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10 Most Rewatchable My Hero Academia Episodes

The 90+ episodes of My Hero Academia that have currently aired are packed with some of the most intense action in shonen anime, with explosive events taking place from literally the first episode. Currently in its fifth season, the anime is slightly trailing the manga (which has already generated a couple of new arcs).

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It's important that My Hero Academia is watched in order because the narrative reveals important snippets of information in each episode. However, for those who have already had the pleasure of completing the anime, there are several episodes that stand out in terms of rewatch value.

10 S04E11 — Lemillion

Entering the endgame of the Shie Haissaikai arc, "Lemillion" starts heating up pretty quickly. Interspersed with several crucial flashback scenes revolving around the League of Villains is the episode's action-filled narrative.

Deku plays a secondary role in the events because the star of the show is Mirio Togata, or Lemillion — he proves his worth to both friends and fans by protecting a small girl from the main antagonist of the series, Overhaul. Mirio gives up his precious Quirk in the process, but still refuses to back down against his intimidating opponent.

9 S02E24 — Katsuki Bakugo: Origin

The much-awaited episode featuring Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya in a combat team is rife with emotions as well as explosions. As expected, Bakugo bluntly ignores Izuku and tries to take down All Might singlehandedly.

Luckily, he is forced to reckon with their situation, specifically the Pro Hero they are up against, when the Pro Hero overwhelms them without even trying. Ultimately, Bakugo and Izuku escape All Might via a complex series of (occasionally haphazard) moves and last-second heroic impulses.

8 S04E13 — Infinite 100%

"Infinite 100%" starts with a mess of activity, but it soon resolves into the final battle between Deku and Kai Chisaki. Eri activates her Rewind Quirk to help Deku reverse any damage received from overusing One For All, prompting Overhaul to go all out himself.

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Despite the villain's clearly dangerous power, Izuku manages to completely crush Overhaul in one of the most incredible fights of the entire series. Of course, Eri's contribution cannot be forgotten, nor the fact that Izuku somehow subverts the "immutable future" seen by Sir Nighteye.

7 S04E25 — His Start

The Season 4 series finale takes a look at Endeavor as Enji Todoroki, a man desperately trying to win back the trust and affection of his once-discarded family. It shows that Enji cares less about his Pro Hero ranking than he does about his children, which is quite a massive step for someone whose singular aim used to be birthing children capable of defeating All Might.

His professional and personal lives get muddled together when he has to defeat High-End Nomu: Hood, probably one of the strongest beings in existence. Endeavor wins, but it is Enji who emerges from the ruins. And there's the post-credits scene depicting something cliffhanger-y taking place with Deku and One For All.

6 S02E10 — Shoto Todoroki: Origin

Shoto Todoroki's early years are spent in a horrible environment: an absent mother and a father who thought of him as nothing more than a weapon.

As such, it's easy to understand why he bluntly denies the "fire" quotient of his Quirk, instead only relying on ice. However, Deku pushes him to such an extent in this episode that his opponent has no choice but to bring out the ridiculous flame he has been keeping under wraps this whole time. This episode marks the true origins of Shoto Todoroki.

5 S03E11 — One For All

"One For All" is extremely significant to fans because it heralds the ending of the All Might era while simultaneously hinting at the powerhouse Deku is expected to become in the future. All For One is as scornful as ever, playing childish mind-games with All Might on one hand and viciously trying to hurt innocent bystanders on the other.

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Everyone, including legions of stunned fans, learns that Tomura Shigaraki is actually Nana Shimura's grandson, but even this revelation cannot eject the Symbol of Hope from the battle. All Might consequently wins using his patented United States of Smash.

4 S02E16 — Hero Killer: Stain Vs U.A. Students

Hero Killer: Stain battles Ida, where the latter learns of his opponent's gruesome Quirk, Bloodcurdle. Ida is simply unable to defeat the enemy, despite being motivated by his brother's hospitalization.

