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5 Wood vs. 7 Wood – Which Club To Use & When – Breakdown

5 Wood vs. 7 Wood – Which Club To Use & When – Breakdown

Fairway woods

With the limited number of golf clubs that we get to keep in our bag, you will sometimes have to choose between carrying a 5 wood and 7 wood.

If you are in a situation where this is the case, we have some really helpful information to help you sort this out. There are players who will benefit from the 5 wood and others that will find the 7 wood to be a better fit for their game.

The main differences between the 5 and the 7 wood are in the length and the loft of the club. The 5 wood is a longer club that will hitter lower, longer shots and the 7 wood is shorter and will hit higher, shorter shots.

Regardless of your handicap or your personal preferences, it is smart to understand the differences between these two clubs.

Why Fairway Woods Are So Important

Fairway Wood Image

Fairway woods are essential to have in your golf bag. The biggest role they play is going to be getting your ball back on track after a poor drive or if you want to go for a golf green in two.

The 5 wood and the 7 wood will play an important part in keeping your long game strong.

5 Wood vs. 7 Wood

A 5 wood is going to have a few less degrees of loft than the 7 wood. It is built for slightly longer distances and lower ball flight.

  • 5 Wood: 18 Degrees Of Loft

  • 7 Wood: 21 Degrees of Loft

  • 3 Wood: 15 Degrees Of Loft

If you struggle with distance on longer par fours, the 5 wood is going to be a great choice. It is easier to hit than a 3 wood and makes getting the proper ball flight a breeze.

A 7 wood has a bit more loft and therefore can get out of the rough more effectively. A 7 wood is a perfect replacement for a long iron or a good choice for a golfer that does not enjoy playing with a hybrid golf club.

Overall both the 5 wood and the 7 wood are also alternatives to the driver or 3 wood off the tee.

Why You Would Choose A 5 Wood Over A 7 Wood

A golfer that needs pure distance is going to want to choose the 5 wood. It is much easier to hit your 5 wood a long distance than your 7 wood.

We love the 5 wood choice for those golfers that happen to struggle off the tee and use an alternative from time to time. The 5 wood is also an excellent choice for golf courses that have long par 4’s.

Chances are you are going to have an approach or two that will need a fairway wood to get into the green at some point.

If you have trouble getting a three wood in the air or get more performance from a 5 wood, it is the club for you!

Why Would Choose A 7 Wood

Players with slightly slower swing speeds that are looking for a go to club from the fairway to approach a green should choose the 7 wood.

The 7 wood is very easy to launch and will make attacking a green a much easier job. Overall the 7 wood is a choice that should be highly considered if you don’t like hybrids or long irons.

This club will help you hit higher and longer shots than a long iron, especially if you are a slower swing speed player.

If you have trouble getting the ball in the air, the 7 wood is for you!

What’s The Difference Is Shaft Length

One of the reasons that the 7 wood is usually a bit easier to hit than the 5 wood is that it is about a ½ inch shorter.

Slightly shorter clubs are usually easier to control and make it easier to send the ball in the proper direction.

What’s Better For Beginners

Hitting A Fairway Wood

Luckily for beginners, both the 5 wood and the 7 wood are a good choice. In fact, most beginners should take their 3 wood out of the bag and put in both a 5 wood and a 7 wood.

These clubs will help beginners that are learning how to hit proper iron shots.

What’s Better For Mid Handicappers

Mid handicappers are golfers that are doing everything they can to take their golf game to the next level.

Being a mid handicapper can be frustrating because you can almost taste the low handicap range but it still manages to remain illusive for now.

Mid handicappers will do best with a 5 wood. This club will give them a great alternative to a driver and plenty of distance to get on the green in two on a par 5 hole.

Which Is Easier To Hit?

The 7 wood is a bit easier to hit than the 5 wood. Luckily, both golf clubs still have lots of forgiveness, and you won’t need to choose based on forgiveness alone.

If you compare the 5 wood or the 7 wood to a 3 wood, then you will notice they are both much easier to hit than the 3 wood.

5 Wood Distance Vs 7 Wood

Fairway Woods Image

Since the loft is a bit lower and the club’s physical length is longer, the 5 wood is going to go further than the 7 wood.

The difference in distance will probably end up being about 10 to 15 yards.

Should I Use Woods Or Hybrids?

Many golfers will choose to use hybrids instead of the 5 wood or the 7 wood.

