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Max Steel is a re-envisioning of an animated series that was based on Mattel action figures and ran from 2000 to 2002. It's no easy task to bring a fresh face to the action-adventure market that's saturated with heroes of every shape and form, but Max Steel has some unique qualities that will intrigue tweens, and boys especially. In his human form, Maxwell is hardly a standout, often falling victim to relatable problems like bullying and school struggles but still striving to be a role model for other kids -- qualities that make his powerful alter ego that much more enticing. He's also haunted by the memory of his late father, and a subplot explores his discoveries about his dad and the new connection they have as a result of Maxwell's transformation.

As with all superhero series, there's cartoon-style violence and a sizable commercial interest to this series to consider when judging its appropriateness for your kids, but Max Steel's likable attitude, sense of humor, and clear vision of right and wrong make him a viable modern superhero for tweens.

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Max Steel is an American/Canadian CGI–animated science fiction comedy-drama television series co-produced by Mattel Playground Productions, Nerd Corps Entertainment and FremantleMedia Kids & Entertainment. It is based on the Mattel action figure line Max Steel. It aired on Disney XD between March 25, 2013 an December 6, 2014, consisting of 52 episodes.

Featuring the Voices of

Main Cast

Secondary Cast

Minor Cast

  • Andrew Francis - Air Elementor, Fire Elementor, Fishy, Plaztek (ep30), Xander/Toxzon
  • Brian Dobson - Dwayne, Police Officer (ep10), Reporter (ep3), Reporter (ep5)
  • Brian Drummond - Blast Link, Boom (ep31), Butch, Earth Elementor, Police Chief (ep44), Police Officer (ep24), Robber (ep5), Troy Winter/Extroyer, Water Elementor
  • Cole Plante - Cole Plante (ep14)
  • Colin Murdock - Fire Fighter (ep5)
  • Giles Panton - Jake (ep43), Ven-Ghan
  • Kathleen Barr - Cute Girl (ep5), Laser-Lass, Security Voice (ep6), TJ
  • Lee Tockar - Dean (ep43), Hero-Man, Prism Link, Prison Guard
  • Mark Oliver - Lewis (ep9), Student (ep5), Ultralink Reaper 1 (ep45)
  • Michael Daingerfield - Axel (ep10)
  • Michael Dobson - Actor Max (ep38), Cobrasauras, Computer (ep35), Dr. Thornhill, Makino, Martin (ep9), Mr. Jones (ep15), Robber (ep5), SWAT Captain, Vin
  • Nicole Oliver - Intern (ep4), Mother (ep18)
  • Omari Newton - Museum Guard (ep45), THI Technician
  • Richard Ian Cox - Avatak (ep35), TV Reporter (ep35)
  • Sam Vincent - Chomp Link, Jimmy Blaze (ep38), Video Game Voice (ep35)
  • Scott McNeil - Klean Kal (ep15)
  • Trevor Devall - Hooded Figure (ep34), Jim McGrath, Mega Link (ep39), Mega Metal Elementor (ep45), Metal Elementor, News Anchor (ep44), Ty Dimples (ep31)
  • Vincent Tong - Commander Parker (ep33), Vendor (ep10)
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Max Steel (2000 TV series)

For the 2013 reboot of this show, see Max Steel (2013 TV series).

Max Steel is an action/science fiction animated television series which originally aired from February 26, 2000 to January 15, 2002, based on the Mattel action-figure of the same name.[1]Max Steel ran for three seasons, totaling thirty-five episodes.[2]

From 2004 to 2012, direct-to-DVD movies kept the presence of the main character alive. However, the first movie (titled, Max Steel: Endangered Species) was the only movie to keep the continuity of the series. After Endangered Species, the continuity was altered. Endangered Species was the only movie to be made available in America, while later releases were in Latin America.

The voice-acting cast for the series included Chi McBride and Christian Campbell, as well as well-known sports stars, such as Tony Hawk.

After the bankruptcy of Netter Digital and Foundation Imaging, Mainframe Entertainment took over the productions of the third season and the movies. The last episode, "Truth Be Told", aired January 15, 2002. Max Steel was the first computer-generated series to air on Kids' WB.[3]

A rebootseries aired on Disney XD in 2013. However, characters and storylines were greatly altered.


The protagonist, Josh McGrath (Campbell), is a 19-year-old fictional extreme sports teen star, whose parents died some time ago. He was later adopted by his father's best friend and partner, Jefferson Smith (McBride), who works in an extreme sports equipment manufacturing company which is in reality a façade for a secret counter-intelligence agency known as N-Tek.[4]

One night, while Josh was visiting his stepfather at work, Psycho (Szarabajka) broke into the facility. The young McGrath faced him and a brief battle ensued, interrupted when Psycho shot a nearby containment unit of semi-liquid, microscopic Nano-Tech machines called "Max Probes". The nanomachines covered Josh, entering his body, integrating with his organic system, and (as they ran out of energy) started dying, syphoning Josh's life-critical energy as well. In an attempt to save his foster son, Jefferson Smith agrees to submit Josh to a high proportion of the transphasic energy (T-Juice), which the machines need to survive. This saved his life and also gave him superpowers. As a result, Josh took on the identity of Max Steel and fights super-powered villains, mainly Mr. Dread (Jarvis), Psycho's evil boss, and the members of DREAD, his spy organization. Later, in the movies, they fight off mutants, robots, mad scientists and monsters.


Main article: List of Max Steel episodes

Max Steel debuted on Kids' WB with the episode "Strangers" on February 26, 2000, and ended with episode "Truth Be Told" on January 15, 2002. The show ran for three seasons, totaling 35 episodes.

The series can be found on DVD: Volume one contains episodes 1–6, Volume 2 contains episodes 7–13, and the final one is a box-set with all of season one. Seasons 2 and 3 were never released. VHS ones were made available with various "Max Steel" action figures: "Strangers," "Snow Blind," "Sphinxes," and "Old Friend, New Enemy" were sold.

As of 2009, episodes of Max Steel can be found on Crackle's YouTube account,[5] however, these are no longer accessible. Transmitted ONTV series Max Steel for a predetermined time. In 2014, Tiin transmitted the series.

The series is available on Hulu in English and Spanish.


N-Tek and civilians[edit]

