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Sticking with 3F for now, and head into the Security Room where your new friend is watching TV. She wants you to watch the Old Videotape, and you really have no other choice, so collect it and put it in the VHS Player.

Old Videotape

The video puts you back in the shoes of Mia, three years ago on the ship before the incident. Finally, some of the bigger secrets are starting to unravel as Mia’s wounded friend Alan (wearing a familiar Codex Bracelet) gives you the less-mysterious bottle and asks you to track down Eveline.

Good news, past Mia also has the health monitoring watch, as well as a P-19 Machine Gun and Survival Knife. Be sure to check the desk to the side for more Machine Gun Ammo and your Orders (This is Mia’s File #3 - don’t worry, we’ll find #1 and #2 later).

Leaving the room behind, your Echo Bracelet will identify when Eveline is close, and tick down the distance. You can’t use the elevator yet, so you might as well check every room on the floor. Head to the far side of the hall and enter the crew quarters to find some Supplementsand a Herb. There’s a locked cabinet here - remember it and move on. Outside, continue down the hall and check the next room on the right to find it locked, next to another locked cabinet.

Now enter the Dining Room through the double doors, and grab more Machine Gun Ammo in the corner, Chem Fluid on a chair, and Supplementson the shelf. The door to the right goes to a room full of black gunk blocking the door, but there’s more ammo here (note the window at the top you can climb through. Head back to the Dining Room and crawl through the side to find Eveline. She’s not here, but her mess is. After a short call, grab the Herbin the sink and move back out into the hall. Take a left and deal with Molded that appears before moving to the elevator that Eveline slips into, going down to S2 in the lower level. Call it back up, but be wary of the open ceiling where another Molded will plop down from.

Down in S2, travel down the hall, being ready to defend against another Molded as it lurches out from an alcove on the left. After dispatching the molded look in the back right corner of the alcove for a Chem Fluid. At the end of the hall, look for a Herband Machine Gun Ammo before going through the door. One more Molded will appear at the end of the hall - after it’s dead, search the far side for two Remote Bombs, that can be planted and detonated from a distance.

As you enter the Engine Room, you can test one on a Molded coming down from above. Be sure to grab more Ammo from the right side of the room, as well as the left side, and Chem Fluid to the left of the ammo, before going upstairs. Down the next hall, you’ll come upon a locked door, upon which Mia will call for backup. It turns out your luggage area may have the key, and it’s through the other unlocked door. Make sure to grab the Chem Fluid behind the stepladder before going through. Inside is more Chem Fluid in a crate, and three Corrosives that can be used to melt away the locks. Grab ‘em all and head back to the door.

Inside, Eveline will lure you into the depths of the room before teleporting back outside. As you exit, alarms will start blaring - usually a sign of things getting worse. Retracing your steps, two more Molded will appear in the two-floor room, another great time to use a Remote Bomb as they come up the stairs to you. In the hall beyond, be sure to use a Corrosive to unlock the first door on the left. It’s got a lot of supplies, including ammo, an Herb, a Remote Bomb, Chem Fluid, and more Corrosive. Be careful in the next hall, as things are now on fire, and one Molded will come down the hall, followed by two more (Remote bomb the duo). Eveline will ditch you on the elevator - taking it up to the 3F. When you try to follow, the elevator will shut down, causing you to detour back on 2F.

Checking in on Alan you’ll find he’s gone - but left a helpful message in blood. Neat. Take the long way around the hall, and be sure to stop by at the locked cabinets you passed up earlier. The cabinet in the Crew Quarters has two more Remote Bombs, as does the one in the hall. Go into the Dining Room, and use the open window mentioned earlier to bypass the seal and head up to 3F. Go past the Security Office to meet with Alan, who in turn incurs the wrath of Eveline.

When you wake up, continue the pursuit into the Control Room, and use the computer to send that fateful message (now with added context!), continue down the next hall to meet your fate, and end the tape.

Find Ethan


Table of contents

After the tape ends and you have a brief (and chilling) conversation with Eveline, turn to your right to find a save point on the desk. Go through the door to the right of the tape recorder and turn left. Grab the chem fluid out of the green cabinet, then continue along the hall toward the elevator. Make sure to check the case on the floor at the end of the hall for a(n incomplete) foreshadowing note.

Continue through the door behind the case to enter the room where you found the laptop in the old videotape. Turn around to your left to find a locked box — there’s an antique coin in here we’ll come back for in a minute — and some machine gun ammo. The wooden locker against the wall to the right of the ammo has some chem fluid inside. Turn around from there and grab the gunpowder from the desk drawer. Then get the green herb from the desk above the (now broken) laptop.

The door out of this room is locked and you, sadly, don’t have any of your corrosives anymore. Return to the elevator and pull the doors open. You can’t get down into the elevator car (yet), so you’ll have to climb up the ladder. At the top of the ladder, turn left, then drop through the hatch in the floor. You’ll find yourself on the bridge of the ship. Turn to your right to find a conveniently still operational security monitor. Interact with it and flip through the feeds until you spot Ethan.

Head to the right and down off of the raised platform. There’s a remote bomb on the console right ahead of you. Turn left from there and go to the far end of the room to find some gunpowder in a filing cabinet.

Turn around and return to the other side of the bridge. In the back right corner, you’ll find the captain’s cabin. You can ignore the locked red locker for now (but we’ll be back in a minute) and turn your attention to his desk. Grab the ship map and the lug wrench.

Leave the captain’s cabin and head straight along the hall to the elevator. Turn to your left and get the green herb out of the closed locker, then continue forward past the elevator shaft. Follow the hall around to the right and down the stairs. There’s a remote bomb at the bottom. When you turn around and climb back up, watch on your right for a Mr. Everywhere. Use the remote bomb you just picked up to destroy it. (Or, we suppose you could make a note to come back later, but it’s super satisfying to blow him up.)

Go back to the elevator and pull the doors open. Drop down onto the car and use the lug wrench to open the hatch in the roof. Climb into the car to discover that the elevator is now missing a cable and a fuse. The note on the wall tells you where you’re going to have to go for the cable and, if you remember, we already know where there’s a fuse.

Before you go wandering around this mold- and molded-filled ship, you should probably arm yourself with more than a few remote bombs. From the elevator, climb up to the second floor. Right in front of you, you’ll find a survival knife stabbed into a bench.

Turn right and make your way toward the room where the old videotape started. Crouch when you hit the corner to make sure the armless molded there doesn’t see or hear you. Duck into the safe room behind his back. Grab the handgun ammo from the bedside table and the corrosive from the floor at the foot of the bed. Then you can hit the inventory box and save point.

Turn left when you leave the safe room — the molded should’ve wandered off by now. Smash the crate where he was standing for another remote bomb. Turn around and follow the hall around to the left. Go past the elevator shaft to the far corner. The door to the bunk room is locked now. Use the corrosive you picked up to open it. From left to right:

  • there’s a remote bomb on the overturned bunks
  • and another remote bomb on the desk
  • the captain’s cabin locker key next to that bomb
  • a strong chem fluid in the white cabinet to your right

Let’s go use that locker key and get a machine gun, shall we?

Return to the elevator and climb the ladder up to the roof. Take the ladder from the roof the rest of the way up the shaft. Once again, turn left and drop through the hatch in the floor. There’s now a crawling molded on the bridge with you when you drop down. Plant one of your remote bombs to take him out.

Head for the captain’s cabin in the back corner. Use the captain’s cabin locker key to unlock the locker in the captain’s cabin (say that three times fast). Grab the remote bomb and the P19machine gun. Turn around quickly because there’s a molded on its way to ruin your fun. At least you’ve now you’ve got a machine gun.

