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Wire EDM Machining

Wire edm servicesWisconsin EDM Shop for Precision Metal Parts

Mahuta Tool offers CNC wire EDM machining services for a wide range of industries throughout the US and Canada. We specialize in specialty, prototype and low volume manufacturing with short turn-around times. Common applications include tooling support, mold manufacturing and die manufacturing.

Fairly Priced Precision EDM Services with Fast Turnaround

With 3- and 4-axis capabilities, we can produce parts to close tolerances up to 27 ¾” by 15 ¾”. To ensure accuracy, we use a CMM machine for inspection. In addition to complex wire EDM capabilities, we offer reverse engineering, CAM programming and CAD design services.

Mahuta Tool is known for high-quality work, fair pricing and fast turnaround on projects. We also offer emergency service and rush jobs. As a registered ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are committed to sound engineering, ethical business practices and innovative design. With our Mil-Spec compliance certification, we can take on aerospace and defense industry work.

Metal capabilities include:

  • Iron
  • Carbon steel
  • Carbide
  • Stainless steel
  • Magnesium
  • Aluminum
  • Tungsten
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Beryllium

Request a Quote for Wire EDM Services

To request a quote, you’ll need to send drawings of your part. We accept .pdf, .dxf, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and STEP formats.

Contact Mahuta Tool for more information or to request a quote on Wire EDM services.


Charmilles Robofil 510


27.5" x 15.75" x 15.75"

Mitsubishi MV-2400S

This precise wire EDM uses the latest tech like the Mitsubishi M800 series control-providing easier user interface than most models allowing our technicians expertise to easily achieve your exact specifications.

23.6" x 15.7" x 12.2"

Mitsubishi MV-1200

This well-rounded wire EDM is equipped with top of the line auto-threading, internal machine communication, and power supply technology that helps reduce operating costs.

15.7" x 11.8" x 12.2"

Charmilles EDM Drill

This EDM Drill (20 model) is a high-speed drill machine used drilling starting holes. The operator console is designed to make data input efficient and simple. Short circuit, temperature and liquid level sensors ensure safe operation.


Sours: http://www.mahutatool.com/WireEDM

EDM Machining Services

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) machining is the process of creating a shape with electrical current discharges between two electrodes – the tool and the workpiece. Rapid electrical discharges pass between the tool and the workpiece, removing small amounts of material that is flushed away.

EDM services are effective at machining hard metals that may require intricate precision, as material hardness is not a factor. As the name suggests, electrical discharge machining is only applicable to materials that are electrically conductive. KLH offers multiple EDM services, categorized by the type of tool-electrode:

  • Wire EDM Services

    A continuous strand of wire cuts with an intense electrical current, without inducing stress into the material.

    • +/- 0.0001” typical tolerances
    • All electrically conductive materials
    • Nadcap wire EDM accredited

    Wire EDM Services

  • Sinker EDM Services

    Custom-shaped electrode is lowered into material, to produce the negative or reverse shape of the electrode.

    • +/- 0.0002” typical tolerances
    • All electrically conductive materials
    • Repair damaged holes or threads

    Sinker EDM Services

  • Small Hole EDM Drilling Services

    Brass or copper tubes are rotated while lowered into material, also called fast hole popping or micro hole drilling.

    • +/- 0.001” typical tolerances
    • Leaves burr-free hole
    • Nadcap fast hole EDM accredited

    Small Hole EDM Drilling Services

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Sours: https://www.klhindustries.com/services/edm-machining
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Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM) Companies Serving Pennsylvania

Adept Corporation

York, PA  |  800-451-2254

Adept Corporation uses its Wire EDM & CNC capabilities to manufacture machine tools, PVC Extrusion Tooling, & equipment. These processes allow us to hold tight tolerances as well as develop intricate patterns & shapes. Adept can also provide small hole EDM machine work. Drilling holes in any metallic material...even Carbide. Drilling straight holes from .012 to .125 diameter.

Adept Corporation$$$

B-Tec Solutions, Inc.

Croydon, PA  |  215-785-2400

B-TEC solutions is a dynamic, technology and data-driven company that brings together the tools, equipment and top talent in the industry. The ultimate in speed and precision, our EDM complement includes state-of-the-art Wire, RAM and Drilling.