  • Josh McGrath alias Max Steel (voiced by Christian Campbell from 2000 - 2002, Matthew Kaminsky in two episodes in 2001) – As Josh McGrath, he is a college student and an extreme sports star, working for his adoptive father, Jefferson Smith of N-Tek, which supplies such equipment. He later discovers that N-Tek is a front for a secret anti-terrorist organization. In the course of this discovery, he suffered an accident when he was doused with nanoprobes while battling Psycho. These probes gave him enhanced senses, ability to alter his appearance, turn invisible (dubbed, "Stealth mode!") and made him superhumanly-strong, agile, and fast (dubbed, "Going turbo!"), and to heal faster than a normal human being, but due to them integrating with his organic systems, he requires periodic doses of transphasic energy to survive or the probes will essentially starve to death and kill him. He uses this to take on the appearance of Max Steel, who looks very different from Josh McGrath, and join the fight against crime. His work in extreme sports and as a crime-buster often conflicts with college and his relationship with his girlfriend Laura Chen. As Josh, he has brown eyes and blonde hair. As Max, he has blue eyes and brown hair. In Max Steel: Countdown, Max would gain new nanoprobes, and a new system, Adrenalink, the more thrill Max did, the more power he would have, when he reached 100%, he enter Maximum Steel mode. Max would gain another upgrade in Max Steel vs the Mutant Menace. When Max went turbo, any N-Tek equipment he has on him would get upgraded, either in power, or allows the gear to have an alternate mode. Max’s original Bio-Link acted as a com-link, and monitored his turbo energy. It could also activate different clothes for Max for different environments. In Countdown, it was upgraded. While aesthetically it looked the same, the system was changed, It notifying Max’s Adrenalink percent level, and when he reached Maximum Steel. It also allows Max to create any N-Tek gear via voice command. In The Mutant Menace, the original Bio-Link was replaced by a new one. Actually a giant complex machine, using Nanotechnology the new Bio Link is shrunk, making it wearable. When Max goes Turbo, the new Bio-Link creates a bodysuit, safely allowing Max to use the new energy.
  • Molly McGrath – Josh's mother died when he was just a toddler, in a shipwreck during a storm at sea while the family was on a pleasure trip. Molly makes a brief appearance without dialogue only once when the incident is mentioned in the episode "Sharks": Max is being haunted by her death, and, despite being only a toddler when she died, blames himself for her death. After this, she's never mentioned again. Besides being a lovely mother, there's no other information about her.
  • Jefferson Smith (voiced by Chi McBride from 2000 to 2002, Scott McNeil in Endangered Species) – The CEO of N-Tek, both the sports and spy sides. He inherited this position from Marco Nathanson, the previous and first CEO of N-Tek. He is the adoptive father of Max after his father died. Being an international counter-terrorism agency, N-Tek answers to the UN and includes a number of other non-US citizens on its staff. He voices his displeasure when Max is put in harm's way, but ultimately lets him go, knowing that Max is stronger than any human, and will be able to defeat enemies more easily than others. His relationship with Max is strained, but the two ultimately make amends.
  • Dr. Roberto Martinez (voiced by Jacob Vargas from 2000 to 2002, Alessandro Juliani in Endangered Species) – A technicalgenius in his late teen years. Best known as 'Berto (a diminutive of his name), he is the main expert on Nano-Tek Max, the microscopic machines which gave Max Steel his superhuman abilities. 'Berto is usually based at the HQ of the secret intelligence service N-Tek where he monitors Max's missions via a computer screen, but he also often takes a more active part in the missions himself. He has family in Colombia, although how many relatives is unknown. From the moment they met, he and Josh became very close: Josh would call Roberto "Bro", who would respond with the Spanish version, "Hermano".
  • Rachel Leeds (voiced by Shannon Kenny from 2000 to 2001) – Max's first partner at N-Tek. Although her country of origin is not specified, her accent indicates that she may be a British national. Rachel has a rather bossy personality but is very attractive in her own way. Much of season 1 focused on her relationship with Max: from one of constant squabbling to increasing attraction on his part, which affected Josh's relationship with his girlfriend Laura Chen. At one stage Rachel did kiss Max as a way of calming him down when he was getting particularly agitated, but seemed to think that he ought to stick to Laura: one episode concludes with Rachel smiling and saying "Blessings on your union" in Chinese as Josh and Laura leave arm-in-arm. After the second series, Rachel was promoted and disappeared after three episodes. There is speculation that she has a brief, non-speaking appearance in season two, episode four, but it is also likely that it was just a reused model. She can normally handle herself in a fight even against multiple opponents bare handed, hence the reason why she was assigned to train and tutor Max as a new N-Tek Agent.
  • Kat Ryan (voiced by Debi Mae West from 2000 to 2002, Meghan Black in Endangered Species) – After Rachel's promotion in season two, Kat, another of her protégés, became Max's new partner. At first they didn't get along, but, after Jefferson Smith forced them to work together, they developed a little mutual respect. About the same age as Josh and Roberto, her relationship with the two boys is like that of a sister, much like how Josh and 'Berto see each other as brothers. Kat was never given a surname until season three, and it was revealed in the second-to-last episode that, when she was younger, she was part of a street gang and did "very bad stuff." She did time in a juvenile detention center, and has since changed her ways.
  • Laura Chen and Pete Costas (voiced by Lauren Tom and Thomas F. Wilson) – Two of Josh's college friends, Pete referring to themselves as "the Three Musketeers" given that they used to be very close, until Josh's life as Max Steel started to interfere. Laura Chen was Josh's girlfriend but she soon broke up with him due in part to his increasingly close relationship with Rachel Leeds. He also kept his activities as Max Steel a secret from her and this would affect dates and other commitments which made him somewhat unreliable. Even though she broke up with Josh, she sees & speaks to his alter-ego Max instead. Pete, in the season two premiere, found out about Josh's dual identity after being captured by John Dread and agreed to keep it secret. Yet he hitchhiked with him on one mission in Alaska once. He was not seen in season 3.
  • Jean Mairot (voiced by Keith Szarabajka) – Smith's second-in-command at N-Tek in season one and head of operations, briefing agents on their missions and coordinating their progress. A soft-spoken man, he is cool and calculating and a good judge of character — putting Max in charge of a major rescue operation even though the boy himself did not feel up to it. At the end of season one, Mairot turned out to be a spy working for villain John Dread, N-Tek mainly winning because Dread kept underestimating Max. His fate is unknown, though it is presumed that he was caught in the explosion of Dread's base. His treachery was a bitter blow to the N-Tek staff since he had been a popular figure. Season 1 story editor Greg Weisman has stated that Mairot was actually on N-Tek's side and in the final episode of Season 1, was going undercover into Dread's organization on Jefferson Smith's orders. Weisman also stated that Mairot did survive the explosion of Dread's base. Weisman was not involved in Season 2, and thus this storyline was never revealed in an actual episode. Mairot spoke in a French accent.
  • Charles "Chuck" Marshak (voiced by Edward Asner) – An N-Tek division chief who's in charge of Behemoth, the massive flying fortress used as a mobile base to support Max in the TV series. He's a senior, probably around 60 years old, who assists N-Tek with his expertise. He was a close friend of Big Jim and acts a bit fatherly with Max. Despite his age and butler-like appearance, he can move extremely fast, and is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant. He does not appear in season 2 or 3, with no explanation of where he went.
  • Jake Nez (voiced by Gregg Rainwater) – N-Tek agent and astronaut, formerly from NASA. He was also once a love interest of Rachel's but was dumped by her when she started training Max. He does not come across as the jealous type, ably assisting Max and Rachel on missions.
  • Cytro- Cytro was originally a enemy robot created by Doctor Rendal in Max Steel: Bio Crisis, who was designed to kill Max. But over the course of the film Cytro grew to like Max, and sacrificed himself to save Max. Berto the rebuilt Cytro, as his memory core was still intact, and became the fourth and newest member of Team Steel.
  • Forge Ferris- Forge, or as he has Max call him Mr. Ferris, replaced Jefferson as the leader of all of N-Tek, during Max Steel vs The Mutant Menace While he is strict, he also encourages max not to give up, and gives him advice. He keeps Max on a need to know basis, but when Max does need to know, he always tells him. Why he does believe that mission always comes first, does understand that priorities change. This is best shown when complimented Max, when he chose to save a town from an out of control oil truck, rather than capture Toxizon. In Max Steel: Monstrous Alliance, it is revealed he has a daughter, named Jet.
  • Jet Ferris- Jet is the daughter of Forge Ferris, who debuted in Max Steel: Monstrous Alliance. Jet was described by Forge as a constant source of disappointment, as Jet keeps getting demerits, and keeps being unable to graduate. Jet originally planned on killing Toxion to try and make he father proud, but after her adventure with Max and Cytro, which she secretly sneaks into, she takes Toxion be to the N-Tek lab in the North Pole, and is able to cure him, finally earning her father’s respect.


  • John Dread (voiced by Martin Jarvis) – The leader of the DREAD organization, and the main antagonist of the first and second seasons (even after his supposed death). He's rarely seen outside of offices and rooms in dark secluded buildings, and only made two known appearances where he was the main or part of a main threat. He was killed in the season 1 finale (S1E13 – "Shattered") when his airship crashes, but he survived in the season 2 premiere (S2E1 – "The Return"). He takes Pete Costas hostage and forces Max to steal valuable N-Tek research. He's later arrested and held in a maximum security prison. During the season 2 finale (S2E13 – "Breakout"), Psycho and Bio-Con break him out while he is being transferred to another prison. It is believed he was killed off later in the same episode, but no body was found. There is fandom speculation that John Dread and Marco Nathanson (the N-Tek founder) are the same person, although this has been debunked by the first season story editor Greg Weisman.
  • Psycho (voiced by Keith Szarabajka, Brian Drummond in Endangered Species) – His real name is unknown, although his nickname/DREAD code-name is speculated to come from the fact that he appears to be a psychopath. He's often called "Smiley", mainly by Max but occasionally by other members of N-Tek. He ignores it when Max refers to him as smiley, but usually has very violent reactions when other members of DREAD address him with that nickname. He has a metallic face which looks like the human skull, with an unusually large smiling jaw (hence the reason of his nickname). In the first season, Psycho covers up his metallic face with a mask, which gives him the appearance of a normal tough white guy. His main weapon is his right bionic arm, which can change into a claw or a laser gun, presumably by nerve signals. In Endangered Species, Psycho also has a Psycho-droid, which looks almost exactly like him, except the droid is a silver or copper color. He features the same bionic arm as Psycho and has a self-destruct system, which Psycho ultimately uses to kill Bio-Con.
  • L'Etranger (voiced by John de Lancie) – "The Stranger," as his name translates from French into English. He wears a mask over his face, which appears to resemble a metal skull (similar to that-of Psycho), with little facial details, and was the first villain to appear in the TV show. At the end of said episode, Dread mentions that he is not a full-time member of his organization. By the time of his second appearance, he is said to no longer work for Dread. He is a mercenary terrorist with strength that rivals Max’s in turbo-mode and armed with electrical charged gloves which can produce an explosive spark. Being an electrical weapon, one hit is more than enough to stun his enemies for a large period of time. It appears that he drowned in the episode "Fun in the Sun" (S2E2).
  • Dragonelle (voiced by Mia Korf) – She is the first major female villain shown. The origin of her code-name is unclear, although there is speculation that she comes from China (as that is where the episode which she appeared in for the first time took place). As dragons are a key part of Chinese mythology, it is believed that she took this name for good luck. She's dressed in golden battle armor, and has the ability to perfectly mimic the actions and appearance of any person she has seen. She's not much of a fighter, as she always runs away from any physical confrontation, since she's more an undercover agent than an active fighter. Nevertheless, she fights off both Max and 'Berto in the episode "Shooting Stars" (S2E8). Dragonelle is genuinely loyal to Dread, believing him to be “a genius” and is penitent when she fails him.
  • Vitriol – According to Max, Vitriol is "not the sharpest tool in the shed," which explains why he often teams along with Psycho. While they are supposed to be equal members of DREAD, Vitriol usually follows Psycho's orders. His arms are vibrant, translucent green with metallic 'bones' visible, and can shoot green energy beams, which can be very destructive. At the end of season one, he realizes he's an expendable pawn, and decides to cooperate with N-Tek in an effort to obtain a reduced sentence. However, in Season 2, he would return to old habits, and go against N-Tek several times. In Season 3, he is seen several times as the main enemy.

