Mario maker music level guide

Mario maker music level guide DEFAULT
Here's a guide on how to add songs to your level by using the beige note block (which you get from shaking the regular note block).

First of all, look at this screenshot:

The part on the right shows the position that the music block needs to be in to get each note. Notice where the center line is. If you want to use the lower part of the stage, the very bottom square is a C. I would recommend building this structure while making levels so that you can quickly reference it.

The part on the left shows two ways that you can make an enemy land on the music note and then get trapped (so they don't hit it again). This makes it much easier to make music stages. Each object makes a different type of sound when hitting the note, see this link for a list of each instrument:

To make a song, find sheet music online and arrange the notes so that it matches. You only need basic music knowledge (how to read sheet music). Of course, you could also compose your own songs.

Here's an example screenshot of what it looks like:

The problem with music levels is that they only work really well when the screen is moving at the same speed. Some ways of doing this:
-Autoscroller level
-Automatic/Don't Move level
-Moving Platforms / Roller coaster
-Forcing the player to run at full speed

An example of the 4th option is my stage: "Ode to Jumping for Joy"
Course ID: 2807-0000-0028-F729

This course plays "Ode to Joy" while the player has to make a series of well-timed jumps. It's somewhat challenging but can be beaten once you get the timing down.

Some general tips for making music levels:
-The entire height of the level is always loaded, so you can put music notes higher than the player can see.
-There are certain combinations that allow 2 objects to hit the same note at the same time. Example: Putting a Fire Flower behind a Piranha Plant.
-When arranging the notes, you can sample what it sounds like by clicking the notes in order while having the beige note tool selected.
-You can also experiment with making objects hit the music notes multiple times, but it becomes more complex.

I hope that you enjoy making music levels, and feel free to share any that you make in this thread :)

Mario Maker 2 Music Level Guide

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mario maker 2 music level guide

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Mario Maker 2 Music Level Guide

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Mario Maker Music Level Guide

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Mario Maker Music Level Guide

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Mario Maker 2 Music Level Guide
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Mario Maker Music Level Guide
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Please excuse its informal appearance.

Music Levels are a type of level that uses the in-game Music Blocks in order to create custom background music. Often times the level will feature only the custom music itself, but it also possible to create various challenges that the player has to overcome during the level.

Basics of Music Levels

Music levels are created by dropping various Course Elements onto a Music Block to produce a sound. Depending on the height that the Music Block is placed or the Course Element being dropped on it, the sound produced will be a different pitch or instrument respectively.


To Be Added


Placing Course Elements on a Music Block will create the following instruments.[1]


Course Element Instrument


Course Element Instrument


Course Element Instrument


Course Element Instrument


Course Element Instrument

Placing Notes

In order to make a note only play a single time it is necessary to add a cloud block directly above the Music Block. The setup will differ depending on whether or not the object producing the note is stationary.

Stationary Moving
Placing Notes (Stationary).png
Placing Notes (Moving).png


Creating 8th, 16th notes, etc...

Tempo of Songs

Because music levels require the level to be moving at a constant pace, forcing the player to constantly be moving can create various different tempos.

Method Tempo
Slow Autoscroll 28 BPM
Conveyor Belt 54 BPM
Normal Autoscroll
Walking 80 BPM
Fast Autoscroll 106 BPM
Fast Conveyor Belt
Fast Lava Lift 132 BPM
Running 159 BPM
Conveyor Belt (Running) 212 BPM
Fast Conveyor Belt (Running) 265 BPM

Changing Tempos

The Custom Scroll feature can be used to change the tempo mid-level.


See Also

Super Mario Maker 2: Top 5 Undertale Music Levels (Ft. Megalovania)
In this guide I will briefly explain how to use the piano letter notes posted on this website, to make the songs in Super Mario Maker 2. I will cover only the things that are strictly related to understanding how to read the letter notes and where each note must be placed in Mario Maker.

Firstly I strongly advise to watch this video by DannyB Plays. He explains very well everything you need to know about making songs in Super Mario Maker 2. Like how to adjust songs speed, what things to use to make sounds, what sounds each monster makes and much more.
I won't put all that info in text format here because this tutorial will be massive and hard to follow. So watch the video!

Now i'll explain how are the letter notes formatted on this site.

How are the letter notes formatted here?

First, let's learn a bit about how the songs are written here, and what are the "Octaves".
An average piano / keyboard has keys for 4-5 octaves, as you can see in the picture above. Octaves 4, 5 and sometimes 6are use to make the melody in a song. Octaves 1, 2, 3 are used to make the bass in a song.

The songs listed here are formatted like this (it's for Crab Rave):

The numbers in front of each line represent the Octave. RH and LH, means "right hand" and "left hand", it's helpful for people who play the songs on pianos, so in Song Maker you can ignore them.

One dash (-) between notes represent an empty space in Super Mario Maker 2

How to use the letter notes in Super Mario Maker 2 

Super Mario Maker 2 - Music Levels Tutorial letter notes location

Now that you know about octaves, you need to know where each letter note needs to go. The picture above shows you exactly where each note goes. I labeled the octaves as 4, 5 and 6. But you can shift them if for example your song has notes only from octave 3 and 4, than consider the octaves in Super Mario Maker 2 Octave 3, 4 and 5.
Also C D E F G A B = c d e f g a b on the letter notes posted here, and C# D# F# G# A# = C D F G A

Unfortunately Super Mario Maker 2 has ONLY 2 Octaves, and 3 notes from 3rd Octave, this means you can't really make to many songs from here in Super Mario Maker 2, because a lot of songs uses more than 2 octaves.

