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We have all the parts for cookers Fagor: Classic, Future, Rapid Express, Chef ... 

Retains 50% more nutrients than a traditional cooked. 

Save 70% longer than a set of traditional cooking. Consequently energy savings occurs. 

In the pot you can cook from, vegetables, rice, fish meat, to desserts.

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Original silicon gasket seal Fagor

Original silicon gasket seal Fagor

Original silicon gasket seal for pressure cooker Fagor. 22 and 25 cm. See our accessories for pressure cooker Fagor.

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From10.40€ *

Delivery weight: 150 g


Splendid 98 Express Fagor valve

Splendid 98 Express Fagor valve

Splendid 98 and Rapid Express 99 Fagor valve. See spare parts of Fagor pressure cookers. We have all the spare parts for Fagor cookers.

Previous price7.30 €

5.40€ *

Delivery weight: 49 g


Pressure cooker seal pot Fagor 22

Pressure cooker seal pot Fagor 22

Spare parts for Fagor pressure cooker. Fagor pressure cooker rubber seal 22 cm. Pressure replacement parts for Fagor cookers.

Previous price6.70 €

4.60€ *

Delivery weight: 150 g


Pressure cooker seal pot Fagor

Pressure cooker seal pot Fagor

Spare parts for pressure cooker Fagor. Pressure cook seal pot Fagor Convencional .  Replacement parts for Fagor cooker.

Previous price4.10 €

2.60€ *

Delivery weight: 150 g


Fagor Chef valve gasket

Fagor Chef valve gasket

Fagor Chef valve gasket. Fagor spare parts. Original valve gasket for Fagor Chef. Fagor Chef pressure cooker.

Previous price9.80 €

7.80€ *

Delivery weight: 45 g


Senorial and Vitaplus Fagor handle body
Rapid Express Fagor pressure cooker handle
Rapid Express 99 pressure cooker handle
Fagor Multirapid Plus lid handle

Fagor Multirapid Plus lid handle

Fagor Multirapid Plus lid handle. Fagor spare parts. Original body handle for Fagor Multirapid Plus model. 

Previous price35.70 €

29.90€ *

Delivery weight: 250 g

Xpress Fagor pressure cooker handle

Xpress Fagor pressure cooker handle

Handle cover and valve for Fagor cookers Splendid 98 model. We have all the spare parts for the brand Fagor cookers.

Previous price19.80 €

15.95€ *

Delivery weight: 250 g


Innova Fagor lid handle

Innova Fagor lid handle

Cover Handle Fagor cookers Innova model. We have all the spare parts for the brand Fagor cookers.

Previous price17.30 €

14.10€ *

Delivery weight: 450 g


Rapid Express pressure cooker handle

Rapid Express pressure cooker handle

Handle and valve Rapid Express model for Fagor pressure cookers. Parts and original accessories Fagor brand.

Previous price19.60 €

15.40€ *

Delivery weight: 350 g

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Rapida Pressure Cooker Reviews, Parts

Fagor creates many reliable pressure cookers, one of which is the Rapida Pressure Cooker. The Fagor Rapida is made from high-quality steel and can last through years of cooking in your kitchen. The only replacement part of this pressure cooker that regularly needs replacement is the sealing gasket, which costs $10 on Amazon. View the link below.

Virtually all of the Fagor pressure cookers work great and are very durable; yet, a few are still unpopular and sometimes hard to find. The Fagor Rapida is one of those unpopular pressure cookers. You can find one for sale online, but not many retailers offer it, and you are more likely to find a refurbished Fagor Rapida rather than brand new.

Obtaining a Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker may be difficult, but using it is easy. Stovetop pressure cookers such as this work fast and efficient for most rice, bean, and meat dishes. There are no confusing settings to change, and the directions in the instruction booklet are straightforward enough to understand, which is sometimes a problem with other pressure cookers, even if they cost a lot of money.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Rapida Pressure Cooker and where to find replacement parts.

The Rapida Pressure Cooker

the rapida pressure cooker image

The most significant benefit of the Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker is that it comes as a 5-piece set, which has an 8-quart pot, 4-quart pot, pressure cooker lid, tempered glass lid, steamer basket, instruction manual, and recipe booklet.