Other villains[edit]

  • Woody Barkowski (voiced by Jeff Bennett) and Annabelle Barkowski/Electrix (voiced by Susan Eisenberg) – Two siblings who are intent on bringing down N-Tek: Woody because he believes that they gave him a faulty mountain bike to cause him to break his leg and thus retire from the extreme sports world. Woody considers himself to be Max Steel's nemesis, but Max mentions that he "barely qualifies as comic relief." Annabelle collaborates with her brother in the first season and seeks revenge for her brother in the second season. In season two, Annabelle suffers an accident in her laboratory and her body is never found. It is later revealed that Annabelle's body using electrical currents and sources as an energy supply, much like how the nanoprobes in Max's body uses transphasicenergy. She adopts the name as Electrix and has several robots to act as her reinforcements.
  • Bio-Con (voiced by René Auberjonois, Scott McNeil in Endangered Species) – His full name is Bio-Constrictor and short for "Biologically Altered Constricting Serpent", having been given this name by 'Berto. Dr. David Klimo was involved in an accident and is thought to have been injected with electrified snake venom, and thus mutated into a half-human, half reptile with the abilities to turn into a snake, poison people with highly-toxic venom or use his venom to transform other people into copies of his mutated self. Bio-Con looks more like a leather mummy than a snake, mostly because his body is composed of several serpents twisted around what seems to be his base skeleton. Before his accident, he was N-Tek an employee fired for erratic behavior, mainly due to the use of turning poisonous animals, such as scorpions and snakes, into biological weapons, which appears to form a basis of the plotline of the Endangered Species movie. Towards the end of Endangered Species, Psycho betrays him, and kills him with a self-destructing android. He initially met Josh when he was younger, and they used to play baseball together.
  • Elementor- Elementor is a clone of Bio-Con, who first appeared in Max Steel: Forces of Nature, creating by using one of the five Elementium Isotopes, which gave him the ability to control water. He later found and absorbed 3 that had been scattered around the world, giving him control over earth, fire and air, and the ability to absorb other materials, like metal, sand, ice etc. and needed the last on, and attacked N-Tek. Elementor’s plan was to use the isotopes to kill all life on the planet and restart it from scratch. He’s defeated by Max, which it was revealed that the fifth isotope was used in order his body to not reject the nanoprobes. And used its energy to separate and kill Elementor. However in Max Steel: Countdown, Elementor was still alive, but lacking a body. He tried to use the same energy that Max uses to restore his body, but was split into his five forms, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Metal. Who then went to merge with the earth on a global scale. Max was able to fuse all of the Elementors back into one, and severely drain him of his powers. Despite being a clone of Bio-Con, Elementor isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch.
  • Lance Breamer – He considers himself the "King of the sky." Angered by those who feel his ideas are too expensive or too impractical, Lance creates a massive airplane called, "The Javelin." Lance uses this to steal aircraft out of the sky, using fog exhibitors to conceal the plane, and knockout gas to wipe out a part of the pilot's short-term memory. After N-Tek use their plane, the Behemoth, as bait, Lance manages to abduct the plane with 'Berto inside. He takes a liking to 'Berto, and attempts to have 'Berto join him. After 'Berto refuses to destroy a plane, Lance lashes out, firing the Javelin's lasers at innocent bystanders. Shortly thereafter, Max boards the Javelin. Lance fights Max, but is knocked out and presumably arrested.
  • Hernando Carreras – The leader of the so-called pirates in Baja. He only appears in the episode "Swashbucklers". He has a mechanical eye under his eyepatch which can shoot lasers, and his men use laser swords. He plans to use an earthquake machine to find buried treasure so that they'll be rich.
  • Bret Grimsley – Grimsley is the sports manager for athletes Brian Durham and Danny Preston. Grimsley uses Brian and Danny to steal high-end computer chips, promising they'll be the best. The computer chips, when attached to the head of a person, can push their body to the extreme. They are extremely dangerous, and have the potential to kill Brian or Danny. Grimsley doesn't care about this, only thinking of profits and being number 1. Max catches Brian and Danny, and they confess, leaving Grimsley behind bars. Grimsley is thought to be seen numerous times in season 3 as a henchman, however, it is possible that it was only a reused model.
  • Clark Ashworth – Clark is an egotistical, megalomaniac who takes his former coworkers hostage after he is fired from his job in Washington, D.C. While holding them hostage, he steals his "prized creation": The Disruptor. The Disruptor has the equivalent of 50 sticks of dynamite each time it is fired, as well as unlimited firing capabilities. Clark created this, as well as the security system for the building he is holding his former coworkers hostage in, making it difficult for Max and Kat to save the hostages and stop Clark. After Max and Clark struggle, he escapes the building, and heads towards the Washington Monument, in an attempt to fire the Disruptor and destroy the White House. Max stops him, and he is arrested. He is known for using the term, "Dude" quite frequently, and Max states he looks more like a surfer than a terrorist.
  • Richard Shine – Shine is a sports park owner, and is extremely obsessed with Kat. He attempts to destroy his own sports park to make millions, and later kidnaps Kat after she is injured in an explosion he caused. Max is almost blown up by one of Shine's bombs in an apartment, but Max escapes with the bomb and tosses it into the ocean before it goes off. Max and 'Berto track down one of Shine's mansions, and rescue Kat. Shine attempts to stop them with his henchmen, but they are all taken down and arrested.
  • Serge De La Rouge – Serge is a car racer who holds a grudge against athlete Jeremy McGrath because he lost to him in the last Sahara Race: a race across the Sahara Desert where any type of vehicle goes. Serge plants a bomb in his own car, kidnaps Jeremy during the race, and attempts to kill Jeremy as well as the judges who overruled his protests that the last part of the race favored super cross bikers. Max, Kat, and 'Berto manage to stop and arrest Serge before anyone is harmed.
  • Chang – Chang is an expert in martial arts and leader of the Chinese Cyber Dragon Tong.
  • Dexter – He kidnapped and brainwashed Scott to kill Montgomery. Max and Kat manage to stop him and arrest him.
  • Exstroyer- Originally known as Troy Winters and debuted in Max Steel: Dark Rival, Troy was Max’s rival on the Extreme Sports Circuit, and the only guy Max couldn’t beat. Troy left to work for Eclipse Industries, as the Circuit couldn’t proved the challenge Troy wanted. He stole three Proton Magnets from N-Tek, and used them to shoot down crystal pieces from a comet called Morphosos. Troy fell into a pool of lava, and merged the Morphosos Crystal he had on him, and merged with it, becoming Exstroyer. Max defeated him, and sent him into deep space on the comet, in Max Steel: Bio Crisis, a Exstroyer clone was created with the powers and memories of the original. Exstroyer has the ability to drain the energy of anyone or anything, and turn himself in a super charged copy of it. Any person or creature, can sometimes become infected, and gain Crystal’s similar to Exstroyer’s. Also, like Exstroyer, the infected can into a super charged version of anything they touch.
  • Toxion- Originally an N-Tek agent known as Tox who debuted in Max Steel vs The Mutant Menace. He had a problem with authority and tried to bring an N-Tek waste containment plant, that he created in order to hold the world’s most dangerous substances, online before it was ready. The result was an explosion that mutated Tox’s body, and gave him control over toxins, and other dangerous chemicals. It also mutated Toxion’s mind, causing him to go crazy, and blamed N-Tek for what happened to him. Before Toxion grew too powerful however, he was placed in a containment Sphere of ultra purified water, and sent to the North Pole until a cure could be found. Toxion tricked Max into freeing him, and proceeded to strengthen himself. He then tried to absorb the substances from the containment plant, and was stopped by Max. In Max Steel: Monstrous Alliance, he tried to take over a new N-Tek ship called the Warden. At the end of the film he was cured by Forge Ferris’s daughter, Jet.
  • Makino- Originally known as Mike Nickelson he debuted in Makino’s Revenge. Nickelson stole Berto’s equipment in order to try and record a fight between Max and Lightning Elementor, he was hit by a substance that fused him and Berto’s equipment. He used his new powers to make Max and N-Tek look like criminals, and promote himself as a hero. But Makino’s deception was revealed, and lost his fame, and credibility. Makino has the power to control all technology, he can also change his body be absorbing different vehicles such as a tank or jet fighter.

