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Guaranteed X-01 Power Armor (Full set)

You must be level 28 however, for this to spawn. Once you are level 28 go and pick it up from there.

Alternate video of getting PowerArmor X-01 and Upgrading it (Also getting Jetpack with it)

NOTE:  The Power Armor Type you find from looting or discovery will depend on the current level of your character. This changes as you gain experience and increase your level.

If you are only level 5, odds are you will get T-45 parts (the weakest). And if you are level 50 you should be able to find T-60 and X-01 armor. But even then, it is slightly random what armor type you will find in each place.
Most of them already have fusion cores installed.

You can extract the Fusion Cores from Power Armor you find in the wasteland if you wish to keep a specific model of Power Armor. Upgrades can also be made at Power Armor Stations to further improve the strength of armor, including different mods for different pieces.

There are countless ways to obtain new parts, these are just a few ways to obtain Power Armor parts to get you started early in the game.

Warning: Slight Spoilers for the first time you meet Preston Garvey.

Helm and torso of T-51 location

This was found at over level 60

In Fallout 4, Power Armor suits can help players through a lot of tough situations. While there are many models and variations of suits to choose from, nothing really beats the X-01 Power Armor. Lauded as one of the best and most advanced Power Armor suits in the game, the X-01 is also notoriously rare, and therefore tricky to find. This guide will help you locate a full suit of X-01 Power Armor with relatively little effort.

Should you need help with any other areas of Fallout 4, make sure to head over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub, featuring entire mission and area walkthroughs, as well as the locations of every Bobblehead in the game.

The X-01 Power Armor can be found in several locations in Fallout 4. Most of the X-01 suits found throughout the wasteland only contain a few X-01 parts, not the full suit, and this largely depends on what level the player is at the time of discovering the armor. However, there is one location that houses a full X-01 Power Armor suit, for players who make the effort to acquire it.

Players should be at least around level 28 or higher before searching for the X-01 Power Armor, as this will increase their chances of actually finding a suit with X-01 parts. Perhaps wait until level 30, just to be on the safe side.

How to Find a Full X-01 Power Armor Suit

To track down the full X-01 suit, begin by locating the Custom House Tower on the east side of the wasteland, near Faneuil Hall. However, don’t actually go inside the Tower. Instead, head southwest down the road until you reach the building with a sign that says “35 Court”. This is the tall green building to the left of the Tower entrance.

Enter the building, and take out the robot in the lobby. Press the elevator button to call the elevator. Ride the elevator to the rooftop, where the X-01 Power Armor is located. Prepare to fight off an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot, who emerge from a pair of side chambers.

For a quick breakdown of Power Armor crafting and modification, check out our Fallout 4 Power Armor Guide. To discover more Fallout 4 features, head over to our Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

There is a red button found inside each of the chambers the robots came out from. After taking down the defensive bots, proceed to press the red buttons inside both chambers. This will cause the door on the center chamber to open, revealing the full suit of X-01 Power Armor housed inside.

As previously mentioned, there are also several other locations where a partial suit of X-01 Power Armor can be found. One such suit is located in the Abandoned Shack northwest of the Glowing Sea, on the western side of the map.

Another is found at the National Guard Training Yard inside the armory. Look for a red metal door to the armory, and prepare to fight off some Ghouls. The armory contains a security door that requires Master level hacking skills to unlock. Bring along Nick Valentine to hack the terminal for you if your Hacker perk isn’t a high enough rank. The X-01 suit is found just behind the security door.

Remember, the chances of finding X-01 parts on suits in these locations will vary depending on player level, and the number of parts is random. Aim to be at least level 30 or higher, and create a save file before tracking down these suits. The higher the player’s level, the better the chances of discovering a suit with X-01 modules.

