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Lean To Shed Plans

The lean to shed is the perfect solution for storing things. It is simple to build and very functional. The single plane sloping roof allows you to build next to a fence and have the roof line at the top of the fence level or next to your house and have the entire roof sloping away from the house keeping moisture away from the house. Our lean to sheds can be build immediately next to an existing structure with the roof sloping away.

They can also be build attached to an adjacent structure and have the tall wall removed. You can email us for details showing the connection of the lean to shed to an existing wall. You should also check with a local structural engineer to make sure that the wall you are attaching the lean to shed roof to is sufficiently strong to hold the new roof.

The roof is easy to build because each rafter is one board that slopes from one side of the shed to the other. Is all you need to do is cut a birdsmouth on each end of the rafter so it can sit flat on the top of the shed wall and cut the rafter ends so they are vertical and your rafter is ready to install on the wall plates.

Lean To Shed Plans

The lean to shed style is one of our most popular designs. Our plans are designed to aid both the beginning builder and the seasoned professional to successfully build a lean to shed. Our plans show detailed information like the location of every board in all the shed walls and shed floor. By using the shed plans and the How To Build a Shed instructions together you will have the informational resources you need to plan, determine costs, and build your shed.

You can view an example of the type of information shown on our plans by viewing our shed plans example page.

Every set of plans comes with How To Build A Shed eBook that walks you through the steps cutting and installing the roof rafters for a lean to shed roof. It also covers all the other aspects of shed building like framing the shed floor, framing the shed walls, installing siding and installing trim.

Lean To Shed Doors:

Most of our designs allow you to build the lean to storage shed with doors on any of the 4 walls. This allows you to orient the sloping roof and the foot print of the shed in the best way for your needs. Lean to sheds are often built on the side of a home with the shed roof sloping away from the house. In this configuration placing the door on the end of the shed allows you to easily access the shed while still using all available space between the house and fence.

Our larger lean to sheds, 8x8 and larger, come with the option of a home built door or a pre-hung door. The plans are included for the home built door and materials list. Pre-hung doors are available from local home stores, lumber yards or door shops. You can have a door built with options like deadbolts, different jamb thicknesses, door threshold and swing direction. A pre-hung door for your shed also gives you the option of having a door style that is hard to build at home.

Lean To Shed Roof:

The larger lean to sheds us a roof slope of 2 in 12. This keeps the slope of the roof lower and material costs down. You can use either asphalt shingles or metal roofing. When using asphalt shingles you will need to check with your roofing manufacturers specifications to verify the process for installing shingles on a low slope roof. The most common solution is to install a 36 inch wide roll roofing or Ice and Water shield before the shingles are installed. When installing metal roofs you will need to use a metal roof shape that is called PBR. It is a 36 inch wide metal that is designed to be installed on low slope roofs. You can order it cut to the lenght needed for your shed roof from a local roofing supplier, home store or lumber yard that sales metal roofing supplies.

Modern Office or Studio:

Many times when building a home office or studio you might want a plan that is contemporary looking to give you a more professional atmosphere. The single plane roof creates a contemporary or modern looking space. The clean lines of the single sloping roof and addition of windows to bring natural light inside make the lean to style of shed perfect for creating a home office. View our complete modern shed plan library.

Having a home office or studio is a great way to shorten your commute to work and reduce the cost of renting office space. All of our modern sheds use the basic lean to design. With the addition of windows, upgraded siding and pre hung doors you can transform the out side of your lean to shed into a first class work space.

Firewood Shed Plans storage:

The lean to style of shed is popular for storing firewood. Using open walls allows air to flow around the wood, seasoning it so it is ready for burning. The roof sloping away from the front opening keeps moisture and piles of snow away from the main firewood access.

Horse Barn:

The lean to works well to provide protection from horses while still allowing them to move freely in and out of the covered area. Using the lean to design on the farm is popular because it is often built on the side of a raised center aisle barn or on the front of horse Run In Sheds to provide additional covered space. The lean to shed design is also one of the least expensive ways to add additional covered space to protect livestock, feed and equipment.

Pick Your Plan and Start Building Your Backyard Lean To Shed Today!

With so many shed sizes to choose from it may be hard to decide on just one. The size and style you end up building will be affected by your local zoning requirements, storage needs, how much space you have to build on and your budget. After considering these items separately and together you will have a good idea of the style and size you need to build.

