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How to Connect a PS3 to a TV Without HDMI

The PS3 supports high definition gaming and can even play Blu-Ray discs. The HDMI cable is the highest quality audio video cable that can be used with the PS3. However, that doesn't mean you have to connect your TV via HDMI. Many televisions don't support HDMI. Thankfully, the PS3 has many other audio video options, including composite, component and S-video.

Things You'll Need:

  • Ps3 S-Video
  • Ps3 Composite Cable
  • Ps3 Component Cable

Connect your PS3 to your television via component, composite S-video

Turn off your PS3 gaming console.

Unplug your PS3 HDMI cable from the HDMI port on the back of the console if necessary.

Plug the single end of either your component, composite or S-video cable into the PS3's "AV Multi Out" port, located on the back of the console.

Plug the other end of your cable into the corresponding input on your television. Each should be labeled on the back of your television.


Almost every TV should have composite cable audio video inputs. This type of audio video cable is for standard definition. The inputs come color-coded red (right audio), white (left audio) and yellow (video.) Plug each jack into its corresponding color.

S-video cables are also for standard definition viewing and comes with three jacks: S-video (video) and white and red for audio.

Component cables offers high definition video and has five color-coded plug-ins: green, blue and red (video) and white and red (audio.)


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How do you hook up a PlayStation 3 to a TV without HDMI?

How do you hook up a PlayStation 3 to a TV without HDMI?

There are 4 ways to connect the PS3 to a TV:

  1. RCA Composite cables (video + audio left + audio right)
  2. RCA Component cables (Video Red + Video Blue + Video Luminance + audio left + audio right)
  3. Euro-SCART RGB cable (very common in Europe)
  4. HDMI.

Do you need Internet for a PS3?

You don’t need internet to play most PS3 games. You do need internet to play live service online-only games and the afforementioned PS+ titles that require authentication when booting up. Otherwise, that’s it. You don’t need to have your system connected to an internet connection to play every other game.

Is PS3 compatible with smart TV?

Connecting your PS3 to a Samsung television. There are three ways you can connect your PS3 to a Samsung television. If your Samsung television doesn’t support HDTV, then you will use the A/V cable that comes with the PS3 and plug them into the yellow, red and white inputs on the back of the set.

What screwdriver Do you need to open a ps3 Slim?

T8 Torx Screwdriver

Why does my ps3 get so hot?

Because dust can accumulate in the vents of the PlayStation 3 systems and cause the PS3 to overheat and make loud noises, I recommend that you check the vents periodically and clean them if necessary. This can cause the dust in the vents to be blown into the PlayStation 3 which could possibly damage your system.

Why is my ps3 making loud fan noises?

Usually it sounds loud because it is overheating dust is clogging it so the fans are to cool them I recommend that put some cool air conditionar near it and put it above the floor with something soft. So if the PS3 case touches a solid surface, it will sound much louder.

What is the blue screw on the bottom of my ps3?

The larger red rectangle is the blue screw securing the 120GB hard drive. As with the older units, Sony made this user replaceable so you are able to upgrade your hard drive without voiding the warranty.

What tools do you need to take apart a PS3?

Tools Featured in this Teardown

  1. $5.49.
  2. $5.49.
  3. Phillips #2 Screwdriver. Not for sale. View.
  4. T8 Torx Security Bit Screwdriver. $5.99.

What are the different PS3 models?

There are several original PlayStation 3 hardware models, which are commonly referred to by the size of their included hard disk drive: 20, 40, 60, 80, or 160 GB. Although referred to by their HDD size, the capabilities of the consoles vary by region and release date.

How do you take the cover off a PlayStation 3?

Lift the top cover from its rear edge and rotate it toward the front of the PS3. Remove the top cover. There is a plastic hook located in a hole on the top back right hand side corner. Carefully push the plastic hook a bit front the rear of the machine with a spudger to release the rear right of the casing.

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Video Output Settings


Check the resolution supported by your TV.
Resolution (video mode) varies depending on the TV type. For details, refer to the instructions supplied with the TV.


Select (Settings) > (Display Settings).


Select [Video Output Settings].


Select the connector type on your TV.
Resolution (video mode) varies depending on the type of connector used.


The video mode options vary depending on the region where the PS3™ system was purchased. In North America, Asia and other NTSC regions, 480i video mode is displayed as [Standard (NTSC)]. In Europe and other PAL regions, 576i video mode is displayed as [Standard (PAL)]. For details, refer to the instructions supplied with the product.


D-terminal is a connector type used mainly in Japan. The resolutions supported by D1 to D5 are as follows:
D5: 1080p / 720p / 1080i / 480p / 480i
D4: 1080i / 720p / 480p / 480i
D3: 1080i / 480p / 480i
D2: 480p / 480i
D1: 480i


S VIDEO is a format mainly used in Japan.


The Euro-AV connector plug is included only with PS3™ systems sold in Europe.


AV MULTI is a format mainly used in Japan. If [AV MULTI / SCART] is selected, the screen allowing you to select the type of output signal will be displayed.


SCART is a format mainly used in Europe. If [AV MULTI / SCART] is selected, the screen allowing you to select the type of output signal will be displayed.


Set the 3D TV display size.
Set the system to match the size of the screen of the TV you are using.
If the TV you are using is not a 3D TV, or if you did not select [HDMI] in step 4, this screen will not be displayed.


Change video output settings.
Change the resolution for the video output. Depending on the connector type selected in step 4, this screen may not be displayed.


