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20 Easy DIY Bed Skirts Tutorial To Make Your Own Bed Skirt

Tired of boring bedrooms and typical bedsheets? Also, are you one of those people who always a pile of junk under your bed? Well, we have a single solution to both these common problems. Make a DIY bed skirt for your bedroom, instead. Making a DIY bed skirt is not a difficult job, as it might seem. You can make one for your room in no time and with limited material. It is also necessary to know sewing for making a bed skirt. There are a ton of ways through which you can make a bed skirt without a sewing machine. Yes, you read it right! Explore these 20 quick and easy DIY bed skirts tutorial to make your own bed skirt under low budget.

20 Easy DIY Bed Skirts Tutorial To Make Your Own Bed Skirt

These DIY bed skirts are compiled to provide you with easy solutions for your bedroom makeover. We have explained a variety of ways in which you can plan a bed skirt for your room. Some of them involve sewing, while others do not. Also, we have tried different kinds of fabrics. You will find cotton, linen, curtain cloth and drop cloths here. Even a bed skirt with yarn tussles is also devised for you. Just buy the advised material and get started. But before getting on board, always note down the dimensions of your bed and mattress. Because the dimensions can vary, and we don’t want a failed DIY project for you. Opting for sewing or no sewing project is your choice. Either way, the results will be foolproof.

1. How to Make a No-sew Bed Skirt

How to Make a No sew Bed Skirt

You hate sewing? Try out this no-sew bed skirt without even touching the needle. Yes, you heard it right! Get hold of a twin bed sheet, upholstery pins, and iron and turn your bed into a divine piece of comfort. Just cover the box with the bedsheet evenly, use pins to fix the sheet and fold the excessive sheet. You can also use a table cloth or any sheet available. designertrapp

2. DIY Pleated Bed Skirt

DIY Pleated Bed Skirt

We all know how hard it is to shop for a bed skirt without ruffles, within budget, and that too for a boy’s room. This tutorial will solve all these problems and will teach you about a pleated bed skirt. You can easily make it home. You will need a cheap cotton fabric for stuffing between box and mattress, cotton fabric for a pleated skirt, and matching thread. makeit loveit

3. 3 Hours Bed Skirt

3 Hours Bed Skirt

You will watch the most straightforward DIY bed skirt project in this tutorial today. Just take out around 3 hours of your day and spend around $30, and get hold of a beautiful bed skirt for your room. The best part is that the mattress is not required to be moved to place these bed skirts. The T pins used will attach the skirt direct to the box spring, and you are done. biscuitsandbu

4. Make a Bed Skirt from a Flat Sheet

Make a Bed Skirt from a Flat Sheet

A bed skirt from a flat sheet will be the most interesting and innovative DIY bed skirt project. You need two things to carry out this project. Literally two things. A flat sheet and upholstery pins. Drape the bedsheet over box spring and use pins to fix it. Voila! lovelyetc

5. No Sew DIY Bed Skirt

No Sew DIY Bed Skirt

No need to take out your sewing machine to decorate your bed with bed skirts. Try this no-sew bed skirt project and forget about the hassle of matching threads and sewing fuss. Buy some T pins, stitch witchery bonding web and scissors and follow this tutorial. The size of the fabric to make DIY bed skirts depends on the size of your mattress. martysmusings

6. Pleated Bed Skirt from a Flat Sheet

Pleated Bed Skirt from a Flat Sheet

Make a pleated bed skirt from a flat sheet by following this simple tutorial. No sewing machine required, and no thread color combination is needed. Just take a flat sheet as per your choice and use pins to make a pleated bed skirt. The bed skirt will add a definite class to your room. drivenbydecor

7. Gathered Bed Skirt

Gathered Bed Skirt

Gathered bed skirt not only looks classy but also is very easy to make and affordable as well. You can use an old bed sheet to make the bed skirt. Keep in mind the measurement of your bed mattress and use the fabric accordingly. Pro-tip; if you find any old sheet at home, dye it as per your room theme. tidbits cami

8. DIY Velcro Bedskirt

DIY Velcro Bedskirt

The velcro bed skirt looks impressive on the bed. It is a simple DIY bed skirt project. Muslin fabric, trim, straight pins, matching thread, sticky back Velcro, and measuring tape will be needed to accomplish the bed skirt. Iron and sewing machine are not required in this project at all. abeautifulmess

9. Bed Skirt from a Curtain Panel

Bed Skirt from a Curtain Panel

DIY bed skirts add class to the room, but on the other hand very expensive to buy. This tutorial will explain to make the cheapest bed skirt using a curtain panel. You can use any old curtain panel or can order a new one. Iron the curtain panel and staple it with the spring box. thepaintedhive

10. Custom Bed Skirt

Custom Bed Skirt

Give a themed look toy our room and make a custom bed skirt as per your theme. This is a sewing project. Therefore a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and measuring tape will be needed. Similarly, pins, iron, and fabric (as per dimensions of your mattress) are also required. hgtv

11. DIY King Size Bed Skirt

DIY King Size Bed Skirt

Embellish your king size mattress with a bed skirt and add classy vibes to the room. The best part is, it does not involve any sewing. 4*15 feet of drop cloths (2) along with a staple gun, scissors, and measuring tape is all you need for this project. beautyforashe

