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List Of Chimes That Work With Ring Doorbell

We provide the full list of doorbell chimes that work with the Ring Doorbell and clickable links where you can get the doorbell chimes.

We have found that mechanical chimes work the best with the Ring Doorbell, or you can use a “Wireless” Doorbell chime that connects wirelessly to Ring Doorbell that are specifically designed for the Ring Doorbell. These wireless chimes plug into a wall and then wirelessly connect through the Ring App. On the Pro version of the Ring Doorbell Chime also acts as a wireless network extender for your Ring Doorbell and can be used to strengthen the signal from your Ring Doorbell.

Another option is using Alexa as your doorbell with Ring. You can connect Ring to Alexa through the “Ring Alexa Skill” and it will allow you to use your Alexa devices as a doorbell that will “Ring” when your Ring Doorbell is pressed.

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The last option is using an electronic chime with the Ring Doorbell. We have found these to be the most troublesome and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. The issue is that for electronic doorbell chimes to function properly we have found that they need to have a very precise range of voltage right around 16 volts. Any more or any less voltage you can run into issues. That’s not to say a higher voltage won’t work with an electronic chime and your Ring Doorbell but it also might not work as a reliable chime with your Ring Doorbell. If you are getting distortion on your electronic chime with the Ring Doorbell we have found that swapping out the transformer for a 16V - 30VA transformer can oftentimes solve the problem.

List of Mechanical Chimes That Work With Ring Doorbell:

What is a Mechanical Chime?

Mechanical doorbell chimes are chimes that use magnetic pin to strike a bell, gong or bar to create a sound. When electricity is applied to the magnetic doorbell chime durring a doorbell press it causes the magnetic pin to move and strike the doorbell chime creating a sound.

Heath Zenith Doorbell Chimes - There is a large number of Heath Zenith Chimes that work with the Ring Doorbell and they come in a variety of different styles. We highly recommend the Heath Zenith Chimes as we have found them to be reliable and work well with the Ring Doorbell. These are simple chimes that blend in with the decor of most homes and aren’t overly complicated. We will list the different Ring Compatible doorbell chime models below.

Health Zenith Doorbell Chime SL-2735 Sleek Modern Design



Chime - White
Chime - White
Chime - White


Hear notifications anywhere in your home when someone presses your doorbell or motion is detected. Plug into standard wall outlets and connect Ring Chime to all your Ring Doorbells and Cameras.

FREE Expedited Shipping on Orders over $49

***Ships in 3-5 weeks***

*This item will not ship immediately due to inventory limitations

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Easy Plug-In Installation

Standard 2.4GHz Connectivity

Hear alerts loud and clear.

Ring Chime connects to all your Ring Video Doorbells and Cams so you can hear real-time notifications anywhere in your home. Plus, the sleek design blends right into any room.

Stay in-the-know in every room.

Place multiple Chime devices around your home to always hear what’s happening. Whether you’re in the kitchen, office or bedroom, you’ll never miss a thing if your phone is out of reach.

Tech Specs

Size and Color

Power and Connectivity




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this Chime and the previous generation?

The main differences are the new Chime has an updated sleek design and an LED status indicator for setup and power states.

Both generations of Chime are compatible with all existing Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, plug into standard wall outlets, and let you hear real-time notifications anywhere in your home.

What is the difference between Chime Pro and Chime?

The main differences are Chime Pro extends wifi coverage for Ring devices, has dual-band 2.4Ghz & 5GHz wifi connectivity (vs 2.4GHz only), a built-in nightlight, and guided feedback during the setup process to help you find the best location for your Chime Pro.

Both Chime Pro and Chime are compatible with all existing Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, plug into standard wall outlets, and let you hear real-time notifications anywhere in your home.

$29.99Free expedited shipping over $49



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You finally took the plunge and bought a Ring doorbell. So, now the questions is, what are the best Chimes that are compatible with your Ring doorbell.

There are four types of chime systems compatible with ring doorbells; mechanical, electronic, wireless, and the ability to use your Alexa device. Curious to decide which chime is best for you? Keep reading to learn more about your options.  

Mechanical Chimes

Mechanical chimes are the most common or, some say, old-school types of doorbell chimes. When you physically push a doorbell, electricity causes a magnetic piston inside the chime to move, striking a gong or bell and creating sound waves.

Suppose you had a previous doorbell in your home and replaced it with the Ring doorbell system. In that case, a mechanical chime may already be inside your home, so connecting your ring system to your preexisting mechanical chime could be the most straightforward option. 