16x24 lean to shed plans by

Modern Shed Built as a Garden Lean To


Lean To Shed Plans – 4×8 – Step-By-Step Plans

Lean to shed plans – 4’x8′. Shed plans include a free PDF download, illustrated step-by-step instructions, shopping list, and cutting list.

Lean To Shed Plans – 4×8 – Overview

Lean To Shed Plans – 4×8 – Material List

Shopping List

Shopping List

(material for door not included below)


6 – 2×6 (pressure treated) – 8′

2 – 4×4 (pressure treated) – 8′

1 – 3/4″ plywood – 4’x8′ sheet

Back Wall Frame

11 – 2×4 – 8′

Front Wall Frame

8 – 2×4 – 8′

Right/Left Wall Frame

10 – 2×4 – 8′


3 – 2×4 – 10′

1 – 2×4 – 8′

T1-11 Exterior Siding

4 – t1-11 exterior siding – 4’x8′ sheet

Roof Deck

2 – 1/2″ plywood – 4’x8′ sheet


1 – 2×4 – 10′ (cut to size)

2 – 1×4 – 10′ (cut to size)

8 – 1×4 – 8′ (cut to size)


3 1/2″ galvanized nails

2″ galvanized nails

1 1/4″ galvanized finishing nails

2″ deck screws


roofing felt

drip edge

roof tacks

roof staples

Cutting List

Cutting List

(material for door not included below)


2 – 2×6 (pressure treated) – 8′

7 – 2×6 (pressure treated) – 3′ 9″

2 – 4×4 (pressure treated) – 8′

1 – 3/4″ plywood – 4’x8′ sheet

Back Wall Frame

2 – 2×4 – 8′

9 – 2×4 – 7′ 4 1/2″ (18 degrees angle cut on one end)

Front Wall Frame

2 – 2×4 – 8′

6 – 2×4 – 6′ 2 1/8″

Right/Left Wall Frame

4 – 2×4 – 3′ 5″

8 – 2×4 – 6′ 2 1/8″


7 – 2×4 – 4′ 3 1/4″

T1-11 Exterior Siding

4 – t1-11 exterior siding – 4’x8′ sheet (cut to size)

Roof Deck

2 – 1/2″ plywood – 4’x8′ sheet (cut to size)


1 – 2×4 – 10′ (cut to size)

2 – 1×4 – 10′ (cut to size)

8 – 1×4 – 8′ (cut to size)

Lean to shed plans - 4'x8' floor frame details.



Cut two 2×6’s to 8′ long for the band and seven 2×6’s to 3′ 9″ long for the floor joist. Floor joist are spaced out 16″ O.C.

Nail 3 1/2″ nails through the plate and into the joist.

Cut two 4×4’s to 8′ long for the skids. Install to the bottom of the floor frame as shown on illustration above. Nail 3 1/2″ nails through the floor frame and into the skids.


Lean to shed plans, floor deck.

Install the 3/4″ plywood for the floor deck. Screw2″ deck screws through the plywood and into the floor frame.


Lean to shed plans, back wall frame.

Back Wall Frame

The walls are framed using 2×4 lumber.

Cut two 2×4’s to 8′ long for the top and bottom plate. Cut nine 2×4’s to 7′ 4 1/2″ long for the wall studs, the top of the wall studs will have 18 degrees’ angle cut on the top.

The wall studs are spaced out 16″ O.C. nail 3 1/2″ nails through the top and bottom plate and into the wall studs.


Lean to shed plans, front wall frame.

Front Wall Frame

Cut two 2×4’s to 8′ long for the top and bottom plates. Cut six 2×4’s to 6′ 2 1/8″ long for the wall studs.

Frame the door entrance, for details on door framing see:

Nail 3 1/2″ nails through the top and bottom plate and into the wall studs.



Lean to shed plans, right and left wall frame.

Right/Left Wall Frame

Cut four 2×4’s to 3′ 5″ long for the top and bottom plates. Cut eight 2×4’s to 6′ 2 1/8″ for the wall studs. Assemble as shown on illustration above, nail 3 1/2″ nails through the top and bottom plate and into the wall studs.


Lean to shed plans, rafter details.


2×4 lumber is used for the rafters.