Hybrids are much easier to hit out of the rough, and they are generally easier to control.

However, a hybrid with the same loft as a fairway wood will not go quite as far.

When choosing between fairway woods and hybrids, try to consider how far you hit the ball and whether or not you normally end up in the rough.

Overall Conclusion


It is hard to say that the 5 wood or the 7 wood is better than the other. However, it is worth mentioning that the 5 wood is going to be a more well-rounded choice for most golfers.

Having the ability to get plenty of distance but still have the ease of use that the 7 wood provides will make the 5 wood a very well rounded club.

If you are a golfer that does not enjoy hybrids or long irons, you may end up with room in the bag for both clubs.

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Hi, I am Matthew, a mid handicap golfer who likes to play as much as possible. I love trying out new gear and this blog is where you can find all the gear I have tested over the years!

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3 reasons why a 7-wood might be right for your game

By: Jonathan Wall

Dufner 7-wood

The 7-wood gets a bad rap. For whatever reason, many recreational golfers believe the high-lofted fairway wood is best suited for slower swing speeds. In other words, older golfers who need something to help lift the ball into the air.

But here’s the thing: the 7-wood has some traits that make it worth consideration, even if you’re on the higher end of the speed spectrum and carry a single-digit handicap.

For those golfers rolling their eyes at the thought of adding a 7-wood, it’s worth pointing out that some of the biggest names in professional golf have carried the club on occasion over the last few years, including Bubba Watson, Jason Dufner, Marc Leishman and Tommy Fleetwood.

If you’re struggling to find a reliable fairway wood or long iron, it may be time to at least entertain the idea of mixing it up. Here’s what you can expect to get from a 7-wood if you decide to give it a shot.

Shorter is better

No, we’re not talking about distance. Although, you will likely see less distance if you’re swapping out the 5-wood. In this case, it’s all about shaft length. Today’s 7-wood is usually a half-inch shorter than a 5-wood. Unless you routinely hit your fairway woods on the screws, going shorter will give you a better chance of shoring up your impact (i.e. consistency). The average mid-handicapper is going to benefit far more from a club that finds the fairway with regularity — or gives them a better chance to reach a par-5 in two — than something that goes all over the place.

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

We’re already seeing pros go to shorter driver lengths in an attempt to tighten dispersion. There’s no reason you can’t use a similar blueprint with your fairway woods.

The air up there

Most golfers struggle to get the ball airborne on a regular basis. So why in the world are you still carrying strong-lofted fairway woods? If anything, more golfers should be doing the exact opposite, embracing the loft found on a 21-degree 7-wood. Not only will you be able to hit towering shots from the fairway, but the additional loft will also come in handy off hand-pan and from deep rough (more on that in a moment).

When it comes to elite players, having a club they can rip out of the rough and get in the air is the chief reason why the club still has relevance.

‘V’ for versatility

If you need height and consistency, the 7-wood is likely a better option than a 5-wood. And if you still can’t find a 3- or 4-iron that works, it can easily fill the gap with a fairway wood sole that’ll mitigate issues with turf interaction. The club is a utility player you can slot in a number of holes and reap the benefits. It’s the kind of club that can be relied upon in tight situations, and you can’t put a price on that kind of versatility.

Depending on the loft range, an adjustable hosel can also add an extra layer of versatility that could be an advantage based on the course setup.

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Jonathan Wall


Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and GOLF.com’s Managing Editor for Equipment. Prior to joining the staff at the end of 2018, he spent 6 years covering equipment for the PGA Tour.

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7 Wood Golf Club


What is a 7 Wood Golf Club?

If you’re looking for a replacement for your 3 iron or 3 hybrid golf clubs, then 7 wood golf club is a good choice. The 7 wood comes with a larger head than the hybrid. This is a clear advantage for some golfers as it makes the shots more convenient by addressing the position accurately.

A 7 Wood club has 22 degrees loft which is 8 degrees more loft than a 5-wood golf club. The greater loft is an advantage as it makes it easy to hit the ball. The high loft also helps in hitting off the shot easily, even on high grass.

Most golfers are comfortable with the 7 wood golf club and can easily hit with it on the rough or the fairway, regardless of the course. The shot can also be made with a suitable height which is a rare case when using a 5 wood.

The length of the club in a 7 wood is one inch smaller than the 5-wood golf club. This length is ideal for hitting off the shots with consistency and much ease. The head weight is also 10 grams greater than the 5 wood. The added weight makes the shot quick and easy to hit off the fairway.

