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Read whatyour sign's 2021 horoscope predictionshave in store for you or check out theCancer personality profile.

Welcome to February, pretty Cancer! Last month reminded you that romantic relationships require more than chemistry — you need to put in hard work, too. On Monday, February 1, romance planet Venus enters logical Aquarius and your 8th House of Sex. This helps create a good environment for you to keep on swiping or making love. Just remember to be safe and communicate, as COVID-19 adds an extra health risk to any sexual encounter. If a virtual connection is all that's available to you right now, try to stay optimistic rather than give in to doom and gloom. 

Use the new moon in Aquarius and your 8th House of Sex on Thursday, February 11 to set intentions. This is the perfect night to practice sex magic, which just means using sexual energy to manifest a goal. Visualize your perfect partner, or getting married, or having kinky IRL sex post-pandemic while you masturbate. Who knows — you may end up plating a seed for your future. 

Things may get a little spicier between you and someone in your friend group. 

The biggest astrological event of 2021 is the clashing of innovative Uranus, which is in sensual Taurus, and taskmaster Saturn, which is in eccentric Aquarius. These planets square three times this year, and the first occurs on Wednesday, February 17. On a grand scale, this match-up refers to the battle between progressive and conservative thinking and politics. For you, Cancer, this transit will face off your 11th House of Friendships and 8th House of Sex. What does this mean? Well, things may get a little spicier between you and someone in your friend group, or you may have to end a complicated friends-with-benefits situation that is more trouble than it's worth. 

You'll feel freer to express yourself when Mercury retrograde ends.

The next day, on Thursday, February 18, the Sun enters fellow water sign Pisces, casting a dreamy mood over you. You're already a creative and empathic sign, Cancer, but Pisces season pushes you to put pen to paper (or whatever your artistic outlet is) and express your emotions through art or a new hobby. You'll feel freer to express yourself when Mercury retrograde ends on Saturday, February 20

Romance planet Venus leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on Thursday, February 25, lighting up your 9th House of Philosophy. One way or another, COVID-19 has already affected everyone's love life. Single people had to weigh the risks of going on dates with new people and partnered folks have started to learn what it's like to be in a long-distance relationship, even across town, or make the decision to be quarantined together. It's all a lot to process. Continue expressing yourself through creative outlets. Use the bright full moon in Virgo, which rules our health, on Saturday, February 27 to write down intentions for your love life, as well as anything you wish to manifest this year. Consider soaking in a ritual bath to wash away your worries. See you in March!

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We know many of you may be feeling worried, frightened, or isolated right now. Although the stars don't have answers to the multitude of questions running through all of our minds, astrology may at least provide some comfort during times of uncertainty. We urge you todonate to one or all of these organizationsif you're able to. If you can't, we created a guide toways you can support the BLM movement other than financially.

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Cancer horoscope november 2021