Izuku arrives just in time thankfully, but to no avail, as Stain gradually surpasses the combination of the two student heroes. It takes Shoto Todoroki's intervention to shift the tides in their favor, devising impromptu strategies but relying largely on the bonds they have developed as friends.

3 S01E12 — All Might

"All Might" is the first episode in which the titular hero shows off the extent of his hitherto unquantifiable powers. The Nomu (supported by the League of Villains ) at the U.S.J. is simply too much for him though, at least at the beginning.

Bakugo and Todoroki enter the fray, giving All Might enough wiggle room to burst out of the Nomu's clutches. The #1 hero goes on to show exactly why he deserves that position by basically blasting the mindless creature into the atmosphere.

2 S04E23 — Let It Flow! School Festival!

Izuku completes his fight with Gentle Criminal and La Brava minutes before the beginning of the U.A. School Festival. Class 1-A takes the stage with a magnificent musical number replete with dancing and incredible light effects (courtesy Yuga Aoyama).

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The headliner is obviously Kyoka Jiro, who puts on a show befitting her musical talents. However, what makes all the difference in this episode is Eri's first peal of laughter, something that both Mirio and Izuku (and, presumably, most fans) had been waiting to hear.

1 S01E03 — Roaring Muscles

One of the earliest episodes of the show, "Roaring Muscles" reveals that Quirkless Izuku is in line to inherit the sheer majesty of All Might's Quirk, the mysterious One For All.

The young boy is initially confused as to the choice made by his idol, but the latter explains that Izuku deserves it simply because it takes a lot more than having a Quirk to act like a hero. All Might then trains his pupil for nearly a year, ensuring that he has all the skills necessary to pass the U.A. Entrance Exam. And, of course, to handle One For All without imploding.

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My Hero Academia: The 14 Best Story Arcs So Far, Ranked

By Quentin Jamal Hardy IIUpdated


My Hero Academia has had plenty of highs throughout its run. It doesn't look like it'll stop anytime soon and these are the best arcs it's had so far.

My Hero Academia explores complex ideas such as the relationship between power and justice while keeping up with the trends of popular shonen anime. There are many MHA arcs to choose from in terms of ranking them but they all bring new themes or story elements to light. One theme that brings them all together is the hero's journey that Izuku Midoriya takes the readers on, week after week.

Holding immense power while balancing what that power means for society and oneself is the story fans follow with Midoriya as My Hero's arcs progress. He started off as the weakest he could possibly be, only to grow into a vessel of unlimited potential. The best stories of My Hero Academia reflect his growth while also showing the darker side of that same power struggle.

Updated on July 16th, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: MyHero Academia has become one of the biggest phenomenons in modern pop culture. The show might've come up fairly recently, but it has still managed to offer up a host of iconic moments scattered across its various arcs. In fact, there are so many brilliant arcs scattered across My Hero Academia that it can honestly be hard to figure out which one is the best of the lot. Let's take a look at all of MHA's arcs ranked to shed some light on this hotly debated topic.

14 U.A. School Festival Arc

  • Season: 4
  • Episodes Covered: 81-86

After the chaotic events of the Overhaul arc, it was only a given that the series would settle for a light-hearted and fun arc. However, it's a testament to the excellence of MHA's arcs that it managed to have major highlights of its own.

Gentle Criminal and La Brava are two great characters and they certainly deserved their time in the spotlight. This, coupled with the excellent performance of Class 1-A and Eri cracking one of the cutest smiles in anime history, makes this arc one of the more feel-good My Hero Academia arcs.

13 Battle Trial Arc

  • Season: 1
  • Episodes Covered: 6-8

The initial stages of My Hero Academia felt like a slow burn at times. However, there were some epic moments scattered in the mix, with the Battle Trial being a great example of the same.

This My Hero Academia arc featured a face-off between Bakugo and Midoriya for the first time. While this encounter was brief, it was still a blast to watch with Midoriya using his wild Quirk to great effect.