Before we get around to fixing the elevator, let’s pick up a few more exploding toys. Head back to the elevator and drop down onto the car. Climb down inside, then climb up onto the second floor. Turn left and follow the hall around to the left — past the bunk room you opened last time. You might run into that armless molded again, so be careful.

Open the door to the other side of the bunk room about halfway down the hall on the right. A molded will drop right on the other side of the door. Duck inside to grab the chem fluid from the microwave and the gunpowder from the desk. Before you leave, check the magazine on the table for a neat note.

Head back to the hall and turn right. Follow the hall to the left and go back into the dining room. A molded will come at your from your left. After you take him out, duck through the hole in the wall to go into the kitchen and pick up the machine gun ammo on your left.

Head back out into the main room and go into the attached room on your left. Turn to the right when you enter and get the gunpowder out of the wardrobe. The door at the back of this room is no longer molded over, so you can go in.

On the other side of the door, you’ll see six paintings and a safe (and a green herb on a sofa on your right). Compare the paintings on your right to those on your left. You need to get both sides to match by rotating the paintings on the left until they’re aligned the same way as the paintings on the right. Getting them right will unlock the safe and net you three corrosives.

Finally, head back to the hall and turn right. Go through the door in the back corner in front of you and climb the ladder. At the top, you’ll find two more remote bombs and a lock pick in the orange box. Before you climb back down the ladder, take out the Mr. Everything.

Now we’re ready to get to work on that elevator. Since you’re here, hit the inventory box and save point, then get to the elevator shaft and climb all the way up to the third floor.

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Resident Evil 7: How To Repair The Elevator & Rescue Ethan

The Baker estate is Resident Evil 7’s main setting, a sprawling abode in the heart of Louisiana bordering on condemned. Most of Resident Evil 7 takes place on the Baker property, with Ethan’s main goal being to save his wife and make it out alive. In typical Resident Evil fashion, however, the game doesn’t end when you finally make it out of the Baker family’s home.

After dealing with Jack one last time at the Boathouse, Ethan finds himself captured by Eveline on a Wrecked Ship. Perspective and control shifts over to his wife, Mia, instead. While swapping characters isn’t new to Resident Evil (or even Resident Evil 7), Mia has an extended role in the Wrecked Ship that has audiences playing as her for a while.

Putting Mia in the spotlight, Resident Evil 7 tasks players with repairing the Wrecked Ship’s elevator to rescue Ethan. Mia’s gameplay is set in a tense environment with even less weapons than Ethan, leading to some of the best survival horror content in Resident Evil 7.

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Edited on August 27, 2021 by Renan Fontes: Although Mia controls the same as Ethan, her stretch of gameplay in Resident Evil 7 is specifically designed to make you feel helpless. Mia does not have access to all the weapons you've unlocked so far or even the healing items you may have been hoarding. The Wrecked Ship is a tense setting where reactivating the elevator to find Ethan is easier said than done.

Where Is The Cable For The Elevator In RE7?

The elevator inside the Wrecked Ship is broken when Mia begins her search for Ethan, requiring her to repair it so it's fit for use. The Cable for the elevator can be found on the third floor of the Sick Bay, which you'll pass through on your way to the main hub of the Wrecked Ship.

The Power Cable is attached to a monitor in the corner of the room. Rather than simply examining the item to put it in your inventory, Mia has to uncork both sides of the Cable to grab it. Walk up to the Cable and back away safely to spawn a Fat Molded. You should already have the Machine Gun by now, but it’s safest to take out the Fat Molded with Remote Bombs.

Either place Remote Bombs in the vicinity of the Fat Molded’s path or on their body outright. Make sure to run away before detonating as the blast can damage Mia if she’s too close. Two or three Remote Bomb blasts should take down the Fat Molded, allowing Mia to finally grab the Cable and move on to the Fuse. If you're out of Remote Bombs, just keep your distance and fire away at the Fat Molded's head.

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Where Is The Elevator Fuse In RE7?

Mia can now attach the Power Cable to the elevator, but you still can’t power it on without the Fuse. The Fuse was previously seen during Mia’s flashback in the Wrecked Ship. From the broken down elevator, drop to the first floor which has now been fully infected with Mold. Do not bother killing any Molded down here unless you're cornered. It's best to safe ammo for later. The General Purpose Fuse is inside of a power box in the Laundry Room.

There’s a Molded inside the Laundry Room so be careful grabbing the Fuse. Avoid the Molded, grab the Fuse, and leave the Laundry Room. Before heading back to the Elevator, however, it’s worth exploring the rest of the first floor. Use a Corrosive to burn down the lock leading into the Recreation Room to find a Backpack (offering Mia more inventory space), some Remote Bombs, and another Corrosive before moving on.

Repairing The Elevator In RE7

Now that Mia’s obtained the General Purpose Fuse, it’s time to run back to the elevator and finally rescue Ethan. Attach the Fuse to the elevator power box and you'll finally be able to take the elevator down to S2. Doing so will pit you against quite a few Molded, however, so make sure to save and arrange your inventory accordingly.

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Make sure Mia has her Machine Gun, the Handgun from the Maintenance Room on the first floor, Remote Bombs, and at least two First Aid Med. Worth keeping in mind is that Ethan actually inherits Mia’s equipment when control swaps back to him, so it’s advisable not to go too gung-ho. You'll need to make your way past two regular Molded, one Quick Molded, and finally a room with a regular Molded and Fat Molded together.

Fighting Your Way To Ethan

With Mia’s inventory prepared, it’s time to kill some Molded and rescue Ethan. From the S2 elevator, head down the hallway to be ambushed by two regular Molded. Save your Remote Bombs for now and either take them out with well timed Headshots with the Handgun or spray them with the Machine Gun. If you're using the Machine Gun, keep your aim steady so you don't pepper too much ammo. Once both Molded are care of, take the door into the Straight Corridor.

A Quick Molded will drop down from the ceiling up ahead and rush towards Mia. Take it out with the Handgun instead of the Machine Gun to conserve as much ammo as possible. Two to three Handgun headshots should be enough to drop them. After the Quick Molded has been killed, enter the Engine Room to confront a Molded up close. Quickly spray it with the Machine Gun.

Moving deeper into the Engine Room will reveal a Fat Molded. Instead of wasting Handgun or Machine Gun ammo, use your Remote Bombs to drop it dead. It helps to plant some bombs on the stairs leading up to the Fat Molded and baiting it down. If you posiiton your bombs correctly, the Fat Molded will die before making it down the stairwell. With all the Molded killed, Mia can push on through the rest of S2 and reunite with Ethan. From here, control will swap back to Ethan for Resident Evil 7's last stretch.

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Crew Member Killed And Director Critically Injured After Accident Involving Alec Baldwin And Prop Gun

A crew member has died after a firearm was discharged on the set of Rust, a western starring Alec Baldwin.

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RESIDENT EVIL 7 - Donde Esta Ethan #19

After a jaunt to the past in Resident Evil 7's Old Videotape, you're now back in the present on the Wrecked Ship, but before you can rescue Ethan you've got an elevator to fix, a key to find and a painting-related puzzle to solve in the Lounge. In this Resident Evil 7 guide we'll give you a walkthrough to fix the ship's elevator, find the Captain's locker key, and solve the lounge painting puzzle.

If you're not up to speed with the guide so far, be sure to check the previous parts of this walkthrough in the Resident Evil 7.

After the short scene with Evelyn, feel free to save your game using the tape player in this room. Then head west down the corridor and take a look at the case on the floor to find the "Tattered Secret Document" file. Head through the door, and pull open the elevator doors in front of you before climbing the ladder and dropping through the hole to find yourself on the Bridge.

