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TESLA Model S Window Tint, Paint Protection, Chrome Delete + More!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Ultimate Window Tinting, we offer window tinting services for all Tesla models including the Tesla Model S. We install high-quality automotive film for heat and glare reduction, UV protection, security, privacy, and more. We also install paint protection film on all vehicles for maximum protection. For many years, we have been dedicated to providing the best window tinting services for your car. Contact us to schedule a meeting and discuss tinting your vehicle.

Why is Tinting The Windows on Your Tesla Model S so Important?

Tinting your Tesla vehicle is important because it helps reduce the amount of solar energy that enters through the windows thus draining your battery and reducing range. The more heat enters your car, the longer the air-conditioning system works and that drains the battery. This is because of the Cabin Overheat Protection feature that all Tesla vehicles have. When the temperature inside the car reaches 110 degrees, the AC turns on automatically. It continues to run until the battery is low.

Applying window film on the car windows blocks the heat and helps preserve the battery longer. This means that the AC system won’t be on all the time during the hot summer months. On top of that, tinted windows also help reduce glare which is known to be very distracting when you’re driving. In this way, you enjoy a comfortable drive in a naturally cool car without turning the AC on.

What Type of Window Film Do We Use on Your Tesla Model S?

When tinting your Tesla Model S, our team uses top-quality films only or ceramic coating. We only use quality brands whether it’s for window tinting or paint protection. If you’re considering tinting your car windows, we recommend tinting all the windows including the windshield. The windshield can be tinted using a clear protective film to maximize the effect of tinted windows. In this way, your visibility is not affected but the overall result is better because the temperature in your car is significantly reduced.

As for the side windows and the rear window, you can choose a darker shade for privacy and heat rejection purposes. If you would like to also protect your car from harsh weather and preserve its condition, we suggest considering applying a paint protection coat. Our team at Ultimate Window Tinting is skilled in installing paint protection on all Tesla models.

Why Should You Tint The Windows on Your Tesla Model S?


A Tesla Model 3 refresh is coming and for some, it has been due for a long time. Several pictures of the interior and exterior of the refreshed Model 3 have surfaced on social media within the last 24 hours.

Exterior Changes

The major change in the exterior of the Tesla Model 3 is the black window trim and black door handles (chrome delete out of the factory). The existing Model 3 cars since the design and prototype stages had the silver/chrome door handles and window trim.

The following spy pic of a Model 3 was taken at the Tesla Fremont car factory’s car lot yesterday. In this photo, we can see a bit of protective tape has come off the window trim uncovering the black/chrome delete window trim.

A refreshed 2021 Tesla Model 3 spotted at the Fremont factory.

The narrower and longer license plate holders on the rear side of both the Tesla Model 3s in the above pic suggest that these cars are rolled off the assembly line to depart for Europe.

A few more spy photos from @WholeMarsBlog also suggest that Tesla has chrome deleted the exterior of the Model 3. In the following pic, we can witness the door handle too is also black instead of chrome.

The information coming from multiple sources also suggests that the new version of the Tesla Model 3 will also include the powered trunk liftgate.

Chrome deleted window trim and door handles seen on a red Tesla Model 3.

Interior Changes

The interior changes coming to the newer Tesla Model 3 cars are equally interesting. The most notable is the one where the old piano black center console is at last upgraded to a stitched vegan leather trim.

This updated center console was also spotted by @WholeMarsBlog on his secret visit to the Fremont factory last night.

Although there is a cover on the upper part of the console and cup holder area, rumor has it that it has now been changed to matte black instead of the old glossy black. Here’s a visual comparison of the old and new center console trims:

The VIN sticker on one of these new Tesla Model 3 electric cars, shows the latest manufacturing date of yesterday. A commenter in this thread decoded the VIN number showing that it is a 2021 model year car (see tweet below). The sticker also says “New Process” — it’s still a secret that what it actually refers to — expert advice can be posted to the comments section below.

