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Quick select feature is unnecessarily complicated
I love the inclusion of this. It's not a new idea, but it is a important feature of nearly every FPS game since Wolfenstein 3D. What is new is the method of assigning items to slots or hotkeys.

My items assigned themselves. I didn't get to pick the numbers, however I would like to. It's taken me 5 minutes to figure out how. To reassign an already assigned item to another slot I have to force that item out of the quick select slots by replacing it with another item, probably one I don't plan to keep assigned to any slots. Let's say Katana is #2 and Modern Axe is #1. To swap them I have to first take a stick, for example, and put it in slot #2 to force the Katana out of the backpack. Next I replace the Modern Axe with the Katana, forcing out the Modern Axe. Next I replace the stick with the Modern Axe, forcing out the stick.

This is actually a mini game within a game, and one we all know! It's a sliding puzzle game!

It's way too complicated and not at all intuitive. How about something simple like control + left click an item to pop up 4 cogs with numbers on them, left click on the number you want the item assigned to. Or maybe even just hover over an item and press the number you want to assign it to.

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Quick select is the name of a game-play mechanism enabling the player to assign hotkeys to a selection of four items. It allows the player to quickly switch between items rather than having to open the backpack every time. It was added in update v0.55 to The Forest.


The default keys that are assigned for quick select items are , , , and When you start a new game, the first items you pick up will be assigned to slot. For example, if you collect the Plane Axe first, it will go to slot 1. If soda is the next item you collect, that will go to slot 2, etc.

To assign an item to quick select, right click on the item, then right click on the bag. A combine icon will appear. Once its combined, the player can choose a slot. You cannot remove an item from a quick slot, you can only replace it with another item.

Most items can be assigned to quick select. Dried meats cannot be added and will often catch players off guard when they right click on them, they will consume them instead of adding them to quick select. Most material items cannot be added.

It is recommended that players chose slots and assign certain types to the slots every time. This will assist in forming muscle memory. For example:

  1. Modern Axe - Main weapon, light source and tree cutting
  2. Repair Tool - For stick trees and repairing
  3. Crafted Bow or Modern Bow - For range attacks and hunting
  4. Pouch - For gathering berries and mushrooms

Other items that are handy for quick selecting are:


  • Shortly after quick select was added to the game, medical items were nerfed to regenerate slowly instead of instantly. Players were able to keep using quick select during battle to instantly get health. This was called a balance fix.

Update History[]

v1.0New quick select inventory UI design to make quick selecting easier
v0.62Fixed missing combine prompt for some items when backpack is on the crafting mat to assign items to quick select
v0.57Blocked quick select usage during in game cut scenes
v0.56It is no longer possible to use quick select while swimming/on rope/driving raft

Fixed an issue of first time equipping through quick select stashing back the item and returning to previously held item

(Multiplayer) Quick select items selection is now preserved after respawning

(Performance) Added pooling system to quick item selection views to reduce memory usage

Fixed items like herbs missing SFX when assigned to quick select

Targeting quick select assignment cogs on backpack now works the same regardless of monitor resolution

Assigning an item to a quick select slot, if it is already assigned to a different slot will change its assignment to the newly assigned slot

Stick, rock, pouch and repair tool can now be assigned to quick select

Assigning quick select is now done with the “AltFire” button (right click with K/M) when hovering the little cogs to make it consistent with pressing on the large cog

Removed visibility of non-equipment items on backpack quick select.

v0.55Quick Select added to the game

New item quick select feature. Combine weapons on the crafting mat with the backpack to assign. Default keys are 1, 2, 3 and 4 on keyboard. Holding “AltFire” (block) while playing on a gamepad now switches the D-pad to quick select item slots

First 4 weapons/projectiles equipped are automatically added to quick select free slots

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Quick Select - any options?
When you open your inventory and hover over the backpack there is a Quick Select option that you can press a 'number' key and quickly select an item. Is there a way to edit this? I would like to make the Katana equivalent to number 1.

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Tips and tricks for getting started!!! THE FOREST TUTORIAL 2021
I go into my Inventory and highlight medkit and press triangle for the menu and the word "split" comes up. I see nowhere to assign it to the Quick Select. Have pushed every button. Seems you should be able to assign it, especially since the Quick Select tutorial came up as soon as I picked up the medkit.

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When holding triangle to bring up the weapon wheel you just hit R2 or L2 (forgot which one) to use a medkits. It was kind of s*** that you can't just add it to the d-pad though (I almost never used the flashlight).

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Jobe316 posted...
When holding triangle to bring up the weapon wheel you just hit R2 or L2 (forgot which one) to use a medkits. It was kind of s*** that you can't just add it to the d-pad though (I almost never used the flashlight).

Thanks. Yup, I see no way to assign the medkit to the d-pad. Even with the flashlight perm, I don't see why you can't put medkits in one of the other 3 slots. Oh well...

"It's never too late to have a happy past".


Select quick the change forest

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