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Joel Osteen Radio Channel Launching on SiriusXM

SiriusXM will launch an exclusive channel for pastor and motivational speaker Joel Osteen, the satellite radio company announced Monday.

Osteen will be joined by his wife Victoria, for the debut show which will hit airwaves Sept. 29 with a special Town Hall even broadcast live from SiriusXM’s New York studios.


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“Victoria and I are excited to partner with SiriusXM and to bring a message of hope to millions of listeners,” said Osteen. “More than ever before, people are looking for hope in their lives. I believe listeners will be uplifted and filled with an expectation that their best days are still out in front of them.”

“Joel Osteen Radio” will feature weekly call-in shows hosted by both Joel and Victoria. “Joel Osteen Live” will debut on October 6 and air Mondays at 5:00 pm ET, giving listeners the ability to interact directly with Joel, who will offer advice and encouragement for leading a fuller life.

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Victoria, who is co-pastor with her husband at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, will also host her own program, “Victoria Osteen Live,” starting Wed., Oct. 8, at 12:00 pm ET. The program will feature Victoria taking calls from her listeners, sharing her perspective on family and faith, and talking with special guests.

“Joel Osteen Radio” can be heard on SiriusXM channel 128. The channel will be available on satellite radios, through the SiriusXM Internet Radio App and at

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Joel Osteen Expands Global Platform with SiriusXM Channel

(HOUSTON)— Houston megachurch pastor Joel Osteen goes global today.

Lakewood Church Pastor Joel Osteen will begin broadcasting his message to the world on SiriusXM satellite radio beginning at 4 p.m. Monday with a town hall meeting.

The channel will feature 24 hours of Joel Osteen messages along with live Lakewood Church services and stadium events, as well as one-hour call in programs featuring Osteen and his wife Victoria.

“It’s a big week for us,” Osteen said. “I just feel very blessed to be able to share this message with people, and blessed that people want to come and hear.”

While shock jock Howard Stern signed an $80 million contract for his channels, there is no word on how much Osteen will receive.

You can listen to Osteen on SiriusXM Channel 128.

He also has a new book, “You Can, You Will,” coming out Tuesday.

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