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Multiplayer Server Commands

It is recommended to use BattlEye's RCon tool to administrate the server;
it uses custom port which one may easily secure by firewall rules! (RCON cannot be affected by in-game script exploits)


You can access the command line by pressing the chat key ( default: ).

In the chat input window you can type any of the following commands in and confirm them with the enter key.

You have to add the character before the command.

The commands can be used in SQF scripts by using serverCommand.

Troubleshooting: All commands are confirmed via a message in the console. If you enter a command that is properly formatted and you see no confirmation of the command then an error has occurred. Check your server log for more information (e.g. one or more of your mission files is corrupt or has an error which prevents the Missions Lobby from loading, or may prevent other commands like #restart or #reassign from executing).


The following commands are available to you once you have connected to a server:




Log in as the admin. Without password only possible if you are listed as an admin[] in server.cfg#Server_Options
Admin log out.

 filename difficulty

Select mission with known name and set the difficulty. Difficulty parameter is optional and if not set, current difficulty is kept.
Select mission.
Restart mission.
Start over and reassign roles.
Shuts down the server immediately
Shuts down and restarts the server immediately (since Arma 3 v1.66)
Shuts down the server after mission ends (since Arma 3 1.72.142200)
Shuts down and restarts the server after mission ends (since Arma 3 1.72.142200)
Reload server config file loaded by option.


Allows you to ban a player. Their ID will be added to the


Allows you to kick a player.
(interval in sec)Shows performance information of the server. Interval means to stop monitoring.
G Guaranteed messages
NG Non-Guaranteed messages
Player info
L lobby
R role selection
B briefing
G in-game
D debriefing
(interval in sec)Shows performance information in the dedicated server console. Interval means to stop monitoring. (since Arma 3 v1.64)
Disables debugging.
(interval in sec)Default interval is seconds.
(command) (param)


The available commands are:

Each command can be disabled by the use of the parameter e.g.
Each command differs a bit; some output to screen, some to log file etc.
You need some debugger capable of catching OutputDebugString running on the client machine
(one very small and easy to use is available at SysInternals website).
You launch this debugger, then launch ARMA client, connect to the server, and issue any of the commands

The available commands are:
Send to submitter what's on server console. Works as DebugAnswer for all writes into the console.
Outputs into logFile defined in server.cfg as e.g.

Each of those commands should show a confirmation in the chat channels.

server side commandExecute administration scripting command.
Locks the server, prevents new clients from joining.
Unlocks the server, allows new clients to join.

"#debug von" sample


*** VoN Topology Diagnostics ((*** =Player=: #2 P2PManager: Time: 13:38:48 waiting edges: 0, active negotiations: 0 Matrix: 3056006: #2 #2: 3056006 Cliques: 3056006,#2 Version: 1.60.86277 Private: Connections: 3056006: Direct P2P, 5 KA, snd: 10 sec, rcv: 10 sec, ( snd=0 rcv=0(0) Repl(-5,0,0) Cliques: 3056006,Unknown =Player=: 3056006 Version: 1.60.86277 Private: Public: Connections: #2: Direct P2P, 5 KA, snd: 10 sec, rcv: 10 sec, ( snd=0 rcv=0(0) Repl(-5,0,0) Cliques: 3056006,Unknown *** VoN Topology Diagnostics ))***

"#debug (command)" sample


#debug console 1508] Debug: console #debug totalSent [1508] Debug: totalSent [1508] ** Total: sent 1447 bps (2.10 Msgps), received 3788 bps (6.10 Msgps) #debug userSent playerName [1508] Debug: userSent [1508] playerName: sent 1531 bps (2.30 Msgps), received 1259 bps (1.70 Msgps) #debug userInfo playerName [1508] Debug: userInfo [1508] __SERVER__: Info Unknown player ID = 2 [1508] playerName: Info ping 0ms( 0, 1) BWfee 286Kb( 3, 204, 3) lost22.2%%( 2) queue 0B( 0) ackWait 0(0.0,0.0) #debug userQueue playerName [1508] Debug: userQueue [1508] __SERVER__: Queue 0 B (0) 0 B Guaranteed (0), Desync 0 [1508] playerName: Queue 0 B (0) 222 B Guaranteed (3), Desync 0


Users can vote for the mission selection.
(name)Users can vote on a particular mission to loaded.