Cut seven 2×4’s as shown on illustration above for the shed roof rafters.


Lean to shed plans, rafters 16" O.C.

Install the roof rafters as shown on illustration above, rafters are spaced out 16″ O.C.

Cut and remove the bottom plate on door entrance.


Lean to shed plans, siding.

T1-11 Exterior Siding

Install the 4’x8′ exterior siding sheets using 1 1/4″ finishing nails.

Once the siding has been installed cut the side siding along the rafters.


Lean to shed plans, roof deck.Roof Deck

Cut the 1/2″ plywood for the roof deck, install using 2″ nails.


Lean to shed plans, trim.


Install the trim as shown on illustration above. Cut trim to size and install using 1 1/4″ finishing nails.


Lean to shed plans, free plans.


Install roofing felt, drip edge, and shingles.

Like these lean to shed plans? Let me know, leave me a comment below. Share this link with your friends and your social media, thanks.

Construct101 offers free online version plans. These free plans also have a free print friendly PDF downloadable version free of ads. Click here to download.


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Free plans, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for building a simple 4-by-6-foot outdoor shed. Step-by-step instructions, too!

Have you been longing for a shed where you can store lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, compact outdoor furniture, and miscellaneous tools and supplies? When inconspicuous, functional storage is all you’re looking for, a lean-to shed is the perfect solution.

Per its name, the structure simply leans against the house or garage for additional support and provides a water-safe haven for shielding gear from the elements. If you have moderate do-it-yourself skills and tools, this is a weekend project. If you decide it’s more than you bargained for, check out these convenient lean-to shed kits on Amazon.

Lean-to shed provides simple shelter for yard gear and more. Photo: Sunset

Browse Tools for This Project on Amazon
• Combination Squares
• Power Circular Saws
• 4-Foot Levels
• 16-Foot Tape Measures
• Framing Nailers
• Pancake Air Compressors

Storage Shed Design

Because the shed is designed to abut to another structure, the foundation need only be pressure-treated skids, the roof pitched in only one direction to shed water, and the back wall sheathed with 1/2-inch CDX plywood, which withstands indirect exposure to moisture. See Anatomy of an Outdoor Shed or Playhouse for more about typical shed construction.

Plan Modifications

It isn’t a requirement that this shed be built against a wall—but the structure is designed to take advantage of the wall for strength. So if you modify it to be a freestanding shed, you’ll need to build a conventional stud wall across the back and face it with the same type of plywood siding used on the rest of the shed. For information on how to mark, cut, and fasten wall studs, see How to Frame an Interior Wall (ignore the part about working with drywall because you’ll be using exterior-rated T1-11 siding instead).

For a freestanding shed, you can build the shed on top of a concrete slab (see Pouring a Concrete Slab) instead of the pressure-treated skids and floor joists; this will actually result in a sturdier—more permanent— structure. Otherwise, for a freestanding shed, the foundation should be constructed on concrete piers or poured footings (see Pouring Concrete Footings & Piers).  Be aware that building on footings will raise the height of the shed up from the ground.

Materials Required
To build the shed shown here, you’ll need:

• Pressure-treated 4x4s for skids
• Pressure-treated 2x4s for floor joists
• 3/4″ Tongue-and-groove plywood for flooring
• 2x4s For studs, header, rafters, top plate nailers, etc.
• T1-11 Plywood siding
• 1/2″ CDX plywood for roof sheathing
• 1×3 Door trim
• 1×4 Fascia and rake trim
• Asphalt shingle roofing, 15-pound felt, metal framing brackets, door hinges and latch, miscellaneous galvanized nails and outdoor screws, and paint, stain, or preservative.

Building the Shed

The shed shown here is 6 feet long by 4 feet wide. You can easily expand its dimensions in increments of 2 or 4 feet.

1To construct the framing for the shed’s floor, cut two pressure-treated 2 by 4s to a length of 6 feet for the rim joists. Then position six 45-inch-long floor joists between the rim joists 16 inches on center (with the exception of the last one, as shown in the floor joist detail at right). Attach them with 16d nails.

Cut two pressure-treated 4 by 4s to a length of 6 feet for the skids. Position the frame on the skids, and, when square, toenail the floor joists to the skids.

Attach 3/4-inch tongue-and-groove plywood flooring onto the frame.

