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Shadows of Self

  • The Alloy of Law

  • A Mistborn Novel ,
  • By: Brandon Sanderson ,
  • Narrated by: Michael Kramer ,
  • Length: 10 hrs and 48 mins
  • , Unabridged
  • Overall ,

    4.5 out of 5 stars , 30,120 30,120 ratings,
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    5 out of 5 stars , 27,383 27,383 ratings,
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Three hundred years after the events of the Mistborn trilogy, Scadrial is now on the verge of modernity, with railroads to supplement the canals, electric lighting in the streets and the homes of the wealthy, and the first steel-framed skyscrapers racing for the clouds.Kelsier, Vin, Elend, Sazed, Spook, and the rest are now part of history—or religion. Yet the old magics of Allomancy and Feruchemy continue to play a role in this reborn world....

  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • Shorter, but very entertaining

  • By Robin on 12-14-11

With The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson surprised readers with a New York Times bestselling spinoff of his Mistborn books, set after the action of the trilogy, in a period corresponding to late 19th-century America.

The trilogy’s heroes are now figures of myth and legend, even objects of religious veneration. They are succeeded by wonderful new characters, chief among them Waxillium Ladrian, known as Wax, hereditary Lord of House Ladrian but also, until recently, a lawman in the ungoverned frontier region known as the Roughs. There he worked with his eccentric but effective buddy, Wayne. They are “twinborn,” meaning they are able to use both Allomantic and Feruchemical magic.

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.

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Shadows of Self, the fifth book in the Mistborn series, is scheduled for release by Tor on October 6, 2015.[1] It takes place shortly after the events of The Alloy of Law. The sequel to Shadows of SelfThe Bands of Mourning – was written concurrently and is scheduled for release in January 2016.[2]

Brandon Sanderson has made Chapters 1 and 2 available for free on his website, though they are from an earlier draft of the book.[3]

Promotional Summary[]

With The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson surprised readers with a New York Times bestselling spinoff of his Mistborn books, set after the action of the trilogy, in a period corresponding to late 19th-century America.

The trilogy’s heroes are now figures of myth and legend, even objects of religious veneration. They are succeeded by wonderful new characters, chief among them Waxillium Ladrian, known as Wax, hereditary Lord of House Ladrian, also a recently retired lawman in the ungoverned frontier region known as the "Roughs". There, he worked with his eccentric but effective buddy, Wayne. They are "twinborn," meaning they are able to use both Allomantic and Feruchemical magic.

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more.[4]


Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson Spoiler-Free Book Review (Mistborn #5)

Shadows of Self

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious confliShadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism, crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict. Wax and Wayne, assisted by the lovely, brilliant Marasi, must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial’s progress in its tracks.

Shadows of Self will give fans of The Alloy of Law everything they’ve been hoping for and, this being a Brandon Sanderson book, more, much more....more


Of summary chapter shadows self

Here’s our recap of what happened in Shadows of Self. Read on for a full plot summary to refresh your memory!

what happened in Shadows of Self?

  • In the prologue, Wax goes to a saloon to find an outlaw called Granite Joe. Here he meets Lessie, who is also looking for the same outlaw. There’s a shootout. Wax is about to corner Joe, when Lessie aims her crossbow at him. Granite Joe bought Lessie out, and this has been a set up. Then in another twist, Lessie shoots Granite Joe.
  • Moving on, Winsting Innate is planning to auction off his vote. He holds an auction for this. There’s a shootout here as well. Winsting locks himself into his safe room. His bodyguard arrives and tells him everyone is dead upstairs. Someone slits Winsting’s throat from behind.
  • Wax and Steris plan their wedding. Wayne interrupts because the Marksman has made a move. Wax, Wayne and Marasai chase after the Marksman in the slums. Wax gets distracted because one of the people on the street looks like Bloody Tan. Wax goes after this guy instead.
  • Wayne infiltrates a group of men in the slums, pretending to be one of them so they’ll tell him the gossip about the Marksman. Wayne follows one of the men, who leads him to the Marksman. Wayne captures the Marksman.
  • The Marksman gets killed as the trio are leaving the slums. Someone clearly doesn’t want them talking to the Marksman. Marasai then gets taken hostage by this Someone. She shoots him.
  • Constable Reddi arrives. He tells Wax about what happened to Lord Winsting. Wax asks to see the body, and he realises that a Steelrunner must have done this to him.
  • Wayne starts storing up gold for healing.
  • Marasai reads the newspaper and notices there’s a lot of unemployment. She thinks the city is going to collapse.
  • Wax goes to the Village where his grandmother lives. Vwafendal is concerned about mixing Feruchemy and Allomancy. Wax asks her for names of Steelrunners, and she tells him that Idashwy must be involved.
  • Marasi learns that there’s soon going to be a food shortage in Elendel. There’s a press conference in a square, and someone called Rian pulls out a gun on the governor. Marasi slows down time to save him.
  • Wayne goes to find Idashwy and comes across a corpse. He figures that the killer has stolen Idashwy’s abilities. Wayne finds a note that is a quote from Bloody Tan.
  • Wax is driven to the police station by Hoid. He puts in an earring and Harmony is able to speak to him. Harmony tells Wayne that a kandra is pretending to be Bloody Tan and is killing people. Harmony promises to send Wax help. He also says that he made life too easy for humans.
  • Wax talks to Rian, who has a special coin for Wax. It seems to be from his uncle Edwarn. Wax tells Steris about this on the way to Lady ZoBell’s party, which they’re attending together. Wayne and Marasi are also going separately. Wayne is pretending to be a professor, and Marasi his assistant.
  • The group think Bleeder might be at the party, since she has been talking to Wax through his mind. Wax looks around and sees a suspicious looking server, who runs when Wax approaches. Unfortunately, Bleeder escapes, and Wax gives chase.
  • Wax is chased by some guys, but he’s saved by MeLaan, who is the help that Harmony promised. Wax sends MeLaan to make sure Lord Harms is ok. Wax then goes to Lord Harms’ house, where he questions Lord Harms to make sure he’s not Bleeder. He hides Lord Harms in a random tower.
  • Wayne doesn’t think that Wax was chasing the right guy.
  • Father Bin is murdered. Marasi investigates, and sees that he has spikes through his eyes. She tells Aradel that this is to do with Bleeder.
  • MeLaan tells the group that Bleeder is Paalm, one of the best kandra around, as she was one of the Lord Ruler’s kandra. MeLaan says they could pull out her remaining spike so she revers to being a mistwraith. MeLaan has some sort of concoction that, if injected, can make a kandra lose its shape. It can also kill humans, so Wax needs to be careful.
  • MeLaan tells Marasi that he doesn’t agree with the worshipping of the Survivor, since he actually died. Marasi tells MeLaan that the Survivor didn’t die.
  • Wax investigates the coaches. He questions the driver of one of them. He finds bones and a robe, obviously used by Paalm.
  • Aradel asks Marasi to report on Wax, and she agrees.
  • Wax finds Paalm, who tries to make him join her cause. She runs, and Wax follows. He tries to hit her with the syringe, but he misses. Paalm runs without killing the governor, but she leaves a glowing substance behind.
  • This substance is perchwither, which you can only get from the kandra homeland.
  • Wax’s uncle Edwarn arrives.
  • Edward tells Wax that he reminds him of Kelsier’s gang (*cries*). Edward also wants to govern the city, and to do so he’ll need Wax to stop Paalm. He threatens Wax’s sister, so Wax threatens him.
  • Innate meets with the ministers and makes Aradel the head constable, and then he declares martial law. Aradel is unhappy about this.
  • Marasi finds letters in the saferoom which prove corruption. She gives these letters to Aradel.
  • MeLaan talks to Wayne about the kandra, specifically TenSoon. MeLaan says they figured out a way to die.
  • Ranette gives Wayne a custom made bullet.
  • Wax goes to the Field of Rebirth and stumbles across TenSoon, still in his wolfhound form. TenSoon shows Wax a book that Paalm was reading that has loads of pages ripped out. The pair conclude that she wants to destroy Harmony.
  • There’s a mob outside, and Wayne tries to calm everyone down. They do once a Survivorist priest starts talking. It turns out that the priest is actually a kandra, which is revealed when someone injects him with something.
  • TenSoon asks Harmony to call the other kandra in. They hear a howl, and run. They’re chased by weird creatures, which they have to fight off. Their spikes have red casts.
  • Wayne escapes the mob and goes back to the mansion. He hears someone speaking, and knows that it’s Paalm.
  • Wax and TenSoon escape through the Pits of Hathsin.
  • Wax goes to find the governor in the mansion. It turns out that Paalm is impersonating Innate. Paalm shoots a tonne of guards, and then injects MeLaan with the syringe. Paalm escapes, and Wax gives chase (again) with the custom made bullet. Paalm escapes him again by turning into someone else.
  • MeLaan impersonates the governor so he can give a speech to the angry crowd. Someone helps out by Soothing them as well.
  • Wax catches Paalm, who removes her mask and reveals that she looks like Lessie. She hints that she has been Lessie this whole time. She tells Wax she loves him. Then she shoots him in the leg during a fight, and they fall from the tower.
  • Reddi finds out where the Soothing is coming from, and the group goes towards it. Marasi finds a Soother and a Rioter in a carriage. Marasi makes the Soother Soothe the crowd.
  • Aradel arrests Innate, finally.
  • Paalm asks Wax to stop working with Harmony. Wax shoots her with the custom made bullet, which contains Wax’s earring. This allows Harmony to speak to Paalm again. Wax realises that she really is Lessie. Paalm dies.
  • TenSoon tells Wax that Lessie was sent by Harmony to watch over Wax. Wax is a bit unhappy with Harmony to say the least.
  • There’s a celebration for everyone because they saved the city. Wax is very upset. Marasi shows Wax the spike that was in Paalm’s body. It has red spots, and it’s a strange kind of metal.
  • MeLaan plans to fake Innate’s death so she won’t have to go to trial.