12 Final Exams Arc

  • Season: 2
  • Episodes Covered: 34-38

U.A. High School is easily one of the most eventful high schools around. Even the final exams in this school end up being a wild ride.

The practical exam featured in this arc is surprisingly intense. Watching the teams of Class 1-A take on U.A.'s teachers is quite novel and allows both sets of characters to shine bright in their respective roles.

11 U.S.J. Arc

  • Season: 1
  • Episodes Covered: 9-13

The first time that Class 1-A encounters the League of Villains makes for one of the best moments in My Hero Academia. The standoff is tense, and the final fight is nothing short of an absolute blast.

Watching All Might take on Nomu is easily one of the highlights of this MHA arc. The manner in which he pushes his limits and puts the Nomu down for the count is a breathtaking moment in the show and sets the stage for the epic moments to come.

10 Hero Killer Arc

  • Season: 2
  • Episodes Covered: 26-33

Few arcs embody what it means to battle villains more than the Hero Killer Arc. Stain poses a threat to all heroes in the world and also has a personal connection to certain main characters in the story. It's one of the first arcs that makes the viewers really feel a sense of danger since the stakes are so high.

The fear this arc can make fans feel is what makes it stand out from others since it's framed like a slasher story more than a typical shonen anime. This choice really sets it apart and leaves an impression in one's mind that My Hero Academia isn't all fun and games, and definitely isn't as lighthearted as it might seem.

9 Entrance Exam Arc

  • Season: 1
  • Episodes Covered: 1-4

The entrance exam arc is the first official MHA arc that exists to show the viewer what Midoriya is all about, as well as help them understand the world he lives in. This arc deserves praise because it does all of that extremely well. Because of it, it's easy to understand what drives Midoriya, what limits his powers have, as well as the rules of the UA and its members.

Every major character introduced has a clear motivation and even though they may be simple, it sets a great foundation for what's to come later in the series. The villain presence isn't too strong at this point in the story so the main force Midoriya has to overcome is his own weakness, which is a theme that continues in later arcs since his quirk literally over powers him.

8 Sports Festival Arc

  • Season: 2
  • Episodes Covered: 14-25

Tournament arcs are a staple in shonen anime and My Hero Academia is no exception to this rule. These kinds of arcs are great because they allow the author to show off powers and have flashy fights without much need for adding context other than, "they have to fight". This is a powerful tool because it immerses the reader and helps them understand any powers they might see later on in the story.

The sports festival arc is one of the more exceptional My Hero Academia arcs because of how creative a lot of the powers are, and the fights that happen because of them. Seeing Midoriya lose is also a very humbling experience that doesn't have a lot of negative impact on the overall story while making way for great character moments inspiring his growth as a hero.

7 Forest Training Arc

  • Season: 3
  • Episodes Covered: 39-45

This arc starts off as a summer vacation-type story with really simple and mundane tasks set for the cast like cooking and setting up a campsite. It subverts expectations quickly by turning into one of the highest stake situations in the series up to that point when the camp is invaded by villains. The villains pose more of a threat here than ever since few heroes are there and it means the students have to step up.

In the forest training arc, the students really do rise to the occasion and show that they're there for a reason. They hold their own against the villains with minor losses, while also protecting innocent people around them. The arc also gives fans one of Midoriya's coolest moments in the series, which shows off how far he's come in understanding his limits and his powers.

6 Pro Hero Arc

  • Season: 4-5
  • Episodes Covered: 87-90

The existence of an organization that monitors and advises heroes is an interesting concept explored in other series like One Punch Man, but few put it front and center like My Hero Academia. After All Might retires, the structure of the organization changes, placing Endeavor at the head of the rankings, making him the strongest hero.

Endeavor is nowhere near as one-dimensional as All Might, and this makes for some unexpected and exciting conflicts. Fans also get to see the other heroes atop the rankings helping them understand where everyone stands against each other, and against the villains.