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Location Image Description Map image Power armor models T-45 power armorT-51 power armorT-60 power armorX-01 power armorAbandoned shack (Installation K21-B) Fo4 KB21 PA Loc.pngLocated under the stairs at the lowest level.
Worldmap Loc Img 273.png
YesYesYesYesMilitary convoy (elevated freeway)
Fo4 PA Loc N NEponset.png
Submerged in the water, top parts of the helmet may be visible.
Fo4 Neponset Map.png
YesYesYesYesMilitary checkpoint (West Roxbury)
Fo4 PA another checkpoint.png
Near the IFV
Fo4 Milton PA map.png
YesYesYesYesFort StrongFo4 Pa Loc Img 3.pngInside the guard post before the bridge leading to the base. YesYesYesYesGoodneighbor (The Dig)
377160 2015-11-13 00030.png
Use Sonya to blast apart the fragile wall next to the generator containing the fusion core. It's the wall that does not lead to the subway area.
Worldmap Loc Img 186.png
YesYesYesYesMass Pike Interchange
Fo4 Pike PA Loc.png
In front of the Gunner outpost on the upper level of the interchange.
Worldmap Loc Img 143.png
YesYesYesNoMilitary checkpoint (south zone 3)
Fo4 Military Checkpoint Near Pike.png
Hidden behind one of the containers, near the IFV.
Fo4 Pa Loc Map 4.png
YesYesYesNoNational Guard Training Yard (Armory) Fo4 NGYard Armory 1.pngInside the locked side room. Worldmap Loc Img 067.pngYesYesYesYesAt the military APCs northeast of Poseidon Energy turbine No.18-F. 377160 20170320110117 1.pngAmong the aircraft wreckage behind the infantry fighting vehicles. Fo4 Power Armor Loc MilAPC.pngYesYesYesNoCrashed vertibird (near robotics disposal ground)
Fo4 Crashed Vertibird Olivia.png
Located in front of the Vertibird fuselage, northwest of station Olivia.
Fo4 PA Location Olivia.png
YesYesNoNoCrashed vertibird (Covenant Lake)
Fo4 Covenant Sunk power armor.png
Near the Vertibird crashed at the bottom of the lake
Power armor near Covenant.png
YesYesYesYesPower armor warehouse
Fo4 Hagen PA loc.png
Inside the eastern warehouse in the south of Fort Hagen township.
Fo4 Hagen PA map.png
YesYesYesNoCrashed vertibird (Marshland)
Fo4 Murkwater PA.png
Standing in the water, near the crashed Vertibird
Fo4 Murkwater PA map.png
YesYesYesYesUnloading barge
Fo4 Nahant PA.png
Inside the southern-most blue container, opening faces the Atlantic
Fo4 Nahant PA map.png
YesYesNoNoMilitary convoy (training yard)
Fo4 PA NGYard NE.png
Inside the trailer.
Fo4 PA NGYard NE map.png
YesYesYesYesFiddler's Green Trailer Estates
Fo4 Fiddler's Green PA.png
Inside one of the trailers.
Worldmap Loc Img 130.png
YesYesYesNoMilitary armor transport (Lexington)
Fo4 Train PA.png
Inside a cage on the flatbed, in the crashed train west of Lexington.
Fo4 Train PA map.png
YesNoNoNoMilitary checkpoint (Cambridge outskirts)
Fo4 Wattz PA.png
In a cage at the checkpoint northwest of the location.
Fo4 Wattz PA map.png
YesYesNoNoMilitary armor transport (north wilderness)
Fo4 Tenpines PA.png
Inside a cage on the crashed train just north-west, under the cliff.
Fo4 Tenpines PA map.png
YesYesNoNoMilitary checkpoint (Lake Cochituate)
Fo4 Cochita PA.png
Sitting in the grass on a burned out road, very close to edge of Glowing Sea, 5 pieces found. In between Natick Police Department and Federal supply cache 84NE. Armor under Big Arrow shown.
YesYesYesYesNuka-World, Morton residence
Standing in the power armor station within the garage. [[File:|200px|center]] {{}} {{}} {{}} {{}} Nuka-World, near Safari Adventure area by parking lot
20190210190606 1.jpg
Standing in a nook on the far side of the building from the door.
20190210190625 1.jpg
FALLOUT 4: How To Get FULL SET of X-01 BEST POWER ARMOR in Fallout 4!

