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Free hack Kiss of War cheats code list - promotion, technologies, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Kiss of War cheat world: we’ve taken our base back. Now it’s time to rebuild. Please check quests to take a look at your missions. I will show you how to complete them. Our army is getting larger. To accommodate more forces, we’ll have to upgrade our HQ and increase our efficiency. Upgrade the HQ to unlock more functions.

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Remember to utilize free speed up! Efficiency is an important factor in maintaining our dominance. Rang up - besides personal abilities. It’s also crucial to fit your agent with the proper gears. We’ve acquired some fine equipment from previous battles. Let’s select some for your agent! Cool, your agent has gotten stronger! The whole seto of B pieces of equipment has been collected.

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Characters: Jessica - from the UK 23, 170 cm, strong and independent. As a commander, she is skilled at leading APC forces. Compared to others, she can command more units to fight. Marjorie - from France 27, 175 cm, vigorous and unrestrained. As a commander, she is skilled at leading tank forces, and her troops march quicker than others’. Grace - from China, 22, 170 cm, a girl with a sense of nobility. She is highly educated and good at research and gathering resources.
Kiss of War wiki
Captain, we must build our own army as soon as possible. So, the most pressing mission is to build an armory. Please set unit production assignments in the armory. Slide to control the number of units to produce. After that production will initiate. You can send agents and armored units to conduct missions together.

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  • Resources are the key to developing your base and producing troops.
  • Use speed up items properly to accelerate your base development.
  • Upgrade your HQ or complete new agent missions to save more gold.
  • The farm produces food. Upgrade it to increase hourly food production. The upkeep of troops consumes food, but the number of troops won't decrease when food runs short.

Kiss of War tips
    Tutorial Kiss of War(wiki) :
  • The mint produces cash for your base and accelerates unit production.
  • The radar detects incoming attack and provides information on enemy troops. Upgrade it to obtain more detailed information.
  • Lab - we've gathered all research experts from around the world here. Technology is power. The most effective way to enhance our power is to develop technologies!

Kiss of War tutorial

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Lieutenant, we got a critical situation. Our scouts discovered an enemy supply train, loaded with tanks and explosives. Powerful enough to wipe out all ally camps in this area. You must intercept and destroy it.
Sir, it is a fortress on wheels i need reinforcements, a hundred guns at least. Speaking of reinforcements, they are already here, special operation forces. Don’t be fooled by their looks. Yes, they are beautiful, but with them, looks can kill.

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Commander, we’ve besieged enemy elite troops. Destroy them to capture their supplies. Drag troops above the enemies and launch an attack. Well done, you’ve cut off an important enemy supply line. But we’re still at a critical juncture. Everyone, check the strategic map now.
just now, the invaders captured the government of the League of Nations, and they immediately built strong defensive lines around each capital city. I’ll help you with your daily assign,ents and base development.

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Our troops have returned to the base. Now we need to find an excellent officer to lead them. Here we are, the recruitment center, the best place to find talented officers. Let’s tru use code - elite recruitment. The more officers, the better. They not only can lead troops but also assist in battle.
Next, let’s build a tank armory and start producing enough tanks for the next battle. The tank armory on the frontline is different from conventional armories. Slide to control the number of units to produce.
Kiss of War wiki
Commander, we’ve found enemy troops marching towards us! We must speed up our tank production to defend against them. We’ve gained a lot of experience from battling. Our officers can enhance their abilities to the next level. Hero center - you can train officers here. They will battle more fiercely after training. Defeating invaders of iron behemoths can earn you experience items. You can also get XP items in the recruitment center.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Quests - here is the mission log i've prepared for you. When you are not sure about your next move, check it at any time. The main mission log can provide development recommendations for your base.
  • Our army is getting larger. To accomodate more forces, we'll have to upgrade our HQ and increase our efficiency. Upgrade the HQ to unlock more functions.
  • Trial of heroes - during the event, after defeating invaders you have a chance to challenge Pandora Divisions code to save Evelyn. Save her to earn yourself quite a lot of rewards.
  • Frontline of hell - the German army is attacking defensive bases. play as Linda to defend against them. During your limited time, kill enemies to earn points, which can be used to exchange for resources to develop our base. You can challenge this event 3 times per day. Players with higher ranks within a guild can get extra rewards.

Kiss of War tips
Hack cheats tutorial Kiss of War (wiki):
You can build the APC armory and steel mill. The APC armory can produce APCs, which will provide great flexibility in battle. The steel mill can produce steel which is a necessary resource to develop your base.
YOur officers have more talent points to be allocated. Leveling up officers will give you talent points, Use them to strengthen your officers. YOu’ve found warrior chest after defeating invaders. You can use it to get various reward items. - resources
- soul stone
- speed up
- actions
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Cheat - growth funds
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Kiss Of War is a brand new MMO War game for Android and iOS by TAP4FUN. Check out Kiss of War guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners to master the gameKiss of War

Article Contents⇓

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Tap4Fun, the publisher behind Brutal Age and Sea Game, has just expanded the app portfolio with a new MMO War game called Kiss of War. It’s just like other MMO War games where you build and grow base by constructing facilities such as production depots, barracks, etc. Kiss of War game features PvE, PvP, and Alliance Battles.

If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Kiss of War guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a few Kiss of War tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to this beginner’s guide.