2The walls for the shed are constructed separately and then raised onto the frame.

Start with the back wall, which is 8 feet high with 6-foot-long top and bottom plates and four studs placed 18 inches on center. The tops of the wall studs are mitered at 18 degrees. Attach the wall to the floor frame and temporarily brace it.

The front wall has a 6-foot-long top plate and two 1-foot-long bottom plates, leaving space for a 4-foot-wide door. The four wall studs are 81 1/4 inches long; install them as shown in the front framing detail at left. Next, install the 73-inch-long jack studs, and then attach the 51-inch-long doubled header. Finally, attach the 6 1/4-inch-long cripple studs.

Raise the front wall, attach it to the floor, and temporarily brace it.

The side walls have top and bottom plates 41 inches long and studs 81 1/4 inches tall. Raise them, attach them to the floor, and temporarily brace them if needed. When all wall sections are square, attach them at the corners with screws.

3The frame of the roof consists of four 2-by-4 rafters cut so that they rest on the front- and rear-wall top plates, as shown in the rafter detail at right. Install a gable stud directly over the center studs on both side walls to fit between the end rafter and the top plate. Install the sub-fascia and then the fascia to the front ends of the rafters.

4Position pieces of T1-11 siding on the front and sides of the shed so that they are flush with the bottom of the rim joists. Attach the siding with 8d galvanized nails spaced every 8 inches.

Cover the rear wall with 1/2-inch CDX plywood from the bottom of the rim joists to the tops of the rafter ends.

5Sheath the rafters with 1/2-inch CDX plywood; stagger the joints so that none end up on a rafter. Nail them in place with 6d nails. Attach rake trim to cover the exposed edges of the roof sheathing, and install drip edging. Roll out 15-pound roofing felt, and apply the shingles (see Asphalt Roof Installation).

6Construct the doors from T1-11 siding, and trim them out with 1 by 3s. Add cross trim in the centers of both doors, and install the door latches. Use strap hinges to attach the doors.

Featured Resource: Find a Pre-Screened Local Shed Builder


• Anatomy of an Outdoor Shed or Playhouse
• Building a Shed or Playhouse
• Fastening a Patio Roof to the House
• How to Build a Horse Barn

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About Don Vandervort

Don Vandervort has developed his expertise for more than 30 years, as Building Editor for Sunset Books, Senior Editor at Home Magazine, author of more than 30 home improvement books, and writer of countless magazine articles. He appeared for 3 seasons on HGTV’s “The Fix,” and served as MSN’s home expert for several years. Don founded HomeTips in 1996. Read more about Don Vandervort

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Building a Shed from Start to Finish - Lean to style Shed

27 DIY Lean To Shed Plans That Are Inexpensive To Build

Any of these 27 lean to shed plans will show you how to build an inexpensive storage shed that is ideal for placing against another structure. This type of DIY outbuilding is simple to build and will provide lots of safe, secure storage on your property.

These lean to shed plans will also show you how to run electricity through the wall of your home and into the shed. The electricity will make it easy to use power tools and lights in the DIY lean to shed. Check out these free plans and get started building this weekend.

You may also like to see: Garden shed plans, wood shed plans, diy pallet shed and diy garage cabinet for storage.

1- Garden Shed Plans

This 10x 12 lean to shed would make a great garden shed for storing tools and other garden supplies. These free shed plans rustic look will take you through the simple building process step by step so you can have a secure place to store tools.

The window lets the sunlight shine into the shed so even if you don’t want to run electricity into the shed it will still be bright inside. A lock is easy to install on the door so all your tools will be safe.


2- Large Lean To Shed Plans

This large storage shed plans will show you how to build a lean to shed that measures 12‘×16‘ and has a large double door on the front. This large size and double door make this an ideal storage shed for a riding lawn mower or yard tractor.

Use a sliding barn door on the front to make the DIY lean to shed look more like a barn instead of a storage building. Detailed building plans and materials list help make this DIY building project simple to complete.

Large Lean To Shed

3- Simple Lean To Shed

The simple shape of this structure only requires basic carpentry skills and enables you to complete the DIY project in just one weekend.

Get the clutter out of your garage and backyard by building this storage shed in five easy steps. Detailed plans and a finished lean to shed that looks like it’s part of the house. Add storage space and value to your house with this DIY building project.

