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New Lift Kit Available For Jeep Wrangler Diesel

All that extra weight in the nose requires tougher, stiffer suspension components, and while a lesser tuner might not think twice about it, the guys at AEV are pros. They've developed a set of diesel-specific progressive-rate springs and in-house-tuned Bilstein 5100 Series dampers, for superior compatibility and performance. The benefits, according to AEV, are increased suspension travel with improved articulation, off-road speed potential, and bottoming control.

The kit doesn't stop there. To ensure everything works harmoniously together, AEV also includes a pair of heavy-duty control arm geometry-correcting brackets, a rear track bar tower extension, extended front and rear sway bar end links, and bump stop spacers for the front and rear. They even throw in a jack base for the factory jack, for easier and safer wheel-swapping with upsized tires, and a speedometer recalibration tool so your Jeep can compensate for the larger tire diameter.


Mopar to Jeep: Do the Wrangler and Gladiator EcoDiesel Even Lift Kit, Bro?

The Wrangler and Gladiator EcoDiesel-specific suspension kit give the SUV and truck a 2.0-inch lift.

Jeep is in the throes of rolling out the Wrangler family's first-ever diesel engine option (dubbed EcoDiesel by the brand). It's also adding the same turbo-diesel 3.0-liter V-6 to the 2021 Gladiator pickup. Thing is, though, a great many Jeep Wrangler (and Gladiator) owners like messing with their SUVs (or trucks): adding accessories, replacing the stock wheels and tires for aftermarket units, and lifting the suspensions for more ground clearance. While these EcoDiesel Wrangler (and—in the future—Gladiator) owners could probably bolt on the same suspension upgrades that work on these Jeep's gas-fed equivalents (the parts would fit, after all), they'd be better off exploring Fiat Chrysler Mopar accessories arm's catalog, which offers an even better option.

That better option is a new diesel-specific 2.0-inch suspension lift kit. You see, the diesel-fed Wrangler and Gladiator models are notably heavier than their gas-powered counterparts. Take the Wrangler, for example. Jeep claims the EcoDiesel model weighs 4,862 pounds wet—413 pounds heavier than the standard four-door Wrangler Unlimited with the 3.6-liter V-6 and an automatic transmission. (We're comparing only four-door Wrangler to four-door Wrangler—automatic to automatic—because the EcoDiesel engine is only available on Unlimited models and pairs exclusively with an automatic gearbox.) The diesel Wrangler also out-porks the Wrangler Unlimited when it's equipped with the SUV's available turbocharged 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine by a noteworthy 384 pounds. These disparities are expected to carry over to the Gladiator, too.

Mopar's EcoDiesel-specific suspension lift kit, therefore, is tuned to account for the diesel V-6's extra heft. As with other Mopar accessories, the kit also carries the added benefit of not messing with your new diesel-fed Jeep's warranty—and the setup even includes a two-year, unlimited-mile warranty of its own (or the remainder of the Wrangler's and Gladiator's three-year, 36,000-mile warranty—whichever comes first). That's not something you can count on from an aftermarket kit. Besides, Jeep engineers helped put this 2.0-inch lift kit together, which ought to ensure a certain amount of cohesion between the chassis and suspension an aftermarket setup might not meet.

The kits for the EcoDiesel Wrangler (part no. 77072399AE) and Gladiator (part no.77072469AC) cost $1,495 (not including installation) and include four 2.5-inch-diameter Fox shocks, new springs, bump stops, front control arms, and anti-roll bar end links. Hardware and relevant bushings are also included, and the entire kit is a bolt-on affair, meaning no cutting or drilling is needed to install it. Mopar even tosses all the components together into a cool reusable wooden crate, which can be repurposed to hold the original factory parts. (We'd probably turn it into a nifty-looking' coffee table or something).

Besides raising the Jeeps' suspension heights by 2.0 inches, the Mopar EcoDiesel lift kits are claimed to increase suspension articulation by 18 percent. Customers keen on upgrading their wheels and tires to meatier stuff (so, with an outer tire diameter greater than 33 inches) can also buy Mopar's $125 speedometer calibration kit that accounts for the bigger rolling stock. The Wrangler EcoDiesel Mopar lift kit is available now; the Gladiator EcoDiesel setup will arrive later this year.