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Summary:Shadows of Self

This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of Shadows of Self. We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.


Waxillium gets off his horse and tells the teenage kid who'd been following him to stay with the horses. He enters a grungy saloon and asks the barkeep about "Granite Joe", the outlaw he has been tracking. The barkeep tells him that if he'll pay, he might know someone who knows Granite Joe. Once Wax says he will pay, the barkeep leads him to a small room near the stairs, telling him to wait. While waiting, a woman carefully breaks in through the window, an unlit cigar in her mouth. When she realizes that someone else is in the room with her, she swears and points her rifle at Wax. After a standoff, they work out they are both after the same quarry and resolve to work together and split the reward. When Wax tells her that he asked the barkeep about Joe, she's incredulous, telling him everyone in the saloon belongs to Joe. They realize it is a trap, but when they try to escape back through the window, they are stopped by a sharpshooter. They peek out the door and see that the thugs in the saloon are obviously reluctant to face Wax. They decide to make for the next floor and escape through a window on the other side of the building. They run up the stairs, Wax firing and missing everything but the piano, and make it up to the second floor. Wax remembers seeing her before as a dancing girl. Wax whistles a couple of times for his horse so they can jump into the saddle and ride off, but he doesn't show up. Eventually the kid walks up and tells him that Destroyer (the horse) is still drinking. As they consider jumping anyway, Wax trusting in his coinshot abilities to land safely, he notices a moving blue line from across the street and the sun glinting off something, so he immediately pulls himself and Lessie to the ground as a shot is fired. The sharpshooter had shifted around. Wax realizes that Granite Joe is likely in the basement, so he grabs Lessie while rolling to the ground and then uses his feruchemical ability to tap and store weight along with his allomantic ability to Push on metal to crash down through the floor to the basement. The pair crash down onto a dining table, interrupting Granite Joe's meal. Granite Joe has two bodyguards -- armed with non-metallic weapons -- so Wax is caught in a standoff. He talks to Wax, stalling for reinforcements. Joe stands up and draws, and Wax Pushes himself to the side, just avoiding a crossbow bolt. He shoots the female guard and Pushes on the male guard's gun, ruining his shot. His Push also sends his own gun into the face of the bodyguard, dropping him. He starts moving to attack Joe when he hears a weapon click behind him. He stops and sees Lessie pointing a crossbow at him. He realizes that Lessie had been bought out by Joe too, and that the whole situation had been a set up. Wax desperately tells her that he likes her legs, and she sighs and shoots Joe in the neck. As reinforcements scramble down to the basement, Wax strikes a dramatic pose next to the body of Granite Joe. The sight intimidates the thugs who had just come down, who then immediately return the way they came. Wax and Lessie flirt for a bit, then he holds onto her and Pushes themselves back up to Wayne and his waiting horse.

Part 1[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

17 years later, Winsting Innate prepares to auction off his senate vote to various crime lords and nobles in Elendel. The ostensible item for sale is his latest painting. After an introductory speech, he begins to mingle. His bodyguard Flog follows nearby. Winsting is quite disappointed that Edwarn Ladrian is not there. He is approached first by a smuggler named Dowser, who is accompanied by a tall, slender woman with short golden hair. After the conversation, Winsting identifies the woman as a spy -- possibly from the constabulary -- to his bodyguard Flog, and orders her watched. He continues to mingle for the next hour, but then a gunshot rings out, with several more quickly following from different parts of the room. Flog drags him out and takes him to his saferoom. No one is certain who started the gunfight, but Flog decides to go back up to the room to investigate. Winsting locks the door from the inside after he leaves. Eventually Flog returns, and Winsting lets him in. He tells them that everyone upstairs is dead. As Winsting considers what to do, someone grabs his hair and slits his throat.