Simple Lean To Shed Plans

4- Small Cedar Shed

These storage shed plans will show you how to build a small cedar shed that is attractive and functional. Ideal for small backyards and people who have minimal lawn and garden tools.

This good-looking lean to shed is ideal for a few pool toys and lawn tools. Ideal for a sub-division that has rules on the appearance and size of outdoor sheds. The cedar wood will also make this shed attractive, pest-free, and long-lasting.

Small Cedar Shed

5- Storage Shed

Use these free plans to build alean to shed so you keep all your tools and toys stored in one location. De-clutter the yard, the garage, and the porch by building this simple storage shed that can hold a lot of items without taking up a lot of yard space.

Lean to shed plans make the building process easy and include a material list, photos of the process, and step by step instructions.

build a lean to shed

6- 5‘x7‘ Lean To Shed

A little storage space can go a long way with these lean to shed plans. This small 5‘x7‘ shed has a wide door opening so there’s ample room for storing a riding lawn mower or an ATV. Drive the equipment right inside the storage shed through the wide door, then shut and lock the door to keep the equipment safe and out of the elements.

There is also plenty of room for storing other items along with lawn or play equipment inside this small and efficient storage shed.

5‘x7‘ Lean To Shed

7- Outdoor Shed Plans

This easy to build storage shed leans against your house, garage, or other structure to give it support and stability during any type of weather. Lean to sheds are structurally sound and water proof, so you can store valuable outdoor equipment inside one of them without worry.

These detailed lean to shed plans will show you how to build a 4‘x6‘ that can hold a lot of yard equipment. The small size does not take up much yard space and the shed can have shelves installed to triple the interior storage space.

Outdoor Shed Plans


8- Small Space Lean To Shed

Do you have a small awkward outdoor space that seems to have to purpose? Use the small space to build a DIY lean to shed.

Sometimes outdoor space near the steps or behind the garage has an awkward angle or it’s too small to be useful in a traditional application, so it goes unused. Put that space to good use by building a storage shed with these free shed plans.

This YouTube video will show you how to build a lean to shed from start to finish. The shed can be customized to fit your small outdoor space.

9- Lean To Against a Shed

Do you have an outdoor storage shed that just is not big enough to hold all of your garden tools and other needed yard items? Don’t tear down the existing shed and build a larger one, just add a lean to shed on the side of it.

We can all use more storage space and these lean to shed plans will show you how to increase your outdoor storage space without demolishing an outdoor structure that you already have. We think that a 10‘x10‘ storage shed will be large enough at first, but we keep buying equipment for the lawn, garden, pool, snow, etc., and before long we run out of storage room. Just use these free YouTube plans to build a lean to against the shed and your storage problem will be solved.

10- Backyard Shed Plans

Use these free storage shed plans to build a backyard shed so you can store all your lawn and garden equipment in one secure and dry location.

Keep plant food, weed killer, pool chemicals, and gas for the lawnmower stored securely behind a locked door and away from small children in this backyard shed. This DIY lean to shed will also keep chemicals, gas, and equipment dry and out of the elements.

Backyard Shed Plans

11- Large DIY Lean To

Here are some free shed plans that will show you how to build a large lean to that is ideal for storing motorcycles, ATVs, and a riding lawnmower. This large 16‘x24‘ lean to shed will be easy to connect to electricity from inside the home so the large shed can be used as a workspace for small engine repair or woodworking.

Large DIY Lean To

12- 4‘x8‘ Lean To Shed Plans

This shed is big on interior storage space and small on the amount of yard space it will take up. These free shed plans will show you how to build a 4‘x8‘lean to shed with a large entry door. The large door will enable you to drive in a riding lawnmower or other equipment for storage, plus leave plenty of room to store other outdoor items.

Use siding to cover the lean to shed that matches your home to give it a finished look and increase home value.

4‘x8‘ Lean To Shed Plans

13- Corrugated Metal Shed

This simple lean to shedis constructed using a wood frame and corrugated metal roofing for the sides and top. These free lean to shed plans on YouTube will show you how to construct the frame with wood and cover it with lightweight, durable, corrugated metal roofing.

This is a great build for a homestead and it will provide dray and secure storage for tools and equipment used for outdoor tasks.

