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Mercedes-Benz General Information

  • Mercedes-Benz Corporate Website
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  • Company Type: Division of Daimler AG
  • Years in operation: 1886-Present
  • Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Locations: Global
  • Mercedes Benz Auto Glass Original Equipment Manufacturer: Saint Gobain Sekurit
  • Popular Mercedes Benz Models: A Class, B Class, C Class, CL Class, CLK Class, CLS Class, E Class, G Class, GL Class, M Class, R Class, S Class, SLK Class, SL Class, SLR Class, SLS AMG, SLR McLaren

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About Mercedes-Benz Auto Glass Replacement

The ownership of a Mercedes Benz is sure to give you an exalted status among your peers. But more than the instant stardom Mercedes brings, it is the classy lines and incredible comfort of these vehicles that truly take the breath away. After 120 years, Mercedes Benz continues to be the car that all others aspire to emulate. There is no doubt that when you need windshield replacement and auto glass repair for your Mercedes Benz, only the very best service providers will do.

If you expected your Mercedes Benz to come with high auto glass replacement costs, you were on the mark. Comparing a two door Mercedes Sedan with a similar body style Ford, you will see that a front passenger door replacement for the Mercedes costs almost thrice as much as the Ford. When comparing costs for the same replacement in a four door utility Mercedes, a recent model Infiniti probably comes closest cost wise. For the same Mercedes vehicle, the cost of replacing the rear passenger door is most comparable to the prices for the same parts for a GMC Acadia. Compare prices for your Mercedes Benz windshield replacement and auto glass repair needs among various auto glass service providers to find the best deals.

The Mercedes Benz collection includes sedans and coupes, SUVs, and crossovers. They even have amazing super cars and roadsters. Each vehicle in this line up has its own unique lines and body design. Innovative design ideas often make their debut with Mercedes Benz cars. The glass panoramic rooftop offered with the SL series is a case in point. That is why the auto glass needs of each model may differ quite significantly from others. The CLS sedans have a small quarter glass in addition to front door, rear door, windshield, and back glass. But the vent glass is missing in the CL class cars. The M class SUVs have the classic SUV cabin with wraparound back pane plus the regular 7 panes covering the front of the body. A Mercedes is a cut above the ordinary car and it deserves the very best care in terms of auto glass service from a skilled technician who has worked with these cars before.

Prior experience with these cars helps the technician employ the best methods to carry out windshield replacement and auto glass repair on a Mercedes Benz in the shortest possible time. An experienced technician will also know where special care needs to be paid to the fittings and glass to prevent damage. For example, some Mercedes models have a special button on the driver's side hood piston to raise the hood to vertical position. This gives the technician easy access to the cowl for its removal. Mercedes cars also come with unique wipers for both sides with the passenger side one being a pivoting kind. Choosing a well established auto glass service to take care of your Mercedes Benz windshield replacement and auto glass repair needs is definitely in your best interests. An unskilled technician could damage your car during the glass removal or installation process.

Mercedes-Benz Auto Glass Parts

Many owners like to use tinted glass in their Mercedes to ensure privacy. If you are considering this option, you should first find out about the legal restrictions on tinting in your city and state. In many states the degree of tint you can use is clearly specified by law. In most places, tinting your front door glass and windshield is prohibited. An experienced auto glass service provider should be able to tell you about any such legal restrictions. Choose from bronze, chrome, gold, or amber tints to give your Mercedes a distinctive look. Most auto glass service providers will offer tinting as well as regular Mercedes Benz windshield replacement and auto glass repair services.

Mercedes Benz Windshield Replacement

Choosing OEM is always a good choice, when you can afford it. Driving a Mercedes should indicate that won't be an issue, however that's not always the case. Whether you want OEM or Aftermarket we recommend a high quality replacement part.

The History of Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has it origins in Germany when Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler merged their auto companies to form the Daimler-Benz name which later evolved into Mercedes-Benz. It is currently a division of the Daimler AG motor corporation.

The first automobiles produced with the Mercedes-Benz emblem were the " Stuttgart " and the " Mannheim " in 1927. These vehicles posed great success for the company; automobile production rose to 7,918 the very same year! Mercedes established itself as the car of choice for people wanting luxury, comfort, and power in their car.

During this time Mercedes also had enormous success in the racing field as well. In 1937, they built the W125 which incredibly reached speeds exceeding 190 miles per hour!

In the nineties Mercedes got an extra boost in muscle to its lineup when it bought AMG, an aftermarket tuning shop that focused on aggrandizing the power of production cars. This proved to be a great triumph for the company - the models they tune are still very popular today.

The Mercedes' modern day line-up encompasses all types of passenger vehicles, with the exception of pick-ups. One of the most notable newcomer's is the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, a conception from Mercedes and a British Company, McLaren. It's considered a "supercar" as it's able to reach speeds above 220 MPH. This power, however, comes at a price – starting at $495,000!