Chapter 2[edit]

Steris and Wax discuss wedding invitations, with Steris trying to work out which of Wax's enemies to invite so that she can properly plan for the wedding to be interrupted. Wax suggests that she invite members of his family, but they want him dead too. He tells her to invite the leaders among the seamstresses and forgeworkers of his house and the constable-general of each of the city octants. Their discussion is interrupted by Wayne bursting in to tell Wax that the Marksman has made his move. With some hurried apologies and an awkward farewell, he races out, but is surprised by the sight of a motorcar, with Marasi at the wheel. After protesting that a carriage with horses would be better, he gets in and they drive off, Marasi and Wayne filling Wax in on the details. They quickly find Marks, who is bounding through the streets using Steelpushes. Wax jumps out of the car and propels himself onto the roof of Marasi's car before Pushing off and chasing the man. Marks enters a building, and Wax busts through a different window on the same floor. He bluffs Marks into giving away his position, and Wax shoots from a neighboring room, using a hazekiller round and a Push to get the bullet through the wall. Marks is hit and jumps out of the building, Wax giving chase. Wax is distracted by one of the bystanders, bearing the face of Bloody Tan. Marks momentarily forgotten, he pushes through the crowd, trying to find the man he had seen, calling out to see if anyone had seen him. Wayne and Marasi catch up and ask him what happened. Wax has lost Marks for the moment, but he is leaving trail of blood and bank notes.

Chapter 3[edit]

The trio head further into the slums. Wayne lags behind and finds an older man sitting next to a doorway, coughing. Wayne mimics the man, learning the accent as he talks to him, having a mouthful of whisky before trading the flask for the man's hat. He then joins a group of men, fitting right in with his accent and his new hat. He comments about Wax and Marasi, who are trying (in vain) to get information from people around the place. Wayne mentions that there's a thousand notes on Marks' head. The men tell him off, warning him not to be a rat. Eventually the group dissipates, and Wayne trails the man who had lectured him. Eventually the man enters a building and Wayne overhears him talking to Marks. Slipping on his sets of wooden knuckle-bones, Wayne charges into the building, throwing up a speed bubble and knocking out Marks. Looking around, he sees that he placed the bubble perfectly, with the other half dozen individuals in the room outside of the bubble. Wayne throws Marks out the window, then follows him out. The speed bubble collapses after Wayne leaves it, and he throws Marks over his shoulder and strolls away, eating an apple.

Meanwhile, Marasi and Wax try to find out where Marks went, still with no luck. Wayne eventually turns up, and Marasi asks where he's been. He tells her that he took care of her problem, at which point she realizes there's a person at his feet. When the go to leave the slums, they get attacked, with Marks being killed by a crossbow bolt. Wax shoots off to pursue the assailant. Marasi checks Marks' corpse, but when she realizes that the assassin would double back to check that they made the kill properly, the assassin appears and takes her hostage, holding a glass knife to her throat. Wax comes back from chasing after the assassin and brandishes a coin. Marasi reminds herself of her hostage training: talk him down, speak comforting words. She instead instinctively takes a small pistol out of her purse and shoots her captor through the head.

Chapter 4[edit]

Marasi cleans up after being covered with blood. Constable Reddi shows up, and he and some other constables secure the scene. Reddi pulls Wax aside to tell him about the death of the Governor's brother. The trio go investigate. Constable-General Aradel is inside. Wax recognizes a number of the corpses as being notable criminals, and Aradel verifies the fact, adding that there are nearly 30 dead criminals of some significance. Discussion leads to the conclusion that it would make the most sense for someone outside the existing criminal structure to have made the attack, and Wax realizes from examining the bodies that the melee was started from the middle, with different groups killing each other, rather than another group bursting in. Wax then asks to see the body of Lord Winsting. Examining the scene, he concludes that it was the work of a feruchemist, specifically a Steelrunner. They were known to Lord Winsting, and were allowed into the saferoom. They then killed Lord Winsting and executed the guards outside on their way out.

Part 2[edit]

Chapter 5[edit]

Wayne is residing in Wax's mansion. He has a minor illness because he is filling his goldmind -- with all the dead people at Winsting's place, he's bound to be needing healing soon. Wax has been up all night analyzing the crime scene. He's convinced that a Steelrunner is involved. Wayne studies the picture and points out that the first four shots came from the direction of the enemies of those being shot, sowing even more chaos. Wax wants Wayne to go to the Village to investigate, but he has another task that he must do since it's the first day of the month.

Marasi buys the afternoon edition of the paper to monitor the Winsting story. She notices a number of unemployed men, their life-long jobs gone due to technological progress. The governor seems unresponsive to the ills of the city, vetoing a workers' rights bill. Now the populace will wonder if he is as corrupt as his brother. Marasi fears that the city is reaching a breaking point.

Wax enters the Village and runs into three Terris guards ("brutes," or pewter ferrings). They tell him to get lost, but Vwafendal, his grandmother, intervenes.

Wayne arrives at Elendel University for his three tests. He sees two guards, apparently watching for him, and he sees that his other ways in have been foiled. He talks to Dims, a leader of a street gang, and tries some gum for the first time. Wayne bribes him into wearing his clothes and trying to get through the gate. When he does, Wayne saunters in with no problem. He heads to the girls' dormitory and faces his second test: a large woman he calls the "Tyrant of Pashadon." He bribes her with a ticket to the governor's spring dinner he has obtained in a "trade" with Wax. She leads him into the visiting room and sends for Allriandre. He offers her the usual monthly stipend, and she shows him the picture of her father, forcing him to repeat his crime. She looks at him without emotion and makes sure he knows that he is not forgiven for killing him. Wayne humbly accepts her treatment.

Wax enters his grandmother's log hut, appointed with reminders of Terris past. Vwafendal worries about the mixing of Feruchemy and Allomancy -- she fears another tyrant will come. He asks for the names of known Steelrunners. They rehash old arguments about Wax's chosen way of life as a lawkeeper. She finally reveals the name of Idashwy as the only one who could be involved. She left the Village after behaving strangely. Wax recognizes the name, and she reminds him that she was with him "that night."[1] She asks him to bring her back instead of killing her.

Marasi enters the precinct offices to report in to Aradel. In conversation, she realizes the reason for the resentment from the others in the office is due to her getting the position of Aradel's assistant instead of Reddi, one of their own. Marasi suggests that the governor is corrupt; she has a secret file on him. Aradel orders Marasi to go with a street detail assigned to help out the Second Octant constables manage crowds for the governor's address. She is to report back on how the people react to the speech.

Chapter 6[edit]

Wax soars over Elendel musing to himself about the weight of his responsibility to the thousands of workers that depend on him. He finds Wayne, who asks him why Wax didn't shoot him when he found Wayne. Wax tells Wayne that he would have if he'd caught Wayne in the act, which cheers Wayne up.

Marasi overhears someone selling apples at a high price, and asks them about it. They tell her that floods meant that there would be grain shortages soon, and that the city was a single shipment away from starvation. She moves on to where the governor is about to hold a press conference. Meeting up with some of the other constables, she decides to work her way through the crowd to the front.

