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Dog Daycare in Wichita & Leawood KS

Both pup and parent will enjoy the important benefits daycare provides.

It helps dogs thrive. Dogs need exercise and engagement every day to remain healthy and happy. At daycare, your dog can spend all his energy running around with playmates. The physiological benefits of daycare include weight control, muscle toning, increased cardio and respiratory health and better mental wellbeing.

Socialization is key. Dogs are social animals by nature. Those that learn to behave and interact with other dogs (and humans) are shown to have greater confidence and wellbeing.

It reduces destructive behavior. When dogs are left home all day, they’re prone to long periods of boredom and isolation. This can have undesirable effects such as hyperactivity, chewing, and anxiety. These behaviors can be corrected in our daycare program. With exercise and attention to each pet, our staff thinks of playtime as a “retraining” tool.



Animal Bill of Rights

“All animals deserve a clean kennel with fresh water at all times. All pets deserve fresh air and exercise in a safe and healthy environment. All pets deserve to be treated with love and affection.”

Indian Hills Animal Clinic is pleased to offer first class accommodations to all our furry guests. Here your pet’s health and comfort are our top priorities. Animals are always anxious to some degree when they are away from home and their normal routine is altered. Our goal is to minimize that stress with attention, kindness, exercise, and the occasional treat. All our guests will be cared for by compassionate and trained staff. Our veterinarians are also on hand and on call for all our “campers” medical needs. We appreciate the trust our clients place on us to care for their special companions. It’s a large responsibility and one we take very seriously.

We are proud to announce that we are also an accredited member of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association. This accreditation means that we hold ourselves to a high level of standards for care of our campers and cleanliness of our kennels. Only four boarding facilities (veterinary or non-veterinary) in the state of Kansas are accredited through this program. For more information on what it means to be an accredited facility, visit the website at:

Boarding Vaccine Protocol

Indian Hills Animal Clinic requires that all pets staying at our camp are fully protected from potential infectious disease by being current on all vaccinations prior to boarding. To ensure a safe & healthy environment for all of our guests, owners will need to provide the following proof of vaccines. Dog’s vaccines are current against rabies, distemper, and bordetella and cat’s vaccines are current against rabies and distemper. To give full protection, it is highly recommended these vaccines need to be given 2 weeks prior to boarding at our camp.


We have multiple sized kennels for our canine guests to stay in, including large runs for your pets comfort. Comfortable bedding is placed in all kennels and dogs staying in our runs enjoy sleeping on elevated Kuranda beds. Our guests are taken outside three times daily to a fenced in area for plenty of fresh air and exercise. We recommend bringing your pets own food, but do offer sensitive stomach veterinary diets served with plenty of fresh, cool water.

Our feline campers enjoy condominiums that are roomy and comfortable with cozy resting benches. Each condo can be configured to either two stories tall or two rooms connected via a porhole for expanded room. Each guest can be let out individually to play, explore the cat ward, or just relax on our cat shelves.

Special Features:

  • Our veterinarians are always on call for your pet’s medical needs.
  • Our facility is equipped with a security alarm and fire sprinkler system for your pet’s safety.
  • Our knowledgeable staff is trained to recognize early warning signs of any health problems. We record eating and elimination habits of your pet throughout the day to ensure their health and comfort.

Boarding Reservation Times:

Indian Hills Animal Clinic finds our boarding facility comparable to a hotel. We reserve your pet’s kennel or run based on check-in and check-out times. Check-in time is 1:00pm and check-out time is 12:00pm. If your pet is picked up after that time, you will be charged for an additional day. This hotel reservation allows us to ensure your pet’s room is available the entire time they are our guests. Guests that check in or check-out on Saturday’s do so during our regular business hours of 8:00am and 12:00pm.


For more information on costs for your dog or cat to stay in our facility, please contact either clinic location.

Exotic pets

Our 13th street clinic offers boarding to exotic pets such as birds, rabbits and ferrets. We ask that owners provide their pet’s home and food since every exotic has different needs. Please contact us for details on boarding your exotic pet at 942-3900.

Camp Special Services

Indian Hills Animal Clinic offers additional services to keep your pet happy & comfortable while you are away. Your pets can have additional walks, one-on-one playtimes with our animal care assistants, or even group daycare at our Maize road location. If your pet requires medications while boarding, our nursing team will ensure they receive the proper medications and attention to their health care needs.