But there are a lot of simple songs that use only two octaves posted, just look for them, or you can use only the RH: lines, since those notes are for the melody on most songs, and usually they have notes only from octave 4 and 5.

I haven't actually tested all of this in game. If you guys need an example i'll try to build a song in Super Mario Maker 2 myself to show you how it should look in game.

I tried to be as brief as possible in this tutorial, if you didn't understand something, leave a comment and i'll do my best to explain it better.


Maker level mario guide music

Super Mario Maker 2 How to Change Music

When you’re making a course in Super Mario Maker you just might want to change the music on your creation.  Changing the music in Super Mario Maker 2 can be done in a number of different ways.  In this guide we’ll go over a couple of the different ways that you can change the music on your course and use other sound effects.

Change Music through changing game style and course theme


Your course music is largely going to be preset depending on a couple of different factors.  The first is which game style you select, and the second is the course theme.  There are numerous combinations that you can select to use and each one will start with a different default music selection  You can choose your course theme and your game style in the left hand side of the maker menus.

Use the Sound Effects Menu to add Markers for a music switch

The second way to change the music in your course is to go into the sound effects menu and create a gate that will change the music.  In the top left hand corner of the screen you will see an icon with a brick and a frog.  The brick stands for parts that you can use, the frog stands for sound effects.  Select any sound effect in the panel and press the Y Button to open up the full menu.  Scrolling all the way to the right you will find a selection for music.  This section contains different music types, but it isn’t the only area you can add music queues to your map  Try out some of the other menus for things like bonus round music and more.

How to actually make the music play on your course


To use music from the sound effects menu you’ll need to make gates or blocks where if the player touches it the music will switch.  Which is one method to change up the music on your course, but this will only last for a little bit.  To make a music gate, just take the icon for a sound effect and place it in a spot on the map.  When the player touches this block the music will change or a sound effect will play.  You can place these on one block or you can make rows or columns so that the music switch is unavoidable .

In the image above, you see that we made a column that the player cannot avoid so when they pass this threshold the horror music sound effect will play.

Make the new music play the entire time


The second is to actually take the sound effect block and drop it onto your character.  This will make the new sound effect clip continuous and override the theme or style music in the background.  So this functions similarly to dropping an item in a block or pipe.  You’ll want to select the sound effect like before and drop into onto the map.  You’ll then take that sound effect and drag it onto your character and the music or sound effect will be active from the start of the map.

As you can see in the image above, we’ve taken the same sound effect from before but dragged it onto the character.  The difference between the two methods is that this will start the sound effect or music at the start of the map, instead of needing it to be triggered by the player jumping on a block or passing a certain point in the level.

Super Mario Maker - Wie erstellt man ein Musik-Level?
How do I determine the instrument that plays from the Music Block?

This depends on the object that lands on the Music Block. Your best bet is just to experiment with all the different items to find the one that suits your theme the best. Note that the entire vertical screen is always loaded where you are, so height is not an issue in loading the sounds.

Do note that some objects transpose the pitch, and others may play two pitches at once. Below is a list of those examples:


- 1-Up Mushroom: plays two pitches--one transposed a fifth up and the other transposed an octave down
- Fire Flower: transposes octave up
- Super Star: transposes octave up
- Mystery Mushroom: plays two pitches--one an octave down and the other untransposed
- Yoshi Egg: transposes major second down
- Clown Car: just don't use this at all


- Buzzy Beetle: plays two pitches--one a major third down and the other untransposed
- Bowser: transposes two octaves down
- Bowser Jr.: transposes octave down
- Bob-omb: plays two pitches--one an octave down and the other untransposed
- Spike Top: transposes octave down
- Dry Bones: transposes octave up
- Muncher: transposes octave down
- Chain Chomp: transposes octave down

This does not include enemies and items that are percussion instruments lacking definitive pitch. Even so, those objects also sound higher the higher the Music Block is. Those instruments include:

- POW Block
- Spring
- P Switch
- Bullet Bill Launcher
- Thwomp
- Cannon
- Kuribo's Shoe (without Goomba)
- Chain Chomp Pole

Finally, there are several enemies that do not activate Music Blocks for obvious reasons:

- Lakitu
- Blooper
- Cheep Cheep
- Podoboo
- Rocky Wrench
- Boo

All other enemies and items will simply play the pitch of the Music Block upon landing on it.

(Note: Instrument list of every object will come soon.)

How do I stop the objects from bouncing on the Music Blocks repeatedly?

Trap the items and enemies after they have bounced. The best way to do this is using Cloud Blocks. If the item or enemy is static, such as a Fire Flower or a Muncher, simply place a Cloud Block directly above the Music Block and the object in front of the Cloud Block.

If the object is moving, do the same as for a static object, but put Blocks two squares above the Cloud Block, one square above and one square left, and one square above and one square right. The result should be a four-pointed star with three Blocks and one Cloud Block. This will trap the enemy inside after bouncing.

Do note, however, that if there is some sort of block directly above the Cloud Block, then the object won't be able to land on it. Additionally, if there is a Music Block two blocks above the Cloud Block, some objects may happen to bounce off their Music Block twice before trapping themselves. An example of this is the Fire Flower.

Can the same note be played by two different instruments at the same time?

Yes, if one instrument is an item and the other is an enemy. You can fit them both on the Music Block at once.

The enemy/item/length limit is preventing me from finishing my level!

These really hurt in the creation of music levels, but you'll have to deal with them. What I do is I usually split it up into two parts with a Warp Pipe in between. Even so, I have to cut the length of themes down significantly.

I'm trying to do a second interval, but the blocks are too close together!

This is one of the restrictions of making music levels in SMM. Your best bet is to use a transposing instrument and place it in a different position. If that doesn't work, you may just have to leave it out.

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