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Roku’s new Voice Remote Pro is the company’s first remote control to come with always-listening mics built in. These let you easily launch a streaming app or find the remote itself, should it get lost in the couch cushions, using just your voice. The new $29.99 remote, a standalone purchase that works with Roku streamers and Roku TVs, also has a headphone jack for private listening and includes buttons for controlling your TV’s power and volume. And to round it all out, Roku throws in two customizable shortcut buttons that you can program to remember any voice command and repeat it with a press. Perhaps best of all, you won’t need to hunt for AA batteries anymore: the Voice Remote Pro replaces them with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to two months on a charge.

It definitely looks the part of a Roku remote. Weight-wise, the Voice Remote Pro felt about the same in my hand as the remote that came with my TCL Roku TV. But instead of a removable back cover, there’s a Micro USB port at the bottom of this one. Yes, I very much wish it was a USB-C jack instead, but Roku chose the older plug. Either way, it’s largely hidden from view when you’re using the remote since it’s behind the purple Roku tag.

On the left side is a 3.5mm jack that will pass the audio from your Roku TV or Roku streaming device to whatever headphones you plug in. Private listening remains a huge convenience, though other platforms like the Chromecast with Google TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV support Bluetooth earbuds to achieve the same end result; if you need to keep a room quiet but still want to enjoy a show or movie, you can have your own private bubble of sound without disturbing others.

There’s another new addition on the remote’s left side: Roku has included a sliding switch to enable or turn off the Voice Remote Pro’s always-listening mode. Some people aren’t comfortable with microphones constantly being on in their home and listening for a wake phrase. If you switch off hands-free mode, you can still press and hold the microphone button on the front of the remote to speak commands. On the right side are a volume rocker and mute button.

All of the buttons on the face of the Voice Remote Pro are the same size as those on my TCL Roku remote, though this remote is a bit taller since it adds two programmable buttons above the four branded shortcut buttons. Roku’s marketing images show an Apple TV Plus button alongside Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu. But the remote I received to review actually had Sling TV on there instead of Apple’s service. Roku tells me it’ll be changing this in future shipments, which I take as a sign of how recently its deal with Apple came together. The buttons aren’t remappable, so if you want the Apple one, it’s probably best to wait.

Some people don’t mind these branded buttons since they’re easy to use and straightforward: others complain that there’s always some app or service in the foursome that they either don’t have or never use. Sometimes the buttons manage to outlive their advertised services: Roku has had Blockbuster, PlayStation Vue, and Rdio on its remotes before — all services that no longer exist. I can understand both arguments, but considering how much money Roku rakes in from those quick-access shortcuts, the sponsored buttons are here to stay. Thankfully, Roku has at least made a good decision by including two customizable buttons to go along with them.

The buttons labeled “1” and “2” can save any voice command that Roku supports; just long-press either button after the voice command, and it’ll be set as that button’s function. This can be as simple as using them as two shortcuts for apps that don’t have their own button, like “open HBO Max” or “open Peacock.” But you can also use the shortcut buttons for searches (“show me free movies”), input selection (“switch to antenna TV”), or TV controls (“turn the volume up,” “turn on closed captioning”). I like the flexibility.

The Voice Remote Pro’s built-in microphones did a fine job picking up my voice when on the coffee table several feet away from me; I didn’t have to shout or over-enunciate anything for my voice commands to register successfully. Roku says the “mid-field microphones” can work at distances up to 12 feet, but at that point, you’d probably need to raise your voice some.

Don’t expect Roku’s voice platform to be a replacement for the Google Assistant or Alexa, though. Aside from opening channels or searching for content, it’s all still rudimentary stuff. You can ask it what the time is, but it can’t give you the weather. “Turn the volume up” worked perfectly on my TCL Roku TV, but “turn the brightness down” didn’t. Certain apps like Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO Max can start playing content directly after a voice request, but “watch The Crown on Netflix” requires you to click in from the voice search result. (You can say “Hey Roku, OK” to select whatever’s currently highlighted, so you can technically still start watching using only your voice.)