B-Tec Solutions, Inc.$$$

Braneva Precision

WARMINSTER, PA  |  215-672-8071

Braneva Precision is a relatively new company, founded in 2014 by Michael Kemmerer and his wife, Anne. Although Braneva Precision is a new company, we have a wealth of experience. We have an “old school” work ethic and pride ourselves on timely delivery of high quality parts at competitive prices.

Braneva Precision$$$

Imperial Carbide, Inc.

Meadville, PA  |  814-724-3732

Imperial Carbide specializes in CNC machine work such as EDM machining, fixtures, molds, carbide wear, dies and die parts.Industries served include automotive, medical, electronics, telecommunications and razor blade. With our high-quality machinery, we are able to customize parts that suit your needs. For precision machining, think Imperial Carbide.

Imperial Carbide, Inc.$$$

KV Inc.

Huntingdon Valley, PA  |  215-322-4044

Using various materials, KV manufactures precision parts, prototypes and tooling using different kinds of processes. CNC wire EDM plus CNC and NC RAM EDM are among our services. We also use CNC machining, honing, jig boring, jig grinding, milling, surface grinding and turning.

KV Inc.$$$

Leech Industries, Inc.

Meadville, PA  |  814-336-2141

One of our capabilities is electrical discharge machining. Our EDM department can make precision parts to your specs via use of our RAM EDM or small hole EDM to .010 minimum diameter. We offer a range of materials from aluminum to titanium and our services are from design to final product.

Leech Industries, Inc.$$$

MicroCut, Inc.

York, PA  |  800-682-6162

At MicroCut, Inc., wire EDM and small hole EDM services are among the processes used in our job shop. We are experienced at performing rapid prototyping and production runs of parts which may have complex shapes or are from exotic metals. MicroCut is leading the nation in wire EDM offering knowledgeable engineering assistance, manufacturing excellence, and top-notch customer service. Call today!

MicroCut, Inc.$$$

Progressive Tool & Die

Meadville, PA  |  800-691-5072

Progressive Tool & Die provides ultra-precision tooling and prototypes to a wide variety of customers. Established in 1984, we can machine to the tightest tolerances and build to any standard our customers require. Services include CNC Lathe, Hard Turning and EDM Machining. We maintain an inventory of spare parts and components crucial to your operation and offer a 48-hour turnaround.

Progressive Tool & Die$$$

Specialty Design & Manufacturing

Reading, PA  |  610-779-1358

Specialty Design & Manufacturing specializes in small hole EDM, conventional EDM and wire EDM services. Provides excellent customer service and support, cost-effective solutions and other quality EDM services.

Specialty Design & Manufacturing$$$

Steadman Tool & Die, Inc.

Townville, PA  |  814-967-4333

Steadman Tool & Die builds precise accurate repeatable tooling to your exact design. Our manufacturing experience consists of producing micro cavity inserts, cavity block, and components for plastic molds, punch, die section, and components for progressive dies.

Steadman Tool & Die, Inc.$$$

Companies Serving Near Pennsylvania

Aerospace Techniques

Middletown, CT  |  860-347-1200

Conventional electronic discharge machining and wire EDM machining take place here at Aerospace Techniques. We machine items that are "out of the norm" due to complexity, material or shape. Since 1965, our machining services have been used for aerospace, aircraft engine and medical customers. Contact Aerospace Techniques today to get a quote for your next project!

Aerospace Techniques$$$

Precision Wire Cut Corp.

Waterbury, CT  |  203-759-3737

Precision Wire Cut specializes in high precision traveling wire electrical discharge machining. We provide wire EDM, CNC sinker EDM and small hole EDM to create unique solutions for many applications. We work with our customers on price, quality and delivery. Give us a call today.

Precision Wire Cut Corp.$$$


Eastford, CT  |  860-974-0786

Whitcraft Group is a leading manufacturer of highly-engineered precision formed, precision machined, and fabricated products. Whitcraft is located in Eastford, CT. Whitcraft Group includes CT Tool and Manufacturing and Berkshire Manufactured Products.