12. Easy Sew or No-Sew Pleated Bed Skirt

Easy Sew or No Sew Pleated Bed Skirt

If you have stuffed the underside of your bed, time to cover it with a bed skirt. This tutorial explains two ways to make a bed skirt, with a sewing machine and without a sewing machine. If you are planning not to use a sewing machine, then buy fusing tape and T pins. myweeabode

13. Bed Skirt Sewing Pattern

Bed Skirt Sewing Pattern

After watching this tutorial, you will realize that making a ruffled bed skirt was never this easy. The fabric used for this particular design is linen. Linen can get you the extra ruffles you want. You can certainly opt for different colors, as per your room theme. theseamanmom

14. How to Make a Ruffled Bed Skirt

How to Make a Ruffled Bed Skirt

The choice between a pleated bed skirt and a ruffled bed skirt is always difficult to make. After watching this tutorial, you will be tempted to make a ruffled one, essentially for one room. The best part about the DIY bed skirt is that it costs little. You can customize it and make your lousy day a little productive. missmustards

15. Easy DIY Ruffled Bed Skirt

Easy DIY Ruffled Bed Skirt

This ruffled bed skirt is an easy recipe and demands very little time. For this, you will need a sewing machine. Other than that, thread, sewing pins, elastic scissors, and the fabric is required. Here, we have used 5 yards of muslin. You can change the size according to your mattress’ dimensions. thewoodgrainco

16. DIY Striped Bed Skirt and Headboard

DIY Striped Bed Skirt and Headboard

Those of you who have a thing for striped patterns, this tutorial is specially made for you. The class these black and white stripes add to your surroundings is beyond words. Therefore, craft a striped bed skirt for your bedroom. Also, make a matching striped headboard to create a beautiful ambiance. melo drama

17. Easy No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

Easy No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

Make a sassy bed skirt for your girl’s room using a drop cloth. And hey; there is no sewing involved, at all! Buy some bleach and apply it on the drop cloth before use. Also, you will need a nail gun, measuring tape and scissors for cutting. We advise you to always use the exact dimensions of your mattress. thetatteredpew

18. Bed Skirt With Canvas Drop Cloths

Bed Skirt With Canvas Drop Cloths

Use canvas drop cloths to make prettiest DIY bed skirts ever. Disclaimer; no sewing machine and thread are required. In this tutorial, an easy way of stapling the drop cloth to make a bed skirt is described. You will end up making a masterpiece for your bedroom after following this tutorial. Do watch it in detail and follow it as it is. grandmasho

19. DIY Yarn Tassel Bedskirt

DIY Yarn Tassel Bedskirt

Add a funk into your boring bedrooms with this yarn tussle bed skirt! It is a unique idea, and everyone will love it. 81 yards of will make 6 tassels. Decide the colors of your choice and buy it accordingly. Also, you will need a clipboard or something similar to wrap around for making tassels of the desired length. tatertotsandj

20. How to Make a Bed Skirt

How to Make a Bed Skirt

DIY bed skirts add a character to your room. But a reality check; they are so damn expensive. What if we tell you a way of making them at home? Don’t worry if you do not know sewing, it does not involve any. Follow this tutorial and buy some hem tape, fabric trim, and home décor fabric to DIY bed skirts. You will also need iron to straighten the fabric. seamlinedliving


We hope you found these DIY bed skirts tutorial helpful for making a bed skirt by yourself. Now go to your bedroom and take a look. Decide which kind of bed skirt will go with your bed and room. Whether it will be a pleated one, ruffled one, or a draped one. You will find all the DIY bed skirt options over here.

Decide the colors according to your room’s theme. Gather the material and get started. You will be relieved after making a bed skirt. Why? Because you will save huge bucks. A bed skirt at home in $30 is a miracle as compared to one in $130 from the market.

Related DIY Ideas for Bedroom


Quick and Easy Bed Skirt Hacks to Elevate the Look of Your Room

The use of bed skirts can help you instantly upgrade the style of your entire bedroom. In a nutshell, a bed skirt is a decorative piece of fabric that can be wrapped or hung around the box spring to cover the lower sides of the bed. You can easily modify the overall style of your bedroom by utilizing bed skirts with different designs and materials. 

Easy bed skirt hacks include wrapping a bed skirt around the bed frame or box spring and securing it with velcro or thumbtacks, making your own custom bed skirt from curtains or other fabric, and using a large fitted sheet to drape over the bed frame or box spring. You can also use a box spring cover instead of a bed skirt, or staple batting or wadding to the box spring and cover it with fabric to create a luxurious padded or tufted look. 

In the following sections, you will find detailed information about the bed skirt hacks, ideas, and alternatives that can help you hide your box spring and improve the visual aspects of your bedroom. 

What Is a Bed Skirt?

Use a bed skirt to cover up a box spring and bed frame.
Bed skirts allow you to easily cover up the box spring, bed legs, or the clutter underneath the bed. Image from Amazon.

Modern bed skirts are tightly wrapped around the box spring and no longer feature a curtain-like appearance. You can choose a suitable bed skirt type according to your needs and preferences, all of which can give a neat and tidy appearance to your bed. Bed skirts also assist with preventing dust accumulation under your bed, which will deter house dust mites. Read this article from The Journal of Medical Entomology which explains some control measures to reduce house dust in your bedroom. 

A bed skirt is a decorative piece of fabric wrapped around the box spring that cascades towards the floor to cover up the box spring or the storage area underneath your bed. 