Summary: Cancer Horoscope 2021. The tough times you went through last year will come to an end. Money 2021 Horoscope by zodiac elements: Each sign is linked to a zodiac element, which helps reveal the important trends for your year. 2021 Cancer Money & Career Horoscope. JUNE 22 – JULY 22 Sep 14, 2021 · September 14, 2021. You are here for a major reason, and 2021 is one of those years where you've got to surrender to the outcome. . Jul 09, 2020 · Education Horoscope 2021 for Cancer As per the Cancer Education Horoscope 2021, this year will turn out to be favourable then the last one for students of Cancer zodiac sign. Face them with calmness and they will pass over. Cancer November 2021. Jupiter entered in to Capricorn Sign in 7th House on November 20th , 2020 and will remain in this sign till 5th of April ,2021, and after that it will move in to Aquarius Sign in 8th House on 6th of April 2021. As a Moon child (the Moon governs your Cancer Sun sign!), you can be highly sensitive to all things lunar. Your house or office may require some renovation or even refurnishing to help you out of your current slump. More peaceful than last year but also more internal, 2022 promises plenty of revelations of the most personal kind and more than a generous helping of good luck when you need it the most , Cancer. But, this month is now for you to focus on your emotional life and the family issues that surround you. You are not going to feel the passing of time because all your attention is focused on your relationship. Free psychic reading for new customers: first 3 minutes free. According to Cancer career horoscope 2021, at the beginning of the year, the planet Mars will remain posited in the tenth house of your sign because of which you will be eligible for acquiring professional success. com/product/12- The 2021 horoscope for the Cancer Zodiac Sign 1st Decan of Cancer: In 2021, Uranus (the anti-routine planet of the zodiac) still concerns you until mid-May and will therefore tell you that innovation is too good. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan. If you manage to implement this plan, it is necessary to take with you a close person or even a group of friends who have similar interests to you. Cancer Horoscope 2021 offers you detailed life predictions for Cancer natives for the year 2021. Libra: September 23 – October 23. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. While it can be comforting for the short-term, be sure to practice this in moderation. com/product/12- Cancer General : 2021 for the Cancer natives, that is, people of Kataka Rasi, should overall be a good year, especially from your career point of view, of course, with Cancer Career and Business Horoscope: 2021 may overall be a good year for you in terms of career. August 8: New moon in Leo The second full moon and lunar eclipse pairing will occur on November 19 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. During the week of September 6-12, it will be good to consider some events that you have experienced in the summer and early fall. Scorpio Zodiac Sign: October 23 – November 21. Slideshow continues on the next slide Sep 26, 2021 · Cancer horoscope: What your star sign has in store for September 26 – October 2. com/product/12- The 2021 yearly predictions for the Cancer shows that Venus will be in Capricorn from November 5th 2020 – March 6th 2021 which is potentially good news for you Cancer as the abundance of Venus will be gracing your area of close relationships, personal or professional, easing things between you and another, boosting your love-life or helping Cancer Horoscope 2021 Overview. A confusion at work will require you to justify yourself. Feb 04, 2020 · The Cancer November 2021 horoscope shows that family affairs and emotional issues will be your focus this month. New moon in Cancer. There were many ups and downs that could have felt a little more traumatic than normal, especially for your compassionate sign of the Crab. com/product/12- Cancer Love Horoscope for 2021-2022. You will experience happiness than you have done in some time. The family life of Cancer natives is likely to be under some pressure and stress this year. 2021 Horoscope by zodiac elements: Each sign is linked to a zodiac element, which helps reveal the important trends for your year. November 2021 Cancer Horoscope is urging you not to dwell on the past and forge ahead with courage. Mars and Saturn are aspecting your 4th ( Family ) house, and this could create some difference of opinion with family members and stress with them. It’ll be better to face reality. With growth-oriented Jupiter joining Saturn in Aquarius and your The 2021 horoscope for the Cancer Zodiac Sign 1st Decan of Cancer: In 2021, Uranus (the anti-routine planet of the zodiac) still concerns you until mid-May and will therefore tell you that innovation is too good. patrickarundell. This year will be a promising and eventful one for the Cancer natives. Leo: July 23 – August 23. Cancer October 2021 Career Horoscope. Get your free yearly 2021 Cancer horoscope and Cancer astrology. Cancer Love Horoscope for 2021-2022. Sep 20, 2021 · Cancer 2021 Horoscope with decans for a more accurate forecast. Libra Zodiac Sign: September 23 – October 22. Draw a line on the past to better advance. This Horoscope contains Monthly Horoscope for this month and: weekly horoscopes for: from 1 to 7 November from 8 