Wax thinks he sees Bloody Tan, but he can't find him when he looks for the man. In the meantime, Wayne has found the address where Idashwy is staying. They arrive, and when no one answers the door, they kick open the door, and enter carefully. They find a corpse, with a large hole in its chest, in the kitchen.

Marasi makes it through to the crowd. The governor appears and begins defending his brother, calling for an investigation of the constabulary. Then he promises aid for those affected by the floods. Marasi notes to herself that none of this is what the people want to hear. She continues to maneuver through the crowd to getting a better view of Innate. She finally gets close enough, then notices a guardsman, who had been blocking her view, turn, whispering to no one, before pulling out a revolver. Marasi screams.

Wax and Wayne discuss the murder and why Idashwy left the Village. Wax shows Wayne the book that Death had given him and invites him to read it.

No one hears Marasi's scream, and she doesn't have enough time to get her gun, so instead she runs forward, grabbing the man and slowing time, having downed some Cadmium earlier. The man fires a shot, but it goes wild. Another one of the guards caught in the bubble knocks the man out, and Marasi drops the bubble, with the governor having been rushed away.

Wax and Wayne discuss Hemalurgy, determining that the killer had stolen Idashwy's Steelrunner ability and used it to kill Winsting and those at his auction. Wayne finds a piece of paper in the woman's pockets: "Someone else moves us, lawman." The same words that Bloody Tan had said before Lessie had been killed.

Chapter 7[edit]

Wax and Wayne return home. Darriance informs Wax that Ranette had been by and had left some equipment for him to test. Wax briefly talks to Steris, who reminds him about Lady ZoBell's party. She informs him that someone tried to kill the governor, but she has it on good authority that he's still going to attend. Wax decides he will need to talk to the man who tried to shoot him. They head out in a carriage driven by the new guy, Hoid. Wax puts in his earring, wondering if it had been made by killing someone, to which a distinct voice replies, startling Wax. Harmony talks to him, telling him that a kandra (now known as the Faceless Immortals) named Bleeder is wearing the body of Bloody Tan and is the culprit behind the murders. He tells Wax that he can't stop her because she is only using one Blessing at a time, meaning she's mad, but unable to be controlled by Harmony. Wax discovers Harmony can read his thoughts, and Harmony explains that he can while the earring is in. Preservation enables him to hear Wax; Ruin enables him to speak to him. Harmony also explains that his hands are tied, and he's not able to track Paalm down himself. Hence his plea for Wax's help, though Harmony is promising to send help. During this talk, Harmony also tells Wax that he might have made life too easy for the people. He mentions some technological advancements, like radio and aviation, that they haven't bothered to discover. Harmony tells Wax to be less harsh with Marasi who is also Harmony's agent on Scadrial.

Aradel and the other constables watch the suspect (Rian) in the interrogation room through glass. He only mumbles incoherently when questioned. He had a set of bracers, so they wonder if he is metalborn. Wax joins them and easily Pushes on the bracers, confirming that they aren't metalminds. The assassination attempt was simply a ruse. Wax goes to talk to Rian himself, taking Marasi and telling her about his experience with Harmony. Rian tells them they won't save the governor and that he has something for Wax in his arm. It turns to be a special old coin, a message to Wax.

Chapter 8[edit]

Wax is twelve years old, riding in his uncle's carriage. He is trying to see the defect in a misstruck coin. His uncle is taking him to the bank to encourage him to be a banker, but Wax insists he is going to be a "hero." Edwarn is disdainful, saying that the days of heroes are past. He shows Wax two loan applicants, one poor, trying to get his family out of the slums, the other rich, buying another boat. Unlike other banks, who only make safe loans, they will lend money to the poor guy and charge a high rate of interest, thus creating value from something that has no value, like the mistake coin. He gives it to Wax as a remembrance. Wax snatches it and takes it to the poor guy, telling him what it's worth and to not sign the loan.

Wax is relating the story to Steris on the way to the party. It turns out the man didn't believe Wax, signed the loan, and killed himself eight years later, still in debt. The visit to the bank was one reason why Wax left Elendel for the Roughs, where one man with a gun could make a difference. They arrive at the party to a long line of carriages. Wax thinks about Pushing up to the party, which Steris was expecting and is prepared for. They Push up to an outcropping and Wax examines a tether from Ranette. He uses it to Push all the way to the top of the skyscraper.

Chapter 9[edit]

Wayne and Marasi make their way into the party. Marasi tells Wayne that they found a small spike in Rian's chest. After it was removed, he calmed down, but still wouldn't talk. When they finally get to the front of the line, the bouncer won't let them in. Wayne throws up a speed bubble and discovers that their names are on a specific do not admit list, so Wayne finds someone on the list to impersonate.

Wax and Steris walk by a display of allomantic metals, including one for atium, the lost metal. Steris disapproves of Wax wearing his mistcoat, but she does let him decide what to do in order to find Bleeder rather than simply chatting with various nobles. Wax turns on his protective steelpush bubble and colors his water to make it look like alcohol. Steris is impressed with Wax's tactics, while Wax is enchanted with Steris' preparation, even down to what witty things to say. They get in line to talk to the governor. A tall woman who introduces herself as "Milan" starts flirting with Wax, and he stares her down. She retreats.

Wayne is acting the part of Professor Hanlanaze, a mathematics professor, with Marasi as his assistant. A colleague recognizes him, and he throws up a speed bubble while Marasi figures out how to respond to him. Wayne bluffs the man into a hasty retreat and concentrates on eating again.

Wax and Steris and the governor make some small talk, then Wax warns him that the assassination attempt was just a distraction. They promise to meet so Wax can explain more. Wax suddenly hears a voice in his head, taunting him about the phony nobles and Harmony's control. Somehow Bleeder can talk in his head when his earring is in.

Chapter 10[edit]

Wayne reaches for another sausage and gets slapped in the face. A teenage girl yells at him about stealing her father's invention and leaving him destitute. The situation reminds him too much of his own (with Allriandre's father), and his mood is dampened. He goes to look for Wax.

Wax abruptly leaves Steris and Governor Innate to look for Bleeder. She continues to whisper to him in his mind, and Wax realizes that she can't hear him think like Harmony. He walks carefully around the room, looking for anyone staying close to him. There are two: "Milan" and a server, walking in the opposite direction compared to the other servers. Wax catches his eye and he runs. Wayne tackles him, but the guards pile on, allowing Bleeder to escape. Wax shoots and misses, and Bleeder jumps out a window. Wax gives chase and tells Wayne to stay behind to protect the governor in case this is another diversion.