“Hey Roku, find the remote” easily proved to be my favorite voice command. Assuming the remote is in a spot where it can hear you say that, it’ll emit a sound for 60 seconds or until you press a button to indicate it’s been found. The Roku Ultra has a button on the streaming box itself for this purpose, but this is even easier — assuming you’re okay with the always-on mics. You can also trigger the remote beeping with Roku’s smartphone app.

Amazon recently announced that it’s adding sponsored shortcut buttons to the Fire TV remote, and that means Roku and Amazon are pretty much identical when it comes to clicker functionality. Both can control your TV’s power and volume, both have the dedicated sponsored buttons. Roku’s Voice Remote Pro pulls ahead with the customizable buttons that Amazon’s remote lacks, however. And Amazon still requires you to press and hold the mic button for Alexa commands; there’s no hands-free option. It’s a bit surprising that Roku beat Amazon to a remote that you can talk to from across the room, though the Fire TV Cube builds hands-free commands into the streaming device itself.

Roku’s Voice Remote Pro is being released just after Logitech confirmed that it’s finished making Harmony remotes. And in part, these streaming remotes are why; thanks to HDMI-CEC, they can cover enough ground for a lot of people that universal remotes aren’t the essential living room gadgets they were 10 years ago. And TVs are increasingly getting “smarter” with built-in support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, so you can include them in smart home routines.

Purely from an ergonomic standpoint, my favorite streaming player remote remains Nvidia’s backlit remote for the Shield TV. Yes, it’s got a Netflix button — but that’s it for sponsored buttons. And Nvidia lets you fully customize what the settings button does. You can decide what a single tap, press and hold, or double press will do. These can be set to open different apps if you want, or you can pick from many other functions. There’s no headphone jack, and Nvidia is still using regular old AA batteries, so Roku still comes out ahead in some ways.

The Apple TV remote steers clear of streaming app buttons, but it’s too small, easily lost in the far reaches of the couch, and just not great to use. Google’s remote for the latest Chromecast is simple enough, but the furthest it goes with “customizable” buttons is letting you choose which YouTube app — YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, etc. — the YouTube button will open.

The Voice Remote Pro is the best execution of a Roku remote so far, even if it can’t approach the scope of what a Harmony is capable of. The programmable buttons, private listening, and hands-free voice commands are enough to justify the $29.99 price and upgrade from a standard Roku remote. Not everyone will be comfortable with a remote that’s always listening to them, but with the money you’ll save on batteries, it basically pays for itself.

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As people are still stuck at home and streaming more TV than ever, looking for ways to improve things around the house has become part of the routine. If you own a basic Roku player or Roku TV, one way you can do that quickly and easily is by upgrading to Roku's $20 voice remote or new rechargeable $30 Voice Remote Pro. Either also make for good replacements if you lost or broke your main remote.

With either clicker, your Roku can start to take advantage of features such as voice control -- without having to point directly at the Roku TV, box or streaming stick. Those who get the Voice Remote Pro also gain a rechargeable battery and the ability to find lost controllers by simply saying, "Hey Roku, find my remote," to have it start beeping. There's even a headphone jack for private listening.

Here's how you can make the upgrade. 

Knowku the remoteku: Comparing the Roku remotes


First, let's break down the five different remotes Roku has. 

Simple remote

This controller is included with older Rokus, cheaper streaming sticks like the Express and Premiere and cheaper or older Roku TVs. It uses basic infrared, aka IR, to send commands to the Roku, so it won't work if you don't point it directly at your Roku or if something gets in the way. This remote also lacks a microphone, so if your Roku remote lacks a mic button then it's a Simple version. 

Voice remote 

This remote, available for $20 (see below for retailers), has three upgrades:

  • Doesn't rely on IR, so you can "point anywhere" to control your Roku
  • A built-in mic so you can search and issue commands with your voice
  • Power, volume and mute keys for controlling your TV, so you don't have to use your TVs original remote

Note that the last item only applies to streaming players; all Roku TV remotes (Simple and otherwise) have volume and power control.


Enhanced voice remote 

This remote, available on Roku's site for $30, has all the features of the voice remote above as well as three more extras:

  • A headphone jack that lets you listen privately, using your own headphones without disturbing others
  • Two shortcut keys that can be customized to open apps and perform other functions
  • A tiny speaker that allows it to emit sound, so it can be used with the remote finder feature in the Roku app

Voice Remote Pro 

This remote, also available at Roku's site for $30, has all the features of the Enhanced remote but adds the following upgrades.