Kiss of War Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Hey there! Captain, you need to get stronger and build a strong base, army to improve defense and attack power. Your power is affected by the total number of units and their power, buildings in the base, research, and the officers’ strength. So if you want to get stronger in Kiss of War – you need to produce more high-tier troops, strengthen up the officers, research, and build/upgrade the buildings. Another core aspect of the game is resources; food, steel, oil, and energy are the four important resources that you need to perfrom almost all the activities; producing units, buildings, upgrades, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Kiss of War tips & tricks: –

Learn To Recruit Officers⇓

Officers are the characters in the Kiss of War game who help you in leading the battles, gathering the resources from the map, and boosting the base activities. Legendary officers are the top-tier best officers because of the high stats they possess. Then you have the epic officers, elite officers. You can recruit the officers from the recruitment center which is next to the HQ. There are two options; basic recruitment and elite recruitment. From elite recruitment, you may get a legendary officer.

Head to the recruitment center in Kiss of War game -> tap the reward preview button -> then tap the (i) symbol in the bottom-right to check the drop rates. Legendary and Epic officers’ drop rate is quite low. Also, keep in mind that you might not get any officer from the recruitment – because the drop rate of these rewards such as EXP, Speed-Ups, Stars, and resources is quite high.

Learn To Use The Officers In Kiss of War⇓

Head to the officer menu by tapping the officer button at the bottom-center of the game screen. Select the officer -> on the top-right, you can check the officer’s strength. Some officers excel in battles, while some officers excel in gathering the resources from the world map. So make sure to utilize the officers according to their strength.

The players in Kiss of War game can improve the officers’ strength by leveling them up, raising their star rank, talent, and unlocking new skills. For more information, check out this guide –

Appoint The Officers⇓

Tap the officer’s club building -> here you can interact with the hot officers and play mini-games; poker, to increase their trust level. Also, you can appoint them to increase construction speed, production/gathering/repair/march speed. So make sure to appoint the officers.

Max Out The Production⇓

Resources are extremely useful in the Kiss of War game. So make sure to max out the production buildings so that you can get the max production input every hour. Outside the base, you can build a farm, steel mill, oil rig, and power plant like buildings to produce food, steel, oil, and energy. Max out their upgrades – as same as the HQ level.

Head to the world map in Kiss of War -> there you can gather all the resources; Oil, Energy, Steel, and Food. Tap the search button on the bottom-left -> select the resource item that you want to grind on the map -> search -> tap it -> gather -> select a hero who is a gatherer to get the most out of him/her. You can increase the troop load in Kiss of War by sending more units on the march.

Keep Producing The Units⇓

On the left side of lab building in the base – in front of defense center -> you can build armories and drill grounds; artillery armor, tank armory, tank destroyer armory, drill grounds. In these buildings, you can produce the units. Upgrade these buildings to increase the production capacity of units.

Research In The Lab⇓

Research in Kiss of War is one of the key aspects. You can unlock high-tier units by researching, improve the construction speed by researching, and there are lots of benefits. So tap the lab and start doing the research to progress further into the game.

Join An Active Guild In Kiss of War⇓

It’s extremely important – there are many perks you are going to get by joining a guild; the help from guild members in speeding up the construction, reinforcement, gifts, access to guild store, and much more.

Get The Freebies⇓

On the top-center, tap the VIP button and claim the daily VIP points and daily specials’ chest.

Go to the store -> daily specials -> there you will find a chest to collect.

Complete The Missions⇓

Below the Captain avatar, tap the quest log button -> follow the chapter missions if you are confused about how to get started, complete the daily missions and recommended missions for rewards.

In the Kiss of War, you can obtain free gold by completing all the daily missions. So make sure to clear all the missions and claim the premium in-game currency.

Start The Campaign Mode⇓

If you have just started playing it, then we would recommend starting the campaign mode – at the bottom-center of the home screen, tap the campaign button -> these PvE levels will give you resources, EXP books, and help you understand the core concept of the battles.

You can spend the campaign medals in the campaign shop for stars, officers’ shards, and much more.

Check Out The Events In Kiss of War⇓

Tap the Activity option on the right side of the game screen -> there you can check event missions. Complete them for more rewards; elite officer recruitment ticket, boosters, speed-ups, officers’ badges, gold, and much more.

Also, see –

So this would be all in this post on Kiss of War guide, tips, tricks & cheats for beginners. This article was last updated on February 6, 2020.

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Kiss of War WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

Wise Geek → Unofficial Game Guides → Kiss of War: Review of Guides and game Secrets

KISS OF WAR is an Android game with a release date of 09/27/2019 from tap4fun. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Officers
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Guild Features
  4. TOP player questions
  5. Walkthrough Challenge God of War
  6. Shopping & Subscriptions
  7. Account and Settings

Kiss of War: Officers

What is the maximum number of talent points an officer can have? Officers can have a maximum of 82 talent points. With each level up, the officer receives 1 talent point. At ur. 1 officers have no talent points. When upgraded to 4-star level, the officer will receive an additional 8 talent points. When upgraded to 5-star level, the officer will receive an additional 15 talent points. At level 60, the officer has 59 talent points, so at maximum level the officer will have a total of 82 talent points.

What is the maximum level of an officer? The maximum officer level is 60.

Can I reset the level / skills of my officers? Currently, levels and skills of officers cannot be reset.

Are the talents of senior and junior officers of the same type summarized? When a 5-star officer is assigned as a junior officer, talents take effect. This does not affect senior officers. The talents of senior and junior officers of the same type are added together.

How do I get more officers? Recruit in the recruiting center, and you will have the opportunity to get a medal for an officer or a whole officer. Attend special events and you will have a chance to get a legendary officer. Some gift bags also contain fragments of officers.

