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This theme song was used from 2004 to 2015. The second theme song was released after the Peppa Pig episode "Peppa and the Rugrats" with a hip hop remix. The third is used in all episodes with "Zahgsoja" in the title.


Peppa. I'm Peppa Pig (oinks)

Peppa. And this is my little brother George.

George. (oinks x2)

Peppa. This is Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig.(oinks loud)

Peppa. And this is Daddy Pig.

Daddy Pig. (oinks very loud)

(everyone laughs)

Peppa. Peppa

New Lyrics

Peppa: I'm Peppa Pig (oinks)

Peppa. And this is my little brother George.

George. (oinks x2)

Peppa. This is Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig: (oinks loud)

Peppa: This is Daddy Pig.

Daddy Pig. (oinks very loud)

Peppa: And this is Much Members Pig Family

Pig Family: (Oinks super loud)

(everyone laughs)

Peppa. Peppa

Lyrics (July 27, 2015-Present)

(The theme song of the hip-hop)

Peppa. My name is Peppa Pig.

Peppa. And this is George

George. (oinks x2)

Peppa. And she, that's Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig. (oinks loudly)

Peppa. And that... hes daddy pig.

Daddy Pig. (oinks loudly)

Peppa. Those are my friends. Suzy, Danny, and Pedro

Suzy Sheep. (non-singer) Peppa is so awesome.

Danny Dog. (non-singer) Yes, she is.

Pedro Pony. (non-singer) She is my girlfriend.

Peppa. Oh, and I also have enemies. They're names are Emily, Lisa, and Brianna.

Emily. (non-singer) Peppa is low class.

Lisa. (non-singer) I agree.

Brianna. (non-singer) Even more.

Peppa. No I'm not. I am Peppa Pig, and this is George, this is Mummy Pig, and this is Daddy Pig. (x4)

Peppa. (oinks x2)

Everyone in Peppatown. (claps rhythmical)

Peppa. (standing next to the 2015 Peppa Pig logo) Peppa Pig.

Peppa. (draws the title of the episode)

Lyrics (2018) Peppa Pig (fanon wiki)

Peppa. I'm Peppa Pig (oinks)

Peppa. And this is my little brother George.

George. (oinks x2)

Peppa. This is Mummy Pig.

Mummy Pig.(oinks loud)

Peppa. And this is Daddy Pig.

Daddy Pig. (oinks very loud)

Peppa: These are all my members of my family

Everyone: (oinks mega loud)

(everyone laughs)

Peppa Pig.

Lyrics For All Episodes With "Zahgsoja" In The Title

Peppa Pig: I'm Peppa Pig, this is George.

George Pig: *snorts*

Peppa Pig: This is Mummy Pig, and that is Daddy Pig.

Mummy Pig: *snorts*

Daddy Pig: *snorts*

Peppa Pig: These are my friends: Suzy, Danny, Pedro, Tommy Pickles, Lil and Phil DeVille and Chuckie. Oh, and I also have enemies. Their names are Emily, Lisa, Brianna, Candy, Rebecca, Cressida, Tara, Kaylee, Edna, Kitanna, Elizabeth, Ryann, Angelica Pickles and a really mean nudist named Zahgsoja.

(Roastrose and others appear)

Peppa Pig: And they are Roastrose, Sizzlerose, Daddy Lizard, and Mommy Lizard.

[cuts to Peppa standing on the 2015 logo]

Peppa Pig: Peppa Pig!!!!! *title fades in with invisible Peppa saying the episode name*

Lyrics for All Episodes that have Phil and Lil as a character

(alarm clock rings)

(Peppa runs downstairs)

(title card shows with Peppa Pig in it with words saying "Peppa Pig")

Peppa. I'm Peppa Pig.

(scene cuts to George with Mr. Dinosaur)

(title card Shows with George in it with words saying "George")

Peppa. This is George.

(scene cuts to Daddy Pig watching TV)

(title card shows with Daddy Pig in it with words saying "Daddy Pig")

Peppa. This is Daddy Pig.