The primary difference between traditional and modern bed skirts is their physical appearance. While traditional bed skirts are hung like curtains and cascade towards the floor, modern alternatives are tightly wrapped around the box spring or bed legs. 

Although they serve the same purpose, there are still a couple of factors you should consider. For instance, traditional bed skirts can cover the storage space under your bed and make the area accessible at any time. However, some wrap-around bed skirts might block access to your under-the-bed storage space. You might have to remove the bed skirt to get the stuff you need and then wrap it around the bed again. 

Modern bed skirts are ideal for covering box springs or the lower parts of the bed when the area is not used for storing various items. There are modern wrap-around bed skirts that mimic the traditional look of bed skirts, making the hidden storage easily accessible like this one from Amazon. Another difference is that you might need to remove your mattress to properly put a traditional bed skirt on your bed, whereas modern bed skirt alternatives make the process much more straightforward and don't require removing your bulky mattress. 

Why Use a Bed Skirt On Your Bed? What Are the Benefits Of a Bed Skirt?

Although a bed skirt is just a tiny piece of fabric, it can significantly influence the way your bedroom looks. Depending on the chosen fabric, colors, or patterns, you can completely change the overall style of your bedroom.

Use a bed skirt to create a sophisticated look in the bedroom, cover up the box spring, conceal the bed legs, create hidden under-the-bed storage, and limit dust collection under the bed. 

The benefits of bed skirts include their ease of use, affordability, and availability in a wide variety of colors, patterns, finishes, and styles. They can easily modify the overall appearance of your bedroom, cover the box spring, bed frame, and under the bed while preventing dust accumulation. Bed skirts also transform under-the-bed space into a hidden storage area, read this article from Ashley Furniture about how to optimize bedroom storage. Further instructions on bed skirt tips and tricks can be found in the sections below. 

Make sure to take a look at our bed skirt height and length guide too for more useful information. Also, if you think you can't use a bed skirt on your adjustable bed, you're wrong! Take a look at our article on choosing bed skirts for adjustable beds for ideas!

A Bed Skirt Hack To Put on Your Bed Skirt Without Removing the Mattress

Bed skirt hacks can enable you to make a bed skirt and install it without removing the mattress.
If your mattress is too bulky, you should consider sliding your bed skirt under the mattress without removing it. Image from Overstock.

Some mattresses are just too heavy to be removed every time you replace a bed skirt. Luckily, there are a couple of quick and easy ways to put on a bed skirt without removing the entire mattress. Below are just some of the best options.

To put on a bed skirt without removing the mattress, first lift one side of the mattress and slide the bed skirt underneath it, then lift the other side of the mattress and pull the skirt out, finally, adjust the bed skirt so that all four corners are aligned properly across the surface. To make sure the corners are secure, use some pins or thumbtacks.

While this might seem to be a challenging process, things get much easier when you have a helping hand. Otherwise, you might need to support the mattress using your head or even shoulders. We would recommend using this tip only if there is someone around who could possibly help you with putting on a bed skirt. Although this trick allows you to put on a bed skirt without ruining it, it might not be convenient for some individuals. 

If you do not really worry about damaging the bed skirt, you can just cut the flat part that goes between the box spring and the mattress approximately 2-3 inches away from the main decorative part. In this way, you can quickly put on the bed skirt and secure it with a couple of pins on each side of the bed. 

And finally, the best way to avoid removing your mattress when putting on a bed skirt is to use wrap-around bed skirts instead of those featuring a traditional design. As the name suggests, these bed skirts are simply wrapped around the box spring to cover it up.

For further tips on how to properly put a bed skirt, check out the section below. Also, make sure to take a look at our 10 bed skirt alternatives & their pros and cons as well. We share some additional hacks to make things much easier for you.

Quick & Easy Bed Skirt Hacks

Although bed skirts are great for altering the overall look of your bedroom and covering your bulky box spring, some people are still skeptical about them. The main reason for this is that bed skirts are sometimes a bit challenging to be used. However, there are some quick and easy bed skirt hacks that will change the way you think. You can find some of the best ways to put on a bed skirt below.

1. Use Wrap-Around Bed Skirts Instead Of Traditional Bed Skirts

Unfortunately, the middle part of traditional bed skirts is made from a thinner fabric and usually rips off when installing the bed skirt. The best way to avoid this from happening is to use a wrap-around bed skirt that features an elastic band all around the fabric. This elastic makes the bed skirt stretchy enough to be put right over the mattress.

The most significant advantage of wrap-around bed skirts is that they can be put on a bed without removing the mattress. However, the elastic in wrap-around bed skirts might loosen over time, meaning that it will no longer be able to hold the bed skirt in place. In such cases, you will need to either tighten the elastic up or replace it with a new one.

If you are looking for a wrap-around bed skirt on Amazon, check out this 15-inch drop luxurious cotton bed skirt.

2. Use Velcro Bed Skirts To Make Your Bed Skirt Stay In Place

If you have decided to use a detachable bed skirt, you should think about securing it to the box spring. One of the best ways to keep such bed skirts in place is to use Velcro strips. In this way, the bed skirt will not only stay in place, but it will be much easier for you to remove it whenever you need to wash it.

All you need to do is to attach the Velcro strips along the edge of the bed skirt and on the top edge of the box spring. To properly do it, measure the drop (length) of a bed skirt first and attach the Velcro tape to the box spring accordingly.

