Change the battery pack canon

Change the battery pack canon DEFAULT

Inserting and removing the battery pack and memory card (PowerShot D30)


Inserting the Battery Pack and Memory Card

To insert the included battery pack and a memory card (sold separately), follow these steps.


Note that before using a new memory card (or a memory card formatted in another device), you should format the memory card with this camera.

1. Open the cover.

Slide the lock ( ) and open the cover ( ).

2. Insert the battery pack.

  • While pressing the battery lock in the direction of the arrow, insert the battery pack as shown and push it in until it clicks into the locked position.
  • If you insert the battery facing the wrong way, it cannot be locked into the correct position. Always confirm that the battery is facing the right way and locks when inserted.
  • Be careful not to damage the waterproof seal when inserting the battery pack.

3. Insert the memory card.

  • Recording is not possible on memory cards with a write-protect tab when the tab is in the locked position. Slide the tab to the unlocked position.
  • Insert the memory card facing as shown until it clicks into the locked position.
  • Make sure the memory card is facing the right way when you insert it. Inserting memory cards facing the wrong way may damage the camera.
  • Be careful not to damage the waterproof seal when inserting the memory card.

4. Close the cover.

  • Lower the cover in the direction of the arrow and press it until it clicks into the closed position.
  • Make sure the lock returns to the position shown, with the red mark no longer visible.


  • Do not open the covers when the camera is wet or submerged in water. If there is moisture on the camera, wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth until it is completely dry.
  • Be sure that the waterproof seals and the areas around them are kept free from scratches and foreign objects such as sand, dirt, or hair. These may cause leakage inside.
  • Avoid opening and closing the covers while on the beach or near water. Change memory cards and battery packs in a dry place protected from sea breezes.

Removing the Battery Pack and Memory Card

1. Remove the battery pack.

  • Open the cover and press the battery lock in the direction of the arrow.
  • The battery pack will pop up.

2. Remove the memory card.

  • Push the memory card in until it clicks, and then slowly release it.
  • The memory card will pop up.


Why do I get the "Change the battery pack" message on startup with my Canon Powershot ELPH?

I have a Canon ELPH 300 HS, which turns off immediately (or within 10 seconds, it varies) after being turned on. The battery is fully charged and not at fault, as it was subsequently used in an ELPH 310 without a problem, and the 310's battery in the 300 resulted in the same problem.

I've been combing the net and have found that many others have had the same problem, but few have solutions. There is also this page which says that for the Powershot S3 IS this can be solved by replacing the date/time battery. I would try replacing it, but I'm not sure what kind it is, nor where in the body it's located.

Does anyone know how to replace the date/time battery, or alternatively have another idea what the problem might be?

I know I can buy a newer camera for less than what a repair would presumably cost (I already have). I'd still like to try and fix this though.

I've already tried:

  1. Changing batteries (original Canon ones)
  2. Leaving the freshly charged battery in overnight to charge the date/time battery as per the manual
  3. Cleaning the battery contacts
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Over a month later, I decided to blog about something that happened on Christmas day.  On Christmas day I got my camera out to take pictures/videos.  I only got a few pics/videos before my camera showed the message: change the battery pack.  Ok, no problem…… I’ll just get another charged battery.  When I turned my camera on, I still got the same message.  I tried a third charged battery and got the same message.  That was the last of my charged batteries so I missed some shots that I really wanted.
At first I thought my charger was bad and that it hadn’t really charged the batteries so I tried another charger and got the same message.  A few days later I decided to look on YouTube to see if anyone else had had this problem.  Sure enough, there was the fix to my problem….too bad I didn’t think of YouTubing the problem before I missed some fun Christmas shots.
Anyways, here is the information I watched, tried, and yes, it worked.  My camera is now back to snap, snap, snapping photos.
My camera is a Canon PowerShot SX210IS:


Within seconds, I had it fixed and all I had to do was put my battery in the camera and place a piece of folded paper (in my case, I used a piece of thin cardboard) over the battery then shut the battery door.  Very simple fix and saved me the cost of taking it somewhere to have it fixed. – Yeah!



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