(scene cuts to Mummy Pig making breakfast)

(title card shows with Mummy Pig in it with words saying "Mummy Pig")

Peppa. That's Mummy Pig.

(Peppa eats her breakfast)

(Peppa goes outside)

(Peppa's gang is shown)

(title card is shown with Suzy in it with words saying "Suzy Sheep")

Peppa. That's my best friend, Suzy Sheep.

(title card is shown with Suzy in it with words saying "Pedro Pony")

Peppa. That's Pedro Pony.

(title card is shown with Danny in it with words saying "Danny Dog")

Peppa. This is Danny.

(scene cuts to Emily, Lisa, Brianna and Zahgsoja)

(title card is shown with Emily in it with words saying "Emily Elephant")

Peppa. That's Emily Elephant.

(title card is shown with Lisa in it with words saying "Lisa Fox")

Peppa. That's Lisa Fox.

(title card is shown with Brianna in it with words saying "Brianna Bear")

Peppa. That's Brianna Bear.

[title card is shown with an animated Zahgsoja in it with words saying "Zahgsoja"]

Peppa: That's Zahgsoja.

(scene cuts to Phil and Lil eating worms)

(title card is shown with Phil and Lil in it with words saying "Phil DeVille" and "Lil DeVille")

Peppa. That's Phil and Lil.

(scene cuts to Tommy playing with his Reptar Doll)

(title card is shown with Tommy In it with words saying "Tommy Pickles")

Peppa. That's Tommy.

(everyone in this theme song but Emily, Lisa, Brianna and Zahgsoja write the title card)

Peppa. Peppa Pig

Lyrics For All Episodes Where Emily Is Homless And Stays At Peppa's House

Peppa: I'm Peppa Pig (snorts)

Peppa: And this is my little brother George

George: (snorts x2)

Peppa: With my mummy Pam

Mummy Pig: (snorts)

Peppa: And this is my father Percy Pig

Emily Elephant: (non-singer) Glad i'm not snobby to you anymore but my manor got demolished

Peppa: Live in my house for a while and we'll have wild adventures

Paris "Cocker" Spaniel: (non-singer) Peppa and Emily are so low class and i'm more rich than them

Brianna Bear and Lisa Fox: (singing) Shut up, Peppa and Emily are the best

France "Palatial" Tiger: Look, i'm a toddler I can speak.....in full sentences

Peppa: Also I have friends like Suzy Sheep and Danny Dog but I have other friends like The Rugrats. Also I have some enemies like Angelica Pickles and Paris "Cocker" Spaniel, plus Angela Anaconda.

Tommy Pickles: (non-singer) Your da best

Suzy Sheep: I'm Peppa's best friend and my name is Suzy Sheep! Hey ho! Welcome to Peppa's show and here are other friends of Peppa.

Danny Dog: Hello I'm Peppa's second boyfriend besides my best friend who's my wingman!

Pedro Pony: Hello i'm Pedro and welcome to Peppa's show and here are some of The Rugrats

Phil: Hello i'm Phil, not of the future, i'm Phil of the present. Hey ho! Welcome to Peppa's........show!

Lil: Hello i'm Lil one of the Rugrats one of Peppa's friends.

Chuckie: Hello i'm Chuckie, not the possessed doll, the Rugrat and welcome to Peppa's show!

Tommy: And i'm Tommy da best and i'm da leader of the Rugrats

(Emily, France, and Peppa write the title card)

[Changes to Peppa on the 2015 Peppa Pig logo]

Peppa: Peppa Pig (snorts)

Lyrics in Peppa Pig and the Pop Queens

Peppa: Yo!
Get yo asses into Papyrus High!
I was the average pig until I joined Papyrus High
The school of stars

Avril Lavigne: Don't pretend you think you know we're damn precious! And hell yeah, we're the motherfucking Pop Queens!


Peppa (talking): Shut the fuck up, you bitch!