to 14 November from 15 to 21 November from 22 to 28 November from November 29 to December 5 Download the full 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. At home, on the other hand, you should slow down a little. For the people born in these months, the wedding day is extremely important. Money In 2021, the lunar eclipses happen on May 26 in Cancer’s 6th house (work and health) and on November 19 in the 11th house (friends, socio-professional circles, ideals, benefits from exercising your profession); the solar eclipses happen on June 10 in Cancer’s 12th house (sacrifices, isolation, but also healing and spirituality) and on Get your Cancer Horoscope for 2021 and your Cancer astrology reports from AskGanesha. Cancer finance horoscope 2021 indicates that the year 2021 will be a mixed bag as per the annual finance horoscope predictions. Feb 04, 2021 · Read up on your Cancer 2021 horoscope. 2021 Cancer Health and Well Being Horoscope. You are on the verge of important changes personally or professionally, and for this reason you should consider things more carefully to avoid possible risks. Know in detail about career, love life, finance, academics, professional graph, business, marriage, and much more with Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2021. Forecast and prediction for every month January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December horoscopes based on your sun sign. There will be hurdles in life during the early part of the month. You should be enterprising and catch hold of the opportunities presented to you. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: November 22 – December 21. Leo Zodiac Sign: July 23 – August 22. 2021 is nearly knocking at the door. Cancer: Advice from FREE Horoscope para November 2021 Cancer:Improvise, do not try to control everything, externalize your feelings, live the moment without necessarily projecting yourself. Cancer September 2021. Horoscope forecast is based on moon sign. September’s like a reverse mullet for you, Cancer: party in the front, business in the back! The Sun is in Virgo and your social third house until September 22, joined by energizer Mars through September 14. Cancer Weekly Horoscope 6 - 12 September, 2021. com/product/12- Dec 29, 2020 · After the dumpster fire that was 2020, it wouldn't hurt if 2021 were full of good things. Do not sulk for a yes or no. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Saturn has phased out of your partnership sector in 2021, and this takes off some of the direct pressure on you to manage your close relationships, for one. Especially for you, the time duration from February till April will be highly beneficial. September 26, 2021. Take it nice and easy this period. Every lunar eclipse impacts powerfully on you and this month the one on the 19th is no different. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, this year has a lot of things in its store for you. Cancer Zodiac Sign: June 21 – July 22. Luckily for those born under the sign of the crab, the Cancer 2021 horoscope predicts a pretty fantastic Cancer 2021 Horoscope January. Jupiter has left your partnership sector, and Cancer Horoscope 2021 - 2022: It's Your Time To Thrive Cancer natives, you are born between June 21 - July, and here's what awaits. The Cancer horoscope of 2021 is clearly indicating that Head’s up: radiant Venus goes retrograde from December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022. Read Cancer free yearly horoscope and planetary predictions 2021. CANCER. The year seems more about what’s no longer happening in your chart than what’s new, dear Cancer. Check 2021 Yearly horoscope predictions of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius on Times of India Sep 27, 2021 · Cancer Daily Horoscope Daily Horoscope. Nov 01, 2020 · Read your November monthly horoscope for Cancer. Cancer August 2021. September 2021; August 2021; July 2021; June 2021; May 2021; April 2021; March 2021; February 2021; January 2021; December 2020; November 2020 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. Subscribe. Monthly November 2021 Horoscope for Cancer, read your Astrological November 2021 overview for Zodiac sign Cancer and Astrology Prediction for the month of November 2021 in a form of a horoscope. Cancer December 2021. Discover what lies ahead for your element group: Fire signs. Dec 10, 2020 · Cancer Horoscope 2021 - Astrological Remedies On any Monday or during the Hora of the Moon, wear the best quality Pearl or Moti gemstone in a silver ring for success in the workplace. Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Affirmation for this week of OPPORTUNITY – “I keep my eye on the spiritual landscape ahead. Earth signs. Sun is the ruling for your wealth house. com/product/12- Cancer Love Horoscope 2021. Enterprising Jupiter joins power-broker Saturn in your eighth house of big money for most of 2021. Self-care is in order. Dec 18, 2020 · Your 2021 Horoscope Is Here. com/product/12- Cancer Horoscope 2021: Jupiter Transit. In 2021, you will set yourself new benchmarks and will no longer be afraid of forging ahead even if, at times, you have to force yourself into action. Dec 17, 2020 · Luckily, your Cancer 2021 horoscope shows that you’re getting a break from all the intensity. Sep 07, 2021 · Sep 25, 2021 - Things might feel a little bit off today, Cancer, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing