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Complete Replacement Bimini Top with Frame or Bimini Top Canvas Only

Bimini Top and Frame

Bimini Top and Frame

Your boat’s Bimini top – a canvas shade supported by a collapsible frame – may be one of the most important ingredients for a pleasurable day on the water. Sometimes referred to as a canopy top or convertible boat top, it stands guard for you and your family, protecting you from harmful UV rays and preventing excessive exposure to the sun. It also folds easily and gets out of the way when it’s time to fish, ski, or jet across the water at high speeds. But a Bimini top with weathered fabric or a damaged frame won’t do its job as well as a new one.

With the help of AmeritexDirect, you can replace worn out Bimini top parts with brand new, identical replicas of the original. That’s because, if you can find your manufacturer and model listed here, we made the top for your boat when it was brand new, and we will remake it again for you now. It will be manufactured to the exact specifications provided by your boatbuilder. No struggling with aftermarket tops that don’t fit quite right and require new mounting holes to be drilled in your deck. And you have a choice. We’re happy to supply an entirely new Bimini boat top, complete with Bimini top frame. Or, if your frame is fine but your Bimini cover has seen better days, we can simply sew new replacement fabric, custom made for your existing frame.

A fresh new top for your boat will have it looking like new again. Find out if we offer one for your vessel here.


1) Determine Length

Determine the amount of coverage you want from you Bimini. Length options are 60”, 66”, 72” and 96”.

2) Determine Mounting Points

Select a point on each side of the boat that will be the middle of the Bimini based on the desired length. These are the mounting points and where you will attach your Bimini to our boat.

The 90° deck mounts included with the Bimini are designed to mount on a relatively flat horizontal surface. However, options mounts are available for vertical side mounting or rail mounting.

3) Determine Width

Measure the distance between the mounting points on each side of the boat. Width options are in 6” increments.

4) Determine Height

A = From the centerline of the floor of the boat, determine how much headroom you want for the Bimini. It is recommended to at least allow for 72” of standing height, but select what is best for you and those using you boat.

B= Measure the distance from floor to the mounting point on the sides of the boat.

C= A-B= Bimini height to purchase

5) Select Bimini

Choose your Bimini: Shop by Bimini Dimensions

All Biminis include installation instructions. Westland Industries is not responsible for any injuries to persons or damages to the boat during assembly and installation of its Biminis. Installation of Biminis may void a boat warranty, advise customers to check with a dealer. Replace any worn parts to increase the life of the product.

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Starcraft Boat Covers by Cover World

Cover World offers the widest variety of high-quality boat covers for Starcraft Boats. Find custom and semi-custom Starcraft Boat covers for your exact Starcraft Boat model with our easy to use Boat Cover Fit Finder™. Our covers for Starcraft Boats are made with waterproof heavy-duty marine-grade fabrics such as Sunbrella, Sundura, and Performance PolyGuard. These are the best USA made Starcraft Boat covers on the market today at a price you’ll love.

We’re confident that you’ll find the exact Starcraft Boat cover that you’re looking for after searching through our extensive list of boat covers for Starcraft Boats.

Popular Starcraft Models that Cover World Carries Boat Covers For:

About Starcraft Boats

In the rural town of Goshen, Indiana in 1903, Arthur E. Schrock founded Starcraft and produced aluminum boats, instead of wooden boats like the competition. This started the company on the building blocks of innovation from the beginning. Then in 1958, they were one of the industries first to introduce fiberglass hulls to the market. The innovation from this company did not stop, and in 1965 they introduced the world’s first high-performance aluminum fishing boats with a Deep-V hull.

In 1969, the company was sold to a gentleman named Bangor Punta which would set in motion Bangor being one of five parties to own Starcraft. Bangor Punta grew the company in the same light as Arthur and grew it to the point of needing a bigger place and in 1980 they moved to Topeka, Indiana. In the late ’80s, Starcraft became a part of the Brunswick Group as well. But in 1996, Brunswick decided to divest itself from Starcraft and Doug Schrock, great-grandson of Arthur, purchased the company. But then later in the ’90s after that, Starcraft became a part of the Smoker Craft family and was moved to New Paris, Indiana where they are headquartered today.

Westland Bimini Top

Square Tube Bimini Top

Our 4-Bow Square Tube Bimini Tops are designed for pontoon boats.

