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How to throw a Lego Star Wars birthday party: a real mom’s guide

This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!


Little Brother turned five this month! Ever since his big brother’s birthday in May, we’ve been tossing around ideas for his fifth birthday. After many ideas (and many times of changing his mind), he settled on a Lego Star Wars birthday party–a perfect marriage of the two things he loves most in the world.

Truth be told, I was really excited about his choice. Immediately I started brainstorming ideas for a Jedi training school with all his friends. 

Originally, I had wanted to make it an outdoor water party, complete with pool noodle lightsabers and an outdoor obstacle course on the grass. However, some hiccups with our landscaping mean that our backyard still looks like this…Not super conducive to a backyard water party…I mean, maybe we could have created a model of the sarlacc pit in our HUGE dirt pile, but…

In any case, I re-imagined the party to be indoors.

The good news is that kids are flexible, and everyone still had a great time.

Here’s how I created a Lego Star Wars birthday party on a budget of under $100:


I often design my own invites, but this year has been crazy, so I once again turned to Etsy for a great pre-made design. The design I actually bought is no longer available (sad, it was just a week ago!), but these are two really similar designs I love…

image 1Click to purchase the above design

image 0Click to purchase the above design

Print them at home or have them printed at Costco (or Walmart) and you’re good to go! 

Real mom tip: To really simplify, just send the invites out digitally via text or email. I did that for this party, and it worked really well. It made it really convenient for everyone to RSVP. Just be sure that everyone responds…I had one friend who never received the invite because of some technology glitch! Oops. Good thing I checked!


The more parties I have, the less I decorate. My kids don’t really seem to miss the decorations, so I put my effort elsewhere. For this party, I bought a black tablecloth (dollar store) and Star Wars themed plates and napkins (at our local party store).

I was going to spruce up the tables with a fun balloon centerpiece, but the birthday boy decided emphatically that he DID NOT want balloons, so we skipped it. I didn’t even take a picture of the table because it was wholly unremarkable…but the kids didn’t care a bit. They were much more interested in what was ON the table.

I did print a cute sign for the door:This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!

Download free printable door sign HERE.

And that was it. Super simple.


Usually, I’m a proponent of keeping food really basic at parties because the kids just don’t eat much. They’re too busy playing. However, this party was from 5-7 pm, so I felt like we needed to actually feed the kids dinner. That being said, I still kept it SUPER simple. 

Our Lego Star Wars party menu:

  • Pizza the Hut – $5 pizzas from Little Caesars
  • Yoda Soda – Hawaiian punch mixed with Sprite
  • Fruit & Veggie tray (we use this dollar store tray ALL. THE. TIME.)

This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!The birthday boy REALLY wanted “Yoda soda” (we found the idea here), and all the kids thought it was fun to say…try it five times fast! As expected, they didn’t eat much, validating my plan to put very little effort into food. 

The Cake

Whoa Nelly, coming up with a cake design that my son liked was quite the…adventure. He’s capricious by nature and has a big imagination, so his first idea was to make a multi-layer cake inspired by various movie characters like this one…just a little above my skill level…yikes.

Next, he wanted a full death star…then a storm trooper. I finally had to talk him down to the reality of what mom is capable of making, and we kind of made it up as we went. But the end product was a hit…thankfully.This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you! I made a basic round cake (three layers instead of the standard two for a little added height) and covered it with blue fondant. If you’re terrified of fondant, DON’T BE! Just check out the link below and you’ll find an in-depth tutorial on how you can REALLY make a fondant cake look good, even if you’ve never done it before.

Related: Fondant 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Making a  Stellar Cake

In the past, I’ve always used a basic rolled fondant, but this time I tried out a new recipe for marshmallow fondant. I LOVED it! It was easier to work with than the gelatin version, and the texture was softer (i.e. – tastier).

Note: Making fondant is one time it REALLY pays to have a heavy duty stand mixer (I love mine). You can certainly make it without one, but you have to be prepared for a seriously good arm workout.

Once I had the cake covered in fondant, I used the excess fondant to make dark blue balls as a border around the bottom, white fondant stars (with a tiny cookie cutter I already had), and added Lego accessories as the final touch.This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!These were all Legos we already owned (the X-wing Lego set was a birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa), so it wasn’t an added cost to me.