If you are looking to make shots with more flexibility, then the 7 wood would be the right choice for you. You can hit the ball off over the obstacles. Due to these features, 7 wood continues to be the favorite golf club of many golfers.


7 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid Club (Comparison Chart)

 7 Wood3 Hybrid
Used ForLong distance fairway shots.Produces more precise fairway shots.
Shot DifficultyMediumEasy to Medium
MaterialSteelMixture of graphite, steel and iron.
Loft21 degrees18 to 27 degrees
Length41" 42.5"
Weight230g | 0.50 pounds | 0.23kg206g | 0.44 pounds | 0.20kg
Distance140 to 175 yards160 - 200 yards


When to Use a 7 Wood

The 7 wood can be used if you want to make long shots on the course. The ball also stops immediately after landing and doesn’t roll out much. It is also much easier to hit in contrast to another golf club, that’s why it is suitable for golfers of all levels; whether amateurs or professionals.

The 7 wood can cover around 195 yards on the field with moderate swing speed. With high and straight shots, the yardage can vary between 150 and 190. If you prefer fairways, then 7 wood golf club can be used.

The 7 wood is preferred over the hybrids by some golfers as they find it more convenient to hit.

The 7 wood is a great golf club if you want a high flight and cover more distance on the field. It is also ideal for laying up on par 5. The extra loft gives the golfers more margin for error.

The 7-wood golf club offers reliable shots, and with low push shots, it can cover 200 yards on the course. It has a high flight and lands softly on the ground. On the rough, the 7 wood is much easier to hit off than the long iron club.

The 7 wood can cover a well-struck ball range varying between 215 to 230 yards. It can be used for many purposes like for tight tee shots and approaches on short par 5s. The 7 wood golf club also works conveniently on the long grass with much less chance off pop-ups.


What Degree of Loft is a 7 Wood

The 7 wood has an angle of 22 degrees on the loft and 59 degrees on the lie. The length of the club is about 42 inches. In the modern wood clubs, the loft is being reduced to increase the distance covered on course in each shot.

Many golfers find themselves more confident when playing with a 7 wood hence they easily cover over 200 yards on the green with it. This is due to the accuracy one can achieve with the 7-wood golf club. This accuracy can’t be achieved by all golfers when using a hybrid.


What Club Does a 7 Wood Replace

A 7 wood golf club can replace a 3 iron and the 3 hybrids. The loft angle of the 3 iron and 3 iron are around 20 degrees while the 7 wood can have a loft angle of 21 degrees. Due to the close difference in the loft angles, the 7 wood can work as a replacement.

Although 7 wood can be used as an alternative, there are still several differences that remain between the 7 wood and the iron and hybrid clubs. The 7 wood is longer in length, which is 41 inches with a head weight of 230 grams.

The 3 iron, on the other hand, has a length of 39 inches and the head weight is 242 grams. The 3 hybrid has a length that is in between the lengths of the 7 wood and the 3 iron. The weight of the head of the hybrid is quite similar to that of the 3 iron.

If you find yourself more comfortable with 7 wood and find it easier to hit, then the gap difference on course can be covered easily. It can replace any iron, let it be 1 iron, 2 iron or 3 iron, but you would’ve seen a club-fitter before you decide.


Average Distance for a 7 Wood

The 7 wood club has an average distance of 153 to 191 yards for male golfers. For female golfers,it can range between 99 to 153 yards.

The distance covered on course with a 7 wood can vary for men and women golfers. Knowing your club distance is important if you want to save yourself from wasting shots on the course. If you know how far you can hit with your golf club, you can also judge where it is likely to land.

The distance covered by each club depends on different factors like the swing speed and also the type of club used. The weather conditions are also equally important as distance can’t remain the same for a windy and a non-windy day.

To calculate the average distance covered by your club, you can use a club distance calculator. You can also choose a course which has distance markers and then check where the ball lands.


How Far Should You Hit a 7 Wood

The 7 wood golf club can be helpful for you if you are a low-ball hitter. It depends on the weather conditions and how accurately you make your shots to decide how far your ball goes on the course. The loft angle is about 25 degrees varying for each company’s 7 wood club.

The Ping G15 has an angle of 21.5 degrees and can cover 200 yards on the course. If you are consistent with your shots and have good control over the 7-wood golf club, you can easily cover a distance over 210 yards.