Where To Find Fallout 4's Best Power Armor

Missing Fallout 4’s most powerful armor is pretty easy, given that it’s inside of an unmarked building. Here’s how you can find it.

What you’re looking at above is the X-01 Power Armor. This puppy packs a ton of damage resistance, as you can see here.While you can find pieces of this armor out in a few different places out in the wild, there’s a guaranteed way to find a full suit.

To gain access to the full X-01 suit, you’ll need to head to a place called “Custom House Tower,” which is a bit east of Goodneighbor.

You’ll know you’re in front of it when you see this building:

Once there, head to the left. You’re looking for a green pastel building, which has a sign that reads “35 Court” outside. Here’s a quick video guide, which should help you spot it/that you can use to make sure you’re going the right way:

That 35 Court building is the unmarked building housing your Power Armor. It’s worth noting that the suit of armor waiting inside actually scales to your level, so you can’t just get the X-01 right away. You have to be in the upper 20’s, levels-wise, to get the X-01 to spawn inside. I went in at level 27, if that helps.

In any case, the road to 35 Court might throw a few raiders at you along the way, but it’s never a particularly difficult fight. Kill whatever enemies stand in your way, and head inside of the green building. There will probably be a few enemies inside of 35 Court itself too, as well as a few turrets, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Once you’ve swept the area, take the elevator on the first floor up.

On this new floor, head outside. Here is where things get tricky: an alarm will go off, and both an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot will come flying out. Prepare yourself for this, because it’s kind of a tough fight. I’d recommend coming decked in Power Armor to help, but you’re here to collect Power Armor, so swinging that might be a little difficult. Just bring enough Stimpaks and some Pulse grenades, and you should be fine.

Once you destroy both the robots, head into their holding chambers. You should find a button in each one. Press it, and the station at the center of the roof should open up. Inside is the X-01. Congrats! You now have the best armor in the game. A full suit of it, to boot.

It gets better, of course. You can mod every piece of the X-01 to be stronger, or to suit your particular playstyle. The entire suit starts out as a Mark I, but I altered it to have a higher mark/damage resistance, as well as bonuses for VATs. Despite hoarding a good number of resources, I could only mod part of the suit—so you’ll probably end up going on a scavenger hunt if you want the best version of the X-01. But, it’ll be worth it. It literally does not get better than this in Fallout 4, so.

If you’re hurting on fusion cores to power the suit, make sure to check out our tips here. And finally, if you just don’t want to roll around in Power Armor all the time, or if you have your eye on a more fashionable piece of gear, don’t worry. There’s a way to upgrade snazzy outfits, like tuxedos and dresses, so they have amazing defensive capabilities, too. Check out our armor guide here, if that sounds of your alley. Have fun!


Fallout secret power 4 armor

Fallout 4 Power Armor repair, modding, and location guide

Fallout 4 Power Armour is available in the early hours – a departure from its late-game appearance in previous Fallout titles. That doesn’t mean it’s a game-changer from the off, though. Scavenging the Fallout 4 wastes will have you discover Power Armour in varying states of battle-readiness. Sometimes you’ll need to completely rework the scrap you find in some abandoned garage, and sometimes you’ll find pristine sets of the life-saving plating. Below, you’re going to find a quick guide to how to find, repair and modify your essential defensive equipment, as well as a few locations on where to find some armour to get you started.  

There are a few vital things you need to make sure you have in your possession when you step out into the nuke-blasted wilds of the 23rd century Commonwealth. You need a fresh supply of water, you need a powerful gun (with surplus ammo) and you need Fallout 4 Power Armour. Practically everything around you wants you dead: the local flora and fauna have evolved to be indiscriminately lethal, and if you’re not well protected you’ll die in minutes – if not seconds.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Basics

The foundation of the Power Armour suit is a skeletal frame that you can add parts to. To get a complete suit, you'll need to tack on arms, legs, a head, and a torso. You'll also need a Fusion Core to get it moving. If you don't have a core, the suit is basically useless as you're forced to crawl along.