Make a beeline to the computer immediately in front of you, and interact with it to cycle through the cameras until you see Ethan. After another brush from Evelyn, head to the lockers on the north west of the Bridge to find Gunpowder before making your way to the South East door labelled Captain's Cabin.

In here is a Ship Map and a Lug Wrench on the desk, which you'll need so pick them up – sadly, you'll need a key to access the locker in here that holds your Machine Gun from the VHS, but we'll get to that in due course.

For now, make your way along the south wall to reach the far corridor – check the locker on the left as you go for a Herb – and turn the corner to reach the stairs. Make a mental note of the Mr Everywhere bobblehead just peeking out on the left behind the banister, you'll come back later to smash it when you have a weapon – but feel free to pick up the Remote Bomb halfway down for now.

Now head to the elevator to the south and interact with it to pry open the doors. Look down, and you'll see a hatch you can interact with. Use the Lug Wrench you got from the Captain's Cabin on it, and drop down into the elevator. Read the "Mechanics Memo" pinned to the wall to learn you're missing a Power Cable and a fuse, with a clue where to find the former.

From here looking out at the exit of the elevator, you can either climb up to the 2F or down to the 1F – choose the 2F this time and climb up to find yourself in the same area you explored during the Old Videotape, albeit with a few tweaks since that ill-fated night. Pick up the Combat Knife from the bench in front of you, then head west to the Guest Room – an enemy will likely appear to the north, but as soon as you enter the room they'll disappear – grab the Handgun Ammo just on the left and, if you didn't read them during the tape, read the "Orders" file on the desk. Finally, pick up the bottle of Corrosive on the floor. Feel free to save if you need, and then leave.

Where to find the Captain's Cabin Locker Key in Resident Evil 7

Head back the way you came – as you approach the corner, a Molded may spawn from the floor, so if you feel brave enough tackle it with the knife, otherwise retreating back to the safe room should destroy it. Then open the locked door to the south with a bottle of Corrosive – and you should find the Captain's Cabin Locker key in the desk along with a few other consumables including Remote Bombs in this room. Grab everything, and head back to the elevator, climb back up the ladder and drop down the hole to find yourself back on the Bridge. Some more enemies may show up here, but run past them back to the Captain's Cabin – closing the door behind you so they don't follow you. Use the key on the locker on here and finally retrieve the Machine Gun and the Remote Bomb.

Now you're finally properly armed, you can return to the Mr Everywhere bobblehead you noted earlier and shoot it – and the enemies if you need to – and then get back into the elevator from before. Return to the 2F, go clockwise around the corridor and head into the Dining Room, making sure to take care of the Molded that turns up in the corner. Crouch to fit through the passage to the south to nab some Machine Gun Ammo, and finally into the Break Room to the west for some Gunpowder in the wardrobe.

How to solve the Lounge Painting Puzzle on the Wrecked Ship in Resident Evil 7

Go through the door in the south and you'll find yourself in the Lounge – here you'll find several paintings on the wall, making up another puzzle. Your aim is to match the paintings on one side of the wall so that they match the ones on the wall opposite by rotating them. First, interact with the left painting until the pink area is in the upper left. Next up interact with the middle painting until the green area runs horizontal across the top, and finally spin the far right painting around until the road is on the bottom.

Do this successfully, and you'll hear an unlocking noise, and the safe in the middle of the room will unlock. Grab the three bottles of Corrosive inside, then head to the room in the north east of this floor. Climb the ladder until you find yourself in the Shaft room where you'll find a ton of goodies, including Remote Bombs, a Lockpick and, crucially, another Mr Everywhere bobblehead just opposite the ladder.

How to get the Ship's Elevator Working in Resident Evil 7

Now you want to head to the 3F to get that Power Cable. So head back into the elevator and climb up the ladder to go up a level. Head into the control room where you recorded your message for Ethan back during the videotape, and take care of the Molded on the floor by the door. Then scour the room for consumables – we found a Herb, some Chem Fluid and some Machine Gun ammo. Check out the south desk to find a locked case – open it up and another Antique Coin is yours.

Return to the door the Molded was guarding, and use another bottle of Corrosive on it to open it up. Proceed through the door and follow the corridor around, through the Shower Room and into the Sick Bay. Approach the machine at the other end of the room, and as you do a Fat Molded will spawn in behind you, so make sure to dispatch him before interacting with it – Remote Bombs are probably your most effective option here, as knocking him down gives you chance to retreat back into the Shower Room so you have more room to manoeuvre.

Once he's taken care of, return to the Sick Bay and check the corner for some Chem Fluids and a Remote Bomb at the dead end at the other side of the Sick Bay, then return to the machine and interact with both ends of the Power Cable to unscrew it and add it to your inventory. Power Cable in hand, it's time to go and get the Fuse from the 1F.

Rather than using the elevator, take the stairwell via the room where you watched the Old Videotape and go two floors down. Here, you'll come out in the north west corner, in the corridor where you first came on board this ship, but this time you've got a machine gun. Head anti-clockwise around the corridor, towards the Maintenance Room in the south west corner and enter it to use the safe room facilities, if you desire. You'll also find an MPH Handgun in the drawer, so feel free to take that too, if you wish.

Head along the bottom of the corridor and into the room south of the one that had the bunk beds in it, you'll find the "Giovanni's Will" file on the desk and, through the door, the "Jim's Letter" file on the bed in the corner.

Head to the Recreation Room in the north east corner, and open it with another bottle of Corrosive to obtain a Backpack to expand your inventory space along with another Corrosive, some Machine Gun Ammo, a Herb and two more Remote Bombs. Then head to the Laundry Room for some Chem Fluid and Machine Gun Ammo and another Molded to deal with. Finally, the Stockroom has some Gunpowder in a crate, and a Herb to nab. Once you've got any or all of this stuff, follow the corridor around until you reach the door you opened with the fuse earlier, and remove it once more before heading back to the elevator in the south.

Now you should have both the Power Cable and the Fuse in your inventory, so place them in their respective slots in the elevator to fix it. Be sure to make sure you have everything you want from elsewhere on the ship such as Antique Coins, Files and Mr Everywhere bobbleheads, because proceeding from here marks another point of no return. Once you're ready, press the button for the floor marked S2.

Once the elevator doors open, grab the Machine Gun Ammo on your left and head down the corridor. You'll be beset by a few Molded along the way – some will drop behind you, so be cautious as you go – dispatch them as you see fit, and there's also plenty of ammo to pick up along the way, so don't forget to pick it up as you need it. As you reach the room with the spiralling set of stairs, be aware that a Molded will spawn on the first corner, and then a Fat Molded will emerge at the top, so shoot the first one then use Remote Bombs and back up to take on the Fat one. Once he's dispatched, break the crate on the last corner for some more ammo, then go through the door.

Start following this next corridor along, but first open the nearby locked cupboard as it contains another Antique Coin, then head to the Cargo Bay at the end and use one more bottle of Corrosive to nab yourself a couple more Remote Bombs. Follow the corridor around until you reach the door to the engine room – go through to find Ethan and Evelyn, and a cutscene will take over.

What happens after this cutscene depends on the choice you made after the Mutated Jack boss fight, whether you chose to give the serum to either Mia or Zoe:

If you chose Zoe, once the cutscene is over, you will be back in control of Ethan. However, you will now have to fight Mia one more time. Luckily, it's pretty much as straightforward as your first fight with her with the axe back in the Guest House. Head to the south of the room, and pick up the Crowbar from the floor. Use that to block her attacks, and swipe at her – repeat this a couple of times, and she'll go down. Once you regain control, leave the room via the door in the east.

