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Algona - Algona Livestock LLC

Hwy. 169 North, P.O. Box 397
Algona, IA  50511
Monday,  11:30 a.m. -- Cattle, hogs, and sheep
Dan & Darla Vonnahme

Anita - Anita Livestock Auction

54686 730th
Anita, IA  50020
Friday, 1 p.m. -- Cattle, hogs, and sheep
Bernard L. Vais

Aplington - Central Iowa Exchange

930 Hunter Street
Aplington, IA  50604
Horse Sale 3rd Saturday of month
Letisha Wise

Bloomfield - Bloomfield Livestock Market Inc.

Feeder Cattle Auction
IMBIO Feeder Cattle Special

Hwy. 63 North, P.O. Box 21
Bloomfield, IA  52537
Wednesday Slaughter Cows, Bulls, Fat Cattle @ 9:00 a.m.
Feeder Cattle Sale @ 11:30a.m. 
Ron Schooley

Cascade - Cascade Livestock Auction LLC

743 Hwy 136, P.O. Box 57
Cascade, IA 52033 
Monday [email protected] 9:00 a.m Fed cattle, feeders, bulls and cows
1st & 3rd Thursdays @12:00 Noon baby calves, feeders, bulls and cows
Karen Bergfeld

Centerville - Appanoose County Livestock Inc.

Feeder Cattle Auction

542 N 12th, P.O. Box 458 
Centerville, IA  52544-0458 
Thursday, 12 Noon -Feeder cattle, slaughter cows, sheep, & hogs 
Friday, 6 p.m. -specials 
Clarence Ballanger 
Joshua Spence

Clarinda - Clarinda Auction Company

Feeder Cattle Auction

1007 N 15th Street 
Clarinda, IA  51632 
Tuesday, 12:30 p.m.-- Cattle, hogs and sheep
Thursday, 12:30 p.m. -- Special cattle 
John Anderson
Frank Hoepker

Colfax - Colfax Livestock Sales Company

335 N Walnut 
Colfax, IA 50054 
Saturday, 10:30 a.m. -Cattle, hogs, sheep & goats and horses
Owner: Shawn Cogley 515-979-5803 
Manager: Dr. L H. . Birchmier  515-975-0042 
Veterinarian: Dr. K.C. Cogley 515-250-9199

Cresco - Cresco Livestock Market

825 Stock Avenue 
Cresco, IA  52136 
Monday, 1 p.m - Cattle and sheep 
Allen Moudry

Creston - Creston Livestock Auction Inc

Feeder Cattle Report

201 N. Cherry
Creston, IA  50801
Friday, 11 a.m.
Feeder cattle and slaughter cows
Wednesday--Special vaccinated calf auctions, 
Nov-March, 11 a.m.
Tom Frey

Decorah - Decorah Sales Commission

2123 Madison Road: PO Box 385
Decorah, IA  52101
1st and 3rd Wednesday, 11:00 a.m. -- Feeder cattle
Joe Nelson

Denison - Denison Livestock Auction, Inc.

Feeder Cattle Report

501 N 9th Street
Denison, IA 51442
Saturday, 8:30 a.m. -- Hogs, sheep and cattle
Winter only, Thursday 11:30 a.m. -- feeder cattle
Erv Pauley & Sons

Dunlap - Dunlap Livestock Auction

Feeder Cattle Report
Feeder Cattle Special Report
Slaughter Cattle Report

701 HWY 30 West
Dunlap, IA  51529
Tuesday, 9:00 a.m., Fed cattle weight cattlle
12:30 p.m.- Feeders and bred cows/pairs/bulls
Wednesday, 11 a.m. -- Bred females
Friday, 11 a.m. -- Feeder cattle
Jay Schaben
Jim Schaben, Jr.
Jon Schaben

Edgewood - Edgewood Livestock Commission

300 Washington
Edgewood, IA  52042
Tuesday, 11:00 Hay, Feeder pigs 1st & 3rd Tuesday
Tuesday 12:30 Cattle
Gerald Maker
Mary Maker

Guthrie Center - Guthrie Stock Pavilion

South 3rd Street
Guthrie Center, IA  50115
Monday, 12:30 p.m.- Feeder cattle
Thursday, 1 p.m. - All classes hogs and cattle

