller escaping a hectic urban life to start a farm in the countryside. 

Over time, you meet the inhabitants of your new town, learn to grow crops, and gain new friends and relationships. There are adventures to be had and countless things to discover, all wrapped up in a gorgeous pixel art world. It is relaxing, wholesome, and has so much to offer.

3. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

If you are a fan of strategy games, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI should be near the top of your list. The long-lived strategy series sees you build an empire from a tiny settlement to a world-dominating power, with rivals to crush or befriend as you chart your progress. 

Should you take a scientific approach and surge ahead of your enemies technologically, or sweep them away with military might? Given the range of choices at your fingertips and the ever-changing map generation and set of opponents, no game will ever be the same.

4. Life is Strange

Since releasing in 2015, Life is Strange has gone on to spawn a prequel, a spin-off, and a sequel, but nothing beats the original for sheer gaming enjoyment. 

You follow Max, an adolescent who discovers she can rewind time and alter the future. As the story unfolds, you must choose how to use this power, with potentially unforeseen consequences. 

It is an emotional adventure told through first-rate gameplay mechanics and clever storytelling, and should not be missed.

5. Portal 2

As far as puzzle games go, Valve’s Portal 2 has acquired near-legendary status – and with good reason. 

Portal 2 takes the brain-bending mechanics of its predecessor and fleshes them out into a longer, more challenging story. It will have you laughing out loud and yelling in frustration by turns, but the feeling of completing a particularly tricky level is second to none. If puzzle games are your thing, Portal 2 needs to be in your Mac games library.

6. Subnautica

Subnautica sees you stranded on a mysterious planet – or rather, in its seemingly endless ocean – as a small fish in a very, very big pond. 

To survive, you must explore the subterranean depths and scavenge what little resources you can, but this is no easy task. Limited oxygen, unfathomable deepness and monstrous creatures make exploring an often-perilous task, but it must be done if you are to stay alive. Few games combine beauty with tension so successfully.

7. This War of Mine

War games often cast you as a grizzled vet mowing down countless faceless enemies in a quest for conquest. 

This War of Mine could not be further from that world. Instead, you are tasked with simply surviving a devastating war in which you have no power, no stake and little hope for the future. 

You must help a small group of civilians evade snipers, scavenge supplies, and simply live for as long as possible until a ceasefire is called. It is by no means an easy game but is a profound experience that will leave a deep and lasting impact.

8. The Witness

The Witness is a puzzle game par excellence. Set on a beautiful island that is practically bursting with head-scratching puzzles, The Witness encourages you to solve its tasks through trial and error and moments of inspiration, and it is these epiphanies that make the game great, providing bursts of joy after many frustrating failures. 

There is no handholding here, but the game’s insistence on learning from your past successes and stumbles means no puzzle is ever insurmountable.

9. Firewatch

Love stunning, slow-paced games? Firewatch could be right up your alley. This picturesque puzzler is set in the Shoshone National Forest and puts you in the shoes of a fire lookout who finds himself and his supervisor embroiled in an increasingly strange mystery. 

As you explore the forest, the game takes ever darker turns as you delve to the bottom of its story. Its sun-drenched environment and narrative storytelling – conducted over walkie-talkies – make it a sumptuous experience for any Mac gamer.

10. Cuphead

There is no doubt about it: Cuphead is one of the most graphically arresting games out there. Inspired by classic cartoons from the 1930s, it is a gorgeous platformer that looks like no other. 

But it is not just a pretty face: this game is hard. Enemies are varied and challenging, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and you will die countless times trying to defeat them. Keep at it, though, and you will be rewarded with one of the most engaging, original games in years.

Best Mac Games on Steam (2020 Update!)

Helping find good mac compatible games!

