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Fast Roadside assistance for cars, boats, trucks, motorbikes and more... or visit your Marshall Store

For Superior Car Battery Replacement Australia Wide Trust the Experts

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How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

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Emergency Roadside Assistance
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How Do Car Batteries Work?

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Why Use Marshall Batteries?
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Why Use Marshall Batteries?
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Why Use Marshall Batteries?
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Emergency Roadside Assistance

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Marshall Performance Guarantee

Choose a trusted Marshall battery with superior performance and receive an extended nationwide roadside warranty, to look after you right across Australia.

Switch to Marshall

Switching to a Marshall battery is easy. Simply find your car battery code (listed on your battery) and enter into the field below. We will match your old battery to a superior Marshall product. Or if you need help just call us on 1300 627 742

Recycling Program

Help us protect the environment by recycling spent and used batteries and returning them to one of our Battery Collection Centres or call us on 1300 627 742 to arrange the safe recycling of your old battery.



The Company

Auto Rechange was founded in 1989. Our company islocated in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. Auto Rechange isprovided by the largest manufacturers and the principal suppliers in automotivespare parts, tyres, batteries, lubrifants and tools and treat several thousand orders per month. The head office is at Kinshasa, 835 avenue du marché, Gombe. A.R. is an official distributor of international brands. The secret to oursuccess has always been the quality of ourproducts and our services.

Our staff at your service

An advisor is available by phone or by mail
Kinshasa : +243(0)999 929 72 | Email: [email protected]
Lubumbashi : +243(0)999 998 2717 | Email: [email protected]
  •   To give you pieces of advice on the type of products
  •   Take orders
  •   Inform on the order follow-up


We propose 2 types of delivery

  • Store Delivery
  • Home Delivery

For special orders the delivery delay is estimated from 7 to 10 days

We certify competitive prices, original products, stock disponibility and short delivery time


  •   Large companies in the DRC
  •   ONG
  •   Transportation companies
  •   Public works companies
  •   Mining companies
  •   Industrial companies
  •   Agricultural companies
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Battery Centre open with strict COVID-19 protocols

Battery Centre branches around the country are open for business. In keeping with the president's directive, our stores adhere to social distancing rules and include sanitation for customers and staff.

We implement these measures in our effort to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to continue providing South Africans with the power they need to keep moving forward.

Remember to follow the guidelines stipulated on the official South African Coronavirus website.

Thank you, from the proudly South African trusted battery specialists.

South Africa’s battery specialist

  • The professional team at Battery Centre are the only battery specialists that carry world-leading Raylite batteries for a range of models and makes of vehicles. Raylite batteries are trusted by all leading car manufacturers and come with a 24- or 36-month warranty. With more than 150 branches in South Africa you will never run out of energy when you get the right advice, the best battery for your vehicle and professional fitment.

Under the hood of all car brands

  • Raylite batteries with leading Raylite technology, world-class manufacturing, robust quality and better service life are trusted by 100% of car manufacturers in South Africa. So when you need a new battery, select a Raylite battery that’s made to your vehicle’s needs and exact specifications.

South African golfers recently made news at the 103rd PGA Championship, and not just for outstanding performances, but because we have 150 000 professional golfers, and 11 representing us at the highest level.

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Why do car batteries fail? The average life span of quality car batteries is three to five years. However, it does depend on a motorist’s driving habits, the climate, and how well they maintain their battery. Car batteries can fail for the following reasons, Forgetting to switch off the car lights or radio overnight. Terminals corrode, making it impossible for the battery to transmit […]

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Mzansi’s beauty is unmatched. From the Midlands to the Winelands, the beaches to the mountains, 7 200 kilometres of tarred road, and everything in between, there is so much to explore in South Africa.

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Near supplies me battery car

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