Update:The new Tesla Model 3 center console is unveiled in HD photo.

The following leaked photo of the new Tesla Model 3 interior also shows a potential slight change in size or bezel thickness in the center touchscreen. The center console can also be seen more clearly in this picture.

Spy shot of the new Tesla Model 3 interior showing the center touchscreen and the center console.

Since Tesla ordered more than 650k heat pumps from China this year, it is strongly believed that these new Model 3s produced at the Fremont factory are equipped with the heat pump enhancement.

It remains to be seen when Tesla updates the online configurator to reflect the latest upgrades and changes, probably will be launched for the European region first.

A summary of new Tesla Model 3 updates

  • New black window trim and door handles
  • New center console vegan leather trim
  • Center console slide-open function rather than by the lid
  • Double-paned glass windows
  • Possibility of the heat pump
  • Power trunk

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By Iqtidar Ali

Iqtidar has been writing about Tesla, Elon Musk, and EVs for more than 3 years on, many of his articles have been republished on CleanTechnica and InsideEVs, maintains a healthy relationship with the Tesla community across the Social Media sphere. You can reach him on Twitter @IqtidarAlii

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We’re Your Chrome Delete Experts!

Full Satin Black Blackout Delete of Chrome on a Red Tesla Model 3

When it comes to chrome deletes, Vinyl ink specializes in Tesla installs, but we will also blackout the chrome on any vehicle. Our shop has installed more vinyl on Tesla chrome than anyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our installers have turned the chrome delete into a science with in-house designed templates specifically created to provide our customers with a seamless, factory finish look that is far superior to the rest. Tesla retracting door handles and folding mirrors are no challenge for us!

Years ago, it seemed like it was a luxury option to have chrome trim when buying a new car… oh have the tides turned! Today, it’s almost impossible to buy a car without all that unsightly chrome trim from roof to tire. When the car manufacturers show you that release photo of next year’s upcoming body redesign, they usually have all the chrome blacked out because it just looks soooo much better… but when the vehicle is released to the public, they bedazzle everything with chrome, chrome, and more chrome. And now, instead of charging you extra for the chrome package, the few that offer a blackout trim package will charge you $3,000-$4,000 for a “Black Edition.”

Your Car, Your Choice

Tesla Model S Side Blinker with Carbon Fiber Wrap

Unlike buying a car from the dealership, you can choose your own color and finish for your trim. Gloss black, matte black, carbon fiber, or even brushed metal, it’s your choice! You can even choose a different accent color for your emblems, side blinkers, or aero wheels.

Why Choosing Your Installer Matters

Installing vinyl on chrome may sound like an easy task but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Chrome trim has tight, complex shapes that make installations more difficult. The film needs to be shaped and formed at a higher stress point than if it were being installed on a larger part like a bumper.

Chrome blackouts are notoriously difficult to install due to the nature of bright chrome finishes. The smallest bit of chrome exposed can look like a major flaw, usually requiring the whole piece to be reinstalled. Close proximity with body panels and the inability to remove most parts for application further complicates the installation process. Inexperienced installers may leave unsightly seams and wrinkles or cause the vinyl to discolor. That’s far from the factory-like fit and finish we are known for.

The Vinyl ink Advantage

Our Tesla chrome delete kits are sold to professional wrap installers across the US. These kits are NOT designed for DIY. We painstakingly created our templates for a “deep” install which you cannot obtain with other kits. While we do sell our kits to film installers, it still takes a high level of skill and precision to create the polished results you would get here at our shop. In the end, it comes down to numbers and we’ve done hundreds of chrome deletes on Teslas which include installs we perform for other local shops around the Bay Area which can’t to do the work themselves.

Contact us for a quote on your chrome delete today!

Tesla Model S : Satin Clearbra(PPF), Chrome Delete, Interior Wrap, Window Tint Project

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2016 Tesla Model S chrome delete

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