Can an officer’s extra medals be converted to other medals or items? At this time, an officer’s extra medals cannot be converted into other medals or items.

When garrisoning cities or towers, are the officer’s talents and skills at work? No. The officer’s talents and skills are valid only for the initiator of the group attack.

Why is the "Wardrobe" portal missing for Monica, Ophelia, Abigail and other officers? Some of the new officers do not have new equipment yet. After the release of new equipment, the "Wardrobe" portal will open.

Can the officer’s extra medals be converted into other items? Extra officer medals cannot be converted into other items.

Why don’t the officer’s experience books drop after defeating the Red Wolf Legion? Medals will be dropped randomly after defeating the Red Wolf Legions. The officer’s experience has already been added to the officer (s) deployed on the battlefield. You can see this in the battle report next to the officer’s avatar.

When promoting officers, why can’t I convert Legendary Officer’s Medals to Ophelia’s Medals? Ophelia’s medals are similar to Katherine’s. VIP packages 10-14 contain officers’ medals. They cannot be obtained by converting Legendary Officers’ Medals.

Assigning an officer to the position of a senior or junior officer, will it improve her training? No. Training buffs will remain in place.

Kiss of War: A Beginner’s Guide

How do I complete campaign exercises? Tap the "Campaign" button in the lower left corner of the main interface. After going to the campaign interface, select the exercise you want to participate in.

To participate in later exercises, you must complete earlier exercises. With an exercise selected, tap Challenge, then place your troops.

Why are some players transferred to incompletely open areas? Transitions from one zone to earlier zones are not affected by the restriction "You can only move to completely open zones or zones that opened earlier than yours." However, this restriction affects the transitions from one zone to the subsequently open zone, and this type of transition can only be carried out into completely open zones. Example: I am in zone 48. The warning will not appear if I try to teleport to zone 47, and will appear if I try to teleport to zone 49.

What is the difference between different zone statuses?

  • Construction is underway: this zone has just been established, and commanders are rushing into it.
  • Defense is in progress : commander bases are on the rise and intelligence about the area is still kept secret.
  • Half Open: The Huge Territory zone quest event has ended, so all commanders can now view the zone’s details.
  • Fully Open: This zone has more than 90 days of history or was opened earlier than your zone. Commanders from other zones can now move to this zone.

After using the Country Change item, will my troop models switch to my new country? Yes, after using the "Change Country" item, the troop models will also switch. Note, however, that if your current country is the UK and you switch to the US (or vice versa), the troop models will not change. This is because the troop models for the UK and the US are the same.

My country is Great Britain, then why are my troops like the American ones? Currently, the same models are used for the British and US forces.

How do I get the Novice Teleport? Tap the avatar frame in the upper left corner of the main interface, then tap Settings - Character - Character creation. After creating a new character, you will receive 2 free rookie teleports. Novice teleport is valid for 10 days. The countdown starts after creating a new character. Upon completion of the countdown, the beginner’s teleports are removed by the system.

How do I use Novice Teleport, Random Teleport, Territory Teleport and Target Teleport? Different types of teleports can be used in different situations:

  • Novice Teleport: When used, teleports the Novice player to any location in the zone or to another zone under construction. New players will receive 2 of these items after character creation. They will expire in 10 days. A countdown for the expiration date is displayed below the item.
  • Random Teleport: Teleports your base to a random location on the map (not available during a group attack).
  • Territory Teleport: Teleports your base to a specific location on the territory of your guild on the map (not available during a group attack).
  • Target teleport: teleports your base to a specific location on the map (not available during a group attack).

Why did my rookie teleport disappear? Novice teleport is valid for 10 days. A countdown is displayed below the item. After the end of the 10-day countdown, the item disappears automatically.

What is Isolation Wall # 1, and why can’t I teleport? At the beginning of the game, isolation walls between countries are available, and commanders are unable to teleport between countries. Stay tuned for Counterattack Day in the theater news. After completing the quest, insulating wall 1 will be removed.

Why can’t I complete the level? Please note that you can place your troops in the lower right corner of the map in order to defeat the enemy.

How do I activate the shield? Touch the existing item (shield) in the backpack. The status bar is used for purchase and use (under the value of strength in battle in the main interface).

Shield defense time will not be added. Instead, the defense time of the new shield will replace the defense time of the old one.

I activated the shield and did not carry out attacks of other players, why then my shield was suddenly disabled? Your shield will be disabled if you conduct a reconnaissance, attack or participate in a group attack against another player.

Do worker recruitment tickets accumulate? Yes, the validity of worker recruitment tickets (2nd construction phase) is cumulative.

Why is there a difference in the number of transfer orders required when changing zones? When changing zones, the higher your strength, the more transfer orders you will need.

Why was the group attack canceled? In addition to the initiator, each group attack requires the participation of at least one commander. If any other commander does not join the group attack, it will be canceled after the countdown ends.

If there is a counter-attacking interaction between the two types of units, how much does the damage increase? Other factors aside, the type of unit counter-attacking deals 5% more damage, while the type of unit counter-attacking deals 5% less damage. For example: Tank destroyers counterattack tanks, therefore tank destroyers deal 5% more damage to tanks, and tanks deal 5% less damage to tank destroyers.

Why was I not given a reward for the occupation of the city? When each city is occupied for the first time, the system will send rewards to the guild members who occupied the city. If the city was occupied, you will not receive a reward.