If you chose Mia, you won't have to do this fight at all, instead Mia will push you out of the room during the cutscene and seal the door in front of you, and you'll find yourself in control of Ethan standing outside of the room in the same place as you did had you fought her.

Regardless of your choice, the rest of this guide is the same for both paths, so after leaving the room, head down the corridor and through the next door, duck under the wire fence in the bottom left corner and through the door ahead of you to finally leave the ship and head into the Swamp and the Salt Mines.


7 resident ethan evil find

Resident Evil 7 - Fix the Ship elevator with the power cable, find the Captain�s Cabin Locker Key and Lounge painting puzzle solution

Fixing the Ship elevator is the main objective once you have played through the Old Videotape, and has you come up against a Lounge painting puzzle and an optional Captain's Cabin Locker Key in order to unlock a powerful weapon that'll aid your exploration.

After you've played the Old Videotape, head west down the corridor and investigate the case on the floor, making sure to read the 'Tattered Secret Document' file. Pull open the elevator doors next to you, take the ladder up, then drop down the hole to reach Wrecked Ship 4F and the Bridge.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our complete Resident Evil 7 walkthrough and guide.

On this page:

Exploring the Bridge on Wrecked Ship 4F

Investigate the computer nearby and cycle through the cameras to learn Ethan is on S2. Investigate the lockers on north west of the bridge to get some Gunpowder, then head round to the south east door, which is the Captain's Cabin.

On the desk is the Ship Map and the Lug Wrench, both of which will come in handy. You'll need a key to open the locker holding the Machine Gun in the corner, and we'll get to that soon.

Head along the southern wall to the far corridor - grabbing the Herb from the locker on the left along the way - and turn the corner to the stairs. Note the Mr Everywhere head on the left behind the banister - you'll have to smash this later when you have a weapon - and help yourself to the Remote Bomb halfway down too.

On the south edge of the map is an elevator. Pry open the doors, use the Lug Wrench on the hatch, and drop down into the elevator. While you are here, read the 'Mechanic's Memo' File on the wall and you'll notice two slots where items need to go.

We now have two objectives; find the Machine Gun by locating the Captain's Cabin Locker Key, and repairing the elevator with a fuse and power cable.


You have a choice of going up to 2F or down to 1F; the upper route looks safer, so let's do that first.

How to get the Captain's Cabin Locker Key

Climb out the elevator on Wrecked Ship 2F, which is the same as the one you explored in the Old Videotape, but with some tweaks and changes.

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Head west and enter the Guest Room (you'll notice an enemy to the north, but it'll disappear as soon as you head in). Grab the Handgun Ammo on the left, feel free to re-read 'Orders' on the desk, and most importantly, a Corrosive.

This is also a safe room, which is important, as any enemies you see on this floor can be 'killed' by simply retreating back here. Head east down the corridor, and get the Knife on the floor opposite the lift. As you approach the corner, an enemy may spawn from the ground - retreat to the safe room if so.


Open the southern locked door here with the Corrisive, and get the Captain's Cabin Locker Key from the desk, as well as Remote Bombs and other consumables.


Head back to the lift, up the ladder, and drop down into the Bridge. There will be enemies on this floor; though you have the knife, simply sprint past them to the Captain's Cabin in the corner, and close the door behind you so they don't follow. Open the locker with your key and get a Remote Bomb and the Machine Gun.

The only other thing on this floor is the Mr Everywhere head on west stairwell behind the banister, so either sprint past the enemies, shoot that and get into the lift, or kill them as you go - your choice.

How to solve the Lounge painting puzzle

Drop into the lift shaft, then down again into the lift proper, and visit Wrecked Ship 2F again now you have firepower.

Go clockwise round the corridor and into the Dining Room. Kill the enemy that spawns in the corner, then crouch and enter the room to the south for some Machine Gun ammo, then into the Break Room west for some Gunpower in the wardrobe.

Go south into the door (which was inaccessible in the Old Videotape) to enter the Lounge. There's a puzzle here involving paintings on the wall, where you have to match the revolvable paintings on the left side with those opposite:

  • Rotate the left painting so the pink area is upper left
  • Rotate the middle painting so the green side runs horizontal at the top
  • Rotate the right painting so the road is along the bottom

This will unlock the box on the wall, giving you three Corrosives.

Before you leave Wrecked Ship 2F, head to the north east room and climb the ladder to the Shaft room in Wrecked Ship 3F, where you'll find Remote Bombs, a Lockpick and opposite the ladder, a Mr Everywhere head.

How to find the elevator Power Cable

Now it's time to explore Wrecked Ship 3F. Head into the elevator and climb up a level, then jump out. Go east into the Control Room. Now you have a weapon you can kill the crawling enemy here, and clear the room of its consumables, including a Herb, Chem Fluid and Machine Gun Ammo. Inside the locked case on the south desk meanwhile is an Antique Coin.

Use the Corrosive on the door to continue. The door immediately on the left doesn't want to open, so head round the corridor and into the Shower Room. Nothing of note here, so continue next door to Sick Bay.

When you reach the end of a room, a Fat Molded will spawn in from the room behind you and enter. Your best tactic is to lay an Explosive Bomb as you enter, detonate it knock him down, and run past him into the Shower Room so you have more room to manoeuvre. One or two more blasts like this should take him down.

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Once he's done, check the right corner of Sick Bay for some Chem Fluids, and in the corner, investigate the machine to get the Power Cable. Be sure to also get the Explosive Bomb at the dead end on the other side of Sick Bay.

How to get the Fuse from Wrecked Ship F1

Now it's time to head to Wrecked Ship F1. Instead of going via the elevator from F3, take the stairwell (going through the room where you watched the Old Videotape) and go two floors down.

You'll come out in the north west corner, back in the corridor where you first started to properly explore the ship, this time armed and dangerous. The Fuse you need is the one you placed in this north west door to get to the stairwell, so take it with you.

How to get a Backpack upgrade and other consumables

Some notes about this floor; though there are some useful items and Files for completionists, now you have the Fuse it's all optional. As with upstairs, this corner Maintenance Room acts as a safe room, so any enemies that you see outside can be 'killed' by simply stepping inside - though of course, they may respawn.

Go anti-clockwise round the corridor now, heading to the Maintenance Room in the south west corner, where there's a save point and in the drawer the MPH Handgun (though if you've got the Machine Gun, is a little defunct).

Head along the bottom of this corridor into room south of the Bunk Room. Read the 'Giovanni's Will' file on the desk and head into the door, where you'll find 'Jim's Letter' file on the corner bed.

The other rooms contain consumables and a permanent upgrade. Open the Recreation Room in the north east corner with a Corrosive, where there is a Backpack to expand your inventory, another Corrosive, some Machine Gun Ammo, a Herb and two more Remote Bombs.

There's also two rooms either side of the stairs (which you cannot traverse though). The Laundry Room contains some Chem Fluid and Machine Gun Ammo (as well as an enemy) if you don't get them previously while grabbing the Fuse, while the Stockroom has a Herb and some Gunpowder in a crate.

Fix the elevator

How you have the Power Cable from Wrecked Ship F3 and the Fuse from the wall outside the door on Wrecked Ship F1, go to the elevator on the south and insert both into the wall.

The elevator will now be fully operational. Make sure you have explored all the other floors and got any missing Antique Coins, Mr Everywhere statues and Files (including the Mechanic's Memo on this elevator wall) then head down to floor S2.

Exploring Wrecked Ship S2

Head out the elevator and grab the Machine Gun Ammo from the left. This corridor will have a few enemies along the way; one will crawl along the ceiling and drop down behind you, one will be before the long section before the No. 1 Engine Room, and another will emerge outside the No. 1 Engine Room. If you've explored the above rooms, you should have more than enough firepower to take them down. If not, there's plenty of Ammo to get along the way, including a couple of Remote Bombs in the room on the right before the No. 1 Engine Room.