Wire EDM Solutions

Plainville, CT  |  860-614-4229

At Wire EDM Solutions, we offer a variety of EDM services to meet our customer’s needs. We have experience serving a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, and power generation markets. Our team is dedicated to providing top quality customer service and flexible lead times at extremely competitive costs. To learn more about what we do, contact us today!

Wire EDM Solutions$$$

A. Luongo & Sons, Inc.

Attleboro, MA  |  508-226-0788

A. Luongo & Sons is committed to providing its customers with quality products and services. We are a contract manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic, electrical and industrial stamped connectors, terminals, bolster plates, shields, brackets and much more. We are an ISO 9002 certified company.

A. Luongo & Sons, Inc.$$$

Assabet Machine Corp.

Hudson, MA  |  800-689-5100

Assabet Machine Corporation is a precision manufacturing company unlike most others. We are driven by an obsession with quality and by our loyalty to our customers’ needs. With 3 sinker EDM Verticals with a 200 AMP capacity, a complete 3R tooling system and complete electrode manufacturing capabilities, we can burn out broken screws or taps reclaiming a costly part.

Assabet Machine Corp.$$$


Pepperell, MA  |  978-433-9500

As QS9000 certified, our century-old company manufactures precision metal stamping parts and wire EDM. We offer die stamping parts, deep drawn stampings, and progressive die stampings. Our tooling components and intricate production parts are used in industries such as appliance, defense, and plumbing.

ASTRON, Inc.$$$

Custom Machine Incorporated

Woburn, MA  |  781-935-4940

Founded in 1969, Custom Machine engineers and manufactures machined products from the beginning to end stages of production. We operate and work with CNC machines and grinders, conventional and wire EDMs, prototypes, assemblies and testing for many advanced and commercial industries.

Custom Machine Incorporated$$$

Jack's Machine Company, Inc.

Hanson, MA  |  888-453-8336

Jack's Machine Company has specialities — wire EDM services with 4-axis capabilities; small hole EDM that can burn .013"- to .080"-diameter holes; water jet cutting that cuts workpiece materials up to a 2" thickness; and plasma cutting that performs on materials up to 1/2" thick.

Jack's Machine Company, Inc.$$$

MTD Micro Molding

Charlton, MA  |  508-248-0111

Precision EDM Specialists—Wire and Sinker EDM services, including prototype to production. Tolerance capabilities of less than .0001" lend themselves nicely to tapered cavities, extrusion dies, mold components and stamping dies, to name a few.

MTD Micro Molding$$$

AIM Inc.

Parkton, MD  |  410-329-6801

AIM's superior capabilities include CNC & manual turning, CNC & manual milling, wire EDM, grinding, welding, sawing, broaching, polishing, assembly & marking, all meeting exact specifications. AIM's continual re-investment in state-of-the-art equipment has kept our company at the fore-front of military & industrial requirements.

AIM Inc.$$$

B&B Precision Wire EDM, Inc.

Forest Hill, MD  |  410-638-8287

Our primary method of machining is Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and have now added RAM EDM to our in-house operation. We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment from Sodick, Inc. Our capabilities include precision die and mold tooling, grinding, complex 4 axis machining, prototype and production wire electrical discharge machining.

B&B Precision Wire EDM, Inc.$$$

National Jet Company

Lavale, MD  |  800-272-1930

The world’s leading small hole manufacturer since 1937, National Jet Company specializes in micro-hole drilling. We can drill holes as small as .0005’’ as we manufacture our own drilling machines includes broaches and punches. Featuring our very own micro EDM process, we are capable of producing EDM holes down to .002’’. We also utilize our own electrode extrusion process for EDM slots and shapes.

National Jet Company$$$

Hagan Design & Machine, Inc.

Newmarket, NH  |  603-292-1101

Hagan Design & Machine is a complete electrical discharge machining service center. We readily take on the EDM jobs that other shops are not able to do. We know all aspects of EDM, including Wire and RAM EDM. Hagan handles your precision electrical discharge machining and CNC machining needs.

Hagan Design & Machine, Inc.$$$

Advanced Precision, Inc.

Sparta, NJ  |  800-788-9473

Advanced Precision has provided wire EDM services for 20 years. Our electrical discharge machining capacities include maximum work piece dimensions of 40"x30"x22" high and a maximum weight of 2100 lbs. We also offer high-speed CNC EDM drilling and a wide range of other EDM capabilities.