(singing) My Little Pony...My Little Pony...

Pinkie Pie: My name is Pinkie Pie! Hello!

P-E-P-P-A is the fucking best!

Peppa (rapping): Madame Gazelle was a bitch
She threw me out and onto the soccer pitch
She took our bracelets

Suzy (singing) I broke up with my boyfriend because he was a [turns the radio on] [sings simantenously with Britney Spears] WOMAN-WOMANIZER!

Peppa: Shake it!

Nicki Minaj (while shaking her massive plastic butt): By the way, what he say? He can tell I ain't missin' no meals
Come through and chuck him in my automobile

Peppa (speaking): Let's make this normal. I'm Peppa Pig.

This is my BFF Suzy Sheep. And these are the Pop Queens.

Avril Lavigne! Punk!
Nicki Minaj! Big ass!
Katy Perry! Loves to eat!

Lyrics for Peppa's Rich Series

Peppa: It's me, Peppa! I always earn some money to buy something!

George: And I love Peppppa!

Peppa: Usually I lived in my dad and mom's house, but I now moved out of this house!

(Suzy with a jetpack comes)

Suzy: Baa!

(All other friends appear)

Danny Dog: Woof, woof!

Rebecca Rabbit: Squeak!

All friends: We all usually lived in our houses, but we now moved to different houses!

Peppa: Me too.

George: Me three.

(the parents come)

Parents: We are rich with moneybags!

George: We are rich with moneybags!

Peppa: Haaaaave fun being rich!

Singers: We are prepared to have some fun being rich!

Singers: Don't ever become a ditch, ditch ditch!

Singers: You don't want to be a bitch!

Singers: Welcome to Peppa's Rich Series!

Peppa: Peppa's Rich Series.

(George lets out 2 snorts while he runs loop de loop)

(The episode appears with the money printing)

Peppa: (insert episode title here)

Lyrics For The 2018 Reboot

Peppa: Im's A Peppa Pig

Peppa: This Is Sweet Little Sidekick Brother George!

Peppa: This Is My Mommy whos Play On The Computer Mummy Pig!

Peppa: And Finally This is My Daddy who Had Glasses Daddy Pig!

Peppa: And This Pedro, Suzy, Zoey, Zacky, My Villans Angela, Pippa Pork, Lord Fries, Candy Human, Brianna Bear, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie And Burst! And Finally This is my Crossover Friends Tommy, Chukie, Phil And Lil!,

*Everyone Launghs And Say And In The Top Of The Logo*

Everyone: PEPPA PIG!!! (All Snorts/Laungh/Woof/Buuf/Naa)

LittleFluff's episodes

(Peppa Pig falls down the sky)

(Peppa hits the floor)

(Peppa does a blink)

(Random 8-bit pop music plays)

Peppa: I'm- Peppa- Pig- (snorts)

(Peppa zooms and moves randomly, with his name appearing on the header)

(Peppa moves away, then the header dissapears)

(George walks in)

George: Din-e-saw-! (roars 6#)

(George zooms and moves randomly, with his name appearing on the header)

(George moves away, then the header dissapears)

(Nature cat zooms into the screen, screaming "Taddy ho!")

(He breaks the screen and slides)

(His logo stamps into the screen)

(His logo dissapears)

Tommy Pickles: We are the Rugrats!

(Tommy shows the rest of the babies)

(The rugrats logo stamps on screen)

(The Pickles dissapear, and the logo fades out)

(The grass moves 10#)

(All of the characters of the LittleFluff universe appear in the other grass)

Everybody: (snorts/Taddy-ho's/Noot Noot's/meows/barks/screeches/say Hi!/meeh's/quacks)

(The logo flies out with Peppa Pig on it)

(Peppa stamps the episode title on the screen, then the episode starts)

LittleFluff 02's episodes (execpt for Peppo Pud)

(Peppa Pig falls down the stairs)

Peppa: Tah-daa!