Go through the No. 1 Engine Room, and as you climb the stairs, one creature will spawn on the first corner, while a Fat Man awaits you at the top. Backtrack and lay Explosive Bombs along the way and detonate them as he walks over them. Three should do the trick. Once the way is clear, smash the crate on the final corner for more Ammo, and go through the door.

The following corridor takes you right to the No. 2 Engine Room, but first, open the locked cupboard on the wall for an Antique Coin, then go to the Cargo Bay at the end and use the Corrosive on the device inside to get two Remote Bombs. There'll then be a cutscene when you enter the No. 2 Engine Room.

How to fix worn PS4 thumbsticks

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Mia Fight

When you resume control of Ethan, you have to fight off a possessed Mia. Run south and get the Crowbar from the floor, and use that to block her attacks and swipe away at her whenever you can, until she's down.


Once the fight is over, head east through the door, through the wired fence in the corner, and out of the ship to the Swamp and the Salt Mine, which are essentially the game's final two areas.

Resident Evil 7 ™ - Look For Ethan - 8th Mission

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

2017 video game

2017 video game

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard[a] is a 2017 first-personsurvival horror game developed and published by Capcom. A major installment in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7 diverges from the more action-oriented Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, returning to the franchise's survival horror roots, emphasizing exploration. The player controls Ethan Winters as he searches for his long-missing wife in a derelict plantation occupied by an infected family, solving puzzles and fighting enemies. It is the first main series game to use a first-person view.

Resident Evil 7 is the first full-length game to use Capcom's in-house RE Engine. The development was led by Koshi Nakanishi, director of the 2012 Nintendo 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations. A year prior to its announcement at E3 2016, it was presented as a virtual reality demo called Kitchen. The team took inspiration from the 1981 film The Evil Dead, scaled back the game to one location, and used a first-person perspective to immerse players. Two downloadable content scenarios were released, Not a Hero and End of Zoe.

Resident Evil 7 was released in January 2017 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and in May 2018 for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. It also supports the PlayStation VR headset. The game was considered a return to form for the series; critics praised the gameplay, innovation, and uses of virtual reality, but the boss battles and final chapter received more mixed reception. As of October 2021, the game has sold 10 million copies worldwide. It was nominated for several end-of-year accolades. A sequel, Resident Evil Village, was released on May 7, 2021.


Using a handgun in combat

The player controls Ethan Winters from a first-person perspective as he searches a derelict estate for his missing wife.[1][2] Although Ethan is a civilian with few combat skills,[3] he is able to arm himself with a variety of weapons including handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws[4] against the estate's residents, the Baker family, as well as humanoid fungal creatures known as the "Molded". He can block attacks to reduce damage. Various sections of the game are spent being pursued by members of the Baker family, who, if engaged in combat, can only be temporarily incapacitated. However, these encounters are avoidable by means of stealth, or running away.[5][6]

Unlike Resident Evil 6, the gameplay emphasizes horror and exploration over action.[3][7] The inventory uses a grid-based system with an initial capacity of 12 slots, but may be expanded several times over the course of the game. An item can occupy up to two spaces, and four items may be assigned to the D-pad. Item boxes found in save rooms may be used to manage and store items, and can be retrieved from different item boxes for later use.[5][8] Items in the inventory can be used, examined, or combined with other items to increase their usefulness.[9] Many of the game's puzzles require that items be examined under certain conditions in order to reveal secrets.[10]Tape recorders can be used to manually save the game's progress, which, depending on the given difficulty level, may require the use of a cassette tape.[5][11]Videotapes are scattered for Ethan to find, which place the player in the perspective of a different character, often revealing plot information or clues needed to solve a puzzle.[5][12] The PlayStation 4 version is playable in virtual reality using the PlayStation VR headset.[13]


In July 2017, Ethan Winters is drawn to a derelict plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana, by a message from his wife, Mia, who has been presumed dead since going missing in 2014. He finds Mia imprisoned in the basement of a derelict house, and frees her. She tries to lead them out, but suddenly becomes violent and attacks him, forcing him to kill her. After receiving a call from a woman named Zoe offering assistance, Ethan is attacked by a revived Mia, who cuts his left hand off with a chainsaw. Ethan seemingly kills Mia again in self-defense, before Jack, the patriarch of the Baker family, appears and captures Ethan. After Zoe reattaches his hand, Ethan is held captive by Jack, his wife Marguerite, and their son Lucas, along with a seemingly catatonic elderly woman in a wheelchair. Ethan escapes, but is pursued around the house by Jack, who continually attacks him and displays powerful regenerative abilities. In the basement, Ethan discovers sludge-covered, mutated creatures known as Molded. Zoe reveals that she is Jack's daughter, and that the family and Mia are infected, but can be cured with a special serum.

Ethan makes his way to an old house to retrieve the serum ingredients, kills Marguerite, and has visions of a young girl. Lucas captures Zoe and Mia and forces Ethan to navigate a booby-trapped barn to find them. He chases away Lucas and frees Zoe and Mia. Zoe develops two serum doses, but they are attacked by Jack, now heavily mutated; Ethan kills him using one of the serums.[5] Ethan, as the player, must choose to cure either Mia or Zoe:

If Ethan chooses Zoe, Mia is heartbroken, despite Ethan's promise to send help. As he and Zoe flee on a boat, Zoe reveals that the Bakers were infected after Mia arrived with a young girl named Eveline when the wreck of a tanker ship washed ashore. Eveline stops their escape by calcifying Zoe, killing her, and Ethan is knocked from the boat by a creature.

If Ethan chooses Mia, which is the canonic path, Zoe gives a bitter farewell to him and Mia. As he and Mia flee on a boat, they come across the crashed tanker, where they are attacked by the creature and knocked from the boat.

In either case, Mia awakens next to the wrecked ship and searches for Ethan while experiencing visions of Eveline, who refers to Mia as her mother. Eventually, Mia's memory is restored, revealing that she was a covert operative for a corporation that developed Eveline as a bioweapon, codenamed E-001. Mia and agent Alan Droney were to escort Eveline as she was transported aboard the tanker; Eveline escaped containment, killed Alan, and sank the ship. She infected Mia in an effort to force her to be her mother. Mia finds Ethan and gives him a vial of Eveline's genetic material.[5]

If Ethan cured Mia, she resists Eveline's control long enough to seal Ethan out of the ship; if he cured Zoe, Mia succumbs to Eveline's control and attacks Ethan, forcing him to kill her. Ethan discovers a hidden laboratory inside an abandoned salt mine. He learns that Eveline is a bio-organic weapon capable of infecting people with a psychotropic mold that gives her control over her victims' minds, resulting in insanity, mutation, and superhuman regenerative abilities. Eveline grew up obsessed with having a family, driving her to infect Mia and the Bakers and lure Ethan. Lucas was immunized against Eveline's control by her creators, The Connections, in exchange for providing observations on her.

Using the lab equipment and Eveline's genetic material, Ethan synthesizes a toxin to kill her, and proceeds through tunnels that lead back to the Baker house. He overcomes Eveline's hallucinations, and injects Eveline with the toxin. She reverts to her other form, the elderly woman in a wheelchair; Eveline has been rapidly aging since escaping. Eveline mutates into a large monster and, aided by the arrival of a military squad led by Chris Redfield, Ethan kills her with an anti-bioweapon pistol. Canonically, Chris extracts Ethan and Mia in a helicopter branded with the Umbrella Corporation logo.[5]


In Nightmare Jack throws a man named Clancy Jarvis down into the basement of the mansion. Clancy creates makeshift weapons in order to dispatch molded within the basement. It ends with Clancy killing Jack as the clock strikes 5 A.M.

