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10 Best Pet Stores in New Jersey

Whether your pet is furry, feathery or scaly, you can get all of the supplies to keep them healthy and happy at New Jersey’s awesome pet stores. From specialty food to meet your pup’s particular dietary needs to all the toys your cat could dream about, find what you’re looking for at the 10 best pet stores in the state. 

Terry’s Pet Stop, Morris Plains, NJ

For dog and cat owners, this place truly is a one-stop shop. They hold regular adoptions so you can get a pet that’s received vet care and help them find their fur-ever home. Alongside a huge variety of pet food, toys, beds, and other gear, they also offer grooming services, pet sitting, and dog training, so you never have to go anywhere else for your pet’s needs. 

Katie’s Pet Depot, North Brunswick Township, NJ

This place has everything going for it: a huge selection of natural pet foods, pet supplies, on-site grooming, and a variety of animals you can take home with you. They also work with local shelters by hosting adoptions at their store. You can tell the folks here truly care about animals, and their service makes all the difference.

Earthwise Pet, Voorhees Township, NJ

This locally owned and operated pet store focuses on natural, holistic health for pets. They have one of the best selections of natural pet food and organic pet supplies that will keep your pets safe and healthy. Folks love coming here for the self-service dog wash that will keep your pooch feeling and looking his best.

NJ Exotic Pets, Lodi, NJ

If you’re into exotic pets, this is the only place you’ll need to shop. You’ll find just about every type of legal exotic here, from ball pythons to sugar gliders to hedgehogs and more. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they can likely get it for you quickly.

Fish Hut of New Jersey, Saddle Brook, NJ

For all things fish and aquarium life, you’ll want to start your search here. They have everything from tanks and filters to decor and lights, as well as all the varieties of fish you could imagine. They also ship fish all over the country, so if you’re not nearby you can still pursue your aquarium hobbies. 

Whiteway Pet Shop, Elizabeth, NJ

New Jersey’s oldest pet shop has been filling homes with animal love since 1926! It’s something of a tradition for New Jersey folks to come here for their pets, supplies, and food, offering the same friendly service that made them so successful almost a century ago. Whether you’re looking for purebred canines or exotic varieties, chances are they have it or can get it for you. 

Critter Place, Vernon Township, NJ

From puppies and kittens to birds and fish to small animals, this place has it all. You can find all the cages, bowls, food, and equipment you need to care for your pet without having to go anywhere else. Fans love coming here because the prices tend to be lower than big box stores. 

Aquaridise, East Brunswick, NJ

Step inside this place and it’s almost like a trip to an aquarium! They have tons of saltwater and freshwater fish to fill your own tanks, as well as the tanks and accessories you need if you’re starting from scratch. The store itself a truly a sight to behold, and you might just spend the afternoon exploring.

88 Pet World, Brick, NJ

From exotics to birds and reptiles, the variety here makes it hard to choose just one pet to love. If you’re looking for a hard to find pet, you’ll likely find it here. Flying squirrels, African pygmy hedgehogs, macaws, and a huge list of reptiles and amphibians are just a few of the animals they usually have in stock, but they can also special order others for you.

All About Pets, Sea Girt, NJ

This place really knows how to give pets and their owners the royal treatment. From small mammal nail clipping to aquarium maintenance services and beyond, they aren’t your average pet store. Locally owned and operated, they specialize in a variety of small pets of both land and water, and their personalized service sets a high bar for what other pet stores should be. 

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal and Mission

    Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center
    Shake A Paw Rescue and Adoption Center
  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever
    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever
    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever
    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever
    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Union, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

  • Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Green Brook, NJ Location

    Shake A Paw - Finding Best Friends Forever

    Happy Forever Home Is Our Goal

Our current store hours are 10:00am - 7:00pm from Monday thru Thursday.
Friday and Saturday 10:00am till 8:00pm, Sunday is 10:00am - 6:00pm.


Do you prefer a safer and more convenient shopping experience? We are pleased to announce our new "Shopping By Appointment" service. Simply select a location (Union or Green Brook) and time that is suitable to your needs, and we will be ready to help you select your new family member. We will provide you with a dedicated sales professional, a private, fully clean and disinfected area in which to meet a new furry friend. All paperwork and going home details will be handled privately, and before you know it you will be on your way home. Call us now to book your same-day or next day appointment at (908) 365-0439(Union) or (908) 356-7876(Green Brook).