provided you know not to push things too hard right now. Scorpio: October 24 – November 22 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. Changing your surroundings can have a big impact on the way you look at life and how you act. Air signs. Cancer horoscope for September 2021. Jupiter has left your partnership sector, and The annual finance horoscope of Cancer says your dreams will come true. If you had a slow or sleepy summer, you’ll make up for it with a flood of communications and 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. com/product/12- Dec 23, 2020 · Cancer Horoscope 2021: What the Stars Predict for You This Year. Cancer Decan 1 born June 21 to July 1 Cancer Decan 2 born July 2 to 12 Cancer Decan 3 born July 13 to 22 Decan 1 Cancer […] Jul 09, 2020 · Education Horoscope 2021 for Cancer As per the Cancer Education Horoscope 2021, this year will turn out to be favourable then the last one for students of Cancer zodiac sign. Jan 07, 2021 · January 19 - the Sun enters Aquarius, lighting up your eighth house and inspiring new insights for your Aquarius cosmic mission. While in some cases this will have mixed blessings, with a mix of challenges and Attain Sound Solution For Your Wellbeing – 2021 Health Horoscope. The entry of Venus into House VII of Cancer (11/05) constitutes an excellent ally to promote reconciliations and a harmonious (general) climate in couple relationships. It’s also an excellent time for health and wellbeing matters and you may feel more energetic and vital than usual in 2021. Capricorn Zodiac Sign: December 22 – January 19. You may notice that you are having a desire to do a little shop therapy. Get your yearly Cancer horoscope and forecast here, or via your email. Since Saturn is also associated with more difficult feelings like depression, fear, and grief, you could decide to work with a therapist or life coach this year to help you with reclaiming your personal power and moving past an emotionally difficult time. This can reignite an old flame or revive a nostalgic activity you once loved sharing with your partner. This year is going to be big for your relationships, including the one you have with yourself. Love You’re spending the upcoming year increasing the level of intimacy and commitment in your Cancer 2021 Horoscope January. The beginning of the year will have a déjà vu look, under this Capricorn atmosphere. Luckily for those born under the sign of the crab, the Cancer 2021 horoscope predicts a pretty fantastic Dec 17, 2020 · Luckily, your Cancer 2021 horoscope shows that you’re getting a break from all the intensity. 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. Today's Cancer Horoscope. September 2021 Cancer Overview Horoscope. 4 mins read. July 23: Full moon in Aquarius. After this Jupiter will be in retrograde motion, and will again enter in to Capricorn Sign on Feb 20, 2020 · Cancer Career Horoscope 2021. If you want to start a long-term relationship, you Oct 29, 2020 · November is an intense and dramatic month, Cancer. Venus is the ally of Cancer and is going to be beneficial right from the beginning of the year. Begin by handling this financial dispute. Cancer Love Horoscope 2021. Aries (Mar 21 to Apr 20) Taurus (Apr 21 to May 21) Gemini (May 22 to Jun 21) Cancer (Jun 22 to Jul 22) Leo (Jul 23 to Aug 22) Virgo (Aug 23 to Sep 22) Libra (Sep 23 to Oct 22) Scorpio (Oct 23 to Nov 21) Sagittarius (Nov 22 to Dec 21) Capricorn (Dec 22 to Jan 20) Aquarius (Jan 21 to Feb 19) Pisces (Feb 20 to Mar 20) Daily. For the better part of the year, you have been dealing with career developments and outward achievement. Mars will have a positive effect on you in many ways. You can set out on another excursion in life, and you can be energized and energetic about what you're chipping away at. com/product/12- November 2021: Financial matters are improving for you, as a whole. Know your moon sign. 2021 Cancer Horoscope reveals that Mars will be in your tenth house in the beginning of the year. Sep 16, 2020 · The lucky days in love horoscope for 2021 are Tuesday to Friday, and the lucky months for marriage are May, September, and November. com/product/12- 2021 Cancer Horoscope. Sep 27, 2021 · Cancer Daily Horoscope Daily Horoscope. Cancers will be full of energy during November. In 2021, the lunar eclipses happen on May 26 in Cancer’s 6th house (work and health) and on November 19 in the 11th house (friends, socio-professional circles, ideals, benefits from exercising your profession); the solar eclipses happen on June 10 in Cancer’s 12th house (sacrifices, isolation, but also healing and spirituality) and on Cancer horoscope for September 2021. An eclipse should never prevent us from doing what needs to be done; it is the non-essentials that should be re-scheduled. 