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"Loom band" redirects here. For the English rock band, see Loom (band).

Rainbow Loom is a plastic tool used to weave colorful rubber and plastic bands (called loom bands) into decorative items such as bracelets and charms. It was invented in 2010 by Cheong Choon Ng in Novi, Michigan.[1]


The Rainbow Loom is a plastic pegboard measuring 2 inches (51 mm) by 8 inches (200 mm).[2] It has push pin-type pegs over which small, colored rubber bands are looped and pulled by a rainbow loom crochet hook. The resulting looped knots, known as Brunnian links, can be assembled on the loom into bracelets and other shapes.[3] The Rainbow Loom kit includes the loom (the pegboard), a rainbow loom hook, 25 special C-shaped clips to connect both ends of the bracelet,[3] and 600+ small rubber bands in assorted colors.


A fishtail bracelet made from loom bands

Rainbow Loom was created by Cheong Choon Ng, a Malaysian immigrant of Chinese descent who came to the United States in 1991 to attend Wichita State University, where he earned a graduate degree in mechanical engineering.[1][4] He was employed as a crash-test engineer for Nissan Motor Company in 2010. He conceived the idea of a toy loom for rubber-band crafting after seeing his young daughters make rubber-band bracelets. He tried to show them how they could link the rubber bands together but was unsuccessful, so he stuck a scrap board with multiple rows of pegs on which the bands could be linked more easily.[5]

The bracelets became popular with the neighborhood children, and his daughter suggested that he sell them. He spent six months developing the loom kit and designed 28 different versions.[5] His prototype, which he called Twistz Bandz,[6] used a wooden board, pegs, and dental hooks.[3] He invested $10,000 and found a factory in China to manufacture the parts, which he and his wife assembled in their home in June 2011.[7] Ng decided to rename his product after discovering that an elastic hair band on the market was named Twist Band, and his brother and niece came up with the name Rainbow Loom.[4]

Efforts to sell the loom online and in toy stores, however, were unsuccessful because customers did not understand how to use the product.[1][7] Ng started a website and filmed instructional videos featuring his daughters and niece.[7] In summer 2012, Ng received his first store orders from franchises of Learning Express Toys, a specialty crafts chain, and sales picked up.[1] In June 2013 arts and crafts retail chain Michaels test-marketed the product in 32 stores; by August the chain was carrying Rainbow Loom in its 1,100 U.S. locations.[7] Rainbow Loom is also sold at Mastermind Toys in Canada and specialty stores.[4] As of August 2013, 600 retailers were selling Rainbow Loom at a retail price of $15 to $17.[1] The kits are manufactured in China, and Ng supervises distribution out of a 7,500 square feet (700 m2) warehouse near his home.[1]

In 2013, Ng worked with The Beadery and Toner Plastics to produce the Wonder Loom, a redesigned version of the Rainbow Loom that is made in the United States. The Wonder Loom is sold by Wal-Mart.[8] In April 2014, Ng released a travel-sized version of the Rainbow Loom called the 'Monster Tail,' which allows simple bracelets to be made on only 8 pegs, arranged in a rectangle.[9][10]

In mid-May 2015, Rainbow Loom released two new products:

The Alpha Loom, another travel-sized loom that can be used to make vibrantly colored name bracelets with special types of new bands, which are twice as thick but half the size of regular bands. It has seven pegs on either side, and it comes with a special hook that has seven hooks on so users can hook over seven bands at once, instead of one. It also comes with an instruction manual with pixelated grids for users to photocopy, cut out, measure around the wrist, and design the patterns themselves, with pictures and letters to spell words.

The Hair Loom Studio, also released in May 2015, is used to make designs on the Rainbow Loom, Finger Loom, or Monster Tail, which can then be transferred onto the user's hair by pushing the design off a "guide tube" onto a long strand of hair. The bands for this are made of silicone and can be removed without pulling at the hair. There are two versions of the Hair Loom Studio, a large "double" and a small "single" loom.