  • Boran BK125LWH Builder Chimes Kit – This chime is white to match any décor and features two separate chime sounds for the front and backdoor of your home.
  • Health Zenith Doorbell Chime SL-2735 – Sleek, white, modern design; featuring two chime sounds for front door and one for the back door.
  • Health Zenith Doorbell Chime SL-2796-02 – This wired low voltage chime has horizontal accent lines.
  • Health Zenith Doorbell Chime DW-48-00 Chime Kit – Timeless wooden chime featuring one note and two note chimes depending on which door of your home someone is at.
  • Broan-NuTone LA126WH – Classic white to match your décor and compact to conveniently fit anywhere.
  • NuTone LA11WH – Decorative white chime and has multiple sounds to always know which location your visitor is at.
  • NuTone LA14WH – This chime features a white grill appearance, also featuring multiple chimes to know what door your visitor is at.
  • Broan-NuTone LA139WH – Decorative white sconce appearance, featuring two chimes.
  • NuTone BK131LRBZ Builder Chimes Kit – Kit features the chime and also includes an oil-rubbed bronze stucco push button.
  • NuTone LA70MA – Walnut musical door chime. Featuring chime options for up to three entrances.

Electronic Chimes

Electronic chimes are similar to mechanical chimes. They both require a box located somewhere in your home; however, instead of the pin and bell creating sound, electronic chimes have pre-recorded tones, volume controls and output the recording through a speaker. Most electronic chimes still require hard wiring, like mechanical chimes, but some give you the option of having them wired or plugging into an outlet. 

  • Honeywell RCWL3506A1003/N – Honeywell chime includes doorbell chime and push button. Compatible with up to six push buttons.
  • Heath Zenith DC-3361 – Wireless, black, and includes ten tunes to choose from including happy birthday.
  • Heath Zenith Designer Series DC-3344 – Sleek, modern, black design
  • Broan-NuTone LA600WH  – Wireless doorbell chime with eight preloaded sounds or option to upload your mp3 files.

Wireless Chimes

Wireless chimes transmit radio signals. Wireless chimes require a doorbell transmitter and a chime box receiver. You can have one or more receivers located around your home, depending on your preferences.

When the doorbell is activated, radio signals send messages to the receivers; the receivers then flash colors and release sound waves. These are a popular choice because they only require an electrical outlet or batteries to work so, you can have chimes in multiple locations, including the basement if needed. 

  • Ring Chime – Conveniently plugs into any outlet and alerts you of doorbell notifications.
  • Ring Doorbell Chime Pro – Ring pro connects via WIFI and can extend WIFI signal up to 2000 sq ft to always get doorbell notifications.

Alexa Devices

Alexa devices are an excellent option for users who have these smart devices in their homes already or have been considering getting one. Usually, Alexa devices are in high traffic areas or already in multiple rooms around your home, making it handy to use the doorbell chime feature. You can set up doorbell notifications through your Alexa app.

One option to consider is Amazon’s Echo Show; we set our Echo up in our kitchen to have a small tv, weather display, and convenient for our ring chime to sync with since there is almost always someone in or near the kitchen. Alexa devices can show video footage and alert you when someone pushes your doorbell or notify you of motion detection. You can adjust all your doorbell settings in the app. 

  • Alexa Echo Show – Smart HD display, available in black and white, and allows video and sound door bell notifications.

So Which Chime is Right for You?

Out of the four different types of chimes, wireless and Alexa device chimes are the most convenient options for people. However, what you choose will depend on convenience, your style, and your personal preferences.

Relays to connect a Ring Doorbell to an electronic chime

Doorbells will often be central to defining the security of your home. Special attention needs to go their way in this pursuit. But did you know that the ring doorbell pro is an epitome of reliability and quality? However, there will be a need for you to get the right chime. It is through this that you will get the satisfaction that you so deserve at the end of the day.

So, What doorbell chimes work with Ring? The doorbell chimes can be of three different types-mechanical, wireless and electronic. So, I did some research and came out with the best of all chimes that are compatible with Ring. The dooorbell chimes that work with Ring Doorbell are listed below:

  • Heath Zenith
  • Boran Two-Tone Chime
  • Carlon Doorbell Chime CK225
  • Electra Chime Metro Bell Door Chime
  • Ring Chime
  • Ring Doorbell Chime Pro
  • Hampton Bay HB-7614-02
  • Nutone LA600WH

How do you identify the right chime for your ring doorbell pro?

Mostly, people tend to identify chimes through the sound that it makes. These chimes could be mechanical or digital.

