Team capacity planning excel template

Team capacity planning excel template DEFAULT

How to create a resource plan in excel

Step 1: Create a list of resources and their skills set

The first step is to generate a list of resources and their skills. Ensure that you have covered all the resources you need to plan for. Also, list the primary skill you will be planning for.

Step 2: Understand resource availability

You need to know the availability of each of the resources. It is essential to understand if they are part-time or full-time. Typically, it is good to understand leave plans for the quarter.

How to create a resource plan in excel
How to create a resource plan in excel

Step 3: Create your excel template

After you have all the information, it is time to create the template. The resource plan has 3 sections Resources, Skills, and Timeline. The resources section will have a list of resources. Skills list is a primary skill for the resource. The timeline is where the availability of each resource.

The timeline is a very crucial part of the resource plan. The timeline lists the availability of each week in terms of hours. So, typically you would expect each cell to have 40 hours. Anything else means the resource is not available full time. If more than 40 hours, then it says the resource is over-allocated. If the value in the cell is zero, then the resource is not available during that week.

Resource Plan - Over and Under Allocation
Resource Plan - Over and Under Allocation

Step 4: Enhance the plan with conditional formatting

After the excel template is ready, the next step is to enhance the plan with conditional formatting. Considering a typical 40 hours a week, we will design the controls to highlight the cells.  If the cell is greater than 40 hours, then highlight it in red. If the value is less than 40, then display it in yellow. If the cell is zero, which is equivalent to leave, then the text should be highlighted in red. If the resource is fully utilized, then display it in white. Implementing these controls will allow anyone using the plan to easily identify gaps or issues and take appropriate action.


Resource Planning Template Excel – Free Download

Resource Planning Template Excel helps to plan resource capacity planning, utilization and allocation. You can Track and to monitor the bandwidth of the team and manage your resource more effectively. A Project Resource Template can be very helpful to simplify and schedule your Project Resource. Resource allocation template in Microsoft Excel is created for resource tracking. You can download and use this free resource planning spreadsheet template for capacity planning.

Resource Planning Template Excel

You can download the Excel Resource Planning Template and Enter the Data in the Data Sheet.Resource Allocation Template Excel Microsoft Spreadsheet is easy to use and manage your team resource. You can resource utilization template excel is one of the useful resource planning tools excel for resource planning in Excel. You can go to Reports Tab to see the Resource Bandwidth by each month.

  • Download the Project Resource Planning Template in Excel Format
  • Click on the Resource Report button in the Details sheet
  • Click on the ‘Data Entry’ button in the Report Sheet to Enter New Records
  • You can change the default format of the template using the built-in tool in Excel
  • This Template will work on Excel 2007, 2010,2013,2016.
  • This templates also compatible with Mac with Office 2011 or 2016.

Fields in Project Resource Planning Template Data sheet

We have captured minimum required fields in the Resource Data Sheet. You can add more dimensions if required.

Resource Planning Template Excel - Data Sheet

  • ID: Resource Activity Serial Number
  • Resource Name: Name of the Resource
  • Project Name: Name of the Project allocated
  • Activity: Activity Description assigned to the Resource
  • Start Date: Date to start working on the task
  • End Date: Due Date to complete the task
  • Hours/Day: Hours required per day to complete the activity.

Project Resource Planning Template Report

Report in Resource Planner Excel and Heat Map in Project Resource Planning Template helps to understand the bandwidth used and available for each resource of your team. You can select month and year from the drop-down list and select the required items. This will automatically populate the sum of hours by person per each day of the month.

Project Resource Excel Template Report

  • Resource Name in the Left side is the list of name of your team
  • Month and Year Data Bars: This bar chart represents the overall bandwidth utilization of your team members for the entire month
  • White Color represents No Hours allocated on the date, i.e; Resource is completely Free
  • Light Orange Pink Color represents fewer hours utilized
  • Dark Pink Color represents More hours utilized

Download Free Project Resource Planning Excel Template

Here is the Excel Template for Planning the Project Resource. You can download and make any changes if required to suit you needs.