Recommended 10 June, 2016
“Why do you not own this game yet? It's awesome! You'll have no social life once you start playing it but who doesn't want to create a monster factory?”
Recommended 27 October, 2014
“It's like a football match... well sort of! Never gets old thanks to multiple characters and abilities. Every time you play it's fun! Play with friends!”
Recommended 27 October, 2014
“A wonderful game in which you can manage your own farm alone or with friends! Surprisingly good multiplayer experience. Use mods to enhance experience!”
Recommended 16 October, 2014
“Well I didn't expect the game to actually be as good as it was! Interesting style of gameplay and the animations for each move add greater effect.”
Recommended 16 October, 2014
“A strange game but very easy to learn. Quite challenging in some cases but also interesting. Love the art style but you'll have to play it for yourself!”
Recommended 6 October, 2014
“Very comedic and fun to play. A nice way to show of dynamic storytelling. Developers should think about this when creating games.”
Recommended 6 October, 2014
“I suspect valve created this game to stall the release of Half-Life 3... I think this was made to demonstrate good atmosphere or something?”
Recommended 6 October, 2014
“Surprisingly fun in an annoyable way. Quite hard to learn at first but you get the hang of things pretty quickly. Overall a good game.”
Recommended 6 October, 2014
“Very... enjoyable experience? Quite dark but in a fun way! Nice way to test your brain skills without you even noticing!”
Recommended 6 October, 2014
“An epic finale to the walking dead series (I think it's the end...) Get the first game before this one to enjoy the full experience.”

Mac steam games 2020 best

The best Mac games for 2021

Mac gaming isn’t as big as it used to be, but there’s still a long list of excellent Mac games. Countless great strategy games, a good chunk of the best indie games, and a growing list of action titles make up the best Mac games you can play today.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Mac gamer you are, there’s something for you. That includes AAA blockbusters like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, methodical shooters like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and indie darlings like Stardew ValleyApple fans may not have access to every Windows game and Steam game, but you’ll still find many of the best PC titles below.

If you want to play on the go, we’ve also found the best iPhone games and Apple Arcade games for your phone or iPad.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium on Mac.

Disco Elysium isn’t just one of the best PC games, it’s one of the best games ever made. Thankfully, it’s also available on MacOS. You play as an alcohol- and drug-addicted detective who wakes up in a trashed motel room with no memory of how he got there. The guy hanging from a tree in the back doesn’t make the situation any easier, either. As you play the game, you’ll forge your own path, investigating the murder how you see fit and defining your identity in the process.

Disco Elysium is a Mac game about choice. You can approach each encounter in the way you want. Maybe you want to gun down the sarcastically condescending motel clerk, or sweet talk him into unlocking a door in the back. No matter how you choose to approach each situation, Disco Elysium will warp the game world around the decisions you’ve made, creating a unique and unforgettable experience for each playthrough.

Crusader Kings 3

Regional map in Crusader Kings 3/

Crusader Kings 2 is considered among the best strategy games ever made, developed by Paradox Interactive, which also released Europa Universalis 4. Crusader Kings 3 only furthers its predecessor. This is a grand strategy at the grandest scale. Each game starts with you choosing a noble or royal house, either starting in 867 or 1066. From there, the video game plays out in typical grand strategy fashion. You can choose to forge relationships with neighboring regions, spread your religion across the continent, or rush to declare war on anyone who crosses your path.

It’s the depth and freedom of Crusader Kings 3 that sets it apart. As your kingdom progresses, you’ll need to appoint an heir to the throne, and Crusader Kings 3 has a full genetics system to pass on some of your traits to the eventual ruler. Crusader Kings 3 is a dense game, allowing you to do everything from seduce someone from a distant land to gain political influence to demand ransom for prisoners captured in war.

Stardew Valley

A thriving farm in Stardew Valley.

Following years of disappointment with the Harvest Moon series he had once loved so much, first-time developer Eric Barone, also known as ConcernedApe, took it upon himself to create his own version of the farming simulation game. It arrived complete with gorgeous retro-inspired sprites, charming characters, marriage, combat, and plenty of post-launch support.

Stardew Valley is more than just a farming simulator. It’s also a role-playing game, with characters leveling up in areas such as fishing and mining, customizing their professions, unlocking new areas, and exploring a dangerous cave filled with monsters and artifacts — as in the Animal Crossing games, you can then donate these to the local museum. Should you instead want to focus your attention on your own personal property, though, you can fully customize your home and surrounding farm to create a rural paradise. This also is one of the best Nintendo Switch games if you’d rather play on a console.

Portal 2

POV into a dark industrial warehouse in Portal 2.

Portal 2 returns players to Aperture Science in this addictive first-person puzzle game. You play as protagonist Chell as she attempts to break out of the giant Aperture research facility and claim her freedom. Tasked with working through various rooms outfitted with unique puzzles, you’re armed with nothing more than the iconic portal gun. You’ll use various environments and objects alongside time and space to advance through the facility.