  • A rechargeable battery
  • Midfield microphone for "Hey Roku" voice commands without needing to press down on the remote. 

Gaming remote

Roku also sells a "gaming remote" on its site, but it's basically identical to the enhanced voice remote (without the customizable shortcuts), also costs $30 and is largely useless since Roku devices don't support many games. We'll ignore it but if Roku's enhanced voice remote and Voice Remote Pro are somehow sold out and you don't want to wait, this can take its place by offering most of the same functionality including private listening and voice search. 

Read more:Which Roku player should I buy?

Which upgraded Roku remote should I get? 


If you've been frustrated about having to constantly point your remote directly at the TV -- and don't care much about the private listening, chargeability or hands-free voice control -- the $20 regular voice remote is a quick, simple and relatively cheap upgrade. 

If you constantly lose the remote or don't want to deal with swapping in AA batteries, the $30 Voice Remote Pro is perfect for you (even if the Roku voice assistant still leaves plenty to be desired). It also has customizable buttons and a headphone jack for private listening, making it a nice choice over the regular Enhanced remote for the same price.

Yes, any Roku device can use Roku's app to allow private listening by connecting your phone to a pair of headphones, but having the jack on the remote itself is more convenient for frequent users. CNET's David Katzmaier has been using an older Streaming Stick on a bedroom TV, paired with an enhanced voice remote from a Roku Ultra, for the last couple of years. "I don't want to say 'marriage saver,' but it's definitely a worthwhile upgrade for us," he says. 

Roku's site currently has the $20 voice remote on "backorder" but the company also sells the accessory at a host of retailers Walmart, B&H Photo and Video, Rakuten and Amazon for roughly the same price.

Best Buy and Kohl's will also sell you the voice remote, but for some reason both are still charging $30.

The Voice Remote Pro can be found for $30 at a number of outlets including Roku's site, Best Buy, Walmart and Amazon.

While you might not be as stoked as Katz with your Roku remote upgrade, hopefully the new remote can help make your streaming experience a bit better.

How to pair a new Roku remote with an old Roku or Roku TV


One of the best aspects of Roku is its cross-device compatibility -- you'll get pretty much the same simple experience whether your Roku is a couple of years old or brand new. This compatibility also extends the remotes. The new remotes listed above will likely work on your old Roku too, even if it's no longer listed as a compatible device on Roku's own site. 

It should be noted that Roku says the fancy Voice Remote Pro works with "all Roku TV models, Roku audio products, and most recent Roku players." 

There are two ways to pair a Roku remote with a TV or streaming device. The simplest way is to power on your Roku and hold the pairing button for a few seconds until you see a prompt on your screen saying the remote is pairing. This button can be found next to the batteries on most remotes or on the bottom of the back of the Voice Remote Pro. Using this method is how I easily connected the Voice Remote Pro to a Streaming Stick Plus and a 2019 TCL Roku TV without needing to fiddle around with Settings. 

Read more:How to set up a new Roku

The other option is to head into Settings. In earlier tests, I used a few different remotes and a few Rokus. To represent older Rokus I dusted off a Roku 2 that was originally announced in 2015 and shipped with a Simple remote. I was able to pair it with a new enhanced voice remote and the process was as simple as it is on newer devices. 

Here's how:

1. Power on the Roku and TV.

2. Using your old IR remote, or the Roku app on your phone, head to Settings.

3. Scroll to Remotes.

4. Click Add a new remote.

5. On your new enhanced remote, insert batteries and hold down the button toward the bottom of the battery compartment for five seconds.

The TV and remote will then pair.

Even though the Roku 2 is now almost seven years old, the remote was still able to use all of the newer features including voice search, shortcuts and listening through headphones. It also was able to power on and control the volume on the Samsung TV it was connected to. I previously did a similar test pairing a 2018 Roku Ultra enhanced remote to my 2017 TCL P605 Roku TV and had similar success. 

I have not yet been able to test the Voice Remote Pro with the Roku 2.