Chapter 11[edit]

Wax leaps out into the Mists. Once on the ground, he hears a car start up and speed away. He decides to chase it, hoping it's Bleeder. He lands on it and crushes it with enhanced weight, but only finds a cab driver trapped inside. Bleeder had already jumped out of the car on Tage Street. He goes there and searches but finds nothing. Suddenly, the door to a warehouse opens up revealing a dozen men, guns blazing. Wax's steel bubble protects him from all bullets but one, which gets him in the arm. He desperately retreats and is pinned down by gunfire. He sees more guys on his flank; he shoots a couple of them, and a couple of them are attacked by someone else: MeLaan (Milan). She was sent by Harmony to help Wax. Wax figures his uncle is behind this because of all the aluminum bullets, and he fears that Bleeder and the Set may be working together. They split up to attack two different groups. Wax kills several with his guns. Then, when he's out of ammo, he uses Ranette's hook device to kill the rest with some help from MeLaan. He sends MeLaan to a tavern while he goes to check on Lord Harms (due to Bleeder's threat about Wax's "father"). He Pushes past the remaining snipers and into the canal, then Pushes on the mooring rings to quickly swim away from danger.

Chapter 12[edit]

Wayne is finishing up his interrogation of the staff. He concludes that the server Wax chased was NOT Bleeder. The choice of impersonating a new guy that nobody liked was too obvious. He suddenly realizes that Innate isn't there, that his guards sent him off to a secure location.

Wax steelpushes his way to Lord Harms house. He asks him a question only he would know to verify that he isn't Bleeder. He's suspicious of everyone now. He tries to figure out where to hide him, knowing that it will be hard to outguess someone as old and crafty as Bleeder.

Steris tries to converse with Wayne, but he only insults her and walks away. Marasi arrives and tells Steris that the danger isn't over. She collects Wayne as well and they leave the scene.

Wax stows Harms on the top of a tower chosen randomly, figuring that a random location is the best approach to outsmarting Bleeder. He goes searching for the governor. He figures that he'll be back at his mansion, so he waits there. When he sees his carriage, he lands on top of it and asks Drim to let him in. Innate doesn't want to deal with him, so Wax threatens to just leave him alone without help. He tells them that a kandra is after the governor, but they are incredulous and want to see proof. They agree to let Wax help protect the governor. Wax suggests that he leave the city, but he refuses. They exchange passphrases. There is commotion outside the mansion, and a servant reports that Father Bin has been murdered.

Marasi looks up at Father Bin's corpse, nailed to the wall by two spikes, one in each eye. The conventicalists (workers at the church) are not talking, so Aradel has Marasi interrogate them instead of Reddi. She empathizes with them and gets them to reveal what happened. A Pathian priest named Larskpur had started preaching to the congregation, gathered for the mistdawn, then lowered a drape revealing Father Bin nailed to the wall. Marasi reports to Aradel and he orders Reddi to get tea for the witnesses. Marasi complains that he's making him hate her, and Aradel says he's doing it because Reddi is worthless unless he's competing with someone. Marasi suggests that the murders and the unrest in the city are all related -- all the work of Bleeder trying to make the city fall. Even the flood, causing the food shortage, might be attributable to sabotage. She also tells Aradel of her secret file on Governor Innate. Wax shows up and demands to see the body himself. Aradel resents Wax because he can do whatever he wants, and he has to clean up his messes. Wax doesn't think the spikes are hemalurgic but asks for a sample anyway. He invites Marasi to his meeting with MeLaan so they can figure out Bleeder's abilities and motives.

Chapter 13[edit]

Wayne enters the temple of the common man, basically a pub with altars and people praying. The "deity" is Breeze, so the worship ritual revolves around drinking. Normally, the people there are drinking and happy, but now they are morose and desperate. Wayne goes around changing everyone's drink to cheer them up, adding soda water, sugar, lime, etc. and he happens upon MeLaan.

Wax and Marasi have arrived, interrupting Wayne and MeLaan's belching contest. MeLaan warns that she is not great at impersonating, but Paalm is one of the best. Wax wants to know how to kill her, but MeLaan wants to help her because there are so few kandra left. The best way to neutralize her would be to pull her spike out, making her a mistwraith. (She has deliberately removed one spike so Harmony can't control her.) MeLaan gives them a needle and syringe with a substance that will cause a kandra to lose shape and become immobilized if injected with it. Unfortunately, it would kill a human, so Wax has to be sure before he can use it. MeLaan tells more about Paalm: she was the personal kandra of the Lord Ruler and always out on missions, even perhaps imitating Inquisitors. She probably has special knowledge about Feruchemy and Allomancy. Marasi and MeLaan head to the precinct, and Wax orders Wayne back the governor's mansion.

Chapter 14[edit]

Wax arrives at a Pathian church with a mob outside. He shows himself with Vindication drawn, and the group scatters, although one person stays hidden nearby. He tells the Pathian missionary what happened to Father Bin. He suggests she flee to the Village and get her colleagues to go with her. He then seeks out person hiding. He reveals that the trouble started when two people dressed in Pathian robes came into a pub and started cursing the Survivor. It was either Bleeder and someone else, or maybe two confederates, or maybe the Set? Wax next goes to Ashweather Carriage and Coach. Some silver paint scraped off on the bricks in the alleyway behind the Survivorist church looks like it came from one of their carriages. He asks the proprietor for who has retained a carriage that night, and he seems to eager to please, raising Wax's suspicions. He narrows it down to coach sixteen as the one Bleeder might have used to make her getaway. Cett's Coinshot employee shows up to report on the drivers, and she lets slip that they also employ a Rioter to drum up business, a serious crime.

Marasi and MeLaan arrive at the precinct where rifles are laid out. Extra constables are being called in. MeLaan notices all the women in the station, and they start to discuss religion. MeLaan thinks it's silly to worship the Survivor instead of Harmony because he's dead, but Marasi explains that he did survive and even held Preservation before Vin took it up.[2] Marasi gets the file on the dam, and MeLaan notices a lot of hostility toward her from her colleagues. The file explains that a farmer had blown up the dam to ruin a neighbor's harvest, but he put too much dynamite in. He was acting insane and couldn't remember his children's names, and the grave was "desecrated" two days after his execution. All clues that the farmer was actually Bleeder.

Chapter 15[edit]

Wax finds the coach with scraped paint parked outside a Soothing parlor. The proprietor leads him to the driver, who has paid for a private session. Wax asks him a question to make sure he isn't Bleeder in disguise, then asks why he's there. He's trying to forget something that he saw, obviously something terrible.

Marasi finds Aradel on the roof taking reports from a couple of Coinshot contractors. He's decided to ask the governor to declare martial law and close down the pubs. Marasi shares the information about the dam destruction, but he still wants proof that a kandra is involved. Marasi invites him to talk to MeLaan. She turns translucent and confirms that there is a crazy kandra on the loose. After MeLaan's demonstration, Aradel asks Marasi to give him reports on what Wax is doing. Marasi agrees, but only if she also tells him what she's doing. Marasi wonders if that's the only reason that she got the job as his assistant -- so he could have access to Wax. MeLaan rejoins her and they head to the governor's mansion.

Chapaou tells Wax what happened while he examines the items Paalm left behind in the coach. He finds a set of bones and a Pathian robe, plus a bloody mallet. Poor Chapaou thinks that he went crazy and murdered someone, but Wax assures him he was just tricked. Paalm had Chapaou drop her off at Lestib Square, close to the governor's mansion. Wax spots a glowing substance on the hem of the robes and takes a sample. He gives the coachman some money and tells him not to worry.

