How to take tumblr pics

How to take tumblr pics DEFAULT
Como fazer foto tumblr

Tumblr is a frequent topic here on the blog, right guys?

I wrote a post explaining what is a tumblr photo, and it is one of the most accessed every day here. Good to know that you like it and want to know more about the theme ☺️ ♥ ️

In that first post, I even explained my story with tumblr, which comes from aaayears ago. I have always LOVED and used tumblr a lot, and I can say that I understand the aesthetic that is attributed to it. So you can trust what you read here. It’s from experience ♥ ️

Tumblr style Instagram themes at the shop:

My plan is to make + 3 posts from the tumblr series here on the blog: How to make images with a tumblr style phrase, How to make tumblr collages and What is the difference between photo tumblr and photo Pinterest. Stay tuned!

In today’s post, I’m going to bring you an easy, objective, explanatory MEGA tutorial to learn once and for all how to make a tumblr photo. I was dying to do this, and now that I’m at the hairdresser waiting for the product to take effect on the hair, it couldn’t be a better time 😜

I won’t spend a lot of time explaining here what a tumblr photo is, because there is a whole post talking about it hehehe! So run there to read if you’re in doubt.

Important: There are all kinds of tumblr pictures. Some don’t fit what I’m going to talk about here, I know … But I’m talking about the style in general, okay? Plissss take this into account :) But the conception that any spontaneous photo is tumblr does not proceed either. It is an incorrect generalization!

In addition, there are the VSCO photos, which are just cool and beautiful young foreigners, especially girls (VSCO girls, who are the new tumblr girls – play on google) in cool situations, with a VSCO filter. Then there is not much to teach … The most you can do, if you haven’t done it yet, is to download VSCO and start using the blessed filters hahaha. Being beautiful and cool is a differentiator! But this is also a personal concept 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anyway, let’s get to the tips, shall we?

How to take Tumblr photos?

1. Spontaneity in the pose is more important than anything

Most of the most beautiful tumblr photos capture a scene. Have you noticed that? They tell a mini story, a vibe … They don’t feel like a click. So the first thing to keep in mind is this!

But calm down, don’t be intimidated by the complexity of what I said no. Keep reading that you will see that it is simpler than it looks. I will talk more in point 3 about this issue of having a meaning and feeling in the photo. At this point here we will focus only on the act of bringing naturalness to your pose and expression.

How to do it: The most common thing is to look at the camera and smile, it’s almost our natural instinct. But because it is what we are conditioned to do, it ends up being very obvious and becomes dull, lifeless.

So: Turn to the side, on your back, cover your face with charm, make a face, do a little dance, grab an object near you and play with it, look at your nail, give a kiss on the cheek of the classmate on the side (only if you have intimacy plmdds !!), give a laugh … Put an action on the pose, as if they had clicked without you realizing it, the tumblrometer on your photo will go up a lot 🌡

Even if you don’t have this habit yet, and until you find yourself super difficult, you can learnit. And get used to it until it’s natural. Your photos will be sooo much more special, I promise!

“damn Lu, these photos are beautiful, I’ll never be able to get anything like this.” Guys, all the time friends show me photo and go “oh, too bad I closed my eyes , or” fuck, it’s blurry!”, or “omg why is it so dark” ” or the freaking light got in the way “…. And I think to myself: mannn just VSCO filter that photo and it’ll look sooooo cute!!

That’s it folks. If you want to have a tumblr photo, learn how to see the potential in a pic that looks bad, but really isn’t ;)

And that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about now…

2. The quality MUST be bad. Of course, because.. Wait, “bad” ??? WTF?? 😂

This little secret always shocks people hahaha! If you think that to make an amazing photo in a tumblr style you need a professional camera, professional model, direction and professional editing, you are sadly mistaken, my friend. It is just the opposite.

What characterizes the true tumblr photo is that it looks natural, real, spontaneous. And with a young and free spirit. This has always been the great differentiator of tumblr, so photos in this style need to be like this. And professional photo doesn’t have that real effect.

Como fazer foto tumblr

Ultra sharp images, with fantastic resolution and perfect people with professional looks and impeccable makeup are not tumblr. They have their value, combine with fashion editorials, with commercial photos for brands, etc. But the tumblr photo is made with a cell phone. If it’s a bad camera, it has a chance to get even better. And if you complain I open it in an editing app and make the quality even worse !! 😂😂

Then you will question me: ‘that’s weird, Lu. All my photos would be tumblr if that was the case. Thy’re all spontaneous and with poor quality. All my photos are like that! Why doesn’t it have the beautiful effect of those that go viral? ‘ Come on!

How to do it? Full disclosure, I don’t really think it’s a case of giving preference to cameras of lower quality, or lower resolution. Use the best you have. But I would eventually try to put some deliberate mistake in the composition, if “tumblr photo” is the aesthetic you’re going for. Sometimes an on the way, some shadow overlaying, bursting light “disturbing”, something more crooked or misaligned, an unusual angle, something out of focus … You know when you’re going to take a photo and someone says: oh, but it’s against light , it will be very dark … Sometimes that dark tone is makes the photo beautiful. You have to try it!