Humeston - Humeston Livestock Exchange

Feeder Cattle Report

1026 N Front St. 
Humeston, Iowa 50123
Wednesday: 11: 00 fat cattle; 1:00 feeder cattle
Doug Wright, Manager

Kalona - Kalona Sales Barn

Sheep and Goat Auctions
Slaughter Cattle Report

121 9th Street
Kalona, IA  52247
Wednesday 9:00 a.m. - Sheep, goats and hogs
Thursday 9:00 - Cattle - fats/marketcows& bulls/ feeder
Thursday, 9 a.m. -- Cattle - fats/veils/bred cows/feeder cattle &
stocker cattle and veals
1st Monday of each month - Horse Sale - 8:30 - tack 11:00 horses 
Devin Mullet

Keosauqua - Keosauqua Sales Co.

20555 Hwy 1
Keosauqua, IA  52565
Saturday 9:30 hogs, sheep, goats and cattle
Bill Goerhing

Knoxville - Knoxville Regional Livestock Market, Inc.

Feeder Cattle Report

1583 Hwy 5 S.
Knoxville, IA  50138
Auctions: Tuesday 8:00 a.m.
Feeder cattle, bred cows, breeding bulls, 
cow/calf pairs, pound cows 
Saturday (in season) - Cow sales
Corey Rozenboom - Owner

Lamoni - Lamoni Livestock Auction Incorporated

Feeder Cattle Report

900 E Main
Lamoni, IA  50140
Thursday, 9:30 a.m.  CST; 10:30 a.m.  CDT.  
Feeder cattle, slaughter cows and bulls
Randy Gibson

Manchester - Manchester Livestock Auction, Inc.

1624 220th Street; PO Box
Manchester, IA  52057
Tuesday, 8:15 a.m.-- Slaughter cattle
2nd Friday, 9:30 a.m.,Sheep/Goats and Dairy Cattle
3rd Fridays April thru Sept. 10:00 a.m. - Special Feeder Cattle
Marvin Waterhouse

Maquoketa - Maquoketa Livestock Sale Inc.

18140 33rd Street - P.O. Box 1209
Maquoketa, IA  52060
Wednesday, 11 a.m. -- Cattle sale
Robert Larkey

Massena - Massena Livestock Sales

78 Main Street
Massena, IA  50853
Tuesday 12:00 in season; Wednesday 12:30
Cattle, hogs and sheep
Allen Venteicher
Mark Venteicher

Oxford - Oxford Sale Barn, Inc.

1457 Salebarn Road NE
Oxford, IA  52322
Tuesday, 1 p.m. -- Cattle, hogs and sheep
Tom Cochran -- Chuck Cochran

Red Oak - Red Oak Livestock Inc.

1511 200th Street
Red Oak, IA  51566
712-623-5151 or 712-623-2531
Saturday, 12 Noon -- Cattle, hogs and sheep
Wednesday, 1st & 3rd - fat hogs & sows; fat cattle - seasonally 
Don and Pat Wolfe

Russell - Russell Livestock Market

Feeder and Replacement Cattle Report

31683 US Hwy 34
Russell, IA  50238
Barn: 641-535-6065 
Monday, 10 a.m. -- Weigh Cattle; 11 a.m. -- Feeder cattle
Tony Ballanger -- cell phone (641)-777-3113
Shawn Murphy -- cell phone (641)-777-0103

Sheldon - Sheldon Livestock Sales Co.

Slaughter Cattle Report
Feeder and Replacement Cattle Report

115 D Street: PO Box 97
Sheldon, IA 51201
Thursday, 10 a.m.,Feeder cattle 
followed by slaughter cattle
Roger Koedam
Jason Spykerboer 
Kyle Koedam, Yard Manager

Sigourney - Keoco Auction Company, LLC

Feeder Cattle Report

603 South Warren
Box 331
Sigourney, IA  52591
Monday, 12:00 Noon -- Cattle
Justin R. Abelll

Sioux Center - TriState Livestock

Feeder and Replacement Cattle Report

1375 N. Main; PO Box 166
Sioux Center, IA  51250
3rd Wednesday, 9 a.m. -- Dairy cattle
Friday, 9:00 a.m. - Slaughter cattle, 
12 Noon - Bred stock, then feeders
Roger and Mike Koedam 712-470-0198
Jason Spykerboer
Duane Rus 

