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Packed with industry-leading features, Cat® motor graders can quickly turn around complex projects in fewer passes. Ideal for rental purposes, their advanced controls and sophisticated electronics make them easy to train new staff on — a key advantage when getting up and running quickly is essential.

NMC The Cat Rental Store is an authorized Caterpillar dealer and the only place in our service area to carry the company's newest products and diagnostic tools. We can match you with the right equipment for any project, whether it's a one-time need for additional working capacity, or a longer-term rental.


NMC The Cat Rental Store rents two models of Cat motor grader:

  • 12M: The Cat 12M features an ergonomic cab design that provides comfort and visibility, putting sophisticated joystick controls right in your operator's hands. Fast, simple DCM adjustments drive exceptional productivity and lower operating costs, while an integrated powertrain offers smooth performance and superior reliability in any environment.
  • 14M: The next step up from the 12M, the 14M motor grader by Cat boasts a more powerful engine and wider blade, making it suitable for heavy construction, mining and other applications. Thanks to ACERT™ engine technology, however, it remains compliant with US EPA emissions standards and helps you keep operating expenses to a minimum thanks to its efficient performance.

All units in our rental fleet feature low hours and are delivered in excellent working condition. Our technicians ensure all service is performed at the correct intervals, so your rental provides all the performance and other working advantages you expect of Cat equipment.


At NMC, we're committed to helping you meet your goals. When you rent a motor grader from us, you gain a partner that will be available to provide on-site maintenance and support for as long as you require your unit. Our advanced mobile service capabilities allow us to come to your job site and perform both required maintenance and emergency service at your convenience.

An NMC representative will be happy to put together a complete rental package for any upcoming job. Get in touch and discover for yourself the many benefits of choosing Cat.


Motor Grader Rentals

Our Inventory of Cat Graders for Rent

No matter if you work in heavy construction, mining and aggregates, government or one of many other industries, we have the road grader rentals you require to maximize productivity. We carry models in a variety of sizes configurable to your project specifications. Whether you need a fuel-efficient, highly maneuverable motor grader rental with a 12-foot blade or a durable and powerful unit with an 18-foot blade for maximum road coverage, you're sure to find a model that's built for it.

Our selection includes:

  • Low hour units featuring the latest productivity and safety technology
  • A massive inventory to ensure we always have the models you need in stock
  • A full range of compatible Cat motor grader work tools and attachments

Cat Road Grader Rentals

Motor graders manufactured by Caterpillar offer versatile performance and rugged durability working in the most challenging terrains. You can benefit from world-class cabs that increase operator comfort and reduce fatigue and advanced electronics and hydraulics for smooth operation and improved grading results.

Cat road graders feature powerful, fuel-efficient engines and integrated technologies designed for optimal versatility. Other benefits of our late model Cat motor grader rentals include:

  • Intuitive joystick steering and implement controls
  • Low emissions meeting most U.S. EPA standards
  • Exceptionally durable structures and drawbar-circle-moldboards

Renting Motor Graders From the CatRental Store Network

You work hard every day to ensure the job gets done right, and we focus on providing access to equipment capable of standing up to your most demanding tasks. Whether you need a quick emergency replacement, a solution for a short-term project or the chance to try a model out before buying it, the Cat Rental Store has you covered.

Additional reasons to rent with us include:

  • Expert product knowledge and technical expertise
  • Flexible rental terms of a day, week, month or longer
  • Grader rentals tested and maintained by our highly trained team
  • Around the clock customer service and support

Shop our selection online and get in touch for more information and a quote to rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes.

Find Your Nearest Location or Contact Us Online

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Motor Grader Rental


MacAllister Rentals offers the NORAM 65E Series Motor Grader in our rental fleet. With a 100 HP engine, center mount scarifier and 10′ sliding moldboard, this machine is manufactured to bring power and performance to the job site. Bigger motor grader units are also available through our Heavy Rental Division.

When you rent a grader from us, we also provide a variety of rental work tools and attachments to help unlock the full versatility and productivity of the machine. We offer different options ranging from ground-engaging implements to front- and rear-mounted tools to configure your motor grader rental to your project specifications. Our experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to find the products and accessories that make the most sense for your business.

Availability may vary by location – give us a call at (877) 700-1945 or contact us online for details.

Productive and Reliable Motor Graders for Rent

Motor graders are essential equipment for building, maintaining and repairing roads and highways. The 65E Series is a compact grader designed to deliver the impressive productivity of a larger machine. Units offer the power to move heavy materials and exceptional control to tackle precision tasks. Benefits include deluxe cabs for operator comfort and a 90-degree bank slope saddle for improved visibility and performance.