Principal voice actors[edit]

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Series ending and continuity[edit]

Main article: Max Steel Turbo Missions (2008 TV series)

After the official ending of the original series, due to the success of the action figure in Latin America, but the lack of response from United States market, Mattel removed Max Steel from the American market and focused on foreign markets only. As a result, after two years of absence, in partnership with Mattel, Sony Family Pictures Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker Animation) continued with the animated adventures of Max Steel as a series of Direct to DVD movies and a collection of 1 minute video clips. Each movie or clip usually presents Max challenging one of his enemies, and was used initially as a way to keep the presence of Max on TV, but eventually became a way to promote a series of new toys.

After their initial release on TV, the movies were included as bonus gifts in many Max Steel toys or rewards for other activities related to the toy series. Most of the TV ads were grouped under the name of Turbo Missions.

Future series/Reboot[edit]

Main article: Max Steel (2013 TV series)

In January 2012, it was reported Mattel and Freemantle Media were working on a new television series and reboot of the Max Steel television series, which will still retain the name, but feature different characters, villains, and an entirely new storyline. This time, the show follows a 16-year-old Tachyon-human hybrid named Maxwell "Max" McGrath and his alien "Ultralink" partner, Steel. Maxwell McGrath learns he has the power to generate "TURBO energy", which he struggles to contain until meeting Steel. Steel gives Maxwell the ability to harness his power while merging his own to create one unified super force. The action adventure series was launched on March 1, 2013 to audiences on Cartoon Network channels throughout Latin America, including Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Argentina.[6] On October 5, 2012, it was confirmed that the series will air on Disney XD in the United States.[7][8]Max Steel premiered Monday, March 25, 2013.[9]


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Max Steel S1 E11

Max Steel (2013 TV series)

Max Steel is an American/Canadian CGI–animatedscience fictioncomedy-dramasuperhero television series co-produced by Mattel Playground Productions, Nerd Corps Entertainment and FremantleMedia Kids & Entertainment. It is a reimagining of its predecessor of the same name, as well as being based on the Mattelaction-figure also of the same name. Max Steel premiered on March 25, 2013, on Disney XD.[1]


Season One[edit]

A 16-year-old boy named "Maxwell McGrath" is thrown into a new life when he and his mom moved to a small town called Copper Canyon. There he meets new friends, bullies, enemies, and a lot more. But later he starts to generate a powerful blue energy called "T.U.R.B.O. Energy". Max must now join N-Tek, a top secret organization his father worked on and meets a friendly ultralink named N'Barro Aksteel X377/Steel. When sinister super villains attack Copper Canyon, Max and Steel must link together and transform into a powerful Superhero named "Max Steel!".[citation needed]

Season Two[edit]

After Forge reveals that Jim was the former Max Steel, he is about to meet his greatest challenge yet! Max and Steel will face new and old enemies like Toxzon and Extroyer, get new turbo modes, and a bigger threat is coming to earth! Will Max and Steel stop the Makino Invasion?, will Sydney and Kirby find out that Max is Max Steel?, or will Max find out his dark secret about his past that Forge is trying to hide?.

2015 trilogy[edit]

Makino has been defeated, but his core processing unit remains and is looking for a new host. Max Steel must destroy Makino once and for all. After Makino, Max Steel will have to face Morphos, a new villain who can replicate the abilities of his enemies and use their own powers against them. Max Steel must learn to combine two turbo modes to defeat Morphos. When Morphos returns stronger and more powerful than ever, he copies the powers of all of Max Steel’s enemies, in order to prove he is the greatest villain of all. Max Steel will have to team up with his enemies (Miles Dredd, Toxzon, Extroyer, and The Elementors (Fire Elementor, Earth Elementor, Water Elementor, Air Elementor, and Metal Elementor)) and unlock his greatest power to defeat Morphos once and for all.[citation needed]


Two years afterwards, a new villain named Mortum arises searching for the powerful Connect-Tek, a device who can create everything that someone thinks of. After successfully taking down N-Tek, the villain reunites Max's rogues (Toxzon, Extroyer and the five Elementors) to set out after the Connect-Tek. Realizing that they cannot save the day by their own, Max and Steel create Team Turbo - composed of Tempestra, C.Y.T.R.O. and La Fiera to fight back and rescue Max's loved ones. The Connect-Tek ends up on Mortum's hands, but it reveals to be damaged and causes a massive explosion that ends up turning him into a robot zombie. Possessing an endless hunger for brainwaves, he wants to take over the world and turn everyone into his puppets and now Max and his team must face their biggest threat yet.[citation needed]

After Mortum is taken down and the world goes back to normal, a mysterious masked villain named Terrorax steals Max's energy and in the process makes him generate a much stronger, green variation that is so powerful to the point where Steel no longer is able to control it. After wenting under intense training and updating their tech, Max and his team are ready to go after Terrorax, who later on reveals to have synthesized his own version of Max's energy named Terror Energy - and he wants to take over by the name of the Nexus legion. However, after failing, his powers are greatly reduced and he needs the help from the Elementors, who join the legion. After getting his strength back, Terrorax invades Copper Canyon with Pantheon and wants to force people to join in the Nexus, and now Max and his team must stop him before it's too late, but things get fully compounded when La Fiera is turned into a bionic panther by Night Howl and Tempestra and C.Y.T.R.O. are captured by the legion. Now it's up to Max take down the Nexus before it's too late.[citation needed]



  • Maxwell "Max" McGrath/Max Steel (voiced by Andrew Francis): A turbo-powered boy, Max is taken to the secret "N-Tek" facility, and discovers that his uncle, Forge Ferrus, is the commander and co-Founder of N-Tek, along with Jim McGrath and Miles Dredd. Max later meets Steel, an Ultralink that will change Max's life and will later turn Max into the world's greatest and most powerful superhero in the world known as Max Steel. Maxwell and Steel don't know a lot about their past and also they don't know about N-Tek, especially N-Tek's true mission that Forge Ferrus is hiding from Max and Steel. Max has a friend named Kirby and has a crush on a girl named Sydney. Max wears a camouflage mode, so no one can see him with the Turbo Base Mode on (which can't be removed because it's permanently on Max) and he doesn't wants anyone to know that he is Max Steel. He is able to generate Tachyon Unlimited Radiant Bio-Optimized (TURBO) energy, and control it with the help of Steel, thereby creating the persona of Max Steel. As Max Steel, Max has superpowers (superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility) and a cadre of TURBO Modes for different combat scenarios including; Base, Strength, Camo (Max's civilian mode), Flight, Scuba, Super, Speed, Stealth, Cannon, Clone, Mimic (Steel's turbo mode), Heat, Rocket, Spike, Nova, Titan, Cannon Spike, Hydro Heat, Sonic Flight, Exo Strength, Hammer Claw, Prime, Hunter and Mega. Following the events of Turbo-Charged, Max obtains new, completely technological modes, being those: Armor, Jet Pack, Wave Rider, Sniper, Rocket Spear and Mountain Combat.[citation needed]
  • N'Barro Aksteel X377/Steel (voiced by Sam Vincent): An alien made only of technology, known as an Ultra-Link. He is only able to function by being charged from TURBO Energy, and along with Max acts as the armor persona Max Steel. Steel's memory core was damaged so many select memories of his time on Earth 16 years before the series are hazy, and battles with the Elementors insinuate that he had a connection to them. His full designation is "N'Barro Aksteel X377". Years ago he used to serve Makino, until meeting Jim McGrath. The two became the first Max Steel to fend off the first Makino Invasion.[citation needed]