Resource Planning Template Excel – Free Download

How to Create a Resource Plan in Excel

Follow the below steps to create a resource plan in Excel.

  • Download the Free Resource Plan Excel Template
  • Go to Data Sheet to enter the data
  • Select data for Resource Name, Activity Fields
  • Enter data for in Start Date, End Date Fields
  • Also Enter Man Hours in Hours/Day Fields
  • Now check the Report Tab to Plan your Resource

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Hope this topic ‘Resource Planning Template Excel – Free Download‘ helps you to understand and create your own Plans using Excel and VBA. We are trying our best to help you in your resource management by creating this free templates.

Feel free to download the Free Resource Scheduling Template and other Excel Templates available in our blog. Please share your valuable feedback and thoughts with us about our Templates and other stuff in our blog and Forums.

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Resource Capacity Planner | Excel Capacity Planning Template

Resource planning is one of the most important aspects of project management. Project managers use professional software for allocation and leveling of all types of project resources. However, the project resource capacity planning template is also very common and equally helpful in capacity planning and allocation.

In project management, there are tons of resources to manage. Key resources of a project include human resources, machines, equipment, and tools.

The project manager has to check the total available resources. Also, there is a list of project resources requirements. Thus, the project manager compares the available capacity with the requirement to analyze surplus/deficit.

Moreover, sometimes resources unbalanced allocation also causes the shortage of resources at one place while those are wasted/under-utilized at another place.

Resource Planner Featured Image

Importance of Resource Capacity Planning

Every project consists of several tasks and sub-tasks. Timely and proper completion of these tasks results in the achievement of project goals.

However, these tasks require several resources for completion.
Similarly, there are different types and nature of resources requirements.

Some resources are necessary for the completion of the task and the absence of such resources will halt the completion of tasks. While some resources just impact the quality and timely completion of tasks.

The project core resources are human resources, machines, locations, equipment, and materials. Every resource has its role and importance in the task. Resource planning is a systematic schedule base technique.

It is not enough to just arrange resources in the required quantity. The resource planning template helps the project managers to arrange the required quantity of resources at the right time and sequence.

Let just understand it by example. Every new project starts with the definition or planning stage. The basic resources required for these phases are humans, a facility for meetings, office equipment, office furniture, and office stationery.

Thus, the project team can’t start a project without the availability of any of these resources in the required quantity and sequence.

As different tasks of the project are running in parallel. So, resource distribution is very critical to ensure zero delay in the completion of tasks due to the unavailability of resources.

Thus, project managers map out the requirement of all the resources for each activity of the project. However, proper balancing and allocation of resources are considered very important.

Finally, a fully balanced and leveled resources requirement plan chart is useful to define the resource capacity plan.

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Resources Balancing and Leveling

There are two major types of scenarios for balancing resources. One is for the optimization of resources and minimizing the project cost. While the other one is the limited availability of resources.

In the optimization scenario, the project resources are optimized to fully utilize and any under-utilization is identified and fixed.

Project management involves multiple resources and tasks running in parallel. Also, there are many shared resources among different activities or projects.

So, often it happens that a resource is under-utilized/surplus in one task becomes short in the other one. Thus, a technique of balancing the resources is useful to distribute the available resources among activities without any under-utilization.

This technique helps to get maximum output from the available resources and any deficit in requirement and availability is a highlight as the true need. Thus, the project team arranges more resources to fill in the deficit area.

An unbalanced resource will cause the project to arrange more resources and it will directly impact the project cost, performance, and completion.

Resource Capacity Plan Template Excel

Understanding with Example

Such as if the project manager allocates one machine to two different projects at the same time. While there are only 2 hours of work of machine at project A. Thus, the machine can be transferred to project B. However, this may be the case that those 2 hours’ work is misunderstood as a complete day activity. So, project B either has to wait for a day or will require another machine.