09 of 10 Stars 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. Like a magnet, you will attract people to yourself, especially a person born under the sign of Gemini. Read what your sign's 2020 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Cancer personality profile 🔴*SPECIAL OFFER 30% Off* ORDER your 2022 Personal Horoscope NOW Get the rest of 2021 FREE + Character Analysis https://store. Mars will support you by making you combative. Try to confront some of your ideas with those of your friends, but not aggressively, but rather a healthy discussion, this will allow you to review your concepts profitable. Get insights into upcoming hurdles and trials in Crab’s life, ruled by Moon, in 2021. You will be full of happiness in a subtle and intense manner. Cancer October 2021. Hello, Im Nadia and this is November Horoscope for 2021 in 7 pages. Cancer horoscope November 2021. You made some incredible changes during 2020 and are making some real headway. Cancer: June 22 – July 22. com/product/12- Cancer Horoscope. While in some cases this will have mixed blessings, with a mix of challenges and Cancer 2022 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career If your birth date falls between June 22 and July 22, your zodiac sign is Cancer. You will pursue your goals persistently and energetically, you will be able to plan your time well, and you will not lack artfulness. The native may receive monetary benefits from their father. by theusposts. Immediate and powerful insights 24/7 via phone, chat and email. You feel determined to tackle issues of great importance and you will have the inspiration to succeed. Cancer Horoscope 2021 - 2022: It's Your Time To Thrive Cancer natives, you are born between June 21 - July, and here's what awaits. As far as the professional life of Cancer natives are concerned, 2021 will generate mixed outcomes. ” (Themes: Spirit Guide: Ant, Color: Yellow, Number: 7) TUESDAY: You Sep 26, 2021 · Gemini: May 22 – June 21. November horoscope 2021 Cancer The monthly horoscope in three months Divided in work, Single love horoscope, finances and health, also with 30 detailed horoscopes, one for every day in November 8. Virgo : August 24 – September 22. Sep 25, 2021 · Pisces Zodiac Sign Daily Horoscope 09-26-2021; Recent Comments. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21, kicking off a new astrological season fueled by impulsivity, adventure, and discovery. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. In vedic astrology recommands Moon Sign analysis for precised prediction. Cancer Horoscope Predictions for November 2021. This year 2021, the Cancer people will feel completely fulfilled and happy because the wedding of their dreams will come true. 2021 Cancer Horoscope. Cancer November 2021 Horoscope. Although they will enter the new year with joy and satisfaction emotionally, suspicion and inner unease seem to threaten their good mood. You may feel betrayed due to a lack of support from your family members 2021 Cancer Money and Finances Horoscope Predictions If you are experiencing financial problem in your life or the money you earn from your job or other sources does not stay longer and you face financial misery, Cancer Money Predictions is an exact prediction service you should opt for. May 26 and November 19 - the 2021 lunar eclipses. The intuitive Moon is currently in the midst of her monthly tour of Gemini and your sleepy 12 th House of the subconscious. Love You’re spending the upcoming year increasing the level of intimacy and commitment in your Cancer horoscope 2021. Horoscope 2021. Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscopes and Cancer compatibility charts are also available Attain Sound Solution For Your Wellbeing – 2021 Health Horoscope. This is a fine time to consider picking up some new furniture. Virgo Zodiac Sign: August 23 – September 22. According to the Cancer Yearly Horoscope ‌2021, it will also be very auspicious for you to recite Bajrang Baan and Shri Ganapati Atharva Shirsha continuously. Horoscope 2021 – Cancer in November Love. Transcript below is available to download for members only. During the first part of 2021, the love horoscope for those born in Cancer is announcing dissatisfactions and unpredictable events that will not necessarily degenerate into serious conflicts. Cancer Health Horoscope 2021 covers your health prediction in astrological context throughout the year 2021 in which Astrological solution and proper remedial measures will be offered to you. There is not only a lot of movement from the faster planets this month, which means lots of variety but in a way that is forming new relationships with the slower planets, those that won't change their focus this year. Head’s up: radiant Venus goes retrograde from December 19, 2021 to January 29, 2022. Read your sign's monthly horoscope Dec 29, 2020 · After the dumpster fire that was 2020, it wouldn't hurt if 2021 were full of good things. Zodiac Sign Libra Personality Traits – The sixth is surprising – My Free Horoscope on All 12 Zodiac signs Personality Traits; Archives. com/product/12- Jan 07, 2021 · January 19 - the Sun enters Aquarius, lighting up your eighth house and inspiring new insights for your Aquarius cosmic mission. Slideshow continues on the next slide 2021 Cancer Horoscope (June 21st – July 22nd) There are opportunities for new work Cancer, so go ahead and find something you feel passionate about if you’re in a ho humdrum job. Avoid stressful kinds of activities. A sun based shroud happens in your sign on July twelfth, and this can be an awesome time to concentrate on fresh starts, new open doors, the potential outcomes, and what you need to begin with. My struggles will transform into new opportunities for growth and attainment when I willingly embrace them as a part of my journey. com/product/12- Apr 23, 2021 · Cancer Summer 2021 Audio Report This audio is taken from the Cancer 2021 Horoscope eBook package covering the months July, August & September 2021.