Advanced Precision, Inc.$$$

New Jersey Precision Technologies, Inc.

Mountainside, NJ  |  800-409-3000

Wire EDM machining, small hole EDM, submerged cutting, prototypes, high or low volume machining, CNC machining and more take place at New Jersey Precision Technologies. We are your efficient and economical choice when it comes to plastic extrusion tooling, surgical/medical devices, tool & die components, mold components and wire EDM services. Call today!

New Jersey Precision Technologies, Inc.$$$


Orchard Park, NY  |  866-342-5336

1-866-Dial-EDM.com is a privately owned wire EDM job shop, specializing in fast, personalized and high-quality service at reasonable rates. We can work with materials such as stainless steel, titanium, brass, aluminum, tungsten, carbide, graphite and more. Contact us today about your EDM needs!


CTM Corporation

Frankfort, NY  |  866-286-2677

Since 1969, the world’s finest craftsmen have helped establish CTM as a leader in precision machining. Old world training, aided by state-of-the-art design & production technology, take any concept from art to part. When others might surrender, CTM charges the field, armed with experience & insight. If it can be made, CTM will figure out the way.

CTM Corporation$$$

F/M EDM, Inc.

East Aurora, NY  |  716-655-1784

F/M EDM is a leading contract machine shop specializing in wire EDM, sinker EDM and small hole electrical discharge machining. F/M EDM is a supplier of high-quality brass and copper EDM electrodes. For more information about our outstanding products and services, please call today!

F/M EDM, Inc.$$$

R.M. Tool Inc.

Strongsville, OH  |  440-238-6459

Founded in 1991, R.M.Tool, Inc. is made up of professionals who are ready to assist you with all of your machining needs. Within our 10,000-square-foot facility, we offer a variety of services including fabrication, CNC machining, wire-cut EDM, and other value-added services such as finish coating, labeling, and packaging. Quality is one of the most important parts of our business. Our team strives to always please our customers by always delivering quality products and personalized customer service. From design to finished painted product, R.M.Tool is your one stop shop for all of your CNC machining needs.

R.M. Tool Inc.$$$

R.S. Precision Industries, Inc.

Farmingdale, NY  |  800-790-7973

The most rigorous specifications for precision manufacturing can be met at R.S. Precision Industries. Our high-tech capabilities in CNC Sinker and Wire EDM, CNC Milling and Grinding, Critical Deburring, Fixturing and Inspection allow us to be your single source for small complex components. ISO 9001 Registered.

R.S. Precision Industries, Inc.$$$

Refracto Technologies Corp

Bohemia, NY  |  866-569-8125

Our EDM Machining cannot be topped! Since our inception we have been providing customers with products and services that will provide a cost-effective solution to all of your problems. We are located in Bohemia, NY but we are dedicated to serving customers around the world. To learn more about what we may be able to do for you; visit our website or get in touch with our customer service representatives via telephone or email today!

Refracto Technologies Corp$$$

Saturn Industries, Inc.

Hudson, NY  |  800-775-1651

Saturn Industries offers the finest precision machining services: wire, sinker, and small hole EDM; laser-inspected centerless grinding; CNC milling; turning; and flat and contoured grinding to ±0.0002" tolerances. Serving today's highly complex EDM applications, we specialize in EDM electrodes.

Saturn Industries, Inc.$$$

Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc.

Queens Village, NY  |  800-322-7903

At Volkert Precision Technologies, production runs and prototypes are handled through wire EDM services, small hole EDM and ram EDM, as well as eyelet machines, multi-slide machines, punch presses and other equipment. We serve many industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical.

Volkert Precision Technologies, Inc.$$$
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Sours: https://www.electricaldischargemachining.com/category/pennsylvania/
Introduction to Electrical Discharge Machining - Learn to Burn

Wire EDM Services

Founded as a wire EDM shop in 1987, KLH Industries is no stranger to working within +/- 0.0001" (0.0025 mm) tolerances. Compared to conventional CNC Machining, wire EDM is a much more accurate, but slower erosion process. That doesn’t mean that you should settle for long lead times or disappointing throughput.

Two separate, redundant automation cells assure our wire EDM machines stay running while our competitors’ machines are in sleep mode. If you have high-volume needs, our productivity can’t be matched.