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Chevrolet Aveo Windshield Replacement

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Rating: 5.0
2 years ago

Excellent fast service

Thomas I

• Toms River, NJ • 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

Infiniti QX56 Windshield Replacement

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Rating: 5.0
1 year ago

Awesome Job

Carl Butler

• Capitol Heights, MD • 2011 Infiniti QX56

Honda Fit Windshield Replacement

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Rating: 5.0
1 year ago

Hello, I thought that maybe this was a scam, since it was the first selection on Google, but the whole process was very smooth and easy and QUICK. They walk you through the whole process with your insurance too which was helpful, because those people scare me lol. Windshield fit and was a quick install and delivery!!

Daniel A

• Newcastle, CA • 2017 Honda Fit

Toyota Sienna Windshield Replacement

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Rating: 3.0
3 years ago

The back trunk was not vacuumed out thoroughly. Lots of very tiny fragments were left behind, and in the two ''holes'' ie anchor points in the floor of trunk there are lots of 1'' fragments that were left behind. The glass was not swept up from the driveway, and unfortunately that apparently is not part of your protocol, but in my opinion poor customer service. Also, the blue painter's tape was left on the car which should have been removed. The window was installed properly and looks nice.

Futai S

• San Jose, CA • 2009 Toyota Sienna

Recent Mercedes C250 Glass Quotes Find Real Prices from Real Customers

DateYearModelGlass PartZip CodePrice
08/25/20212013C2504 Door Sedan Windshield95210$443.00
07/29/20212013C2504 Door Sedan Windshield95135$361.43
04/20/20212013C2504 Door Sedan Windshield91356$361.43
01/26/20212012C2504 Door Sedan Door78542$275.87
01/06/20212014C2504 Door Sedan Windshield91913$348.54
10/29/20202014C2502 Door Coupe Windshield33181$428.94
10/15/20202013C2504 Door Sedan Windshield94566$375.63
09/08/20202013C2504 Door Sedan Windshield95823$425.23
06/13/20192012C2504 Door Sedan Windshield90028$406.16
11/20/20182012C2504 Door Sedan Windshield91344$376.60


Windshield Guru is proud to carry Mercedes C250 windshield replacements. We make it easy to find your Mercedes C250 windshield. Our customer service representatives are friendly and Windshield Guru installers provide quality in work, we guarantee it.

Here at Guru, we have the best prices you will find for Mercedes C250 auto glass. We offer free mobile repairs, which means that you do not have to struggle to find us for your Mercedes C250 auto glass repair.