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Cancer Love Horoscope 2021

Cancer Love Horoscope 2021 Cancer Love Horoscope 2021 predicts that the life of the Cancer natives in love is going to be better than normal this year, because according to Cancer Love & Relationships Yearly Predictions, you will get auspicious results from the beginning of the year to February. However, from then until mid-March, lovers may face some problems. But from March to mid-April, time will prove to be good for your love life. In this period, you will find yourself close to your beloved and become capable of sharing everything with them.

The months of May, August and then September are also going to be very favourable for lovers of Cancer zodiac sign according to Cancer 2021 Love Horoscope. However, during this time, the constant movement of planets will keep testing you by throwing obstacles in your way. But you and your partner will face every challenge bravely and try to make your relationship stronger. In this case, you are required to remain alert and show your trust and confidence in your partner. However Love Horoscope 2021 For Cancer suggests that natives in love will feel an increase in their stress levels during this period along with additional pressure in many situations. Hence, you are needed to resolve every dispute and misconception with your partner from time to time.

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CANCER February 2021 Love \

Cancer February horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Cancer in February?

Horoscopes: How Princess Margaret influenced astrology

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Cancer is one of the three water signs of the zodiac, so it’s no surprise February will be an emotional month for Cancerians. Venus in Aquarius, Valentine’s Day, the New Moon, the Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde will play a role in how Cancer’s month goes. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Cancer February 2021 predictions.

Cancer February horoscope 2021

On February 1, Venus is moving into Aquarius and your love life is going to heat up.

Bex explained: “As one of more emotional signs of the zodiac then the arrival of Venus in Aquarius on February 1 will bring a deeper intensity to your partnerships.

“You may find yourself moving to the next stage of your relationship, taking a plunge, or simply discovering a new level of intimacy with a loved one.”

This doesn’t need to be your official partner, it could be a friend or someone you are just getting to know.

READ MORE-  Cancer 2021 horoscope - what's in store for your star sign in 2021

Cancer February horoscope 2021: February is the month of love for Cancerians (Image: Getty)
Cancer February horoscope 2021: Cancer is one of the three water signs (Image: Getty)

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s thing, especially if you’re single.

Bex said: “If you’re single, then be aware of your vulnerabilities coming to the surface during the Valentine’s Day period.

“If you need to come off of social media to avoid the copious gushy posts and images of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, then do so!

“Instead, engage in some well-deserved acts of self-care and make sure to treat yourself this month.”

Cancer February horoscope 2021: You may enter a new relationship (Image: Getty)

The Moon’s cycle impacts humans more than you’d think - especially Cancerians who are ruled by the Moon.

The New Moon on February 11 is going to be very interesting for Cancer people.

Bex said: “The New Moon will give you a chance to think about how you want to set intentions surrounding your personal growth.

“Have you been drawn to a new spiritual practice or way of thinking recently that you can investigate more?

“What shadows have you let rule your confidence that can be released?”

Full Moon 2021: When is the next Blood Moon?  [INFORMER]
Mercury Retrograde dates 2021: When is Mercury Retrograde in January? [INSIGHT]
Full moon 2020: How does the lunar cycle affect YOU? [EXPLAINER]

Cancer February horoscope 2021: Mercury Retrograde won't be easy (Image: Getty)

Mercury is in retrograde for the beginning of this month and it’s going to impact everyone.

Bex said: “Mercury Retrograde is classically when exes can get back in touch.

“On top of this, there’s a lot of activity occurring in your eighth house of obsession and drama!

“Don’t slip into past habits or reconnect with someone as an act of rebellion or self-sabotage.

“Be careful with your finances during this time, especially when banking online. Triple-check all transactions!”

Mercury goes direct again on February 21, and Bex said on this day a question that has been rattling around in your head or bothering you may finally be revealed.

Cancer February horoscope 2021: The Full Moon in February is in Virgo (Image: Getty)

The Full Moon in Virgo on February 27 is going to be intense for Cancerians.

Bex said: “Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, then the Full Moon will affect you a little more, so prepare for some crazy dreams!

“Virgo is the sign of the healer goddess you are a natural nurturer, and the Full Moon occurs in your third house of communication, siblings and community.

“This means you need to spend some time thinking of any arguments or angry exchanges that can be righted.

“Sometimes just reaching out with a kind word can be the catalyst for peace.

“If you dream of a specific individual on the night of the Full Moon then be aware that they might have an important message for you!”


Love 2021 february cancer horoscope

The sun in Aquarius lights up a very sensitive sector of your chart, finding you sorting out issues concerning debts, taxes, inheritances, and shared resources, and your patience is limited when it comes to these themes as the sun clashes with Mars in Taurus on February 1. You may be cutting ties and reconsidering where you invest your money, time, and energy.

That said, some financial blessings could arrive as sweet Venus enters Aquarius, also on February 1: Your partners may be more eager to share with or invest in you! The mood isn’t warm or cozy, but there are some solid promises being made on February 6 as Venus meets Saturn in Aquarius. Aquarius has a logical, detached energy, and all the activity in this air sign finds you approaching things in a scientific manner. You’re experimenting with new ideas, new friends, and new pleasures on February 7 as Venus clashes with Uranus.

Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, finding you reviewing and reconsidering how you manage things like debts and taxes, and some important conversation or information about these themes arrives on February 8 as the sun meets Mercury. Watch out for arguments and drama in your social life on February 10 as Mercury clashes with warrior planet Mars! You may be learning that what’s important to you isn’t important to the people you run with. A shift in your social life may be taking place. 

