Pt pro control formula 2

Pt pro control formula 2 DEFAULT

PT Pro Control Formula 2 Total Release Pressurized Insecticide

EPA Registration #: 499-512
Pest / Termite

Signal Word: Caution

Pesticide - Not Specified


Total release aerosol for use indoors at residential and commercial sites for the control of various insects.  Can be used in food handling areas.


Reactivity/Instability/Physical Hazard
Special Hazard (NFPA)/ Personal Protection (HMI)
Exclamation Mark
  • Irritant (skin and eye)
  • Skin Sensitizer
  • Acute Toxicity (harmful)
  • Narcotic Effects
  • Respiratory Tract Irritant
  • Hazardous to Ozone Layer (Non-Mandatory
  • Flammables
  • Pyrophorics
  • Self-Heating
  • Emits Flammable Gas
  • Self-Reactives
  • Organic Peroxides


PT Pro-Control Fogger Formula 2 by BASF is a pyrethrin-based total release aerosol insecticide that delivers a quick knockdown and kill of crawling and flying insects. Pro-Control is easy to use as you just have to set the fogger in a room and release the trigger then leave the room or home until the can empties out.

A 6 ounce can can treat 5,000 cubic feet of space. Use P Pro-Control Fogger to take care of insect infestation indoors and you'll see a major difference.

Tools Needed

Pro-Control Fogger Formula 2 comes ready to use with no other tools needed.

How to Use

  • Step 1: Inspect and identify the pest you want to treat and take note of the active areas where they are found or are hiding.
  • Step 2: Open cabinets, cupboards, drawers, closets, and doors in areas to be treated. Close all windows and doors. Place a chair, table or stand in the middle of the room to be fogged. Tilt actuator away from face. Press tab down in a locked position to initiate the application.
  • Step 3: Set fogger on a stand and immediately leave treated area for at least 2 hours. The product will disperse and come into contact with as many insects as possible. Upon returning, open and ventilate the area for at least 30 minutes.

Where to Use

Use PT Pro-Control Fogger Formula 2 to control crawling and flying insects in apartments, campgrounds, food storage areas, homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, nursing homes, resorts, restaurants and other food handling establishments, schools, supermarkets, transportation equipment (buses, boats, ships, trains, trucks and aircraft cargo areas), utilities, warehouses, and other commercial and industrial buildings.

Some sites have specific use restrictions. Refer to the use restriction section in the label for more information.

When to Use

PT Pro-Control Fogger Formula 2 should be used when you want to safely treat an area for flying and crawling insects before it gets out of control.

Safety Information

Please have on the necessary PPE when operating this aerosol spray. When using a total release aerosol, leave the room until the spraying treatment has completed and dried. Keep pets and children out of the area until the product has dried and the room is given time to air out.

Use extra caution when using total release foggers. Do not place them in small areas or rooms smaller than 5 ft. x 5 ft. Product is extremely flammable; turn off ALL ignition sources such as pilot lights, other open flames, or running electrical appliances, like refrigerators, thermostats, etc.

Special Considerations

Please follow the label to make sure the product is being used correctly. DO NOT use more than one fogger per room.

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