Multicolored rubber bands, used to create items with the Rainbow Loom

Targeted at children aged 8 to 14,[11] Rainbow Loom became a popular pastime in summer camps and summer clubs in 2013, according to The New York Times and Today.[1][6] Grade school-age children make and swap their rubber-band bracelets in the same way as friendship bracelets, and children have posted thousands of their own instructional videos online.[1][2][6] As of October 2013, Rainbow Loom's YouTube channel featured 66 how-to videos and had received nearly 4 million views.[2] In November 2013 third-graders at St. John the Worker school in Orefield, Pennsylvania participated in a "Rainbow Loom-a-thon", weaving rubber-band bracelets for cancer patients.[12]

Rainbow Loom was named one of the three most popular toys of 2013 by Cyber Monday Awards[13] and was the most-searched toy on Google that same year.[14] It was described in a 2014 BBC News article as "one of the most popular toys in the world".[15]

Among the celebrities seen wearing Rainbow Loom bracelets given to them by fans are Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, David Beckham, Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, and Pope Francis.[16]

In schools[edit]

In October 2013 two New York City schools banned Rainbow Loom bracelets, stating they were distracting students in the classroom and breeding animosity in the playground.[17][18] Two Orlando, Florida schools have also enforced strict rules on wearing and trading Rainbow Loom bracelets.[19]


Choon Ng applied to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2010 for a patent on Rainbow Loom. He then received US Patent No. 8,485,565 for "Brunnian link making device and kit" on July 16, 2013.[20] Ng received a second US Patent, No. 8,684,420 on April 1, 2014.[21]

In August 2013 Ng filed suit against Zenacon LLC, makers of FunLoom; LaRose Industries LLC, makers of Cra-Z-Loom; and Toys "R" Us, distributors of Cra-Z-Loom, alleging that the rival products copied the design of the C-shaped fasteners used in rubber-band jewelry-making on the Rainbow Loom. LaRose Industries immediately lodged a countersuit against Ng's company, Choon's Design LLC.[3] In August 2014, LaRose challenged Choon's patent and filed the first-ever post-grant review proceeding brought under the America Invents Act. The review ended in January 2015 after a settlement.[22]

In some of the knock-off versions, high levels of the carcinogenic substance Phthalate have been found, in some cases well above the allowed limit in children's toys in Europe. British investigators found Phthalate levels over 400 times the legal limit, and several toy stores have removed these products.[23]

The Norwegian Environment Agency also found higher than legal levels of DEHP, and several products have been banned from the market. However, it has been confirmed that it was only some non-Rainbow Loom-brand charms, and not bands.[24][25]


  • Items created with Rainbow Loom

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Introduction: How to Make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For this starburst, I'm using Yellow as the starburst, Navy Blue as the border, and Clear for the alternations, like the cap bands and what not. Next, you will need your Loom and your Hook. Then, you need a place to sit and your IMAGINATION.

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Take your Loom and make sure the arrows are pointing away from you. Next, take your Navy Blue band and place it from the center peg to the second peg on the left.

Step 3:

Then, take another Navy Blue band and put it from the second left peg to the peg in front of this. Continue until you are at the end of the loom.

Step 4:

Now, take another Navy Blue band and place it from the left peg to the center top peg of the loom. Do the same thing to the other side of the loom.

Step 5:

Now that you have finished with the border, take a Yellow band and put it on the second center peg of the loom to the second peg on the right. Do this to the end of the loom.

Step 6:

Then, take another Yellow band and place it on the center peg to the first right peg of the loom. Continue clockwise until done.

Step 7:

When you are done with that, take a clear band and make a double cap band with it. To do this. Take your band and make a Figure 8 with it. Place it over the top of the loom. Do this to every center peg of every star until you are at the bottom.

Step 8:

Now that you are done with the cap bands, you are ready to loop the bands.

Step 9: Looping the Bands

First, turn your loom around so that the arrows are pointing toward you. Then, take your hook and loop the first center peg to the middle. Continue counterclockwise until at the end of the loom.

Step 10:

When you are done looping the bands, you are ready to loop the border bands.

Step 11:

Now, take your hook again and loop the Navy Blue band on the bottom. Do this to every band on the loom.

Step 12:

Your loom should look like this:

Step 13:

Now you are ready to pull it off! First take a Navy Blue band, and pull your hook through the top bands like you would with a Triple Single.

Step 14:

Now just pull it off!

Step 15: Making an Extension

Now, to make an extension, you want to put Navy Blue bands all the way to the top of the loom in a straight line.