A lucky new moon in Aquarius lands on February 11, finding Venus meeting Jupiter in Aquarius. New moons are new beginnings, and this one is an especially powerful time for paying off debts, and emotionally, gaining closure. Harmonious Venus meets jovial Jupiter, creating an open-hearted, generous, and optimistic atmosphere! Mercury meets Venus on February 13, making for a sweet, social energy that helps conversions about tricky financial topics flow with good faith and kindness. Easy energy flows in your social life and it’s a fantastic time to work with groups and charities that benefit the causes you are passionate about as Mars connects with Neptune in Pisces on February 14. Also on this day, Mercury meets Jupiter, starting a new conversation concerning wealth—but watch out for exaggerations. Remember that Mercury is retrograde and try to treat conversations like brainstorms rather than promises at this time.

One of the most critical days this month is February 17, when taskmaster Saturn clashes with electric Uranus! Saturn is all about rules and structure, but Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, rebellion, and change! Traditions are broken as Saturn Uranus square off. Big shifts in your social life are likely to take place at this time; you might be leaving one circle and entering another. You’re dreaming up a new vision for the future, and your past goals don’t seem relevant in the new world we are living in. A debt might be forgiven, or some baggage you’ve been carrying might finally discarded; in your relationships, there is a major shift in expectations concerning shared resources.

Pisces season begins on February 18! The sun in Pisces lights up the travel and education sector of your chart, finding you expanding your mind and your reach. Venus clashes with Mars on February 18, stirring up a competitive and passionate atmosphere. One of the busiest days this month is February 25 when Venus enters fellow water sign Pisces, Mars makes a harmonious connection with Pluto in Capricorn, and the sun connects with Uranus. Venus in Pisces is a magical moment for fun and adventure, not just in your love life, but in your creative avenues, too! Lots of exciting opportunities come your way. Pisces energy is all about limitlessness, so the planet of harmony and beauty being in this sign is quite a wonder. Mars and Pluto’s solid connection makes it a major moment for bonding in your partnerships: A common goal is tackled together! The sun’s connection with Uranus finds you connecting with unexpected, eccentric, and brilliant people.

The full moon in Virgo lands on February 27! Full moons are emotionally intense moments that are all about release, and this one brings an important conversation to a climax. During a full moon, the sun and moon are in opposition in the sky: This can mean a confrontation will take place, but it can also bring a compromise. In detail-oriented Virgo, this full moon finds you sorting out all the information you need to make smart decisions.

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in March!

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Cancer ♋ it's not a coincidence Cancer, they are coming back for something more important ❤️

Your Love Horoscope for February 2021

The ancient Egyptians believed that the lotus possesses the power to resurrect the deceased, and is therefore considered a symbol of rebirth. In eastern religions such as Buddhism, it is synonymous with enlightenment and enables mere mortals to rise towards the divine consciousness despite murky waters. Closer home, it is depicted as the throne of deities such as Brahma and Saraswati. While it is the Virgos who are being asked to embody the spirit of this flower, all of us, to some degree, will benefit from doing just the same. Remember, our karmic lessons are to be honoured, not shunned, as they are supporting us in this evolution process and helping us become our true and most authentic selves.

Given that Mercury is in retrograde, Geminis could be in for a bumpy ride too. Not everything’s meant to last forever in the earthly realm. Realising this will give you the strength to move on and choose yourself. For the water bearers, it’s a make art and make love kind of month. You’re bringing your tribe together in order to celebrate everything life has to offer. Librans are likely to be surrounded by big manifestation energy. Yes, we’re talking about a partner who ticks all your boxes and is charming as hell. Allow yourself to receive this love as you remember that you deserve every bit of it.

So, what does February 2021 have in store for the rest of the signs as far as love and romance are concerned? Let’s jump in and find out.


Aries Love Horoscope for February 2021


It's an 'all's well that ends well' kind of month for you, Aries. St Valentine is bringing many a good tidings, and the reunion of two souls is certainly one of them. Trust that no matter where you are in your relationship, things will transform for the better and that peace and harmony will be yours. What makes this phase of your life even more beautiful is that your relationship is both playful and mature at the same time. If you've been single for a long time now, a brand new romance may be on the cards. PS: The suitor at hand won't shy away from letting their feelings be known.

Power crystal: Turn to rose quartz for when you want to feel all the feels, and watch your heart chakra expand with love. It’s great for attracting a new suitor into your life as well!

Taurus Love Horoscope for February 2021


So, you've committed to a lifetime of togetherness (or are about to). However, should a certain legal document become the reason you forget the love that first brought you together? Anything but, Taurus. This month, you’re being called to embrace that spirit of playfulness. Laughing until your bellies hurt could just be the secret to transforming your relationship. For Venusians who’ve had enough, February 2021 could bring that much-need time out. Allow the old wounds to resurface as you hold space for your catharsis. This too shall pass, beloved. Your spirit team is helping you rise from the ashes looking like your most magnificent self!