Shopping from 10:00am to 11:00am is reserved for high-risk individuals and Seniors. ALL CUSTOMERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS BY ORDER OF GOVERNOR MURPHY.

We also offer curb-side touchless delivery and private shopping by appointment. Please call our Union (908) 365-0439or Green Brook (908) 356-7876locations to schedule these services.


Our Vaccine Clinic Is Cancelled Until Further Notice.

Welcome to Shake A PawNew Jersey's Premier Retailer Of Healthy PuppiesWith Two Convenient State Of The Art Puppy Showrooms


Shake A Paw is New Jersey's largest and most reputable store offering healthy pets in the tri-state area and beyond, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Maryland. Our No-Kill Animal Shelter, The Shake A Paw Center for Rescue and Adoption has been providing animal rescue and re-homing for homeless and unwanted dogs for over 3 years, finding forever homes for over 600 adult dogs. Please visit our Adoption Site at

Small Breed Package

Designed for pups under 20 lbs. full grown such as Shih Tzu, Bichon, Maltese, etc. and Small Designer Mixes.

Medium Breed Package

Designed for pups between 20-50 lbs. full grown such as Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, etc. and Medium Designer Mixes.

Large Breed Package

Designed for pups over 50 lbs. full grown such as Golden and Labrador Retrievers, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, etc.

Shop Apparel
Shake A Paw Student Animal Care Scholarship

Union High School senior Mya-Nicole Brooks received a $750 scholarship from Shake a Paw to help her pursue her animal science studies at Rutgers University next fall.

"Mya-Nicole was an easy candidate to select for the scholarship," said Jeff Morton, President, Shake A Paw. "Her academics were excellent, she had participated in several animal related extracurricular activities, and has selected to continue her dream of becoming a veterinarian."

"Animal science was one of my first and most prominent interests growing up," said Brooks. She said as a child she couldn't have a dog or cat, but had three pet parakeets, who taught her the joys and wonders of animal life. Brooks said she also watched every animal-related show she could find on television.

Our Scholorship Applications are now closed, and we look forward to our 2022 Schlorship!

Here are some of the many popular brands that we carry.

Our Puppy Showrooms feature a custom designed clean air ventilation system as well as Ultraviolet Light air purification. These systems provide complete air exchange and purification, while virtually eliminating all bacteria that causes odor and germs. Shake A Paw continually invests in the latest technologies so that we can bring you the healthiest puppies possible.

Shake A Paw

Our stores also carry a full selection of training cages, leashes, collars and harnesses, grooming tools, shampoos, toys, clothing, chew toys, comfy dog beds and hundreds of interesting accessories for your new best friend. Feel free to bring your entire family to experience a new standard of finding your new best friend.


Shake A paw in Green brook Nj they are the best, I adopted puppy from them and puppy had some medical issue not only they took care of it but Jonathan Dubreuil Manager was very very helpful, I have no words how they consider all this dogs as their family. Thank you for everything!Palak

We got our French Bulldog Banks from Shake a Paw. He was absolutely gorgeous, his pedigree was loaded with champions. Couldn't of asked for a better dog. Shake A Paw is where we are going to get our next dog, we wouldn't go anywhere else. If I could give 6 stars I would!

Olesya, Customer

We had a great experience at Shake A Paw! We got our Chocolate Lab puppy Chipper from them and the staff was extremely helpful with every question we had, and we had a lot. The store is very clean and all of the animals are well taken care of. We're already recommending Shake A Paw to everyone that is falling in love with little Chipper!

Scott, Customer

Got Chloe (Havanese) from Shake and Paw almost a year ago. Worked with Charlie most of the way and he was amazing. Chloe has been the best thing to happen to my family and she is also turning into my best friend. Thank you so much and would definitely go back again and again! Thanks again!

Quiana, Customer

I got my Peanut dog here (pug) in 2008 and my best friend got her black pug from here in 2012. Both healthy and well behaved dogs. Definitely a great pet store! Going forward I am going to hopefully adopt but if you're shopping I highly recommend them!

