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I felt how a huge strap-on Alexander wielded in my ass. She did it so skillfully that it seemed to me that she had done it before and more than once. And so I close my eyes and imagine myself as a whore. Like my lowered mother, they fuck me in the ass.

I wanted to, of course, but, standing up, my faithful companion in bed pleasures, again lost strength, and I practically did not feel anything with my head. I'm sorry for my wife. She already looks at all the men with hungry eyes, but so far she is holding on.

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But deciding that it is pointless to postpone what is inevitable, then I put it down below the chest. As soon as I saw what the voice or whoever he was doing to my chest, he just whistled. In place of sagging breasts swollen with fat, there were elastic apples with protruding nipples and dark halos around them. The breasts themselves were of the third size and I, unable to resist, began to touch them with my left hand while my right.

Held the blankets at the level of the navel.

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Everyone quickly stripped down to their underpants, except me. I just took off my shirt and stayed in shorts. I dont wear panties.

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I pull the blanket over myself with trembling hands, now I am cold, I cling to you, and fall asleep on your shoulder. You kiss my nose, my cheeks, and tears are dripping from my eyes. You hug me, and I begin to warm up in your arms, I feel your energy with my tummy, nipples and. Pubic hair pressing against you.

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How together. - Susanna was taken aback. - How. - I got scared.

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It seems like he was not going to. And did not come to say goodbye. Yes, he himself did not expect.

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