What is the prerequisite for unlocking the archive? The archive can be unlocked after reaching ur headquarters. eleven.

Why don’t the casualties in the battle report match? When your troops are fighting several units at the same time, a separate report is generated for each battle. In case of a mismatch in the data on losses in battle, check out the combination of several battle reports.

Why did my soldiers disappear after being reinforced in an alliance battle? If the battle takes place in an allied city to which you sent reinforcements, lightly wounded soldiers will not be displayed in the total number of troops (tap the army avatar to view). With the return of your troops to the city, the soldiers are restored automatically.

Kiss of War: Guild Features

How do I use personal merit points? Tap the "Guild" button at the bottom of the main interface to go to the guild interface, then tap "Shop" in the lower right corner to use your personal merit to purchase items.

How to build guild towers? With a sufficient amount of merit and guild funds, members of the P4 and P5 level with the appropriate rights can build guild towers in the territory associated with the actual guild territory.

Why am I not getting Personal Merit after helping build a guild tower? Players receive 1 personal merit point for each second they participate in the construction of the Guild Tower. After 4,000 Personal Merit Points have been earned in one day, you cannot earn more points.

How do I remove the guild tower? Only the guild leader can demolish guild buildings.

Why did my guild’s supply station suddenly disappear? It should be noted that guild supply stations disappear under the following conditions:

  1. If the amount of resources at the guild supply station reaches zero, it disappears.
  2. If the construction of a guild supply station is not completed within the specified time, it disappears.
  3. After the completion of the construction of the guild supply station, a countdown begins, after which the guild supply station disappears.

How do I get transfer orders? You can purchase transport order packs in the store, or use personal merit to buy them in the guild store.

Can I purchase Action Points from the Guild Shop? Currently, you cannot purchase action points in the guild shop.

Can I teleport to the guild territory before removing the separation walls # 1? Territory teleporters can be used to teleport to the guild territory before removing the separation walls # 1.

How do I leave my guild and join another? Tap Guild - Settings - Leave Guild. After leaving the guild, tap the "Guild" button on the main interface, enter the guild interface, tap "Search" or join a guild.

Will my personal merit be reset after leaving the guild? After leaving the guild, your personal merit is not reset.

Can a guild be rebuilt after disbanding? No, you cannot restore a guild after a dissolution. Think carefully before dissolving.

My guild leader has been offline for more than 5 days, so why hasn’t the guild leader role been transferred to another? If the guild leader has not logged into the game for more than 5 days, the system will automatically make the leader the commander with the highest level of strength in battle who logged in over the last 5 days.

Kiss of War: TOP player questions

Why can’t I see the bonus for Jessica’s "Fleet Captain" equipment in the bonus interface? "Fleet Captain" is considered a global bonus. It takes effect as soon as you start owning equipment, and is not displayed in the bonus interface.

Why can’t legendary medals be exchanged for Catherine / Ophelia medals? Currently, the Katherine and Ophelia medals can only be obtained through purchase. After awakening two officers, you can use legendary medals to exchange.

Why wasn’t I given the award for the highest level in the Rhineland exercise? The highest level awards will be presented after the completion of the Rhineland exercise.

Why do I have to spend 150 Action Points every time I participate in a Rhineland exercise? In Rhineland Teachings, the cost of each challenge is 100 Action Points. The cost of attacking monsters is 50 action points, so the total cost of each call is 150 action points.

What information is collected during reconnaissance at the opponent’s base? Depending on the level of your intelligence technology, your scouts may collect the following information:

  • Defense turret level;
  • Base defense value;
  • The number of garrison officers and troops at the base;
  • Resources available for robbery;
  • The presence or absence of reinforcements or group attack troops at the target base, etc.

Why can some players attack Pandora’s Divisions alone? Why can’t I attack them myself? I can only attack them as part of a group attack. It depends on the age of the server. After the server has been open for 60 days, players can attack Pandora’s Divisions alone.

If the item was used or acquired by accident, can I request a return? Once an item has been used or purchased, it cannot be returned. Please confirm before using or purchasing.

When changing a server, what does it mean "The number of your resources does not exceed the amount of resources under protection in your warehouse"? When changing a server, your resources cannot exceed the amount of protected resources in the warehouse. Tap Warehouse - i - More to view the amount of protected resources in your base warehouse.

If your headquarters has ur. 25, to change the server, the amount of each type of resource cannot exceed 2.5 million.

What does the "Other" buffs in the battle report include? Why are all "Other" boosts shown with downward red arrows and others with upward green arrows? "Other" includes rank boosts, VIP boosts, etc. Tap Battle Report - Troop Boosts, then tap "!" in the upper left corner for more information. A green arrow pointing upwards means that the level of this gain is higher than that of the opponent.

A downward-pointing red arrow means that the level of this gain is lower than that of the opponent. The value of the individual gain is also displayed. For example: if the opponent’s infantry attack bonus is 60%, and yours is 59%, a red arrow pointing down will be displayed next to your boost in the battle report. This does not mean that your bonus is 59% less than that of your opponent, but only that it is 1% less.

How do I use or trade Elite / Epic / Legendary Medals? On the appropriate officer’s interface, tap "Rank and Skills" and then tap the conversion button next to the "+" button. Exchange Elite / Epic / Legendary Medals for the appropriate Officer’s Medals.

Ophelia and Catherine’s Medals cannot be obtained through conversion.

Why were my points in Frontline in Hell suddenly dropped? In the Hell Frontline event, Event Points are reset daily at 00:00 UTC.