Jessica, Customer

Being an ex-employee of shake a paw greenbrook by choice I know first hand that the store is immaculate and that the puppies are very well taken care of, I would recommened shake a paw greenbrook too anyone concedering buying a puppy.

Joe, Employee

Lovely staff and we'll keyed happy animals. My Havenese is the most loving creature I've had yet!

Chana, Customer

I bought our papillion 6 years ago from them. She is the healthiest happiest crazy little dog you will ever meet. I DO own shelter pets as well.

Nicole, Customer

Just happened to stumble upon this website....I'm not even from New Jersey, but I was so happy to see all these adoptions, I just to comment!! Thanks to all of you who gave these beautiful babies loving homes in time for the holidays!!

Susan, Customer

They treat me like family every time I go in. Animals are very well kept. It really shows how much the owners care about their animal and customers.

Vladimir, Customer
August, 2021

To our valued customers,

Our current store hours are 10:00am - 7:00pm from Monday thru Thursday.
Friday and Saturday 10:00am till 8:00pm, Sunday is 10:00am - 6:00pm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has encountered this awful virus. We wish them a complete and rapid recovery! We also want you to know we are open for business. We have implemented several precautionary measures to make certain our facilities are clean and safe for both our employees and valued customers!

Some of what we have in place include:

  • Hand sanitizers made available for both visitors and employees to clean their hands more frequently
  • We've increased the frequency where high-volume, high-touch areas to include door handles, paper towel dispensers, counters and vanity tops are cleaned
  • Our staff is required to engage in good "germ-preventive" hygiene by frequently washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • We have installed plexiglass barriers in all checkout areas for our staff's safety and yours
  • Shopping by appointment is STRONGLY encouraged. Please contact our stores for a private shopping experience

We want to make certain you know we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure our business location is clean and safe. Thank you for your business and continued support!

Best regards,
Shake A Paw
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A surprising number of people still don’t know that pet stores are bad places to acquire a dog—that they are, in fact, the harmless-looking, public face of a very shady and often cruel industry. And then there are the people who kiiiinda know better, but find themselves making an impulsive purchase (oops!) when they fall in love with their dream pup.

There’s a good reason pet stores put tiny, fluffy puppies in their windows: they know how hard it is to resist those sweet puppy-dog eyes. But there are things pet stores are hiding from you—and they aren’t so cute. This Saturday, July 21, is No Pet Store Puppies Day, so please help spread the word about the three pet store truths below:

  1. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

Most pet store puppies are sourced from commercial dog breeding operations (aka puppy mills), where making a profit takes precedence over how the animals are treated. Dogs are usually crammed into filthy, overcrowded, stacked wire cages and are denied healthy food, clean water and basic veterinary care. Mother dogs are bred constantly, without any rest or screening for diseases. Horrific conditions, poor genetics, early weaning and stress can cause puppy mill puppies to develop serious health and behavioral problems that are expensive and difficult to treat.

Even worse, pet stores often make false “no puppy mill” promises or claim to have “zero tolerance” for cruel breeding. And since customers don’t see where the puppies came from, they can easily be deceived.

  1. Fancy-sounding registrations are mostly meaningless sales tactics.

Pet stores can emphasize that their breeders are USDA-licensed or that the puppies have American Kennel Club (AKC) registration, but neither of these claims guarantee that the puppies are healthy or well cared for. To obtain a USDA license, a breeder must follow certain standards, but these standards are incredibly low, falling far short of what the average pet parent considers humane. USDA inspection visits can be few and far between, and violations typically go unpunished. AKC registry only means that a puppy’s parents both had AKC papers—nothing more. It is not a guarantee of good environmental conditions and signifies nothing about the health or quality of a puppy.

  1. Payment plans are unethical and exploitive.

A lease agreement for a puppy may sound absurd, but it’s a real ploy pet stores use to take the sting out of high sticker prices and offload their puppies quickly. Some pet stores team up with private lending companies to offer the customer a seemingly low monthly payment plan, but they pad the purchase price with high fees and interest—often without fully explaining this to customers.

