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Richard Rawlings declared the conclusion of Fast N' Loud on episode 1578 of The Joe Rogan Experience aired in December 2020.

The hit reality series initially aired on Discovery in June 2012. And after eight successful years and sixteen seasons, Rawlings confirmed that there would be “no more” of Fast N' Loud and the series won't be back for season 17. So, is the show canceled?

When the podcast host, Rogan asked about his show, he revealed he has exited the Discovery network and is now a free agent. “We are going to be doing some cool things in 2021,” he added.

According to Rawlings, it was time for him to broaden his horizons and take a step further. He stated he felt like he had reached the peak of that mountain at Discovery and couldn't think of anything else to do there.

Rawlings continued he used 2020 to rethink and reshape the things he wanted to do in the future. 

While many viewers were surprised by the closure, he indicated that there would definitely be something exciting coming up in 2021 for the viewers. 

About ‘Fast N’ Loud’

Fast N' Loud is a reality television show on Discovery channel that chronicles the activities of the team led by Rawlings at Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas. The show highlights run-down vehicles that the team transforms into profit-generating cars.

The show featured two mechanical geniuses, Rawlings and Aaron Kaufmann, as they scour the remote reaches of Texas and beyond.

The team explores the back roads, looking for that one special ride to restore in barns, swap meetings, and open fields. They always have at least one major customization job going on in their garage. The challenge, though, is in selecting the appropriate vehicle.

Richard Rawlings

Rawlings is set with the design plan at the garage and they start the major dismantling once he's found a wonderful offer. The faster they finish the process, the quicker they can get to the auction.

No matter how crazy their day becomes, the team always puts up a driveway or a test drive of spectacular ancient vehicles. According to the official website of Gas Monkey Garage, “It’s always a race against the clock to get these cars finished: time is money at Gas Monkey Garage.”

What Is Rawlings Doing Now?

Now that Rawlings has started his new journey, his on-screen style has evolved. He has started a new podcast titled Monkey Trap which is aimed to entertain his millions of admirers on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere. Fans can find it on YouTube.

The Fast N' Loud star took to Twitter in May 2021 to announce his show’s arrival. The first episode premiered on May 11, 2021. 

Rawlings also unveiled a $500,000 food truck with considerable curb appeal in Dallas this spring. 

The 42-foot-long mobile kitchen vehicle is exclusively designed by Cameron Davies, CEO of San Antonio vehicle manufacturing company Cruising Kitchens.

The "food truck on steroids" has a daily capacity to feed 10,000 people and will also feature T-shirt cannons.

According to February 2021 reports from The Dallas Morning News, Rawlings intends to park the vehicle at the Monkey Yard, which is in the backyard of Gas Monkey Garage at 2330 Merrill Road in Dallas. 

Fans of Gas Monkey could enjoy the personalized menu created by the Discover reality star that would include burgers, pizza, and tacos.

As the Gas Monkey food truck was constructed, the video teams documented each stage with precision to entertain the fans. The footage can be found on Rawlings' YouTube channel.


Has Fast N' Loud been cancelled? Richard Rawlings reveals on The Joe Rogan Experience!

Richard Rawlings made an announcement about his hit show Fast N’ Loud – is the Discovery show cancelled?

Richard Rawlings is a familiar face on Discovery as the star of Fast N’ Loud and Garage Rehab. He is also the owner of Gas Monkey Garage and Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill.

This week, the reality star made an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, and made surprising news about the future of Fast N’ Loud.

So, is the Discovery series cancelled?

Fast N’ Loud on Discovery

Fast N’ Loud is a reality series which has been airing on Discovery since June 2012.

It follows Richard Rawlings and his crew from Gas Monkey Garage as they search for run-down cars which they restore for profit.

Fast N’ Loud has had 16 seasons so far. The latest series aired from March until July this year.

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Is Fast N’ Loud cancelled?

  • Yes, Fast N’ Loud has been cancelled.

Richard Rawlings has confirmed that there will be “no more” of the hit reality series.

He announced the news during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday, December 15th.

