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Spectacular Firearms Auction – Quality Sporting, Self Defense & Hunting Guns From One Lifetime Collection

UZI     Model MP UZI, 9mm cal., Semi-Auto, 10.5 in. barrel, no magazine, no visible serial #, blue finish

BROWNING     HIGH POWER, 9 mm Semi-Auto, Made in Belgium, Mint Condition, Ser # 245PP75053, Target sights, 4-5/8 in. barrel, fired very little, if any

COLT     Model Z40, made for CZ-USA, .40 S&W cal., with Night Sights, New in original box w/ factory manual & documents, extra magazine, Ser # A2482

WALTHER Model P-1, cal. 9mm Semi-Auto Handgun - Matte Black finish with slide and 5 in. barrel. Ser # 024237

TANFOGLIO Model WITNESS Wonder Finish, 10 mm cal. New in original case, w/factory manual & docs. Never fired. Serial # EA23278

COLT iAi made by Colt Irwindale, Ca, .45 Cal. Government Model - Stainless - Ser # M00681

CESKA ZBROJOVKA Model CZ 83, .380 cal., semi-auto, new in original box w/ extra magazine.  Ser # A5589

EUROPEAN AMERICAN AMDRY, BY TANFAGLIO Model WITNESS cal. 10 mm - New in original case w/ factory manual, never fired.  Ser # EA22850

COLT Model M1991A1 Series 80 cal. .45 w/ original case & factory manual. Mint condition, fired very little w/extra magazine, 5in. barrel Ser # 2791244

SIG SAUER Model P230 Semi-Auto cal. 9mm KURZ w/original box, factory manual & extra magazine. Blue finish, 3-1/2 in. barrel- Ser # S124656

BERETTA Model 3032 TOMCAT, cal. .32 auto, Stainless-New in original case w/factory manual. Missing magazine.  2-1/2 in. barrel Ser #DAA304599

CZ-CESKA ZBROJOVKA Model CZ 97B cal. .45 Auto, New in original box w/ factory manual-unfired-4-1/2 in. barrel-Blue finish Ser# A5602

CZ-CESKA ZBROJOVKA Model CZ-75BD cal. 9mm, Semi-Auto-New in Factory Case w/Factory Manual & docs w/ extra magazine Ser # BJ578 New in box, unfired

COLT ALL AMERICAN Model 2000 Double Action 9mm Semi-Auto-New in factory box w/manual, factory docs & cleaning brush - Ser # PF22630

AMT Model AUTOMAG II - .22 Magnum Rimfire Semi-Auto Handgun, Stainless w/ target sights. Made in USA - Ser # H37509

STAR Model SUPER, cal. 9mm, Semi-Auto Pistol w/ Factory Case. Well made handgun, great self defense firearm - Blue finish - 5 in. barrel - Ser # 41015

MAUSER Model BROOM HANDLE Semi-Auto  Pistol - stamped "D.R.P.U.A.P." Shows honest use with surface freckling patina - Ser#867466

MITCHELL ARMS Model AMERICAN EAGLE cal. 9mm Luger-Stainless, new in original factory box w/ factory manual & docs w/extra magazine-Ser# 3083

ASTRA Model A-100 cal. 40 S&W, Semi-Auto Pistol w/night sights, Double stacked magazine, Compact Style. 3-5/8 in. barrel - Blue finish - Ser # 2455E

BERSA Model THUNDER 380, cal. .380 ACP Semi-Auto, New in orinigal box w/ manual & factory docs, missing magazine-3-1/2 in. barrel - Ser # 448670

STAR Model S cal. .380 Auto, Semi-Auto, New in original case w/manual & factory docs-Mint Condition-shows little if any use-4 in. barrel-Ser # 1893829

COLT Model AUTOMATIC CALIBER .25 Semi-Auto, sometimes called "Colt Pocket 25", excellent condtion w/Rampant Colt on Wooden Grips - Ser#0D44600