  • Commander Forge Ferrus (voiced by Michael Dobson): An N-Tek commander, and a mentor to Max, his nephew. It seems that Forge and the rest of N-Tek are hiding a dark secret from Max Steel since Thrill of the Hunt, when they tried to acquire a damaged Ultra-Link from an Alien Spaceship and gave no answers to Max about why he wanted it. He has a robotic left arm, having lost his real one in a battle. In Makino Strikes: Part 1, Forge was ultralinked, and because of it his robotic arm now had three arms. But in Makino Strikes: Part 2, Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him.[citation needed]
  • Ja’em Mk’rah/James "Jim" McGrath (voiced by Trevor Devall): Max's father who is one of the founders of N-Tek and later revealed to be an alien being from Planet Tachyon. Jim McGrath was the best in N-Tek, and also very smart and wise. He was Forge Ferrus' science officer and he was the one who discovered T.U.R.B.O Energy, a blue and powerful energy. He supposedly died when testing the Turbo Star, creating an explosion. Jim McGrath has a holographic monument of himself, and under it was the case that Steel was in since he was the alien Ultra-Link that was used in the experiment. In Earth Under Siege Part 2 it was discovered that Jim was the first person that Ultra-Linked with Steel before Max did. In The Legend of Ja’em Mk’rah Jim and Steel first met on Tachyon when the planet was invaded by Makino and his Ultralinks. It's revealed that Tachyons can also produce T.U.R.B.O. energy. In The Final Countdown Part 2, Jim was revealed to be alive and held hostage by Makino, so he can use his TURBO energy to power-up the Alphalink.[citation needed]
  • Molly McGrath (voiced by Nicole Oliver): The secretive mother of Max.[2] She is shown in the premiere as an amazing ninja spy when infiltrating THI and during the battle to raid some evidence that can expose their criminal empire. She becomes the new CEO of THI when Mr. Naught is removed following Dredd's first defeat by Max Steel. In the episode The Secret Admirer, Toxzon turns her into a toxic monster with all his powers called Toxziana, until she is reverted to her original form.[citation needed]
  • Sydney Gardner (voiced by Sarah Edmondson): A know-how girl who meets Max and becomes his best friend. Max instantly develops a crush on her.[3] In The Truth Hurts, she finally learns Max's identity as Max Steel. However she lost her memory of this after a blast from Elementor. In My Best Friend is an Ultralink, Sydney suffered the same fate as Forge did when she was ultralinked. But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink her. In The Dawn of Morphos, she learns Max's secret identity as Max Steel for the second time, this time she was told by Jim McGrath and she also knew for a long time but she was just waiting for Max to tell her.[citation needed]
  • Kirby Kowalski (voiced by Richard Ian Cox): Max's best friend, who is loyal but incredibly gullible and laid back. In My Best Friend is an Ultralink, Kirby suffered the same fate as Forge did when he was ultralinked. But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him.[citation needed]
  • Roberto "Berto" Martinez (voiced by Sam Vincent): A friend of Max and Steel. He is one of the most intelligent scientific geniuses at N-Tek.[3] He notably invented C.Y.T.R.O. In Split Decisions, it's revealed that Berto is keeping secrets from N-Tek.[4]
    • C.Y.T.R.O. (voiced by Colin Murdock): An N-Tek robot operative invented and controlled by Berto Martinez and is continuously being upgraded by him. His name stands for Cybernetic Tactical Robot Operative.[5] During the events of Team Turbo, Berto upgrades with him with artificial intelligence. His Turbo Vehicle Modes are: Base, Chopper, Wrecking Ball and Drill.[citation needed]
  • Jefferson Smith (voiced by Omari Newton): A highly respected N-Tek agent. He, unlike any other pilot, owns his own Jump Jet which affectionately calls Lucille. It is hinted in the season 1 finale Earth Under Siege that he loves Kat.[6]
  • Katherine "Kat" Ryan (voiced by Kathleen Barr): The highest ranking female N-Tek agent. She is proficient at xenobiology, as well as medicine, and is a skilled fighter in both hand-to-hand combat and long range.[7]
  • Black Star Council: The Black Star Council have been around for an undetermined amount of time and are a group of aliens that have survived attacks from Makino's soldiers and have united to defend others from them and make them pay for their crimes.
    • Ven-Ghan (voiced by Giles Panton): He is an Ultralink Hunter working for the Black Star Council who wants revenge from the Evil Ultralinks and Makino, because they destroyed his planet. Also, he is after Steel and is not leaving without him. But in The Ultralink Hunter, after seeing Steel risk his life to save him, he begin to see Max Steel as an ally, and in the end of Makino Strikes: Part 2, he decide to stop hunting Steel and presumably became Max Steel's field partner.[citation needed]
  • Team Turbo: A team of superheroes formed by Maxwell, Steel, La Fiera, Tempestra and C.Y.T.R.O. who are Copper Canyon's protectors. They were formed in Team Turbo.
    • Alejandro Villar/La Fiera (voiced by Adrian Petriw): An animal-themed superhero. He is a skillful soccer player and met Max in one of the matches, where he found a piece of Jim's Connect-Tek sword while the Daedelus platform was falling down. He uses the piece as a compass to see where it belongs and eventually meets Max, Steel, C.Y.T.R.O. and Rayne. His Turbo Animal Modes are: Base, Tiger, Eagle, Raptor and Wave Rider.
    • Rayne Martinez/Tempestra (voiced by Lili Beaudoin): A weather-themed superheroine and Berto's younger sister. She was found by Max and Steel in the World 31 base while it was being invaded by Extroyer and his clones. Her Turbo Storm Modes are: Base, Lightning Storm, Ice Storm and Wave Rider.[citation needed]