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2012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$350.0005/15/21Mission Viejo, CA 926922013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$385.0003/05/21Mission Viejo, CA 926912012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$325.0003/02/21Temecula, CA 925922013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$429.9411/11/20Reseda, CA 913352014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$436.2811/09/20Coraopolis, PA 151082013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$429.9410/05/20Adelanto, CA 923012013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$399.8009/11/20Huntsville, AL 358102013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$325.0008/30/20Indio, CA 922012013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$399.8008/13/20Carbondale, IL 629012012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$389.9108/02/20Coatesville, PA 193202012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$500.1607/27/20Berkeley, CA 947042014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$384.6607/20/20Cumming, GA 300402014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$379.4107/07/20Harbor City, CA 907102012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$366.8106/24/20Los Angeles, CA 900282012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$366.8106/24/20Los Angeles, CA 900282013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$389.5506/17/20Lake Placid, FL 338522012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$380.0005/15/20Mountain View, CA 940432013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$289.0004/26/20Sacramento, CA 958352012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with electrochromic mirror and rain sensor$325.0003/24/20Las Vegas, NV 891302014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$371.7702/22/20Augusta, GA 309062012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$371.7701/06/20Newport News, VA 236052014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$377.0010/22/19Hayward, CA 945412012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$374.9710/18/19New Orleans, LA 701242014 Mercedes-Benz C250Passenger front door glass$301.4410/13/19Lithonia, GA 300382012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$374.9709/18/19Kelseyville, CA 954512014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$361.1902/15/19Savannah, GA 314192013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$365.3901/30/19Fontana, CA 923362014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$362.4412/17/18Pinole, CA 945642012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$360.3311/03/18Tustin, CA 927802014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$359.4810/02/18Waxahachie, TX 751652013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$354.1007/26/18Sulphur Springs, TX 754822013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$354.1007/19/18San Antonio, TX 782532014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$359.7105/08/18North Las Vegas, NV 890842013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$360.7604/08/18Westminster, CA 926832012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$380.1103/11/18Abilene, TX 796062014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$342.2501/22/18Orlando, FL 328112013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$357.1312/28/17Kula, HI 967902014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$357.1311/20/17Winder, GA 306802013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$445.0011/13/17Antioch, CA 945312014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$2003.8711/11/17Chattanooga, TN 374122012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$463.2210/26/17Woodbridge, VA 221912014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with Logo$800.0010/10/17San Gabriel, CA 917762014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$359.2309/27/17Nashville, TN 372112013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$339.0007/24/17Houston, TX 770792012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with heads up display and rain sensor$340.5207/23/17Gastonia, NC 280542013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$466.4007/19/17Washington DC, DC 200322014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$340.5207/05/17Pflugerville, TX 786602013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$356.5106/21/17Lillington, NC 275462013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$330.0205/28/17Oakland, CA 946062014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$330.0205/02/17Oklahoma City, OK 731062014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$377.8204/02/17Odessa, TX 797612012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor-solar coated-with lane departure warning system$400.8602/14/17Hacienda Heights, CA 917452012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with heads up display and rain sensor$570.0001/25/17Houston, TX 770832014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$290.0001/15/17Fremont, CA 945382013 Mercedes-Benz C250Driver front door glass$421.0812/18/16Saint Petersburg, FL 337052013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$529.0012/11/16Sugar Land, TX 774792013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$439.0012/10/16Sacramento, CA 958332013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$384.0212/04/16Visalia, CA 932772013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$857.2511/23/16Hacienda Heights, CA 917452013 Mercedes-Benz C250Driver rear door glass$175.0011/14/16North Hollywood, CA 916052013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$325.0010/22/16Lake Forest, CA 926302013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$382.9610/19/16Delray Beach, FL 334442014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$399.0010/01/16Humble, TX 773962012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$540.6909/06/16, 705002012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$396.2608/31/16Indianapolis, IN 462282012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with Lane departure warning system$583.2208/15/16Pleasant Hill, CA 945232012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$289.9508/05/16Prattville, AL 360662012 Mercedes-Benz C250Passenger rear door glass$298.6007/27/16Oxnard, CA 930362014 Mercedes-Benz C250Back glass-drivers side$175.0006/23/16Glendale, CA 912022013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$250.0006/21/16Los Angeles, CA 900392014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$399.2706/11/16Pine Bluff, AR 716032013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$419.0506/09/16Memphis, TN 381202013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$328.6006/08/16Chandler, AZ 852262013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$399.4705/15/16Chino, CA 917082014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$412.1305/04/16Helotes, TX 780232012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with Lane departure warning system$419.0605/03/16Pleasant Hill, CA 945232014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$394.2404/20/16Beaumont, TX 777062013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$385.0003/25/16Sugar Land, TX 774782014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$74.5202/29/16Cleveland, OH 441352013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield-rain sensor-solar coated-with third visor frit$415.9302/25/16Cedar Creek, TX 786122012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor and heated wiper park area$412.7802/22/16Pittsburg, CA 945652013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$412.7802/02/16Mission Viejo, CA 926922012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with Logo$800.0001/27/16Garden Grove, CA 928402014 Mercedes-Benz C250Passenger front door glass$307.3601/10/16Astoria, NY 111032012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$441.7012/13/15, 051272012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$250.0011/08/15Irvine, CA 926202013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$458.8310/24/15Rancho Cucamonga, CA 917012012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$458.8310/24/15White Plains, MD 206952012 Mercedes-Benz C250Passenger rear door glass$295.0010/19/15, 774072013 Mercedes-Benz C250Passenger rear door glass$291.1008/24/15Ashburn, VA 201472012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$399.0008/16/15Houston, TX 770562013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$350.0008/14/15Temple City, CA 917802012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$365.0008/12/15Houston, TX 770092012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$449.8208/02/15Imperial Beach, CA 919322012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$449.8108/02/15Imperial Beach, CA 919322012 Mercedes-Benz C250Driver rear door glass$200.0006/22/15Los Angeles, CA 900122013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$472.2206/07/15Seal Beach, CA 907402014 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$472.2206/04/15Northport, AL 354762012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$310.0004/17/15Arcadia, CA 910072014 Mercedes-Benz C250Passenger front door glass$225.0004/04/15Los Angeles, CA 900562013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$442.0102/04/15Fort Walton Beach, FL 325472012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with heads up display and rain sensor$445.1601/13/15Granada Hills, CA 913442013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield$470.5410/20/14Enterprise, AL 363302013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield~Rain Sensor-Heated-Solar-Solar Coated-H$894.9109/02/14Bonner Springs, KS 660122012 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$396.4404/29/14Oklahoma City, OK 731042013 Mercedes-Benz C250Windshield with rain sensor$550.0009/04/13Pleasanton, CA 94588
Here is How much it Costs to Replace Windshield on Mercedes Benz GLC

Need Glass? Get Started Here:

mercedes benz

Recently, Mercedes Benz USA issued a statement in which it “strongly recommends” that drivers who need to get a windshield replaced only use Mercedes Benz products. Why is that?

