Decorating ideas with glass gems

Decorating ideas with glass gems DEFAULT

19 Glass Gem Garden Art Craft Projects

There are so many crafts you can make with glass gems (flat marbles) for the home, garden, or fashion accessories (I’m not kidding). If you like some color or bling in your crafts, you will probably find some ideas and inspiration here.

For more garden art tutorials, also see the top creative garden projects of the year.

Examples of crafts made from glass gems including treasure jars.

Free Glass Gem Project Ideas

Most of the projects listed below also have tutorials/instructions.

I have also listed sources for supplies including glass gems here.

How to make delightful decorative garden balls for your outdoor space.

1Projects for The Garden

1. Decorative Garden Balls | The modern day version of the gazing ball, covered in flat marbles.
2. Frog Prince | A spin-off of the decorative garden ball gets a crown and a big smile.
3. Garden Art Treasure Jars | This is both a craft and an activity for kids.

2Indoor or Outdoor Decor Projects

4. Faux Stained-Glass Windows | This one is by Mark Montano.
5. Little Sparkling Windows | Attach glass gems and beads to the glass of a picture frame.

How to make garden art treasure jars with glass gems from the dollar store.

3More Garden Art Ideas Using Glass Gems

6. Marbles in Your Fence | Add bling to fence holes by inserting colorful marbles

7. Painted Plates Garden Art | Make garden flowers from plates (with marbles for decoration). I also have free instructions for garden flowers from dishes here.
8. Garden Stepping Stones | Use glass gems (flat marbles) instead of beach glass if you don’t have any.
9. Dragonfly | Make a garden art dragonfly using an old ceiling fan.
10. Glass Marble Fridge Magnets | Get some flat marbles, magnets, and Mod Podge and you’re good to go
11. Wire-wrapped Marble Tutorial | You can use these as decorations on their own or add them to items like the garden chandelier.
12. Glass Gem Garden Bench | Example of a concrete bench embellished with glass gems (image only)

Glass Gem Craft Supplies

  • I always like to find used / unwanted items for my projects and have good luck finding bags of glass gems at the thrift stores.
  • You could also check online ads like Kijiji or Craigslist in case someone is getting rid of some.
  • Otherwise, you can also find them at craft supply storesdollar stores, Etsy, eBay, or Amazon.
  • If you are planning a large or group project, or want specific colors that are hard to find, there are also sellers online who sell them in bulk.


The number one question people ask is What adhesive do you use to attach the glass gems?

For all of my glass gem projects I use GE Silicone II sealant (waterproof, clear-drying). Yes, it’s sold as a sealant to use around windows and doors, but, when applied 1/8″ thick, works like a glue, grabbing the marbles. You apply the sealant and press the glass gems into it while it’s wet.


GE II Silicone Sealant | Amazon

As it dries, it sets up and holds the marbles in place. I have decorative garden balls that have been in my garden for over ten years (year round—in Canada) and only a few marbles have ever fallen off in that whole time. It really works.

If you want to know more, there’s a FAQ page here telling what you need to know to be sure things stick.

E6000 is also popular with garden art makers. I sometimes find it is too runny and can be much more expensive than the silicone, but it does work nicely for some projects.

Safety Note: No matter which adhesive product you use, read the entire label for any health or safety considerations, and follow the instructions for application tips and drying times.

Also see The Glue Resource Guide for Garden Art Projects for more adhesive options.

4Indoor Crafts Using Glass Gems

13. Kid’s Sun Catcher  | Yogurt lid and gems
14. Glass Gem Sun Catchers | Tutorial for making sun catchers with glass gems
15. Door Wreathe | This is an image without a tutorial but may give you an idea for your home
16. Glass Gem Initial | Cover a wood cut-out in flat marbles (image only)
17. Glass Gem Bookmark | A very simple craft. Could be fun to make custom gems (like the fridge magnets) and make them into bookmarks. (image only)

How to make a charming garden art frog prince for your garden.

5Fashion Accessory Crafts Using Glass Gems

18. Flip Flops | Add flat marbles to your flip flops to make them unique with marbles
19. Glass Gem Necklace | Yes, you could wear them this way.

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Also, if you do a search for ‘glass gem crafts’ on Pinterest, there are lots more ideas.

~Melissa the Empress of Dirt ♛

Examples of crafts made from glass gems including treasure jars.

Grab some glass pebbles. Here are 8+ nifty projects going viral

You know those cheap glass pebbles that they sell in bulk at craft stores? Well, there are tons of ways to use them to create something beautiful. And the best part is that these crafts will add a little glitz to your home without breaking the bank.

So head to the craft store and pick up a bunch of these babies! With a list of 10 ways to use these glass pebbles, you'll be ready to get crafting!

1. Glass magnets
Spice up your refrigerator door with these cuties! This project from Stampin Fool turns glass pebbles into fun magnets with patterned paper.

2. Mosaic window pane
For this project, you'll need a ton of glass pebbles, a window pane, some grout, and a whole lot of patience to lay down each pebble. But the final result is stunning, especially when the sun shines through your windows!

3. Ladybug vs. bumblebee tic-tac-toe
How cute is this tic-tac-toe board?! Make your own by drawing four crossing lines on a piece of wood. Now, decorate some glass pebbles with paint to make them look like bumblebees and ladybugs. Your kiddos will love this version of the classic game!

4. Beach art
You don't need to have any artistic ability to make this beachy scene using a few different colors of glass pebbles and some attention to detail.

5. Alcohol ink pendant
Turn those glass pebbles into an adorable pendant. Make a bunch and switch out colors so you can always match your outfit, or make them gifts for your girlfriends!