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How to add a new remote to a new, cheaper Roku or Roku TV

Most new Rokus ship with a voice remote but the company's cheapest options, the original Express and Walmart-exclusive Express 4K, still rely on the weaker remote. Some newer Rokus, like our current Editors' Choice pick the Streaming Stick Plus and new Express 4K Plus, ship with the voice remote but not the enhanced voice remote that has the headphone private listening feature. 

Luckily, upgrading to either remote is simple and the same as with older Rokus. Simply follow the steps above and you'll be able to add either new clicker to your existing Roku. 

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One way or the other, remotes always find a way to disappear or stop working. Whether it is that your dog chewed or peed on it, or your kids banged it against the floor, or the OEM roku remote just “grew legs”, what you need to do is get a replacement.

You can try downloading an app on your phone, but as you’ll soon discover, a remote app doesn’t always work, and it isn’t always convenient. The best option is to go out there (or online if you love diversity and convenience) and get the best roku remote.

Now, if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of sifting through the junk to find a good model, our reviews below will be helpful.

The Most Highly Reviewed Roku Remotes

Best Roku Remote Controls Reviews 2020

1. Amaz247 ARC101

Are you on a tight budget and you want a good Roku remote that can perform the basic functions faultlessly? The Amaz247 ARC101 is just the model for you. At the time of creating this review, this remote was going for under 10 dollars, making it one of the least expensive Roku remotes.

The Amaz247 works with Roku 1, 2, 3, 4 and also works with Roku HD & LT, and Roku Express and Ultra. The only versions of Roku it does not support are Roku TV and Roku Streaming Stick.

One of the coolest things about this remote is that it is very easy to use. The buttons on it are clearly labelled and they’re able to take care of the basic functions including forward, pause, rewind, and more. There are also Netflix, Hulu, Sling, and Amazon buttons to help you access these sites in instantly.

The buttons on this unit are a bit soft, so pressing them feels comfortable. They also move smoothly to give you a good experience using the remote control.

Again, there’s no setup/programming or pairing needed. Once you switch on the Roku player, the remote should connect with it automatically and work.

That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying the Amaz247. This remote is for the basic functions. You won’t be able to use it to switch the player on or off and you cannot control the volume with it as the remote lacks the corresponding buttons.

Since the unit uses infrared technology, it fails to work if there are obstacles between it and the Roku player.

But remember, you get what you pay for. At that price, the functionality is acceptable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with most Roku generations
  • Includes the most popular shortcuts including forward, rewind, and pause
  • Pairs automatically – no pairing or programming required
  • Uses infrared technology
  • Inexpensive

2. Motiexic Remote Control for TCL ROKU TV

Looking for a good and simplistic remote control for your TCL Roku TV? You got to try the Motiexic Remote Control for TCL ROKU TV. This unit is compatible with virtually all generations of TCL Roku TV, including 28S3750, 50FS3850, 32S301, and many more.

If you’re on a limited budget, not to worry, as this remote goes for less than 10 dollars.

Like the previous remote we discussed, the unit comes with all the buttons needed for the most basic functions. There are buttons for rewinding, pausing, forwarding, and even switching between the channels.

Due to the nice outline of the roku remote buttons, navigating through the channels and controlling your TV is easy. There are spaces between the buttons, providing room for each button to be pressed without the finger pushing the adjacent buttons.

The buttons on this one are also smooth and when pressed, they move readily and go back up with a hitch. If you’re looking for a good experience using a remote control, this unit will do.

Another thing that makes this remote easy to use is the fact that there’s no setup or programming needed. It works right out of the box, requiring only a new pair of AA batteries (which aren’t included).

Once you plug in the batteries, the remote automatically pairs with your TCL TV and you can begin using it.

There are two main issues you have to be aware of when buying this unit. First, it’s only meant for TCL Roku TV. It will not work with the Roku streaming stick or the Roku 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The other problem is with the signal strength, which only seems to work from a close range, at least 5 meters (16 feet) and with no obstacles between it and the player.

Other than that, it’s a good simplistic and cheap replacement remote for your TCL Roku TV.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic pairing
  • HBO, Netflix, Sling shortcut buttons
  • Compatible with TCL Roku TV

Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. GE Universal Remote Control

If you’re looking for the ultimate versatility and control but don’t have much cash to spend, you might want to check out the GE Universal Remote Control.