The only disadvantage of Velcro strips is that lint (visible accumulation of textile fibers) might stick to them or their adhesive might weaken over time. Since it is not that easy to clean Velcro strips, you might need to replace them periodically. If you want to learn about other uses for Velcro in the bedroom, read our article on how to hold down a mattress topper, where we cover several methods to secure bedding layers. 

Velcro tape comes in various thicknesses and lengths. We recommend at least 1-inch wide Velcro tape like this one from Amazon because it is easy to apply. Make sure to also take a look at our article on 6 ways to make a bed skirt stay in place and prevent sliding too.

3. Use Bed Skirt Pins or Thumbtacks To Secure Your No-Sew Bed Skirts

While no-sew bed skirts are incredibly handy, they might not always stay in place. The best way to solve the issue is to use a couple of pins or thumbtacks to secure the bed skirt to each side of the box spring. All you need to do is to position your bed skirt and ensure that it is aligned properly. 

We recommend starting at the foot of the bed and positioning the center of the bed skirt with the center of the box spring—securing it in place with an upholstery pin and then continuing to tack the bed skirt onto the box spring in regular intervals on either side of the center. When you reach the corner of the box spring, place pins or thumbtacks on both sides of the corner to form a crisp and secure hold. By using this method you ensure that the bed skirt is evenly spaced all around the box spring and won’t slip and sag. We recommend buying these T-pins from Amazon because they are easy to grip.

Although pins and thumbtacks allow you to keep detachable bed skirts in place, they might also damage the fabric and rip it off when positioning them. To avoid this from happening, consider the fabric of your bed skirt when purchasing pins.

You can purchase a pack of 100 thumbtacks from Amazon which feature 5/16-inch sharpened steel pins with 3/8-inch heads.

4. Use a Box Spring Wrap Instead Of a Bed Skirt

If you do not really like the concept of a traditional bed skirt, you can use a box spring cover as an alternative. Box spring wraps come in a variety of sizes and colors. After selecting the one suitable for your box spring, you will need to secure it with elastic bands that are typically included in the package. While the elastics keep the cover in place, you might not even need to use them if the wrap fits your box spring snuggly. You should use these elastics only if the box spring cover seems to be a bit saggy. To do so, simply secure the elastics to different buttons found on the box spring cover.

The benefit of such covers is that they conceal the box spring without floating on the floor. It is hardly possible to tell whether it is a box spring wrap or an actual box spring. However, removing the box spring cover might be a bit of a challenging task to do since you will probably need to lift the bulky box spring.

Classic box spring covers are available on Amazon which includes elastic pieces that can be used in various configurations to keep the box spring wrap tight.

5. Use Large Fitted Sheets To Cover Both the Mattress & the Bed Frame

If you want to avoid removing your mattress but still want to cover the box spring or the bed frame, you can easily do that using large fitted sheets instead of a bed skirt. This way, you will not have to remove the mattress. Fitted sheets are much more affordable and they come in a larger variety of colors, making it easier for you to find the right product for your bed.

You just need to get a desired fitted sheet and position it on top of your mattress. Then, you tuck it in between the box spring and the bed frame and you are all done. You will no longer be annoyed by the unpleasant appearance of your bulky box spring without getting a separate bed skirt to cover it up.

The only disadvantage of this hack is that fitted sheets are not that easy to keep in place. Therefore, you might need to fix the sheets every time you make up the bed. We like these wrinkle-free fitted sheets from Amazon.

6. Make a DIY Bed Skirt Out of Curtains

If you are good at DIY, you can easily make your own bed skirt out of old curtains that you no longer use. While this might not seem easy at first, you just need to follow a couple of basic instructions to make the desired bed skirt.

Start by determining the drop of a suitable bed skirt by measuring the length from the edge of the bed base or box spring to the floor. While this is the length of the visible side of the bed skirt, you also need to include extra fabric to this measurement for the elastic encasement and hem. You will need to sew to give the bed skirt a finished look. After you have your curtain fabric ready, iron it so that there are no wrinkles. This makes it much easier to take further measurements accurately.

Next, fold around 4-5 inches towards the backside of the cloth—this will be the encasement where the elastic band will be. Finally, put the elastic band inside this folded part of the fabric and sew just below it. For the second elastic, you will need to sew above and below the band to properly secure it. You can purchase a 1-inch thick elastic band on Amazon.

You can now attach your DIY bed skirt to your box spring by using a couple of pins, buttons, or Velcro strips. Check out this short YouTube video by MATV For more detailed instructions on how to DIY a bed skirt out of curtains or any other fabric. If you are looking for more ways to use fabric curtains to decorate your bed then have a look at our article on canopy bed curtains. 

7. Use a Platform Bed Skirt For a Modern Look

If you are not a huge fan of traditional curtain-like bed skirts but still want to cover up the clutter under your bed, you can rather use a platform bed skirt like this one from Amazon. Keep in mind that putting on a platform bed skirt might require the removal of your mattress. If this does not seem to be suitable for you, you should consider getting a non-platform or detachable bed skirt. Read our article about platform bed skirts to know more about how to choose and put this type of bed skirt on your box spring. 

Make sure to take a look at our bed skirt uses, tips, and tricks too for more ideas.