  • Miles Dredd (voiced by Mark Oliver): The former owner of Trans Human Industries. Prior to the series, Miles was one of the co-founders of N-Tek, but he turned on the agency when he chose to steal TURBO Energy for his own gain, which resulted him to be fused by his siphon device into his chest. In order to live, he created a suit that connects to his siphon so he can consume TURBO Energy (much like a vampire) which will make him very powerful. He destroys N-Tek's defense grid of transmitters in order to make way for the Makino Ultralink Invasion and subjugate Earth. He later turned against Makino when he was deemed unworthy and escaped his forces.[3]
  • Jason Naught (voiced by Brian Dobson): Dredd's right hand man, and was also former CEO of Trans Human Industries. Dredd equipped him with an ability to transform into a giant robot to defeat his enemies like Max Steel. He has been shown to have his own ambitions other than Dredd's, and is often abused because of it. In X Marks the Spot, he was almost killed by Dredd for betraying him a second time. He later sides with Makino alongside Dredd, but quickly turned against him when Makino deemed him and Dredd unworthy.[8]
  • Dreddnaughts: An army of robots that work for Miles Dredd. They don't talk, but they are very dangerous and they have a gun as a hand. In Dredd Ascendant, when Naught showed Dredd their new underwater base it is revealed that they have upgraded Dreddnaughts.
  • Axel (voiced by Michael Daingerfield): A thug hired by Jason Naught as his henchman to do his dirty work.
  • Makino (voiced by Michael Dobson): Makino is an alien cybernetic being that has an Ultra-Link bonded to him, but it is permanent. He is the leader of the Ultra-Links and ruler of the planet Makino. In Season 1 Earth Under Siege, Makino is allies with Miles Dredd, Ultimate Elementor, and Jason Naught. Makino wants to devour Earth and possibly convert it into his second home planet, but he must first destroy mankind and Max Steel with an Invasion of Ultra-Links, which takes place in Season 2.
  • Evil Ultralinks: A special forces unit Makino has place under the command of Miles Dredd.
  • Blast Link (voiced by Brian Drummond): The sniper of the unit, ultra-linked with a THI plasma cannon giving him powerful distance weapons.
  • Prism Link (voiced by Lee Tockar): The close quarters combatant of the unit, ultra-linked to a series of crystals he is a durable, agile and razor-sharp fighter.
  • Chomp Link (voiced by Samuel Vincent): The brawn of the unit, ultra-linked with a venus flytrap he is equipped with long vines and crushing jaws. It is unknown what happened to Chomp after Mega Metal Elementor launched him off a Makino Destroyer and into space in My Best Friend is an Ultralink after he, Blast, and Prism failed him.
  • Reaper Links: A pair of Ultra-linked reaper hologram Halloween decorations armed with Scythe's and equipped with the ability to switch between solid and intangible at will, resulting in a pair of ghost like stealth operatives.
  • Plaztek (voiced by Andrew Francis): An Ultralink that bonded with Fishy and some of Toxzon's orange waste to become a large fish-like creature composed of super dense and strong plastic. Able to fire plastic fish with large teeth for trapping opponents, toxic goo, plastic explosives, and is a versatile shape-shiftier. As a result of the glitchy connection between Fishy and the Ultralink Plaztek has a highly unstable personality and speech pattern that sounds like a corrupted sound-file. Appears to be destroyed at the end of Toxic Relationship.
  • Avatak (voiced by Richard Ian Cox): An Ultralink that bonded with a video game console because of Toxzon in the episode Digital Meltdown. He has the ability to shoot fireballs, he can also shoot a powerful laser from his chest, he can also hack into games on the type of video game console he bonded with. Avatak was destroyed by the end of the episode because of the glitch in the Max Steel TURBO Warrior video game, which overloaded his systems.
  • The Elementors (Fire and Air, voiced by Andrew Francis; Earth and Water, voiced by Brian Drummond; Metal voiced by Trevor Devall): The Elementors are Ultralinks that each manifested a body from the elements and are able to combine themselves into multi-elemental creatures. Originally, there were a group of four Elementors based around the four elements that were sent to Earth to aid Dredd for their own agenda. The first three, Fire Elementor, Earth Elementor, and Water Elementor, were eventually captured by N-Tek. But during an attempted rescue by Air Elementor in Elements of Surprise, due to an accident with an inhibitor mounted on his head, the four Elementors' bodies ended up being fused into the 4-cored Ultimate Elementor that uses all their powers and combine them to produce ice and lightning. Though the four personalities conflicted at first, they eventually put aside their squabbles for their mutual hatred towards Max Steel. In season two, a Megalink Elementor named Metal Elementor is introduced in Full Metal Racket. In Ultralink Hunter, Metal Elementor sets Ultimate Elementor up by giving him 24 hours to catch Max Steel. After Ultimate Elementor is defeated after managing to catch Steel and Ven-Ghan, Metal Elementor reveals his ruse and absorbs Ultimate Elementor to become the 5-cored Mega Elementor.
  • Fire Elementor (voiced by Andrew Francis): An Ultralink bonded with the element of fire.
  • Earth Elementor (voiced by Brian Brummond): An Ultralink bonded with the element of earth.
  • Water Elementor (voiced by Brian Brummond): An Ultralink bonded with the element of water.
  • Air Elementor (voiced by Andrew Francis): An Ultralink bonded with the element of air.
  • Ultimate Elementor (Ultimate Fire and Ultimate Air, voiced by Andrew Francis; Ultimate Earth and Ultimate Water, voiced by Brian Drummond):
  • Metal Elementor (voiced by Trevor Devall): A Megalink named Metallak bonded with a metal pyramid.
  • Mega Elementor (Mega Fire and Mega Air, voiced by Andrew Francis; Mega Earth and Mega Water, voiced by Brian Drummond; Mega Metal voiced by Trevor Devall):
  • Dr. Tytus Octavius Xander/Toxzon (voiced by Andrew Francis): Formerly a THI scientist, he was mutated after a lab accident with deadly chemicals, transforming him into the mutant villain, Toxzon. He can absorb pollutants and uses them as weapons and can generate venomous monsters. He can also transform into multiple forms by absorbing new poisons and toxins in different color: normal (green), neutralized (blue), acid (orange), toxic bacteria (purple), radiation (yellow), mind control serum (lavender), his mysterious orange toxin (orange), and oil (black).
  • Fishy (voiced by Andrew Francis): Toxzon's beloved pet plastic goldfish. Xander hallucinates that Fishy talks to him, apparently He's a source of his sanity giving him advice and suggestions. In Season 2 Toxic Relationship, he was bonded with an Ultralink and turned into Plaztek, but subsequently meets his end in the hands of Max Steel thanks to his TURBO Drills, which resulted in making Toxzon a more dangerous threat.
  • Goopanoids: Toxic monstrous mutant creatures generated by Toxzon and used as his henchmen. Toxzon can generate different versions in different colors of his goopanoids whenever he absorbs a new toxin: his green toxin (green), acid (orange), toxic bacteria (purple), and radiation (yellow).
  • Troy Winter/Extroyer (voiced by Brian Drummond): A professional criminal named Troy Winter who after being accidentally bonded with a damaged Ultra-Link, became a beastly creation who can morph into any animal just by scanning it with his eyes. His left arm is covered in self regenerating crystals and is used to destroy others in battle. He can so far transform into anything he sees, but he can absorb D.N.A. of dead life-forms and become the extinct beings. His primal transformations are these beasts: his pet black tiger, a spider, a shark, a black cobra, a gorilla, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a wasp, a Scorpion, a corrupted version of Max Steel's Strength mode, and an ultralinked electrical worm alien. If he has a second Ultra-Link in his body, he can transform into a chimeric monster.
  • Dwayne (voiced by Brian Dobson): One of Extroyer's henchmen. Dwayne is smarter and acts like a boss for Vin. He hated Winter a lot since in Thrill of the Hunt, he tried to feed them to his pet black tiger. In Makino Strikes: Part 1, it's revealed that Dwayne has kids that don't know he's a thief.
  • Vin (voiced by Michael Dobson): Another of Extroyer's henchmen who is thin, and sometimes clumsy and dumb. He hates anchovies, as mentioned in Driven. He is a little bit scared at times and he would sometimes be brave.
  • Murukami: He was a ninja in Ancient Japan who seeks his mission, to conquer the world. Murukami was imprisoned in a magic sword by a sorcerer who warned that if anyone ever gripped the sword, he would be released and would wreak havoc on the earth. Murukami's spirit possessed Kirby when he held the sword that a shop vendor and descendant of the sorcerer hid his backpack. Max and Steel were able to use the Turbo Sword to break the magic sword and freed Kirby from Murukami.
  • Colonel Jasper F. Castle (voiced by Lee Tockar): A former colonel in the US Army, he and his men's loyalties were bought by Miles Dredd. Using them, Dredd lured Max into a trap. Luckily, a traitorous member who was new to them called N-Tek and together they defeated and apprehended Castle and his men and chased Dredd and Naught off.
  • Rygnok (voiced by Brian Drummond): The Ultralink Hunter working for the Black Star Council who once a mentor and old friend to Ven-Ghan. Rygnok is a bounty hunter who will hunt anything for the right price. After Makino tore a destructive path through the galaxy, Rygnok began working for the Black Star Council.
  • Guana: Rygnok’s robotic lizard that he uses as a mount.
  • Morphos (voiced by Brian Dobson): A monster designed by N-Tek, as a last resort to destroy Makino should they fail to defend the Earth. It came out that Morphos is stronger than anything. It was predicted that because of this, he wouldn't stop destroying and become a bigger threat than Makino. He has the ability to copy modes of any character. Morphos has the DNA of Miles Dredd and sometimes refers him as his father. His previous weakness was that he is able to turn into one mode at a time, but can now mix his modes since after he was turned into goop by Dredd, he regenerated himself and came out with a mix of modes.
  • Mortum: A new villain arising two years after the events of "Maximum Morphos". Once a successful scientist, he became obsessed with surpassing his own mortality and went after a device named Connect-Tek, who would give him god-like abilities - and thus triggering the events of the "Team Turbo" film. However, the device ends up damaged on his hands and it blows up on his face, turning him into a technologic zombie. Cruel, threatening and intimidating, he was one of Max's worst villains and wanted to take over the world by turning everyone into beings like him, but he is eventually stopped by Max and his team.
  • Terrorax/Dr. Prometheus Halifax: A new major villain introduced in "Turbo-Charged". A member of a mysterious organization named Nexus, he studied Max's activities and energy for years. In the future, he captures Max and forces him to generate a new variation of his T.U.R.B.O. Energy and in the process ends up getting a portion of his blue energy to create his own version known as Terror Energy. After mutating himself and adopting the name of Terrorax, he becomes one of Max's most powerful enemies and had his own team of supervillain named Team Terror, who were evil counterparts of Max and his team. He is eventually defeated and returns with his most powerful weapon: the Pantheon, and planned on forcing people join the Nexus.
    • Night Howl: A mechanically enhanced predator who serves as the evil counterpart of La Fiera. He has superhuman conditions and is capable of turning himself into a large wolf.
    • Snare: A lethal assassin robot created by an unknown individual who was later murdered by his own creation. He has many weapons integrated onto his body and has murdered countless people over the years as stated in "Turbo-Charged". He is Tempestra's evil counterpart.
    • Monstro: A monstrosity capable of turning cloning himself. He serves as the evil counterpart of C.Y.T.R.O..


