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Prefab Cabins in New Mexico

Prefab Cabin Sizes We Build and Deliver

12-Foot Prefab Cabins
Are you planning on using your prefab cabin for hunting? Or do you want to be able to move your portable cabin around regularly?  The 12-foot pre-built cabins in New Mexico are an excellent option in either of these cases.  These portable cabins will protect you from the weather and give you some space to move around, but they are also the most portable option.

14-Foot Portable Cabins
While the 12-foot portable cabins will be a great choice for some people in New Mexico, the 14-foot prefab cabins are better for those who want a little bit more room inside their cabin. Whether you plan on using your prefab cabin for storage purposes or just need a little more elbow room for a cabin set up next to a farm or out in a remote area of your property, you will get it with these portable cabins.

Rustic 16-Foot Prefab Cabins
If you want even more room than the 14-foot New Mexico prefab cabins allow, 16-foot prefab cabins are also an option.  They offer the most room of any pre-built cabins and can provide all the extra storage room, working area or living space for your family if you are outgrowing your main living quarters.  If more room is what you need, these prefab cabins will do the trick.


Lofted Barn Cabin

Owning a conveniently-located portable cabin is nice, but owning a Lofted Barn Cabin is even better. Our Lofted Barn Cabins fit perfectly in wooded or rural locations, and they look great everywhere else, too! The built-in overhead space is perfect for use as a loft sleeping area, a play area for the kids, additional dedicated storage, or other possibilities. The versatility of applications for one of these Lofted Barn Cabins is only limited by your imagination! Pioneer Portable Buildings offers 12 popular size configurations, and each of our lofted barn cabins comes standard with two-part loft, 4’ front porch, 9-lite door, and three 2’ x 3’ windows.

Each of these Lofted Barn Cabins is constructed from the highest quality materials, and each carries our 5-year warranty for craftsmanship. We are also proud to feature LP SmartSide Trim & Siding, which comes with a 50-year warranty. You can choose from either a natural wood look with Honey Gold Olympic stain and water seal, or you can choose a painted look with one of our standard color options. More custom color choices are also available for an additional charge.

Pioneer Portable Buildings has your perfect Lofted Barn Cabin solution!

A Lofted Barn Cabin which comes with the following standard features:
  • (3) 2’ x 3’ Windows
  • (1) 36" 9-Lite Door
  • (1) Porch
  • Size options available: 8x16, 10x16, 10x20, 12x16, 12x20, 12x24, 12x32, 12x36, 12x40, 14x32, 14x36, 14x40

The starting price for this Lofted Barn Cabin is $3,539.40 with a Low Monthly Payment of $131.09 (Price varies by sizes & additional options). Rent-to-Own 36, 48, & 60 Month are available with no credit check! Follow our page and keep yourself updated with our new offers.

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Graceland Portable Buildings®

(We are an Authorized Dealer)

Are you looking for portable barns, cottage sheds, cabins and garages? Graceland features more than a dozen unique designs with hundreds of sizes. These buildings are quality-built by Mennonite craftsmen, from quality materials for both strength and aesthetics.

60 month—No Qualifying Financing is available on selected buildings.

Please take a look at some of the many styles below. Simply move your mouse over the style that interests you and a larger version of that photo will appear in the center.

Photos of Graceland portable buildings

Customize and personalize your building by adding doors and windows, or by changing their sizes or locations. Add wrap-around windows, a roll-up garage door for tools and 4-wheeler storage, extra doors and windows, an extra skid, metal roof or more.

To learn more and see the current prices, you may call us at 888- PIE-TOWN or email

Features and Options

  • 8 foot wide buildings come with one 46" door.

  • 10 & 12 foot wide buildings come with two 36" doors for a 72" opening.

  • Metal roof options are available for an additional charge added to the base building price.

  • Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains.

  • The 2x4 reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and rodents and are key locked.

  • Air vents are positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.

  • All exposed material is pressure treated.

  • Lifetime warranty against the rot and/or decay of treated materials.

  • 20-year warranty against termite infestation of all treated materials.

  • Shingles have a 30-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Frequently-Asked Questions

How long does it take to have my building delivered?

Delivery is normally 10 to 15 business days from the date of purchase.

Are all of your buildings available for Rent-to-Own?

All of the standard buildings are available for Rent-To-Own. There are situations where a highly customized building can require paying cash. Also, if a customer wants to modify the construction of their building or paint it, then rent-to-own or cash terms together with price may vary.

Can buildings be customized beyond the standard options that are offered?

As a general rule, most of our customization takes the form of our standard options. However, if you have a request that cannot be addressed with our available options, please contact us with your requirements to see if the modification is feasible and cost effective.

What type of building foundation is required?

All that is required is a reasonably flat (as opposed to level) area to place the building. The building is leveled to the existing terrain. Additional foundation work such as gravel or concrete is not needed. The building can certainly be placed on those foundations; however, they are not required for a sound and durable installation.

Can these buildings be set up for indoor plumbing and electricity?

Once your building has been delivered, you may finish it as you please with drywall, insulation, custom flooring, plumbing, and wiring as permitted by local regulations.

What is the delivery charge for a building purchased from Graceland?

Free delivery is included in the price of the building, within a 50 highway mile radius of Socorro, New Mexico. If the distance to your site is greater than 50 miles from Socorro, there is a one-way charge that is payable to the delivery company.

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Can a building be moved once it has been installed?

Yes. Cost and scheduling will be determined on a case by case basis.

Do the buildings need to be anchored?

The buildings need to be anchored in certain locales where severe weather accompanied by high winds is common.

How sturdy are the floors in Graceland buildings?

The floor systems are very sturdy. The garages are built with 12 inch (on center) floor supports. All other models are built with 16 inch (on center) floor supports. The floors will easily handle heavy power equipment, motorcycles, bulk storage, etc. The garages will support automobiles.

What kinds of maintenance will be required on my building?

No maintenance is required. Graceland does recommend that you apply a stain to a treated building sometime in the first couple of years (+/-), depending on specific weather conditions.

Do I need to have permits or other paperwork?

You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies in regard to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants. Also, it is recommended that you contact your Home Owners Association (if applicable) to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may apply.

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