What Is the Difference Between a Full-Style Bed Skirt And a Wrap-Around Bed Skirt?

Bed skirts are still trendy in the 21st century. They not only cover and protect the box spring but also give our bedrooms a much more organized appearance. If you are not familiar with bed skirts in general, here are the basics you need to know. There are two general types of bed skirts—full-style bed skirts and wrap-around bed skirts. While the purpose of both types is identical, there are some differences associated with the way you put them on your bed.

The difference between a full-style bed skirt and a wrap-around bed skirt is that putting on a full-style bed skirt requires the removal of the mattress while wrap-around bed skirts are detachable pieces that can be simply wrapped around the box spring without removing the mattress. 

To be more explicit, the middle part of a full-style bed skirt is a regular bed sheet that goes between a box spring and a mattress. Wrap-around bed skirts do not include this middle part.

To ensure that you are making the right choice, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of both full-style and wrap-around bed skirts. If you are looking for more ideas on how to beautify your bedroom then read our article on canopy bed accessories for creative ways to decorate your bedroom. 

Below is a comparison between the pros and cons of both types of bed skirts:

Bed skirt typesProsCons

Full-style bed skirt

Today’s Home classic tailored bed skirt ~ $10

They easily stay in place, create a thin layer between a box spring and a mattress, cover up the clutter under your bed, and protect the floor and the box spring from dust accumulation. They require removing the mattress to put it on the bed. They might rip off if not being handled carefully, and might still need to use pins to secure it to the box spring.

Wrap-around bed skirt

Bed Maker’s wrap around skirt ~ $15

They don’t require removing the mattress to put it on the bed. They can be easily wrapped around the box spring without the risks of ripping off the fabric. They also create a hidden storage space right under the bed and prevent dust accumulation under the bed and in the box spring. They have elastic bands, which might loosen over time, and therefore need to be changed or tighten up. They also need additional pins or Velcro strips to secure tightly to the box spring. 

Are Bed Skirts Outdated?

If you still think that bed skirts are outdated, you have probably not considered getting a modern wrap-around bed skirt. This decorative piece of fabric can easily cover up the box spring, create a hidden under-the-bed storage area, and protect the floor and the box spring from dust particles.

Bed skirts are not outdated because they come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and types, which can meet different needs and tastes. They are still commonly used worldwide, especially in hotels and guest houses to create a sophisticated look.  

Just because we imagine traditional curtain-like design when thinking about bed skirts in general, it does not mean that every bed skirt has that vintage look. The clean lines and crisp pleats of more modern bed skirts make them a perfect addition to bedroom decor, while also preventing dust accumulation under the bed. If you are considering a bed skirt as a way to hide under-bed storage then also have a look at our article on bed risers and bed riser alternatives to maximize your storage. 


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How To Make A Bed Skirt From A Flat Sheet

I don’t know if it is just me, but I can never seem to find a bed skirt that I like.  And if I do manage to find a bed skirt that looks cute with my bedding, it is always too short, too long, too poofy, something. 

So when I started pulling my sons’ cute shared bedroom together, I knew I wanted to learn how to make a bed skirt from a flat sheet.

Why a flat sheet?  Well, I know this brings out strong opinions, but in our house we don’t use flat sheets on our beds.  I used to put the flat sheet on everyone’s beds but they just ended up wadded up under the duvet and made making the beds take that much longer.  Since sheets usually come in a set, I have a linen closet full of cute flat sheets that we never use – and they just happen to be the perfect thing for making bed skirts! 

But if you love your flat sheets and don’t have a closet full of them, you can still easily make your own bed skirt.  There are lots of places where you can buy flat sheets separately pretty affordably.

Ready for the best part?  This involves absolutely no sewing.  Not only that, you don’t even have to cut your sheet at all.  So later on, if you want to use it for something else, no problem.  It will still be completely intact (with a few extra pinholes).

Some links in this post are affiliate links. See my full disclosure here.

Supplies for making your own bed skirt

That’s it!  Just two things!

How to make a bed skirt from a flat sheet

This is seriously easy.  First, you simply drape the sheet over your box spring or bed platform or whatever surface is below your mattress. 

I used a twin sheet to make a bed skirt for a twin bed and it was the perfect length, but if your bed is on the higher side, you may need to use a sheet in a larger size.

drape sheet over box spring

Adjust the sheet so that the edges just brush the floor on any sides that will be visible.  In my case, that was the bottom and the side that isn’t against the wall. 

As you can see, the problem is the corners, but they are pretty easy to deal with.   If you have a lot of fabric, simply fold it up on top of the box spring where it will be covered by the mattress.

upholstery pin for bed skirt

Use upholstery pins to secure the sheet to the top of the box spring, an inch or two from the edges.  As you can see the pins are twisty, so you simply twist them into place. 

I used a pin every 12 inches or so along all of the sides of the box spring to keep everything secure.  (This is also great for keeping the bed skirt in place when you are moving the mattress around to change the fitted sheet later on.)

secure bed skirt to bed

As you can see, once you twist the pin into place, it is hardly noticeable at all.