14- Lean To Garden Shed

Keep all your gardening tools and equipment in one safe, dry location after you build this lean to garden shed. Even if you already have a backyard storage shed, this easy to build DIY lean to shed would be great for storing gardening tools that have dirt and grass on them.

The weed eater, shovel, rake, hoe, and push mower would fit inside this little lean to and help you keep the main backyard storage shed clean.

Lean To Garden Shed

15- 6‘x10‘ Lean To Shed

Use weather-resistant lumber and these free plans to build a long-lasting lean to shed on your property. Paint it the same color as your home and use matching roofing material so the shed will look like it was built at the same time as the house.

There is plenty of storage space inside of a 6‘x10‘ shed and it takes up very little land space in the backyard.

6‘x10‘ Lean To Shed

16- Shed Roof Plans

A good lean to shed must have a good roof to keep the interior of the shed dry. These free plans will show you how to build a custom-sized roof for your shed so your shed and everything stored inside will be protected from the elements.

Shed Roof Plans

17- Metal Lean To Shed

This is a no-frills metal lean to shed that is fast and easy to build and ideal for storing fuel, oil, and other frequently used chemicals.

The front opening can be left uncovered for easy access or a double door can be added for security. Follow the instructions on this YouTube video for easy construction.

Metal Lean To Shed

18- Small Lean To Shed

This 3×8 foot lean to shed is just the right size for storing a few pieces of lawn and garden equipment. These free plans will show you how to build a lean to roof that will provide just the right amount of sloping to allow the rain and snow to run off quickly.

This small shed also has a shingle roof and is covered with siding so it looks like part of the home. Ideal for building in neighborhoods that have strict building codes.

Small Lean To Shed

19- Free Standing Lean To Shed

Sometimes you need a storage shed with a lean to design that does not actually lean up again your home or any other structure.

Watch this instructional YouTube video to learn how to build a lean to shed that is free standing and has plenty of interior storage room. A free-standing storage shed like this one is ideal for a large homestead that has a riding lawn mower and other large pieces of outdoor equipment.

Easy to build and long lasting, this free-standing lean to shed can solve all your equipment storage needs.

Free Standing Lean To Shed

20- Large Lean To Shed

This large lean to shed is 12×24 feet and has plenty of room for storage and work.

If you need a dry, safe place to park your vehicle, tractor, 4-wheel toys, or lawn equipment, plus have some room leftover, check this lean to shed out.

Building a lean to shed like this large one will provide plenty of space to store equipment and create a workshop. Ideal for people living in climates that have cold, snowy winter weather. You will be able to keep your equipment dry and have a warm space to work on DIY projects.

Large Lean To Shed

21- Lean To Shed With Windows

Follow these free plans to learn how to build a lean to shed with windows that is just the right size for small a backyard.

If you want to reclaim your garage by getting the clutter out, this small lean to shed with windows just might be your answer. The shed is just the right size for storing seasonal decor, pool toys, and garden supplies. The windows of the shed look attractive and provide enough light inside the shed so it will not need electricity.

The detailed lean to shed plans provide you with written instructions, plus pictures and building sketches to make this an easy DIY project for any homeowner.

Lean To Shed With Windows

22- Lean To Shed On Concrete Pad

This YouTube video will give you free lean to shed plans plus show you how to pour a concrete pad.

If you want a solid concrete floor for your DIY shed, then watch this YouTube video for the instructions from start to finish. A sturdy concrete floor will hold up for decades under the weight of a riding lawn mower and other heavy lawn equipment.

The sloped roof provides for fast water and snowmelt runoff, so you won’t have to worry about a leaky roof. Plenty of interior storage space for all your equipment and outdoor toys.

23- Lean To Shed For Your Shed

If your outdoor shed is filled with lawn and garden equipment, snow blowers, patio furniture, and pool toys, you might need a lean to shed for your shed.

When you first build an outdoor shed you think there will be plenty of room for all your stuff but there is never enough storage space. As the years go by the stuff accumulates and you eventually will run out of space.

These free lean to storage shed plans will show you how to build a lean to shed onto your outdoor shed to increase storage space. The lean to shed plans can be used to construct the new shed against any existing structure to keep the cost low.

Lean To Shed For Your Shed

24- Wood Lean To Shed

This PDF file contains detailed plans for building a woodlean to shed that looks good and provides lots of outdoor storage space.