Portal 2 expanded on its predecessor’s successful formula and added a deep storyline to boot. Actors Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons voice recurring characters, and their work in the game is spot-on. Though the plot deals with a serious conflict, the game is rife with well-timed comedy at every turn. Portal 2 is one of the most unique experiences in gaming and also one of the most comedic.

Read our full Portal 2 review

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Sprawling landscape including a small town in Sid Meier's Civilization VI.

After a somewhat lukewarm fan reception to the previous game in the series — Civilization: Beyond Earth — developer Firaxis returned in full force. Civilization VI builds on what made 2010’s Civilization V great, but it adds more robust culture and science trees, more dynamic choices, and more insight into why world leaders are acting in a particular way. It’s the culmination of years of development and experience creating previous Civilization games, and it shows.

Since its launch, Civilization VI has received a substantial amount of civilizations to control, including the Aztecs, Persians, Nubians, and Australians. They’re each led by a famous historical figure, such as Montezuma for the Aztecs, and with new content releasing every few months, former players have plenty of reason to return and start a new game.

Read our full Civilization VI review


Dungeon fighting in Hades.

Supergiant Games has four titles on MacOS, and they’re all excellent. Although we’d love to talk in detail about Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre, we’re giving this entry to Supergiant’s latest: Hades. Hades is a roguelike, isometric action game set in the titular character’s domain. You play as Zagreus, the “son” of Hades — it’s complicated, but we’ll let the game explain — who’s trying to escape the Underworld. As you die and die again, you can bring Darkness, Gems, and more back to purchase upgrades, making you stronger for future runs.

As for gameplay, Hades is a hack-and-slash, and an excellent one at that. Supergiant’s frantic pace makes each encounter engaging, no matter how many times you defeat the same enemy. Outside of the core gameplay, Hades keeps things interesting with the Boon system. As you progress in your run, you’ll be able to accept Boons from various Greek Gods and Goddesses, granting you increased damage and new perks, among other things. Even better, Hades is available on Nintendo Switch, and the Switch version supports cross-saves.


A mountaintop lodge in Minecraft.

There’s no denying Minecraft’s immense popularity ever since even the basic version became available in 2009. Armed with nothing more than a pair of hands when starting the game, you’re given absolute freedom over an enormous, randomized map.

So addictive yet so simple, Minecraft will have you building towering skyscrapers and labyrinth-style mine shafts in minutes. Its pixelated, 8-bit graphics may turn some people away, though the gameplay is enough to please any gamer.

Kerbal Space Program

A rocket launches into space in Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program presents an odd combination of elements. Despite the cartoonish graphics and goofy, minion-esque creatures that populate the game, KSP is no joke. Flight simulation has never been so deep, so engaging, or so addicting, and Kerbal provides a playground for both the casual gamer and the serious physicist by balancing serious rocket-building considerations– how many Kerbals must die before you finally reach the moon? — with forgiving gameplay that allows for endless experimentation.


Fighting a cuckoo clock monster boss in Cuphead.

There’s no denying it: The art style is what sells Cuphead. A throwback to 1930s cartoons is a natural pairing for a knuckle-busting platformer, and although developer Studio MDHR took a lot of time to get the look right, Cuphead did eventually release. Past the retro animations, though, it’s a hell of a game.

With unique bosses, ultra-tight mechanics, and plenty of content, Cuphead delivers on the gameplay promises its visuals put forward. Now is the perfect time to install Cuphead on your Mac, too. The game’s first DLC pack, The Delicious Last Course, is set to launch this year.

The Witness

An autumnal landscape in The Witness.

Jonathan Blow, the mastermind behind acclaimed indie game Braid, took his sweet time developing the follow-up game The Witness, but it was well worth the wait. Pairing a unique, gorgeous world filled with increasingly difficult puzzles and philosophical musings, it’s a game that only someone as imaginative as Blow could ever hope to create, building on the foundation of earlier adventure classics such as Myst and Riven.

In contrast to those games, The Witness’ puzzles rarely feel obtuse, forcing players to rely on previously learned tactics to complete each of the island’s electrical panels. It requires a keen eye and plenty of exploration, but the game never tries to frustrate you solely to make it seem more challenging or difficult.

Read our full The Witness review

The Elder Scrolls Online

Three adventures fight a massive sorcerer in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the biggest games available today, and not in the same way as Fortnite. The breadth of content available, even in the base version, is staggering. It’ll take you hundreds of hours to clear the map of the base game, plus another 30 to 50 hours per expansion. You can spend your time joining dozens of others to take down a dragon, take on assassination contracts from the Dark Brotherhood, or simply hang around marketplaces, trading raw materials with players that have an insanely high crafting skill.