NORINCO Model 213, 9mm cal., Semi-Auto, chrome finish. New in original box w/manual & factory docs - unfired, 4-1/2 in. barrel - Ser#209773

FEG Model PJK-9HP cal. 9mm Semi-Auto, New in original box w/ manual, appears to be unfired. 4-5/8 in. barrel - Ser#G21577

POLISH TOKAREV Model TT-33 cal. 7.62x25 Semi-Auto, Mint Condition, appears unfired, 4-1/2 in. barrel - Ser#DR05807 - See Description

STAR Model B cal. 9mm Parabellum, Semi-Auto Pistol - New in original case w/manual, appears unfired - 5 in. barrel - Blue finish - Ser#1774796

MAKAROV Model MAKAROV 9mm-Russian designed double-action, in caliber 9x18 Makarov cartridge, Very good condition, 3-3/4 in. barrel - Ser# KT233726

UNCETA Y COMPANIA, GUERNICA ESPANA Model 1921 9mm Largo, Semi-Auto Standard pistol for Spanish Armed Forces/Police w/extra magazine Ser#86904

EAGLE ARMS Division Of ARMALITE, Model M15A2, cal. 5.56 MM, Semi Auto Rifle, Excellent condition, some minor tarnishing on magazine, Ser # USA151518

IMBEL     Model L1A1 SPORTER cal. .308 Semi Auto Rifle, made in Brazil, Excellent condition, MISSING MAGAZINE, Ser # 119657

RUGER Model 10-22, Semi-Auto cal. .22 LR, in custom composite stock in the style of the German WWII MG42. Rifle in excellent condition, Ser # 257-70720

YUGOSLAVIA     SKS Model  59/66 cal. 7.62 x 39 Semi Auto Rifle with Bayonet, Like New, appears little if any usage, Nice clean wood, Ser # T-671072 

MAS     Model 49/56 cal. 7.5 French Semi-Auto Rifle. First MAS rifle with provision for a knife bayonet, Have not been available for years. Ser # G7925 

GIBBS RIFLE CO. Model Jungle Carbine, cal. 7.62 MM, Bolt Action Rifle, Bolt does not close  completely, needs attention, but fixable, VG + Ser # Y0332

ARMSCOR     Model 1600  cal. .22 LR Semi Auto Rifle in "AR Style", Mftd by ARMS CORPORATION of the Philippines, Excellent condition Ser # A751567 

SPRINGFIELD ARMORY  M1 GARAND, US RIFLE, CAL. 30 M1, Very Good + condition, bore bright & clean, with Military sling, Ser # 3698666

NORINCO     Model MAK-90 SPORTER cal. 7.62 x 39 Semi Auto, All matching serial #s, Excellent condition, Nice wooden stock, forearm & grip, Ser # 9323154

IZHMASH     Model SAIGA-410  Semi-Auto .410 gauge Shotgun, w/ box magazine, 21.5 inch barrel, black matt finish, Mint condition,  Ser # 95-1225776

BROWNING Model 2000, 12 ga. Semi Auto Shotgun, 3 in. Magnum, 32 in. barrel, Full choke, Made in Belgium, Assembled in Portugal, Ser # 10133C67

BERETTA     Model 151  12 GAUGE Pump Shotgun, 28 inch barrel, Modified choke, excellent condition, beautiful wood, rare shotgun in the USA, Ser # 009926

BROWNING     AUTO-5  12 GAUGE Semi Auto, made in Belgium, 28 inch barrel, solid vent rib, Modified choke, very good condition, Ser # H3489

WINCHESTER Model 1300  12 ga. Pump Shotgun, 3 in chamber, composite stock& forearm, black matte finish, Mint condition, screw-in choke, Ser # L3347378

MOSSBERG Model 500A 12ga., 2 3/4&3in. chamber, pump action, 21in.& extra 28in. barrels, matte black receiver, excellent for home defense, Ser#R178744