(Side note: I love giving my kids gifts that I can use on their cakes…I did it for this cake and this one, too.)

The X-wing just happened to be the perfect size for the top of the cake. Serendipity! Plus…Legos have handy little holes in the bottom that are perfect for sticking a bamboo skewer in to prop it up in the cake. 


I planned the whole Star Wars birthday party around the premise of a Jedi training academy. Here’s what we did to train up our young Jedi in the ways of the force.

Jedi Training Uniforms

To make the kids really feel like Jedi padawans, I made simple no-sew tunics for them to wear. Before you think, “She made costumes for EVERY kid????!!!”…hear me out. This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!(This jedi takes his training VERY seriously.)

For eight Jedi training uniforms, I spent less than $10 and had them cut out and done in about a half hour! I bought several pieces of flannel fabric from the remnant bin at Joann Fabric in various shades of tan/brown, and I found a dark brown remnant of broadcloth that I cut into strips for the belts. Easy peasy!This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!Here is the tutorial I used for making my Jedi training uniforms. FYI: she recommends about 18″ wide, but I found for our group of 4-5 year-olds that 15″ was plenty wide.

Pool Noodle Lightsabers

What’s a Star Wars party with out lightsabers??? I opted for making inexpensive DIY lightsabers using dollar store pool noodles (cut in half). This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!I wrapped the ends with duct tape and added some decorative details using black electrical tape. Another project that cost less than $10 total and took about an hour to make (I made 10…which included a couple extras, just in case).

Lego Building Challege

Since it was a Lego Star Wars party, there clearly needed to be time to build with Legos. I decided this would make a great gathering activity while we waited for all the guests to arrive. I laid out a black flat sheet that I have to be “outer space” and dumped a pile of random Legos on it for the kids to build with. 

You can challenge them to build something specific like their own spaceship or droid/robot…or just keep it free form. Alternatively, you can give each child a cup or bag with a small assortment of Legos and challenge them to build something using ONLY the Legos they are given.

Musical Chairs using Weird Al’s “Yoda”

My son LOVES the “Yoda” song by Weird Al, and he specifically requested that we play musical chairs using that song. So we did…it is a great song, after all. 

Jedi Training Academy

The majority of the party was spent doing activities for our Jedi training academy. The sky is the limit on what you can do for this!This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!

Here are the activities we did:

  • Laser beam obstacle course – I used green yarn to create a maze of “laser beams” the kids had to try to navigate without getting zapped. I just wrapped them around studs in our unfinished basement, but you could also tape them across a hallway.
  • Navigate the asteroid field – I hung silver balloons from the ceiling in our unfinished basement at various heights and encouraged the kids to run through them, hitting the asteroids with their lightsabers to knock them out of the way. 
  • Lightsaber training – I had each child stand on a square (I used foam play mats similar to these that we keep in our basement play area) and took them through a “training routine”. I taught them how to hold their lightsaber, how to slice left & right, up & down, and how to parry and duck. I pretty much stole this part from the Jedi training my kids did at Disney World last month.
  • Yoda says – Basically, this is Simon Says…but it’s so much more fun if you act like Yoda.
  • Lightsaber duels – I got the kids into pairs and had them practice sparring with each other. I kept them on their squares so they couldn’t wallop each other too hard…yet.
  • Lightsaber battle – One sweet little boy at the party politely asked, “Are we going to get to hit each other with the lightsabers?” Surprised, I asked, “Do you WANT to?” (He’s usually a really timid child). He assured me he DID, so I created a battle zone and explained that any kids who WANTED to fight could do so in that zone. For kids who didn’t want to be in the fray, I created a safe play zone for them. Needless to say, this activity was a hit, and it ended with them all ganging up on ME and putting me in jail once I surrendered. Sometimes, the best things are unplanned.
  • Lightsaber baseball – Super simple and, again, spontaneous. I threw a “flaming” (it just has flames painted on it) ball to one kid at a time and gave them a chance to hit it away with their lightsaber.