Chapter 16[edit]

Wax is perched on an electrical pole outside the governor's mansion. He hears Bleeder's voice in his head again, indicating that she is close. She threatens to kill the governor again and calls Wax a pawn. Wax walks about, trying to get closer, or at worst far enough away that she can't talk to him so he'll know where to look. He notices some movement in a window of a nearby office building, and Paalm starts speaking aloud in her raspy voice. She tries to turn him against Harmony for not intervening with Lessie and Bloody Tan. Bleeder exits the building and runs toward the mansion at Feruchemical-enhanced speed. Wax gives chase. She shoots guards as she makes her way to the saferoom, which she unlocks. She's shocked when Wax moves the same speed as her -- Wayne is there and has thrown up a speed bubble including Wax. Wax fires everything he's got and also sends a syringe out with the bullets. The bullets scatter as they pass through the bubble, but many hit Paalm and blood is spurting everywhere. The syringe misses. Wax runs into the saferoom and hears a single gunshot. The governor is there trying to save Drim, with his blood all over him. The escape tunnel door is open. Wax goes up and finds her bloody cloak, discarded in the tunnel. Wax can't figure out why she didn't kill the governor. The governor insists on staying to try to save the city.

Chapter 17[edit]

Wayne and Wax wait around while the governor has a meeting with city officials. Wax shows him a bit of the Marksman's mask that Bleeder was wearing. She was probably him all along, goading the slum people into disliking Wax and the establishment even more. Wayne will stay to help protect the governor with help from MeLaan, who is changing into a female guard that just died in the attack. Wax shows her the glowing substance that he collected, and MeLaan recognizes it as perchwither, which means that she's been in the Homeland, something that disturbs MeLaan because it is a holy place. Wax wants to go there to check if she's there, and Harmony gives permission (through MeLaan). A message arrives with a carriage: Wax's uncle has arrived.

Wax has found his uncle through the notebook he stole;[3] he left a message in one his safe deposit boxes. Wax enters the carriage and they start moving. Edwarn compares what he's doing with the Set to Kelsier's crew and posits that Wax would be on the Lord Ruler's side. Wax puts this aside and asks for help against a common enemy -- his uncle wants to rule, but Paalm wants everything destroyed. Edwarn would like Paalm taken down, but he's taking a wait and see approach and will not help Wax. He insists that the Set will be hailed as heroes against oppression and promises that Wax's sister will die if he does. Wax promises to take care of Bleeder and then come after him.

Chapter 18[edit]

Innate is meeting with his staff, trying to decide what to do about the looting and unrest. The various ministers seem more concerned about political ramifications. He dismisses them and gives Marasi a written order that Aradel is to become the head constable for the entire city. He is declaring martial law. The people can congregate at the mansion so he can speak to them, but looters are to be dealt with in force. Marasi requests a carriage to deliver the writ, but there are none available at the moment because of everyone else sending messages. She wanders about and decides to visit the saferoom. She notices that some of the books on the shelves are scuffed while the others are pristine. She finds a key in one of them and unlocks a safe under a rug. Inside is a wad of cash and various letters proving the governor's corruption. She takes the evidence with her and heads back upstairs.

Wax soars over the city and tries to find solitude after the disturbing conversations with his uncle and Bleeder. He wonders why Harmony didn't save Lessie and resents the fact that he expects Wax to help him. But Wax knows he can't just let Bleeder keep killing and let the city burn. He's feeling overwhelmed by his burdens.

Chapter 19[edit]

Innate retires to his room to prepare his remarks, not allowing anyone in the room with him. Wayne coaches MeLaan on her accent. He teaches her his trick with hats: wear someone's hat and you can think like the owner did. He asks MeLaan about immortality, and she reveals that TenSoon and others figured out how to die, if a kandra so desired. Wayne hears a voice and runs downstairs. Ranette is at the door. She delivers a special bullet Wax asked her to make. She's so worried about the mobs in the city that she doesn't get violent when Wayne flirts with her. People are gathering outside the mansion, chanting slogans.

Aradel has received the governor's writ, and he's not thrilled with being named lord high constable. He gives orders to set up a center of operations at the mansion. They head out on horseback, and Marasi gives Aradel the letters she had confiscated from the mansion. Aradel will still protect the governor, but he sides with the people.

Wax goes to the Field of Rebirth and enters the museum/tomb. He bluffs his way past the caretaker and jumps down into a pit. He turns on the lights and walks down the cavern and passes several chambers (each one dedicated to a metal) along the way with various relics and displays. He finds the secret door in the atium chamber and closes the door behind him. A growling voice in the dark says "I've been waiting for you."

Chapter 20[edit]

Wax very nearly panics and fires his gun down the corridor, using the flashes to try to see who spoke. The voice tells him to turn on the lights and lock the hidden door, and he sees a wolfhound which he guesses is a kandra. TenSoon explains that other kandra are out trying to counteract Paalm to calm the city down. They pass through many caverns and tunnels, including the remnants of Kredik Shaw. TenSoon explains that the kandra don't come back to the Homeland often, preferring to live in the world, interacting with their own kind. He leads Wax to a certain room where Paalm has discarded an old copy of The Words of Founding, pages ripped out and random words and curses written in blood on them. As Wax sorts the pages, trying to discern a message, he learns about Vin from TenSoon. Wax perceives that the book is just a distraction. He explains to TenSoon that Paalm may be insane, but her methods are not. She somehow wants to free people of Harmony and destroy him. He realizes that she has anticipated how the other kandra would help, and her next step is to bring them down.

Wayne listens to someone whip up a mob, railing against the abuse at the hands of the aristocracy. He agrees with their sentiment and shouts along with them. A Survivorist priest then speaks, telling the crowd that the Survivor would not encourage them to loot and destroy. The crowd starts to calm down, but Wayne sees the first guy sneak up behind the priest with a syringe. He injects it into him, revealing that he is a kandra in disguise. Someone in the crowd recognizes Wayne as the conner from the Roughs, and they all turn to look at him.

Chapter 21[edit]

TenSoon has told Harmony to call off the other kandra, but it may be too late. They are running for the exit when they suddenly hear a strange howl that neither of them recognizes. They run the other direction, and Wax struggles to keep up. He finally finds a corridor that he can Push down, and he glimpses human-like forms running on all fours. TenSoon figures they are some kind of Hemalurgic construct that Paalm came up with. TenSoon has led them to his collection of bones, and he quickly transforms into a superhuman form. They hunker down and fight, killing all five of the creatures. They are built to defeat Wax, but he kills them anyway by shooting them up close and using his extra weight to crush them. TenSoon fishes out a spike from one of them that has a red cast to it. He leads Wax to another way out.

Wayne manages to switch into a quick disguise and lead the mob away from him. He heads back to the mansion and hears someone speaking. The accent is off, so he realizes who Bleeder is impersonating.