Spencer - Spencer Livestock Sales

3165 Highway 71 North
Spencer, IA  51301-0666
12:30 - Cattle, hogs, sheep goats & horses
Luke Muhlbauer 712-269-0685
Hay Auction 11:45 

Stuart - Stuart Sale Barn

523 East Front Street
Stuart, IA  50250
Saturday every 2 wks. Horse Sale 6:00
Located at Madison County Auction 
Bill Gomez

Tama - Tama Livestock Auction

Feeder Cattle Report
Feeder Cattle Special Report
Slaughter Cattle Report

1908 East 5th Street
Tama, IA  52339-0387
Monday, 11 a.m. - Seasonal/special cattle sales
Wednesday, 9 a.m. - Cattle
Friday, 11 a.m. 
seasonal/precondition cattle sales(green tag)
Danny Lekin
Jason Lekin

Walker - Walker Sales Co.

4162 Walker Road
Walker, IA  52352
Wednesday, 7 p.m. -- Cattle, hogs and sheep
Coy Walton

Waukon - Equity-Northeast Iowa Sales Commission

1645 Highway 76 North, Box 468
Waukon, IA  52172
Thursday, 9:30 a.m. -- Regular sale
Feeder cattle 10:30 a.m., 2nd and 4th Wednesday
Gary Whittle, manager

Waverly - Waverly Sales Co. Inc.

2212 5th Avenue Northwest
Waverly, IA  50677
Monday, 10:00 a.m. - Sheep, goats & feedr pigs
Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. -Fat cattle 1:00 baby calves, stock cows,
feeder cattle, butcher bulls, and cows 
Ron Dean
Sharon Beyer

Winterset - Madison County Auction

1204 W Summit
Winterset, IA 50273
Tuesday, 12:30 p.m. - Cattle, hogs, sheep and goats
Specials:  Wednesday, 12:30 p.m. - all classes cattle
Saturday, 11:30 p.m. -- Green & Gold Tag Sales
Tom and DeAnn Christensen, Owners


View Livestock Market Report

Shipshewana Livestock Auction is Currently Open & On Schedule

COVID-19 Update & Shipshewana Auction, Inc. Changes Due to State Mandates

For the safety of all Concerned:

  • If you are ill, please remain home.

  • Minimize the time you spend at the market in the sale arena.

  • Consigners & Sellers are encouraged to deliver livestock and return home.
    (Checks will be mailed unless you call the office to make pick up arrangements.)

  • Follow safety and wellness recommendations by the CDC including:  Cover your Cough or Sneeze. Avoid touching your face. Wash your hands often.
    (For more information:

The Shipshewana Livestock Auction is held every Wednesday, year-round as farmers from all over the Midwest come to trade hay, pigs, cows, sheep and goats. 

Shipshewana Livestock Auction Schedule

Every Wednesday, year round!

10:00 am Hay

10:30 am Feeder Pigs

11:00 am Dairy Heifers / Dairy Cows

12:30 pm Feeder Cattle

2:30 pm Veal, Sheep, Lambs, Goats (in that order)

4:00 pm Butcher Bulls, Fat Cattle, Cows (in that order)

Buyer Information 

Buyer Numbers: All livestock, horse, tack and hay auction buyers should apply for a buyer number prior to bidding in the livestock office. Daily buyer numbers are available. You must be 18 years of age and have a state issued photo I.D. and valid phone number to obtain an auction buyer number. Please show your buyer number card when making purchases and when making payments.

Terms of Sale: The Livestock Office accepts cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. There is a 5% buyers premium on purchases, which will be waived if you pay with cash or check. Purchases not paid for the day of the auction will be assessed a $5.00 service charge.

Market Report: Current Livestock Market Reports are available online each Thursday after the Wednesday sale.

Read Market Report.

You can also read our current market report weekly by joining the Shipshewana IN Livestock Sale Facebook Group or by signing up for our Weekly Livestock Report email and select "Livestock Auction" when you subscribe.

Livestock Appraisals: Call Brian at 260-336-6009 (cell).