M1 Carbine .30 caliber

ENFIELD No.1 MK III CAL. .303 British, bolt action military rifle attributed to India manufacturer in style of British ENFIELD w/documents, Ser#49474X

NORINCO SKS CAL. 7.62x39, wood stock & forearm, blued receiver, 20in. Blued barrel, detachable composite mag, flip up stainless bayonet, Ser#10232131A

ENFIELD No.4 MK I CAL. .303, bolt action military rifle attributed to SAVAGE manufacturing in style of British ENFIELD, 25in. Barrel, Ser # 55C6031

STEYR MANNLICHER M95 CAL. 8x56mmR, Austria-Hungary straight bolt action military rifle, 5 round fixed mag, w/document, mechanically sound, Ser # 5117U

ENFIELD No.4 MK I CAL. .303, bolt action military rifle attributed to Canadian manufacture in Long Branch in style of British ENFIELD, Ser # 95L3147

MOSIN-NAGANT M91/59 CAL. 7.62x54mmR, 20in. Barrel, bolt action Russian military rifle, w/document, multiple matching serial numbers, Ser # 3Y4589

MAUSER 98 bolt action Turkish rifle, CAL. 8mm, 24in. Barrel, bore is bright, stamped 1944 on receiver, distributed by GIBBS RIFLE COMPANY, Ser # 7502 

MOSIN NAGANT     Model 91/30, cal. 7.62 x 54 Bolt Action Rifle, w/ bayonet, 20.5 in. barrel, length of rifle 40 in. w/ manual, excellent cond.,Ser # NA530

MOSIN NAGANT     Model M91 (Model 1891),  cal. 7.62 x 54 Bolt Action Rifle, 32 in. barrel, length of rifle 51 in., w/ manual, very good cond, Ser # 33920

MAUSER     Model 98, from GIBBS RIFLE CO., believed to be cal. 8 MM, with bayonet, 29 inch barrel, length of rifle 49 in., WITH MANUAL, Ser # 2435

MOSIN NAGANT  Model M91 (Model 1891),  cal. 7.62 x 54 Bolt Action Rifle, 29 in. barrel, length of rifle 48.5 in., w/ manual, good cond, Ser # 141565

MAS  Model 1936, cal. 7.5 French Bolt Action Rifle. 22.5 inch barrel, length of rifle 40.5 inches Ser # 68760 

CZ     (Czech  SHE)  Model VZ52 (she)  cal. 7.62 x 45 Semi Auto Military Rifle, box magazine, 20 1/2" barrel, attached folding bayonet, Ser # R62062

WESTERN AUTO REVELATION  Model 150     cal. 22 LR Semi Auto Rifle, tubular fed magazine, some freckling patina on barrel, Ser # 68178406

HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON  Single Barrel 12 ga. Shotgun, barrel has rust, Ser # A4997


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Welcome to Adventure Outfitters in Winterville, NC!

Looking for Hard to find Ammo and Firearms?

Adventure Outfitters is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality firearms, ammunition and accessories. Our focus is self-defense firearms and Modern Sporting Rifles combined with an extensive inventory of ammunition. We also maintain a selection of firearms for hunting and target shooting. All of our staff have a Law Enforcement or military background so you can be assured of experienced assistance with your purchase. Most important, customer service is our priority. Regardless of your experience level, customers will find a relaxed, friendly atmosphere combined with a good selection of products and competitive prices.

Adventure Outfitters is committed to giving back to the local community. In keeping with this policy we support the following organizations and causes:

  • East Carolina Friends of NRA
  • National Wildlife Turkey Federation
  • Delta Waterfowl
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Blue Knights NCVIII Officer Down Fund
  • Local High School Shooting Teams
  • PCC Scholarship Auction
  • ECU Pirate’s Bounty Scholarship Auction
  • Pitt County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Academy
Type 53 Carbine: Chinese M44 Mosin Nagant Variant Review (HD)

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What to look for when buying your first Mosin Nagant!

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