Semi hollow 6 string bass

Semi hollow 6 string bass DEFAULT

Modulus Bass Quantum 6 Semi-Hollow, 34″ Scale **Archive**

Modulus Quantum 6, Figured Koa Top, Semi-Hollow Alder Body w/ F-Hole

SKU: Q6SH_FiguredKoaCategories: Modulus Archive, Quantum ArchiveTags: Bartolini, Bartolini NTMB, F-Hole, Hipshot, Modulus, Semi-Hollow, 26 Frets, 34" Scale, 6 Strings, Alder Body, Black Hardware, Figured Koa, Gloss Finish, Phenolic Fingerboard, Quantum, Side Dot

Product Description

Modulus Bass Quantum 5

Modulus Bass Quantum 6 Semi-Hollow, 34″ Scale / 26 Frets

If there’s magic in carbon fiber, it’s in the very high “modulus of elasticity” of the material. In plain speak, carbon fiber is extremely stiff for its weight-perfect for a bass neck. On the performance side, each note is full, with low and high harmonics in generous quantity. The high resonant frequency eliminates dead spots-even when playing on the low strings in the high register. On the maintenance side, carbon fiber is impervious to moisture and unaffected by temperature. Your Modulus is perfectly stable from Montana to Miami.


  • Modulus Quantum 6
  • Exhibition Grade Figured Koa Top
  • Gloss Finish Body
  • Semi-Hollow Body
  • Hand Cut F-Hole
  • Alder Body
  • 34″ Scale Length, 26 Frets!!
  • Satin Finish Neck
  • Phenolic Fingerboard
  • Side Dot Inlays
  • Bartolini Soapbar Pickups
  • Bartolini NTMB Preamp
  • Hipshot A Style Bridge
  • Black Hardware
  • Modulus Hardshell Case
  • Weight: Approx 8 lbs. 14 oz.

Additional Information

Weight9.5 lbs
Dimensions52 x 17 x 7 in



Quantum 5


Adamovic Basses

The Bridge and scale length

The sound of the Hollow33 is largely determined by the bridge, which is glued directly to the top in a traditional manner. In this way, the largest part of the bridge, which includes the saddle, is not supported by the body, leaving it free to transfer the string energy into the top wood.

Passing through the body, top and bridge, the strings place the optimum amount of pressure on the saddle. This construction maximizes the absorption of the string vibrations, creating a unique, upright-like acoustic sound with long-sustaining notes.

The solid bridge and saddle are both made from a solid piece of wood. You can choose between Pau Ferro or ebony, which will be matched with the fingerboard, pickup cover and knobs. Alternatively, you can opt for the adjustable bridge, which has adjustable brass and steel saddles.

The Hollow33 has a 33” scale. This shorter scale length produces a warm, woody tone with a strong fundamental. In addition, the lower string tension produces a fuller low end and more “bloom” at the end of the note.

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