Thus, it indicates that the most important thing in proper balancing and allocation of resources is the requirement. So, each task should have a detailed requirement for each resource like quantity, start time, end time, and duration.

Similarly, resource capacity planning and balancing techniques are different for limited resources. Such as one project manager is required in two simultaneous activities.

In this case, the resource planner adjusts the start and end dates of tasks to eliminate the limitation of conflict in demand and supply of a resource.

Resource Requirement Planning

The most important step of resource capacity planning is to calculate the resources required for each task or activity. Such as how many workers are required to perform activity A from the start date to end date and calculated duration.

Thus, project managers calculated the requirement of each resource for every single task and keep in view any overlapping tasks. For this reason, a resource requirement planning template excel is very useful.

It helps to enlist all the project tasks and major resources. Then, allow the project managers to map out the requirement of resources against the task for the defined number of days with start and end dates.

Resource requirement planning templates are available as a project overview and resource overview format. A template can represent that activity A will start on 15-July and ends on 15-August require 20 Workers, 3 Machines, and $90,000.

Similarly, activity B is starting from 10-August and will end on 30-August requires 10 Workers, 2 Machines, and $10,000.

Now, the project manager has an overview of what and how many resources are required for the particular activity from the start date to end date and it is overlapping for how many days with other activities.

Thus, the project manager has to adjust the availability and requirement for both activities accordingly.

Types of Resources in a Project

While it is not enough to make a resource requirement plan successful. As there is further detail about each resource bracket.

Like lets’ just talk about 20 workers inactivity A and 10 workers in activity B. Project manager has to look see details of the designation, role/responsibility, and quantity of each class.

it means how many of those 20 workers are managers, officers, and executives. It can be in this way like how many are engineers, marketing managers, accountants, and finance officers?

Similarly, the same details are required for machines, tools, location, and material resources for each activity.

This will help the project manager to understand either the overlapping days of activity A and B require the same human resource, machine, and material or it is different.

Moreover, where activity A and B don’t overlap is activity A resources are the same as B require in those days or have to arrange others.

Lets’ get an overview of the characteristics of each type of resource for their separate resource capacity and requirement planning templates.

Human Resource Planning Template

The human resource is the most common, conflicting, and hard to manage the resource of any project.

It has many uncertainties even after the best allocation. Thus, there are tons of things to keep in balance for the perfect allocation of human resources.

A very basic human resource planning template for any project requires details to define the nature of the resource. What characteristics of human resources are important to represent vary from project to project.

So, a simple human resource template should capture the name, designation, quality, experience, qualification, department, role, responsibilities, age, gender, and rate of the resource.

These characteristics are then linked with tasks and projects to provide resource engagement dates and duration.

Our human resource planning template helps to record all these characteristics of a human resource about any task or project.

Thus, it helps the project managers to see if Alex (Web Developer) is required in an activity A from 15-Aug to 20-Aug, then there should not be any other activity these days that require Alex’s role.

Human Resource Planning

Equipment/Material Resource Planning Template

It is very similar to human resource planning. Further, it helps the project team to make sure particular equipment is required in only one activity at a time.

So, if there is a requirement in two, then have to either arrange another similar machine or have to delay the other activity, whatever is the best option for the project performance and goals.

The equipment/material resource planning template use equipment/material name, description, usage, source, quantity, and cost parameters for the requirement analysis.

The overall major types of project resources include project team (human resource), facilities, equipment, software, and utilities.

A separate resource capacity planning and requirement template are available for all these resources for proper efficient planning and allocation.

How to make a Resource Capacity Planning Template?

Project capacity planning is a multi-step approach to calculate and analyze the requirement and availability of the resource.

The following simple guide is very useful to make a resource capacity planning template for any type of project and resource.