The impressive part is that the lids are interchangeable with both of the pots that come in the set, which means you can start sautéing food in a pot and then add liquid and the pressure cooking lid and immediately go into pressure cooking, without having to switch pots. It will save you some time in the kitchen and reduce the number of dirty dishes you produce after completing a meal.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of this Pressure Cooker

  • The Rapida pressure cooker usually comes as a 5-piece set with an extra pot and steaming basket

  • The pressure cooker pot is high-quality steel
  • Heat distributes evenly
  • In the 5-piece set, the lid cover is interchangeable between the two pots
  • It has safety locking features to prevent you from opening the pot while it is still pressure cooking. Without safety features such as this, you could risk an accident occurring

Disadvantages of this Pressure Cooker

  • Some foods, especially meats, tend to stick to the bottom of the pot
  • Not many retailers, both online and in-store, sell the Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker
  • The pressure valve is prone to breaking
  • The gasket sealing ring needs to be replaced every 12-18 months, at least

Available Replacement Parts for Rapida Pressure Cooker

Replacement parts for the Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker are just as hard to find as the pressure cooker itself. It is unclear whether this pressure cooker is unpopular or if they just do not make them anymore.

However, one of the most common pressure cooker replacement parts, the sealing gasket, is readily available online for pretty cheap. View the product below, which is compatible with this pressure cooker.

9-Inch Fagor Pressure Cooker Replacement Gasket

fagor pressure cooker replacement gasket image

Click here for prices

Specifications and Information

  • Compatible with Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Diameter: 9-inch
  • Fits on 4, 6, and 7-quart single unit Fagor pressure cookers such as the Rapida, Rapid Express, and the Duo

  • Does not work with pressure cooker brands other than Fagor, even though Impresa is the manufacturer of this replacement part
  • Meets or exceeds the quality of OEM rings, based on in-house testing

Comparing Rapida to Other Fagor Pressure Cookers

If you are going to look for a Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker, pay close attention to which pressure cooker you purchase; the Fagor Rapid Express Pressure Cooker is extremely similar to the Rapida.

These two Fagor pressure cookers are almost identical, apart from having different size options and small variances on the handle. If you cannot find a Fagor Rapida in a good enough condition to buy, the Rapid Express is a great alternative pressure cooker.

The Fagor Rapida Pressure Cooker is one of Fagor’s more basic pieces of cooking equipment. Many people like the reliability and ease-of-use of stovetop pressure cookers, like the Rapida, but another option made by Fagor are their electric pressure cookers.

Electric pressure cookers typically cost more than their stovetop predecessors, but the customization capabilities you have access to by using electric pressure cookers are much greater than that of stovetop versions.

Electric pressure cookers are better for people who like to cook many different types of food in their pressure cooker, and stovetop pressure cookers serve better for people who cook mostly rice dishes.

Fagor has a few options for electric pressure cookers, including the Fagor Lux Versa, Fagor Select, and the Fagor 3-in-1 multicooker. Multicookers give you a wide variety of foods to cook.

Both the Fagor electric and Fagor stovetop pressure cookers work great, but it comes down to what you prefer and what types of food you love to cook. Not all pressure cookers work well for certain types of food.

Looking at Fagor as a Brand

Since the brand Fagor has many different types and versions of both stovetop pressure cookers and electric pressure cookers, you have a wide variety of options. Look online to see all of your choices and compare them using customer reviews, guides such as this one, and star-ratings.

The Rapida Pressure Cooker is one of Fagor’s stovetop pressure cookers that you can buy online. Made from all steel with durable plastic handles, it cooks food fast and easy without having to mess with confusing cook settings or change the temperature.

You can find the Rapida Pressure Cooker and some replacement parts for it on Amazon and other online retailers that sell pressure cookers. You can also buy in-store, but you are less likely to find the Rapida Pressure Cooker that way.

Sours: https://www.pressurecookerpros.com/articles/rapida-pressure-cooker/
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FAGOR PRESSURE COOKERS: Gasket Removal \u0026 Replacement Tips

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