Other Activity Ideas:


We finished off the Star Wars party with our ultimate Jedi quest…DESTROY THE DEATH STAR!This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!I made this piñata out of paper mache over a dollar store beach ball. I was even able to deflate it and remove it afterwards without popping it, so now my kids have a new ball. Win!

I simply painted it grey (if I were to do it again, I’d probably get metallic spray paint), added a black line of electrical tape around the middle and made the divet for the laser beam out of a disposable bowl. Final touch was a green pipe cleaner to be the actual laser.


For their favors, we sent each child home with his or her jedi uniform, lightsaber, and candy from the piñata.This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you! As each child was leaving, we also awarded them these fun Jedi training certificates from Libbie Grove Design (pictured above).


That’s how we threw an epic Lego Star Wars birthday party for under $100 dollars. Here’s the approximate cost breakdown, in case you’re curious:

  • Invitations: $8.99 
  • Table cloth/plates/napkins/cups: $8.00
  • Pizza: $15.00
  • Yoda soda: $4.00
  • Fruits/veggies: $7.00
  • Cake ingredients/candles: $8.00
  • Fabric for Jedi uniforms: $7.00
  • Pool noodle lightsabers: $9.00
  • Yarn for “lasers”: $1.00
  • Balloons (for asteroids): $2.00
  • Pinata supplies: $3.00
  • Pinata candy: $10.00
  • Loot bags: $2.00

TOTAL: $85.00

What do you think? Are your kids die-hard Star Wars fans? Would they flip for this Star Wars birthday party?

And just for fun, tell me in the comments…who is YOUR favorite Star Wars character???

Fun Fact: My favorite is Wicket. 🙂This Lego Star Wars birthday party guide is full of low-effort, budget-friendly ideas to create a super-stellar celebration for the young padawan in your life. May the force be with you!

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15 Ideas for Throwing the Ultimate Star Wars Party

How to host the ultimate Star Wars Clone Wars birthday party for your kids is easy!  Use these 15 fabulous ideas as inspiration and your Star Wars gathering will be the talk of the town.  Ideas include Gathering Games, Ultimate Star Wars Clone Wars Party Games, Star Wars Clone WarsParty FoodRecipes, and Star Wars Party Favors.

Gathering Games:

star wars printable masks
1.  Star Wars Party Printable Masks for Photo Booth~  These adorable Star Wars Party Printable Masks were used  at the photo booth with Storm Trooper Balloons and were a HUGE hit. Laurie  also made 2 adult Star Wars masks that are free printables!  {{score}}
Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Paper
2.  Star Wars R2-D2 Robot Paper Craft {printable} ~ How to make a Star Wars R2-D2 paper craft is a fun gathering game for any Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party for kids. This is an easy piece-together paper craft kids game perfect for ages 5 years old to 8 years old.  You can download the printable free!

Party Games 

Droid Game
3. Don’t Drop The Droid~ A fun Star Wars, Clone Wars, or Jedi Academy game or activities for kids that’s cheap, easy, and fun to play. You’ll only need 2 spoons, hard boiled eggs, and kids to play the game. It’s my version of the ‘egg and spoon’ relay race game.
clone, clone, droid game
4. Clone, Clone, Droid~ If you’re having a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party a fun game or activities for kids to play is a version of Duck, Duck, Goose. Instead, call it Clone, Clone, Droid. {wink}
star wars astroid
5. Survive the Asteroid Field~ How to play ‘survive the asteroid field’ game for a Star Wars or Clone Wars birthday party is an easy game and so much fun for the kids to play. All you’ll need are black balloons, and pool noodle light sabers.

Party Food Recipes

Star Wars Birthday Cake

6.  Star Wars Clone Wars Birthday Cake~ How to make Star Wars or Cone Wars birthday party cake is easier than you may think. Simply order a $14 flat-iced round cake from local store and add sugar cookies or printables to quickly turn any cake into a themed birthday cake.

Jar Jar Links

7.  Jar Jar Links ~ Quickly warm up some Little Smokes and add barbeque sauce to dip and create Jar Jar links for a Star Wars birthday party or just for fun. It’s cheap, quick, and fun for the kids to eat.

