Small pool blue shopping bag

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Telfar Blue Small Shopper Tote In Pool Blue

Buffed faux-leather tote in blue. Twin shoulder straps and carry handles at top. Debossed logo at face. Magnetic press-stud closure at throat. Textile logo patch and zippered pocket at interior. Tonal twill lining. Silver-tone hardware. Approx. 6.5 length x 5 height x 3.5 width.Supplier color: Pool blue

Telfar Blue Small Shopper Tote In Pool Blue

photo: SSENSE

First seen in Mar 2020

First seen in Mar 2020

Telfar Blue Small Shopper Tote In Pool Blue

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Telfar Blue Small Shopper Tote In Pool Blue

Telfar Blue Small Shopper Tote In Pool Blue

Buffed faux-leather tote in blue. Twin shoulder straps and carry handles at top. Debossed logo at face. Magnetic press-stud closure at throat. Textile logo patch and zippered pocket at interior. Tonal twill lining. Silver-tone hardware. Approx. 6.5 length x 5 height x 3.5 width.Supplier color: Pool blue


Telfar Shopping Bags are some of the newest and hottest bags on the scene. Telfar is a black-owned brand, created and designed by Liberian-American Fashion Designer Teflar Celmens. The Telfar Shopping Bags are accessibly priced for luxury bags (also they’re made out of vegan leather), as they range in price from $157 for the mini shopping bags to $257 for the large shopping bags. They also come in an array of colors like bubblegum pink, olive, gold, oxblood, neutrals, etc. If you’re wondering where to buy the Telfar bags, they can only be purchased on their website.

Telfar bags are notoriously hard to get, as they sell out quickly when they restock (like last Thursday when Twitter & I were trying to get our hands on bags). I missed out during last weeks restock, and I’m still salty. The site also wound up being locked to deal with the resellers who apparently were buying up a ton of the bags. The good news is that Telfar seems to restock on a somewhat regular basis, so I will set my email alerts again and hope for the best.

Telfar Pool Blue Mini Shopping Bag

The bags that I was hoping to get were the small bubblegum pink shopping bag (which is my favorite color and was already on my luxury wishlist) and the small pool blue shopping bag. Perhaps the looks I put together will provide you with some inspiration if you were one of the few who were able to get your hands on a Telfar bag.

Here are some of the outfits I was hoping to wear, had I actually gotten my hands on the telfar shopping bags:

Blue Jluxlabel crochet set and blue telfar bag outfit flatlay

Crochet Set: JluxLabel (Currently sold out and not on the site)

Green Zara Tweed Vest and Blue Telfar Bag Outfit Flatlay

Tweed Vest: Zara. I got it on sale for $12.99, however, it’s no longer available online. Definitely check in stores though, as that’s how I found mine (and a lot of other stuff in my Zara 2020 Summer Sale Try-On Haul).

Heels: Versace Antheia heels I styled the second outfit with, check out a $29.99 dupe for them here.

I would like to point out that I will most likely still wear these outfits even without the bag, and honestly when I get my Telfar bags I’ma wear them again because: washing machine.

Were you able to get your hands on a Telfar shopping bag? If so what did you get? I want to live vicariously through you in the comments

Stylishly Yours,

Theresa Seyi


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Why The Telfar Shopping Bag Is The New It-Bag And It Comes With A Message


The craze of the Telfar Shopping bag has taken the world by storm, and there are many reasons why.

Have you ever heard of a Telfar Shopping bag? If you are not acquainted with the name of the brand, you have likely seen the trademark bag on the arms of many style icons. They have been all the rage in their city of creation, New York City, for the last three years. The Brooklyn-based label run by Liberian-American Telfar Clemens was founded in 2005 and is growing ever since. Telfar has conquered the international fashion market this year, going so far as being awarded the 2020 CFDA Accessories Designer of the Year award. Clemens is revolutionising and democratising the world of luxury fashion under the motto ‘not for you - for everyone’. The bags price tags range from an affordable 140€ to 250€, which might make the shopping bag the cheapest it-bag ever

People are crazy for the bag because it embodies more than just a fashion statement: it stands for inclusivity. Telfar is creating unisex clothing, which challenges common notions of masculinity. Clemens carries this narrative further by saying: ‘At the end of the day, it’s about more than fashion. It’s about visibility and power. It’s something very different from the trend for diversity without change that we see elsewhere in the industry, and people recognise that.’ Clemens’ role as a designer is vital, as he offers representation in an industry benefiting from Black culture without giving credit where it is due. With the recent long-overdue spotlight on black-owned businesses, Telfar has been making moves.

The bags' supporters are on the highest echelons of celebrity from talk show host Oprah Winfrey to pop star Selena Gomez to congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio-Cortez was seen with her medium-sized shopping bag in the shade oxblood in Washington DC. The shopping bag is jokingly dubbed the ‘Bushwick Birkin’ for its cult status and location of birth. The New York cult favourite comes in myriads of colours, three sizes, and is made out of 100% vegan leather. Sounds too good to be true? There is one downside - you have to be fast, and with fast we are speaking in minutes! Their weekly drops sell out within minutes on their website. 

Particularly the medium Telfar shopping bag has proved itself as the perfect size to hold onto one’s daily survival kit. The two straps, one long, one short, offer a variety of ways of carrying the bag. Telfar Clemens is pioneering the accessibility of luxury fashion. This is a movement we can only support, so keep your eyes peeled for the next drop of Telfar bags in the following week.

Black Owned Business Haul -- Unboxing Pool Blue and Yellow Small Telfar Bags

Telfar's New Shopping Bag Is a Blue "Cerulean" Dream

Telfar has unveiled yet another colorway for its cult-favorite Shopping Bag.

Like the wise Miranda Priestly once said, this bag “is not just blue, it’s not turquoise. It’s not lapis. It’s actually cerulean.” For those who love experimenting with color, consider adding this upcoming iteration to your bag collection. Just like the previous “Lavender” version, “Cerulean” boasts a summer-inspired pastel look, which will give your everyday fits a subtle pop of vibrancy.

Take a closer look at the small, medium and large sizes above. Telfar’s Shopping Bag in “Cerulean” ranges from $150 to $257 USD, and will be available on July 27 at 9 a.m. EST via the Telfar website.

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Telfar medium pool blue shopping bag unboxing!!!

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