Our late-model, low-hour NORAM motor grader rentals offer a six-speed forward full-power shift with torque converter and LCD operations monitor. Units also feature a 53-inch diameter gear driven circle, supported by an A-frame allowing for 360-degree rotations. Additional benefits include:

  • 10-inch wide moldboard with a rollaway blade for smooth grading and finishing
  • Full light package and back-up alarm for improved jobsite safety and efficiency
  • Easy-to-read gauges and simple-to-master hydraulic operator controls
  • Strong and durable 8-by-2-foot dozer blade and 41-inch, nine-tooth scarifier

Learn more about the NORAM 65E Motor Grader

Machine specs can vary from model year to model year. Consult the serial plate and/or operators & safety manual for accurate machine specs.

Reasons to Rent a Motor Grader

When purchasing new or used equipment doesn’t fit the budget or the plan, a temporary solution from MacAllister Rentals makes a lot of sense. The combination of our rental graders and work tool attachments provide the versatility to take on more work and a wider variety of applications. Whether your projects call for resurfacing and rebuilding roads or plowing snow and ice from paved surfaces, renting from us means you’ll always have the right tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently.

Our flexible rental terms help businesses of all sizes control costs while expanding capabilities. When you rent a motor grader from us, you eliminate the expenses of owning and operating a larger fleet of equipment. We take care of maintenance services and can even assist with transportation, implementation and operator training.

Rent a Motor Grader Today

When you’re looking to replace a machine that’s in the shop or have an application that requires a particular piece of equipment or tool, MacAllister Rentals has the cost-effective solution. We’re a trusted source for grader rentals throughout Indiana and Michigan offering the quality, selection and value you desire. We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing:

  • Convenient rental locations to serve you across the region
  • Unmatched customer service and ongoing technical support
  • Competitive daily, weekly, monthly and longer-term rates

Contact us, or visit the MacAllister Rentals location in your area for additional details, such as Brownstown Twp., MI, Columbus, IN, and Traverse City, MI.

Where can I rent a Motor Grader?

Motor Graders

Motor Grader Rentals

When it comes to road building and paving jobs, the quality of your work depends on having the right equipment. If you need a motor grader rental to supplement your fleet, Gregory Poole offers an impressive selection of reliable and productive models meticulously tested and maintained by our highly-trained technicians. From precision sloping and finishing work to construction and snow removal, we carry motor graders for rent in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Find a Cat® Motor Grader Near You

For more than 65 years, Gregory Poole has been providing cost-effective and efficient heavy equipment solution for businesses across eastern North Carolina and beyond. We offer flexible short- and longer-term rentals to eliminate the need to purchase new machines and reduce costs relating to storing and maintaining equipment.

Browse our selection of Cat motor graders for rent, and contact us today to request a quote.


Near rental me grader motor

NorAm 65E Road Grader for rent

Noram65E Motor Grader for RentRoad graders are essential pieces of machinery used for a variety of tasks, including fine grading, road building, road maintenance, earthmoving and debris clearing. Most operations need access to a road grader on occasion. Because road grading involves a high level of precision, it’s important to choose the right machine.

The NorAm 65E is a compact road grader with the impressive, full-sized grader features every operation needs to complete jobs efficiently. If you’re searching for a road grader capable of delivering results for your next project, consider renting this powerful grader from Thompson Machinery.

Contact Us For a Free Quote

A Compact Road Grader With Features for High Performance

The NorAm 65E is a road grader designed to offer all the performance features you would expect from a full-sized grader in a compact frame. When you take this machine to your worksite, you can expect your crew and the project to benefit from the following impressive features:

  • 360-degree blade rotation: The NorAm 65E comes with a 53-inch gear driven circle. Supported by the grader’s A-frame, this circle allows the blade to rotate 360 degrees. The result is a system capable of grading more accurately and more efficiently.
  • Full power-shift transmission: The 65E comes with a full power-shift transmission and torque converter. It has six forward speeds and a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour, so operators can complete their tasks and get to and from the worksite quickly.
  • Engine efficiency: The NorAm 65E was the first compact road grader built in the U.S. with Tier 4i and Tier 4 compliant engines. The modern 65E’s efficient engines keep fuel consumption, emissions and engine noise low.

Why Rent a 65E Road Grader for Your Operation

Once you’ve decided that the NorAm 65E is the right road grader for your operation, you still need to decide whether you want to rent or buy. If you plan to use your compact road grader regularly, buying may make the most sense for your business. However, if you only need a high-performance road grader occasionally, renting may come with financial and practical benefits.

When you rent a road grader, instead of buying outright, you’ll only need to pay for the equipment when you need it, which allows your business to use funds for more frequently used equipment. Renting also minimizes the amount of work your maintenance crew will need to handle independently. At Thompson Machinery, our highly trained technicians keep our rental NorAm road graders in top shape. If a breakdown occurs in the field, we’ll send someone to fix the problem and get you back to work quickly.

Contact Thompson Machinery to Arrange Equipment Rental

At Thompson Machinery, we’ve been supplying businesses in Tennessee and Northern Mississippi with road graders and other rental equipment for more than 75 years. We offer both short and long-term rentals, so you can access the equipment you need as long as the project requires.

To learn more about the NorAm 65E road grader or to arrange equipment rental, visit one of our 11 convenient locations or fill out an online contact form today.

Contact Us For More Info

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