Trooper Scooper Recipe for Star wars party

8. Trooper Scooper Recipe ~ Find out how to make Star Wars party food that looks like a Storm Trooper! Try out this easy Trooper Scooper recipe for a Star Wars birthday party, Halloween party, or just for fun.

Obi-wan Kabbob-ies

9.  Obi-wan Kabbob-ies~ How to make a fruit kabob for a fun Star Wars, Clone Wars, or Jedi Academy party for kids.  It’s healthy and easy!

Darth Vader Taters

10.  Darth Vader Taters~ Quickly pop  tater-tots into the oven for a Kid-Friendly appetizer or side dish for a Star Wars Birthday Party or just for fun. This is the easiest way to add fun themed party food to any Clone Wars or Star Wars themed party or event.

Party Favors

13.  Storm Trooper Balloons ~

14.  Pool Noodle Light Sabres ~

15.  Star Wars Tags ~

Party How To Themes:

Special thanks to Michelle R. Photographyfor taking such incredible pictures of Drake’s 6th birthday party.  I love having special memories captured that matter!  {{wink}}

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How to Throw a Star Wars Party

Planning a Star Wars birthday party for your kid? May the force be with you.

Don’t get me wrong. Star Wars is a fantastic theme for kids’ parties. The challenge is that there are so many characters, so many plotlines … so many ideas that you might not know where to start.

Consider this article your Jedi master. Keep reading for instructions on how to throw the ultimate Star Wars soirée and click on the links throughout to see some of the ideas in action.

Party Invitations

Pre-made Star Wars party invitations are readily available in stores. If you’d prefer a custom creation, though, here are some ideas:

  • Imitate the opening crawl of the original trilogy, where the words disappear into the distance. You could write something like, “12 years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Mike was born. Today, he would like to invite you to his birthday party, which will be held on June 20. Until then, may the force be with you.”
  • If you’re sending digital invitations, you can even use a “crawl creator” to make the text.
  • Send everyone an inexpensive, inflatable lightsaber (compare prices) with the party information printed on a scroll of paper that’s wrapped around the saber. On the invitations, ask the guests to bring the lightsabers to the party.
  • Or make your own lightsaber invitations using empty paper-towel rolls, like these Star Wars party invitations from The Blackberry Vine. You can also make lightsabers from the foam insulation normally used around pipes, sold at home-improvement stores.
  • If you have a photo-editing program (and the skills to go with it), you could take an image of a popular character and superimpose a photo of your child’s face on top.
  • Take a photo of your junior Jedi and turn the picture into a postcard (using a service like Café Press or your own computer program), with the party information printed on the back.

Star Wars-Themed Snacks

The food you serve at a Star Wars-themed party should match the theme. Consider these ideas:

  • The blog JustJennRecipes offers a variety of recipes for everything from "Vader Taters" to "Yoda Soda".
  • You’ll also find a multitude of menu ideas in the official Star Wars cookbooks (compare prices). Wookiee cookies, anyone?
  • Here’s an easy snack idea: dip pretzel logs into melted candy chips to make them look like lightsabers.
  • Keep in mind, you can make almost any food fit a party theme with clever labeling. Serving veggies and dip, for example? Add a sign that calls it Vader Veggies and Droid Dip. Is it a slumber party? Serve Anakin Pancakes for breakfast. Make a gelatin mold called Jabba the Hutt Jelly. Or serve a crockpot of hot Chewbacca Chili, and top it with shredded cheese to resemble hair. The possibilities are endless.

Cakes and Other Desserts

You can have a lot of fun when it comes time to serve a Star Wars cake or dessert. Check out these ideas:

  • Princess Leia cake (complete with hair buns, of course).
  • Darth Vader cake pan (compare prices).
  • This Flickr group is entirely dedicated to Star Wars cakes.
  • Chewbacca never looked so sweet.
  • Here is an impressive gallery of Star Wars-themed cupcakes from
  • Cake pops are hot, and it is no surprise that someone has already come up with a way to give cake pops an intergalactic twist.
  • If you prefer cookies, Williams-Sonoma now sells Star Wars cookie cutters, among other kitchen items.

Party Decorations

When choosing a color scheme for a Star Wars party, start with black, gray, and white. You can add tan and blue accents, too. Check out Natalie Putnam’s Star Wars party on Frosted Events for inspiration.