Will my raid sera be removed after the Strongest Warzone event ends? Yes, raid sera are removed after the end of the Strongest Warzone event.

When I try to find level 3 resource points, why am I hitting a level 4 resource point? If the system cannot find resource points at the specified level, it automatically searches for higher resource points. If there are no resource points of a higher level, the following message will appear: "Failed to find resource points near your base."

Why didn’t I get the Strategic Reserve Chest after defeating the invaders in the Strategic Reserves event? After defeating the invaders in the "Strategic Reserves" event, there is an opportunity to receive a Strategic Reserves Chest. This opportunity is random.

In Treasure Hunters, can my base outside the battlefield be attacked? You cannot attack bases (outside the battlefield) of players currently participating in the Treasure Hunters event.

Will the tokens used on the Biozone Black Market be removed after the event ends? No, these tokens will not be removed.

Is the 3.600 sec production time reduction suitable? (1 hour) for the first artillery unit produced every day to upgrade artillery units? This bonus is also suitable for increasing artillery units.

Why can’t I attack the Gorgon cannon again in the Strongest Warzone event? On the last day of the Strongest Warzone event, the game cannot be played again. Only moving and receiving rewards are possible.

How do I open the Secret War base design? It is unlocked when you reach Lv. 25 confidentiality in the archive.

Why is the number of heals from Officer Dorothea’s 4th skill, Troop Reorganization, shown in the battle report? Dorothea’s 4th skill "Reorganize Troops" heals lightly wounded troops immediately after leaving the battle. This skill performs healing after the end of the battle. Not displayed in the battle report due to the fact that healing is not performed during the battle.

After entering the biozone, can I take part in regular events? Yes, you can.

How do I open Operation Overlord? Why is my Operation Overlord showing as not yet unlocked? To unlock Operation Overlord, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Level headquarters 23 or higher;
  2. Complete the Huge Territory news quest.

The new season starts every Monday at 00:00 (UTC). After unlocking Operation Overlord, you must wait until the next season starts on Monday at 00:00 (UTC) in order to participate.

How many troops can be deployed in Operation Overlord? Up to 5 units can be deployed in Operation Overlord.

Why can I attack invaders with level 26 or less in the biozone? At normal settings in biozones, only ur monsters can be attacked. 26 and up. You can see the following message: "Attack lvl 21 invaders first", which means that you have not attacked lvl invaders yet. 25 on a regular map. This means that you only attacked those whose level does not exceed 20, so you are invited to switch to a regular map and successfully attack the invaders up to ur. 25. Likewise, if you see "Attack invaders lvl 22 first", it means that you only attacked those whose level is less than 21, so you should go to the regular map and successfully attack invaders who are up to level 25.

Can I change the guild after entering the biozone? You have the opportunity to change guilds, but only within your zone.

In Treasure Hunters, after teleporting from the starting zone and near the field airfield, can I teleport back to the starting zone? No you can not. After teleporting near the field airfield, you can only teleport to the region where the field airfield is located.

Why does the collect bonus show up as a 50% increase in collecting speed, but my collect time is not reduced by 50%? Increasing the collection rate does not mean a 50% decrease in collection time. For example: the resource capacity is 300, and the collection rate is 100. It takes 3 units of time to complete the collection. If you increase the collection speed by 50%, which means an increase of the speed to 150, it takes 2 units of time to complete the collection. This means a decrease of 1 unit of time or, in other words, a decrease of 33%. Thus, increasing the collection speed by 50% will not reduce the collection time by 50%.

Why were the events related to new officers (Natalya / Lubna) started on other servers, but not yet on my server? Events are triggered depending on the development of the situation on each of the servers.

During the "Destroy the invaders" event, my troops did not return to base, but my points were still reset. Why? In the "Destroy Invaders" event, your points are reset if your troops perform other operations besides attacks against the invaders, including: garrisoning, gathering, reinforcements, returning to base, etc. Do not send troops to operations other than operations against invaders.

Why does the zone news reward show "Received" even though I haven’t received the reward? Why can’t I get my zone news reward? Each zone news reward can only be earned once. If you received the reward on a different server, you will not be able to receive the reward again after changing the server.

After starting construction of the guild supply station and being an E4 / E5 official, why can’t I cancel the construction? A guild can only have one guild supply station at a time. After the previous disappears, you can build a new one. After the start of construction, it will not be possible to cancel it.

Why can’t I challenge anyone 5 minutes before the end of the Arena Normandy season? In the Arena Normandy, the last 5 minutes before the end of the season are used to calculate the rating. During this time, players cannot challenge each other, and rewards are provided after the end of the season.

Can I use the Battle Pass after changing the server? It can be used if the server you switched to is a freshly opened server and the Battle Pass event has not yet completed. The personal progress of the Battle Pass will be saved on the new server, but the unlock progress and duration of the Battle Pass missions will follow the zone news on the new server.

The Battle Pass cannot be used if the Battle Pass event has ended on the server you switched to.

Why is my power in Treasure Hunters different from the power displayed on my details screen? The strength displayed in the Treasure Hunters event is the strength of the troops used to match opponents, not the overall strength of the player.

Why can’t I reset the difficulty level in Rhineland Exercise? Players select the difficulty level prior to the start of the Rhineland exercise. The higher the difficulty level, the richer the rewards will be. Only one difficulty level can be selected for each exercise. After choosing the difficulty level, you cannot change it.

After participating in three battles, why are some of my bonuses not showing up in the battle reports for the other two battles? For battles taking place at the same time, bonuses will be displayed in the same battle report.