Step 16:

Then, put your bracelet with the open end on the loom over the first band.

Step 17:

Loop them like you would with a single, and then pull it off.

Step 18:

Pull it off, then attach a C-clip to it and your'e done! Congratulations! You have made your first starburst!

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/How-To-Make-A-Rainbow-Loom-Starburst-Bracelet/
Rainbow Loom Heartbeat 2 Peg No Hook

Loom Band Bracelet Fever – Did You Catch It?

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

I’m not sure about other parts of the country but where I live, loom bands are the rage.  Both my kids got one for Christmas (yes, even the boys are loving them) and it’s been a bracelet making factory in my house ever since.

Rainow Loom Bracelets

If you haven’t heard of this new fad, a Loom Band is a fairly new “invention” although I’m sure kids have been making something similar for years.  The bands are small rubber bands and you use a loom to make bracelets, charms, etc.  There are lots of different brands of looms out there. There’s the Cra-Z-Art Shimmer ‘n Sparkle Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker, the Magical Colorful Loom Kit, the Royal Loom Band, and the DIY Rubber Band Bracelets Loom. But our favorite loom and loom of choice is the Rainbow Loom.  You might think they are all the same but they aren’t.  There are very subtle differences and if you have little fingers making bracelets (or wrist bands), the Rainbow Loomis the loom for you!

Over the holiday break my daughter made bracelets for all of the kids in her class as well as the teacher.  She said they all loved them and every day since have asked her to make more for them, in different colors and different styles.

I have to admit, I’m kind of hooked on it too.  My kids and I all sit on living room floor, turn on YouTube tutorial and make all kinds of wrist bands/bracelets.  Here are some of the bracelets we have made and then under the pictures are the links to the videos on how to make them.

Taffy Twist Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Taffy Twist Bracelet

Confett Criss Cross Loom Bracelet
Confetti Criss Cross Bracelet

Starburt Loom Bracelet
Star Burst Bracelet

Liberty Twist Bracelet

Liberty Twist Bracelet

Twistzy Wistzy Loom Band Bracelet

Twistzy Wistzy Bracelet

What do you think about this Minion bracelet?  Adorable, right?

Minion Loom Bracelet

Minion Loom Band

We did the same pattern but changed the colors to make girls and even a Frankenstein.

Funny eope Rainbow Loom Bracelets

We even made a Minecraft Creeper.  Does it look like one?

Minecraft Creeper Loom Band

Minecraft Creeper

Pencil Loom Band Charms

Pencil Charm

Holiday Rainbo Loom Bracelet

 We have so much fun with it!

Rainbow Loom Bracelets

I’m a middle school counselor and part of my job is doing groups with students who are struggling socially, academically or have family struggles.  We meet weekly, eat lunch together and talk about strategies, techniques, solutions, etc.  I made wrist bands for each of the students in my groups (almost 50 of them) and they loved them!  Even the boys love them and wear them every day.  It was a fun treat for them and something that I could make a ton of without breaking my budget.

What do you think?  Have you heard of them?  Do your kids have one?  If so, what’s your favorite bracelet to make and if you wanted to leave me a link to a cool how to video, we would love it!

Happy bracelet making!

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Sours: http://makingmemorieswithyourkids.com/2014/01/loom-band-bracelet-fever-catch/

Bracelets youtube loom easy rainbow

Why Rainbow Loom Can Be Good for Kids' Development

If you and your kids have discovered Rainbow Loom or a similar rubber band jewelry-making kit, you no doubt know how addictive this popular toy/craft is for kids and adults alike. You can use one or more looms or use a mini loom or just a hook to make an endless array of bracelets, charms, and other creations in all sorts of colors and patterns.

But this is one fad that's more than just fun; it can potentially boost some worthwhile skills in kids and impart some child development benefits. Aside from giving kids something pretty to wear and share with friends, making Rainbow Loom bracelets can teach kids important skills like focusing on a task and following directions. (Such skills are especially important for school-age kids, who are the most avid fans of these kits.) And planning color combinations and deciding how to use them in different patterns can also stimulate creativity.