Games and Activities

Here are some easy party games that fit the Star Wars theme:

  • Try this idea from Jessica Wise of VeryMom: "Jedi Training." Hand out lightsabers made from cardboard tubes and balloons (blown up with regular air, not helium), and then instruct your guests to see how long they can keep the balloons from touching the ground using their sabers.
  • Organize a “Race through the Galaxy” obstacle course, where the guests must jump through hula hoops (planet rings), crawl under low netting or tables, and find a hidden object that gives the contestants light speed racing power, allowing them to skip a station.
  • Play Star Wars bingo, as described on The Tip Junkie.
  • If you plan to have a piñata, make one following these basic piñata-making instructions. Decorate it to look like the Death Star, and then use a baseball bat or stick painted to look like a lightsaber to crack it open.
  • You could also purchase a Darth Vader piñata (compare prices) and let the kids take a swing at the ultimate bad guy.
  • What’s a party without pinning a “tail” on something? Pin the buns on Princess Leia’s head … Pin the lightsaber in Hans Solo’s hands … Pin the ears on Yoda. You get the picture.
  • Your guests might also enjoy making crafts. There’s a Star Wars Craft Book (compare prices) with a plethora of ideas.
  • Create a backdrop of Tatooine or another planet in the franchise where the kids can have their photo taken.

Party Favors

When it comes time to send everyone home with a token of your appreciation, consider these party favors and goodie bag fillers:

  • Flashlights
  • A package of gum labeled “Chewbacca Chewing Gum”
  • Franchise-themed Pez dispensers
  • Inflatable lightsabers
  • Lightsabers made from empty wrapping paper tubes or foam pipe insulation
  • Star Wars LEGOS
  • You’ll get an A+ for effort on this one, but consider sewing the guests Jedi robes as something they can wear during the bash and then take home as a reminder of the good times they had fighting the Dark Side.

Star Wars

For a fan of the most famous movie series in the world, create a wonderful party out of everything from the Star Wars Party Supplies collection! You'll be able to get big decorations like pinatas, balloon kits, table covers, cardboard stand-ups, and lots of other fun items like favors and tableware featuring characters both classic and new!


Awaken the Jedi Within

The Force is strong in this one. And it’s ready to be awoken once again. One of the most epic movie franchises of all time is about to hit a birthday party near you. Appealing to both old and new Star Wars fans, our Star Wars party supplies feature something for everyone, plus lots of intergalactic fun for all. Peruse these pages and come up with the most out-of-this-world party that’s perfect for the little Jedi in your home.

Quick Planning Tip

We love winging it just as much as the next guy. But let's be honest. Neither of us is Luke Skywalker, and we need to have a good plan in place when we're storming the Death Star. Keeping lists and making a schedule will ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Find Inspiration

At Birthday Express, we're in the business of inspiring. We don't just want to provide fun and practical supplies for your next party. We want to give you YOU the tools you need to make your day special. Check out the Ideas Blog for ways to really make it your own.

Send the Invites

Though he may be a supervillain and an all-around terrifying individual, Kylo Ren sure knows how to rally the stormtroopers and get them ready to fight for the Empire. Round up your own troops with these Star Wars Invitations featuring your favorite characters so you can get the buzz going about your intergalactic party.


We love birthday parties. It’s kind of our thing. And we love Star Wars more than…well, more than most things. So nothing gets us amped up quite like a Star Wars birthday party — and that goes double for a Star Wars party. That’s why we’ve got our shelves stocked with all sorts of goodies to ensure your Star Wars party awakens the Force that’s been within you this whole time.


You know that nothing screams “good times” like festive balloons out on the mailbox or inside on the stairway. The Star Wars Latex Balloons are the perfect red and blue addition to your party décor. The balloons feature the X-Wing and Tie Fighters, representing some of the most iconic moments in Star Wars history.

Table Cover

The perfect blend of old and new, the Star Wars Plastic Table Cover harkens back to the classic original Star Wars movie posters with our favorite old droids and the new cast of characters. It’s the ultimate table cover for setting the table and setting the scene.


