Praxis source based essay example

Praxis source based essay example DEFAULT

How to Write a Praxis Essay

Essay writing evokes an immediate reaction from nearly everyone, and prospective teachers are no exception. Generally speaking, you either love to write or you see it as a chore. Either way, the Praxis Core Writing test will require you to do a bit of it.
[ GOOD TO KNOW: Praxis Essay Scoring Rubric]
Keep in mind that even the strongest writers can have problems with the unique nature of the Praxis exam. You must respond directly to the topic, and you have to generate your essay in a short period of time. Overly ambitious or flamboyant essayists can run short on time or run too far afield from the topic at hand.
The test makers require you to perform a highly specialized type of writing. Creativity and improvisation are not the goals of a Praxis essay. Instead, an essay is defined as a short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the author. That definition can take you a long way toward effective essay writing on the Praxis exam.

Be Concise and Stay Focused

  • First off, Praxis essays are meant to be short. For each essay, you have only 30 minutes to read and digest the essay prompt, compose the essay, and proof it for errors and clarity. The test makers are looking for brief, clear essays.

  • Secondly, the Praxis essays are meant to be on a single subject. Although tangents, allusions, and digressions make for good fiction, they’ll send you into dangerous territory on the Praxis exam. Be sure that whatever you include in your essays pertains to the subject at hand. If a sentence or idea does not relate directly to the topic of your essay, it should be omitted.

  • Finally, the Praxis essays assess how well you respond to the prompt provided. One of the essays will ask you to express your views on a topic—you will need to express and support an opinion or argument. Remember, you will have to do more than simply express your views on this exam; you will be expected to provide illustrations, examples, and generalizations that support your view.

The other essay will ask you to evaluate two source texts and identify the main points of the issue as illustrated by the texts. A strong essay of this type addresses both texts with proper in-text citations. It does not take a stance on the issue provided but rather assesses the important points related to the topic.
The topics are selected such that any educated person should be able to draw from experience to answer the question. No specialized knowledge is required.
Keeping all three of the points above in mind as you pull your essay together will put you well on your way to success on the Praxis Core Writing test. Of course, the key to effective preparation is knowing what you’re up against.

Know What to Expect on the Praxis Core Writing Test

You have only 30 minutes to write each essay, so effective time management is key. Be sure to complete each essay in the time allotted. Even a well-crafted essay that abruptly ends without a conclusion will lose valuable points.
Speaking of points, the essay section is scored differently than are the other sections of the Praxis exam. Instead of receiving a score based on the number of questions you answered correctly, your essay is scored “holistically” on a scale of 0 to 6. A score of 6 indicates “a high degree of competence in response to the assignment.” A score of 4 or 5 also demonstrates competence, but to a lesser degree. A score of 3 or lower may show some competence but also demonstrates organizational flaws, poor mechanics, or other significant errors.
Your source text essay is graded by two human graders. The argument essay is graded by one human grader and one computer grading program. If your graders’ scores differ by more than one point, a third reader will be brought in to decide where your mark should fall. The third reader will always be a human reader.

How to Approach the Praxis Essays

Even though you have only 30 minutes to complete each essay, you should take time to organize your thoughts before writing about a topic. You should also leave time to proof your essays after writing them.
Writing an essay for the Praxis exam is a two-stage process. First, you decide what you want to say about a topic. Second, you figure out how to say it. If your writing style isn’t clear, your ideas won’t come across no matter how brilliant they are. Good Praxis English is not only grammatical but also clear and concise. By using some basic principles, you’ll be able to express your ideas clearly and effectively in your essays.

Top 4 Principles of Good Praxis Essay-Writing

  • 1. Your Control of Language is Important

    Writing that is grammatical, concise, direct, and persuasive displays the “superior control of language” that earns top scores. This involves using the same good grammar that is tested in the selected-response (multiple-choice) questions. It also involves good word choice or diction and sentence structure.

  • 2. It’s Better to Keep Things Simple

    Perhaps the single most important thing to bear in mind when writing a Praxis essay is to keep everything simple. Because you are aiming to pass this test and get it out of your life, there is no reason to be overly wordy or complex as you write your essay. Simplicity is essential whether you are talking about word choice, sentence structure, or organization. Complicated sentences are more likely to contain errors. Complicated organization is more likely to wander off topic. Keep in mind that simple doesn’t mean simplistic. A clear, straightforward approach can convey perceptive insights on a topic.

  • 3. Minor Grammatical Flaws Won’t Kill You

    Small mistakes are bound to happen when working under the kind of pressures you face on this exam. So don’t panic. Essay readers expect minor errors, even in the best essays. That doesn’t mean you should include an error or two to keep them happy. It means you should be aware of the kinds of errors you tend to make. If you have trouble with parallelism, double-check how you listed groups of things. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses should help you proof your essay before completion.