Users can vote an admin to control the server.
(name, ID or Player#)

Users can vote to kick off an individual.
Vote to restart the mission.
Vote to reassign.
Displays the list of users on the server (use PgUp to scroll up).


Displays the list of GUID's of all players on the server.
Show your own GUID.

Arma 3

In Arma 3 #exec kick and #exec ban commands require quotes (string) for Name, UID or Player#. To do this for the UID or Player#, use format command to turn the user ID into a string.

#exec kick "5" #exec ban "imah4x0r" #exec kick "938679499494"

#kick command can still be used either way:

#kick imah4x0r #kick "imah4x0r"

In case of banning, ban.txt file is created in root Arma 3 directory that contains a list of banned UIDs. To unban a user by UID (UID is the only option) or to clear the ban.txt:

#exec unban "98749837498374" #exec clearbans

2 more diagnostic commands have been added to Arma 3:

Also new in Arma 3:

  • #restartServer
  • #monitorDS

Fini Anti-Hack & Admin Tools

Trusted by some of the biggest names in Arma

Evolution Gaming
Anus Life


Admin Tools

Our admin tools are some of the best in Arma. The tools offer the flexibility that admins need to perform their duties whilst retaining the features a developer will need to debug even the most complicated of bugs.
The admin menu offers a complex yet simple permission system to make sure your admins are doing what they're supposed to be doing; Administrating.

Hack Detection

The anti-hack implements detection systems never seen before in competing products. The anti-hack gives your server the cloud-based protection it deserves.
We protect your server every step of the way, from carefully screening first-time players all the way to notifying admins and offering powerful integration to existing cloud services.
At peak times we ban around twice as many cheaters per day as our competitors.

Dupe Prevention

Economy is important, especially on Life servers where too much money or weapons can easily lead to toxic player behaviors and reduced player satisfaction.
The anti-hack comes with the most sophisticated anti-dupe system available. We block and detect all publicly known toolless dupe methods. You can be sure rare weapons and items stay rare.

"Best admin menu I've ever used" -PsiSyn, a streamer & admin-menu abuser

Due to the aggressive nature and our no-cheating philosophy, the anti-hack may not be plug-and-play on your server if you are running a lot of custom scripts. We provide assistance with the configuration and help you with any logs you may encounter.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me a message or join my Discord.
Note: Only Windows x64 servers are supported.

This product is only available in a compiled or obfuscated variant and does not include source code.

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  2. E file deluxe upgrade
  3. Husky black and white puppy
  4. Dta assistance line phone number
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AdminToolkit for Arma 3

VersionAuthorExile 1.0.3 LemonArma 1.76License

The ATK is used to administrate Arma 3 multiplayer servers and be extended with user extensions



For a complete list of all features, please refer to



Before you start, please download and install the software mentioned in the Requirements section.

  • Download and extract a3-admintoolkit
  • Open the folder with Visual Studio code (vscode)
  • Add your player UID into the , see Configuration
  • Press in vscode and run the command to build all pbo files
  • Use to patch your favorite mission file, see Mission File
  • Copy all pbo files to the client and server, see Copy Files


The AdminToolkit uses a server configuration file (config.cpp) to add administrators and moderators.
So, open the file and add your player uid into


Optionally you can add the ServerCommandPassword (stored in the config.cfg of your server) to manage kick and bans from the AdminToolkit

As the AdminToolkit has a moderator mode, those player uids go to

Moderators can have restricted access - Please help yourself and read the config.cpp carefully to customize the permissions

Mission File

This project is shipped with a mission file patcher. Use the command below to patch you favorite mission file.

A dialog prompt will appear and let you choice your Mission.File.pbo. Output is stored in the folder

Copy Files



Copy the folder into your Arma 3 game directory.
Enable the mod through the Arma 3 Launcher or with startup parameters.


  • Copy the folder into your servers game root directory
  • Copy the patched mission file located in into your servers directory
  • Copy the into your servers folder
  • Enable the AdminToolkit mod on the server by running the arma3server with parameter


The AdminToolkit can be extended by using the MissionFile configuration class . For more details, please refer to the /

Below is a list of available extensions

ExileModcreate persistent vehicles, receive ExileMoney and build objects, etc...oleREADME
Furnituresupport to build Furniture objects (Menu "Stoll Furniture")StollREADME
VanillaAIExperimental extension to support spawning AI unitsoleREADME
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Arma 3 Admin Tools

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