The perks of roaming around in a clunky metal suit are numerous. For a start, you'll take less damage, you won't be injured if you jump or fall from a great height, and the effects of radiation won't be as severe. You'll also be able to carry more items while wearing it.

While all of those bonuses might have you itching to stuff yourself inside of a suit for the entirety of the game, it's worth noting that any action that uses AP points will drain the Fusion Core, and they aren't exactly plentiful. Power Armour is best saved for difficult encounters and quests, and it's advisable to always carry a spare fusion core.

If you leave your suit at a base or out in the wilderness with a fusion core installed, anyone who takes a shine to it can hop inside and take it for a spin. So either be sure to extract the core when you park it up, or you can leave it in so that your settlers can fend off raiders in style.

You'll receive your first Power Armour suit just down the road from Sanctuary, in the town of Concord. Head to the Museum of Freedom and pick up the quest When Freedom Calls. You'll get yourself a free set of Power Armour for your trouble.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Repairs 

Once you've got yourself a Power Armour suit, head to a settlement with a Power Armour Station like Sanctuary or the Red Rocket Truck Stop. Whilst wearing the Power Armour, walk yourself into the yellow frame of the station, then press and hold the relevant button to exit.

When you're out, your armour will have automatically reoriented itself to face outwards, ready for tinkering. To interact with the Power Armour station, look at the yellow frame. The options to craft and transfer will now be available to select.

First off, you'll want to repair the components. Interact with the station and scroll down through the list of parts. The health of each part is displayed in a box to the left. If the part is damaged, the repair option will be highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Various materials will be needed in order to repair your Power Armour, but for the most part you'll just need steel which you can easily obtain by scrapping metal items around your settlements.

Fallout 4 Power Armor Mods

To craft the best Power Armour mods, you'll need to invest some points into the Blacksmith, Armourer, and Science! perks.

You can upgrade the base stats of parts by switching between models.

Selecting a material mod will bestow certain attributes - usually when the entire suit is kitted out with the same material mod.

The upgrades for misc mods are generally directly related to the part being upgraded, like increased sprint speed for leg pieces.

The materials you'll need for Power Armour mods are the same as those you'd require for regular armour crafting, so be sure to stock up on junk and stash it in your workshop before you hunker down for some serious crafting.

For more info on how to change the paint job for your Power Armour, check out the locations of the Hot Rodder magazines to unlock them.

You'll notice that there are a few different types of Power Armour available for you to swan around killing everything in. Here are the five types of Power Armour and how you can get them.

Raider Power Armour

The Raider Power Armour is usually found being worn by Raider minibosses, and is the weakest of the sets. You won't be able to extricate their corpses from the armour after a fight, so just take the parts, repair them at a station and pop them onto a suit you already have.

You can find a full set of Raider Power Armour at the waypoint simply named Cave in the Glowing Sea in the southwest corner of the map.

T-45 Power Armour

The T-45 Power Armour is likely the first set you'll come across when you leave Sanctuary. You'll find it in Concord during the quest When Freedom Calls.

T-51 Power Armour

The T-51 Power Armour is the next step up from the T-45, and once you hit level 15, you'll find T-51 parts at locations that would have otherwise spawned T-45 parts.

You can find a full set on a barge to the east of the Pickman Gallery.

T-60 Power Armour

The T-60 Power Armour is next in order of strength, and you can get your hands on it by joining The Brotherhood of Steel. If you don't want to join them, you can buy it at Atom Cats Garage, but it won't be cheap.

X-01 Power Armour

This is the unicorn of all Power Armour - it's the hardest to find and the most powerful of the bunch. If you head to one of the locations for this armour and your level is too low, you'll find the T-60 set instead. Aim for level 30 and above before going in search of this one.