Now to deal with the corners.

extra fabric in corner

Pull all of the extra fabric at the corner straight across to one side.

pulling the corner taut

Use two pins, to secure the fabric in place as shown below.

pinning the bed skirt corners


You want the extra fabric to smoothly fall over the pinned section.  If it isn’t falling quite right, just adjust the placement of your pins.


fabric falling over edge

Not bad, but there are a few more steps to give it a nice tailored look.  Use a pin to secure the top of the corner.  If you have any spare fabric pooling like in the photo below, fold it under the bed skirt and pin it to the box spring out of sight.

pinning the end

Finally, if you want it to look just a bit more smooth and tailored, you can run an iron over the seam to give it a nice crease.  You can also add another pin farther down the seam if needed.

bed skirt made from flat sheet

Then just repeat the process for any other corners of your bed that are visible. 

For the corners that are hidden by a wall, I simply pinned the extra fabric out of sight between the box spring and wall.  

It might seem like a lot of steps when they are all written out like this, but the whole bed skirt takes 20 minutes or less.  And for a custom bed skirt in the exact fabric you want, that fits your bed perfectly that’s not bad!

boys bedding striped comforter and arrow sheets

striped comforter set, arrow sheets,gray sheets

I skipped ironing the seam on the second bed (above) and it definitely shows.  Whoops!  Better go back and take care of that.

I am really happy with how these simple bed skirts turned out.  So much that I’m planning to do the same thing in the master bedroom.  I’ll keep you updated on any new tips, tricks, or issues I run into along the way!

how to make a diy bed skirt

Before you go, if you missed my boys’ room reveal, you have got to see it.  It might just be my favorite room in the house!

Shared Boys’ Bedroom Reveal

shared boys bedroom

Have a great week!

diy bed skirt

How To Make A Bed Skirt From A Flat Sheet

Learn how to make your own DIY bed skirt using a flat sheet. It's budget-friendly and no-sew!


  • Flat Bed Sheet
  • Upholstery Pins


  1. Drape the sheet over your box spring or bed platform.
  2. Adjust the sheet so that the edges just brush the floor.
  3. Use upholstery pins to secure the sheet to the top of the box spring, every 12 inches or so.
  4. Pull the extra fabric at each corner straight across to the side.
  5. Use two pins to secure the fabric in place and one pin to secure the top of the corner. 
  6. Run an iron over the seam to give it a nice crease. 

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Wrap Around Bed Skirt - Subrtex

10 Bed Skirt Alternatives & Their Pros and Cons

A bed skirt is a decorative fabric with frills and ruffles that is made to cover the box spring, the bed legs, or any space under the bed that may be used for storage. In addition to its aesthetic value, a bed skirt keeps dust, allergens, and bed bugs from getting under your bed. To learn more about how to prevent infestation, read this article from Medovate. Nowadays, bed skirts are no longer a “must-have” because the frills and ruffles often associated with bed skirts are seen as old fashioned. People are moving towards other bed skirt alternatives to give their room a more modern appearance. 

Bed skirt alternatives include fitted or flat sheets, curtains, box spring wraps, and rugs. These ideas serve the same function as bed skirts, hide a wooden or metallic bed frame, and create a modern look. 

Bed skirt alternatives may be available in a variety of fabrics, colors, and length to add a neat and elegant finish. Although they are easy to put on, they could need adjusting to achieve a perfect fit. A correctly installed bed skirt should sit at a length that hangs ¼-inch to ½-inch above the floor. The bed skirt must not collect on the floor because this will cause it to get dusty and damaged. 

What is a Bed Skirt?

A bed skirt wraps around a bed frame, box spring, or mattress to add some flair and prevent dust and allergens.
This ruffled bed skirt comes with a strong elastic band, which makes it easy to put on around your bed without lifting the mattress. Image from Amazon.

A bed skirt can be made of soft flowy fabrics like poly-cotton, rayon, linen, and viscose, or studier fabrics like wool tweed, poplin or duck cloth. The lighter fabric will help you achieve a ruffled look and the heavy fabric will make a skirt that is straight or pleated and structured—creating a clean and styled look. Read our article on platform bed skirts to see examples of these straight finishes. Make sure to also take a look at our guide to bed skirt styles and 10 interesting ideas too. 

A bed skirt (also known as a dust ruffle) is a piece of fabric that lies between the mattress and the box spring and cascades towards the floor to hide the underside of your bed. 

This decorative bedding accessory is used to keep dust from accumulating under the bed, and to conceal any space under the bed that may be used for storage, as well as provide a decorative function when matched to the other furnishings in the room. Read our article on how to cover a box spring to match room decor for more tips. There are various types of bed skirts, all of which differ in terms of fabric, style, color, and installation. 

Make sure to check out our bed skirt height and length guide too for more useful information.

Velcro Bed Skirts

A velcro bed skirt hangs on the edges of the bed very easily without lifting your mattress. It actually stays in place when installed and doesn't need adjustments—you just need to place the fabric evenly on each side. However, a velcro bed skirt does not cover the entire structure of the bed and it wears out over time because the adhesive can stop sticking. We like this bed skirt from Amazon because it is easy to remove and wash in the machine. 

Wooden Bed Skirts

Having wooden bed skirts is like having an extra bed frame that covers the three sides of your box spring. Whether your box spring touches the ground or is lifted up on risers, you'll want your wooden bed skirt to cover the legs of the bed up until the height of the box spring. Many metal frames have slots that attach to the headboard and footboard of the bed. These bolts and washers can also help keep your wood bed skirt in place. You can even paint the bolt heads or the wooden bed skirt itself and make it look like a piece of art. If your bed is made of wood you might need these bed rail brackets from Amazon to attach the wooden bed skirt to the frame. 