Potential Benefits of Rainbow Loom for Kids


If you have a kindergartener, they may need quite a bit of practice before getting the hang of even some of the simpler patterns like the single pattern bracelet. But if they want to get it right, you will see your child practice and try over and over. Persistence is a skill that will be valuable as they learn a new sport, learn how to read, pick up a musical instrument, or learn any new activity.


This goes along with persistence, and it's an important skill for kids to have as they enter their school-age years. As children learn, they will rarely succeed the first time and will need to be patient to keep trying again. Not becoming frustrated and knowing how to work through setbacks—which can definitely happen as kids learn how to make different and more complicated patterns on the Rainbow Loom—is an important skill for school-age children to develop.

Fine Motor Skills

Putting all those tiny rubber bands together, whether on the loom or on a hook, takes some good fine-motor coordination. (This is one reason why Rainbow Looms tend to be more popular with school-age kids, who are able to manipulate their fingers to handle precise work like this.) Making these bracelets and other Rainbow Loom crafts is a great way to fine-tune those fine motor skills in kids and aid in their overall physical development.

Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Following Directions

Making these rubber band bracelets—whether the patterns are simple or intricate—requires following a video or step-by-step instructions such as the ones available on Rainbow Loom's website or its official YouTube channel. You'll find plenty of helpful tutorials for anything from a fishtail or a three-pin fishtail bracelet, to a basic single pattern bracelet. For children who are in school and need to pay attention to teachers' directions all day long, following directions is a very important skill to develop.


What will something look like when it's created using a pattern? How does an object or a shape appear when it's turned upside down, sideways, and rotated? When working with Rainbow Loom bracelets, kids will develop these skills as they create the bracelets they want to make. And being able to visualize things is an important skill in math, which makes Rainbow Loom a deceptively fun math-related activity, just like online math games.


When your child picks up a crayon or pencil and draws or uses materials in their arts and crafts box to create something, they are exercising their imagination and learning how to think creatively. Similarly, a child who chooses the colors of rubber bands and decides how they want to put them together to create certain pattern bracelets on the Rainbow Loom is learning how to design and use their imagination to create something tangible and real.

Building Self-Esteem

Remember how proud your child was the first time they learned to write their own name? Or when they learned some letters of the alphabet and colors and numbers? Children love learning and showing off what they can do, and these rubber band bracelet-making kits are the perfect way for kids to make things they can wear and share with pride. They absolutely love finishing a bracelet and putting it on or giving it to a friend as a way of saying, "I made this; I thought it up, I chose what it would look like, and I made it real." It is empowering, not to mention satisfying, to witness.

How Parents Can Help Build Their Tween's Self-Esteem

Working Together

Many kids love to get together to make bracelets. (That's why having a Rainbow Loom party is an awesome theme for a kids' birthday party or other gatherings.) It's a way to be social, to share what they've made, and to help each other as they learn how to make different kinds of bracelets and other things on the Rainbow Loom. As the children make pretty bracelets together, they're also building their social skills and are learning how to cooperate and help each other, just like they do in school.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Sours: https://www.verywellfamily.com/why-rainbow-loom-can-be-good-for-kids-development-619977
How to Make Loom Bands. 5 Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Designs without a Loom - Rubber band Bracelets

How to make loom bands for beginners – everything you need to know

Listen up! Loom bands are the lockdown craft activity you need in your life right now. They don’t cost the earth, you need very little equipment to get going and they will bring a much-needed colour boost to these winter months where we are all stuck indoors a bit too much. Celebrities have been spotted sporting them, from David Beckham to Harry Styles and The Duchess of York, with Jimmy Kimmel once famously wearing a full loom band suit – you can find it on YouTube, and it’s easy peasy to get in on the action too with this complete guide to how to make loom bands step by step.

These nifty little bands come in thousands of colours and patterns and are so so simple to twist into eye catching jewellery and other easy craft projects. We’re here to show you how to make loom bands into bracelets using several different methods, and we’ll throw in some inspiration to other projects you can play around with too once you’ve mastered the basics.

While loom bands remain hugely popular with children and teenagers, they’re also a pretty soothing make for grown ups too, while younger makers will enjoy turning them into gifts to post to friends who they can’t see due to this Winter’s school closures. So settle down and join us for our guided tour of how to make loom bands for beginners.