In Bedroom Clancy awakens and initially believes the previous events to be a nightmare, but eventually finds himself to be handcuffed to an unknown bed. Margarite Baker walks in, stating that she wants Clancy to "be part of the family," and attempts to feed him a meal she made. When Margarite leaves him alone, Clancy breaks out of his restraints and searches the room, eventually uncovering a secret passage underneath the bed. This alerts Margarite, so Clancy stabs her with a steak knife before escaping down the passage.


In 21, Clancy Jarvis is knocked unconscious by Lucas following the events of Bedroom in Bannded Footage Vol. 1. When Clancy awakens, he finds himself confined to a chair, with his hand placed within a "finger guillotine"; sitting across from him is a man in a burlap sack who Lucas refers to as "Hoffman." Lucas appears over electronic screens and announces that the men will have to play a rounds of blackjack in order to win their freedom. Each round, the loser will get one finger chopped off; the first to lose all five fingers is killed. Hoffman is reluctant at the thought of killing Clancy, but he justifies his actions by sharing that he has a wife and daughter. Hoffman loses and appears to die from blood loss, but eventually regains consciousness and demands another game. Lucas then straps the men up to a device that administers electrical shocks. It starts at level four and goes up one level for each round lost; level ten is fatal. Clancy once again wins and kills Hoffman. However, Lucas uses wires attached to Hoffman's corpse to manipulate him like a puppet. This time, a large saw is placed in the middle and it gradually gets closer to the loser. Clancy, for the third time in a row, wins and the saw starts towards Hoffman, who is revealed to have just passed out from pain. He awakens just in time to be killed. Lucas congratulates Clancy, and drags him off to play another game.

Daughters takes place on October 10, 2014. Zoe watches a news report which covers a tropical cyclone which caused a ship, the SS Annabelle, the go missing off the cost of Louisiana. Jack carries in a young girl, Eveline, who he found laying outside. While he places her in Lucas' old room, he orders Zoe to fetch her some dry clothes. Zoe set the clothes next to the girl, who awakens and says: "They're mine now." A lightning strikes knocks out the power while Eveline disappears. Looking around for Eveline, Zoe discovers an unconscious Lucas in the dinning room. Checking on some noises in the upstairs bathroom, Zoe discovers her mother rambling to herself. Margarite asks Zoe to look at a gift given to her by Eveline while spewing multiple species of insects out of her mouth. Jack restrains Margarite and orders Zoe to grab rope from the garage. Returning to the bathroom with rope, Zoe discovers Jack attempting to drown Margarite; Jack notices Zoe and forces her to watch him cut open his chest. Zoe flees the bathroom and heads towards the living room. Along the way she witnesses Jack dragging Lucas, now awake, towards the bathroom. In the living room, Zoe encounters her mother who apologies for her actions, stating that she hears voices in her head. She hands Zoe cars keys and tells her to leave the house. If the player completed optional objectives earlier in the game, they will also be given the option of escaping to the trailer. If the player tries to escape with the car, they will be confronted by Margarite and Jack, the latter of which slowly beats Zoe to death after a few seconds of hesitation. If the player attempts to hide in the trailer (the canonical ending), they will discover a letter written by Mia that thanks the Baker family for their kindness and warns them about Eveline. Zoe will then wake up at the dinner table with everything seemingly normal. After a while, though, she starts to see visions of Eveline.

Not a Hero[edit]

BSAA agent Chris Redfield teams up with the now reformed Umbrella Corporation, also known as Blue Umbrella, in order to apprehend Lucas Baker and uncover evidence on the mysterious group that created Eveline, called "The Connections." After rescuing Ethan Winters and sending him away on a helicopter, Chris proceeds into Lucas' lab in the salt mine, where he accidentally runs into one of Lucas' traps and has a bomb attached to his left wrist. Undeterred, Chris continues his pursuit. He tries to rescue several captured Umbrella soldiers, but they are killed by Lucas' traps. Eventually, Lucas activates a timer on Chris' bomb. Chris is forced to freeze the bomb in liquid nitrogen, disabling it long enough for him to remove it.

With the bomb removed, Chris battles his way through more of Lucas' Molded and traps. He then finds his way into a secret Connections research lab, where Lucas had killed all of the Connections researchers and plans to betray the organization. Chris manages to corner and shoot Lucas, which triggers a mutation in his body. Chris battles and eventually kills the mutated Lucas, and stops him from transferring all of his data on Eveline to an unknown party. With his mission done and Eveline's infection contained, Chris returns to the Umbrella base camp for an urgent call.

End of Zoe[edit]

Following the path in the main game in which Ethan cures Mia instead of Zoe, Zoe wanders into the swamp and is apparently killed by Eveline; however, a pair of Umbrella soldiers find her body and discover she is still alive. They are ambushed by Joe Baker, Zoe's uncle, who lives in the Dulvey swamps and has not been affected by Eveline's mold. Joe initially believes Umbrella is responsible for Zoe's condition, but a surviving Umbrella soldier claims they have a cure for Zoe stored in a nearby shack. Joe goes to the shack, finding a partial cure, and returns to find the Umbrella soldier killed by a Molded.

Joe initially flees with Zoe on a boat to find the Umbrella base but is soon forced to search for the base on foot. A powerful and seemingly unkillable Molded called the "Swamp Man" pursues them along the way. Joe and Zoe find the Umbrella base abandoned. They learn that the cure has been moved to a nearby paddle boat. Joe boards the boat and, after encountering the Swamp Man once again, uncovers a full dose of the cure. The Swamp Man captures Zoe before Joe can administer the cure. Joe gives chase into a heavily infected portion of the swamp and finds Zoe in an abandoned church. Inside, Joe is ambushed by the Swamp Man, who is revealed to be a heavily mutated Jack Baker. Jack knocks Joe unconscious and throws him into the swamp water to die.

Joe washes up near the Baker mansion and finds himself in the midst of a battle between the Molded and Umbrella forces. He recovers an Umbrella power gauntlet and enters the mansion, where he successfully kills Jack and administers the cure to Zoe just as Umbrella reinforcements arrive, including Chris Redfield. Chris assures Joe and Zoe that they are there to help, and Zoe is fully cured of her infection. She then receives a phone call from Ethan, and thanks him for keeping his promise to send help for her.


Resident Evil 7debuted the use of the RE Enginein a full-length video game.

Following the release of Resident Evil 6, Capcom conducted internal discussions regarding the direction of the next installment. A preliminary version of the game, developed in 2013, featured a more action-oriented gameplay, similar to that of Resident Evil 6. Taking inspiration from the 1981 film The Evil Dead, the developers decided to scale back the game to one location and use a first-person perspective to immerse players and return the series to its roots of survival horror.[14][15] Development began around February 2014.[16] The game is built on a custom game engine, named the RE Engine, which includes virtual reality (VR) development tools.[17] The decision to make the game first-person was made well before VR was considered;[13] VR development started in October 2015, for which a separate team was created.[18] The introduction of VR demanded that textures be more detailed, discarding flat textures and inaccurate object sizes that had previously been used.[19]

A year before the game's announcement, Capcom presented to attendants of E3 2015 a first-person horror-themed VR demo, KI7CHEN, which ran on the same engine.[17][20] While Resident Evil 7 had been in development long before, KI7CHEN was seen as an opportunity to evaluate how the RE Engine and its VR capabilities would be received.[13] As a hint to the demo's relation to Resident Evil 7, the logo of KI7CHEN had the letter "T" designed so that it resembled a "7", but it went largely unnoticed.[16] In the company's Integrated Report of 2015, the Resident Evil development division of Capcom was stated to focus on creating experiences for the VR market, which included the new VR engine and games for the eighth generation of consoles.[21]