  • Define project tasks, sub-tasks, tasks inter-relation, start date, end date, and duration.
  • Enlist the types of resources required for each task of the project.
  • Calculate the quantity of each resource required for each task.
  • Enlist the available capacity of each resource.
  • Define the start date, end date, and duration of resource engagement in the task.
  • Analyze the overlapping of the same resource in two or more tasks at the same time.
  • Balance the resource by adjusting the start date and end date of the task or adjust the quantity of the resource.
  • Prepare a resource net change for a resource requirement plan.
  • Finally, update the resource capacity based on net change in requirement plan of resources.

How to Use a Pro Resource Capacity Planner Template?

There are several resource capacity planning templates are available online. However, basic and free templates are somehow limited in integration with each other.

Thus, the project manager still requires little effort to integrate the data from individual sheets to the dashboard.

However, templates free download provides a complete resource capacity planning solution with maximum integration as free.

The concept of resource capacity planning template resolves around 4 – 5 spreadsheets integration. 3 of them are input sheets require the data from the user to automatically calculate the output in the rest of the two sheets.

Parameters, resources, and requirement spreadsheets are the input sheets while the dashboard and calendar are the output sheets. Lets’ explore the details of each sheet to make it understandable that how to use a pro resource capacity planning template.

Configuration Spreadsheet Template

Settings or configuration spreadsheet contains the basic information about the projects to use in a calculation like workings hours per day and types of resources.

So, the following parameters are important to define in the settings spreadsheet.

  • Planning Period: It defines the planned start date and projected end date of the project to specify the timeframe available.
  • Weekends: It defines how many days are the working days in a week and which days will be considered as a weekend. A weekend/holiday means a day that will have zero human capacity available. Thus, there should be zero requirements on weekends in the resource plan.
  • Holidays: All the public holidays when human resources will not be available should be enlisted in the holiday section. The holiday impact on requirements is similar to weekends.
  • Resources: There are several types of resources involved in a project. This section enlists the types of resources that are required for project tasks such as human resources, machines, tools, materials, software, and locations.
  • Projects: This option is useful for resource planning of multiple projects using a resource capacity planning template.
  • Skillset: Skillset helps to group similar resources based on their capabilities. Such as humans as project managers and marketing managers. Similarly, machines are also grouped based on their functionality.

Resources Spreadsheet Template

Resource capacity planning template excel requires complete details of each resource to define the capacities. The capacity is the availability of the resource for allocation.

Thus, the capacity or resource sheet defines the availability, vacation plan, maintenance plan, overtime costs, and allocation of resources to skill and project.

Moreover, it requires a different set of details to fully define the availability of a resource at a particular time for allocation.

Like a human resource demands to discuss the name, designation, experience, department, working hours, start date, end date, project, cost per hour, vacations, and overtime.

Requirement Spreadsheet Template

The free resource planning template is set for configuration and capacity. Now the final step is to calculate the requirement of capacities for individual tasks and projects.

Thus, there are just two aspects to focus on at this stage. The first is to define the demand as the number of hours or days and the second is to specify the resource, skill, or project.

So, the requirement in the description will sound like a web design project requires Alex a web developer for 10 days from 1-Nov to 10-Nov. It defines the name, skill, project, duration, and timeframe.

Dashboard Spreadsheet Template

A dashboard is an output sheet that displays the required calculation in a summarized way.

However, a project manager may choose to display the most relevant data only and skip the useless data out of the dashboard.

Usually, the number of projects, skills groups, and capacities are available on display. Also, the summary of the planning period, total under-utilized resource, total over-utilized resources, and utilization rate.

Finally, the breakdown of total deficit and surplus of capacities for projects and skills is also important to display along with a graphical representation of resources vs. requirement.

Calendar Spreadsheet Template

The dashboard summary sheet provides the overall surplus/deficit of resources for a project. While there is more insight available in the calendar view.

It is useful to identify the surplus/deficit of specific resources for a particular skill/project on daily basis.

Moreover, the same strategy is useful to find out surplus/deficit of capacity on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Thus, a calendar resource plan is an essential part of the resource capacity planner template.

Moreover, it comes with different functions and details. A filter is available on top to choose the configuration as per the desired calendar output.