For a copy of our boarding policies, please download our annual camp agreement here.

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Let Heartland Play & Stay be your pet’s home away from home! We want all of our guests stay to be as stress free and fun as possible. Please check out our additional services available for our overnight guests below. We provide food, bowls and bedding. You are welcome to bring your own food and bedding if you prefer. Please permanently mark your pets name on all belongings. If you bring your own food, please separate each meal into individual baggies. Bring any medications your pet is prescribed. A $1.50 medicating while boarding fee is charged each time medication is given.

In order to assure your pet a space in daycare, you must request daycare reservations when you are scheduling your lodging dates.

A full day charge is incurred on the day your pet is dropped off regardless of the drop off time. On the day your pet goes home, a half day charge is incurred if picked up before 2 pm and a whole day charge after 2pm. Sunday pick-ups are an option for those that make special arrangements.

All pets must be:

  • Current on Vaccinations including Rabies, distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella (every 6 months for bordetella).

    Our dogs share germs!

  • All DOGS must have an annual negative fecal test. We also recommend monthly heartworm and flea prevention.

    No worms allowed.

Please call or log-in to your account for lodging rates.

To schedule boarding:
Call Play & Stay at 316-744-8160 OR Log-in below to schedule your requested dates.

If you have NOT been to Play & Stay since January 2017, please sign up as a new client. Otherwise, you may sign in below as a current client.

Sign-up for New Clients
Log-in for Current Clients

Kitty Lounge

Our Kitty Kat Lounge is specially designed for our feline friends! They have a large aquarium in their room for entertainment, toys and room to roam and explore for exercise.

Please inquire during scheduling or at check-in about our additional services and enrichment activities available for cats during their stay.

Family Rate

Each additional pet housed in the same space as another will receive a 20% discount on the daily boarding rate.


Dog Daycare

Dog daycare provides your dog a fun, safe, and stimulating off-leash environment to interact and socialize with other dogs and our staff.

Daycare is available M – Sat.

Daycare while boarding is $16 per day.

Personal Playtime and Walk Options

If your pet is unable to attend daycare or simply prefers individual playtime, he/she can receive one-on-one playtime with our staff where he/she can play ball, relax in the sun, or have some snuggly lap time. We also offer 10 or 20 min walk options to help keep your dog active!

Personal playtime is $8 per time. Walks are $10-$20 per walk.

Cozy Cots

Blankets will be provided to all of our boarding guests. However, Kuranda cots are available in addition to the bedding. These elevated cots are chew proof and provide extra orthopedic support and overall comfort for your pet.

The cost is $1 per day of usage.

Bathing Services

All pets who stay 5 nights or more will receive a complimentary bath before going home. If your pet is overdue on his or her routine mani/pedi, let us help!

Professional bathing packages are also available!

Please ask about additional services available for your pooch through Play & Stay and The Hairy Sofa.

Full Nail Trim is $15

Bark Time and Extra Updates!

While on vacation, do you ever miss your 4-legged loved one so much that you would love to check in and see their cute face?! “Hello”? Now you can! BarkTime is FaceTime with your dog using your iPhone or iPad. A designated date and time can be scheduled for you and your pet to be face-to-face while you are on the beach, on a hike or just relaxing in your hotel room. This time can be set up when you check in your pet with us or you can schedule it at a later time after you know your travel schedule. Extra updates are also available! We can send you text and email report cards while you are gone with pictures and updates on their stay!

BarkTime is $10 for up to 10 minutes of bark! Updates are $2/day

Face to Fur

Do you feel your pet has a special medical or behavioral condition or a unique situation requiring extra daily care and attention?

Our “Special Care” service is designed especially for these furry loved ones! In addition to our customary daily care, the Special Care service will include specialized daily monitoring from our trained staff that is catered to each pet’s unique situation. They will document your pet’s appetite, water intake, weight, hydration, mobility and alertness as well as any other requested observations. Two consultations with a doctor are also included in the event that medical advice is needed. A report of your pet’s daily assessments will be sent home with you at the time of pick up.

This service is ready to suit your diabetic, senior or other special needs pet today!

Face-to-Fur is available for $6 per day


Treat your dog to a tasty and stimulating treat during their stay! We offer both stuffed KONGs (Ask to see our menu of options!) and custom frozen treats!

KONGcoctions and frozen treats are $4 each.

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