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Modern California King Size Bed

Combines style and function with a smooth dazzling finish Infuse the style theme in your bedroom as per your choice with our modern California king bed. These contemporary king size platform beds are available in a couple of textures like leather and fabric. Besides, a multitude of colors are available including black, white, brown, grey, walnut, beige, green and blue. Moreover, veneer, matte, glossy and wood finish will delight you in every purchase. When you have such wide options to choose from that means you will get everything as per your choice. Read More... A very practical investment for your bedroom We suggest you not to hustle when you intend to purchase modern California kind size bed for your bedroom. If you do that you may end up in buying something that doesn’t fit well in your modern bedroom. You certainly don’t want to spend more than necessary. However, you always want to have that posh look in your apartment. Our California king size bed sets are a practical investment that look after your budget and bring you all the style, design and trendiness you need. These are easy to handle and the bed itself is really spacious. It provides more than enough space for two persons to make a sound sleep. Design with much stylishness & rich color variations

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Modern Bedroom - California King size bed

Unique style and function with affordable price Our modern california king size beds combine contemporary design, high quality, superb comfort and affordable prices. Our store has more than twenty different kinds of california king size bed in stock. Also, you can order an item from our huge catalog that is introduced on our website. We also sell contemporary king size platform beds which are available in a different texture. Sure our contemporary california size beds come in bunch of colors, always in stock the most popular colors like black, white grey, brown and beige. Additional colors are available with a special order, find out more about to call us or ask in live chat. You also can purchase modern california bed with bedroom set. It’s the best solution because all your items will completely match. Read More... What else do i need to purchase the best bed? When you are intending to buy new modern furniture for your bedroom you should not hurry up. Consider all the possible options and choose one that will really good exactly for you. Fortunately market offer you king selection. Last tend is modern platform california size bed. We recommend you consider this option because this bed is incredible stylish, supreme comfortable and functional. The biggest problem is that you certainly don’t want to spend fortune however you always wish the best items for you modern bedroom. This is why our california king size bed is a practical investment that will satisfy all your needs and will not destroy your budget. Our store provide white gloves delivery to make it easy on you. Round california king size bed and even more advantages We are happy to introduce our round contemporary king size beds. These items look very extravagant and will be the center of attention. They also possess 100 percent comfort. All our beds are made only from high quality materials that provide long term of services. Some beds come with nightstands or lights. Our leader of sale is Impera bed according the customers reviews this item is absolutely perfect. Visit our store to take a look on our furniture. We are sure you will find items that will take your attention. See more about other sizes and style here.

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Mid-Century Modern Style

In the period of time directly after WWII, American industries saw a growth spurt thanks to a thriving economy – which created a boom in the housing market. To keep up with the demand for housing, homes, especially ones which are now known as tract homes, were being built with efficiency and optimism – and there was perhaps no area that was more affected by this mindset than the world of interior design. From architectural styles to furniture and decor, clean lines, quality materials and natural, organic colors became the norm thanks to their affordability, space-saving designs and stylish aesthetics.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

In furniture, one of the biggest trademarks of the mid-century modern style is the geometric silhouette – with a flare. This is often seen in seating; square chairs with curved or rounded backs and tapered legs are especially reminiscent of mid-century design.

One of the main ways in which the mid-century modern look gets its ‘modern’ aspect is by incorporating pops of unexpected colors into mid-century silhouettes. To keep the overall subdued feel of the style, though, these colors are often kept in softer, ‘hushed’ shades. Pumpkin orange, mustard yellow and mint green are among some of the most popular.

Mid-Century Modern Decor

 If there’s one thing that’s for certain in the ever-changing world of art and design, it’s that you can’t talk about mid-century modern decor and not talk about lighting. From floor lamps in sweeping silhouettes reminiscent, almost, of contemporary sculptures to simplistic pendants with monochrome fabric shades, mid-century modern lighting come in such standout designs, it can be hard to remember that they aren’t just for decorative purposes!

Another staple of mid-century modern decor is the pear-shaped vase, or, really, any item with a bulbous form. Think spherical objects like ornaments or even fabrics with patterns of circles.

Mid-Century Modern Mindset

At its core, mid-century modern walks a line between aesthetics and functionality, and that often takes the shape of, well, shapes! Geometric patterns and forms bring both crisp contrast and space-saving silhouettes. It is a certain aesthetic that throws out fussy details and hard-to-style or -fit pieces and welcomes in functional colors and designs.  

More than the colors, shapes and décor, though, mid-century modern is all about feeling relaxed and at home. When putting together a mid-century look, incorporate pieces with soft textures – like fabric sofas or wool blankets – to help create a cozy mid-century vibe.
Thayer Bed by Mid-Century Modern Home

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Century bed cal king mid

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Woodworking : Mid-Century Modern Style Bed // How-To Part 1

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