In this article we’ll show you

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How to make loom bands for beginners – 3 ways to try

We’ll show you two methods of how to make bracelets without a loom, and for the third we’ll graduate to using the rainbow loom to make a simple bracelet, step by step.

How to make loom band bracelets without a loom

First we’ll start with a beginner bracelet that you can make with your fingers, then we’ll move on to a couple of different fishtail bracelet designs using a mini rainbow loom tool. We’ll finish with how to make a more detailed loom band bracelet using the rainbow loom.

Method 1: How to make a loom band bracelet with your fingers (single chain bracelet)

In this easiest beginner-friendly method, you’ll use your fingers to make a single chain loom band bracelet, or you can use two pencils if you prefer.

You will need

  • About 25 loom bands (depending on the size of your wrist)
  • An “S” clip to secure the two ends of your bracelet together

Step 1

Take your first loom band and twist into a figure of eight. Pop one of the loops over the eight over your first finger, and the other over your second. You should see the twist of the figure of eight in between your fingers. Roll the band down your fingers slightly to make room for the next band.

Step 2

Take a second loom band and slip it over your two fingers so that it sits slightly above the first. You don’t need to twist this one – just loop it straight over both fingers to form a stretched loop.

Step 3

Take the first band you put on, pull it up and over your finger to the space between your fingers, pulling it over the second band as you go but with the second band staying in place. Now let go of the band and let it ping into place in between your two fingers. Repeat this with the first band on the other finger.

Now roll the band that’s left on your fingers down slightly to make room for the net band.

Step 4

Add a third loom band on top of the one that is still in place on your fingers.

Repeat the step above and pick up the lower band on each of your fingers in turn, pulling it up and over the upper band and dropping both sides into the middle. Lower the current band on your fingers slightly to make room for the next.

Repeat this step until you have added enough loom bands to make a bracelet that is the right size for your wrist.

It doesn’t take long for your loom band bracelet to grow from this (above)…

To this! (above)

Step 5

Once you are happy with the length of your bracelet, take both parts of the loop on your fingers and slip them on to one half of an S clip (see below).

Now secure both parts fo the band on the other end of your bracelet into the other half of the S clip. Ta da!

Colour combos to try! Add the different colours of the rainbow in rainbow order, or alternating 4 bands of one colour, then 4 of the next to create a stripy effect. For a more subtle variegated effect, pick three colours in a similar colourway but with different tones and add them in a 1, 2, 3 pattern (dark, medium, light) for a rippled colour.

Method 2: How to make a fishtail loomband bracelet – with your fingers or the Mini Rainbow loom

This design gives a chunkier pattern which is a bit more eye-catching if you want your stripes or colour combos to stand out. This method is very similar to the single chain above, but we’re going to introduce a third band on to your fingers throughout. It’s really simple and beginner friendly. This is another bracelet that you can make on your fingers although we are going to use a Mini Rainbow Loom and a hook (as we find them quicker and easier to work with). Here’s who to do it step by step. You will need:

  • About 30 loom bands (less for a small child’s wrist, more for a adult wrist)
  • An S Clip
  • Optional: ready to try some tools? You can easily use your fingers for this tutorial (or two pencils), but you can also use this method with a Mini Rainbow Loom or two pegs from a full Rainbow Loom.
  • You’ll also find it easier if you have a a loom band hook to speed things up.

All of these tools are available in most standard loom band starter kits – we’ve included some of our favourite kits below. But for the sake of this tutorial we’ll be using the Mini Rainbow Loom – which is basically a tool with two prongs. If you don’t have one, just use your fingers instead.

Step 1

Exactly as above, take your first loom band and twist into a figure of eight. Pop one of the loops over the eight over one prong of the mini loom, and the other over your second prong. You’ll see the twist of the figure of eight in between your two prongs. Roll the band down the prongs slightly to make room for the next band.

Step 2

Take a second loom band and slip it over your both of the prongs so that it sits slightly above the first. You don’t need to twist this one – just loop it straight over both prongs to form a stretched loop. Roll both bands down slightly. Now add a third loom band in the same way, above the first two. You will now have 3 bands on your mini loom (or fingers!).

Sours: https://www.gathered.how/arts-crafts/how-to-make-loom-bands/

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