Even though this unit goes for less than 10 bucks, it comes with numerous buttons for a whole range of functions including power, volume control, muting, pausing, and even recording.

As you can see in its pictures, it has almost everything a TV remote control should have.

But that’s not the juiciest part. This is the juiciest part – the remote is designed to work not only with Roku devices but with other devices as well.

You can use it with blue-ray/DVD players, satellite/cable receivers, soundbars, streaming media players, and different TV brands including LG, Samsung, Apple, Panasonic, and more.

That, we can all agree, is incredible versatility.

Changing between controlling TV and other devices is super easy. You only have to hit one of the buttons at the upper side of the remote to select the device you want to control.

The keys are labelled clearly to make it easy to operate the remote.

This unit comes pre-programmed for Roku TV and players, and for Samsung TV, thus you can use it right out of the box. For other devices that you might want to program, the online instructional video (which is easy to follow) will come in helpful. You can find it on the brand’s site or on YouTube.

There’s something we loved a lot about this remote – the master volume function. This allows you to control the volume of any device you like.

There are two main problems with this unit. First, if you have big hands, the thin design of the remote will feel a little uncomfortable and you’ll have trouble operating the buttons.

And secondly, there’s no “back” button. To go back, you have to exit applications completely.

Other than that, it’s a fine universal remote control compatible with most devices.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with most devices including DVD players, TVs and soundbars
  • Works with most Roku boxes
  • Preprogrammed for Roku and Samsung TVs
  • Responsive buttons

Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. Roku Express Streaming Media Player

With more than 75% of over 8600 reviewers giving it a 5-star on Amazon, it is clear that the Roku Express Streaming Media Player is superior. Moreover, it comes with the best roku remote for someone who needs a no-fuss option.

The little Roku Express player has a simplistic setup. It also comes with a free HDMI cable for connection with your TV. This unit comes with over 500,000 channels, including the most popular such as Netflix, Roku, HBO, and abc.

Getting this unit means saying goodbye to subscription and equipment fee. You get to catch up with the popular shows on the Roku channel without having to pay any fees.

When you get this device, you’re given a free Roku mobile app that you can use to do a voice search and to listen privately.

Let’s see what the included remote control has to offer.

The remote is a sleek and has just the right weight and size for anyone whether they have big or small hands.

As a no-fuss remote, the unit contains only a few buttons, targeting the most important functions like instant replay, rewind, forward, back, and pause.

Apart from these basic functions, there are roku remote buttons for instantly accessing the major streaming networks including Hulu, Sling, Netflix, and CW.

The ease of use is extremely high and the navigation is largely intuitive, so you will likely not even need the instructional manual.

As the buttons are well separated with spaces in between them, working them is a piece of cake. These buttons are firm and very solid, and they move beautifully.

Highlighted Features:

  • Package includes the Roku Express Player and remote control
  • Over 500,000 channels
  • No equipment fees
  • Sturdy-built remote with responsive keys
  • Remote has a strong IR signal

Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. TCL Roku TV Remote by IKU

Looking for an inexpensive but worthwhile replacement remote for your Roku TV? Over 80% of more than 290 reviewers agree that the TCL Roku TV Remote by IKU, which goes for less than 10 bucks, deserves a 5-star.

Yep, you get a superb replacement remote for less than 10. And of course, you have to realize, these figures reflect what was there at the time of writing this review.

Even though the remote is one of the cheapest options you can find, it offers more than just basic functions. With it, you can increase or decrease the volume, mute, power on or off, perform instant replay, move back, forward and rewind, pause, and switch between channels flawlessly.

The remote comes with buttons for all these functions.

Apart from that, this remote comes with shortcuts for four of the most common streaming channels. That includes Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Amazon.

One of the most amazing things about this remote is its design, which is able to keep the device compact without stuffing the keys together. The keys are well laid out and spaced out so each key can be pressed without accidentally pressing the adjacent keys.

The volume up/down and mute buttons are located at the sides as with smartphones.

The entire design is particularly helpful for the guys with big hands and fingers.

To keep everything easy for you, the manufacturer has preprogrammed this unit for the TCL Roku TV. You needn’t do any setup when you get it. All you have to do is insert the batteries and use it.