Pet leasing allows a love-struck patron to walk out of the store with a puppy, but ends up costing the unwitting buyer many times the animal’s original price. In addition, the pets in question are not owned by their new families until the lease is up. These deceptive, predatory financing arrangements benefit only the pet store and lending company—not the customer, and certainly not the puppy.

Please keep in mind that every time a pet store sells a puppy, another takes its place, thus continuing the cycle of puppy mill cruelty. In honor of No Pet Store Puppies Day, make sure your friends know the truth about shady pet stores by sharing this database of actual inspection photos of USDA-licensed breeding facilities. Don’t forget to follow us at to speak up for animals who can’t speak for themselves!

As always, consider visiting a shelter or rescue—or a responsible pet store that hosts animals from shelters/rescues for adoption—to find your next pet. Find out more at

Watch Out For Puppy Scammers!

The 10 Best Pet Stores in Connecticut!

Whether you’re treating Fido to a tennis ball or purchasing a beta fish for a new aquarium, the great pet stores of Connecticut will supply you with everything you need! The owners of these businesses care about the treatment and happiness of your four-legged friends! Find the best selection for your furry, scaly, or shelled family member at these 10 awesome pet stores in the Nutmeg State. 

1. Gentle Jungle Pet Store, Meriden, CT

For 19 years, Gentle Jungle has been serving the Meriden community with their knowledgeable staff of pet counselors and wide variety of pets. In store, they often have up to 50 energetic puppies as well as kittens, ferrets, hermit crabs, and reptiles. A vet visits this store weekly to update vaccines and ensure that all of their furry and scaly friends are healthy and ready to find their forever home.

2. Mystic Pet Shop, Mystic, CT

This local pet store features super friendly staff that are always willing to answer questions or give out samples to find the best food for your picky pet. This store also features fun collars for dogs, a ton of pet supplies, and even items to care for plants! This local business works really hard to care for pets in the community as well as support other nearby small businesses. 

3. Appalachian Tails, Glastonbury, CT

This family-owned business is housed in a barn and is a lovely pet-friendly spot. Bring along your dog for a visit or enroll him or her in dog training or a puppy playgroup. They also have quality pet food, all natural treats, and other pet supplies. Additionally, they have everything you’ll need to take your active pet hiking with you or on road trips.

4. Shoreline Pet and Aquarium, Old Saybrook, CT

Shoreline Pet and Aquarium specializes in home aquarium needs for freshwater and saltwater animals. Their aquarium maintenance program ensures that your home or business tanks stays in tip top shape to keep your animals healthy. They also have a pet rescue service and subsequently arrange adoptions for rescued and surrendered animals so they can find their forever home.  

5. Pet Pantry Warehouse, Multiple locations

Opened by two World War II veterans who loved animals, Pet Pantry is home to the best food available for your furry friend. Enjoy one of their wonderful events that help to raise money for community outreach and pet rescue. 

6. Just Cats, Stamford, CT

Just Cats is a vet that specializes in treating cats, but they also have an excellent store focused on only feline products. From cat carriers to leashes, cat food, and furniture, Just Cats stays on top of the best products available in the U.S. to offer to their customers. They also have a very specialized cat boarding program if you’ll be away from home for any amount of time.

7. The Pawprint Market, Darien, CT

Purchase top quality food for your pet that is crafted for his or her age and health at the Pawprint Market. This market even offers raw food options and a variety of protein varieties for your four-footed family member. Free local delivery may also be available if you can’t make it to their store. The Pawprint Market also has pet treats and toys, flea and tick protection, ceramic bowls, and more.

8. Cheshire Cat and Dog, Too, Cheshire, CT

Super shiny coats and great health can only be obtained for your pets by feeding them the right diet. Cheshire Cat and Dog, Too aims to educate owners on pet health and safety with workshops, seminars, and friendly staff available to answer questions. CPR and first aid classes are also taught to care for your pets, which is a great service!

9. Paws and Claws, Wolcott, CT

Paws and Claws sells pet food with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and vegetables for your furry family member. The owners of the jam-packed store have done tons of research into the healthiest pet foods available on the market, as they believe these are the best options for your pet. They also host adoption events to help great animals find loving homes.