Hog Market: Wednesday, 7 AM – Noon – *Ask for Brian, 260-768-4129

Seller Information

Unloading: May be done anytime after 6:00 am on Wednesdays, up until sale time on Wednesday. If you need to unload on Tuesdays, please call ahead (260-768-4129) to make arrangements.
Checks: may be picked up immediately following your sale in the livestock office on Wednesdays, or they will be mailed out the following morning. You may also make arrangements to pick up your check from the office the next day. We must have your complete name, address and phone number to issue checks.
Hay: Sold by the ton. If you are selling hay, please bring a scale ticket into the Livestock Office to register prior to the sale. We need to have a NET weight for the hay sale.
Trucking Service: Call the livestock office at 260-768-4129 for info on local trucking services.
Tags: All sheep and goats need Scrapie Tags. You can order tags yourself by visiting Shipshewana Auction will tag them for $2.00 per head, but we prefer you get your own tags and tag them before you bring them to the sale.
Hogs: All hogs need individual premise Identification prior to shipping. For more information or to obtain ear tags, call the Indiana State Board of Animal Health at 317-544-2400 or toll-free: 877-747-3038.
Out-of-State animals: Call the Indiana State Board of Animal Health at 317-544-2400 or toll-free: 877-747-3038.
Dairy Cows - Springers - Dairy Feeder Heifers (6 months or older) Health Paper / Interstate Certificate would be good. Questions? Call Tye Casey at 574-930-0450.

Commission & Fees

  • Cattle
    • Feeder Cattle: 3.5%, or a minimum of $15.00 per head
    • Dairy: 4.5%, or a minimum of $50.00 per head
    • Veal Calves: 4%, or a minimum of $10.00 per head
    • Butcher Cattle: 1%, or a minimum of $20.00 per head
    • Butcher Bulls: 4%, or a minimum of $50.00 per head
    • Butcher Cows: 2.5%, or a minimum of $30.00 per head
  • Feeder Pigs / Hogs: 3%, or a minimum of $4.00 per head
  • Sheep & Goats: $6.00 per head
  • Hay / Straw / Wood: 6%
  • Yardage Fee
    • All Livestock: .390%, or a minimum or $2.60 per head
    • Feeder Pigs / Hogs: .390%, or a minimum of $0.50 per head
  • Tagging Fees
    • Feeder Pigs:  $0.30 per head
    • Scrapie Tagging Fee:  $2 per head
    • RFID Tagging Fee:  $3 per head
  • No Sale: Must be present and object to sale as soon as the animal is sold. Fee is regular commission price + yardage fee. 

For livestock appraisals, call Brian Lambright at 260-336-6009 (cell).

Handler - Certified Organic Products/Service:  Handling of organic livestock:  Beef Cattle; Dairy Cattle.

Call 260-336-6009 for Tuesday Organic pick up.

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Eugene Livestock Auction


The auction starts at 10:30 every Saturday. We start with small animals, sheep, goats, pigs, bottle calves, then cattle, in that order. When selling animals please provide staff with your MAILING ADDRESS, and the name you want on your check.

Caged animals can be sold with or without the cage, it is the seller’s responsibility to retrieve their cage after their animal has sold (if they are not selling the cage with their animal) an employee can assist if needed.

Sheep, goats, bottle calves, chickens, rabbits and other small animals are unloaded on the south side of the main building. Sheep and goats are required by the state to have a scrapies tag. If your sheep or goats don’t have one, we will put one in for $1 per head. If you are selling registered sheep or goats, please bring registration papers to the office after you have dropped off your animals.

Cattle is unloaded on the north side of the building. You will need a transport slip (we can provide a transport slip when you unload, if you don’t have one). If your cattle are branded with a brand that is not yours, you will need to provide proof of ownership to the brand inspector when you unload your cattle. If you are selling your cattle as registered, registration papers can be handed to the office staff after you have unloaded your cattle.

All checks will be mailed the next business day, to the address you provide the staff when you unloaded your animals. You are welcome to pick up your check day of the sale, after all your animals have sold.

BOTTLE ANIMALS: Animals that are still on a bottle, can ONLY be dropped off day of sale, and if you buy a bottle fed animal, you MUST TAKE IT HOME day of the sale.

All caged animals must be taken home day of sale.

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