Linen Bed Skirts

A linen bed skirt is installed in between the mattress and the box spring, which requires removing the mattress and adjusting the three separate panels. Linen bed skirts cover the box spring and cascades towards the floor to hide the space under the bed. Read this article from The Journal of Natural Fibers titled, “The effect of Linen and Linen Blends on the Comfort Properties of Bedding Fabrics,” to learn about bedding fabric composition and how it affects your sleep. 

The linen panels are easily pinned into the box spring and can be available in different materials like cotton, lace, and wool. They also come in different styles known as gathered, pleated, tailored or layered, all of which offer a super luxurious look. We like this linen bed skirt from Amazon because it is easy to install. 

You may also find some helpful information in our quick and easy bed skirt hacks to elevate the look of your room as well as our bed skirt uses, tips, and tricks. You might also find more useful information in our 6 ways to make a bed skirt stay in place and prevent sliding too.

What is a Bed Wrap and How Is it Different Compared to a Bed Skirt?

A box spring wrap is a bed skirt alternative that’s designed to add a color and protection to only the box spring. It doesn’t hide a frame.
A box spring wrap is designed to make a box spring look more polished. It doesn’t serve the same functions as a bed skirt. Flexible bed skirt wraps like this one are easy to install.  Image from Amazon.

A bed wrap, also known as a box spring wrap, is a piece of fabric that wraps perfectly over the box spring just like a gift-wrapped package. The benefit of this design is that it fits the box spring and is neatly tucked away with little maintenance, so you don’t need to adjust it every day. It does not extend below the box spring but still offers a sleek and polished look. 

The difference between a bed wrap and a bed skirt is that a bed skirt covers the box spring, cascades towards the ground, and comes in different styles. On the other hand, a bed wrap is more difficult to install, does not hide the space under the bed, and is only limited to one design style. 

Make sure to also take a look at our definitive guide to different types of bed skirts and their uses for some more ideas.

10 Bed Skirt Alternatives: How to Hide a Wooden or Metal Bed Frame 

1. Fitted Sheets

You can place a fitted sheet around the box spring just like a bed wrap or you can use a flat sheet to flow down your bed and cover your bed frame. Find the adequate size to avoid puckering and to create a streamlined appearance to the bed. Choose dark colors to prevent the print of the box spring from showing through the sheet.  These fitted sheets on Amazon disguise your box spring in a very neat and tidy way.

Fitted sheets wrapped around a box spring or mattress can replace bed skirts.
This fitted sheet can cover a box spring or any mattress up to 15 inches deep. Try to match it with the rest of your room. Image from Amazon.

2. Curtains

If you are looking for a unique idea for a bed skirt, a window valance can make a beautiful alternative. It is available in any fabric type and in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. It is easily installed using bed spring pins and can be changed frequently to accommodate any decor. You can adjust the length to be as short or as long as you would like. 

The pinning might come loose though, which may create sagging—to prevent the valance from pulling loose use upholstery pins like these from Amazon. Finding the right height may be challenging and some valences might be heavier than a regular bed skirt. Check this window valance from Amazon and get as many as you will need to use it as a bed skirt. 

Use curtains to DIY your own bed skirts. They are a great bed skirt alternative.
This pleated valance tucks under the edges of your mattress. Image from Amazon.

3. Flat Sheets

Use an oversized flat sheet on a smaller bed to provide a sleek look for the bed. Place it underneath the mattress so that it covers the box spring, the bed frame, and what’s underneath. Flat sheets are available in many colors and patterns. However, they shift and slip often, which requires frequent adjustments. Check these flat sheets on Amazon. 

Fitted sheets can be draped over a box spring to hide it and the bed frame.
Drape the sheet over your box spring, bed platform, or whatever surface is below your mattress. Image from lovely etc.

4. Box Spring Wrap

A box spring wrap is designed specifically to cover a box spring. The way it wraps over the box spring is similar to that of a fitted sheet. The only difference is that a box spring wrap is made to fit properly on your box spring with no hassle. This is a simple and effective solution to create a sleek design because it doesn’t need to be readjusted, as it simply spreads on the box spring and won’t start slipping over time. Have a look at this box spring wrap, which snuggly encloses the box spring with little maintenance.

This bed skirt alternative does not conceal the storage space under the bed so you could use a valance to close up this open space beneath the bed if you’re storing items. Read our article on how to raise a box spring to create more storage under your bed if space is limited in your bedroom. 

A box spring wrap is an alternative to a bed skirt in that it hides the ugly box spring under a more beautiful pattern or color. However, it doesn’t hide the frame.
This box spring wrap protects your box spring from dust and allergens while offering a clean and tidy bed appearance. Image from Amazon.

5. Wrap-Around Bed Skirt

A wrap-around bed skirt is very easy to put on and take off without lifting the mattress. It’s a great alternative to a traditional bed skirt. It hides the box spring, the frame, and the space under the bed. It is readily available in different colors and styles—you can find a flat-looking wrap-around bed skirt or one with frills. However, it could easily slide or shift because of the elasticity of the fabric, which may stretch and wear over time. 

Have a look at this wrap-around bed skirt from Amazon which is wrinkle and fade resistant. 