The game is usually on sale for less than $10, plus there’s no subscription fee.

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Four characters overlooking Mothership in Fortnite.

Fortnite: Battle Royaleis the biggest game on the planet right now, and for good reason. The free-to-play shooter mixes tense last-man-standing shootouts with the main game’s building mechanics, creating something that is easy to pick up but incredibly hard to master. With faster fights than competitors like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it manages to scratch a different itch, and you can easily sink hours into it in a single sitting.

The best part? You aren’t limited to playing with other Mac users. Fortnite is cross-play compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and even iOS devices.

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Dead Cells

Character shoots an bow in Dead Cells.

It’s a testament to Dead Cells’ quality that, despite being released in a sea of similar games, it manages to stand out from the pack.

Despite being a very difficult game, which keeps in line with its genre, Dead Cells doesn’t feel frustrating because the combat is so well-crafted. There are four different bosses to battle against, and the fluid system feels wonderful against even the smallest enemies. Fans of Metroid-style games will also find plenty of options for traversal.

Into the Breach

Into the Breach grid battle.

Few games are better for mouse-and-keyboard players than turn-based strategy, and Into the Breach is among the best the genre has ever seen. The small, simple environments you must defend against monsters don’t look like much at first glance, but Subset Games soon reveals the title to be a tense back-and-forth between aggressive enemies and your own mech fighters. You don’t have a chance to kill all of your enemies in most cases, but instead have to think on your feet to protect your buildings before the timer runs out, putting a new wrinkle in the traditional turn-based combat gameplay loop.

Read our full Into the Breach review

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Armies clash on a plain in Total War: Three Kingdoms.

The Total War franchise has long been a leader in turn-based strategy, and the series headed to ancient China for an epic tale of struggle and warfare in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Set in the year 190, the game features 12 different warlords from the classic Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and its gameplay is built on the back of a relationship system that recognizes the heroes that shaped classic Chinese literature. Your story can change based on your characters’ relationships with each other as well as the allies they gain or lose along the way.

In classic 4X strategy fashion, you’ll be able to achieve victory using a variety of factors, including military might and the economy, and you’ll have to choose every decision carefully if you hope to save your people. Only with a calm head and steady leadership can you unite China.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Players fight in a forest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Critically acclaimed to the point of being widely considered one of the best role-playing games of all time, Larian’s Divinity: Original Sin 2 features a reactive world that will change based on the decisions you make, with the ability to interact with any character and even kill them without losing the ability to progress forward. Turn-based combat has been expanded to the point of including more than 200 different skills, and you’ll face off against advanced enemies. If you want to take things online, there is support for four-player multiplayer, as well as a split-screen option. There is even player versus player so you can prove your worth against your friends.

Cities: Skylines

A rocket launches into space in Cities: Skylines.

Cities: Skylines is an expansive city management game, fit with traffic simulation, full day/night and weather cycles, and zoning for different districts. You can dump hundreds of hours in Cities: Skylines, which is great for a game that frequently goes on sale below $10. Like most games published by Paradox Interactive, there’s a massive list of DLC available, too. Green Cities brings electric vehicles, new green policy options, and more to the game, while After Dark adds a slew of assets to boost your city’s nightlife and attract tourists.


Fighting an underwater monster in Subnautica.

Subnautica is an open-world survival game for players who can’t stand them. Instead of dropping you in the world and letting you go wild, Subnautica makes you care immediately. You start the game in a crashed life pod, and you need to find a fire extinguisher right away to deal with a fire inside. From there, you’re forced to explore — not to gather wood or leaves, but to scavenge for food, water, and resources to build survival tools. Subnautica‘s world is beautiful and teeming with life, and it always feels like it has more to give.


A soldier aims his rifle in XCOM 2.

Firaxis’ rebooted XCOM series is excellent, and the latest entry, XCOM 2, is available on Mac (along with its stellar War of the Chosen expansion). Like the classic PC franchise, XCOM 2 is an unforgiving tactics game where death is permanent. Instead of giving you a group of nameless units, XCOM 2 focuses on a roster of soldiers you recruit, control, and upgrade, making a death in the game actually feel like it’s one too many.