  • Bartholomew "Butch" (voiced by Brian Drummond): The school bully who torments Max, Kirby, and others. Bartholomew also has two sidekicks. In My Best Friend is an Ultralink, Butch suffered the same fate as Forge did when he was ultralinked. But at the end of the episode Ven-Ghan managed to unlink him. After the events of the episode, he eventually becomes friends with Max, Kirby, and Sydney.
  • Dr. Thornhill (voiced by Michael Dobson): He is one of Max's teachers at Copper Canyon High School.
  • Mr. Jones (voiced by Michael Dobson): He was the old man who checked Max's driver's test.
  • Klean Kal (voiced by Scott McNeil): He was the man in Driven, who was the one who was selling used cars to Kirby and Max.
  • Vendor (voiced by Vincent Tong): He was the old man who was selling old things, and he had the sword of Murukami. He's been later seen in various episodes as a random vendor.
  • Commander Parker (voiced by Vincent Tong): Originally a member of Colonel Castle's army in the first-season episode Uncle Sam Wants You! until Castle's alliance with Miles Dredd was exposed, thanks to Parker reaching out to N-Tek. It was revealed in the second-season episode Deep Turbo Blue Sea that he joined N-Tek after Colonel Castle was arrested.
  • T.J. (voiced by Kathleen Barr): A female artificial intelligence with the Turbo Jet, whom Steel has a crush on.
  • Jimmy Blaze (voiced by Sam Vincent)
  • Dean (voiced by Lee Tockar)
  • Jake (voiced by Giles Panton)
  • Turbolt (voiced by Andrew Francis): An Ultralink who rebels against Makino.

N-Tek/Turbo arsenal[edit]

  • TURBO Modes: When Max and Steel link together, they combine into powerful TURBO Modes.
    • Base: In Base Mode, Max Steel wears a suit made of techno-organic plate-like layers that help to harvest and focus Turbo Energy. It contains Max's TURBO Energy so he won't explode and cannot be removed. It amplifies and stabilizes TURBO Energy and enhances Max's strength, speed, durability, agility, senses, and fighting capabilities. Base Mode is also known as the Steel-Suit.
    • Strength: In Strength Mode, Max Steel is larger, stronger and much more powerful. Giving him maximum strength in combat, he is able to lift over 200 tons. Though the armor increases power and defense, it decreases agility. It is also capable of withstanding a nuclear blast. Max Steel first used TURBO Strength Mode against Fire Elementor. This is the third and final mode accessed by Steel using Mimic Mode.
    • Camouflage: This mode allows Max to blend in with civilians and protect his secret identity as Max Steel.
    • Flight: In Flight Mode, Max Steel can rocket through the atmosphere with control and maneuverability. With increase in penetration and scope, he is able to reach altitudes beyond the stratosphere, though, limits the drag and increases lift. Max Steel first used TURBO Flight Mode while training with Berto. In Season 2, somehow the Flight Mode looks slightly different in design.
    • Scuba: In Scuba Mode, Max Steel can maneuver underwater like an aquatic being. Being in this form, he is able to breathe underwater and swim with agility and grace. It lacks in power and speed, but it gets the job done. It was used in "Hard Water" when Max Steel fought Water Elementor after he had captured humans to power his Starship and go home. This mode was rarely used by Max Steel as it was only used for water themed mission.
    • Super: This TURBO Mode resembles a superhero costume, which Max finds too ridiculous, even though Steel loves it. In this mode, Max can fly, has laser vision, increased strength, speed, durability and other abilities Max hasn't unlocked yet but are apparently, voice activated. Activation Phrases include KA-POW (Activates Laser Vision), KA-BOOM (Gives Physical Attacks Extra Power), and Let's Jet (Flight). This was the first mode accessed by Steel using Mimic Mode.
    • Speed: In Speed Mode, Max Steel can run at incredible velocity. Moving at super-sonic speed (going up to 100,000 mph), it causes extremely high levels of aerodynamic efficiency. It minimizes delay and maximizes intervention time. Max Steel used Speed Mode to fight Elementor. In Season 2, somehow Speed Mode has been added green stripes to it.
    • Stealth: In Stealth Mode, Max Steel can move in the shadows with ease. With the suit in dark colors, he is able to turn invisible and is unseen to the naked eye. He has increased in agility, speed and a satisfactory in power.
    • Cannon: In Cannon Mode, Max Steel is very large and sturdy like Strength Mode, but more armored. When charged with enough TURBO Energy, he can fire himself at enemies like a cannonball, doing extreme amounts of damage, then it wastes a vast amount of TURBO Energy as a result, this also the second mode accessed by Steel using Mimic Mode.
    • Clone: In Clone Mode, Max Steel can generate unlimited number of clones to outnumber enemies, confuse and take them down. Also can be used in combination with other modes to swarm and overwhelm his enemies.
    • Mimic: This mode allows Steel to mimic some of Max's TURBO Modes, but overusing it makes them unable to change to another mode. So far, Steel has mimicked Super, Cannon, and Strength. This is also Steel's first TURBO mode.
    • Heat: In Heat Mode, Max Steel is able to generate fire through his arm-mounted blasters. Those flaming blasts are so intense that Max was able to melt Metal Elementor, but at the cost of large amounts of TURBO energy, thus he is not able to maintain it for long.[9]
    • Rocket: A powerful mode with four TURBO blasters that gives Max Steel orbital propulsion and wide firing range. Max was able to unlock Rocket Mode via a special code his father told him, making himself able to stand his ground even against the unstoppable Makino, but requires a lot of T.U.R.B.O. energy.[10]
    • Spike: An agile, ninja-like mode equipped with turbo charged energy spikes and telescoping spike-whips. The spikes covering Max Steel's suit can also be fired as projectiles and extended.[11]
    • Nova: A new TURBO Mode unlocked in Steel's memory by Jim McGrath for Max to battle Makino's clones. It has durability, flight capabilities and three powerful cannons on his hands and over his head. First seen in The Wrath of Makino.
    • Annihilation: A TURBO Mode that Makino forced Max to create this mode. This mode is big, has durability, can shoot lasers and summon a Destabilizing Drill. It debuted in The Wrath of Makino
    • Titan: A gigantic mode used by Max and Steel in order to battle a giant-sized Makino, who had taken control of Jim McGrath's body. In this mode, Max can use the spikes on his back as swords. First seen in The Wrath of Makino.
    • Cannon Spike: A fusion of Turbo Cannon Mode and Turbo Spike Mode. This mode was created after Max and Steel unlocked the power to combine their TURBO modes thanks to the TURBO chamber from Jim McGrath's Tachyon ship and was used to defeat Morphos, who couldn't copy this mode since he could only adapt to one power at one time. In Cannon Spike Mode, Max Steel has superhuman strength and durability, can launch himself at enemies like TURBO Cannon mode and do extra damage thanks to the spikes on his body, can launch projectile spikes like TURBO Spike mode, and can extend large spike whips from his arms that end with spiked flails. This is the first fusion created by Max and Steel. It debuted in Dawn of Morphos.
    • Hydro Heat: A fusion of Turbo Scuba Mode and Turbo Heat Mode. This mode comes with two hydro heat cannons. The right cannon can shoot fire just like TURBO Heat Mode while the left cannon can shoot streams of high pressure water. When both cannons are used at once, they can generate large amounts of steam to blind enemies. TURBO Scuba mode's underwater powers are turned into water powers when it is combined with Heat mode to create this mode hence the name. This is the second fusion created by Max and Steel. It debuted in Maximum Morphos.
    • Sonic Flight: A fusion of Turbo Sonic Mode and Turbo Flight Mode. This TURBO mode allows Max Steel to fly just like Turbo Flight Mode and launch sonic waves from the sound emitters on his body just like Turbo Sonic Mode. This mode can fly at high speeds like Flight mode and thanks to the combined power from Sonic mode, it can fly at supersonic speeds and is one of Max Steel's fastest TURBO modes. This is the third and last fusion created by Max and Steel. It debuted in Maximum Morphos.
    • Exo Strength: A larger version of Max's TURBO Strength Mode, with more power and mobility, as well as the ability to launch his big fists as projectiles. This mode was seen on Maximum Morphos.
    • Hammer Claw: A new experimental mode solely seen in "Team Turbo".
    • Prime Mode: A new mode that Max obtained in "Team Turbo". He gets the ability of flight and a pair of Turbo swords.
    • Hunter Mode: A new mode created solely to undo Mortum's brainwashing on Team Turbo during the events of "Team Turbo Fusion Tek". Max gets increased stealthiness and a wide array of weapons to hunt his foes.
    • Armor Mode: Max's first completely technological mode. He obtains it during "Turbo-Charged". He obtains a Turbo sword and a shield which is durable against Terrorax's Terror Energy. It resembles a knight due to its design and weapons.
    • Jet Pack Mode: Max's second technological mode; he obtains a jet-like vehicle which allows him to fly in high speed and can reconfigure itself into various forms. It debuted on "Turbo-Warriors".
    • Wave Rider Mode: Max's third technological mode; he gets a techno surfboard with missile launchers. It debuted on "Turbo-Warriors".
    • Sniper Mode: Max's fourth technological mode; he gets a rifle which can shoot concentrated green Turbo rays and a dagger. It debuted on "Turbo-Warriors".
    • Rocket Launcher: Max's fifth technological mode; he gets a spear and was activated along with Alex as a bionic panther. It debuted on "Turbo-Warriors".
    • Mountain Attack: Max's sixth technological mode; he gets a pair of pickaxes and climbing equipment. It debuted on "Turbo-Warriors".
  • Jim McGrath's TURBO Modes: In the TV movie The Wrath of Makino, Jim links with Steel after a very long time, once more becoming the legendary Ja'em Mk'rah, the original Max Steel. While trying to save Max from Makino's control, Jim displayed some of his own TURBO Modes.
    • Base: Jim's techno-organic suit, first used in his attempt to repel Makino's invasion in Tachyon.
    • Sky Stinger: A flight-based mode, equivalent to Flight Mode.
    • Sonic: A TURBO Mode that can launch powerful sonic waves. Max and Steel combined this mode with Turbo Flight Mode to create Turbo Sonic Flight Mode.
    • Gauntlet: A mode with a massive right hand used for close combat. It is probably Jim's counterpart to Strength Mode.