Why wasn’t I given a War Horn reward? War Horn rewards include:

  • Reward points. After reaching the required number of points, by touching, you can get rewards in the corresponding treasure chest.
  • Rank reward. The system automatically grants rank rewards based on personal and guild points after the event. Check your mail.

Why isn’t the fuel automatically regenerated in Operation Falcon? During the event, one unit of fuel is restored every 10 minutes, with a daily limit of 20 units. Once the limit is reached, the fuel is not restored.

Why isn’t the mission in the Kiss of Victory event being updated? This event will last 8 days. During the first 5 days of the event, 3 side effects will be unlocked. During the first 7 days, the commander will be able to receive rewards by completing tasks in side actions. On the 8th day of the event, commanders will no longer be able to complete tasks, but will be able to receive additional treasure chests as a reward.

Why can’t I choose a harder level? After completing the low difficulty levels, you can unlock and take part in the higher difficulty levels.

Kiss of War: Walkthrough Challenge God of War

Registration requirements. The top 20 guilds on the server (by overall strength rating) can be registered by the guild leader and officials. Players who joined the guild after registration will not be included in the membership and will not be able to receive rewards for playing in the "Call of the God of War".

The difference between main forces and reserves. The maximum number of participants is 20 people. If the main forces are insufficient, a reserve may appear on the battlefield. The main forces can enter the battlefield 3 minutes before the start of the battle, while the reserve must wait for the start of the battle. If at the beginning of the battle the main forces have less than 20 players, the reserve can enter the battlefield instead of the missing participants. (Everything is done in turn.)

If the main forces do not enter the battlefield in time, they can be replaced. The Battle Banners of the God of War cannot be escorted to your base or those of your guildmates. In this case, the number of points will be increased, and the battle banner of the God of War will be returned to the Hall of the God of War.

Rules for awards. There are 3 types of awards:

  • Guild Rewards: All members of the winning guild will receive victory rewards, and all members of the losing guild will receive defeat rewards, if the battle ends in a draw, both sides will receive victory rewards.
  • Personal Rewards: All players on both the winning and losing side will receive rewards based on their personal points. Only players who have earned 3,000 or more personal points will receive personal rewards.
  • Registration Rewards: Rewards will be received by all registered players on both the winning and losing side.

Kiss of War: Shopping & Subscriptions

I purchased a pop-up package, but my progress on the Path of Glory has not been updated. Why? In the event, additional rewards can be obtained after the amount of purchased gold reaches a certain value. However, you should note that packages are not counted in the progress of an event in the following situations:

  • Pop-up (limit) packages will not count towards event progress.
  • Gold from Growth Funds and Subscription Rewards will not count.
  • Packages that do not contain gold will not count. Exception: VIP packages.

If I purchase a package by accident, can I return it? Once purchased, the package cannot be returned. Confirm before buying.

How do I get the packages? Tap the Shop icon in the upper right corner to purchase the packages you need.

How do I get rewards after purchasing a weekly / monthly subscription? After purchasing a weekly / monthly subscription, you must switch and receive your rewards every day, otherwise the gold / items will not be sent automatically. Day 1 rewards will be mailed. The player does not need to navigate to receive them.

Kiss of War: Account and Settings

How do I set up game notifications? Tap the avatar frame in the upper left corner of the main interface, then tap Settings - General. Select the notifications you want to enable / disable from the dropdown menu.

How do I use a different image as my avatar? Link your account to your Facebook account. After successfully linking, you can use your Facebook avatar as your game avatar.

How do I change my country? Tap the avatar in the upper left corner of the game screen. On the Commander Information page, touch the Switch button next to the Country option to go to the Change Country page. Please note that this page is used every time you change country. You can buy it in the shop or in the guild shop.

How do I get a verification code? Follow the official Kiss of War Facebook account. The confirmation code will be published in subsequent events.

Can I link two accounts on the same device to two different Facebook / Google accounts? No. Currently, only one account can be linked to a playable character. After choosing an account for linking, all game characters on the device will be linked to this account.

How do I change my account? Click on the Commander’s avatar - Settings - Account - Change account, then select your Facebook account, then go to Facebook to change.

How do I unlink my account? Each account can be unlinked only 3 times and you can apply for unlinking only once every 180 days. If you are sure you want to unlink your account, tap Settings - Communication - Contact Support and provide the following information:

  1. Registered device model and account registration time.
  2. Guild name.
  3. If your account is a paid account, please provide at least 2 recent screenshots of payments for 2 different months (if there was only 1 purchase, please provide a screenshot for this payment). After the information has been verified, your account will be unlinked as soon as possible.

How do I link a guest account? Click on the Commander’s avatar - Settings - Account - Link and log in to your Facebook to complete the link. Currently, the game can only be linked to Facebook.

I get an error when entering the game, why? This usually happens due to network connection failures. Switch to a more stable and secure network (Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G).

How do I change my account password? The game currently only supports linking to Facebook and Google. The password can be changed through your Facebook and Google account.

How do I find my server ID? Tap the avatar in the upper left corner of the game screen and select the Settings - Character option, after which you can find out your server ID.

How do I find my commander’s ID? Tap the avatar in the upper left corner of the game screen. On the Commander Information page, you can see your Commander’s ID.

How do I change the server? How can I change the server to the one on which my friend is playing? Tap the avatar frame in the upper left corner of the main interface, then tap Settings - Character - Create a character, then select the zone you want to go to.