The game was directed by Koshi Nakanishi, who previously helmed Resident Evil: Revelations, leading a development team numbering at about 120 staff.[14] For the first time in the series, the narrative designer is a westerner—Richard Pearsey, writer of the two expansion packs of F.E.A.R. and one of the narrative designers of Spec Ops: The Line.[22] At the time of the game's reveal, development was around 65% complete.[16] Some of the creature models in Resident Evil 7 were first created in physical form—a number of them from actual meat—by make-up artists, to then be scanned through the employment of photogrammetry. This technology developed over half of the general assets of the game, but posed a problem in researching the setting of Louisiana because its considerable demand for equipment made it unviable for transport, which required Capcom to model by hand.[23] The game's score was composed by Capcom's lead composer Akiyuki Morimoto, Miwako Chinone, and Satoshi Hori, with additional contributions from Cris Velasco and Brian D'Oliveira.[24] Its theme song, an arranged version of the traditional American folk song "Go Tell Aunt Rhody", was written by Michael A. Levine and performed by Jordan Reyne. Levine's step-daughter Mariana Barreto was the original choice, but ended up doing the background vocals. The song went through about 20 versions until completion.[25] A soundtrack was released digitally by Sumthing Else Music Works alongside the game on January 24.[24]

Release and marketing[edit]

In October 2016, Capcom launched a 10 part video series called The World of Resident Evil 7, teasing pieces of the game's contents.[26][27] A cross-save feature between Microsoft Windows and the Xbox One was confirmed in November 2016.[28] If bought on either PC through the Windows Store or on the Xbox One digitally, it is playable on both platforms through the Xbox Play Anywhere program,[29] making it the first game published by a third-party to be a part of the program.[30]

The internal marketing team at Capcom collaborated with creative agency iam8bit to produce an escape room called Resident Evil Escape Room Experience, in which groups of six are guided through a series of rooms by Umbrella Corporation employees. It was held at a gallery space in Echo Park, Los Angeles.[31] In London, a similar event was hosted in concurrence with the release.[32]

Purchase of a GameStop-exclusive Collector's Edition included an eight-inch model of the Baker mansion, which when opened functions as a music box playing the main theme rendition of "Go Tell Aunt Rhody", a mannequin finger-shaped 4 gigabyte USB flash drive contained within a VHS tape box, a SteelBook Case containing the game, a lithograph of the Baker family, and a note.[33][34] The UK version added the Survival Pack: Action Set DLC, a 20th anniversary artbook and a seven-inch replica of the mansion, but did not feature the music box.[35] U.S. pre-orders on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came with a code for a free download of Resident Evil: Retribution.[36] A 4D candle with the scent of the Baker House Mansion was made to enhance the virtual reality experience.[37] The Gold Edition, released on December 12, 2017, includes previously released downloadable content (DLC) as well as the End of Zoe DLC.[38]

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand on January 24, 2017, and in Japan on January 26.[26][39] For the first 12 months of its release, the virtual reality format was exclusive to PlayStation VR.[40] Over 4,700,000 players have accumulated worldwide, over 750,000 of them being VR users.[41] The PC version was tamper-protected by anti-piracy software Denuvo, which was hacked within five days of release.[42] A cloud version for the Nintendo Switch, titled Biohazard 7: Resident Evil Cloud Version, was released in Japan on May 24, 2018. Players may access the first 15 minutes of the game for free, and continue playing it afterwards by purchasing a pass allowing unlimited play for 180 days.[43] The game was also released as an Amazon Luna early access launch title in October 2020,[44] and on Google Stadia in April 2021.[45]

Playable demonstrations[edit]

Shortly after the game's reveal, a playable teaser named Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour was released on the PlayStation Store.[17] The demo takes place in a dilapidated house, which the unnamed male player character needs to escape.[46] Depending on the actions taken by the player, the teaser may have three different outcomes.[47] Capcom later revealed that the teaser was a standalone experience and not a segment of the game, which has more variety in its environments, and additional mechanics, such as combat.[48][49] By July 2016, the demo had been downloaded over 2 million times.[50] An update called the "Twilight Version" was released on September 15, 2016, and gave access to new rooms and items to find.[51] Along with the new version, Capcom released a trailer for the game. Another update called the "Midnight Version" was released on December 3, which unlocked additional areas of the house, along with several new items to find and a puzzle concerning a riddle in the Twilight Version.[52] The demo was released for Xbox One on December 9 and for PC on December 19.[53]

A playable demo called Lantern was made available for attendees at Gamescom 2016, as part of revealing the first Resident Evil 7story trailer. It makes use of found footage and first-person narrative as it tells the story of a young woman by the name of Mia hiding from an agitated old lady holding a lantern. The old lady is Marguerite Baker, who was first mentioned in Beginning Hour.[54][55]

Downloadable content[edit]

The first downloadable content package for the game, Banned Footage Vol. 1, was released for the PlayStation 4 on January 31, 2017. Banned Footage Vol. 1 includes two scenarios, called "Nightmare" and "Bedroom", and a new game mode, "Ethan Must Die".[56][57] On February 14, Banned Footage Vol. 2 was released for the PlayStation 4, which includes two additional scenarios, called "21" and "Daughters", and a new game mode, "Jack's 55th Birthday". Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Banned Footage Vol. 2 were released for the Xbox One and PC on February 21.[58]Not a Hero—a story chapter where players control Chris Redfield,[59] which was delayed from its Q2 2017 release date,[60][61]—was released for free, on December 12, 2017, along with a new DLC called End of Zoe, that came out the same day.[38] While End of Zoe was developed by Capcom, development duties for Not a Hero were outsourced to HexaDrive.[62]



Due to its first-person presentation, the game has drawn comparisons to Konami's cancelled Silent Hills game and its P.T. demo. Capcom responded to this by pointing out that Resident Evil 7 was in development long before the reveal of P.T.,[63] and dispelled any rumors about staff of P.T. having been hired to work on the game.[64]Shacknews noted that Beginning Hour had several similarities with Sweet Home (1989), the Capcom horror game that inspired the original Resident Evil (1996). These similarities to Sweet Home include the plot of a film crew going to an abandoned house, a paranormal female presence in the house, and a tragic tale involving a family that once lived there.[65]Eurogamer found the element of survival horror in Lantern reminiscent of Alien: Isolation.[54]Resident Evil 7 was well-received for the dissimilarity to its polarizing predecessor, in particular the change from action-oriented combat and effects to an approach more grounded in horror.[66][67]



The game received generally favorable reviews according to Metacritic.[68][69][70]

Destructoid's Zack Furniss felt that the primary accomplishment of Resident Evil 7 concerned its pacing, which was praised as "masterful". Furniss' apprehensive expectations of how the story would unfold were subverted to his liking, deeming the result a blend similar to the horror and comedy found in The Evil Dead films. He found a sense of finality in the combat and lauded it for having produced lasting tension. What held more sway, however, was the priority of survival horror, with the management of limited resources meeting a positive response. Furniss considered the boss fights to be "harrowing" and welcomed the consistent surreality of the game. His playthrough with the PlayStation VR inspired unease, unpredictable jump scares and ultimately an "intuitive" experience.[71] Ray Carsillo of EGMNow favored the atmosphere's constant mood of anxiety, which was partly impacted by the interiors of the main setting. The sound design was also thought to complement this sense of dread, increasing the level of player involvement. He noted the slow narrative build as the game's most substantial achievement, and likened its efficacy to that of earlier games in the series. Like Furniss, Carsillo expressed appreciation for the pacing, and opined that it brought considerable intrigue, accommodating lengthy play sessions. Playing with the virtual reality headset was "even more frightening than doing it normally", according to Carsillo, echoing Furniss' view that it made the game more immersive.[72] Writing for Game Informer, Andrew Reiner commended the "tense, unsettling, overly gory" atmosphere for providing a competent introduction to Resident Evil 7. The Baker house and the nature of exploring it posed significant interest to him, for together, they would present new aspects regarding the occupants and be enhanced by the first-person perspective.[73] Scott Butterworth at GameSpot enjoyed the narrative overall, valuing its memorable moments and the thematic consistency of the writing. He was impressed with the reliance of atmosphere as opposed to jump scares to heighten the feeling of danger. Using the Baker family to multifarious ends of gameplay was complimented as a logical extension of the established world; the interactive VHS tapes were approved of for the same reason, said to serve "beautifully as both a narrative device and a way to break up Ethan's exhausting mission". On PlayStation VR, Butterworth mentioned that, in its employment, the element of horror appeared more realistic.[74]