TenSoon shows Wax a crevice that leads out to the city. Wax uses some extra weight to widen the opening. They start to crawl up, hearing more howling creatures coming their way. Wax drops his lantern and panics, then realizes that there is glowing fungus here too. Harmony didn't want anyone to experience darkness here again. Wax realizes that he is in the Pits of Hathsin. TenSoon encourages him up, and they emerge in the sewer. Wax figures Bleeder hasn't killed the governor yet because she wants to do it in front of the people to incite a complete riot.

Part 3[edit]

Chapter 22[edit]

Wax arrives at the mansion and tells Marasi to go check on Steris. He goes up to the governor's study, where a guard informs him that no one is allowed in. Wax blasts the door open with Allomancy and finds the governor going over his speech. Wax scolds the governor for locking out the guards, but he argues that no one can really stop Bleeder anyway. Wax goes over to the window to think and notices a wad of gum. He figures out that Bleeder is impersonating Innate himself and spins around with gun drawn. Bleeder draws an aluminum gun, but doesn't kill Wax. He wonders why she is reluctant to do so. Wax yells for help. The guards rush in and attack Wax -- since they are tasked with protecting the governor after all -- and Bleeder guns them all down. Meanwhile, Wax throws himself closer to the desk, getting out the last syringe. He yells at MeLaan, and she grabs Bleeder, but she's too strong and fast for them. She uses the syringe on MeLaan and Wax fruitlessly shoots her. She hears footsteps and escapes out the window. Wax looks for Wayne and finds him tied up in a closet. Wayne gives Wax the special bullet from Ranette, and he goes off to chase her.

Chapter 23[edit]

Wax flies out into the night and sees the crowd dispersing in the mansion's garden. He enters a dark shed and finds signs that Bleeder is changing into a new body. She whispers to him in the dark, promising to "free" him from Harmony. He still has Wax to serve as his hands. She blasts out a wall and Pushes into the air. She's out of speed, but now she's now a coinshot.

Wayne, Marasi, and MeLaan are in the shed, looking at the governor's bones. Marasi convinces MeLaan to impersonate the governor and give a sympathetic speech, rather than the inflammatory one Bleeder was planning.

Chapter 24[edit]

Wax pursues Paalm through the city. Wax concludes that she wasn't Marksman after all, even though she is wearing his mask. While she's good at steelpushing, Wax is better, and he eventually catches up with her on the Eastbridge. Wax tries to convince her to give up, but she Pushes up to a suspension tower and removes her mask. She looks like Lessie.

Marasi doesn't tell anyone that the governor is dead. MeLaan starts speaking and just about everyone calms down. She feels calm too, and realizes someone is Soothing the crowd. She worries that the Set is involved and that there is a Rioter waiting for the right moment in the speech to whip up the crowd again. She finds Reddi and convinces him that someone is Soothing the crowd. She spies a carriage parked nearby in an alleyway.

Chapter 25[edit]

Bleeder talks in Lessie's voice. Wax can't believe he has to shoot her again and tries to remember that it's not really her. She says she regrets what she's doing, but it takes strong emotions to break free of Harmony. Wax marvels at how good she is acting as Lessie. Bleeder hints that she really is Lessie. Wax pleads for help, but he doesn't have his earring in.

Marasi and Reddi approach the carriage with aluminum-lined helmets. Reddi takes his off and can tell the Soothing is coming from the carriage. They will fight hand-to-hand to protect the nearby crowd from stray bullets. As the constables approach the carriage, a group of men enter the alley from a building. Reddi engages with his dueling cane, and the two groups start fighting.

Bleeder walks toward Wax and professes her love to him. She will have to do something about Wax to get him out of the way. She likes Wayne but decides that he must die because he is of Harmony. Wax lifts Vindication, but it's Pushed out of his hands. He tackles her and they both fall from the tower, Bleeder shooting him in the leg as they fall. He manages to Push enough to fall safely, and he looks around for the gun. He sees the orange glow of fires in the city.

Reddi's men are outnumbered and losing, and MeLaan's speech isn't going very well. She manages to sneak up to the carriage, where she finds two guards. She puts up a few speed bubbles for fractions of a second, making it look like there are metalborn among the fighters. They run to warn their guys, clearing the way for Marasi to enter the carriage. She finds the Soother and Rioter in there, and she pulls a gun on them.

Bleeder is crying, begging Wax to stop obeying Harmony. Wax finds his gun and spins it to the special bullet. He shoots her in the head. She is at first unconcerned, but then she realizes that Harmony is controlling her again. The special bullet was Wax's earring, providing a second spike.

Chapter 26[edit]

Marasi drags the Soother toward the crowd. MeLaan is doing well at impersonating Innate, which means that she's doing a poor job of quelling the riotous crowd. She throws up her hands and gives up, then Aradel goes up to her and points a gun at her. Marasi makes an impromptu immunity deal with the Soother, and she Soothes for all she's worth, quieting the crowd. Aradel arrests Innate and claims control over the city due to martial law. He channels the crowd's rage by promising to arrest a bunch of corrupt nobles.

Wax limps over to Bleeder to make sure she's neutralized. She starts convulsing and thrashing about and tells Wax that she's killing herself. He takes pity on her and holds her as she dies. She repeats something that only Lessie would know, and Wax finally realizes that Bleeder is Lessie. After she dies, he howls, driving back the Mists. An hour later, TenSoon comes and explains that Lessie was sent by Harmony to be his bodyguard. He didn't tell Wax because he foresaw disaster if Wax knew who he was hunting. Wax hates Harmony for forcing him to kill Lessie again.


Wax sits by the fire in a deep depression while others celebrate. The city is saved and has a new governor with no noble blood. Steris protects him from having to interact with the others and is thoughtful enough to provide a traditional lamp instead of electric lights. Wayne tries to cheer him up, but he won't be consoled. Wayne sees the girl who slapped him at the party and offers her some venture capital for developing uses for electricity. As the guests leave, Marasi shows him a metal spike with red spots recovered from Paalm's body. They can't figure out what kind of metal it is. Wax doesn't care. He is consumed with hatred and anger towards Harmony.

Marasi is back at the station. Aradel is not happy about having to be governor. "Innate" walks in and asks how to tie a belt so she can "kill herself." MeLaan refuses to testify at trial. It's not clear when the actual governor was killed, so the evidence against him is sketchy. She won't lie, so instead, she'll fake his death. Harmony won't step in and reveal the truth himself because that would only be doing what Paalm was complaining of: stepping in and controlling everyone's lives. She also reveals that Harmony doesn't know what the metal spike is made of, so Marasi decides to research Trell.

Wax sits by a dying fire. Steris puts a log on. She sits near him and says nothing, only putting her hand on his. He lays his head on her shoulder and weeps.