While other shops are running their equipment until the circuit boards fry, at KLH Industries, we believe in putting your parts in the fastest (and most reliable) equipment on the market. Our newest wire EDM machines have power generators that allow them to cut 30% faster than machines made just a few years ago.

If you need high-precision and high-repeatability for a high-volume of parts, then submit an RFQ today.

ounded as a wire EDM shop in 1987, KLH Industries is no stranger to working within +/- 0.0001" (0.0025 mm) tolerances. Compared to conventional CNC Machining, wire EDM is a much more accurate, but slower erosion process. That doesn’t mean that you should settle for long lead times or disappointing throughput.


Two separate, redundant automation cells assure our wire EDM machines stay running while our competitors’ machines are in sleep mode. If you have high-volume needs, our throughput can’t be matched.


While other shops are running their equipment until the circuit boards fry, at KLH Industries, we believe in putting your parts in the fastest (and most reliable) equipment on the market. Our newest wire EDM machines have power generators that allow them to cut 30% faster than machines made just a few years ago.


If you need high-precision and high-repeatability for a high-volume of parts, then submit an RFQ today.

+/- 0.0001” TOLERANCE

Typical wire EDM tolerances are smaller than a human hair.


EDM solutions for micromachining on complex or critical small dimensions.

29” X 19” X 26” WORK ENVELOPE

Larger projects can be accommodated, contact KLH for details.


Multiple passes create a smooth burr-free matte finish.


Cuts soft or hard metals, graphite, carbide, and polycrystalline diamond.


Sharp, precision cut angles accurate to 3 seconds, even while fully submerged.

When to Wire EDM

Using a strand of wire as a cutting tool creates a linear line, and therefore Wire EDM services are commonly used to cut all of the way through the material. Wire EDM is best suited for projects that have intricate tolerances, material stress limitations, and/or surface finish requirements. Projects that do not require tight tolerances or finish, should consider waterjet cutting as a cheaper solution.

In the wire EDM cutting process, tolerance and surface finish are related, as both are controlled by the number of passes, or skims, the machine takes. The more skims, the higher the precision AND the better the finish.

Wire EDM can also be a high volume alternative for material types that are too brittle to be production stamped by a die. By stacking flat layers, machines are capable of wire EDM cutting high volumes of precision parts.

About Wire EDM

During wire electrical discharge machining (wire EDM), a single-strand of metal wire acts as the tool-electrode. This wire, which is commonly made of brass, creates an intense electrical field of spark that erodes material with great precision. Since the spark erosion process occurs at a fraction of an inch away from the material, no physical pressure is induced into the work piece.

  • What kind of finish will my part have?

  • With multiple passes, wire EDM can achieve a mirror-like matte finish.

  • What is the tightest radius a wire EDM can produce?

  • KLH stocks 0.0012” wire that will yield a 0.0010” radius. Our thinnest wire is roughly one-half the size of a human hair.

  • Are you Nadcap certified/accredited?

  • Yes. KLH is accredited for Nonconventional Machining, including wire EDM and fast hole EDM. This achievement further solidifies KLH’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of aerospace machining.

  • How much wire EDM experience do you have?

  • Since 1987, when KLH was founded as a wire EDM job shop.

  • How many shifts do you operate on?

  • KLH operates on 24/7 availability. Our custom IT systems can even alert operators of job stoppages by email or text.

Sours: https://www.klhindustries.com/services/edm-machining/wire-edm

Discharge near me machining electrical


B&B is a family run precision machine shop whose goal, since 1994, has been to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. When we started out, wire EDM was our primary service but as our customers’ requirements changed, we expanded to meet their needs by adding Ram EDM and Small Hole EDM. We also added a Milling Department to complete projects from start to finish. We have the latest state-of-the-art equipment from Sodick, Makino and Haas.

B&B Precision Wire EDM is a government supplier currently registered with ITAR (International Traffic In Arms Regulations) and SAM (System for Award Management). We are anxious to discuss your project, no matter how complex it may be.


