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How to Change a Circular Fluorescent Light Bulb

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Circular Fluorescent Tubes

12 watt T4 4-Pin Base 6500K Daylight 12 watt T4 4-Pin Base 6500K Daylight
Racine, WI
The bulb continues to work well in my old Chicago Lamp magnifying lamp.
22 watt 9" T5 4-Pin Base 4100K Cool WhiteHalco 22 watt 9" T5 4-Pin Base 4100K Cool White
Pacific Palisades, CA
Product is excellent and delivery was timely.
Very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you
40 watt 12" T5 4-Pin Base 2,700K Warm WhiteSatco 40 watt 12" T5 4-Pin Base 2,700K Warm White
Winchester, KY
Bulb didn’t work. Cost more to send back than it cost.
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These round bulbs pack a few more features than their fun design suggests, and if you are not savvy to the ways of circline lamps you may have a hard time incorporating them into your home’s lighting. To fully understand and get the best out of circular fluorescent bulbs, keep the following four facts in mind.

Pay Attention to Wattage

Just as with (the soon to be gone) standard incandescent light bulbs, circline lamps use wattages to measure how much power is used to light a bulb. By comparison, the circular fluorescent lights emit the same amount of light (lumens) while using less power than incandescents. A circline light bulb of only 13 watts can replace a 60 watt incandescent bulb and has an output of 650-900 lumens. The wattage of the bulb also determines the diameter of the bulb which in turn determines if it will fit the fixture. So unlike standard spiral CFLs you may not be able to go up or down in wattage range because it will affect the size of the bulb possibly rendering it unusable with your fixture.

Color Temperatures Are the Same as Standard CFLs

Color temperatures represent how bright a bulb is. Circular fluorescent bulbs can range in color from warm white to the brightest daylight just like standard compact fluorescent lights. Color specifics are all varying shades of white:

  • 2700K: Warm, equivalent to what is typical in a bedroom or living room
  • 3000-3500K: Soft, suitable for bathrooms
  • 4100K: Cool, florescent-like in color
  • 5000K: Daylight, the brightest color, like sunlight at noon

Circular Bulbs Cannot be Used in Just Any Fixture

This is where using a circular fluorescent can get tricky. Depending on the manufacturer, some light fixtures only use bulbs from their own line. Yeah, I know it can be tempting sometimes to go with an off/generic brand, but in this case your generic circline lamp may not work in the fixture. When replacing a Circular Lamp, first make sure that there are no manufacturer specifics determining what bulb can be used. Next, determine what the lamp type (e.g. T6 , T9) and pin type is (e.g. 2 pin, 4 pin). When finding the right lamp for your fixture, you have to choose the same lamp type and pin types as these are not interchangeable.

Diameter Matters

For light fixtures that use circular bulbs that are too big or too small will not work, even if it is from the right manufacturer. Make sure to replace these bulbs by measuring the diameter of an existing bulb then purchase the right size. If you would rather leave measuring alone, you can also use the manufacturer model number to find a replacement bulb.

While there is more to be taught and learned about circular fluorescent bulbs, these four facts alone will allow you to make informed purchases and hassle-free replacements. See, it doesn’t take much to become savvy to the ways of circline lamps.

Shop for Circular Bulbs>>>

TCP 32020 20W T9 4-Pin Circular Lamp 27K
TCP 58W T-6 4 Pin Circular Lamp CFL Bulb 3205841K
Philips 22w T5 4 Pin Circular CFL Bulb TL5C-22W830-1CT/1



How to change Circline Fluorescent Light Bulb

12 Inch T9 Circline LED Relamp & Replace 32 Watt Fluorescent Bulb FC12T9, FCL32 (without rewiring or modification) – Ballast Required!


12 Inch T9 Circline LED directly relamps and replaces the 32 watt 12″ fluorescent bulb FC12T9, FCL32 without rewiring or modification. It’s a Plug & play product from our “Relamp LED Series” when switching to LED lighting. T9 LED bulb works with traditional magnetic ballasts and modern electronic ballasts in the market, so you can plug it in and quickly enjoy bright lighting. It’s fully compatible with Instant Start, Programmed Start, Rapid Start ballasts and magnetic ballasts.

Installing the circular lamp, as easy as changing a bulb:

  1. Turn power OFF before installation
  2. Remove the existing lamp
  3. Align the lamp prongs to the pin-base receptacle
  4. Insert and push the lamp into the support clips

General Specifications:

  • Energy saving of 41% from 32 watts to 19 watts with 2090 lumens output
  • Long life span of > 50,000+ hours
  • High lumen output > 110 lumens per watt
  • Available in 2700, 4200, 5000, 6000 Kelvin
  • Uses 19 Watts = 32 Watts equivalent
  • 1 bulb per package
  • 2090 lumens
  • Nominal length 12-inch O.D. wide circline
  • T9 circular bulb shape, 4-pin base type
  • Technical description: FC12T9, FCL32
  • For indoor, commercial and residential use
  • Suitable for ceiling lights applications
  • Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or any room
  • Ideal as magnifying task light lamp lighting
  • Works with electronic and magnetic ballast only!
  • Ballast operated lamp, not bypass compatible

Equivalent replacement for:

  • DAMAR – FC12T9CW
  • Eiko 15606 – FC12T9/CW
  • GE – FC12T9-CW
  • HALCO – FC12T9/CW
  • Luxrite – FC12T9
  • Mitsubishi – FCL32
  • Philips –  FC12T9/Soft White
  • PROLUME 109050 – FC12T9CW
  • Satco S6505 – FC12T9/WW/RS
  • SUNLITE 05030 – FC12T9/CW
  • FC12T9/CW
  • FC12T9/D
  • FC12T9/SW
  • FC12T9/WW
  • FC12T9/CWX

Why Plug & Play LED?

Simplicity for installer – The lamp snaps into the existing fixture without any wiring modifications, installation can be done by virtually anyone, as long as your existing ballast is compatible.

Safety – Whenever we can shorten the time someone has to spend dangling from a ladder, things are automatically safer.

No upfront cost – eliminate the need to hire a costly electrician to do modification.

Energy efficient – output on lamp is significantly improved with ballast for general consumption and commercial use.

Relamp LED products are designed and developed by New York LED Luminaries, Inc, Brooklyn, NY.

For shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, please contact seller for shipping rates.

Product Attributes:

BrandNYLLProduct Dimenions 12 x 12 x 1.4 inches
Item Model NumberRL-FC12T9Assembled Height1.4 inches
Bulb ShapeT9Assembled Length12 inches
Base Type4-Pin/ G10QAssembled Width12 inches
Lumens2090 LmTechnology TypeLED
LPW110 Lm/ WSpecific UsesIndoor use only
Wattage19 WattVoltageBallast Required
Life Hours 50,000 hrsWarranty2 Year

Additional information


Daylight (6000K), Daylight (5000K), Cool White (4100K), Warm White (2700K)


Bulb round fluorescent led light

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