Usually, the former will produce a sound by relying on a physical bell as well as a mechanical hammer.

From this chime, you will be sure of getting the traditional ding dong sound. On the other hand, electronic chimes tend to play a pre-recorded sound through a specific speaker.

Always ensure that you pick the type of chime that suits your preferences.

What are some of the top doorbell chimes that work best with Ring Doorbell Pro?

Mechanical Chimes that work with Ring

Heath Zenith

You could never go wrong with a Heath Zenith doorbell chimeOpens in a new tab.. These chimes come in distinct styles, most of which tend to be compatible with the ring doorbell pro. Besides, this variety means that they will blend well with your interior décor. They come with a sleek as well as modern design.

Often, you could use them on one or two doors. Its two distinctive chimes that are to work for both the front and rear entrance make it unique. Besides, nothing would be more satisfactory than its one-year warranty.

Boran Two-Tone Chime

If you are looking for a mechanical chime that is not only reliable but also simple, the BoranOpens in a new tab. will be the ideal choice. It is a plug-in doorbell that comes with two chimes. This way, it will be much easier for you to identify which door your visitor is.

While at it, you will witness that features a two-note chime. This feature highlights the ease of differentiation. This chime prides itself on a 16V transformer.

Through this, you will be confident in getting consistency and worry less about your batteries dying. Did you know that this chime comes with pushbuttons for your convenience?

Carlon Doorbell Chime CK225

Opting for the Carlon Doorbell ChimeOpens in a new tab. is one of the best decisions you can always consider. It guarantees you value for your money, considering how durable it is. This product prides itself on a 120V voltage and an LED bulb besides its weight.

This way, you will be sure of getting the service you need for a relatively long time without necessarily worrying about the longevity of batteries. While at it, you will appreciate how much affordable it tends to be.

Electra Chime Metro Bell Door Chime

The ElectraChimeOpens in a new tab. has become quite common in the recent past. This product comes with two long brass bells that ring in a two-note melody.

Its mechanism is not only reliable and precise but also matchless. You will also witness that it relies on a 16V doorbell wiring. Besides the Ring Doorbell Pro, this product is also compatible with various internet-connected doorbells.

These chimes are usually well-polished with satin. While at it, they will guarantee you of rich notes as well as a high resonance. This way, you will have no problem whenever you need to welcome your guests.

Wireless Doorbell Chimes that work with Ring

Ring Chime

One of the best wireless doorbell chimes that tends to work best with Ring Doorbell Pro will always be the wireless ring chimeOpens in a new tab.. You could easily plug it into a standard power outlet, and it will function accordingly.

It will connect to your Wi-Fi network without too much hassle. For as long as you have a connection of about 4Mbps, you will be good to go. While at it, you will be free to adjust its volume from your smartphone.

This way you get the convenience you so need. If you do not want disturbance, this chime comes with a do-not-disturb mode.

Do you want to know Is Ring Alarm Compatible with Alexa?

Ring Doorbell Chime Pro

It would be unfair not to mention the wireless ring doorbell chime proOpens in a new tab.. Its compatibility with the Ring Doorbell Pro is matchless. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi network extender. It is through this that you will be confident of enjoying the enhanced network signal of your Ring devices.

Besides, its performance is not only remarkable but also reliable. It will often be the best option for you if your doorbell is on a brick wall as well as far from the router.

Other Compatible Electronic Doorbell Chimes that work with Ring

Hampton Bay HB-7614-02

One of the best electronic doorbell chimes will always be the Hampton Bay. Usually, it will come in handy for both wireless and wired push buttons. Installing this product is straightforward, giving you an easier time.

Often, one will spend no more than fifteen minutes to fix it. Besides, you could get extra door buttons from a home improvement store. However, you will witness that it could be relatively costly for some people.

Nutone LA600WH

For as long as you are looking for a wireless MP3 electronic chime, the Nutone LA600WH will come in handy. This product comes with eight pre-loaded sounds for you to choose from. While at it, you will be free to upload your preferred MP3 too.

It has a molded plastic cover. This way, you will be free to paint to match your interior décor. Further, it is much easier to install as well as operate. In this light, you will have access to a simpler life at the end of the day.

If you are after contemporary sophistication as well as timeless simplicity, this option will be suitable for you. It will leave you home as classic as you want and offer guests the right impression.


The functionality of your Ring Doorbell Pro will often be dependent on the chimes that you get. Taking enough time to understand which option assures you of the services that you need, and at a price you appreciate, should be your priority. The options mentioned above will suit you best in the long run.


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