You’re going to love how strong the signal is with this remote. The manufacturer insists on an unobstructed signal path as the device uses IR, but the remote seems to work even when you don’t point directly at the TV.

One thing you have to realize before getting this unit is that it works only with the TCL Roku TV. It’s not for the Roku player or the stick.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for all TCL Roku TV models
  • Preprogrammed – no pairing needed
  • Powerful signal – works from up to 30 feet

Check Latest Price on Amazon

6. Anderic Standard Universal Control

If you’re looking for more functionality than just changing channels, rewinding, pausing and forwarding, you should try the Anderic Standard Universal Control.

It comes with extra buttons for more advanced functions, and in that regard, you can use it to switch your player on and off, turn the volume up and down, and even mute the sound.

You get all that functionality for less than 15 bucks.

This unit is pretty versatile, working with most of the Roku devices. It is compatible with all Roku streaming players, including the XDS, LT, XD, and even the Roku 1, 2, and 3, and the Roku Premier 3920 and Express.

The only thing it device it doesn’t work with of the Roku media technologies is the Roku stick.

Forget your original remote control. This one comes with extra features. There are shortcuts for Hulu, Netflix, Sling, and Amazon, which help you get to these sites in an instant.

Kids love to mess with the battery compartment and this is one of the reasons that lead to many remotes malfunctioning. Now, to deal with this setback, the Anderic remote comes with a screw that secures the battery compartment, keeping kids at bay.

Ease of use is optimized with this unit. Firstly, the unit works right out of the package. You just connect the batteries and start using it. No programming or setup needed as the pairing with the player is automatic.

And secondly, there’s an instructional booklet. You can use it in the event that you don’t understand something about the remote.

As for the drawbacks, the unit uses IR, so you have to point it correctly and from a close range for it to work. The other issue has to do with the quality of the material – it’s much lower than that of the original remote, but, albeit not unacceptable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Mute button
  • Volume up and down buttons
  • Power button
  • Hulu, Netflix, and Sling shortcuts

Check Latest Price on Amazon

7. SofaBaton R2 Universal Remote Control

The SofaBaton R2 Universal Remote Control is the best universal remote for roku if you’re looking for a replacement for your Roku streaming player. This unit works with Roku 1, 2, 3, 4, Premier, Express, and Ultra. The remote comes preprogrammed for these Roku versions so you don’t have to deal with pairing when you get it.

It might be one of the more expensive remotes, but with a rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon, it’s also one of the most loved.

Why do people love this unit so much? Firstly, because it comes with everything most people look for in a remote.

There are two separate power buttons for on and off. Apart from that, there’s a mute button, an instant replay button, forward and rewind buttons, a back button for going back in applications, and volume up and down buttons at the side.

Those are not all the buttons the remote has, but there are some of the most important ones that you might be looking for.

There’s one huge advantage of having a good universal remote like this one. You don’t have to keep juggling different device remotes. You use it for your Roku players and for other items around your home that use a remote, including your music systems.

Two things to think about before buying – first, the remote requires a direct line of sight with the device you’re targeting. But then this is necessary considering it’s a universal remote.

And secondly, the remote cannot be used with other Roku devices like Roku TV and Roku sticks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Shortcuts for Netflix and other popular streaming sites
  • Preprogrammed for Roku 1, 2, 3, 4, Premier, Express & Ultra
  • All the important keys
  • Universal remote
  • 12 months warranty

Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. IKU-CJVP81 Universal IR Remote

If you’re looking for something nice and sleek, you might want to check out the IKU-CJVP81 Universal IR Remote. It has a smooth body and an elegant finish. It’s size and weight are also ideal for everyone.

This unit comes preprogrammed for Roku 1, 2, 3, 4, Express, Premier & Ultra. As it comes preprogrammed for these, you needn’t struggle with pairing when you get it.

As a universal remote, the unit is compatible with other devices around your home, including your TV and soundbar. All you have to do is use the 9 programmable buttons on it to define how to control your devices.

Keep it mind that to set up the learning buttons, you need the device’s original remote.

One thing you’re going to love about this unit is that it comes with most of the important keys. There’s a power button, a pause button, an instant replay button, a back button, a mute button, and volume up and down keys.