  • CNC Wire EDM
  • CNC RAM/Sinker EDM
  • CNC Small Hole EDM
  • CNC Milling
  • Grinding
  • Turning
  • Gear Manufacturing
  • Complex 4 Axis Machining Available
  • Close Tolerances
  • Die Design
  • Die Repair
  • Punches & Die Blocks
  • Contract Machining
  • Die Set Machining
  • Custom Wire EDM Fixturing
  • Prototypes
  • Fixtures & Gauges
  • Cams
  • Tapers
  • Keyways
  • RF Housings
  • Precision Die and Mold Tooling
  • Extrusion Dies
Sours: https://www.bbwireedm.com/
Drill through anything (conductive) with Electrical Discharge Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining(EDM) Companies Serving California

Able Wire EDM, Inc.

Brea, CA  |  714-831-0176

Since our inception, Able Wire EDM Inc, an EDM manufacturer, has been specializing in aerospace, medical and automotive industries. As an industry leader, Able Wire EDM, Inc offers a number of varying services and produces parts economically and quickly with accuracy, exceeding its customers’ expectations with innovative manufacturing techniques, on-time deliveries and competitive pricing. Able Wire EDM is a Veteran Owned company that has been in business for over 30 years. We offer CNC machining, CNC sinker EDM, EDM drilling and more. We work with industries like; aerospace, defense, satcom, and medical. We are dedicated to making sure that all of our clients get what they need, exactly when they need it! We specialize in all aspects of EDM, and CNC Machining. Our specialty is "difficult to machine" materials such as, titanium, hastalloy, copper, brass, kovar, inconel, carbide, etc. We occupy two climate controlled facilities, totaling 14,000 sq. ft., in the City of Brea, CA. Located just off the 57 freeway, between the 60 and 91 freeways in Orange County. We are AS9100:2016/ ISO9001:2015 Certified, and ITAR registered. For more information, give us a call or visit our website today!

Able Wire EDM, Inc.$$$

Wire Cut Company, Inc.

Buena Park, CA  |  800-494-7328

Founded by Milton M. Thomas in November of 1978, Wire Cut Company grew from only one wire EDM machining center, a programming system and 1,500 sq. feet of electrical discharge machining (EDM) services to 20,000 sq ft Electrical Discharge Machining EDM machine shop facility. Wire Cut Company specialist that will meet your exact precision complex requirements as an AS9100 ISO Certified EDM manufacturer, providing high quality Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) services since 1978. Wire Cut has earned a reputation for quickly and economically producing parts that defy traditional EDM machining with the highest of standards in manufacturing techniques. We have expanded in every area, including adding an orbital welder and a cleanroom to our facilities list. We are able to handle every area of light manufacturing including completed advanced electrical discharge machined parts, EDM Tooling, metal stamping dies, prototypes, and complex aerospace parts on all hard and tough materials. Our mission statement today leads us forward into the next chapter in electrical discharge machining expertise. Our specialists will meet your exact requirements in order to bring you the product that will perfectly suit your needs. Our staff will work with you from design to delivery in order to ensure that we are bringing you the best service possible. We guarantee absolute accuracy, repeatability and consistently excellent products. We serve many industries including aerospace, defense, military, surgical as well as many others. Using cooperation and creativity to meet EDM design challenges has made Wire Cut Company a valuable asset to leading manufacturers in a wide range of industries. For more information visit us on the web!

Wire Cut Company, Inc.$$$


Carlsbad, CA  |  760-814-8960

Our Wire EDM machines allow us to machine unattended and to very tight tolerances. We can cut ultra hard materials like Carbide, Molybdenum and hardened Tool Steels. Whether your application is “High Volume” Production or intricate 5 axis machining, Wire EDM may be just what your project needs.


Advanced Engineering & EDM

Poway, CA  |  858-679-6800

We are a full service EDM company specializing in dental & medical applications with a short and long run capacity. Advanced Engineering & EDM provides EDM & CNC sinker EDM for the medical, automotive & electronics industries. We are ISO 9002 compliant & exceed our customers requirements.

Advanced Engineering & EDM$$$

Advanced Machining & Tooling, Inc.

Poway, CA  |  858-486-9050

Looking for a manufacturer to make a product that might be construed as difficult or unique? Advanced Machining & Tooling won't have a problem handling it. Why? Because we use our EDM, wire EDM, small hole EDM, ram EDM, CNC machining and turning plus other tool room services to make what you need.