And if, even so, the photo is in excellent quality, you can leave it to make the adjustment when editing. You can follow a more natural photo path, with less contrast and less vivid colors. Or if you prefer, pop the colors well and bet on a very urban aesthetic too. The important thing is to run away from anything that seems too perfect ✨

Como fazer foto tumblr

For you to have a notion, technological evolution has reached a level of perfect quality for the photos so great, that the human eye rejects all this perfection. And even big editorials, fashion essays and the like give a way to decrease the quality of the images produced in some way. Of course, in their case the resolution itself remains TOPISSIMA, they are not actually doing anything in bad quality. In fact, that’s not what I’m teaching here, I overplay it. The idea is to simulate something more real, so that there is a greater identification of those who look.

Hence the success of the grain effect in the photos (most read post from here on the blog), or the 90s style filter. These effects take that whole perfection out of the photo, make it more human. In short, they give the image a …

3. Soul

I give this little secre that name, because it is the best way I found to explain that “something” certain images have that is difficult to explain. It’s the abstract content, the sentiment. It can be a nice little heat. It can be a surprising identification (sometimes hilarious hahah), it can be a tenderness, a charm. It is often just a well being. An intense desire to be living that. For being both incredible and kind of familiar …


Is There an App to Make Tumblr Pics?

iJupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images

Pictures are one of the most popular post types on Tumblr -- some are reblogged hundreds of thousands of times. To help get your images ready for Tumblr, you can use mobile apps that can add filters, overlay text and otherwise assist you in editing your images. There's no need to go to a computer when you can prepare and post photos from anywhere with a mobile data connection.

Official Tumblr App

The official Tumblr app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and is the best option if you want to snap a photo and upload it to Tumblr directly. Tap the Pencil icon, and then tap the Camera icon to add a photo; you can choose from one in your phone's storage or take a new photo. Add tags and a caption, if desired, and then post it to your Tumblr feed. You can't edit the actual image within the Tumblr app itself.

Photo Filter Apps

Photo filters change the color of an image, and can affect the brightness. Instagram, available for iOS and Android, has a variety of filters you can use on your photos. Another app is Hipstamatic for iOS, which allows you to add filters to images before taking them. PIxlr-O-Matic for Android and iOS also has many filters and image effects you can use on your photos before you upload them with the Tumblr app.

Text Overlay Apps

To add text to your photos, use a text overlay app such as Photolettering, available for iOS users. The free version of the app offers three fonts, and you can get more fonts with a paid subscription. InstaQuote for Android has Instagram integration, and also lets you tap on a word to emphasize it. PIcLab is another app for iOS and Android that lets you add text to images, in addition to other effects.

Editing Apps

Some apps have a lot of photo-editing power packed into them. PicsArt can edit photos, make collages and add effects to images. PhotoWonder offers a variety of features, including red-eye adjustment, animated decoration and acne removal. Handy Photo is another app that places the adjustment tools in the corner of the screen so that you can see the image being adjusted clearly in the middle. All three apps are available on both iOS and Android.


Writer Bio

Melly Parker has been writing since 2007, focusing on health, business, technology and home improvement. She has also worked as a teacher and a bioassay laboratory technician. Parker now serves as a marketing specialist at one of the largest mobile app developers in the world. She holds a Master of Science in English.

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How to Create Awesome Tumblr Pictures

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How to: take tumblr Photos

A Good Resolution for Tumblr Picture Posts

By Ashley Poland

Tumblr enables you to post important photos.

Tumblr is designed for simplicity, eliminating the need for you to think about technical details like resolution and image file size. However, if you don't want Tumblr to resize your photos automatically or you simply want to optimize your upload process, there are some resolutions and tips to keep in mind.

For the Dashboard

The magic number for the dashboard is 500: all posts are 500 pixels wide, and as such, all photos are resized to fit that width. Since most content on Tumblr is viewed on the dashboard, it's the most logical place to optimize. Tumblr's documentation recommends setting photos at 500 by 750 pixels, as this size fits with the dashboard and most themes used on Tumblr.


Photosets are posts that include up to 10 images. Tumblr offers various photoset layouts to use when creating a photoset. These layouts use varying image sizes, with some images displayed at the full 500 pixels wide and others scaled down to 250 pixels. While the photos may be displayed smaller on the dashboard, users will see them at full size when they click the image. Therefore, resizing the pictures to be smaller than 500 pixels is not recommended.

In Themes

If more of your images are viewed on your individual page, check that your theme doesn't use an image size larger than 500 pixels; scaling the image up can make the image appear blurry. Tumblr's theming allows for developers to set photo posts to use the high-resolution version of the photo if one is available, or even to go smaller than 500 pixels. While 500 is fine for most themes, it's better to go with a larger image if your theme requires it.

High Resolution

Under specific circumstances, you can include a larger version of a photo that users can see if they click the photo. Clicking to see the larger version only works if you have not set a click-through link on the photo. The high-definition version of the photo can be up to 1280 pixels wide and 1920 pixels tall.


Writer Bio

Ashley Poland has been writing since 2009. She has worked with local online businesses, supplying print and web content, and pursues an active interest in the computer, technology and gaming industries. In addition to content writing, Poland is also a fiction writer. She studied creative writing at Kansas State University.


Take pics tumblr to how

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