Ars Arcanum[edit]

The arcanum displays a detailed chart of the metals (Metals Quick Reference Chart), a List of Metals with properties explained and a short essay, On The Three Metallic Arts. The last compares Allomancy with Investitures from Sel, as well as a mention that the Cosmere is greatly interested in Hemalurgy. The first parts are the same as The Alloy of Law arcanum. A further section discussing the twinborn combinations of powers is additional to this.


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Mistborn: Shadows of Self

2015 fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn: Shadows of Self is a high fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson. It was published on October 6, 2015 by Tor Books and is the second book in the Wax and Wayne series and fifth in the Mistborn series. It is preceded by The Alloy of Law in 2011 and followed by The Bands of Mourning in 2016.

Plot summary[edit]

In a flashback, Waxillium Ladrian first meets his future wife Lessie on a bounty hunt, where they work together to bag a powerful crime boss. In the present, it is one year since the defeat of the Vanishers. Wax and Marasi have learned of the art of Hemalurgy from the book given to them by Ironeyes. Wax has now been deputized by the city's constabulary.

While hunting down a criminal called the Marksman with his partner Wayne, Wax sees the face of Bloody Tan (the man responsible for Lessie's death) in a crowd, but is unable to find him when he searches. Wax is called off the job and summoned by the constables to aid in a major investigation: the brother of Elendel's governor has been murdered at a meeting with a number of powerful crime bosses, who have all also been killed. This incident further stokes unrest over corruption and bad working conditions in the city. Wax finds evidence that only a Steelrunner (a Feruchemist who can store and utilize speed) could have committed the murders, but when he tracks down the only Steelrunner in the city, he finds her dead, murdered with a Hemalurgic spike.

Wax is approached by Harmony himself, who informs him that a rogue kandra named Paalm, or Bleeder, is responsible for the killings. She has gone mad, and ripped out one of her spikes to hide from Harmony. She has also found a way to grant herself metallic powers using Hemalurgy, though she can only hold one ability at a time. She now seeks unrest and destruction in the city, and is convinced that Harmony is a terrible, cruel god. Harmony promises to send supernatural help to Wax in order to foil her plots.

Wax and Marasi become convinced that governor Innate (whom Marasi has discovered is corrupt) will be the next target of Paalm's attacks, and Wax finds evidence that Paalm may have a personal vendetta against him. Paalm finds a way to mentally communicate with Wax and draws him away from a noble party and into a trap laid by Set enforcers. Wax is saved by MeLaan, a kandra sent by Harmony to help him. Wax contacts his uncle Edwarn and attempts to strike a truce with the Set, but learns that the Set is backing Paalm with both manpower and money. Paalm kills a Survivorist priest while posing as a Pathian, which spurs riots in the city. Constable-general Aradel seeks permission to institute martial law.

Paalm launches an attack on the governor's mansion, using her speed to slip by Wax and Wayne's defenses and to break into the governor's safe room; she only kills Innate's bodyguard before fleeing, however, and Wax guesses that she will not kill Innate until she can further destabilize the city. Innate gives permission for martial law, and insists on making a speech to quell the population. Paalm leads Wax on another false chase alongside the famed kandra TenSoon, where they discover that she has made other Hemalurgic creations. Wax returns to the governor's mansion, and realizes that Paalm has had time to prepare for many months, leading him to correctly guess that she has already killed and taken the place of the governor. Found out, she is forced to switch bodies and flee, Wax giving chase.

Wayne and Marasi have MeLaan impersonate the governor and give a speech to appease the populace. When even this does not seem to head off the rioters, Aradel publicly arrests the governor (MeLaan) on charges of corruption and instills himself as city leader. Wax pursues Paalm to a bridge, where he discovers she is impersonating Lessie. He fires a specially crafted bullet with his hemalurgic earring forged inside it into her, allowing Harmony to assert his control. Rather than be controlled, she commits suicide, and as she dies, she says things which only the real Lessie could know. Wax, anguished, realizes that she is the real Lessie, and TenSoon arrives to explain that she had been sent to watch over Wax in the roughs. Wax is horrified that he has now killed her a second time.

Aradel is officially named governor, the first ever without noble blood; he begins immediate work exposing corruption. MeLaan fakes the suicide of Innate, and warns Marasi that a spike recovered from Paalm is made of a metal that even Harmony has never seen. MeLaan's warnings prompt Marasi to research Trell, an ancient god whom Miles Hundredlives referenced with his final words. Meanwhile, Wax slips into a deep melancholic and isolationist depression.


  • Waxillium "Wax" Ladrian: The hereditary Lord of House Ladrian. A former lawman in the Roughs, he has a current special deputized forbearance in the constabulary. He is a Twinborn with the Allomantic ability to Push metals and the Feruchemical ability to increase or decrease his weight.
  • Wayne: Wax's best friend and deputy, a master of disguises. A Twinborn as well, Wayne has the Allomantic ability to make speed bubbles, in which time speeds up inside and slows down outside; and the Feruchemical ability to store health in goldminds to heal quickly, in exchange for a period of poor health.
  • Marasi Colms: A constable and aide to Constable-General Claude Aradel in the Fourth Octant, serving as an analyst and his executive assistant. She is the illegitimate daughter of Lord Jackstom Harms and is Steris' half-sister. She accompanies Wax and Wayne along in their investigations. She is a Pulser, an Allomancer that can slow down time within a bubble and speed up time outside.
  • Bleeder or Paalm: Bleeder, or Paalm, is a rogue and deranged female Kandra of the Third Generation, who once served the Lord Ruler. She plots to block Harmony's influence over Elendel.
  • MeLaan: A female Kandra of the Seventh Generation. She has previously appeared in the original trilogy. She was sent by Harmony to aid Waxillium in incapacitating Bleeder.
  • Steris Harms: Waxillium's betrothed, who has a reputation of being a bore.
  • Replar Innate: Governor of Elendel, whom Marasi believes to be corrupt. His brother Winsting Innate was recently murdered at a meeting with various criminal factions.
  • Claude Aradel: Constable-General of the Fourth Octant, a man of honor, who has not a single drop of noble blood in him.
  • Edwarn Ladrian: Waxillium's villainous uncle, who is one of the leaders of the mysterious group known as the Set.


On October 29, 2013, Sanderson and Tor Books announced that there would be two more Mistborn novels following The Alloy of Law in the Wax and Wayne timeframe of the Mistborn world, starting with the publication of Shadows of Self.[1][2]


Shadows of Self debuted at #5 on the Combined Print and E-Book New York Times Best Seller list,[3] #8 on the Hardcover Fiction New York Times Best Seller list,[4][5] and #5 on the E-Book New York Times Best Seller list.[6] It debuted at #42 on the USA Today Best-Selling Books list.[7]

Kirkus Reviews praised Shadows of Self over The Alloy of Law stating that it "deals far more than its predecessor with its world’s complicated mythology, but the action never lets up, and the characters never lose their endearing humanity." They also called it "a fast-paced fantasy adventure set in a fascinating world and populated with lovable, memorable characters."[8]Publishers Weekly commented that "fantasy fans will savor this exciting escapade."[9]


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