While the announcement would come as a big surprise to many viewers, Richard teased that there will be a new chapter for Gas Monkey Garage which might mean that he might return with some sort of new series.

“Fast N’ Loud is no more,” Richard confirmed. “I have exited Discovery and I am a free agent. We are going to be doing some cool things in 2021.

“It was time for me to expand and go a little bit [further]. I kind of got to the top of that mountain being at Discovery. There wasn’t anything else for me to do there.”

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Fans react to the news

It’s safe to say that many Fast N’ Loud viewers are disappointed that the show has been cancelled.

One viewer took to Twitter and said: “Two of my favorites! I listened on my ride home and have to say I’m sad to hear the news. Fast N’ Loud is one of my favorite shows. Thanks for 8 awesome years! Looking forward to what the future has for you and Gas Monkey Garage!”

In response, Richard tweeted back: “Not the end, just a new chapter in @GasMonkeyGarage’s book! Just you wait till you see what I have planned next.”

Another viewer commented: “I’m late, but I’m bummed Fast N’ Loud is over.”

By Filiz Mustafa – [email protected]


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17 Things The Fast N’ Loud Crew Had To Deal With

One of the biggest and most popular crazes that reality television has seen in recent years has been the rise of the automotive reality show premise. Usually, these television shows involve some kind of car shop that offers some kind of specialty. The show will follow the entire process, from getting a client or bid for a job, all the way through to completion.

While this reality show premise is often doctored to be presented as pretty far from the truth, they are good fun to watch. Often times, though, the reality of what happens to the stars of the show proves to be even more entertaining. In the case of Fast N' Loud, this is true. Let's take a look at 17 shady things the Fast N' Loud Crew had to deal with.

17 The Fourth Season Firebirds Were A Hoax

Any fans of the show will know about the "prototype" Firebirds that were featured by the Fast N' Loud crew. Reality television is oftentimes not very close to reality, and for the sake of good watching they will often revise the truth. In this case, they actually weren't prototypes, and they actually bought them through eBay.

16 An Edgy Video That Led SEMA To Cut Ties With The Gas Monkeys

There was also a video that was connected to the controversial photo the two posted in anticipation of a SEMA event, and the video, according to, was much juicier. For the most part it ended up confusing and upsetting fans, so much so that SEMA cut their ties with the Gas Monkeys.

15 Dodge Law Commercials

When it comes to public embarrassment and perhaps questionable decisions, Richard Rawlings knows how to do it best. "Dodge Law" was a marketing commercial campaign that Dodge did to try and appeal to a "manly" audience, and it featured none other than Richard Rawlings. The commercials did terribly, which isn't surprising.

14 Fake Booze At The Gas Monkey Bar & Grill

Following a sting operation that spanned many restaurants in the area, Gas Monkey Bar & Grill ended up failing for selling the wrong kind of booze to customers, claiming the spirits were high class and expensive, when they were a different brand entirely. Seems pretty shady to me.

13 Childish Rivalry With Jesse James

Jesse James is pretty infamous in the automotive world, especially his place in reality television. He claims to be a direct descendant of the outlaw Jesse James himself, which has led to his popularity. Richard Rawlings, naturally, has a childish rivalry with him, and the crew does best not mentioning his name in the shop.

12 The Weird Behavior Of Tom Smith

The crew of Fast N' Loud has plenty of things to say about Tom Smith, whether it's to say he's a slob, or just to complain about how weird his behavior is day in and day out. In any case, he was let go, so now the crew doesn't have to deal with him at all.

11 Firing The Fired Up Team

While the crew of Fast N' Loud didn't have to put up with Tom Smith's shenanigans anymore after he was fired, he was such an engaging character that he was actually given his own reality tv show on Discovery, aptly naming their business the Fired Up Garage.

10 The Photo Of Rich And Aaron You Can't Unsee (No This Isn't It)

According to, "Before Fast and Loud aired on the Discovery Channel, the Gas Monkeys were avid supporters of Hotrodders Forum. At one point, Richard and Aaron (pre-beard!) posted a picture of themselves wearing little more than sunglasses as a promotion for a SEMA event." For those who saw it, it's impossible to unsee.