Difficulty is part of XCOM’s DNA, but that shouldn’t turn you away from XCOM 2. The game retains permadeath and a high difficulty level, but thanks to a generous saving system, anyone can enjoy the game.

Read our XCOM 2 review


A snow-covered winter scene in Undertale.

Undertale is an RPG that never concerns itself with what it’s supposed to do. On one hand, it’s a familiar, top-down RPG in the vein of Earthbound, fit with turn-based battles. On the other, you don’t actually need to fight anyone, using your words instead of a weapon to make it through combat encounters. Undertale is weird and idiosyncratic, and that’s exactly why we love it so much.

Read our backlog Undertale review


Player cuts down a tree in Rust.

Survival games are all the rage on PC, but there aren’t a ton of options on Mac. Thankfully, Apple fans only need Rust. Rust is one of the best survival games ever made, with brutal survival mechanics and even more brutal combat. Like other games in the genre, Rust excels because it lets players learn — and fail — on their own. You start your game with literally nothing, and from there, it’s your job to gather, build, and sometimes kill to stay alive.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Lara Croft enters an ancient dungeon in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider finishes the rebooted Lara Croft trilogy that began in 2013. It sees a tattered Lara Croft make her way to Cozumel, Mexico, hot on the trail of a paramilitary organization known as Trinity. Like the games before it, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a blockbuster action game with cinematic set pieces and frantic combat encounters. The entire rebooted trilogy is available on Mac, so we recommend playing the first two before diving in here.

Dota 2

Characters clash in a wooded area in Dota 2.

Even after eight years, Dota 2 is one of the largest games in e-sports. And for good reason. It’s a free-to-play game with all of the base content included, allowing anyone to jump into a competitive match without a disadvantage. Although the competition is stiff, Dota 2 remains the go-to MOBA for anyone looking to get into the genre.

Bioshock Remastered

Player is attacked by a creature with a drill in Bioshock Remastered.

Bioshock is one of the best FPS games ever, and if you haven’t had the chance to experience the 2007 classic, now is a great time to dive in. The game made its way to Mac in 2016 as part of Bioshock: The Collection, which features higher-resolution textures and models, improved frame rates, and 4K support. Hailed by many (including us) as the best shooting game ever made, Bioshock is deep in terms of gameplay and subject matter.

The Banner Saga 3


Like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, The Banner Saga 3 caps The Banner Saga trilogy. It’s an epic strategy RPG set in a world of Viking legend, and you command a caravan of warriors fighting back against the Dredge, a race of creatures that despises humans. The Banner Saga 3 features the same strategic combat of the games that proceeded it and continues the narrative.

You shouldn’t dive straight into The Banner Saga 3, though. It’s a great game, but The Banner Saga trilogy focuses on player choice, with your decisions shaping the world. You can import your saves from the previous two games to continue your unique story, and all three games are available on Mac.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Player fires an assault rifle into a warehouse scene in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The Deus Ex franchise has seen peaks and valleys since its debut in 2000. The latest game in the series, Mankind Divided, is one of the peaks. It once again puts you in the shoes of Adam Jensen, and like the games before it, you can approach each encounter in a variety of ways. Mankind Divided is at its best during subsequent playthroughs. Finding new ways to approach an objective is a treat, and seeing how the game fragments and mutates based on your choices elevates the experience beyond what’s on the surface.

Questions about the best Mac games

Where can you buy Mac games?

Just like PC, you can buy and download many Mac games through Steam. Most games that have a Mac version available are for sale on Steam. Apple also offers games through the Mac App Store, and there are sites like MacGameStore that sell Steam keys.

What Mac games are cross-play compatible?

There are dozens of Mac games that support cross-play. Some of the most popular titles include Borderlands3Team Fortress 2, and Minecraft. Many multiplayer Mac games allow you to play with friends on PC, though it’s best to check whatever game you’re interested in playing.

What are the best Mac strategy games available?

There are over a dozen excellent strategy games on Mac. Some of the best options in 2021 are Crusader Kings 3, Civilization VI, Into the Breach, and The Banner Saga 3. 

What are the best RPG games available on Mac?

Mac gamers have access to two of the best PC RPGs — Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Disco Elysium. There are plenty of other options, though, including Undertale, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. 

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The 15 Best Mac Games On Steam in 2021

Macs and gaming really don’t go quite well together but, a few developers stepped up and released a handful of titles on these silvery little laptops. Over the last few years, gaming on Mac has evolved and a few AAA titles were also released on this platform.