Advanced Machining & Tooling, Inc.$$$

All-State Plastics

City of Industry, CA  |  800-544-0370

All-State Plastics is the contract manufacturing company of choice for a variety of different industries. All of our technology helps standardize the industry. We work to make sure that we are providing high-quality products for high-quality customers. See what we can achieve, from design & manufacturing to secondary operations & services. For more information on how we can better serve you today, give us a call!

All-State Plastics$$$

American Wire EDM, Inc.

Placentia, CA  |  714-524-3360

Providing the industry’s fastest and efficient machining, American Wire EDM offers affordable and accurate EDM and waterjet cutting services. We will cut any conductive material and all exotic metals. With applications in the medical, aerospace, and tool and die industries, our work is guaranteed to meet your highest expectations. We offer cutting-edge facilities and extremely competitive pricing.

American Wire EDM, Inc.$$$

Bandel Mfg. Inc.

Los Angeles, CA  |  866-429-6598

Bandel Manufacturing has been serving customers since 1947 in all aspects of design, tooling and manufacturing. We serve customers from a variety of industries such as commercial & military aircraft, food preparation, machinery, marine, navel, transportation cases etc. Services we offer include metal stamping, laser welding, water jet cutting, wire EDM, CNC machining, heat treating and deburring.

Bandel Mfg. Inc.$$$

C & H Machine

Escondido, CA  |  760-746-6459

C & H Machine, with 12 late-model EDM centers and several machining centers, is a full-service job shop able to jump on your one-piece rush while maintaining your high-quantity production schedule. C & H Machine offers wires, sinkers and drilling, along with milling, turning and welding.

C & H Machine$$$

King-Tek EDM, Inc.

Buena Park, CA  |  714-523-4336

Since 1981, King-Tek EDM and Precision Machining has grown into a full-service machine shop capable of producing parts in there entirety. Our primary focus is electrical discharge machinery as we offer wire EDM, sinker EDM and small hole EDM. Utilizing the latest wire machining technology, we are involved in new applications of a variety of industries outside tool and die like aerospace.

King-Tek EDM, Inc.$$$

MILCO Wire EDM, Inc.

Huntington Beach, CA  |  800-998-1885

MILCO is an AS9003 compliant EDM service provider specializing in aerospace, medical & military industries, whose wide range of quality services are depended upon by many customers. MILCO offers the fastest turnaround & highly competitive prices. As an industry leader with specialized machines & a highly trained staff, you can expect top quality service that is precise, reliable & consistent.

MILCO Wire EDM, Inc.$$$

Quality EDM, Inc.

Anaheim Hills, CA  |  714-283-9220

Founded in 1993, Quality EDM is AS 9100 certified and offers complete machine shop services. As Southern California’s leader in EDM machining and fast hole drilling EDM, we use cutting edge equipment to produce quality ratings and allow for on-time deliveries. We serve the commercial and aerospace industries and handle EDM needs of companies like 3M, Allergan, and Johnson & Johnson.

Quality EDM, Inc.$$$

Rolenn Manufacturing, Inc.

Riverside, CA  |  951-682-1185

Rolenn Manufacturing specializes in high tolerance molding and micro-miniature mold fabrication. Our services include production molding, mold design, and mold fabrication and repair.

Rolenn Manufacturing, Inc.$$$

Companies Serving Near California


Tempe, AZ  |  602-437-8995

Since 1968, Micro-Tronics has been a full service machine shop featuring capabilities like conventional EDM, CNC EDM, wire EDM, CNC laser, waterjet, molded rubber parts and electrode manufacturing. Our products are of high quality as we are ISO9001, AS9100 and Nadcap certified. We are experts when it comes to cutting sharp edges, irregular shapes and maintaining tight tolerances in all metals.


Custom Stamping Inc.

Carson City, NV  |  775-881-1533

Custom Stamping EDM - Over 35 years experience, wire and conventional to the tightest tolerance and finish, small hole EDM drill. From prototyping to production, specializing in carbide. ISO certified. Competitive rates and delivery. We look forward to helping with your next challenge.

Custom Stamping Inc.$$$
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Sours: https://www.electricaldischargemachining.com/category/california/

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