5 Overhaul Arc

  • Season: 3-4
  • Episodes Covered: 62-78

Overhaul marks a new beginning for My Hero Academia arcs, showing the series isn't afraid to take the tone to a dark level. The introduction of Stain seemed to be the limit of where the show would take things, but Overhaul really turned that on its head.

After this arc, it truly feels like nobody is safe, and any character can meet a dark fate. The dark tones, crazy fights, and important story elements make this the most memorable arc in the anime to date.

4 Meta Liberation Army Arc

  • Season: 5
  • Episode Covered: 100

This arc is a culmination of so many plot points the series has pointed to since it began. The relationship between those with quirks, and those without becomes stressed when authorities restrict what people with quirks can do. This leads to the formation of the Meta Liberation Army who opposes the Hero's Association and the League of Villains.

The threat this group poses to the world is clear, and it leads to interesting team-ups and fights involving characters who hadn't seen any action before. This arc is one of the best because of its use of the world as a character with agency in its own story.

3 Joint Training Arc

  • Season: 5
  • Episodes Covered: 91-100

The Joint Training Arc is another tournament-style arc that exists to show off the abilities of characters not shown before. Fans get to see both main classes duke it out in this MHA arc, also showing off which class is stronger.

The arc also provides an interesting exposition about Midoriya's relationship with those who have inherited his power before him. Through his dreams, he's able to communicate with those who had One For All in the past. On top of this, he learns the limits of his powers that nobody before him ever experienced.

2 Hideout Raid Arc

  • Season: 3
  • Episodes Covered: 46-50
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Top 10 My Hero Academia Episodes

One of the biggest anime currently airing is My Hero Academia, the action packed shonen series that has taken the world by storm. The show features so many fun characters, exciting plot lines, devious villains, and powerful moments across its five seasons.

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While more action and crazy plot twists are on the horizon for anime-only fans, the current list of aired episodes already have many fantastic scenes for fans to eagerly rewatch. Though the current 100+ episodes are all fantastically executed and important in the series overall, some stand out. These few are the most nail-biting, thrilling, passionate, exhilarating, and definitely worth a rewatch.

10 His Start (S4, Episode 25)

The final episode of season 4 highlights the struggles Endeavor must face to replace his rival as the Number 1 Pro-Hero. He must stop an intelligent Nomu from destroying the city and harming himself and the town's civilians.

His ultimate move, Plus Ultra Prominence Burn, completely incinerates the Nomu, and it is amazing to watch onscreen. Even though Endeavor is an awful father, he is a very strong and capable hero, especially when backed up by the talented and beloved hero Hawks.

9 All Might (S1, Episode 12)

First season All Might is not one to mess around with, as fans see in this exciting episode where he fights off the League of Villains. The incredible, powerful, beefy hero pushes himself past his physical limits to protect each and every person in Class 1A, and it's amazing to watch.

Viewers also get to witness the impossible regenerating strength of the Nomu, a foe that will soon become a major weapon of the villains. All Might deserves all the praise in the world for his impressive save in this episode.

8 Katsuki Bakugo: Origin (S2, Episode 24)

In their final test exam, Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo are paired up to take down their all time favorite hero, All Might. However, they don't quite get off on the right footing.

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The two boys fight over how to win the match, while All Might just prays the two will get over their quarrel with each other. In the end, Deku and Bakugo are able to take the pro hero by surprise — they win their match by actually working together. It's such a delight seeing All Might smack down these two rivals, until they eventually outwit him.

7 That Which Is Inherited (S5, Episode 10)

This amazing season 5 episode reveals the jaw-dropping twist behind Deku's inherited quirk. After accidentally releasing his predecessor's quirk Blackwhip, Deku spirals wildly out of control. Once Shinsou is able to stop him, Deku is met with a previous user of One For All and learns about the details of his shared quirk.