Set the resolution.
Select all resolutions supported by the TV in use. Video will automatically be output at the highest resolution possible for the content you are playing from among the selected resolutions.*
* The video resolution is selected in order of priority as follows: 1080p > 1080i > 720p > 480p/576p > Standard (NTSC:480i/PAL:576i).

If [Composite / S Video] is selected in step 4, the screen for selecting resolutions will not be displayed.
If [HDMI] is selected, you can also select to automatically adjust the resolution (the HDMI device must be turned on). In this case, the screen for selecting resolutions will not be displayed.


Set the TV type.
Select the type of TV in use. Set when only SD resolution (NTSC:480p / 480i, PAL: 576p / 576i) is to be output such as when [Composite / S Video] or [AV MULTI / SCART] is selected in step 4.


Check your settings.
Confirm that the image displayed is at the correct resolution for the TV. You can go back to a previous screen and revise the settings by pressing the leftbutton.


Save your settings.
The video output settings are saved on the PS3™ system. You can continue on to set audio output settings. For details on audio output, see (Settings) > (Sound Settings) > [Audio Output Settings] in this guide.

Como mudar Ps3 de HDMI para AV e de AV para HDMI pra funcionar em tv antiga e moderna

PS3 and HDMI

The Sony PlayStation 3 is designed to work with various devices, and you can connect it to your television in a variety of ways. It is capable of running high-definition games and Blu-ray discs. The best connection is achieved by using an HDMI (High Defenition Multimedia Interface) cable, and if your television has an HDMI input, it is well worth buying an HDMI cable. Sony does not provide one, but you can buy an HDMI cable cheaply and easily. This will allow you to hook up your television to your PS3 and get the best quality picture from a single cable. If you find that your television lacks an HDMI input, don’t worry. There are other options available.

PS3 and Component AV

Component AV Cable

If you can’t use an HDMI cable then your next best option is a Component AV Cable. This type of cable is also capable of supporting high definition video and it has five inputs to plug into your television. You will have to purchase the Component AV cable separately because it is not provided with your console. Simply plug the single end into your PlayStation 3 in the AV Multi Out port and then plug the other jacks into your television where it says Component Video In and Audio In. The individual ports should be labelled Y, PB/CB and PR/CR for video and simply L and R for audio. This cable will give you a high definition signal but it won’t be quite as good as the HDMI.

PS3 and S-Video

S-Video Cable

The next option sadly represents a big drop in picture quality and is not capable of carrying a high definition signal. An S-Video connector is another cable which you will have to buy separately if your television doesn’t support HDMI or Component AV. The single end plugs into the AV Multi Out port on the PS3 and the other three jacks plug into S Video for the picture and Audio L and R for the sound. You won’t be getting the benefit of full HD using this cable.

PS3 and Composite

Composite Cable

The PlayStation 3 ships with a Composite RCA cable and this is your lowest quality option, although it will likely be supported by every television. The single end plugs into the AV Multi Out port on the PS3 and the other three jacks plug into Video for the picture and Audio L and R for the sound. If your television has SCART inputs then you can plug these three jacks into a SCART plug and then connect that to the SCART port on your television. Similarly, an RF-Modulator can be used to adapt the RCAs for TVs in North America with coax cable input. This will only give you standard definition footage and will not take advantage of your PS3s HD capabilities.


Make sure all devices are off when you connect up the cables. When you turn on the PS3 you will be prompted to choose your input connector and the resolution you want. If your HDMI cable does not work immediately it can be worth connecting up the Composite cable supplied and then selecting HDMI from the options as it may not automatically detect this connection. If your television doesn’t support HDMI or Component AV then it may be time to consider upgrading.


Tv to 3 playstation hookup

How to Set Up a PlayStation 3

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
This Guided Path® was written and reviewed by’s Tech Pro team. With decades of experience, our Tech Pros are passionate about making technology work for you. We love feedback! Let us know what you think about this Guided Path® by rating it at the end.


Sony's PlayStation 3 home video game console is the third in Sony's extremely successful series of game consoles - it was released in 2007 and had 3 different physical models during the course of its lifespan as depicted below. This guide will take you through basic setup steps for your PlayStation 3 game console.

PS3 Original model.PS3 Slim model.PS3 Super Slim model.

1 Unbox / Placement

As you unbox your PlayStation 3 game console, make sure you have all the necessary components you'll need for initial setup.

PlayStation 3 ConsolePlayStation 3.

A/V & HDMI Cables

For the best picture quality, HDMI is preferable, unless your TV does not support HDMI.

A V and HDMI Cables

USB Cable

This cable is used to connect your PS3 controller to your console to both play and charge.

USB cable.

Power Cord

Depending on what model PlayStation 3 you have, the power cable might look one of the two depicted.

Power cord.Power cord.

Wireless Controller

PS3 controller.

Next, choose a good place for your console.

  • Stable and Safe
    • If oriented vertically, make sure your PlayStation 3 is not in danger of tipping over or being accidentally bumped, as this can cause disc read errors.
  • Well-ventilated
    • Your PlayStation 3 may get quite warm while being played. This is normal, but if the console is stored within an enclosed cabinet, or surrounded or stacked on other warm equipment, it may overheat.

2 Connect Power

  1. Connect the power cord to the PS3 console.
    Power cable.PS3 rear power jack.

  2. Plug the power cable into the wall outlet.
  3. Ensure the power switch on the rear is switched on (if your PS3 model has a rear power switch).
    PS3 rear power switch.

3 Connect TV

? Do you see the PS3 startup screen on your TV?

  1. Yes
  2. No
Playstation : How to Hook Up Video Connections on Playstation 3

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