10. Fleming’s Feed, Preston and Stonington, CT

Stop by Fleming’s Feed for pet supplies and food for cats, dogs, and animals both tiny and large. Additionally, they have an excellent supply of wild bird seed and garden care items. These large stores also sell equestrian gear, local produce, raw honey, and live plants for your home garden.


Stores reputable near me pet

Where to Find Dogs & Puppies for Sale Near You: 10 Ethical Sites

So, you are on a mission to find your new best friend, where should you start? A lot of us don't have the patience or resources to drive all around looking for puppies for sale near us.

Luckily, with the convenience of modern technology, we don't have to anymore to find dogs for sale. The internet is an amazing resource for getting in touch with animal adoptions in your areas.

Whether you're looking to adopt from a shelter or connect with a breeder or rescue group, there is somewhere on the web for you to search. Finding reputable sites to undergo your journey is key to finding posts that you can trust and take you one step closer to getting your furry friend in your home.

1. is an excellent website to find where to buy a dog, backed by well-known companies like Purina and Bayer. And the site is not just for dogs, either. You can search for cats, rabbits, horses, birds, and other types of pets. You can also look for local shelters and rescue services.

The interface is clean and easy to use. Enter your location and optionally the age and breed you're looking for. Hit Search, and you're on your way to finding Fido! You can browse through the search results, see photos, or narrow your search further. You'll see details for the dogs that interest you like age, color, and weight, and can then follow the adoption process.

Adopt-a-Pet also offers a handy pet alert options, where you can receive emails when new pets match your search criteria.

2. American Kennel Club (AKC)

The AKC is an organization that has been around since the late 1800's, so you know it's reputable. Also, they play a major role in registered breeds, making them an excellent resource for finding dog breeders near you. The marketplace page on their site is only a very small part of their focus, but if you're interested in learning about an organization you know you can trust, it's an option for you to consider.

You'll only find dogs from breeders who are AKC-licensed or club members who have AKC-registered puppies. These aren't going to be average breeders, and especially not people whose dog had an unplanned litter of pups.

In addition, you're going to be paying a lot more for a dog who's registered by the AKC. Breeder sell kennel club puppies with the intention of show dogs and competition. Unless you need a competition puppy, there are tons of other websites to buy dogs.

3. NextDayPets

On NextDayPets, the interface provides a nice way to navigate through their website. Enter a breed into the search box and click the blue Find a puppy button.

You are then able to refine your results by gender, location, price range, and other factors. Each result displays the breed, age, and location. If you select a pup to learn more, you'll see additional photos and full details about the dog, including if they are microchipped and AKC-registered.

You can contact the seller or breeder directly through the NextDayPets website, or hit the Reserve Me button to move forward through the adoption process.

4. Petfinder

Petfinder is another very well-known source for finding puppies, as well as many other pets. In fact, its search results are used by many other websites, and it also allows breeders and rescue organizations to host their own website directly within Petfinder.

On the main page, enter your location and start your search for the type of puppy that you want. You can then narrow down your results by age, breed, size, gender, behavior, or other options.

Select a puppy that interests you for additional photos, a description, whether the dog is good with children, and other helpful details. If you want to contact the current owner or shelter, you can do so easily with the form on the website.


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, otherwise known as the ASPCA, is another very reputable source for finding nearby animal shelters.

Click the Adopt button at the top and then check out pets available for adoption from dogs to cats to horses. You can also select the Local Shelters tab to find a shelter in your area or view dogs available at a local shelter. Enter your zip code, optionally a breed and gender, and mark options for sizes, ages, and behavior.

Selecting a pet will provide you with full details, their location, and the contact information.

6. Rescue Me

Rescue Me is an animal rehabilitation center that offers adoption services through their website. Click the View Animals for Adoption button at the top, pick the type of pet, and then browse through the adorable photos covering any breed imaginable.

You'll then move onto choosing your location and will see results for the breed you select in your area. When you see a pooch you like, check out details about their compatibility, personality, health, and more.

It is a great resource for those considering rehoming small or large dogs.

What's really awesome about Rescue Me is they have a whole page of links for not only all of the Unities States, but an impressive number of countries around the world too.