You’ve got your theme picked out, you’ve got the invitations out and RSVPs back. You’ve got your stellar Star Wars table cover neatly adorning your table. It’s time to set the table, and for the love of Yoda, leave those dishes in the cupboard where they belong. Unless your fine china and silverware boast pictures of Poe Dameron, Han Solo or the Millennium Falcon, it has no business on that party table. Instead, stick with your theme (and save yourself from a mess of dishes) with our extensive collection of Star Wars tableware; you'll knock this party out of the galaxy.


We probably don’t need to tell you this, but Star Wars is one of the most successful movie franchises in cinema history. And why is that? It’s got something for everyone. It’s got epic battles of good an evil and dirty politics. It’s got complicated relationships between family and friends. It’s got wookies! This also makes it the perfect birthday party theme. There are activity options galore and we’ve got the perfect places to start. From dress-up supplies and photo backdrops to Star Wars games and prizes, we’ve got what you need to make a good party great.

Award Ribbon

Whether you stage a lightsaber duel in the living room or an X-Wing dog fight in the back yard, the Star Wars Award Ribbon is the perfect way to honor the participants in the same fashion of Luke Skywalker and the others who so valiantly defended the Alliance all those years ago.

Star Wars Party Game

You must answer one question: Rule the galaxy or join the resistance? Answer that question daringly with the Star Wars Party Game. It includes a movie poster, eight stickers and one blindfold, which is everything you need for a fun Star Wars party game to get the whole group involved.

Photo Opportunities 

Help create lasting memories with the Star Wars Scene Setter. This bold, colorful backdrop is an awesome way to capture photos of the kids with their game prizes, costumes or favorite party decorations from the big day. It comes in five pieces that all together measure about 6’ tall and 5 ½’ wide.


No new Star Wars character is generating more hype than evil (and evil-looking) villain, Kylo Ren. Now you or someone at the party can don the haunting threads of this newcomer with the Star Wars: Episode VII Kylo Ren Costume for Boys. It comes complete with hooded full-length cape, belt and mask.


Though a Jedi might agree that a party well thrown is its own reward, children don’t always share the same virtuous outlook. That’s why party favors are a great way to say “thanks for coming,” as they allow you to send your guests home with a fun keepsake so they can have a memory of their trip to that galaxy far, far away. We’ve got Star Wars-themed masks, snacks, lanyards, bracelets and so much more to help your invitees remember the shindig for months to come! Take a look at all our options and pick out the perfect favors to spoil your guests.

Paper Masks

If you’re going with a photo booth or you simply want to send the little Jedis home with a smile on their faces, the Star Wars Paper Masks are really fun and super easy. The pack comes with four different character masks and offers a great way to mix and match all the Star Wars fun.


loudly than a sweet (temporary) tattoo of your favorite character. The Star Wars Temporary Tattoos come with two sheets of eight tattoos and they are a super cool way to remember a great Star Wars party.

Top of Page


Party clone supplies birthday wars

So, your young Jedi has requested a Star Wars-themed birthday party? Great! Fans of the franchise span generations and genders, making it a fun theme for all party-goers (parents included!). The challenge? So many characters and secondary plot lines have been introduced in the years since the first movie hit theaters in 1977 that it can be hard to know what to hone in on. Should you throw your party around a specific movie or character? What about that television show your kid loves? You can, but be aware: You'll have a much easier time finding Star Wars birthday party ideas (both supplies you can buy and and DIYs) if you stick to the main storyline, since that's what most folks are familiar with, and in turn, what retailers choose to carry. To help you gear up for birthday adventures in a galaxy far, far away—and to ensure you're not lost to the dark side of party planning—we've rounded up 21 cuter-than-an-Ewok ideas for everything from invitations to desserts. (You'll even find a few kid-friendly crafts in here.) Just consider us your Yoda of party planning—and may the force be with you!


The Best Star Wars Party Ideas

The quickest, easiest and best-of-the-best Star Wars party ideas all in one place – Star Wars party invitations, games, food, decorations, FREE printables and more! Now party planning doesn’t have to be a chore!