Of course, there are several other keys, but these are some of the most important ones as some of them lack in cheaper remotes.

If you like streaming movies, then you’ll love the streaming site buttons on this unit. They’re four in total. Two of them are for Netflix and Prime. The other two give you options – you can program them for Hulu, DirectTV, HBO, or any other major streaming site you like. Isn’t that awesome?

One thing’s for sure – the IKU-CJVP81 Universal IR Remote won’t be as responsive as your OEM remote. But, it’s one of the best options at its price range and it still works great.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses IR – no pairing needed
  • 9 programmable buttons
  • Two streaming site shortcuts can be programmed
  • Volume, power, and mute buttons included

Check Latest Price on Amazon

9. RC280 Remote Control for TCL Roku TV

Are you looking for a nice inexpensive remote for your Roku TV? The RC280 Remote Control for TCL Roku TV might interest you. It offers you the most crucial functions and at the greatly discounted price of less than 10 dollars.

And guess what? It comes with a nice holder where you can keep it rather than having to leave it lying around. That goes a long way in preventing it from “growing legs”.

One awesome thing about this remote is that it works with all Roku TV generations, older and newer versions alike. Whether you’re using 65US5800, 55US5800, 32S305 or some other generation, you have nothing to worry about; this one will work.

Besides, in the most unlikely chance that it doesn’t work, you can send it back and get a replacement or a full refund. Isn’t that nice?

It’s hard to find a very cheap remote that comes with all the important keys. This one is, hence, a special one. Some of the important keys that it comes with that you don’t normally find on cheap remotes include a power button, an instant replay button, a back button, volume up/down buttons, and a mute button.

Apart from those, there are also shortcut keys for some of the most popular streaming networks including Vudu and Netflix.

The remote comes preprogrammed, so there’s no pairing needed.

There’s one thing you have to keep in mind. The body of this remote appears to be flimsy. Don’t expect it to last. But then, considering the price level, the construction is understandable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Free holder
  • Works with all Roku TV generations
  • Comes preprogrammed

Check Latest Price on Amazon

10. RC282 Remote Control for TCL Roku

For those looking for a good remote for TCL Roku TV, here is another option, and it’s cheaper than what we discussed above.

It’s pretty much the same as the RC280 Remote Control fit for TCL Roku TV, with the only difference being that this one is a little cheaper.

Like the previous version, the RC282 is compatible with all the TCL Roku TV generations. That includes the 55FS3700, 32S3850A, 65R615, and many more. Whether your TCL Roku TV is an old or new version, there’s a 99.9% chance that this one will work.

And in the off chance that it doesn’t, there’s no worry as the seller is very cooperative and ready to offer a replacement or a full refund.

You know how some remotes have to be paired with the device before use? Well, you don’t have to struggle with those anymore. This one uses IR, so when you get it, all you need to do is insert the batteries and start using it. No programming needed.

One cool thing is that the signal is so strong that even from 30 feet away, the remote still works like a charm.

Another awesome fact is that the unit comes with all the useful keys. You can use it to power on/off, increase/lower the volume, mute, perform instant replay, and even move back in applications.

You also get to access your favorite streaming sites using the shortcuts at the bottom.

Like the version we discussed earlier, the RC282 is not sturdy built, but then at the price range, its quality is acceptable. If you’re looking for the roku remote best buy, get this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with all TCL Roku TVs
  • Lightweight
  • Well-spaced-out keys
  • No pairing needed

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How to Sync and Use Roku Remote?

There are two different types of Roku TV remotes – there are those that use IR (infrared) and there are those that use RF (radio frequency).

Using an IR Roku Remote

The remotes that use infrared are pretty straightforward to use. All you have to do is insert the AA or AAA batteries and start using your remote by pushing the buttons.

There’s no pairing required, but note that an IR remote needs a direct line of sight to work, so ensure there’s no obstacle between the remote and the Roku player.

In the event that your remote fails to work, try these roku tips:

First off, check if the remote is working. Do that, launch your smartphone’s camera and then point the remote at the camera and press some keys on the remote. If there’s some flashing light showing on your phone’s screen when you press the remote keys, that means the remote is fine.