The sloped roof keeps the water and snow from collecting on top and the window allows plenty of natural light to come in so electricity won’t be needed for the shed. Adding electricity is an option for a wood shed like this one, then it could become a She-Shed or workshop.

These lean to shed plans will show you how to build an 8×10 foot storage shed from wood.

Wood Lean To Shed

25- Long and Narrow Lean To Shed

A lean to shed is a space saving outdoor room that can provide storage space and/or work space. The usable outdoor space you have will determine the width and length that you can build a lean to shed. These lean to shed plans are perfect for small spaces or when you don’t want to take up too much of your yard space.

This lean to shed is 5-feet wide but it’s 16-feet long. It can be constructed along the backside of your house or garage without taking up much available land space.

Long and Narrow Lean To Shed

26- 6×8 Feet Shed

Small free standing shed plans that will show you how to build a 6×8 feet storage shed.

Ideal for a small yard or if you don’t have much lawn and garden equipment. You can also extend the wood flooring platform to create a deck to sit on so you can enjoy the outdoors.

This easy DIY project has many uses besides just storage. It would make a great place for crafting, wood working, or tea parties. Add some windows to the design and it could become a greenhouse where you could grow fresh food year-round.

Small free standing shed plans

27- Lean To Shed Blueprints

These free detailed blueprints will take you through the entire building process of a 12×16 feet lean to shed.

From the foundation to the root, these blueprints will show you all the construction details. The sloped roof, 3 windows, and side door design make this outdoor structure adaptable for many different uses.

Download and print out these free blueprints and get started building your own lean to shed this weekend.

Lean To Shed Blueprints


+Farhan Ahsan


To shed lean kits diy

Lean To Shed Plans Free

Building a lean to shed is a good choice if you like the simple but efficient designs. In addition, although it might look bulky to most of you, by choosing proper lean to shed plans free, you would create a significant storage space in your backyard. Work with attention and with great care, if you want to get the job done quickly and to prevent costly mistakes. These preliminary steps are essential for any woodworking project. A lot more storage shed plans and other projects HERE.

Adjust the size of the lean to shed to your needs, but you should use the same techniques described in this diy article. Moreover, we recommend you to ask a friend to assist you when building the construction, as one has to hold the components into place, while the other one drives the screws. Align the wooden parts at both ends before inserting the screws, to get a neat appearance.


PART 1: Lean to shed plans

PART 2: Shed door plans

Building a lean to shed

Building a lean to shed


  • 1 – 4 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 144″ SKIDS
  • 2 – 2 peices of 2×6 lumber – 144″, 10 pieces of 2×6 lumber – 93″ JOISTS
  • 3 – 3 pieces of 3/4″ plywood – 4×8′ FLOORING
  • 4 – 11 pieces of 2×4 lumber – 90″, 2 peices – 144, 1 piece – 137″SIDE WALL
  • 5 – 5 pieces of 2×4 lumber – 90″, 1 piece – 89″, 1 piece – 92 1/2″, 1 piece – 96″ BACK WALL
  • 6 – 9 pieces of 2×4 lumber – 116 1/2″, 2 pieces – 144″SIDE WALL
  • 7 – 6 pieces of 2×4 – 90″, 1 piece – 89″, 1 piece – 92 1/2″, 1 piece – 96″, 3 pieces – 12″ FRONT WALL
  • 8 – 13 pieces of 5/8″ grooved plywood SIDING
  • 9 – 11 pieces of 2×4 lumber – 110 3/4″ RAFTERS
  • 10 – 5 pieces of 3/4” grooved plywood – 4×8′ ROOF DECKING
  • 9 – 150 sq ft of roofing felt, 150 sq ft of asphalt shingles ROOFING



Made from this plan

Building the floor frame

Building the floor frame

The first step of the project is to build the frame of the floor. As you can see in the image, you need to use 2×6 joists and create a rigid frame. Drill pilot hole trough the rim joists and insert 3 1/2″ galvanized screws into the regular beams. Check if the corners are right-angled and make sure the diagonals are right-angled.

Place the joists every 24″ on center, otherwise you won’t be able to fit the plywood sheets properly. Work with attention and with great care, if you want to prevent costly mistakes.