Buy Now Find Your Cover

View Fabrics and Color Options

Available Fabrics

Premium 100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic

Superior Quality

Premium 100% Solution Dyed Marine Acrylic 9.25 oz Fabric utilizing either Sunbrella® or Outdura®. Both fabric brands are considered to be industry leading solutions for the marine industry with competitive quality, performance and value. Both are highly UV and mildew resistant, providing excellent resistance to fading and rot, excellent (top of the line) sun blockage, breathability, and water repellency. We reserve the right to provide either fabric based on availability. (10 Year Limited Warranty on Sunbrella® and Outdura®)


Excellent Quality

100% Solution-Dyed marine grade polyester. 7.6 oz., 600 x 600 Denier. Sun-DURA® colors are part of the polyester fiber itself so the color goes completely through the fiber instead of being just on the surface. 100% Polyurethane finish coating. Excellent UV and mildew resistance. Excellent resistance to fading and rot. Excellent sun blockage. Extremely water repellent. Excellent against cold-cracking. Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape. (7 Year Limited Warranty)


Excellent Quality

Weatherproof Vinyl 14 oz with charcoal denim backing Waterproof, all-weather finish. Resistant to dirt, grease and mildew. Excellent sun blockage. Easy to handle, fold and store. (5 Year Limited Warranty) **Prop65 Letter to Customers**

*Sunbrella® is a Registered Trademark of Glen Raven Mills
*Outdura® is a Registered Trademark of Sattler Corporation
*Performance Poly-Guard® is a Registered Trademark of Covercraft Industries, LLC
*Sun-DURA® is a Registered Trademark of Covercraft Industries, LLC
*Mossy Oak™ is trademark used under license from Haas Outdoors, Inc. by Covercraft Industries, LLC




Double-walled main bow for added strength.



1" square tube satin-finish aluminum.



Fittings standard.


Stainless Steel

Adjuster buckles and assembly fasteners.


Stainless Steel

Snap hooks and eye straps.



100% marine-grade acrylic.



Anti-wick thread used throughout canvas construction.



No raw edges.



Best warranty in the business based on fabric selection.

Product Details

The tough, rigid 1″ square satin-finish tube compliments the rails on the pontoon boat. All 4-bow square tube pontoon tops come with an attached rear brace kit with quick release pins, high grade nylon fittings and matching zippered storage boot.

Our pontoon tops are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colors to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays while complimenting your pontoon boat. Depending on the length of your pontoon boat and the amount of coverage you need, Carver offers a full range of pontoon bimini tops from 8-feet to 16-feet long. Carver also has a wide variety of Styled-to-Fit pontoon boat covers. Visit our Photo Gallery to see more pictures of our pontoon tops and pontoon covers!

If you fish from your pontoon boat, consider our Self-Supporting pontoon top.  This pontoon top is designed with reinforcing struts between the two main bows, eliminating the need for front hold-down straps and creating extra space to maneuver fishing gear.

All Carver pontoon tops are available with or without a cut-out for a running light.  No matter which size or design bimini you choose for your pontoon boat, you can trust a Carver pontoon top to provide you with many years of reliable service.

Fits 96″ OR 102″ Beams

DescriptionTop HeightTop LengthFrameMatching Canvas & BootComplete Package
Standard Square Tube Pontoon Top48″8 FT50510510(8SQ)4893
Buggy-Style Square Tube Pontoon Top48″8 FT50510512(8SQ)BS4893
Self-Supporting Square Tube Pontoon Top48″8 FTFS4893
Extra Tall Square Tube Pontoon Top54″8 FT50509510(8SQ)5493
Large Square Tube Pontoon Top48″9 FT50511511(9SQ)4893
Extra Large Square Tube Pontoon Top48″10 FT50514514(10SQ)4893
Dual Square Tube Pontoon Top48″16 FT48008

Replacement Canvas for Square Tube Frames

Sq Tube Replacement Canvas2 Square Tube (Pontoon)

Don’t have a Carver Pontoon Frame? No Problem! We now have a replacement canvas that will fit a wide variety of OE or other brand 4-Bow square tube pontoon frames. Canvas is designed to provide the best possible fit on virtually any brand pontoon frame without sacrificing quality. Canvas fits 1″ square tube or 1 1/4″ square tube pontoon frames up to 102″ wide and is constructed with all the same quality materials and workmanship as our regular pontoon canvases. Zippered sleeves under the canvas make installation, removal and cleaning simple and efficient. Designed with cut-out for running light. Storage boot sold separately.

Fits 96″ & 102″ Beams

DescriptionTop HeightTop LengthCanvas OnlyBoot Only
Universal Square Tube Pontoon Replacement Canvas48″8 FT8PONRCLBRL8-9602
Universal Square Tube Pontoon Replacement Canvas48″9 FT9PONRCLBRL9-9602
Universal Square Tube Pontoon Replacement Canvas48″10 FT10PONRCLBRL10-9602

Self-Supporting 8-foot Pontoon Top

No front straps to get in the way! Instead, this pontoon top has reinforcing struts between the two main bows.

Self Supporting Top Square Tube (Pontoon)

Buggy-Style 8-Foot Pontoon Top

Rear side curtains are equipped with snaps that attach easily to rails using the screw studs provided.

Buggy Style1 Square Tube (Pontoon)

Extra Large 10-foot Pontoon Top

Need lots of coverage? This extra large pontoon top includes both front and rear braces for extra support and stability.

bimini top 10 foot Square Tube (Pontoon)

Dual Pontoon Bimini Top

This pontoon top is designed to provide a full 16-feet of coverage!

Fun Chaser tops squared Revised Square Tube (Pontoon)


Top boat bimini for starcraft

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Bimini Top Installation and Use

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