7. The Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is a public service ad campaign focused on encouraging potential pet owners to consider rescuing a pet from a shelter as their first option. They are backed by The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie's Fund.

To begin looking for your new best friend, just enter your postal code, select either the cat or dog, and click the Search button. The results are magnificent and are easy to scan through.

If you want to narrow down your search, you can click the More Filters button and choose breed, gender, size, and age. In addition, you can search for nearby shelters.

8. Petco Foundation

Petco is a popular shop for buying pet supplies, whether in stores or online. The Petco Foundation focuses on animal welfare and making a difference. So, you'll definitely want to head to their website for finding your new pal.

To help you on your puppy search, you can enter your location and any information about the type of dog you're looking for, such as breed and size. The site also lets you find cats, reptiles, birds, and other types of pets.

When you receive your search results, you can browse through the photos and then pick a pet that interests you. You'll see details about the dog like age, gender, color, and size along with their current location. You can then call or email if you'd like to move forward with the adoption process.

9. PetSmart Charities

Like Petco, PetSmart is a terrific place to purchase pet supplies. As another leader in animal welfare, PetSmart Charities have helped millions of needy pets across the country.

And if you've ever visited a PetSmart near you, you may have joined in on their pet adoption events. They let you know when the local pet store near you has puppies for adoption. These events are often the best place to find puppies.

On their website, you can find adoptable dogs and cats near you. Enter your zip code and then browse all available dogs or narrow down your options by age, breed, size, or gender. Pick a pup and check out full details along with the pet's story. Click to send an email if you're interested in adopting the dog you find, or get the contact information.

10. is a popular place to go to find a dog. The interface and ease of navigation around the site are decent.

Upon visiting the website, you have the option to search by clicking the Find a Puppy tab or using the search panel on the left side. The Find a Puppy page alphabetizes the breeds and provides rankings on size, grooming, exercise requirements, watchdog ability, and how good they are with other dogs.

You might be wondering how PuppyFind works. Like many of the websites in this article, PuppyFind simply helps you narrow down your options by breed and location and provides the contact information for the breeder of the dog you're looking for. However, it plays no role in any purchase.

They also offer tips for puppy buyers and provide a contact link if you come across a scam. The scams are similar to those on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

Caution: There have been some complaints in the past that has dogs from what are called puppy mills.

Beware of Puppy Mills

One of the biggest things you should be aware of is puppy mills. We've already mentioned it briefly above, and if this Wikipedia link doesn't scare you, I don't know what will. They put profit and capital over the well-being of the animals.

Unfortunately, some websites can't catch every single one, so they rely on users to help. Many of the websites mentioned here provide more information about them, including the ASPCA, if you're interested. You can always contact a vet for more help in this department if one of your potential new friends seems to look a little unhealthy (you can even talk to vets online now!).

Finding Your Next Best Pal

Keep in mind that the ASPCA emphasizes that it's best to see the puppy in person and to support your local shelters whenever possible. So, hopefully, one of these top pet websites can help you locate, contact, and visit with a dog that turns out to be the right fit for you and your family.


What Are Pet Microchips and Should I Get One For My Cat or Dog?

Wondering if you should microchip your pet? Here's what a microchip can do to improve your pet's safety.

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PetSmart vs. Petco

Puppy-friendly pet stores

What puppy-friendly pet store owners say:

"I switched over to what I call the 'humane model'—animal adoption instead of animal sales. [...] Most of these shelters that I go pick up dogs from, they are putting down anywhere from 50 to 70 dogs a day. So this is one way to stop that from happening."
—Rene Karapedian, Pet Rush, Los Angeles, California

"I have found that there is no way for me to sell puppies from my retail establishment that does not contribute to the suffering of both the parent dogs and the puppies bred from them. Reputable breeders with high standards of care do not sell their puppies to ANY pet stores for resale."
Amy Cirincione, Feed Bag Pet Store, Cutchogue, New York

"With millions of dogs and cats being euthanized each year due to a lack of homes, I realized that this decision was the right thing to do for the animals and for our community in addressing the pet overpopulation problem."
Joe Seneshale, Joe's PET DEPOT in Gillette and Rock Springs, Wyoming


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