Although directly installing the games on macOS is a bit of a headache, Steam can be your best bet when it comes to running games on Mac.  

Numerous Mac games are readily available on Steam but we took our time and compiled a list of some of the best Action, Strategy, Real-time Tactics, and Adventure games.

Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the best Mac games on Steam that are worth your time and money.

Best Mac Games On Steam 

15. Portal 2

It’s safe to say that Portal 2 is one of the most complicated puzzle games that you’re going to get your hands on but, if you’re familiar with its predecessor then you would have the time of your life. At first glance, it may seem like Portal 2 is a first-person shooter game but in reality, it’s a puzzle game that will drive you crazy if you’re new to this genre. 

Furthermore, the story of Portal 2 is quite inspiring and the mechanics are also very much improved from the previous installment. More visualization and cut scenes were also added and we can’t seem to stop praising this one. Even though it was released back in 2011, the graphics of Portal 2 are truly exceptional and the game was really ahead of its time. 

Mechanically, the game is well-optimized and runs flawlessly on classic macOS. Additionally. Portal 2 is readily available on Steam, and if you feel like testing your mind in a video game then Portal 2 should be on the top of your list. 

Buy Portal 2 

14. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Most of us spent our childhood playing CS: 1.6, and it was a memorable era for us but, it’s time to move on and try the new CS: GO.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter multiplayer game that is heavily inspired by its predecessor. There are 5 different modes in the game that you can choose from. In each mode, you can either team up with the Terrorists or the Counter-terrorism forces and go gun blazing at your enemies. 

If you want to excel at CS: GO then you’ll either need to develop some serious skills or go with the tactical approach to get your first win. Nevertheless, CS: GO is very competitive and it never gets easier. Furthermore, graphically, the games look quite good and the mechanics hold up pretty well and on macOS, CS: GO would offer a smooth 60fps gameplay on cracked-up settings. 

Millions of players play CS: GO every day and if you want to get a piece of it for yourself then we suggest teaming up with a team of legendary players because otherwise, your dignity won’t be the only thing you’ll lose. 

Buy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

13. Batman Arkham City GOTY

If you’re a DC fanatic then you’re going to love Batman Arkham City.

The original version of the game might not be available on macOS but the GOTY edition is readily available for Mac devices. Batman Arkham City is an open-world game based on the Batman fictional character that plays the role of the vigilante in Arkham City.

The only thing we enjoyed in this open-world game is its deep story and how it progresses throughout the game because unfortunately, the gameplay, graphics, or combat were a bit boring for our taste. Furthermore, the game wasn’t optimized quite well either on Microsoft Windows, but for Macs, we expect the game to run flawlessly. 

In Batman Arkham City, you’ll get to meet many villains from the DC universe and you’ll often have to fight the maniacs of Arkham Asylum. Not sure where to put your anger? Get your hands on Arkham City and break some bones. 

Buy Batman: Arkham City 

12. Besiege

Remember those days when we used to spend hours on games like Stronghold and Age of Empire? Well, Besiege will bring back some unforgettable memories. 

Besiege is a building game based upon the stone age era where you’ll use defensive and offensive tactics to go toe-to-toe with the enemies. Much like AOE, you’ll build different buildings from scratch and set up defenses to hold off enemy attacks. Similarly, raising armies and crafting heavy attack machinery is also your responsibility so make sure to use the best tactics.

Gameplay-wise, this game looks quite good and we’re told that it is fun to play. Currently, millions of players are playing this tactical game every day and, if you’re having some difficulties coming up with strong tactics, then you can invite your friends and play with them. 

Although Besiege was released in 2015, it is getting regular updates from the developers and more content is added to the game with each update. Additionally, Besiege is available for all macOS devices, and if you want to have some fun, then Besiege would be a decent choice.

Buy Besiege 


Here’s another strategic game for you to play! 

Total War: Three Kingdoms is a real-time tactical game published by Sega which unfolds the brutal battle between the nations. A player will use different tactics to defeat the enemies by taking down their general or capturing the central part of the city. 

This game was originally released for macOS and can be played through Steam. It offers unique gameplay that lets you command one of the biggest armies of that time and use real-time tactics to defeat your opponent. By the looks of it, Total War: Three Kingdoms seems like a fun game to play. 