The Ultimate Quick and Easy Star Wars Party PlanAffiliate Links

Party planning can be overwhelming sometimes, so we’re making it quick, easy and painless by providing you with the very best Star Wars party ideas out there. FREE printable invitations, decorations, games, food and more – simply choose the components that you like the most, and put them together into one incredible and amazing Star Wars party!



Darth Vader Printable Invitation by The Kiwi in the Clouds


Printable Invitations by Printabelle  (on Catch My Party)


Printable Star Wars Party Invitations by Hale Grafx


Lightsaber Invitations by A Little Loveliness

star-wars-partyFree Star Wars Party Printables (invitations + decor) by All Things with Purpose

For the Table: 


Printable BB-8 Party Cup Labels from Atta Girl Says

R2D2 Cups

R2D2 cups from Catch My Party (Get the white plastic cups with lids & straws here)

Lightsaber Napkin Rings

Lightsaber Napkin Rings by Catch My Party



Star Wars Banner“May the Force Be With You” Printable Banner by Babes in Disneyland

Star Wars Printable Banner Flags

Printable Star Wars Banner Flags by Skona Hem


Printable Birthday Banner by Jonesing 2 Create



star-wars-blue-milkshake-recipe-1-of-3-2Star Wars Blue Milkshake by Sugar & Soul

Pretzel Lightsabers

Pretzel Lightsabers by I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Hutt Dogs

Hutt Dogs & Padawan Popcorn by Purple Patch Parties

Star-Wars-Force-Awakens-Party-Candy-Bar-PrintablesStar Wars Candy Bar with Printables by Mom Endeavors

Star Wars Carbonite Jello

Carbonite Jello by Purple Patch Parties (on Catch My Party)


Star Wars Snacks with Printable Labels by Over the Big Moon


Easy Stormtrooper Snacks by The Scrap Shoppe

Yoda Soda

Yoda Soda by Purple Patch Parties (on Catch My Party)


Printable Star Wars Masks

Printable Star Wars Masks by Strawberry Mommycakes

Jedi Training Academy Games from Play. Party. Plan.


Light Up Lightsaber Favors by A Night Owl


Easy Star Wars Photo Backdrop by Atta Girl Says


Bubble Lightsabers by Eclectic Momsense (buy the bubbles here!)

death star pinata

Death Star Pinata by East Coast Mommy

Pin the Helmet on Vadar

Pin the Helmet on Darth Vader Game (with printables!) by Craft, Interrupted


Printable Star Wars Bingo & Trivia from Mom Endeavors

Pool Noodle Lightsabers Pool Noodle Lightsabers by Muddy Boots

Galaxy Slime

Galaxy Slime by Twodaloo


Printable Star Wars Bingo by The Kiwi in the Clouds


Jedi Knight Certificate by Libbie Grove Design


The Ultimate Quick and Easy Star Wars Party Plan Ideas

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Star Wars Party Supplies

Star Wars Party Ideas and Inspirations

If you have a little boy at home who dreams of fighting like Finn or Kylo Ren, you can get him everything he needs for the perfect Star Wars birthday party with the supplies on this category page! The Force is sure to be with him on his birthday when he’s partying with Rey, General Organa, and so many more beloved Star Wars characters through the decorations you can order on this page. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give him the most popular party in the galaxy this year, with our Star Wars party supplies!

The invitations and thank-yous we offer on this category page will make your child’s friends feel like they’re being summoned to defend the galaxy from the Sith when they receive these cards decorated with all their favorite Star Wars characters! They’re going to be so thrilled that you’ll need to really bring your A game to the decorations, and we can help with that too. We have all kinds of wall decals, cardboard stand-ups and so much more to make your child’s friends feel like they’ve stepped onto the set of a Star Wars movie. Not only that, but our balloons and pinatas are going to get so many Star Wars themed games started that you’ll have to tear them away from the fun for the cake!

You can make the cake into a fun Star Wars affair as well with our cake supplies! Your child will feel like they’re celebrating like a Jedi when they see the tableware, with its plates and napkins that make all the Star Wars characters into guests at their party. You can even make your little one a Jedi for real when you take advantage of our many personalization decorations available on this category page! Finally, send your child’s friends home with favors and gifts that will make them feel like they’ve just mastered the ways of the Force!


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