Leon Hurley, writing for GamesRadar+, was of the opinion that, while the "gore and guts" were sparingly effective, a number of his most favorite moments had to do with investigating the "beautifully designed" Baker house. As for the VR, it was dubbed as a terrifying experience "where the mildewy atmosphere gets into your soul".[75]Giant Bomb's Dan Ryckert referred to Resident Evil 7 as the reinvigoration of earlier components in the series while at the same time yielding a fresh outlook with a yet-unrivaled story. The main antagonists bore substantial weight to Ryckert's cause for worry, and gave way to thrills when prompted to flee them. He viewed the first-person perspective as "bold", and attributed to the PlayStation VR, an earnest addition to the "scare factor".[76] Chloi Rad of IGN endorsed the pervading tone of eeriness in the game, owed entirely to the plantation, which she thought was "one of the creepiest single settings since the Spencer Mansion". Also, she observed that the game world gave off a robust sense of place with unwavering exploration. To her, the Baker family were the most compelling of the characters because of the consequent emotional strain felt in their presence.[77] Andy Kelly at PC Gamer began his review, writing, "It's a return to the atmospheric, slow-burning horror of the original". He disagreed with Ryckert's assessment that the first-person was a bold reinvention, instead praising it for being "classic Resident Evil through and through". Kelly saw the regular state of vulnerability he was faced within the game as one of its greatest strengths, giving credit to the visuals and audio for adding to the "rumbling sense of dread". He considered flashbacks via VHS tapes to be one of his favorite features.[12]Polygon's Philip Kollar applauded Resident Evil 7's return to form, declaring that "no Resident Evil game since the first has done as good a job as RE7 at making me feel scared and helpless".[78]

Conversely, Furniss observed the final boss fight and ending as disappointing. He cited issues with the PlayStation VR, including the prospect of sacrificing graphics for improved aim and immersion, as the resolution would decrease while in virtual reality.[71] Carsillo disliked the inventory system because its restricted capacity left weaponry and ammunition with the same amount of space as other items critical to story progression.[72] The lack of character development for the protagonist Ethan Winters was disparaged as well, with Reiner stating that the plot suffered flaws of inconsistency from this approach. Also subject to criticism was the required body movements while in seated VR mode, which were described as stomach-churning.[73] Butterworth felt a loss of excitement by the end, blaming the repetition of certain assignments to be carried out. He faulted enemies for exerting less of a threat than was preferred in the given difficulty level. Unlike with other platforms, Butterworth detected inferior visual performance on the Xbox One with degraded colors and textures.[74] Hurley expressed disapproval of the decision one comes across near the end of the game, calling into question its relevance by arguing that it could be quickly resolved in the event of regret.[75] Rad criticized Resident Evil 7 for its dependence on "overplayed tropes about rural America" which would eventually resemble a cartoon, and the puzzles were appraised as the sole shortcoming of the setting.[77] Kollar accused boss battles of interrupting the inherent suspense.[78]

The game won the Gold Prize, User's Choice Prizes, and the PlayStation VR Special Award at the PlayStation Awards.[79] It was also nominated for "Best Setting" in PC Gamer's 2017 Game of the Year Awards,[80] and won the award for "Best VR Game" in Destructoid's Game of the Year Awards 2017.[81] It also won the People's Choice Award for "Best VR Experience" for which it was a runner-up in IGN's Best of 2017 Awards;[82] its other nominations were for "Best Xbox One Game", "Best PlayStation 4 Game", "Best Action/Adventure Game", and "Best Graphics".[83][84][85][86]


Capcom's pre-release sales projection for the game's launch window, through the end of March 2017, was 4 million copies.[87] The game had shipped over 2.5 million units worldwide days after the release, while the demo exceeded 7.15 million downloads.[88] The modest shipment figure had an effect on Capcom's stock price, which fell more than three percent following the Tokyo Stock Exchange.[89] It was the best-selling video game in the UK during its week of release according to Chart-Track, amounting to the third-best debut in Resident Evil history behind Resident Evil 5 (7.1 million) and Resident Evil 6 (6.6 million). 200,000 copies had also been sold through Steam during that time.[89][90][91] It ranked first in the Japanese charts for the week ending January 29; the PS4 sales totalled 187,306 copies,[92] 58.9 percent of its initial shipment.[93] In the month of January in the United States, Resident Evil 7 sold the most out of any video game.[94]

On February 1, Capcom communicated to its investors that the game had recouped its budget,[95] while it remained at the top of the UK sales chart in its second week[96] and ranked as the second-best-selling video game in the United States, behind For Honor.[97] By April 2017, Resident Evil 7 had sold 3.5 million copies worldwide, short of Capcom's expectation of 4 million.[98] In May 2017, Capcom gave the game a lifetime sales forecast of ten million units, citing favorable reviews, marketing and downloadable content as contributing factors.[99] The game entered the top 10 of "Capcom Platinum Titles" that passed 1 million sold copies, and by September 2018, total sales reached 5.7 million,[100] which rose to 6 million by that December,[101] 7.5 million by March 2020,[102] 7.9 million by June 2020,[103] 8.5 million by December 2020,[104] and 9 million units by March 2021.[105] As of October 2021, the game had sold 10 million units.[106]


Resident Evil 7 was included in numbered lists of the best video games in 2017: 1st place for "Best Horror Game of All Time" and 6th place in the 25 Best Games of 2017 list at GamesRadar+[107][108] and 5th place at Business listed it among the best video games of the year.[110]PlayStation Official Magazine – UK listed it as the fourth-best PlayStation VR game.[111]Entertainment Weekly ranked the game 3rd on their list of the "Best Games of 2017",[112]Polygon ranked it 5th on their list of the 50 best games of 2017,[113] and EGMNow ranked it 7th on their list of the 25 Best Games of 2017,[114] while Eurogamer ranked it 14th on their list of the "Top 50 Games of 2017".[115]Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw of The Escapist listed it as his favorite game of 2017,[116] and The Verge named it as one of their 15 Best Games of 2017.[117] In Game Informer's Reader's Choice Best of 2017 Awards, it came in the lead for "Best VR Game",[118] receiving the award for "Best VR Action" in their 2017 Action Game of the Year Awards.[119]


A sequel, titled Resident Evil Village, was officially revealed during the PlayStation 5 reveal event. The game was released on May 7, 2021. Set a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, it continues the first-person perspective and follows Ethan Winters.[136]


  1. ^Stylized as RESIDENT EVII. biohazard. Known in Japan as Biohazard 7: Resident Evil (Japanese: バイオハザード7 レジデント イービル, Hepburn: Baiohazādo Sebun Rejidento Ībiru), stylized as BIOHA7.ARD resident evil.


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