Attaching the plywood flooring

Attaching the plywood flooring

Attach 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood sheets to the frame of the floor and secure them into place with 1 1/4″ galvanized screws. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps between the sheets, as to get a professional result.

Front wall plans

Front wall plans

Building the front wall of the lean to shed is easy, especially if you use proper plans and quality materials. As you can see in the free plans, you should frame the door opening in a professional manner and create a rigid structure. Work with attention and with great care, if you want to prevent costly mistakes. Drill pilot holes trough the plates and insert 3 1/2″ screws into the studs.

Back wall plans

Back wall plans

Build the back wall of the shed as in the plans. Make sure the corners of the shed are right-angled, by using a large carpentry square.

Side wall plans

Side wall plans

Continue the project in the same manner, by assembling the tall side wall. Place the studs as in the image, as our plans are optimized for 4×8″ sheets of exterior siding. Check if the corners are right angled after fitting each component. Work on a level surface if you want to get consistent results.

Side wall plans

Side wall plans

Building the short side wall is a straight-forward process. All you have to do is to cut the studs at the right size and lock them between the top and bottom plates. Place the studs equally spaced, as in the plans free. Check if the corners are right angled, by using a carpentry square.

Installing the wall frames

Installing the wall frames

Ask a friend to assist you when installing the wall frames into place. As you can notice in the image, you need to place the wall frames on top of the flooring and lock them to the joists with 4 1/2″ wood screws, after making sure the walls are plumb. Use 2×4 braces to lock the frames into place temporarily.

Installing the siding to front wall

Installing the siding to front wall

Use 5/8″ grooved plywood to cover the exterior faces of the lean to shed. As you can see in the image, you need to cut out a small piece of siding inside the sheet, as to fit it around the door opening. Align the sheets at both eds and lock them into place with 1 1/4″ finishing nails.

Siding - Back Wall

Siding – Back Wall

Attaching the exterior siding to the back wall is a straight forward job, if you follow our instructions and use tongue and groove 5/8″ plywood sheets. Work with attention and with great care, making sure you don’t leave any gaps between the sheets.

Attaching the siding

Attaching the siding

Attach 5/8″ siding to the side walls, following the pattern described in the image. In order to get a professional result, we strongly recommend you to insert 1 1/4″ finishing nails into the studs, every 6-8″. Work with attention and with great care, as to prevent potential issues.

Siding - Side wall

Siding – Side wall

Continue the project in the same manner as described above. Align the sheets at the top edge of the plate and lock it into place with finishing nails.

Rafter plans

Rafter plans

Building the roof of the lean to shed is a simple and quick process, if the right plans and instructions are used. As you can see in the image, you need to build the rafters from 2×4 lumber and lock them to the top plates with 3 1/2″ wood screws. Cut the ends of the rafters at 15º as to drain the water properly.

Installing the rafters

Installing the rafters

Place the rafters on top of the top plates and space them as in the image. Drill pilot hole trough the rafters, at both ends, and lock them into place with 3 1/2″ galvanized screws. Use a spirit level to check if the rafters are plumb and at the same level.

Fitting the roofing sheets

Fitting the roofing sheets

Attach 3/4″ tongue and groove plywood sheets over the rafters, as in the plans. Start the installation process from the bottom of the roof and use 1 1/4″ wood screws to lock them to the rafters, every 6-8″. Don’t leave any gaps between the sheets, to prevent the construction from water damage.

Installing the roofing

Installing the roofing

In order to waterproof the shed, you have to cover the roofing sheets with felt. Make sure the strips of roofing felt overlap at least 2-3″ and staple them to the plywood sheets every 8″. Continue the project by installing the asphalt shingles. Place the starting course at the bottom of the roof, before fitting the rest of the shingles.

PRO TIP: Always read the manufacturer’s instructions, before installing the shingles. They provide essential information about the installation of the shingles.

lean to shed plans free

lean to shed plans free

After installing the roof and the asphalt shingles, there are still a few finishing touches you have to take care of. First of all, you could fill the holes and gaps with wood filler and smooth the surface with medium-grit sandpaper.

PRO TIP: Apply a few coats of paint to the wooden components, in order to enhance the look of the shed and to protect it from decay. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the project, in order to learn how to build a shed door. Don’t forget to check out my project about a 10×12 lean to shed plans. 

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