The Ping G30 can be hit from 215 yards to 225 yards. The shot has a soft landing and is easy to hit; hence, it covers more distance on the course. It depends on the company and whether the 7 wood is newly manufactured or old to decide the distance covered.

The distance on course can vary for each different manufacturer and company. Like the Big Bertha 4 can cover around 175 yards on the course which is comparatively less in contrast to the above mentioned 7 wood clubs.


7 Wood Length

The average length of a 7-wood club is around 40 to 42 inches. In the opinion of some golfers, for more consistent shots, the 7 wood needs to have a shorter shaft due to the less loft.  When switching to the 7 wood, if you feel a loss in weight of swing, you can make up for it using lead tape, etc.

The long shaft can create more distance gap on the course. 42-inch wood length also comes under 5 wood, so 41 inches is said to be the accurate length of the 7-wood club. The length can also go up to 43 inches, again depending on the company and manufacturer of the golf club.


What Iron is a 7 Wood Equivalent to

The 7 wood is equivalent to the 2 iron that has a loft of 21 degrees. The 7 wood, however, has a longer length than a 21-degree hybrid. The 7 wood has a longer shaft resulting in it having a longer length than the other hybrid and iron clubs.

The 7 wood is also equivalent to the 3-iron golf club. There is a slight difference in the distance covered by both the clubs on the course. This depends on the swing speed and the accuracy of the shot. It is also equivalent to a 21-inch hybrid golf club.

It depends on the loft of the golf club to decide which golf club it can replace. The correct club yardage should be seen to decide the replacement. The 7-wood golf club having a loft angle of 24 degrees can replace a 4-iron golf club.

The equivalency depends on how the model of 7 wood is made. Like the 7-wood golf club with a 21.5 degrees angle is equivalent to the 3 iron. It can be hit about 190 yards to 200 yards on the course. The 7-wood hybrid can also hit farther than the 4-hybrid due to the difference in angle of lofts.


How to Hit a 7 Wood Off the Tee

On the tight fairways, the fairway 7 wood is the most popular choice among all the golfers. No one is willing to pull out the big driver club to play. The 7-wood club gives more control over the shots on the fairway.

The loft of the 7 wood gives more control and results in less spinning of the ball that creates straight shots and improves the positioning of the shots. The loft angle of fairway wood increases with increasing club number.

The increase in angle results in the greater launch. This also means that the ball will cover more distance vertically, and the distance on course will decrease. The ball should be teed in the same way as with a driver.

This means that it should be teed in a manner that the ball is only visible halfway through either on the clubhead or top of the crown. If the ball is teed too high, you might end up swinging the ball under, and this would cause the ball to pop upwards.

With increasing loft angle of the 7-wood club, the teeing can be done closer to the ground so that trajectory can be created when the club comes in contact with the ball. The ball should be placed in the middle where there are no hindrances on the way.

The obstacles should be avoided so that the ball can easily roll on the course. If the ball needs to be hit higher due to unexpected shots, it can be positioned inside the lead foot to increase the height. The distance remains the same in such shots, but the roll is decreased.

The hand should be brought to address the shot and get a lower ball flight. For a penetrating shot, hit the ball slightly with a controlled and low swing. The 7 wood should be avoided for stepping up the tee. This can create hindrance in other shots.


7 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid

  • A 7 wood is well preferred by some golfers over the 3 hybrids as they find it easier to manage. The 7 wood can conveniently cover a distance of 230 yards on the course, and it doesn’t look like a hybrid.

  • With a 3 hybrid, the golfer stands a chance of inconsistent shots while this is rarely the case with the 7-wood golf club.

  • A 5 wood can also be adjusted like a 7 wood by adding around 1.5 extra inches. This becomes closely equal to the length of a 7-wood golf club.

  • The 7-wood golf club can be used off the tee for short par 4s and long par 3s. The 3 hybrids, in contrast, can go as far as the driver off the tee.

  • A 7 wood can be used to cover yardage gaps, so it doesn’t cause loss of much distance on the course. However, on the rough, the hybrid is used as it gives better shots on the rough than the 7-wood golf club.

  • The 7 wood golf club has a light head weight which might be a challenge for the golfers who like heavy swing weights.

  • The 7 wood can easily cover the gap between the 4 hybrid and 3 or 4 wood golf club when you switch from one to other.

  • For golfers with slow swing speeds, 7 wood golf club being lighter in weight is easier to hit in contrast to the 3 hybrids. It can easily be hit to 185 yards and lands softly on the course.