The plot twist is so unexpected, and blew audiences' minds far and wide. The thought of the crybaby protagonist having six different quirks is unbelievable, and made for an interesting choice in the story's direction.

6 Let It Flow! School Festival! (S4, Episode 23)

After a somewhat annoying battle against the wannabe major villain Gentle and his parter, La Brava, Deku is able to head back to UA to take part in the school festival. Due to its lighthearted atmosphere, the episode surrounding this event is a stellar one.

The band performance is truly immaculate, way better than any manga reader was expecting. Seeing all of the students having a blast in their band is one of the happiest and silliest moments in the entire series. The song is absolutely one for fans to play on repeat.

5 Climax (S2, Episode 17)

The serial hero killer Stain finally falls in this episode. The UA Class 1A trio Deku, Shoto, and Iida are stuck in a bleak place against the villain, until they manage to gather the strength to beat him down together.

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After his defeat, Stain makes the unpredictable move of saving Deku from a Nomu, stating that he was a true hero who doesn't deserve to die. It makes for an interesting twist in the already fast-paced, action packed episode.

4 Red Riot (S4, Episode 9)

Everyone's favorite redhead gets some well-deserved time in the spotlight in season 4. He is a part of the team that will help take down the Shie Hassaikai, alongside his mentors Suneater and Fatgum.

Players get to see Kirishima's backstory in a detailed flashback. They learn why he wanted to become a hero, and how he uses this motivation to conquer his foes. Kirishima proves in this episode that his unbreakable move is not one to mess with.

3 Deku vs Kacchan, Part 2 (S3, Episode 23)

In this fantastic episode, Kacchan has to let out his feelings in the only way he can: through violence and screaming. What's more, Deku is all here for it. The two lifelong rivals sneak out from their dorms and fight in the empty training grounds, testing to see who is stronger than who.

Katsuki reveals the emotional trauma he recently experienced, and Deku can finally trust him with his ultimate secret. It's powerful, touching, and fun to watch several times over.

2 Infinite 100% (S4, Episode 13)

In this episode, Deku is the final hero to face off against the evil Shie Hassaikai leader, Overhaul. Deku isn't used to using One For All at 100%; however, charges his power up to the highest extent with the help of Eri, who can reverse the damage done on his body for a limited time.

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The final showdown is fierce, thrilling, and incredibly cinematic. Deku's movements and colors are visually stunning and make for a memorable battle. It's one of the best fight scenes the anime has seen so far.

1 One For All (S3, Episode 11)

The epic conclusion to the Hideout Raid Arc had every viewer on the edge of their seats. All Might swooped in to save the day, and face his life long nemesis and sworn enemy, All For One. The battle is just as intense as viewers could have hoped.

All Might lands an incredible last blow on a villain before One For All leaves his body for good. He goes on to say the iconic line that the show references again and again: "It's your turn next." It's the perfect ending to All Might's hero career.

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My Hero Academia: TOP 10 EPIC MOMENTS (60fps) Boku no Hero Academia the First Season

Masha. I told everything that I had lived the last days, confessed to her with a quiet roar. Calm down Tan. Sonia did not go to any Moscow, to any husband, answered Maria Stepanovna, helping me to wipe away my tears. How.

Season my hero academia best

So I sat down at the desk of the branch deputy, at first grabbed my head, but immediately forgot about it. Moreover, I forgot to mention that I turned 23 this year, great, only 23 years old and already the deputy of the largest in Tyumenskaya And yet this red-haired beast definitely looks.

At me like that for a reason, I thought, raising my glass for another toast.

Top 10 My Hero Academia Quirks

After that, she closed the topic and after a while we went to bed, in the morning I woke up alone in. Bed, Masha was cooking tomorrow, having breakfast, she took me into the bathroom and completely shaved my body, legs, ass and crotch. Taking a bag of things prepared in the morning. We got into the car and drove off. after about 2 hours we were there, found and rented an apartment.

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