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Jeep Wrangler DIESEL 3.5" Premium Lift Kit 2018+, JL

Available in both 2.5" & 3.5" lift variants, all 8 of the adjustable control arms included in our Premium kits feature our dual durometer Giiro Joint bushings and forged Johnny Joint adjusters. These narrow series forged Johnny Joint adjusters feature a greaseable, and rebuildable 1 piece bushing capable of up to 40 degrees of misalignment. The Giiro joints are free pivoting, self-lubricating, self-centering, silent in operation and maintenance free bushings that make our kits ride like butter no matter what's underneath your vehicle. If that all sounds like it's too good to be true, that's because it should be - but the structured anatomy of our Giiro bushings matched with their superior material formulation allows two distant worlds to meet as one, providing you the desirable comfort of a daily driver and then easily transitioning to meet the extreme demands of rugged off-road terrain.

Looking for the maintenance-free version? Click here to view our Overland Plus suspension system!

Product at a glance:

  • Bolt In Design
  • 8 Fully Adjustable Control Arms
  • Premium Adjustable Front Track Bar
  • Premium Adjustable Rear Track Bar
  • Front Adjustable Sway Bar Links
  • Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links
  • Lifetime Warranty*

Some Specifics:

CONTROL ARMS : Setting proper axle position, pinion angles and caster angles is critical to delivering a smooth on road ride, great off-road flex and overall performance. When everything is adjusted properly your vehicle just works better, not only day one, but also for years and years to come. Our control arms feature a unique bushing which utilizes a large outside knurled washer to allow greater surface area and therefore a superior clamping force. Proper clamping force is critical in eliminating death wobble issues and overall handling. Lower control arm housings also use a super thick 5/16s housing to eliminate the worry of denting or ripping the housing apart. A premium tube insert is pressed into the alternate end, plug welded and then fully robotic welded for maximum penetration, consistency and precision. Premium arms feature narrow series forged Johnny Joint adjusters which are greaseable, and rebuildable. They use a 1 piece bushing capable of up to 40 degrees of misalignment ready to tackle any terrain.

TRACK BARS : Setting a proper vehicle track is also very important for handling and on-road performance. Our track bars are constructed using 1 3/8” x 5/16” DOM tubing. This extra thick tubing gives us a thicker wall diameter and is especially important around the adjustable johnny joint adjuster. This JL specific rod end gives us an easy bolt in design, is easily adjustable, and specifically designed with a longer body to provide greater access to the jam nut. The frame end uses a dual durometer free pivoting, self-lubricating, self-centering, silent in operation and maintenance free bushing GIIRO joint to help with road noise isolation. 

COIL SPRINGS : Linear rate, dual rate, triple rate, what do you really need? We actually use all 3 variants depending on the vehicle, height and capacity requirements. Linear coils have a single spring rate and are evenly spaced top to bottom which makes for a great spring for most applications. The main advantage being that the coils don’t touch each other, which can lead to wear and tear and coil failure. The dual rate coil has a tight set of coils usually at the top, and then a second set of coils with more traditional spacing below. Dual rate coils do not ride any better than single rate coils despite popular belief. The first rate is usually completely compressed and acts as a spacer, its purpose is to provide a longer free length coil so at maximum articulation the coil doesn’t unseat. In most applications, including the front of our JL 2.5” and 3.5” lift kits the coils do not unseat and there is a top post and bottom bump stop present so coils cannot fall out even at max articulation. But in the rear, there is no coil post or lower internal retainer, and therefore a dual rate coil is necessary. All of our coils are powder coated black using a new SealKor finish which is a zinc rich powder coat  to help in the prevention of rust and corrosion.

Installing a Jeep Wrangler JL 3.5-inch Suspension Lift Kit [by Rough Country]

All in all, the bolt-on lift kit (Mopar says no drilling, cutting, or welding is required) includes four springs, four Fox shocks, front lower control arms, front and rear stabilizer links, front and rear bump stops, the necessary fasteners and, of course, a Jeep Performance Parts badge. It all comes in this cool wooden crate you can reuse to store various knick-knacks in your garage. Or take apart and use as firewood in the event that your off-road adventures take you away from home longer than expected.

The EcoDiesel Wrangler's lift kit (part 77072399AE) is available now while Mopar is promising the Gladiator version (part 77072469AC) to come in "late summer." Each will cost $1,495 although given what we know about the spending habits of Gladiator owners versus those of Wrangler owners, the company probably could've priced the Gladiator kit a couple hundred dollars higher than the Wrangler one. Mopar is also offering a Custom Calibration option for $125 that corrects speedometer and odometer readings when rolling on oversize tires measuring 33 inches and up.

Got a tip? Send us a note: [email protected]


Ecodiesel kit lift wrangler jeep

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What the Jeep Dealer didnt tell you about lift kits

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