Read my 3 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid Guide


7 Wood Vs 4 Hybrid

  • The choice made between a 7-wood golf club and the 4 hybrid depends on your swing speed. With a steep swing speed with divots, a hybrid is a better choice to be made.

  • However, if you make sweeping swings on the course, then 7 wood golf club can be used. The loft for the 7 wood and 4 hybrid golf club is different; hence their swing speeds are different.

  • Since the 7 wood is longer in length due to the longer shafts, the ball flies higher in contrast to the 4 hybrids.

  • If you like to make high shots that cover more distance vertically, a 7 wood can be used over the 4 hybrids. It also stops on the green faster than the 4 hybrids with a soft landing.

  • The trajectory, distance covered, and direction of the shots is inconsistent for some golfers like the beginners when they use a 4-hybrid golf club. Therefore, in such cases, 7 wood helps in getting more consistent and predictable shots.

  • Off the rough, the 4 hybrid gives better shots and better distance coverage on the course than the 7 wood.

  • The 4 hybrids can be chosen for a couple of reasons. Since it has a shorter shaft, the shots can be made more accurately. The yardage gaps can be filled easily if you are confident with your shots using the 4 hybrids.

  • The 4-hybrid golf club is suitable for several lies like the rough and sand traps. It is also easier to use it off the tee on long par 3s.

  • For some golfers, both the wood and hybrid golf clubs seem to work fine if they have a middling swing speed. However, there is a greater chance of hitting better shots with a fairway wood than a hybrid as there is a lesser chance of bad shots.

  • The surrounding also greatly affects the choice of the golf club. On a windy day, the 4 hybrids can work considerably well.


7 Wood Vs 3 Iron

  • 7 wood gives good shots off the tee and the deck, but it is not so easy to make consistent shots with the 7 wood off the rough. The lower and deep center of gravity of the 7 wood means that it will stop much higher and have a drop flight.

  • The 3 iron can cover about 60 to 160 yards in any directions and rolls about 40 yards on the course. You can use a 3 iron if you are doing stinger shots or playing in strong wind.

  • On the rough, the 3 iron can give consistent and straight shots on the course.

  • The major difference is in the shots made by both the golf clubs. The ball hit with a 7 wood goes straight and high whereas, with the 3 iron, it will draw fade and stay low.

  • It depends on the swing speed and the shots to easily decide between the 7 wood and the 3 iron. It simply depends on whether you are a good wood golf club or an iron golf club player. For example, for shallow shots, the wood golf club works much better than the iron.

  • The 7 wood and 3 iron have almost the same loft angle, so carrying both of them in the bag at the same time is not a great idea. If the long angle of your 7 wood golf club ranges between 19 degrees to 22 degrees, then it is similar to the 3 iron.

  • This means that the 7 wood would work in the same way as the 3 iron and there won’t be much difference between shots made with each club.

  • If you can hit well with a 3 iron, then you can have a better gap than the 7 wood. The difference between the 7 wood and the 3 iron is not really significant. If thee wedges are hit will with the 7 wood, then you will not need to switch from the 7 wood to the 3 iron.


7 Wood Vs 5 Wood

  • If you want to make shots that cover over 200 yards easily, then you can use a 5-wood golf club. With a 21 degrees loft angle, one can easily cover around 250 yards on the course.

  • 7 wood golf clubs are really helpful if you want to fill gaps that can’t be filled by iron golf clubs. With a reasonable degree of accuracy, the 7 wood can be consistently hit between 140 to 160 yards depending on your swing speed.

  • The yardage can also be further stretched to 175 yards, which is the lower end of the distance covered by a 5-wood golf club on the course.

  • The fairway woods, whether 5 wood or the 7-wood golf club, can be used to tee off on par 3s. There is some difference in the flight made by the 7 wood and the 5 wood.

  • The 5-wood golf club has a flight that is quite similar to that of 3 iron ball flight. The 3 iron has a penetrating and low flight on the course.

  • The 7 wood, on the other hand, has a moderate flight with a high arc. The arc can be modified by varying several factors like teeing up and hitting off the deck etc.

  • If you are a long hitter, then you should go for the 5-wood golf club. With the 7 wood, there is a chance of greater spinning of the ball.


Is a 3 Hybrid Better?Read my answer

Sours: https://www.golfstorageguide.com/7-wood-golf-club/
Do You Need a 7 WOOD? // Fitting an average speed player

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