  • 4. Keep Sight of Your Goal

    Remember, your goal isn’t to become a prize-winning stylist. Write a solid essay and move on. Write well enough to address the topic and demonstrate that you can write. Remember, essay graders aren’t looking for rhetorical flourishes. They’re looking for effective expression. Express your ideas clearly and simply, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

By now, you should know what you’re up against on the essay portion of the Praxis Core Writing test. You need to demonstrate that you can think quickly and organize an essay under time pressure. The essay you write is supposed to be logical in organization and clear and concise in its use of written English. Praxis essay writing is not about bells and whistles; it’s about bread and butter. Nothing fancy—just answer the question in clear language.
The real challenge is to write an effective essay in a short time. With that goal in mind, we’ve developed a proven Five-Step Method that will help you make the most of your 30 minutes.

5-Step Praxis Core Writing Test Method


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Click below to play a sample Core Video from our Praxis Core: Writing Online Prep program.

This particular video focuses on Coordination and Subordination. The proper use of coordinate and subordinate clauses in complex sentences is important to, not only many of the question types in the multiple-choice section, but also your writing of essays for the exam.



Our online prep programs include Core Videos like this one teaching every key topic on your exam.


Core Videos Included in Your Program

Below is a complete list of the Core Videos that are included in all our Praxis Core: Writing Online Prep programs.

These videos were created by our team of teachers and subject matter experts based on the official Praxis Core content specifications.

  • Argumentative Essay
  • Source-Based Essay
  • Revision in Context
  • Capitalization and Punctuation
  • Word Choice
  • Syntax
  • Common Errors with Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Parallelism
  • Correlation
  • Coordination and Subordination (You are currently viewing this free sample video)
  • Research Skills

When you enroll in Praxis Core Online Prep for the Writing subtest, you'll get access to Core Videos covering every test domain, including Text Types; Purposes and Production; and Language and Research Skills for Writing.

Your prep program also includes Test Tutoring Videos in which an experienced teacher discusses each question on your full-length practice test. You'll learn how to apply the subject matter knowledge from our Core Videos to the types of questions you'll encounter on the real exam.


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how to write a source based essay for history

018 In this second Source-based essay, Magoosh Praxis Blog Everything you need to know 3 Responses to How to Write A Source-based Essay for Praxis Core AdVind write essay als je nu zoekt. Structuring a Source-Based Essay. It is common for inexperienced writers to write a report instead of an essay when using sources. Keep in mind at all times that you are developing your own ideas, arguing your own point – not merely reporting on what others have said. Remember the process of creating an essay of this nature. I am really struggling in writing and structuring my source based history essays. I am doing Unit 2 Edexcel AS, E5 British Political History, 1945–90: Consensus and Conflict. Structuring a Source-Based Essay It is common for inexperienced writers to write a report instead of an essay when using sources.

Keep in mind at all times that you May use more than one source per paragraph try group corresponding sources to show key understanding and earn more points Source-Based Essay Writing. Full transcript. Source Analysis Essay. Sources can be classified into two groups. These are the primary sources and the secondary sources. Primary sources are the materials that involves history like original documents which were created at the time under study. AdVergelijk alle prijzen en bespaar tot wel 40 via A source is the place where you gained information used in your writing. A source can be a printed document, an online document, a speech, a quote or even a television or radio program. Of course, one of your tasks in an essay, especially one based on primary research, is to present facts, many facts. Your commentary will make no sense unless you supply your reader with enough narrative, plot summaries, and examples to allow her to judge its validity.

Altijd Sale Vergelijk +1600 webshops Vind de beste prijs How to write common app essay 2017 commonwealth 100 words essay paragraph republic day in hindi 150 words 14 amendment essay explained dummies.How to write a unique college essay good personal reflective practice writing the best college essay what makes 200 word essay time labour. How to write a history essay introduction example english Slide show describes how to write a Source-based essay. Transcript of Source-Based Essay Writing. Conclusion Do not refer to any sources Do not introduce new information Link back to introduction Need only be one sentence if you are pressed for time Introduction Rephrase question in your own words TAKE A STAND! clearly convey your point of view How to write great essay pdf college level history source based. How to write a history essay introduction example english. 100 college essay jumpstarter lidl 012 I am really struggling in writing and structuring my source based history essays.

in structuring source based History essays to write a source There are two essay prompts at the end of the Praxis Core Writing Exam. The first prompt asks you to write about your personal opinions. The second essay requires you to write about the opinions of others. In this second Source-based essay, you’ll read two passages about the same issue. 014 I am doing History for the first time, and it happens that I’m starting it in AS level. I am getting better at my other essays, but I seriously don’t Best Answer: If your question is being interpreted correctly by this respondent, it is about an essay around whether one agrees or disagrees with a source being quoted about an event/movement in history. Usually the source in the exam question is one familiar with the students who have done their reading and studies. 018 How to Write a History Essay. to do if you have a history essay to write, and tested ways to find reliable source material for your essay.

How To Write A Source Based Essay For History

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Recording #12: The Praxis Core Writing: The Informational Essay

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Example essay source praxis based

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Praxis Core Writing 5723 - Part 01 - Argumentative Essay - Kathleen Jasper

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