The configurations available for the dimension (resource, project, or skill group), measure (resource or requirement), unit (cost or hours), and timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, or annually).

Finally, whatever configuration you choose, the calendar shows the requirement and capacity in terms of a list of dimensions, total cost, and hours.

Benefits of Resource Capacity Planner

There are various applications and advantages of resource capacity planners. Especially, construction-related projects that involve several resources, and especially human resources much depend on resource plans.

Further, it has several advantages in terms of streamlining all the capacities with maximum utilization rate.

Also, it saves a lot of effort in making sheets from scratch or saves money for getting the license of costly resource management tools.

Moreover, the summary sheet gives a lot of information in just a birds-eye view. Finally, the software MS Excel itself is very easy to use, edit, and accessible to everyone.

Free Download Resource Capacity Planning Templates

Templates Free Download provides free templates for resource capacity planning. These templates cover different resources and multiple projects.

Thus, our free resource planning template excel spreadsheets are very useful to calculate the capacity, compare with the demand and calculate the utilization rate of your project resources.

Finally, these will help you to ensure timely completion of project along with saving a lot of cost.

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Finally, it was all about “Resource Planner Template Excel”. Please do share your feedback in the comments section and SUBSCRIBE us to learn more about Project Management.

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How To Do Agile Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning Templates: Project, Team and Portfolio

Successful capacity planning provides you with instant insight into the future requirements of your project(s), teams, portfolios, and organization as a whole, so that you’re adequately prepared with skilled resources, should resource requirements change. 

A capacity planning template allows you to successfully anticipate, track, and manage your project’s or organization’s resource needs, as well as ensure that you have identified resource priorities and plan for them. With a capacity planning template, you can see what resources will be required down the line, then notify all project sponsors, stakeholders, and team members of the requisite resource requirements, so that you have them available when you need them. 

Though capacity planning templates can vary, they often include the following sections: 

  • Resource Type: Enter a job title for the task, project, or team (e.g., project manager, business analyst, quality assurance, etc.). 
  • Name: Enter the name of the individual (if known) who can fill the required capacity. 
  • Status: Enter the status (e.g., not started, in progress, complete, on hold) for fulfillment of the anticipated or required resource. 
  • Start and End Dates: Enter the start and end dates for the required resource.
  • Duration: Enter the effort hours or number of days for which the resource is required. 
  • Comments/Details: Enter any notes related to the required resource. 

Additionally, capacity planning templates often include the following line items to further define an individual task, project, or team capacity requirements: 

  • Task Name: Enter a name for which the specific task capacity planning is required.  
  • Service: Enter the specific service for which capacity planning is required.  
  • Capacity Requirement: Enter the specific requirement for capacity (e.g., development meets the product roadmap’s requirements by quarter’s end).  
  • Percent Increase Required per Year: Enter the projected percentage increase of the resource or service per year.  
  • Capacity Threshold: Enter the capacity threshold (due to budget increases or constraints) and whether a change is required.  
  • Response Plan: Enter the response plan (e.g., a contingency plan) in the event a capacity threshold or requirement is not met.  
  • Impact: State the impact, in degrees of criticality (e.g., highly critical), in the event a resource or service is not available to meet your capacity planning requirements. 
  • Cost of Impact: Estimate the cost of impact in the event a resource or service is not available to meet your capacity planning requirements. 
  • Estimate Demand: Enter an estimate of how many hours or days your team spends on a task or project. 
  • Determine Capacity: Enter a calculation of your effective employee (or other resource) capacity.  
  • Summary/Take Action: Determine whether you are under, at, or over capacity for your resource requirements. 

No matter your line of business, by including these capacity planning details, you and your team members gain assurance that, as projects progress, you have a unified and accurate method for anticipating resource needs by listing, tracking, and calculating all requirements. Standardize your capacity planning with a template so that you can anticipate resources as your team or organization grows. Additionally, you can have resources with the required skill sets ready to contribute to your projects’ success.


Capacity excel template planning team

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