5 foot privacy fence panels

5 foot privacy fence panels DEFAULT

A Horizons Privacy Fence Panel Kit 5-ft. tall contains pickets that are made of recycled wood and plastic materials making it the best eco-friendly product. The composite pickets are backed with a 25-year residential warranty and won’t rot, warp, or splinter, plus it is resistant to insect damage like termites. In fact, there’s no paint to scrape, no once-a-year water seal required because of the low-maintenance benefit. Also, the fence is formulated to withstand most climates and is super-durable for high winds. The unique design of the Trex horizontal interlocking picket system offers a fully-private, neighbor-friendly fence (with the same look on both sides). This fence panel kit is ready to construct onsite and installs on 8 ft. post centers. Available in three rich, natural wood-like colors plus the black Horizons steel frame kit. The Horizons frame kit is backed with a five year limited warranty.

Horizons Privacy Fence Panel Kit 5-ft. tall requires pickets and Horizons frames to be cut to length for shorter sections. Recommended power tools: circular saw or 12 in. miter saw and drill for fasteners. The product is bulk packaged per item and grouped together onto oversized wood pallets. Before purchasing, review the items included and look over the installation guide to know if this is a DIY project your team can handle.


Trex Horizons Installation Resources

Installation Guide

Exploded View

5-ft. Tall View

Sours: https://trexfencingfds.com/shop/horizons-privacy-fence-panel-kit-5ft/

Rainier Vinyl Privacy Fence

Our Rainier Vinyl Privacy Fence is our most popular privacy fence with a beautiful and contemporary style that is perfect for enhancing and defining your property. All of our vinyl privacy fence panels include aluminum in the bottom rail for industrial strength, boast the thickets rails, posts and pickets, and are ideal for creating complete privacy. With a transferable lifetime warranty built in, our fences stand out among the rest! Compare the facts on our commercial grade vinyl privacy fence and see the difference. All of our Heavy Duty vinyl privacy fence panels are available in the following heights: 3 foot tall, 4 foot tall, 5 foot tall, 6 foot tall, 7 foot tall, 8′ tall privacy fence, 9′ tall, 10′ tall privacy fence, 12 foot tall privacy fence and even 16 foot tall privacy fence! Fast nationwide shipping! Most orders ship within 5-7 business days.

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Rainier vinyl privacy fence is very basic to install, as always we provide complete installation support. Unlike big box stores that push their low grade plastic fence that can blow away in the first storm, we provide expert support along with the very best vinyl fence manufactured in USA. When you have a question simply give us a call or email. You will not be dealing with a person working in the paint department nor the lawnmower aisle. We are fence experts and will provide you with expert support to ensure your fence is installed correctly the first time! Rainier Privacy Fence is available in White privacy fence panels, Tan privacy fence panels, Gray privacy fence panels, and Clay privacy fence plus color combo. Contact us 24/7 for a free quote.507-206-4154

Sours: https://www.vinylfenceanddeck.com/products/vinyl-privacy-fence/rainier/
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Putting Up Fence Panels

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How to Facemount a Privacy Fence Panel

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