Why am I only seeing 20 entries in my private chat history? Currently, the private chat feature does not support displaying later messages. A maximum of 20 messages are stored and displayed.

Article author: Nadezhda D.


Of war 22 kiss campaign

Kiss of War

Kiss of War is a war strategy game set in the late modern period. It tells a story about a group of charming women with different pasts fighting against the Invaders with allies. You will play as a Commander in the game. Train powerful troops and recruit beautiful female Officers to lead. Unite other Commanders to eliminate the Invaders and finally achieve world peace by establishing a stronger Guild!

1. Brand New Troop Control System
The game uses a new free control system that allows players to command multiple troops to march, garrison, and change targets and marching routes on the battlefield. Strong troops cannot prevail without excellent leadership and strategies!

2. Vivid War Scenes
We have created vivid cities and battlefields based on actual geography from the late modern Europe, including landmarks that people will recognize. Plus, we have also simulated the famous war machines used during the late modern period, which aim to bring you back to the era when legends emerged.

3. Real-time Multiplayer Combat
Fighting against real players is always more complicated and appealing than battling the AI. You still need help from other players, even when you're strong because you won't be fighting against one opponent. It could be an entire Guild, or even more.

4. Multiple Countries to Select
You can choose different countries to play in the game. Each country has its own Country Trait, and the combat units unique to each country are all famous war machines that served the countries throughout history. You can lead the army that you want in the game, and launch attacks on your enemies!
Millions of players have joined this legendary battlefield. Expand your Guild, show your power, and conquer this land!

Facebook :

checking out campaign strategy: Kiss of War

Welcome to the beginner’s guide on how to strengthen your base in Kiss Of War. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increase your overall power and how to obtain certain items.

Table of Contents

1. Upgrade your buildings

Once you are done with the tutorial, always upgrade as many different types of buildings as possible to increase your overall power and level. To do so, tap any of the buildings, tap the green ‘↑’ icon and then tap ‘Upgrade’. Prioritize upgrading your HQ first as you will get to unlock more types of buildings in the game.

Building or upgrading takes an amount of time before the building has successfully been built or upgraded. The higher the level of the building, the longer it takes to successfully upgrade a building and the more resources required. To speed up the upgrading or building process, you can use those ‘Building Speed Up’ items or ‘Speed Up’ items to reduce the time taken to built or upgrade (Tap on the building->Tap the fast forward ‘>>’ icon). You can use Gold to instantly finish building or upgrading but I would not recommend it unless you have a ton of Biocaps to do so. There is also a handshake icon above the building where you can tap it to reduce the time taken to finish building.

If you need to upgrade multiple buildings at once, you can use the “Worker Recruitment” item which allows you to upgrade 1 more additional building slot.

2. List of buildings

Tank Armory

This is where you can build tank units that can either defend your base and attack enemies (Increases overall power). Tap the Tank Armory building->Tap the tank icon->Select the type of tank->Tap ‘Produce’ to build tanks. The higher the Tank Armory level, the more tanks you can build. You can speed up the process of building tanks by tapping the Tank Armory building->Tap the fast forward ‘>>’ icon (Requires Training Speed-up items). Stronger tanks can only be unlocked from the Lab.

Tank Destroyer Armory

This is where you can build tank destroyer units that can either defend your base and attack enemies (Increases overall power). Tap the Tank Destroyer Armory building->Tap the tank destroyer icon->Select the type of tank destroyer->Tap ‘Produce’ to build tank destroyers. The higher the Tank Destroyer Armory level, the more tank destroyers you can build. You can speed up the process of building tank destroyers by tapping the Tank Destroyer Armory building->Tap the fast forward ‘>>’ icon (Requires Training Speed-up items). Stronger tank destroyers can only be unlocked from the Lab.

Artillery Armory

This is where you can build artillery units that can either defend your base and attack enemies (Increases overall power). Tap the Artillery Armory building->Tap the tank icon->Select the type of artillery->Tap ‘Produce’ to build artillery units. The higher the Artillery Armory level, the more artillery units you can build. You can speed up the process of building artillery units by tapping the Artillery Armory building->Tap the fast forward ‘>>’ icon (Requires Training Speed-up items). Stronger artillery units can only be unlocked from the Lab.

Drill Grounds

This is where you can build infantry units that can either defend your base and attack enemies (Increases overall power). Tap the Drill Grounds building->Tap the infantry icon->Select the type of infantry->Tap ‘Produce’ to build infantry units. The higher the Drill Grounds level, the more infantry units you can build. You can speed up the process of building infantry units by tapping the Drill Grounds building->Tap the fast forward ‘>>’ icon (Requires Training Speed-up items). Stronger infantry units can only be unlocked from the Lab.


Other than unlocking more buildings, upgrading the HQ also increases the marching capacity of a queue and increase the number of both marching queue and scout queue.

Recruitment Center

This is where you can either unlock new officers or obtain different items using ‘Recruitment Tickets’. There are two types, Basic Recruitment, and Elite Recruitment. Every 24 hours, you can use the Basic Recruitment for free (up to 5 times) and every ? hours, you can use the Elite Recruitment once for free. Upgrading the Recruitment Center reduces the free Elite Recruitment cooldown and increases the number of times you can use the Basic Recruitment daily.

Officer’s Club

This is where you can interact with your officers to increase their Trust level. There are 2 main ways to increase the Trust level of an officer.

  • Sending gifts increases Trust (Tap the heart icon at the top right).
  • Playing the Poker minigame (Tap the icon at the bottom left).