Power crystal: Citrine is known to be quite the joie de vivre stone, reminding us that the things we sometimes consider useless are the things that make life worth living.


Gemini Love Horoscope for February 2021


Not everything is meant to last forever and that's just how things work in the earthly realm. Some of you may find yourself writing a goodbye note to someone you shared more than just a few special moments with. The energy of gratitude will help you end things on a pleasant note. But before you move on, take a moment to acknowledge the soul lessons that have made you the person you are today. On the upside, a brand new adventure awaits—the kind that will require you to get a little bit risky and a little bit frisky. PS: Something tells us you’re going to enjoy every bit of it.

Power crystal: Pyrite, or the fool’s gold, is known to be a fierce protector, one that will help you work through negative emotions.


Cancer Love Horoscope for February 2021


What if we're all in a simulation, Cancer? What if our journey on the earthly realm is no more than a play orchestrated for the Gods? Word for the wise: step into the role of the observer, especially when you find yourself in the midst of a family drama. While the issues could vary from person to person, money, property and inheritance are likely to be prominent themes around here. What is rightfully yours will be granted to you in due course of time—that much is certain. So stand up for what you believe in, but don't make your entire life about the struggle narrative. PS: Leaning on each other when things get rough will help you get through this.

Power crystal: The blue lace agate is perfect for when you need some shanti-shanti. The powerful stone is also known to assist us in setting boundaries and being assertive.

Leo Love Horoscope for February 2021


So things didn’t work out the way you would have liked them to. So you had your heart broken many times over. Should that become the reason you give up on love altogether? Anything but, Leo. February 2021 is bringing with it a brand new perspective, along with the realisation that what you have now is the love you have been looking for. So, take a step towards them. Do what it takes to make them yours. Know that coming from a space of truth and vulnerability will open many doors. PS: The passion that once brought you together will also be reignited in the weeks to come.

Power crystal: It’s all about passion and desire with carnelian around.



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Add these dates to your GCal:

  • February 11: New Moon in Aquarius
  • February 17: Saturn square Uranus
  • February 18: Pisces season begins
  • February 20: Mercury Retrograde ends
  • February 27: Full Moon in Virgo

Welcome to February, Cancer love! No doubt you’ve been feeling all the feels, and this moth, this spiritual work comes to a head on February 11, when the New Moon joins the Sun in Aquarius. This night sky activates the area of your chart connected to intense emotional feels, so take a restorative bath, write in a journal, or simply turn off your alarm so you can catch up much-needed rest. Your sensitivities will be dialed up, so don’t shy away from this emotional experience. You may be tempted to reconnect with people from your past, but resist the urge to text your ex, Cancer love: Mercury will still be retrograde during this lunation and—trust me—you don’t want to deal with the headache!

Next, on February 17, Saturn in Aquarius forms a powerful alignment (known as a “square”) with Uranus in Taurus. These two planets haven’t squared off since 2000, so this union is long overdue! This alignment activates the areas of your chart associated with memories and friendship, so you may feel inspired to explore an old relationship. Check in with your oldest pals—perhaps even schedule a Zoom to check in and see what’s going on in their world. If anything, this Saturn-Uranus square will help you see how much you’ve grown and matured. Another thing to keep in mind, darling Cancer, is that this is the first of a three-part series: The planets will also connect on June 14 and December 24. Even if you don’t have the story closed by mid-month, you can trust that a much greater narrative is just beginning to unfold.

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On February 18, Pisces season begins with the Sun cruising into this like-minded water sign. Although your sign is frequently associated with safety and protection, Pisces season invites you to tap into your adventurous, playful, and—perhaps most importantly—innovative side. Go ahead and take a few risks, Cancer love! And to sweeten the deal, Mercury finally concludes its retrograde on February 20, making it much easier for you to communicate! For the next few weeks, trust that stepping outside your comfort zone will actually suit you quite well. It’s okay to let your guard down and have a little fun!

Finally, the month concludes with a powerful Full Moon in Virgo on February 27. After exercising some out-of-character bravery that’s shaking your status quo in pretty substantial ways, this lunation will remind you that you don’t always need to do things alone. In fact, you have a beautiful community that actually wants to support your growth. Beneath this Moon’s vivid radiance, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Believe it or not, Cancer love, your friends are there to help you—so whether you need some feedback on a creative project or advice on a tricky romantic situation, this Full Moon offers a terrific opportunity to ask for help. I know it’s not easy for you, Cancer…but that’s what makes it meaningful!

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