Ribbon cable locking clip broken

Ribbon cable locking clip broken DEFAULT

Locking ribbon-cable in place

As @DaveTweed mentioned, your picture is not of ribbon cable, but of FFC (Flat Flexible Cable; while not completely equivalent, the term is sometimes used interchangeably with Flexible Printed Circuit, or FPC). If you're brave enough to try to replace the connector, you'll want to use FFC as your search term on your favorite distributor's website.

There are a couple of other options for fixing the connection--one is lower risk, the other is more durable. The lower risk option is to attach a piece of tape with a very strong adhesive to the cable, leaving enough of the end of the cable free that it can properly insert into the connector. Then attach the other end of the tape to the connector itself.

The more durable option is to partially pot that section of the circuit board with RTV or epoxy. This is more risky because of the danger of getting your potting material between the cable and the connector contacts, but it will provide great durability. To keep the contacts clean, you could try to insert something between the non-conductive side of the FFC and the connector to ensure a tight fit. A thin piece of plastic would work well--just make sure it's non-conductive.

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How to fix broken keyboard connector

In this guide I explains how to fix a broken keyboard connector on a laptop motherboard.

The connector is a very delicate mechanism. It’s very easy to get it damaged if you apply too much force while trying to unlock it.

The cable retainer (locking clip) is made of thin plastic and if it’s damaged, you are in trouble. Unfortunately, this part is not sold separately.

Well… let’s say it happened. The damage is done. How to fix it now?

On the picture below I show one of the most common connector types. It has the base (white in my case) and cable retainer (brown in my case).

When the connector is closed, the cable secured between the retainer and base.

The retainer applies some pressure on the cable and it makes contact with the pins inside the connector.

To unlock it properly, you have to move the retainer about 2 millimeters in the direction shown by two yellow arrows.

IMPORTANT!The retainer must remain attached base.

After that you can pull the keyboard cable and remove the keyboard.

If you are not careful enough, you can move the retainer too far and break it.

On the picture below you can see the retainer broken on both sides. It is missing the both locking hook.

IMPORTANT!Do not though away the retainer. You still can use it.

The cable will not stay inside the connector without the locking clip.

Here’s how fix this type of damage.

Position the broken piece the way it was inserted before.

Carefully insert the cable into the connector. In this case the cable goes above the retainer.

While holding the cable, carefully push the broken clip back in place. You can use a small screwdriver for that.

The clip fits tightly into the connector even though it has two broken hooks.

Secure the connection with sticky tape and test the keyboard. It should work just fine.

Here’s another connector type. The only difference – the keyboard cable is routed under the locking clip. Fix it the same way as the previous connector.

On the next picture you see another type of connector. The cable is inserted vertically.

In order to unlock the connector, you’ll have to move the locking clip (brown piece) about 2 millimeters up in the direction shown by two yellow arrows.

After that you can pull the keyboard cable (green arrow) and remove the keyboard.

If you move the locking clip too far, you can break it.

In my example one side of the retainer got damaged.

Insert the keyboard cable into the connector, position the broken retainer correctly (behind the cable in my case) and carefully push it in.

Even with a broken retainer the cable should be secured inside the connector.

Here’s the same connector shown from the opposite side. You cannot even tell it is broken.

If this trick worked for you, it means I just saved you big bucks on the motherboard replacement. And I’m glad I did.


Thank you to Alex for the following suggestion:

I found another way to fix it…
Have you lost the broken “Locking clip”?
Then do this…
Get some “electrical tape” on the back of the “flat cable” to make some “thickness”.
Make sure you are putting the tape on the right side, where there are no visible connections…

Then very carefully push the cable into the connector… It will not come loose and the keyboard will work just fine!

Also read this post explaining how to repair broken touchpad connector.

Sours: http://www.laptoprepair101.com/fix-broken-keyboard-connector-on-laptop-motherboard/
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How to I fix a broken ribbon connector that does not go into a locking clip?

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Can I repair my broken keyboard ribbon retaining flap?

The flap that clamps down the keyboard ribbon cable on my MBP crumbled, as well, while replacing the keyboard. I tried gently lift up the clamp and it went BLA. Tape, regardless of type, does not secure the cable tightly enough to provide a connection for the keyboard. Any ideas, besides tape alone, would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I discovered why the flap was so difficult to lift up. The ifixit guides leave our one very important detail. The back side (opposite the side the ribbon cable is inserted) of the connector is the only moving part and the only part that needs to be lifted up. The guides need to be very specific about this. Perhaps these instructions were clear in the ifixit guide, and I just missed it. Either way, it is a problematic scenario for those of us who have damaged our ribbon cable connectors.

Apologies for posting under "answer." This is my first time at this forum and could not figure out how to specify that I am adding to the question, rather than providing an answer.


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Sours: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/51/Can+I+repair+my+broken+keyboard+ribbon+retaining+flap

Clip locking broken cable ribbon

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Laptop Ribbon Cable Clip

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