If there’s no flashing light, then try removing and reinstalling the remote batteries. Try a new pair of batteries if it still doesn’t work. And if it still fails, it possibly means the remote is broken and you need a new one.

So, if you’ve confirmed that the remote is working, check the remote sensor on your player. Use a clean towel to wipe it and remove any dirt on it. Also, ensure there’s no obstruction between the remote and the sensor.

In case the remote still fails to work, it might mean the remote sensor on your player has failed.

Using an RF Roku Remote

RF Roku remotes use radiofrequencies to control your Roku devices, so these don’t need a direct line of sight. They, however, need to be paired.

Such remotes normally come with certain features that are absent in IR remotes, including voice control, A and B gaming control buttons, a remote finder alert, and an onboard headphone jack.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn on your Roku player or TV.
  • Insert the AA or AAA batteries into the remote.
  • Hold the remote near the Roku TV or player. The device might detect the remote and pair with it automatically.
  • If the device doesn’t pair automatically, turn it off and disconnect the power, then reconnect the power after a few seconds and turn on the device.
  • Remove the remote batteries and reconnect them immediately. Before closing the battery compartment, find the pairing button in there. When the home screen appears on the TV screen, press the pairing button for about 3 seconds.
  • You should see the pairing light flashing on the remote. If there’s no flash, try to pair again by pressing the pairing button.

If the pairing was successful, you should see a message on the TV screen telling you the pairing is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I buy a Roku remote alone?

Yes. If your OEM remote is lost or broken, you don’t need to get a new player. There are lots of Roku replacement remotes being sold online, most notably on Amazon. They go for a range of prices, from as low as 6 dollars to over 20 dollars depending on the quality and functionality.

Can I use a universal remote to control my Roku?

Of course. There are plenty universal remotes that can be used for Roku as well as other devices including Blu-ray players and soundbars. A good example is the SofaBaton R2 Universal Remote Control, which is the best roku alternative. It’s covered in the review above.

Does Roku offer free TV?

The best thing about Roku is that it gives you free access to over 10,000 movies and shows. If you want some free TV, you might want to get a Roku player or TV. The only catch is that there are a few commercials (but not to the annoying level).

What are some examples of channels offered free on Roku?

With Roku, you get free access to PBS, PBS Kids, Tubi TV, Sky News, Crunchyroll, Cartoon Network, and more.

How does the Roku TV work?

You use a HDMI cable to connect your Roku device to your TV. You can then connect the Roku to the internet by connecting to your home network wirelessly or using a wire to watch movies.

Final Word

Folks, as we call it wrap, we hope our reviews have pointed you in the right direction in your quest to finding the best roku remote.

There are both cheap and premium models on there, but remember to check the features. Check the Roku remote buttons included to see if the model you’re thinking of getting will satisfy your needs.

Does it have a power button? How about volume and mute buttons? Such are the questions you ought to ask yourself.

Top 3 Roku TV's 🖥️ Best Roku TV Picks - 2021 Review

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players and Roku TVs

  • Compatible with: All Roku TV models, Roku Express, Roku Express +, Roku Express 4k, Roku Express 4k+, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, Roku Ultra, Roku Ultra LT, Roku SE, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Streambar, and Roku Streambar Pro.
  • Take control of your Roku media player with the new Roku Voice Remote: The easy to use Roku Voice Remote with TV controls is perfect to replace or upgrade the remote for your Roku TV, Roku player, or Roku Smart Sound bar
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  • Great replacement remote for Roku streaming media players: compatible with Roku express, Roku express, Roku streaming stick, Roku streaming stick, Roku premiere, Roku premiere, Roku ultra, Roku 2, Roku 3, and Roku 4 (some models may not be supported)
  • No more juggling remotes: this voice remote has conveniently positioned side buttons that enable you to control your TVs power, adjust TV volume, and mute audio on most TVs
  • Shortcut buttons: four preset channel shortcut buttons let you quickly jump to popular streaming channels with a single press of your thumb
  • For Roku TV users upgrading their remote: Use your voice to launch channels, search for entertainment, turn captions on, switch inputs, and more
  • For Roku player and Roku smart sound bar users: use your voice to launch channels, search for entertainment, turn captions on, plus control your TV with power, volume, and mute buttons
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