Furthermore, graphics-wise, this game looks quite ordinary and the mechanics are quite easy to master as well. If you’re familiar with real-time tactical games then Total War: Three Kingdoms wouldn’t be too complicated for you. 


10. Dota 2 

While we’re discussing tactical games, how can we forget Dota 2? 

Let’s just start off by saying that Dota 2 is one of the most difficult MOBA games on the face of the earth and no matter how many hours you’ve spent on this one, there’s always someone better.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Dota 2 is a real-time tactical game where you’ll face off with the most fierce enemies. A player can choose from a wide variety of fictional characters and each of them has its own unique features and combat style. 

For newbies, Dota 2 could be difficult and its toxic community isn’t up to any good either but check out Evil Geniuses and learn a thing or two from them.

Furthermore, the gameplay of Dota 2 is quite intense and from the very first moment, you’re thrown into a dark world with all kinds of creatures coming after you. In other words, only the fittest will survive. 

For Mac users, Dota 2 is another excellent =RTS game that you must get your hands on and the best thing about it is that Dota 2 is completely free and you won’t have anything to lose, except your pride. 

Download Dota 2 

9. Cities: Skylines 

Remember Farm City? Cities: Skylines is a ramped-up version of it with all the building tools that you can imagine. 

Cities Skyline is a building game published by Paradox Interactive and it features a wide city where you’ll be building skyscrapers from scratch. From installing water pipes to doing taxes, you will get to do everything in this one. 

Cities: Skylines are fun to play and you won’t get bored easily. Most of the time, you will be building zig-zag roads or looking at the tax reports that will keep you occupied for a very long time. Additionally, maintaining the neighborhood and constantly adding new marketplaces is also your responsibility. 

If you’ve had some experience with games like HayDay, Farm Villa, or Crime City then you won’t have to hustle much to fully understand each feature of this one. Feel like building some new cities? Give this one a shot. 

Buy Cities: Skylines 

8. DiRT 4

DiRT 4 is a must-have if you enjoy realistic racing games with all kinds of terrain. 

This is the fourth installment in the DiRT franchise, and it’s without any doubt, one of the best racing games on Mac because the realism on this one will blow you away. Graphically, DiRT 4 is a remarkable-looking game that features Snowy, Dirt, and many other kinds of terrains. 

Developed by Codemasters, this AAA title is available on macOS and would run flawlessly on medium to high settings.

Additionally, DiRT 4 features a wide variety of racing cars that includes everything from bulky off-road vehicles to lightweight sports cars that will offer the most realistic driving experience. 

Aside from DiRT 4, there aren’t many car racing games on macOS and that’s why we recommend every Mac user to get their hands on Dirt 4 and have the time of your life. 

Buy DiRT 4 

7. Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

This game does not require any introduction because every RTS lover on this planet might have heard of Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI.

However, if you’re still not familiar with this one then here’s a bit of backstory for you. Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI is a real-time strategy game where you’ll have to build your base, raise armies, and attack your enemies to remain the king of the hill.

Players can choose infinite terrain and start building their bases, and can use different types of mods to further enhance their bases.

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI came out in 2016 and since then, millions of players have played this one, and considering that a small studio developed it, it’d say that it’s a pretty impressive feat. Along with macOS, Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI is also available on various other operating systems. 

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI is one the best strategy games on MacBooks and for RTS geeks, this one won’t disappoint you. 

Buy Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

6. Hitman (2016) 

When it comes to stealth-based AAA titles, the Hitman franchise is the best of the bunch. 

Begin your journey with Agent 47 who is tasked to take down some high-profile targets around the world using innovative methods. In one mission, you’ll have to penetrate the security of the F1 racing crew and take down their driver during the race. I know that it seems like a bit too much but, trust us that you are going to enjoy this.

The graphics in this game are quite realistic and the finely crafted 3D rendered environment shows the professionalism at IO Interactive.

However, the only thing that annoyed us the most is that Hitman is one of the biggest games (by size), it takes around 105GB on your system. Aside from this, we really don’t see any major flaws in Hitman.

It’s a bit hard to find good AAA titles on Macs but if you’re into action games then Hitman is definitely worthy of your time and money. 

Buy Hitman 

5. Everspace

For Star war lovers, Everspace is love at first sight.

Everspace is an excellent game that lets you explore the wide universe on a starship but, the journey won’t be as easy as you might think. Enemy ships are closing in on your position but you must use real-time tactics to launch a counter-attack against them and live another day to tell the tale. 