9 Kaufman Leaving The Show

One of the things that likely had one of the biggest effects on the Fast N' Loud crew was the day Kaufman decided to leave the show for good. He cited reasons including creative differences and a need to be able to do what he wanted with a build. He originally didn't want to be on tv, but Discovery made him a good offer and he has his very own show.

8 Rawlings Is Perhaps A Better Salesman Than Mechanic

Richard Rawlings is nothing more than a great businessman. The Gas Monkey Garage has not been his first business, and it likely won't be his last, either. He has tried time and again to create something profitable, and this garage happened to be it. As soon as this started making money, he has set up many other entrepreneurial business ventures.

7 Misfits Garage Was A Marketing Tactic By Rawlings

While it seems a bit counter-intuitive or illogical, this really points to just how cunning of a businessman Rawlings really is. In firing the members of the Misfits Garage, he actually had a detailed plan in place, to start up a whole other show dedicated to them. Talk about a pretty effective marketing tactic.

6 Richard Making Countless Appearances In Commercials For Money

If there's one thing that makes Richard Rawling's life go around, it's money. Money and more money, he isn't a very complicated man, as to him it's all about the bottom line, will it make money. And when he needs money, he isn't afraid to take a commercial job on the side for a cash boost.

5 Gas Monkey Energy Drink And Government Contracts

The enterprising entrepreneur known as Richard Rawlings has put much of his money into new business adventures in an effort to make even more money than just his immensely popular reality show. One of these businesses is Gas Monkey energy drinks, which have gotten him a government contract to sell on every American military base.

4 Richard Also Bought Street Outlaws

Street Outlaws is another reality show that airs on the Discovery Channel and many people love it for it's thrills and illicit nature, as well as for the crazy cars that end up duking it out. It started with a guest appearance by Richard, but now he has bought the show and has all kinds of plans for it.

3 Controversy With His First Business Partner

Richard Rawlings from a bit of research seems to be the kind of person that wouldn't be the most fun to work with, as he has his very specific dreams that he is working harder to reach than most people. This becomes clear when we understand that things didn't go the best for his last business partner, either.

2 Richard Rawling's Divorce

Richard Rawlings is above all else a businessman. He has an extraordinary drive to be successful, and so his divorce was something a bit of a scandal, as they quickly divorced after they were married. This no doubt had an effect on the entire crew in the shop, especially just after it happened.

1 Insane Difficulties With The Shart Cat

While most of it didn't get aired, there were all kinds of problems that revealed themselves the more that the crew worked on them with the Shart Cat, one of the most impressive builds by the Fast N' Loud crew. The irony is that the real issues all stemmed from the faulty computer.

Sources: Greeningz, Gas Monkey Garage & Motor 1


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Richard Rawlings Is Being A \

Here's The Real Story Behind Fast N' Loud

Joe Rogan has had many an esteemed guest on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Last year, he invited on none other than Richard Rawlings, the star of Fast N Loud. In conversation with Rogan, Rawlings confirmed that Fast N' Loud had been cancelled. For eight years on air, the Texas based Gas Monkey Garage and the reality show filmed therein was famed for its on-screen drama, but what the audience saw was less than half the story.

Most automotive reality shows center themselves around a charismatic host, and Fast N' Loud is no different. The show's protagonist-come-host Richard Rawlings is a prolific business man and self proclaimed petrol-sexual but Rawlings was often the source of many of the show's issues.

In earlier seasons, Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage's lead mechanic Aaron Kaufman would scour the United States looking for old, delapidated, old cars with potential aplenty. Restore them and sell them on to the highest bidder to turn a profit. But a great deal of effort was needed to restore them to their former glory, let alone transfrom them into unique masterpieces the talented mechanics at Gas Monkey Garage conjured every episode.