The automaker says glass made by other companies does not meet the exacting specifications of Mercedes Benz glass, adding that aftermarket glass often does not contain the same technology. These include things such as as solar glass coatings, which provide protection from the sun’s rays and reduce heat levels inside the car. These also can optimize air-conditioning performance and improve fuel economy.

Mercedes says aftermarket glass also might not be as quiet as its Benz glass, either.

OE vs. Aftermarket: So What’s the Difference?

It’s important to know the difference between aftermarket glass and “original equipment” glass. Glass that was made specifically for Mercedes Benz is called “original equipment” or OE glass.

It was put in the vehicle by the car manufacturer during the manufacturing process.

Aftermarket glass refers to glass that’s made for replacement purposes, usually by companies other than the one who first made the glass for the original car. It’s often less expensive than OE glass, but it might not be the same quality or fit as well.

“To promote and maintain its rigorous standards of quality and safety, if a collision repair is necessary, MBUSA strongly recommends that all repairs be performed by a certified technician using only genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts,” reads an excerpt from the company’s six-page statement.

The Mercedes Benz position statement also provides guidance for recalibration of on-board systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as cameras, rain sensors, antennas and heating elements.

“Aftermarket glass often does not account for these complex electrical components and may interfere with your vehicle’s electronic systems, or cause these electronic systems to not function properly,” the company said.

ADAS systems are designed to increase driver safety, and while they were once considered futuristic, they’re becoming more mainstream.

ADAS includes technology such as collision avoidance, surround view, lane-departure warning, cross traffic alert, park assist and heads-up displays, in which crucial vehicle data such as speed is  projected onto the windshield. That way, the driver doesn’t have to look down as often.

A few years ago, ADAS was seen as an upgrade for higher-end vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, but the technology is becoming standard in most makes and models. And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is requiring ADAS to be standard in newly manufactured vehicles; for example, by 2018, all new cars must have rear-view cameras.

One thing is for sure: Expect to pay more for using OE glass in a Mercedes windscreen replacement.

Get an Estimate

Onboard Diagnostic Systems

The Mercedes Benz announcement also said that post-collision repair evaluations of model year 1996 vehicles with onboard diagnostics systems “ … should have these systems evaluated using an up-to-date … diagnostics computer.”

So what exactly is an onboard diagnostic system?

Onboard diagnostic systems allow the vehicle owner or repair technician to accurately diagnose any problems your vehicle might be having. The earliest versions were those red dashboard warning lights that would tell you to check your oil or remind you to disengage the emergency brake. Today, onboard diagnostics often involve computer chips and other high-tech touches, which allow the driver or a technician to rapidly identify and remedy malfunctions within the vehicle.

“Post-repair scanning and diagnosis of the vehicle is necessary to ensure that the vehicle’s safety and driver-assist systems are operable and fully functioning,” according to Mercedes Benz statement. “Many of the safety and driver-assist systems that may have been activated during a collision require vehicle calibration, normalization or coding. The post-repair scan will also help to ensure that a comprehensive repair has been performed.”

Mercedes provides a number of examples of when ADAS will need to be recalibrated include:

  • Windshield replacement for vehicles with driver-assist sensors (including rain/light sensors) located in the windshield;
  • Vehicle collisions, regardless of the appearance of damage, and;
  • Removal and/or replacement of exterior components, bumpers, SRS sensors, parking sensors, driver-assist system sensors and cameras, wiring harnesses, vehicle control units, seats or interior trim panels.

Where to Go for Help?

You Mercedes Benz windshield is crucial to your safety, so if you think minimum damage just a minor annoyance, think again. A crack can compromise the strength of your windshield. That means you’re more likely to be injured by glass in the event of an accident. Also, a cracked windshield has the potential to impair your vision, which can be a recipe for disaster on the highway.

Finally, the windshield supports your vehicle in the event of a roll-over incident. If the windshield is damaged, it can compromise the structural integrity of the roof, increasing the risk of injury or death for vehicle occupants.

Cracks can expand in certain weather conditions. Be sure to have a technician check the damage as soon as possible because that simple repair could turn into a replacement.

And while Mercedes Benz strongly recommends that you should only use Mercedes Benz technicians to repair or replace the windshield, remember that other shops can obtain and install OE glass. So if getting your vehicle to a Mercedes dealership is not convenient, know that you have other options.

You can use our auto glass locator service to find a shop today. If you want to find a certified technician who can do the work, search for one on attempts to provide accurate information but cannot be held liable for any information provided or omitted.  You should always work with a licensed, insured and reputable glass shop that can assess your specific needs and local building codes and offer professional services. Never attempt to cut, install, or otherwise work with glass yourself. All content is provided on an informational basis only.

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