Unlike other space exploration games, Everspace features an amazing story that will devour you with its plot twists and as you make progress in the game, the combat will get much harder and challenging. 

After watching enough Star wars, I’d say that Everspace would be an enjoyable game to play, and if you’re a space-geek, then the tiny details and constantly popping information and facts in this one will surely keep you glued to the screen. 

Buy Everspace

4. DiRT Rally 

Yet another car racing game but this will leave you in awe. 

DiRT Rally is another excellent AAA racing game that you can play on your Macbook. It features a wide variety of tracks and you can choose from hundreds of vehicles to go toe-to-toe with some of the fiercest racers around the world. 

It’s even more fun if you got a complete setup of Logitech G29 because the realistic driving experience in DiRT Rally will further enhance with a steering and a gearbox next to your battlestation. 

The races are quite intense and the graphics are breathtaking but compared to other games in the franchise DiRT Rally has a few disappointing limitations.

Nevertheless, DiRT Rally is one of the few racing games on Steam for Macs so we’d definitely recommend it to you. 

Buy DiRT Rally 

3. Life is Strange 2

This one is a bit hard to describe but let’s imagine that you’re playing a 16-year old teen life simulator. 

As the titles suggest, this game is a bit complicated and not everyone will get to the depths of this one but, one thing that we’re sure of is that its rich story, gameplay, and RPG elements will leave a mark on your heart.

Unique dialogue system, exploration, and interacting with different people and materials will keep you occupied for a long time and even though the story is around 34 hours, you won’t get bored, even for a second.

You’ll go through a roller coaster of emotions because the story of Sean and Daniel will leave you in despair and their hardships throughout the journey will make you love your life. 

Life is Strange 2 is an AAA title, and Square Enix publishes it, and it’s available on classic macOS through Steam. 

Download Life is Strange 2 

2. Divinity: Original Sin 2

Hands down, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the best RPG on macOS. 

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an RPG developed by Larian Studios and it is a sequel to the first installment in the franchise. Divinity: Original Sin 2 tells a dark tale of a brutal battle between the Divine order and the sorcerers.

The main protagonist in the game is also one of the sorcerers but at the beginning of the game, he is captured by the divine order but with the help of a mysterious force, he manages to escape.

We’ve enjoyed the RPG elements in this one and everything from customizing the character to solving the mysterious, Divinity: Original Sin 2 was a delight.

Furthermore, the combat in this game blew us away with its wide range of weapons and spells. And to be honest, we haven’t seen this type of tactical combat in a really long time in an RPG. 

If you’re a Mac user and also fancies RPGs then the Divinity: Original Sin franchise would be a good place to start. Also, both games of the franchise are readily available for macOS through Steam. 

Buy Divinity: Original Sin 2 

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider 

It’s hard to believe that a game of this caliber is available on macOS because it is one of the most graphically demanding games of all time. 

A sequel to Tomb Raider (2013) and the 11th installment in the franchise, Rise of Tomb Raider follows the adventure of Lara Croft who is headed to Siberia this time to uncover the truth about the elixir of life.

However, she is not alone because the paramilitary organization Trinity has already started digging up the mountains to find the hidden elixir of immortality. 

The graphics of the Rise of the Tomb Raider are exceptional and for PC users, it allows them to turn on DLSS and RTX mode for better optimization.

Furthermore, the gameplay is quite astonishing as well and each little detail in the game will leave you in awe. 

As for the story, Lara Croft’s journey is quite difficult but you must stand your ground against your foes and the wildlings of nature. Also, Rise of the Tomb Raider is very competitive so make sure to think twice before selecting the difficulty at the beginning of the game. 

Buy Rise of the Tomb Raider 

Can You Play Windows games on Mac through Steam?

If you’ve purchased a game that support on both the platform i.e, on windows and Mac then you will be able to play the game on your MacBook without any issue. However, if the game is not supported only on one platform(windows) then unfortunately you won’t be able to play it on your MacBook.

Also, there are a few simulators that allow Mac users to play Windows games but they’re crappy and don’t really support many AAA titles. 


These are some of the best games that are readily available for MacBooks on Steam and we assure you that all of these games are engaging and perfectly balanced, each of them deserves a shot, and if you have a few hundred bucks burning a hole in your pocket then buying any of these best mac games on Steam would make a lot of sense.

That’s all folks! 


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