You can also appoint officers to different jobs which increases your base efficiency (Tap the ‘+’ icon->Select an officer->Confirm). The higher the Trust level of the officer appointed to that job, the better the efficiency. It is best to appoint high rarity officers (The orange ones) since they have higher work efficiency than others.

The Hall of War

This building allows you to Join a Rally or Defend with your guildmates to defeat enemies. Upgrading this building allows more ally troops to join in your rally.


This is where you can purchase different boosts, items and VIP points using Gold.

Zone News

This building contains events that you can do for various rewards.


Protects your resources from being looted from enemy players. Upgrading this building increases the number of resources protected.

Defense Center

This is where you can appoint officers and your military units to defend against enemy players who are going to attack your base. Losing the defense battle will reduce your barricade defense. However, you can repair it by tapping the ‘Repair’ button (Requires duration).  If it reaches zero, your base will automatically be relocated.

If you do not want enemy players to attack your base at this time, you can purchase the Peace Shield item which costs about 800 Gold and above.


If your military units get wounded/destroyed during a battle or being attacked, you can treat them in the “Garage”. Take note that the wounded/destroyed military units exceeding the Garage capacity will not be treated/repaired and will die/destroyed permanently. Upgrading your Garage increases its capacity.

Railway Station

For a limited period of time, you can purchase different items using Gold or other resources.

3. The Lab

The Research Lab allows you to research different technologies to improve your Settlement’s effectiveness. Similar to upgrading a building, each research takes an amount of time before it is finished.  There are 2 types of Research, Economy, and Military. You can tap any of the icons to see the full details for each research.

4. Battle and gather resources at the World Map

You can tap the ‘World’ icon at the bottom left side of the screen to access the World Map. Here you can either send your military units to gather resources or use them to battle against enemies for items (Tap the magnifying glass icon at the bottom left->Select any of the options->’Search’->Select the area/enemy->’Attack’/’Gather’). You can also attack other player’s bases if you want to steal some resources from them except the ones that are protected by the Peace Shield.

5. How to obtain resources?

  • World Map
  • Using item resources (Main Menu->Items->Resrouces->Use). Usually, these items can be obtained from Missions, Events
  • Campaign
  • Build either the Farm, Steel Mill, Oil Rig or Power Plant. Be sure to tap their icon above it to collect resources. You can also upgrade them to increase the number of resources collected.

There are 4 types of resources in this game:

6. Use your items!

Most of the items can only be used/opened from the ‘Items’ tab (Tap the chest icon). You can also check what officer badges, and special items you have already obtained.

7. Do the Campaign stages

This is where you can send your officers and your military units to fight against enemies in each stage (Campaign->Select a stage->Challenge->Tap the ‘+’ to deploy your troops->Challenge). Each stage will have its own enemy Squad Power shown at the top of the screen. You can place up to 4 slots in a squad. The difficulty of the Trail stage will depend on your overall Power.

  • If the color text of the Recommended is green, the stage can be easily completed.
  • If the color text of the Recommended is red, it is highly recommended that you upgrade your officers or build stronger tier military units first.

Here is the list of items you can obtain upon each completion.

  • Resources
  • Officer XP books
  • Campaign Medals which can be exchanged for items at the Campaign Shop
  • Star items (For ???)
  • Officer badges

8. How do I increase my Officer’s Power?

There are 4 main ways to upgrade your Heroes to increase their power (Tap ‘Officer’->Select an officer) :

  • Level Up – You can level up an officer using Officer XP books to increase its stats. Officer XP books can be obtained from Campaign, Recruitment Center and Daily Missions.
  • Talent – This is where you can use Talent Points to upgrade different talents for additional boosts. 1 Talent Point is gained for every level up. You can tap any of the icons to see the full details for each talent.
  • Star – This is where you can use star items (Required level: 10) to increase the officer star rarity by 1, unlocking new skills and obtain even more Talent Points. Star items can be obtained from the Recruitment Center and Campaign.
  • Rank & Skill – If you have enough officer badges, you can ‘Promote’ the officer to increase its stats greatly and obtain a skill point.  Skill points can be used here to upgrade different skills to increase their effects.

9. Complete the missions and events

I recommend completing the Daily Missions first (Main Menu->Tap the bulletin icon at the bottom left->Daily Mission) as the daily rewards will reset daily. Try to aim for 100 activity points to collect the max daily rewards (Tap the chests to collect). After that you can complete the Recommended Missions as each of them will reward you with resources, speed up items and other rewards for each completion.

Be sure to also do the Events as they give tons of rewards which will help your progress tremendously (Tap the icons at the top right of the screen).

10. Join a Guild

If you have not done so, I would suggest joining a Guild as soon as you can. You can unlock some of the Guild features such as:

  • Store – You can use your Individual Exploits in exchange for different items such as speed up items, VIP points and shields.
  • Technology – This is where you can donate Gold or resources to gain Individual Exploits for guild buffs.
  • Gift – If any of the guild members purchase a pack or destroys an Iron Behemoth, all members will obtain a Guild Gift which can be opened for items, Chest Points and Favorability.
  • Help – This is where you can help other guild members which reduce the duration it takes to finish upgrading their building and obtain Individual Exploits.
  • War – If your guild member has launched an attack against the enemy, you can help them defeat it for rewards.

Closing & Useful Links

Thank you for reading, and we have come to the end of this guide. I hope it has helped you to play better, and level up a little faster. Finally, here are a couple more links that may be useful to you, good luck and happy gaming!

  • Kiss Of War Facebook – [Link]

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