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Trailer Hitch Ball Mounts

If you're looking for a heavy-duty trailer ball mount, Husky Trailer & Supply has the equipment you need. We carry a diverse selection of trailer hitch ball mounts that are up to all of your towing & hauling challenges, with various weight capacities and configurations. Whether you're looking for an adjustable trailer hitch ball mount or one with shackles and clevises, our heavy-duty mounts offer a forged steel construction & corrosion-resistant powder-coated finish. Additionally, our ball mounts accommodate a wide range of trailer heights in a drop and rise position. In stock, and ready to ship today!

Shop for a Reliable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

If your trailer is in need of a new or different trailer hitch ball mount, you will find a variety of quality solutions on the Husky Trailer & Supply Co. online store. Our ball mount trailer hitches are available in different shank sizes, drop and rise positions, and weight capacities. Moreover, you'll find a trailer hitch mount constructed out of aluminum, steel, and solid forged steel that is corrosion resistant. We also sell adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts and mounts with balls, shackles, and clevises to meet the demands of your specific demands.

A Trailer Hitch Mount For Any Need

We carry ball mount trailer hitches, adjustable trailer hitch ball mounts, and mounts will shackles and clevises to meet your trailer and hauling requirements. Like everything else related to your trailer, your hitch mount has a specific weight capacity. The trailer hitch ball mounts on our online store range from 7.5K to 20K lbs. Depending on your specific hauling requirements, we also carry ball mount trailer hitches with various drop heights from 2"-12".

If you cannot find the ball mount trailer hitch you need, do not hesitate to contact us online or call 936-295-9900. The experts at Husky Trailer & Parts Co. are available to help you.


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The pin hole location on different makes of receivers can vary. The two holes in the Tow & Stow shank offer some adaptability. Under normal circumstances, it’s best to have the shank slid as far into the receiver as possible, both from a strength standpoint and because it makes theft of the hitch assembly more difficult, providing a locking pin is used in the receiver and shank.

No. Sway-bar systems, along with weight distribution systems, utilize specialized attachment pieces to connect to the hitch receiver that are not compatible with the Tow & Stow.

With your trailer loaded and hitched up, pull just your vehicle onto a commecial scale, making sure the trailer is not on the scale. Weigh your vehicle with the trailer attached and note that weight.

Next, unhook the trailer and jack up the trailer until there is no trailer weight on the hitch. Make sure the trailer jack is not on the scale. Record that weight of only the truck. This is your Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

Now subtract your GVW from the weight with the trailer attached. This will give you your Vertical Tow Weight

For most vehicles, the Model 6 is the appropriate Tow & Stow hitch. However, if you have a vehicle with oversized tires, a lift kit, or a trailer that is not at the same relative height as your receiver, you may need a Model 8 or Model 10. The following diagram depicts how to calculate what is commonly referred to as 'drop.'

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When it comes to towing, your truck is only as strong as its weakest link. When you’re ready to take your truck to the next level, look no further than O’Reilly Auto Parts. We have everything you need to turn your truck into a hauling machine, including hitches, ball mounts, heavy-duty shocks and suspension parts, shock extenders and more. Plus, we have the necessary components to properly equip your trailer and keep your load secured — from winches to tie downs to loading ramps and more.A towing system allows a trailer to be attached to a vehicle for additional cargo capacity and towing. There are a few key components required to properly connect the towing vehicle to the trailer for a safe towing setup. The first needed part is a trailer hitch, sometimes referred to as a tow hitch or receiver hitch, which bolts to the rear underside of the vehicle. A receiver hitch is a type of trailer hitch with a receiver tube, which allows for multiple attachments like ball mounts, bike racks, or drawbars. The alternative is a fixed-tongue hitch, which has a ball platform that can’t be removed. The most common trailer hitch attachment is a ball mount, which is a ball platform that slides into the hitch’s receiver tube and is secured by a hitch pin and clip. When setting up a towing system it is important to calculate the appropriate rise or drop from the hitch to the trailer so the correct ball mount is used for safe, level towing. A hitch ball is also needed, which is a ball attachment available in a number of sizes made for different trailer tongue mounts. The hitch ball is secured to the drawbar with a nut and provides a pivot point for the trailer coupler.


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Me hitch near adjustable ball

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How To Determine The Rise Or Drop For Your Ball Mount

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