N-Tek carries a vast amount of weaponry and vehicles that runs on TURBO Energy, being at the disposal of the N-Tek agents and Max Steel.

  • Turbo-Rang: As a primary weapon for Max Steel, Steel after being fully charged with TURBO Energy, acts as a boomerang, although Steel ends up being dizzy.
  • Turbo Blaster: The ultimate long-range weapon developed by Steel and Berto to deliver powerful bursts of TURBO Energy, which can only be operated by Max Steel. It has specialized functionality for TURBO Energy propulsion and fires at a range of 150 yards. After Steel links up with the Turbo Blaster, it's literally TURBOFied in its long-range. Max Steel used the TURBO Blaster to defeat Air Elementor by hitting his Orb.
  • Turbo Sword: The perfect weapon for close-up fighting or when up against robots. The blade is made of pure TURBO Energy capable of slicing through heavy metal. When Steel is linked with it, he transforms the sword making it TURBOfied.
  • Turbo Lash: A TURBO-powered whip that can ensnare and shock anyone and anything in its path.
  • Turbo Cycle: This vehicle combines the engineering genius of Berto and N-Tek with the slick alien technology of Steel. It can reach up to over 500 mph. It also defy physics and the force of gravity for wall riding and out-of-this-world stunts and jumps. When TURBOFied by Steel, the Turbo Cycle increases in performance.
  • Turbo Car: Once an old truck belonging to Vin and Dwayne, Max and Kirby bought this car only to have Max's little problem with his Turbo Touch. Luckily, Berto fixed it with a TURBO Interface, thus making it TURBOFied. This vehicle has a missile launcher, High-Speed, auto GPS and a Stealth Mode.
  • Turbo Jet: In the air or in deep-sea, the Turbo Jet equips Max for an all-terrain turbo assault on the enemy. It contains a female artificial intelligence nicknamed TJ.
  • Turbo Drills: A pair of powerful drill gauntlets that Max Steel uses in Strength Mode. They can penetrate even the hardest of materials.[12]
  • Turbo Star: Jim McGrath's mysterious Turbo weapon, designed to be the ultimate defense against Makino and his invasion army. Years ago, Miles Dredd sabotaged it, resulting in his transformation and Jim McGrath's death. Now Dredd, Max and Steel are secretly looking for it.[13]
  • Furbo: A robotic dog built by Berto to be Steel's pet.
  • R.O.C.C. (Remote Operational Command Center): It serves as a mobile command center and combat unit for N-Tek agents in the field. It's loaded with state-of-the-art equipment such as advanced surveillance apparatus, scientific analysis lab, and a fully loaded armory.
  • Jump Jet: This high-altitude jet is the perfect air assault vehicle, ideal for low-space missions. It serves as Jefferson and Kat's main combat units.
  • Hopper: The helicopters that N-Tek uses. Used for transporting personal and weapons.
  • Connect-Tek: A powerful device introduced in "Team Turbo". It was created by Jim McGrath based on Steel's technology. It allows the user to create anything that comes up on their minds, such as armors. Years before the series' events, a scientist named Mortum heard of the device and was bent on stealing it for surpassing his own mortality. This triggers the events of "Team Turbo", in which the titular team is created and in the end the device ends up encrusted on Mortum's skull, which turns him into a robotic zombie.


Main article: List of Max Steel episodes (2013)

Season Episodes Originally aired Network
First aired Last aired
126[14]March 25, 2013 (2013-03-25)December 7, 2013 (2013-12-07)Disney XD
226[15]August 15, 2014 (2014-08-15)December 6, 2014 (2014-12-06)Netflix
2015 Animated Films3[16]June 27, 2015 (2015-06-27)August 2, 2015 (2015-08-02)Cartoon Network
2016 Animated Films2[17]March 18, 2016 (2016-03-18)August 31, 2016 (2016-08-31)Citv
2017 Animated Films2 March 18, 2017 (2017-03-18)July 29, 2017 (2017-07-29)TBA


Max Steel first broadcast on March 1, 2013, on Cartoon Network (Latin America) and on March 2, 2013, on Disney XD (Poland).[18] It aired on Teletoon in Canada on March 24, 2013, and on Disney XD in the United States on March 25, 2013.[14] It later premiered on Nicktoons (UK & Ireland), CITV, Kix, Canal J, Cartoon Network (Italy) and Boing, Cartoon Network (Spain), Boing, Panda Biggs, and 2BE. In Hungary, the series premiered on April 17, 2013, on Megamax and on September 9, 2013, on RTL Klub. It premiered on Cartoon Network (India) on July 20, 2013.[1] In Greece, Max Steel was broadcast firstly from Disney XD Greece and it also started airing on July 7, 2013, from Star Channel. The second season premiered on August 12, 2013, on Teletoon and on April 12, 2014, in Latin America. Season 2 never aired on Disney XD in the United States due to low ratings of the first season. All of the episodes of seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix Streaming[19] Reruns of the second season began airing on KidsClick in the United States on July 3, 2017 until June 15, 2018.[20]


In her review for Common Sense Media, Emily Ashby praised Max Steel, giving it a 4/5. She called the use of bullies and struggles in school "relatable," and said that "Max Steel's likable attitude, sense of humor, and clear vision of right and wrong make him a viable modern superhero for teens."[21] In his review for Media Life Magazine, Tom Conroy said Max Steel was "Cobbled together from ready-made sources with no apparent interest in coming up with a fresh twist or a new slant, it fails to make much of an impression, either positive or negative." He criticized the use of bullies, new school, dead father, and shadowy mentor, saying they "are so overused that the writers of this series might have assumed they were obligatory and thus didn’t feel they were being lazy." He also criticized the graphics, citing them as "creaky" and "bizarrely artificial."[22]

The show was also nominated for the BAFTA 2014 Kids' Vote television category.[23]


Main article: Max Steel (film)

Paramount Pictures planned to remake Max Steel as a motion picture. Originally, Taylor Lautner had been confirmed to star in the lead role as Josh McGrath.[24][25] As of March 2010, Lautner had dropped out of the film in favor of Hasbro and Universal's Stretch Armstrong.[26] Due to the relaunch of Max Steel in 2013, all plans for a live action movie were suspended. On August 2, 2013, it was revealed that Dolphin Entertainment are working on a Max Steel film. Christopher Yost will be writing while Stewart Hendler has been attached to direct. The film will follow along the plotline of the reboot and not the original series. The film will be distribute by Open Road Films originally with a 2014 release but has since been pushed to October 14, 2016.[27][28][29] On February 6, 2014, the studio has cast Ben Winchell as Max Steel and Ana Villafane as his love interest Sydney Gardner. But the use the character of Sofia Martinez instead of Sydney Garner in the movie.[30] On April 29, 2014, actor Andy Garcia is cast in the role of Dr. Miles Edwards, a brilliant and mysterious scientist.[31] On May 20, 2014, actor Mike Doyle is cast in a role.[32]


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