6. Wine bottle pendant lamp
This classy lamp is so cheap and easy to make that you could do several and hang them in a row to create dramatic lighting above a bar or kitchen island.

7. Garden markers
Keep your veggies straight with these super cute garden markers that help you remember what you planted and where! We think this could be a fun craft to do with kiddos, too!

8. Sun catcher
If you have a window in your home that has lots of natural light streaming through, make a "sun catcher" out of glass gems to make the light a little more interesting.

9. Mason jar nightlight
This cute and sparkling nightlight is perfect for your little one's room. They can even help you make it!

10. Conversation-starter stones
This is perhaps the most creative DIY project we've seen using glass pebbles! Make your own set of conversation-starters that you can use at family dinners, parties, or even for a fun icebreaker to open up meetings at work.

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15 Amazing DIY Projects Using Glass Gems

Glass gems are great for crafts and DIY projects because they are inexpensive, so they are perfect for the days when you are unsure what to do. You can use them to create beautiful jewelry pieces, add them to your art project, or use them to fill vases and create mesmerizing center pieces. The possibilities are endless! In this article we’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY projects using glass gems. Check them out and get inspired to make something cool yourself!

 1 Glass Gem Wall Art

Glass Gem Wall Art

Tutorial via Rosyscription


 2 Glass Gem Garden Markers

Glass Gem Garden Markers

Tutorial via Woojr


 3 Sun Catchers

Sun Catchers

Tutorial via Suzy’s Sitcom

 4 Glass Gem Garden Gazing Ball

Glass Garden Ball

Tutorial via Make the Best of Things


 5 Glass Gem Flower Pot

Glass Gem Flower Pot

Tutorial via Busy Hands


 6 Mosaic Art Stepping Stones

Mosaic Art Stepping Stones

Tutorial via Mom Always Finds Out


 7 Glass Gem Candle Holder

Glass Gem Candle Holder

Tutorial via Creatively Sam’s


 8 Glass Gem Backsplash

Glass Gem Backsplash

Tutorial via Small Home Soul


 9 Glass Gem Photo Frames

Glass Gem Photo Frames

Tutorial via Ruffles & Stuff


 10 Patriotic Glass Gem Coasters

Patriotic Glass Gem Coasters

Tutorial via Craft Shack Chronicles


 11 Glass Gem Magnets

Glass Gem Magnets

Tutorial via Family Focus Blog


 12 Sparkly Winter Wreath

Sparkly Winter Wreath

Tutorial via Yankee New England Magazine


 13 Glass Gem Bib Necklace

Glass Gem Bib Necklace

Tutorial via Rosyscription


 14 Glass Gem Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Glass Gem Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Tutorial via iLoveToCreate


 15 Glass Gem Bracelet

Glass Gem Bracelet

Tutorial via DIY Network


20 Brilliant Glass Gem Crafts

There are plenty craft projects you can make with glass gems. Glass gems are inexpensive and you can find them at dollar stores, Amazon or eBay. Here’s a list of 20 glass gem crafts, which you can easily DIY. Below every photo you will find a link to the tutorial.

1. Glass Gem Suncatcher

Glass Gem Suncatcher

Tutorial at SubscriptionBoxRamblings

2. DIY Photo Pendant

DIY Photo Pendant

Tutorial at SarahSaving

3. DIY Alcohol Ink Glass Gem Necklace

DIY Alcohol Ink Glass Gem Necklace

Tutorial at SarahJanesCraftBlog

4. DIY Up Cycled Glass Bottle Lights

DIY Up Cycled Glass Bottle Lights

Tutorial at Hometalk

5. DIY Glass Gem Magnets

DIY Glass Gem Magnets

Tutorial at FamilyFocusBlog

6. DIY Glass Gem Photo Frames

DIY Glass Gem Photo Frames

Tutorial at Ruffles&Stuff

7. Glass Gem Tiled Table

Glass Gem Tiled Table

Tutorial at Rosyscription

8. DIY Glass Marble Necklace

DIY Glass Marble Necklace

Tutorial at ConsumerCrafts

9. Glass Gem Sun Catchers Kids Can Make

Glass Gem Sun Catchers Kids Can Make

Tutorial at KidsActivitiesBlog

10. DIY Decorative Garden Ball

DIY Decorative Garden Ball

Tutorial at EmpressofDirt

11. DIY Marble Vase

DIY Marble Vase

Tutorial at Addicted2Decorating

12. DIY Glass Marbles in The Fence

DIY Glass Marbles in The Fence

Tutorial at GardenDrama

13. DIY Glitter Gems & Magnets

DIY Glitter Gems & Magnets

Tutorial at ColorMadeHappy

14. DIY Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

DIY Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Tutorial at ILoveToCreateBlog

15. DIY Glass Beads Rock Bowl

DIY Glass Beads Rock Bowl

Tutorial at VeryFondOf

16. DIY Dresser Mirror

DIY Dresser Mirror

Tutorial at Create&Babble

17. DIY Glass Gem Flower Pot

DIY Glass Gem Flower Pot

Tutorial at BusyHandsArt

18. DIY Plant Markers

DIY Plant Markers

Tutorial at Woojr

19. Beachy Glass Gem Wall Art

Beachy Glass Gem Wall Art

Tutorial at Rosyscription

20. DIY Glass Gem Votive Holder

DIY Glass Gem Votive Holder

Tutorial at ArrowFastener


Ideas glass gems with decorating

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25 + Beautiful and Amazing Glass Gems Craft ideas -- 2020 Gorgeous Glass Gem Craft ideas

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