However, as is so common with reality television there is more to it than what the audience see. Many reality TV shows feature the shrewed, business-minded personalites who portray an outspoken and often domineering character, think Gordon Ramsey in Hells Kitchen, or Donald Trump in The Apprentice or his latest role as President of the United States. Rawlings arguably displays similar characteristics to these figures.

Rawlings: Never Far From Drama

On and off screen Rawlings was never far from controversy. Throughout the show's history, he had many a fall out with some of his staff and usually when an employee would have a run in with Rawlings, they would soon find themselves run out of the garage. This happened several times.

Rawlings' lead mechanic Aaron Kaufman mysterioulsy disappeared. Later Kaufman revealed that he left due to personal and professional differences and felt that the show was hindering his creativity. Astonishingly however, Kaufman was not the only Gas Monkey to leave the garage.

Two other members of the cast left too. Tom Smith and Jordan Butler both left the show after a fall out with Rawlings, following a dispute over a fan and one of Rawlings precious cars. Smith has since gone on record to claim that he and Butler left after a fan with cystic fibrosis had come to the garage to have take some photos with one of Rawlings rides. Rawlings ordered the fan to get away from his car using profanity.

Fortunately for Smith and Butler, it wouldn't be long before they found themselves back on TV, where they featured in Misfit Garage, a similalry styled reality TV show.

Off screen, Rawlings was struggling with his second marriage. His ten year partnership with Suzanne Mergele began to deteriorate while Rawlings was under tremednous pressure managing his professional commitments and the two split. Fortunately the couple were able to overcome their differences and remarried in 2015.

This was not the only off screen termoil Rawlings endured during his time as the star of Fast N' Loud. Like many business magnates, Rawlings ventured into the hospitality industry. Opening the Gas Monkey Bar and Grill, which like the show faced a number of its own controversies. Most notably, following a sting operation, they were found to be replacing premium liqour with sub par substitutions.

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Driving Fast N' Loud Straight In To Controversy

The drama surrounding the show extend beyond just Rawlings' on and off screen antics. The producers were embroiled in controversy following their depitiction of the Fast N' Loud's "Shart Cat" a modified Dodge Dart. Its common that reality TV bends reality, but the producers of Fast N' Loud may have taken it too far with this one.

As every teenage boy knows, a shart tends to make a mess and the Shart Cat was no different. Riddled with technical problems, the Shart Cat suffered from transmission issues which were vastly underplayed by production crew. But more significanly the Shart Car required a complete dismantling and reassembling of the car's computing components.

This was carried out by Diablosport and the production crew made it seem like this operation was completed almost overnight, as if such a rebuild were a simple task, but this couldn't have been further from the truth.

The short history of Fast N' Loud is one riddled with on and off screen drama, enough firings to bring an entire spin off series into existence and one very messy Shart Car. But drama and controversy is the yardstick by which reality tv shows of any kind are measured. So in that respect, dispite it being cancelled after 14 seasons Fast N' Loud will definitely go down in history as a reality TV success story.

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Loud on and youtube fast

Car Show ‘Fast N’ Loud’ on Discovery March 30

Discovery offers a new season of Fast N’ Loud, about hot rods and how they are built, March 30. The unscripted series sees a team in Dallas take on run-down cars and restore them into something high end, and profitable.

“Richard Rawlings’ team wrestles with intricate projects, impossible deadlines and demanding standards while Gas Monkey Garage solidifies its elite status in the hot rod world,” said Discovery. “Throughout the season, Richard, Russell J. Holmes and the crew push the boundaries on some of the most complex builds the garage has ever taken on.”

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In the season premiere, Rawlings teams up with Gary Sinise to transform two Jeeps for his foundation. The Jeeps get a “Gas Monkey transformation,” in Discovery’s words.

Fast N’ Loud is produced for Discovery Channel by Pilgrim Media Group. For Pilgrim Media Group, executive producers are Craig Piligian and Eddie Rohwedder. For Discovery Channel, executive producers are Kyle Wheeler and Todd Lefkowitz. Richard Rawlings exec produces, too. 

Stéphane Pompougnac - Fast and Loud

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He doesn't see my face.

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