You can buy or steal parts from Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage. If you'd rather not spend any caps or mess up your karma, the easiest place to get it is at the South Boston military checkpoint.

After taking out a couple of raiders, head around the side of the building and you'll spot the power armour behind a locked door. The set will change depending on your level, so if you're 30 or higher, this is the simplest way to get the best power armour in the game.

The terminal to open it is expert level, so hack it and bask in the magnificence of your new toy.

Alternatively, you can head east of Diamond City, towards Custom House Tower, until you reach Court 35. Take the lift to the top, and after confronting a hardcore Assaultron and Sentry Robot, you'll find the armour on the roof. Press the red buttons in the rooms the robots came out of to access it.

Fallout 4 Best Power Armor Locations Guide ! (Fallout 4 Legendary \u0026 Rare Power Armor)

How to find a complete X-01 power armor set in Fallout 4

X-01 location

The default power armor in Fallout 4 might as well be made of wet cardboard. A few mines, a couple of precise shots to the chrome kneecaps, and those hunks of junk disintegrate like a saltine in hot soup. Luckily, there’s a way to take care of not-dying by finding Fallout 4's best power armor in quick, relatively simple journey once you hit level 26 or so.

The X-01 armor may look familiar to Fallout fans, likely because it’s featured on the box art for Fallout 2. Those with the entirety of the Fallout lore over-encumbering their mental inventory will also know that the armor has Enclave associations, but it usually just poses as high-level or rare gear in each game. Before I found it in Fallout 4, I rarely used power armor, but now I never want to be out of it. My suit looks cool and takes much, much more damage before repairs are required. Here’s how to get your own.

Where to go

Once you’re out of the vault and level 26 or so, it’s possible to find the X-01 suit. Players have reported that the suit won’t spawn before then, though you can still find another suit of power armor at the location in this guide regardless of your level. It just won’t be as neat. Don’t you want power armor with eyes that glow?

The armor is located on a rooftop not far from the eastern coast. It's not a marked location, but is easy to find if you head east from Good Neighbor until you reach a building called "Custom House Tower". From the Custom House Tower, turn west until you see a turquoise building. Circle the building until you find its only entrance. A sign should read "35 Court". When you find it, go inside, look left and you should see an elevator. Head on up.

'Shut down' some bots

Once you’re upstairs, you’ll should see three doors. The center door contains our treasure, it's locked tight. After a moment, some lights will flash and an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot will emerge from each side door. If you’re not specced out to do tons of damage to angry metal people or you’re barely level 26, it can be a tough fight. Good thing it’s so easy to cheese enemies in Fallout 4.

To easily take care of the robots, I ran off the ledge opposite the main door and onto a small overhang. The robots followed, so I navigated around the corner to out of their line of fire, hopped off the ledge to the ground level (consider taking some Med-X and quicksaving), and ran back upstairs. Now it’s possible to chip away at the robots’ health from above. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ carries layers of meaning here.

Ogle at the armor

When they're done for, you'll have to press a button in each of the robot closets to open the center door. After a few dramatic mechanical noises, the center door will open, and you can claim the new suit. Be sure to jump off the roof and play with the flashlight eyes as soon as possible. Once you're tired of clapping your hands together, take a look at the X-01's stats (and clap some more).

Congratulations, hip owner of the X-01 power armor. Enjoy exploring the wasteland with flashlight eyes and ice cool aesthetic. The extra safety is a nice perk too, I guess. And that taste in your mouth? It’s not blood. It’s nothing. Enjoy it, because when a few suicidal supermutants decide to hug you close and explode right up in your metal grill, nothing sure tastes good.

James is stuck in an endless loop, playing the Dark Souls games on repeat until Elden Ring and Silksong set him free. He's a truffle pig for indie horror and weird FPS games too, seeking out games that actively hurt to play. Otherwise he's wandering Austin, identifying mushrooms and doodling grackles. 


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