(crazy rock music plays)

(Mr. Bull and Madame Gazelle bounce on the walls for 5 seconds, showing their front view)

George: Dine-saw!

(Mr. Dinosaur turns into a huge plastic dinosaur)

George: Big dine-saw!

(cuts scene to Peppa and Danny vomiting rainbows for 3 seconds)

Girge: Who want Piggymon to be cancelled. I do. I hate Piggymon. We are not on Super Piggy Bros.

(cuts scene to a dance club, with George, Pippa, Tommy Pickles, Angela Anaconda and Maya Pig dancing for 8 seconds)

(music stops)

(logo bounces to the screen)

(Peppa bounces to the logo)


(Peppa draws the episode title with a crayon)

Everyone: (episode name)

Narrator: Made on Peppa Fanon Wiki.

Lyrics in Peppa Samurai

(zooms to a dojo with Peppa singing)

Peppa: I'm Peppa Piiiiiiiiiiig!

Peppa: I always sharpen my katanas.

Peppa: Everyday and every night.

Peppa: I kill enemies all the time.

Peppa: Lalalalala!

(George comes singing)

George: I always turn everything to mine.

George: All of my sharpening comes to life.

George: I also kill enemies all the time.

George: Lalalalala!

(Daddy Pig comes)

Daddy Pig: I sneak in for money.

Daddy Pig: Who knows the best?

Daddy Pig: I like to eat, dance and sing.

Daddy Pig: We all live in a dojo house. (House, house, house!)

(Mommy Pig comes)

Mommy Pig: Well, let's sing along together!

Daddy Pig: That's a great idea!

(Roastrose and Sizzlerose come)

All: We're the parents and our new friends!

All: With our new samurai toys!

All: Peppa and all are samurais!

All: Everyone knows the best!

George: Everyone knows the best!

(cuts to the logo with 2 cut lines slashing the logo)

(Peppa appears singing)

Peppa: Peppa Samuraiiiiiiiiiiii!

(The episode begins with the katana making the episode title appear)

Peppa: (insert episode title here)


  • The Peppa and the Rugrats theme and the theme for all episodes with "Zahgsoja" in the title are fanon.
  • The theme for all episodes that focus in Phil and Lil in it has the same theme tune of the Pocoyo theme song.
  • An instrumental version is in the opening credits of Peppa Pig: The Movie (2015)
Sours: https://peppafanon.fandom.com/wiki/Peppa_Pig_Intro
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Peppa Pig: Theme Park

Join Peppa and her friends as they head to the theme park in this OFFICIAL app.

Peppa Pig is visiting the Theme Park, and she wants you to come too!

Fans of the show will love this theme park inspired adventure, which encourages them to explore lots of fun-filled games and activities with everyone’s favourite little piggy.

8 x fun-filled games featuring Peppa, George and their family and friends:

• Ride across the theme park on the train picking up and dropping off passengers along the way
• Float in a hot air balloon collecting balloons as you go
• Help make candy floss for Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig
• Fire the water cannon to hit the tagets
• Steer the racing cars around the track
• Take a ride in a bumper car
• Spin around on the teacup ride
• Play a tune on the musical water fountain

Plus special reward content, including:

• Sticker and coin rewards
• A gift shop to buy presents using your coin rewards

No adverts or in-app purchases – just lots of safe fun with Peppa!

Sours: https://play.google.com/
Hi I’m Peppa Pig

Anton lit a cigarette. - You do not mind, I hope. My head is spinning, I need doping. -No, smoke on health. After a couple of sharp puffs, Anton hugged me, I fixed his big cold hand on my stomach, warming with the warmth of my body.

I am peppa pig hi

The door to the room opened slightly, and a young woman appeared on the threshold. Well, what are you kidding about with him. Are you telling him fairy tales.

I edited Peppa Pig (2) - Try not to laugh or grin challenge.

Sure you need this. If you order your ass to kiss, you will kiss. If you order to lick, it will lick. Well, there. - she got confused - well, I don't know how to say.

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