Image from Amazon. Alt: Use a wrap around bed skirt as an alternative to a traditional bed skirt.
This wrap-around bed skirt is sewn to an elastic band, which wraps securely around the entire box spring and adjusts to fit the bed. Image from Amazon.

6. DIY Bed Skirt (Make Your Own)

A bed skirt can be easily stitched together using any fabric material of your choice. You may already have a particular fabric on hand, such as old sheets, curtains, duvet covers, or other linens. The style is all up to you but keep in mind that creating your own bed skirt is time-consuming and requires special skills. Check out  this Youtube video to learn how to sew your own bed skirt. 

Also, if you have an adjustable bed, make sure to take a look at our article on choosing bed skirts for adjustable beds for some additional ideas.

A DIY bed skirt.
This muslin fabric elevates the entire look of the bed. Image from Abeautifulmess.

7. Rugs

This trick works with box springs placed on the floor. After putting your box spring on top of a rug, use the same rug pattern on the sides of the box spring to hide it. After cutting it to the proper measures of the box spring, you can simply staple the rug pattern onto the box spring using a staple gun. Check out this rug from Amazon, which can be used on the floor as well as on the edges of your box spring. 

A rug can hide a part of a box spring and add color to a room.
This rug can disguise the edges of your box spring to create an orderly finished look. Image from diynetwork.

8. Padded Material

You can attach a padded or an ordinary soft fabric to the box spring. Choose the color that matches your bedroom decor. Use a staple gun like this one from Amazon to attach the fabric to the box spring properly. If you have decided to use a padded material, it is better to use lightweight polyester batting like this one from Amazon and cover it with your desired outer fabric. It’s an expensive bed skirt alternative, but it provides a soft and luxurious cover. This ready-made bedspread from Amazon would make a great covering if you wanted to create a bed skirt with a Bohemian look.

Polyester batting is a great bed skirt alternative for hiding box springs.
Polyester batting is positioned along the edge of the box spring and covered with several yards of velvet to create an elegant effect. Image from meganflugdesign.

9. Stickers

If you are trying to style your child’s box spring, you can use stickers to decorate the bed frame and box spring. Choose specific stickers that stick properly on wooden and metal materials. This will allow you to easily put on or remove any sticker at any time. These sticker sheets from Amazon are customizable and easy to apply. 

Draw attention away from the bed with stickers.
Stickers on the bed frame add personality to the bed. They draw attention away from the space under a bed and hence are bed skirt alternatives. Image from IndiaMART.

10. Paint Your Bed Frame

Painting the bed frame is a good idea to upgrade the look of the bed without installing traditional bed skirts. This will draw people’s attention to the overall look of the bed rather than the unattractive box spring. A paint kit like this one from Amazon comes with a variety of colors if you want to paint custom images on your bed, or you can choose a neutral color paint like this one from Amazon if you prefer an understated look.

Draw attention away from the space under the bed with a pop of color.
A painted bed frame creates a stylish centerpiece in the bedroom. Painting a bed frame draws attention away from the ugly space under it similar to how a bed skirt hides the space under a bed. Image from Pinterest.

Summary of Bed Skirt Alternatives with Their Pros and Cons. 

Bed Skirt AlternativeProsConsExamplePrice
Fitted SheetAn affordable way to quickly cover a bed frame. It might shift and pucker over time unless it is secured with pins or fabric tape. Dream Care extra deep pocket fitted sheet~ $15
CurtainsCreates a unique look, and easy to install and remove to wash. You will have to buy more than 1 valance to cover the whole bed frame. Skl Home 13-inch valance~ $10
Flat SheetEasy to install and remove. Is machine washable. Will need to be straightened often because it will shift with everyday use. Secure it with upholstery pins to prevent shifting. Basic Choice bed sheet~ $25
Box Spring WrapElasticated cover that is made to securely fit box springs, so it won’t slip off.Only covers the box spring and doesn’t cover the space under the box spring. Barossa Design box spring cover~ $20
Wrap-Around Bed skirtEasy to install without lifting the mattress. Covers the bed frame and the space underneath the frame.The elastic could wear out over time and cause the skirt to sag.Nestl Bedding pleated 14-inch bed skirt ~ $20
DIY Bed SkirtYou can create a custom look for your bed skirt with fabric you have on hand and save money.Requires basic sewing skills and a sewing machine. SoulLife sewing machine for beginners~ $80
RugCreate a durable bed skirt that fits your decor.It’s thick and hard to secure to the frame unless you have a staple gun. Hebe cotton area rug with tassles~ $30
Padded MaterialSave money by using duvets or bedspreads you already own. Can be expensive if you buy a new bedspread to cover the bed frame.  NewLake reversible cotton bedspread~ $90
StickersInexpensive to buy and easy to install.May leave sticky residue on the bed frame when removed. Howaf sticker sheets 2000 assorted stickers~ $20
PaintA quick and cheap way to update the look of your bed frame.It can be time-consuming to prime and paint the bed frame.Chalky Chicks chalk finish paint
Sax True Flow acrylic paint in 12 colors
~ $20

~ $55

In a Nutshell 

Some people have limited closet space in their bedrooms and have to store their clothes in plastic boxes under their beds. Covering your bed frame or box spring will quickly elevate the look of your bedroom by hiding any under-bed storage and clutter. If you want to find out how to raise your bed so that you can optimize the storage in your bedroom then have a look at our article about 5 bed riser alternatives for more ideas. 


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